LOWER WHITLEY: St. Luke (Church of England)

Street Lane.

Church History

A chapelry in the parish of Great Budworth: St. Mary & All Saints from 1777. In 1834 it became the district church for the townships of Higher Whitley and Lower Whitley. The boundaries of "The Lower Whitley District" were described in the London Gazette on 15 July 1834:

"The boundary is to commence at Street-lane-bridge, over the brook which divides Little Leigh and Lower Whitley, and proceeding in a north west direction to the point marked
B. where it leaves the township of Dutton, and proceeds in a north east direction to the point E. where it meets with the boundary of Higher Whitley, and goes on round the point G. as far as the township of Stretton, marked H.; thence by Bradley-brook to the point marked L. and crossing the Warrington road to the point K .; and from thence in a circuitous direction by the boundary of Antrobus to the point L. and along the road to the point M. and by the boundary of Sevenoaks to the point N. where it falls in with the boundary of Lower Whitley, and continues from thence to the point P. where it joins the boundary of Little Leigh, and goes on to Street lane-bridge, where the boundary commenced"

Church Records

C = Christenings (Baptisms) ; M = Marriages ; B = Burials ; BTs = Bishop's Transcripts

Original RegistersC 1777-1949 ; M 1847-1989 ; B 1855-1986 — Cheshire Archives (P 177)
C from 1949 ; M from 1989 ; B from 1986 — Church
Microfilm CopiesC 1777-1949 ; M 1847-1983 — Cheshire Archives ; Northwich Library
C 1777-1806 — Manchester Archives & Local Studies
C 1777-1869 — Family History Society of Cheshire
Bishop's Transcripts1847-1850 (microfilmed) — Cheshire Archives
Copies and IndexesM 1844-1900, 1937-1974 — Cheshire BMD (CW:155)
Monumental InscriptionsPublished by the Family History Society of Cheshire, 1995
NotesC 1806-1824 — register(s) missing

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