St Columb Major Parish Registers


Some Burials (transcribed by Esther Scott)

These are not necessarily in date order, and you are advised to look at the original records to confirm all detail. You are also warned that there is no guarantee that this information is free from transcription errors. If you find a likely match, it is recommended that you check with the OPC for neighbouring St Mawgan Susan Old, who is amassing a database of events in the area.

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Film # 1545292

Entry # 67 Entry # 8 July 4, 1794, Ann Hoblyn, Daughter of Richard and Frances Hoblyn.

Entry # 401, 1869 Norah Davey, Truro Union, Buried September 13, 1869, 3 months.

Entry # 402 Frederick George Wright, Malpas, Buried September 24, 1869,10 years.

Entry # 403 Bessie Hoblyn Wright, Malpas, Buried September 25, 1869 19 years.

Entry # 404 Eliza Jane Rowe, Truro Union, Buried November 1, 1869, 21 years.

Entry # 405 Emily Tescoe?Vercoe? Malpas, Buried November 17, 13 years.

Entry # 406 Frederick Gattey Denpey??, Truro, Buried November 18, 18 Months.

Entry # 407 Jane Leggs Penrose, Malpas, Buried November 21, 1869, 59 years.