The St. Catherine's Marriage Index - 1856

                    1856 St Catherine's marriage entries 

                             Can you contribute ?

    After capturing to file some 85000 entries from the St Catherine's
    marriage index (notably 58000 for 1849/Q1), I decided to begin a set of
    files for the four quarters of 1856.  At this stage I have just over
    6650 entries, as indicated below, and I am hoping that other folk will
    be prepared to capture some material to be added to the files.  As they
    grow larger, they will become an increasingly valuable resource.  The
    1849 files, and some smaller files for earlier years, have been placed
    on GenBoard and are being circulated via the Data Highway & elsewhere.

    I encourage anyone to send me 1856 material for inclusion.  It may be
    hand-copied from fiche or film, or photocopied (don't spend too much !)
    or may be as ASCII text files in almost any columnar format, or as a
    comma/quote delimited file that can readily be imported to a spreadsheet
    or database system.  There have already been some great contributions,
    supplying over 1000 new entries.  The material should be as shown in the
    St Cath's index, ie surname, given name(s), district, vol/page reference.
    and an indication of which quarter it belongs to.  If you are copying or
    entering the material in any way, don't put surnames all in capitals.

    The 1856 fiche in the Wellington National Library is poor to invisible
    in many places.  I will later add to this file a note of segments of
    very bad fiche in the hope that those with access to film that may be
    better quality can perhaps concentrate on those areas.  There are many
    pages where the top 20-30 names are unreadable but something can be read
    from nearer the bottom of the page.

    With nearly 300000 names in 1856, there is little risk of significant
    duplication of effort for a very long time.  This file lists the names
    that have been captured to date and I will re-issue the files from time
    to time with updates.  Big contributions have been made by Annette
    Easton (Wgtn) and Tom Miller (Ontario), with other smaller but
    valuable offerings.  I also have data from Ted Wildy on 1856 names in
    the UK Marriage Witness.

    Why not make a contribution by extracting all the occurrences of some
    surname(s) of interest in your own research, not just YOUR people but
    all occurrences of the name ?  Or if you have unusual names in your
    research, extract the whole pages on which they lie ?  The more entries
    the better for us all.

    The files making up the project are :
       This file 1856PLEA.ZIP
       Marriage entries CATH56.ZIP (5 files currently)
       BDM districts/pages CDIST56.ZIP

    My address for any contributions is :
    19 Khouri Avenue, Karori, Wellington 6005, New Zealand

    14 July 1995

    985 names entered for 1856/Q1 (* incl variants) comprise :

    Enoch Aaram to Sarah Aldworth
    Barnard / Bolton / Brownhill / Castle
    Jane Caudy to Geo Chalk / Cox / Dick / Fordham
    Jane Fosket to Martha Foulkes / Julia Hagerty to Anne Hague
    Kirby / Kirtland / Munford / Olley / *Roscoe
    Tebbs / *Vial / Watkinson / *Welstead / Virgin / Winn

    677 names entered for 1856/Q2 (* incl variants) comprise :

    Ann Aaron to Geo Abrahams
    Barnard / Bolton / *Brownhill / Castle / Dick / Evans / Fordham
    Geo Hallard to Wm Hallett / Kirby / Kirtland / Munford / Olley /
    Roscoe / Staff / Tebb / *Vial / Watkinson / *Welstead / Winn

    1078 names entered for 1856/Q3 (* = incl variants) comprise :

    Edith Aaron to Mary Ann Abbott / James Biggen to Abel Bishop
    *Brownhill / Castle / Cox to Hannah Cox / Dick / Fordham
    Ann Grove to Eliz Jane Gynn / Kirby / *Kirtland / Olley / *Roscoe
    All of Q / John Rabbitt to Fred Ragless
    Eliz Ryan to John Ryther / Cath Sabatini to Wm Salisbury
    Staff / Tebbs / William Upton to Thos Uwins / Jas Vagg to Ann Varney
    Virgin / Watkinson / *Welstead / Winn

    3979 entries for 1856/Q4 (* = incl variants), comprising :

    Hannah Aaron to Hugh Anderson / Barnard / Barrott / *Barron /
    Barrow / Barry / Barsby / Bolton / *Brownhill / Dick /
    Evans to Ellen Evans / Sarah Fereday to John Ferrin / Flinders
    Foster to Mary Foster / *Froud / Kirby / Kirtland / Maddison
    *Maddocks / Sam Midgley to Ann Miles / Morrell / Morton to
    Caroline Moss / Munford / Olley / Pavey / *Roscoe / Staff / *Tebb
    Turner / Vials / Virgin / Jn Walford to Nathaniel Wall / Harriet Walsh
    to Hannah Watts / Western / Winn / Patience Woodman to Ephraim Woodruffe

    Total entries to date 6719