Notes from the 1821 Census, Cumberland


Notes from the 1821 Census
- Cumberland -

Abstract of Population 1821 - Census Statistical Returns 1822.
"Items of Interest in the Notes"

A compilation of the significant increases, or decreases in population since 1811,
transcribed by Alan Longbottom. © 2000

Note: Most Census returns between 1801 and 1831 amounted to little more than 'head counts'. This account (compiled in 1822) simply suggests reasons for local population changes, based on a comparison of those counts. Names of individuals were not recorded.

Allerdale Ward - above Derwent Crosthwaite Parish is mostly in Allerdale Ward, below Derwent. The miners of Borrowdale are included in the 2nd column of occupations.

Allerdale Ward - above Derwent It is remarked in the Return of the Parish of Workington contains 7,188 resident inhabitants, and 439 sailors are said to be from home.

Allerdale Ward - below Derwent Broomfield Parish is partly in Cumbeerland Ward. The Entire Parish contains 2,107 inhabitants, exclusive of 603 sailors employed in registered vessels, and 3 soldiers.

Allerdale Ward - below Derwent The Entire Parish of Cross Cannonby contains 3,870 inhabitants exclusive of 603 sailors belonging to Maryport, but inclusive of 113 persons said to be attributable to Ellenborough Township.

Allerdale Ward - below Derwent The Entire Parish of Isall contains 449 inhabitants. The increase of Population is ascribed to inclosure of common lands, and improved agriculture.

Allerdale Ward - below Derwent The increase of Population in the Parish of Plumbland is ascribed to a free-school and new collieries.

Cumberland Ward - Beaumont Parish In Beaumont Parish, Bowness Township and Kirk Andrews Parish an unfinished canal is the assigned cause of the Increase of Population, also in Drumburgh Township where 11 families in that occupation are entered in the 3rd column.

Cumberland Ward - Dalston Parish The Entire Parish of Dalston contains 2,716 inhabitants. New collieries have produced an increase of population.

Eskdale Ward - Irthington Parish The Entire Parish of Irthington contains 1,020 inhabitants. The Township of Newtown is stated to have declined in Population since 1811 from the failure of a cotton manufactory, but in fact there is an increase of 34 persons.

Eskdale Ward - Wetheral Parish - Warwick Bridge Township Wetheral Parish is mostly in Cumberland Ward. The increase of Population in the Eskdale part of it arises from the establishment of a cotton mill at Warwick Bridge.

Leath Ward - Great Salkeld Parish The inclosure of Inglewood Forest has caused houses to be built and increased the Population of Great Salkeld.

City of Carlisle - St Cuthbert's Parish - Botchardby Township This is a suburb of the City. The unfinished Carlisle Canal increases the Population of the City.

Whitehaven Town of - In St Bee's Parish The Population of Whitehaven is said to have decreased in the last 2 years from decrease of trade. The sailors belonging to registered vessels (about 800 in number) are reckoned as such elsewhere.

[Transcribed by Alan Longbottom in February 2000 from returns at the PRO, and made available with permission]