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Elmton Parish Records, Derbyshire.

Marriages 1800 to 1860.

Transcribed by Carol Ryan © 2009

Date Groom Status Abode Occupation Bride Status Abode Occupation
23 Dec 1800
John BUTCHER   Elmton   Elizabeth CARTER   Elmton  
Witnesses: Elizabeth CARTER, Jn NEWTON
17 Feb 1801
Matthew PORTER   Cuckney Nottinghamshire   Martha ARTHER   Elmton  
Witnesses: John RICHARDSON
20 Jul 1801 Isaac HANCOCK   Elmton   Esther TURNER   Elmton  
Witnesses: Samuel TURNER, George HANCOCK, William ORTON, Sarah SIMMS
05 Apr 1802
William BUTCHER   Elmton   Ann WETHERALL   Welbeck  
Witnesses: E NADLEY, John MORRIS
05 Jul 1802 William ADAMS   Elmton   Phobe SPRAY   Elmton  
Witnesses: Elizabeth DAVILL, Mary WARDLEY
10 Oct 1802 John GREEN   Elmton   Susanna GREENWOOD   Elmton  
17 Jan 1803 George BROUGH   Elmton   Sarah HALL   Elmton  
Witnesses: Thos YATES, John RICHARDSON
15 Feb 1803 George SMITH   Elmton   Faith HANCOCK   Elmton  
Witnesses: John JARVIS, Jacob HANCOCK
09 Jan 1804 Richard REVILL   Sutton cum Duckmanton   Sarah SPRAY   Elmton  
Witnesses: William JACKSON, Martha DUCKMAN
19 May 1804
Samuel HODKIN   Barlborough   Sarah SISSONS   Elmton  
Witnesses: Thomas FRITH, John JACKSON
22 Jan 1805 William COUP   Elmton   Elizabeth FIRTH   Elmton  
Witnesses: Mary MILNER, William JACKSON
28 Feb 1805 Samuel UNWIN   Elmton   Mary WOODHEAD   Elmton  
Witnesses: Martha DUCKMANTON, Thomas BARBER
23 Sep 1805 Thomas GARRATT   Elmton   Sarah RENNEY   Elmton  
Witnesses: John RICHARDSON, Richard FOWLERS
07 Apr 1806
Thomas SALVIN   Barlborough   Ann HAYWOOD   Elmton  
Witnesses: Thos YATES, Elizabeth YATES
07 Apr 1806 George SHAW   Elmton   Susanna HOLMES   Elmton  
Witnesses: William YATES, William HALL
01 May 1806 John ULLYET   Elmton   Peggy WARDLEY   Elmton  
Witnesses: Martha DUCKMANTON, Thos MILNER
10 May 1806
John JACKSON   Elmton   Mary WEST   Elmton  
Witnesses: Mary LEIVERS, Elizabeth PILKINSON
27 Dec 1808 Isaac MOORE   Elmton   Grace DENHAM   Elmton  
Witnesses: William BARKER, William HALL
22 Aug 1809
John TURNER   Langwith   Hannah WEST   Elmton  
Witnesses: Geo WEST, Elizabeth FOWLER
01 Jan 1810 Sampson SLANEY   Elmton   Elizabeth BARKER   Elmton  
Witnesses: William HALL, John COOP
30 Apr 1810 John WOODHEAD   Elmton   Sarah CHADWICK   Elmton  
Witnesses: William HALL
26 Nov 1810 Samuel SAMPSON   Thorpe Salvin Yorkshire   Ann THEARSTON   Elmton  
Witnesses: William HALL, Charles NOTON
15 Jul 1811
John MILNER   Whitwell   Elizabeth MILLER   Elmton  
