THURSTASTON: St. Bartholomew (Church of England)

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Church History

An ancient parish church, originally serving the township of Thurstaston, and parts of the townships of Greasby and Irby.

The dstrict was affected by the following boundary changes:

  • 1874 October 23 — enlarged when the following part of the township of Caldy was transferred from West Kirby: St. Bridget: "A hamlet or place, consisting of nine cottages, situated on land of twenty-two acres two roods and six perches in extent, known as Up-Caldy".
  • 1959 February 24 — enlarged when the following area was transferred from Woodchurch: Holy Cross: "All that part of the parish of Woodchurch which lies to the west of an imaginary line commencing at the point where the boundaries of the parishes of Frankby, Thurstaston, and Woodchurch all meet in Arrowe Brook Lane and extending thence southeastwards to and along the middle of Limbo Lane to its end and in a straight line in continuation thereof to a point in the middle of Thingwall Road on the imaginary line described in paragraph 1 of this
    Schedule and continuing thence first southwestwards then southwards then southeastwards along the last mentioned imaginary line to the boundary which divides the parish of Woodchurch from the parish of Barnston."

Church Records

C = Christenings (Baptisms) ; M = Marriages ; B = Burials ; BTs = Bishop's Transcripts

Original Registers C 1706-1954 ; M 1706-1981 ; B 1706-1946 — Cheshire Record Office (P 48)
C from 1954 ; M from 1981 ; B from 1946 — Church
Microfilm Copies C 1706-1907 ; M 1706-1837 ; B 1706-1812 — Cheshire Record Office
C 1706-1907 ; M 1706-1837 — Family History Society of Cheshire, Birkenhead Central Library
C 1706-1813 ; M 1706-1837 — Manchester Archives & Local Studies
Bishop's Transcripts 1581, 1600, 1603, 1616-19, 1634, 1636, 1638-39, 1663, 1666, 1668-69, 1671, 1673-76, 1679(?), 1680-81, 1684, 1695-96, 1698, 1705-39, 1741-1895 (microfilmed) — Cheshire Record Office
Copies and Indexes CMB 1708-1747 (transcript by W. F. Irvine) — Cheshire Record Office ; Society of Genealogists' Library
M 1663-1837 (incomplete) — Bertram Merrell Marriage Index of Cheshire (1750-1836)
M 1837-1961 — Cheshire BMD (WR:BK72)
Monumental Inscriptions Transcript by the Family History Society of Cheshire (Wirral Group, edited by S. T. Roberts), 1981 — Cheshire Record Office

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