Kirklinton, Cumberland


Description from T. Bulmer & Co's History, Topography and Directory of East Cumberland, 1884

History, Topography and Directory of East Cumberland, comprising Its Ancient and Modern History; A General View of its Physical Features; Agricultural Condition, Mines and Minerals; Statistics, &c., &c.
by T.F. Bulmer, T. Bulmer & Co., Manchester, 1884. Transcription by Don Noble © 1997


This parish, called in old documents Kirk-Levington, extends about eleven miles along the south side of the river Lyne, having an average breadth of two miles. It is bounded on the north by the river just named; on the south by Stanwix, Scaleby, and Walton; on the east by Stapleton; and on the west by Rockcliffe. Freestone is abundant, and is quarried in several places, but the great majority of the inhabitants are employed in the cultivation of the land. The parish is divided into three townships - Hethersgill, Middle Quarter and West Linton. The village of Kirklinton, situated four miles E. by S. of Longtown, and nine miles N.N.E. of Carlisle, is partly in Middle Quarter and partly in Hethersgill; the church, dedicated to St. Cuthbert, being in the former and the hall and rectory in the latter. The village of Hethersgill is situated about six miles N.W. of Brampton and contains the church of St. Mary, erected in 1876 as a chapel of ease to Kirklinton. Westlinton is in the S.W. of the parish and there is located a church dedicated to St. John the Baptist.
Extract from History, Topography and Directory of East Cumberland, T. Bulmer & Co., Manchester, 1884.
[Transcribed by Don Noble on 23 Aug 1997. ]