Witnesses: Ann MILLER, Thos MILLER
25 Nov 1811 Richard MILNER   Clowne   Mary SHAW   Elmton  
Witnesses: William HALL, Jos HARLOU
02 Dec 1811 Francis SHAW   Elmton   Sarah TURTON   Elmton  
Witnesses: William HALL, John YATES
13 Dec 1811 John HITCHEN   Elmton   Mary BARKER   Elmton  
Witnesses: Thos MILNER, Mary MILNER
26 Oct 1812 Joseph EYRE   Heanor   Ann SHAW   Elmton  
Witnesses: Mary SHAW, William HALL
01 Dec 1812 John NORMAN   Elmton   Mary GREGORY   Elmton  
Witnesses: Thos MILNER, Mary NORMAN
18 Jan 1813 Charles NOTON   Elmton   Mary SAMPSON   Elmton  
Witnesses: William HALL, James SEATON
22 Mar 1813 John PEARSON   Egmanton   Ann ROBINSON   Elmton  
Witnesses: Richard ROBINSON, William HALL
01 Jan 1814 Thomas KIRKBY   Elmton   Rebecca WOODHEAD   Elmton  
Witnesses: Samuel JEPSON, Ellen HALLAM
15 Mar 1817 James BIRKETT   Elmton   Ann THORPE   Elmton  
Witnesses: William BROOMHEAD, William HALL, Sarah EYRE
16 Dec 1817
John CREE   Bolsover   Mary DUCKMANTON   Elmton  
01 Jan 1818 Thomas NEWBOLD   Treeton Yorkshire   Mary RADFORD   Elmton  
Witnesses: Ann RADFORD, George RADFORD
13 Dec 1819 Joseph WARDLEY   Elmton   Sarah WOODHEAD   Elmton  
Witnesses: William BINGHAM, Ellen WOODHEAD
07 Oct 1820 Joseph WASS   Elmton   Mary ASHLEY   Elmton  
Witnesses: Thomas THORP, Sarah MILNER
09 Oct 1821 Jonathan RICHARDSON   Elmton   Martha DUCKMANTON   Elmton  
24 Dec 1821 John DOBB   Elmton   Eleanor WOODHEAD   Elmton  
Witnesses: Ismael JACKSON, Elizabeth WOODHEAD
12 Aug 1822 William BINGHAM Bac, Clowne   Mary LEASTON   Elmton  
Witnesses: Alwry STORREY, John WARDLEY
09 Dec 1822 Peter BULLOCK   Elmton   Mary Ann SMITH   Sutton in Ashfield Notts  
Witnesses: George MILNER, ? SMITH
24 Nov 1823 John FIELDING   Elmton   Elizabeth SMITH   Elmton  
Witnesses: Mary STEVENSON, Ann GREEN
15 Dec 1823 Robert SMITH   Elmton   Mary HOLMES   Elmton  
Witnesses: William HALL, Florence CHADWICK
20 Dec 1823 Thomas WILLGOOSE   Elmton   Sarah CROFTS   Elmton  
Witnesses: Ann GREEN, George MILNER
24 Feb 1824 Francis BARTHOLOMEW   Elmton   Sarah MILNER   Elmton  
Witnesses: Thomas BARTHOLOMEW, Mary NIDES
04 Nov 1824
John WARDLEY   Elmton   Martha WOOD   Elmton  
Witnesses: William WARDLEY, William HALL
24 Nov 1824 John WALL   Bolsover   Elizabeth WOODHEAD   Elmton  
Witnesses: Mary HALL, William WOODHEAD
12 Jun 1826 Jonathan STEEL Bac, Cuckney Nottinghamshire   Elizabeth THORPE Spin, Elmton  
Witnesses: Henry STEEEL, Sarah EYRES
27 Nov 1826 John SMITH Bac, Elmton   Elizabeth SEASTON Spin, Elmton  
Witnesses: Joseph SMITH, Edward ?
