Notes from the 1821 Census - - Derbyshire -


Abstract of Population 1821 - Census Statistical Returns 1822.
"Items of Interest in the Notes"

A compilation of the significant increases, or decreases in population since 1811,
transcribed by Alan Longbottom. © 2000

Note: Most Census returns between 1801 and 1831 amounted to little more than 'head counts'. This account (compiled in 1822) simply suggests reasons for local population changes, based on a comparison of those counts. Names of individuals were not recorded.

Appletree Hundred - Belper Chapelry

The Population of Belper has been greatly increased by the enlargement of a cotton manufactory.


High Peake Hundred - Eyam Parish - Eyam Township

The entire parish of Eyam contains 1,516 inhabitants. The failure of lead mines in the Township of Foolow has caused a decrease of the Population there.


High Peake Hundred - Glossop Parish

The Entire Parish of Glossop contains 13,766 inhabitants; the increase of Population being ascribed to increased cotton manufactories. Several Townships now make distinct returns which in 1811 were comprised in the Return of Glossop Township.


Morleston and Litchurch Hundred - Darley Abbey Township

The increase of Population in this township is attributed to indulgence of the poor, and improvements in medical management In Little Easton Chapelry stone quarries have been opened.


Morleston and Litchurch Hundred - Heanor Township

The Entire Parish of Heanor contains 4,981 inhabitants. Collieries have been opened there, and the families therein employed (to number of 78) are entered in th 2nd column of occupations.


Morleston and Litchurch Hundred - Pentrich Parish

The entire parish of Pentrich contains 2,143 inhabitants. The Population has decreased one-third in the Township of Pentrich since 1811, which is said to be owing to the insurrection which took place there in 1817, in consequence of which the Duke of Devonshire's agents destroyed many of the houses.


Morleston and Litchurch Hundred - Wiln & Shardlow

A large poor-house belonging several Townships has been built at Wiln.


Repton and Gresley Hundred - Measham Parish.

The Parish has sustained a decrease of Population from the failure of cotton trade and of collieries.


[Transcribed by Alan Longbottom in February 2000 from returns at the PRO, and made available with permission]