DANE BRIDGE: St. Paul (Church of England)


London Road.

Church History

Founded in 1846 as a district church for parts of the townships of Leftwich and Northwich (previously served by Davenham: St. Wilfrid parish and Witton: St. Helen). The boundaries of "The District of Dane Bridge" were described in the London Gazette on 10 March 1846:

"All those parts of the parish of Davenham and the chapelry of Witton, in the parish of Great Budworth, in the county and diocese of Chester, comprised within and bounded by an imaginary line commencing at a point (marked a on the map or plan hereunto annexed) in the centre of the bridge over the river Dane called 'Dane Bridge,' and thence extending first northward along the middle of High-street, in the township of Northwich, in the said chapelry of Witton, as far as the canal connecting the river Weaver with the said river Dane, and thence towards the south east, along the south western bank of the said canal, as far as the boundary between the said parish of Davenham and chapelry of Witton, near the western end of the street or road called Church-walk, and thence first eastward along such boundary, as far as Briery Eye Meadow, and thence westward along the northern boundary or fence of such meadow, and continuing in a straight direction as far as the said river Dane, and thence southward along the western bank of such river as far as the southern fence or boundary of a certain garden and premises (marked b as aforesaid) belonging to Mr. Joseph Dunn, and adjoining the high road to Middlewich, and thence westward along such fence or boundary as far as the middle of the said high road, and thence southward along the middle of the same high road to a point (marked c as aforesaid) opposite to the middle of Dock-lane, and thence towards the south west, along the middle of such lane, as far as a certain ditch (marked d as aforesaid) running into the said river Weaver, and thence towards the north west along the middle of such ditch as far as the eastern bank of such last-mentioned river, and thence northward along the said eastern bank of the said river Weaver as far as the said river Dane, and thence eastward along the middle of such last-mentioned river to the point where the said imaginary line commenced".

The district was abolished on 2 December 1930, and divided along "an imaginary line commencing at the point where the western boundary of the said Benefice of Dane Bridge crosses the middle of Hayhurst Street and extending thence first eastward and then north eastward along the middle of Hayhurst Street to its junction with London Road and extending thence north eastward in precisely the same direction and in a straight line to the eastern boundary of the said benefice of Dane Bridge", with the area north of this line being transferred to Witton: St. Helen, and the remaining area to the south transferred to Davenham: St. Wilfrid.

Church Records

C = Christenings (Baptisms) ; M = Marriages ; B = Burials ; BTs = Bishop's Transcripts

Original RegistersC 1846-1967 ; M 1849-1963 ; B 1849-1905 — Cheshire Archives (P 118)
Microfilm CopiesC 1846-1967 ; M 1849-1963 ; B 1849-1905 — Cheshire Archives
Copies and IndexesM 1849-1963 — Cheshire BMD (CW:703)
B 1849-1905 — published by the Family History Society of Cheshire, 1994

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