23 Jan 1827 Joseph HAYWOOD   Bolsover   Ann DEAN   Elmton  
Witnesses: Mary MILNER, William BANNT
22 Apr 1828 William GILL   Elmton   Hannah ARCHER   Elmton  
Witnesses: John ARCHER, John JACKSON
02 Feb 1829 Thomas HEPATH   Elmton   Hannah RADFORD   Elmton  
Witnesses: Thomas NEWBOLD, Sarah JACKSON
04 May 1829 William ROBINSON   Elmton   Mary RODGERS   Elmton  
Witnesses: Thomas JOHNSON, Mary STEVENSON
12 Oct 1829
Robert BUTCHER   Elmton   Elizabeth HUNT   Bolsover  
Witnesses: John HUNT, Elizabeth Hunt SKINNER
19 Oct 1829 George SMITH   Elmton   Ann VACY   Elmton  
Witnesses: Saml MILNER, Hannah SHAW
25 Dec 1829 George PARKER   Elmton   Sarah SHAW   Elmton  
Witnesses: John YATES, Mary SHAW
17 Jun 1830
John JACKSON   Elmton   Elizabeth BULLOCK   Elmton  
Witnesses: George BULLOCK, Elizabeth GILBERT
06 Aug 1832 John SIMPSON   Elmton   Harriett WOODHEAD   Elmton  
Witnesses: George WOODHEAD, Elizabeth WALLY
31 Mar 1834 George DRABBLE   Whitwell   Elizabeth JEFFORD   Elmton  
Witnesses: David GREEN, Hannah THORPE
24 June 1834 Robert BARTHOLOMEW   Elmton   Phebe CANDLIN   Elmton  
Witnesses: Elizabeth WEBSTER, George CHANDER
29 Dec 1834 Robert MULLINS   Sheffield   Sarah ULYET   Elmton  
Witnesses: George MULLINS, Elizabeth ULYET
05 Feb 1835 William MULLINS   Elmton   Mary JACKSON   Elmton  
Witnesses: John MILNER, Mary JACKSON
08 Oct 1835
Charles FOWLER   Bolsover   Sarah ALDAM   Elmton  
Witnesses: ? ALDAM, Elizabeth ?
26 Nov 1835 William GREAVES   Elmton   Mary WILDON   Elmton  
Witnesses: Francis SHAW, Ann SHAW
22 Feb 1836 Joseph GLOSSOP   Elmton   Hannah PURSGLOVE   Elmton  
Witnesses: John PURSGLOVE, Sarah GLOSSOP
21 Nov 1836 Francis SHAW   Elmton   Mary GOODWIN   Elmton  
Witnesses: William GOODWIN, Alice ?
01 Jan 1838 William TURNER Bac, full Wales County of York Labourer (blank) JOHNSON Spin, minor Cresswell  
Witnesses: George TURNER, John JOHNSON
Groom's Father: George TURNER, Labourer Bride's Father: George JOHNSON, Labourer
01 Mar 1838 John NALLEY Bac, 42 Elmton Servant Ann BILLOWS Spin, 41 Elmton  
Witnesses: James ?, Ann ROB
Groom's Father: James NALLEY, Cottager Bride's Father: deceased
30 Apr 1838 William SHELDON Bac, full Edensor Miller Ann HANCOCK Spin, full Oxewall Elmton  
Witnesses: Isaac HANCOCK, Mary STACEY
Groom's Father: Benjamin SHELDON, Butcher Bride's Father: Isaac HANCOCK, Farmer
07 May 1838 William KIPSON   Welbeck   Ellen SEARSTON   Elmton  
Witnesses: Christopher SEARSON, George CUPPON
03 Dec 1838
Joseph Sykes HODGKINSON Wid, full Elmton Farmer Mary SIMPSON Spin, full Clowne  
Witnesses: John JACKSON, Elizabeth JACKSON
Groom's Father: Bride's Father: Thomas SIMPSON, Labourer
06 Dec 1838 Michael NOTON Bac, full Cresswell Labourer Sarah TAYLOR Wid, full Cresswell  
Witnesses: William GREAVES, Ann ?
