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DBY, Eckington Burials

Welcome to Genuki, ENG, Derbyshire, Eckington Burials

Data compliments of Louis R. MILLS

This extraction is NOT complete.

All Dates are taken from grave indexes. Ages are as reported and may be approximate.

Please verify all entries against the Parish Register


 3 Jan 1800  Sarah STEEL dau. of John and Ann STEEL
 4 Jan 1800  Harriot FOX dau. of George and Juliet FOX
 5 Jan 1800  James WHITAKER son of James and Mary WHITAKER
 6 Jan 1800  Charles ASHLEY son of Fabian and Amel ASHLEY
 9 Jan 1800  John KEETON son of John and Ann KEETON
10 Jan 1800  Mary HUNT dau. of Ann HUNT
13 Jan 1800  Benjamin HUNT son of Richard and Mary HUNT
14 Jan 1800  Ann STREET wie of John STREET
19 Jan 1800  Thomas WATTS son of Will and Eliz. WATTS
22 Jan 1800  Alice NEEDHAM (ne LITTLEWOOD, born 1747) wife of George NEEDHAM
28 Jan 1800  William BOOTH son of George and Eliz. BOOTH
 1 Feb 1800  Elizaabeth COWLEY dau. of Saml. an Mary COWLEY
 2 Feb 1800  William CROOKES son of Willm. and Ellen CROOKES
 6 Feb 1800  George STANIFORTH son of Geo. and Ann STANIFORTH
 9 Feb 1800  Ezra SNAPE son of Charles and Sarah SNAPE
10 Feb 1800  Joseph Mettam WHITESMITH
16 Feb 1800  Caroline STIWELL dau. of SITWELL and Saraah CAROLINE
18 Feb 1800  Elizabeth MOSSEY wife of Francis MOSSEY
19 Feb 1800  John STANIFORTH
20 Feb 1800  Hannah GLOSSOP wife of Joseph GLOSSOP  (One source gives John as husband)
20 Feb 1800  Hannah LOWCOCK wie of Joseph LOWCOCK
20 Feb 1800  Christopher TICKHILL son of Wm. and Martha TICKHILL
23 Feb 1800  Thomas RODGERS
24 Feb 1800  Elizabeth COOK wife of Wm. COOK
27 Feb 1800  Eleanor FOX
 2 Mar 1800  Mary SNAPE
 5 Mar 1800  Elizabeth GLOSSOP
 9 Mar 1800  Michael FIELDS son of George and Ellen FIELDS
18 Mar 1800  Elizabeth MASSEY wife of Francis MASSEY
18 Mar 1800  Ezra HUTTON son of Ezra and Mary HUTTON
24 Mar 1800  Elizabeth COOK wie of Wm. COOK
25 Mar 1800  William LOMAS son of Richd. and Elizabeth LOMAS
28 Mar 1800  Martha PLATTS wife of Joseph PLATTS
31 Mar 1800  George WILD
 4 Apr 1800  John JERVAS son of John JERVAS
 8 Apr 1800  Samuel FOX son of Saml. and Eliz. FOX
10 Apr 1800  John WEBSTER
15 Apr 1800  John STREET son of John STREET
17 Apr 1800  Susannah PARKIN
 2 May 1800  Hannah CHADBORNE dau. of Thos. and Hannah CHADBORNE
11 May 1800  Ann COGGIN dau. of William and Mary COGGIN
15 May 1800  Mary PLATTS dau. of George and Elizabeth PLATTS
16 May 1800  Ann SWINDEN
20 May 1800  Maria MIDDLETON dau. of John and Mary MIDDLETON
22 May 1800  Sarah PLATTS dau. of George and Eliz. PLATTS
22 May 1800  Martha COOPER
31 May 1800  James STEEL son of John and Ann STEEL
19 Jun 1800  Ann SETTLES wife of John SETTLES
 1 Jul 1800  George BOOTH
 6 Jul 1800  Reobert TURNER son of Jonathan and Ann TURNER
17 Jul 1800  Elizabeth ROGERS dau. of Joseph and Ann ROGERS
31 Jul 1800  Martha NEEDHAM
 2 Aug 1800  Mary DURANCE
 5 Aug 1800  Rebecca MIDDLETON dau. of John and Mary MIDDLETON
15 Aug 1800  Job SLATER son of Thos. and Ann SLATER  (one source give the surname as STATEN)
15 Aug 1800  William TURNER
26 Aug 1800  Immanuel BARKER
12 Sep 1800  Elizabeth LINDLEY wife of William LINDLEY
15 Sep 1800  Mary MILLS
18 Sep 1800  John WHITE son of Thos. and Sarah WHITE
24 Sep 1800  Ann ROTHERHAM wife of Saml. ROTHERHAM
 3 Oct 1800  Thomas MACHIN
21 Oct 1800  William OATS
29 Oct 1800  John TAYLOR son of Martha TAYLOR
30 Oct 1800  Elizabeth SKELTON wife of Thomas SKELTON
12 Nov 1800  William PARKINSON
12 Nov 1800  William SETTLE son of John SETTLE
16 Nov 1800  Ann ASHTON dau. of John and Ann ASHTON
 6 Dec 1800  Richard WHITE son of John and Sarah WHITE
21 Dec 1800  Samuel WALKER
25 Dec 1800  Elizabeth BARNES wife of John BARNES
31 Dec 1800  Ann HATTERSLEY wife of William HATTERSLEY