Groom's Father: Michael NORTON, Labourer Bride's Father: James SEARSTONE, Labourer
22 Dec 1838 Luke WELLS Bac, minor Cresswell Labourer Mary SHARMAN Spin, minor Cresswell  
Witnesses: Joseph DRABBLE, Elizabeth SHARMAN
Groom's Father: Charles WELLS, Labourer Bride's Father: John SHARMAN, Labourer
03 Dec 1839
John BRADLEY Bac, full Elmton Gamekeeper Ann MILNER Spin, full Elmton  
Witnesses: George MILNER, Mary MILNER
Groom's Father: William BRADLEY, Farmer Bride's Father: Benjamin MILNER, Farmer
13 May 1841 William BARKER Bac, full Sutton cum Bank Servant Jane ANDREWS Spin, full Hushwood  
Witnesses: Eliza MARSTEN, George CROPPER
Groom's Father: Robert BARKER, Labourer Bride's Father: John ANDREWS, Labourer
09 Aug 1841 William MELLOWS Bac, full Cresswell Labourer Hannah BOUSKILL Spin, full Whitwell  
Witnesses: Samuel BOUSKILL, Maria SAVAGE
Groom's Father: William MELLOW, Labourer Bride's Father: Samuel BOUSKILL, Labourer
24 Jan 1842 Thomas RICHARDS Bac, full Elmton Labourer Mary WARDLEY Spin, full Elmton  
Witnesses: Joseph DOBB, Ann WARDLEY
Groom's Father: William RICHARDS, Labourer Bride's Father: Joseph WARDLEY, Labourer
17 Apr 1842
George WOODHEAD Bac, full North Auston Starch Manu Sarah HANCOCK Spin, full Cresswell  
Witnesses: Isaac HANCOCK, Mary Ann HANCOCK
Groom's Father: Joseph WOODHEAD, Starch Manu Bride's Father: Isaac HANCOCK, Farmer
20 Jun 1842 William NEWTON Bac, full Cresswell Labourer Hannah NUTTALL Wid, full Whalley Hall  
Witnesses: Thomas GEE, Sarah NEWTON
Groom's Father: John NEWTON, Labourer Bride's Father: John GEE, Joiner
29 Jun 1843
William EYRE Bac, full Cresswell Miller Ann MILNER Spin, full Cresswell  
Witnesses: William HUNT, Jane ?
Groom's Father: William EYRE, Inn Keeper Bride's Father: Daniel MILNER, Glazier
16 Oct 1843 Thomas KENYON Bac, full Cresswell Labourer Maria PITCHFORK Spin, full Cresswell  
Witnesses: Henry SISSONS, George CROPPER
Groom's Father: Joseph KENYON, Labourer Bride's Father: Peter PITCHFORL, Labourer
11 Dec 1843 Thomas DRABBLE Bac, full Cresswell Labourer Dinah WOODHEAD Spin, full Elmton  
Witnesses: Matthew MACHIN, George CROPPER
Groom's Father: William DRABBLE, Sawyer Bride's Father: John WOODHEAD, Labourer
03 Mar 1844
Henry CHARLTON Bac, full Duckmanton Butcher Harriot BERRESFORD Spin, full Elmton  
Witnesses: George CAULISHAW, Sarah ?
Groom's Father: Matthew CHARLTON, Butcher Bride's Father: Thomas BERRESFORD, Labourer
12 May 1846 George SHAW Wid, full Elmton Labourer Elizabeth WHALL Wid, full Elmton  
Witnesses: Thomas RICARAS, Ellen DOBBS
Groom's Father: George SHAW, Labourer Bride's Father: William WOODHEAD, Labourer
15 Jun 1846 John SMITH Bac, 20 Staveley Collier Charlotte JOHNSON Spin, 18 Cresswell  
Witnesses: Joseph SMITH, Hannah JOHNSON
Groom's Father: George SMITH, Farmer Bride's Father: George JOHNSON, Labourer
27 Oct 1846
James ALDAM Bac, full Cresswell Farmer Martha TINKER Spin, full Whitwell  
Witnesses: Charles FOWLER, Emma ?
Groom's Father: James ALDAM, Farmer Bride's Father: William TINKER, Joiner
19 Jul 1847 James COCKING Bac, full Cresswell Groom Hannah HANCOCK Spin, full Cresswell  
Witnesses: Isaac HANCOCK, Elizabeth HANCOCK
Groom's Father: William COCKING, Butcher Bride's Father: Isaac HANCOCK, Farmer
16 Sep 1847 Peter HIND Wid, full Whitwell Shoemaker Ann CROPPER Spin, full Elmton  
Witnesses: James CROPPER, Mary CROPPER
Groom's Father: Joseph HIND, Shoemaker Bride's Father: George CROPPER, Parish Clerk
24 Apr 1848 Charles MELLOWS Bac, full Langwith Labourer Jane BREWSTER Spin, full Cresswell  
Witnesses: Richard BREWSTER, Elizabeth MELLORS
Groom's Father: Robert MELLOW, Labourer Bride's Father: William BREWSTER, Shoemaker
06 Jun 1848
Joseph BRADLEY Wid, full Worksop Shoemaker Ann COCKING Spin, full Cresswell School Mistress
Witnesses: James COCKING, Ann BRADLEY
Groom's Father: Benjamin BRADLEY, Brewer Bride's Father: William COCKING, Butcher
03 Oct 1848 Joseph JOHNSON Bac, full Cresswell Labourer Jane GODLEY Spin, full Cresswell  
Groom's Father: George JOHNSON, Labourer Bride's Father:
19 Nov 1848 George TURNER Bac, full Wales, Yorkshire Labourer Elizabeth SHARMAN Spin, full Cresswell  
Witnesses: Ann YATES, Samuel SHARMAN
Groom's Father: George TURNER, Labourer Bride's Father: John SHARMAN, Labourer
18 Dec 1848 John WARDLEY Bac, full Elmton Labourer Mary BRADLEY Spin, full Elmton  
Witnesses: William RICHARDSON, Mary RICHARDS
Groom's Father: John WARDLEY, Labourer Bride's Father: William BRADLEY, Labourer
19 Feb 1849 Gervase GREAVES Bac, full Mark Lane Parkinston Sicklemaker Mary JOHNSON Spin, full Cresswell  
Witnesses: Henry STEVENSON, Hannah JOHNSON
Groom's Father: John GREAVES, Sicklemaker Bride's Father: George JOHNSON, Labourer
03 Dec 1849 Thomas COLLINS Bac, full City of Lincoln Innkeeper Mary CROPPER Spin, full Elmton  
Witnesses: George CROPPER, Elizabeth CROPPER
Groom's Father: Thomas COLLINS, Bricklayer Bride's Father: George CROPPER, School Master
11 Dec 1849
Henry JENKINSON Bac, full Sheffield Butcher Sarah ROBERTS Spin, full Elmton  
Witnesses: Joseph ROBERTS, Mary Ann ROBERTS
Groom's Father: Joseph JENKINSON, Farmer Bride's Father: Robert ROBERTS, Farmer
17 Dec 1850 Robert RODGERS Bac, full Elmton Servant Eliza WHALL Spin, full Elmton  
Witnesses: William WHALL, George CROPPER
Groom's Father: Joseph RODGERS, Tailor Bride's Father: John WHALL, Labourer
11 Aug 1851 Thomas RAWSON Bac, full Cresswell Labourer Mary BARTHOLOMEW Spin, full Cresswell  
Witnesses: John CUTTS, Hannah HUGHES
Groom's Father: Charles RAWSON, Labourer Bride's Father: Francis BARTHOLOMEW, Farmer & Innkeeper
23 Dec 1851
William JACKSON Bac, full Danbrook Clowne Farmer Jane ROBERTS Spin, full Elmton  
Witnesses: Joseph ROBERTS, Hannah ROBERTS
Groom's Father: William JACKSON, Farmer Bride's Father: Robert ROBERTS, Farmer
23 Feb 1852
John MILNER Bac, full Cresswell Farmer Mary MARSHALL Wid, full Ranby  
Witnesses: William ?, Mary MILNER
Groom's Father: John MILNER, Farmer Bride's Father: James WINDLE, Gardener
13 Apr 1852
George WOODHEAD Wid, 44 Clowne Miller Mary Ann ROBERTS Spin, 31 Elmton  
Witnesses: Robert ROBERTS, Sarah JENKINSON
Groom's Father: William WOODHEAD, Miller Bride's Father: Robert ROBERTS, Farmer
02 Jul 1852
William VICKERS Bac, 26 Barlborough Dom Servant Sarah MILNER Spin, 29 Elmton  
Witnesses: Thomas VICKERS, Mary MILNER
Groom's Father: Charles VICKERS, Farmer Bride's Father: John MILNER, Farmer
20 Dec 1852 Samuel CLARKE Bac, 25 Elmton Labourer Rebecca WHALL Spin, 22 Elmton  
Witnesses: Robert RODGERS, Ann CLARKE
Groom's Father: William CLARKE, Labourer Bride's Father:
02 Jun 1853
Joseph WEST Bac, 21 Cresswell Farmer Mary JACKSON Spin, 21 Elmton  
Witnesses: John JACKSON, Rebecca WEST
Groom's Father: Thomas WEST, Farmer Bride's Father: John JACKSON, Farmer
28 Jun 1853
James BAKER Bac, 32 Scarcliffe Farmer Caroline DAY Spin, 24 Whalley Hall  
Witnesses: George ALDAM, Jonathan ALDAM, Hester ALDAM
Groom's Father: James BAKER, Farmer Bride's Father: Edward DAY, Farmer
20 Dec 1853 George POGSON Bac, 21 Elmton Servant Mary BARKER Spin, 21 Elmton Servant
Witnesses: Joseph TAYLOR
Groom's Father: Robert POGSON, Labourer Bride's Father: William BARKER, Labourer
20 Nov 1854 William HANSON Bac, 20 Cresswell Servant Elizabeth DENNETT Spin, 23 Cresswell  
Witnesses: James DENNETT, Harriett DENNETT
Groom's Father: Bride's Father: Charles DENNETT, Labourer
26 Nov 1855
George WOOLLEY Bac, 20 Cresswell Servant Lucy Hannah TATTERSLEY Spin, 20 Sheffied Servant
Witnesses: William WOOLLEY, Sarah WOOLLEY
Groom's Father: George WOOLLEY, Labourer Bride's Father: Isaac TATTERSLEY, Hecomplant
15 Jan 1856 Charles RAWSON Bac, 21 Cresswell Servant Harriett DENNETT Spin, 22 Cresswell Servant
Witnesses: William HANSON, Elizabeth HANSON
Groom's Father: Bride's Father: Charles DENNETT, Labourer
31 Mar 1856
William POTTER Bac, 32 Sutton cum Duckmanton Farmer Mary WILSON Spin, 33 Frithwood  
Witnesses: Edward WILSON, F POTTER, Jane Ann WILSON, Sarah WILSON, John WILSON, Mary FISHER
Groom's Father: William POTTER, Farmer Bride's Father: Edward WILSON, Farmer
04 Apr 1856 Joseph RUDD Wid, 26 Cresswell Servant Elizabeth STUBBINS Spin, 23 Cresswell  
Witnesses: Thomas STUBBINS, Elizabeth HANCOCK
Groom's Father: John RUDD, Labourer Bride's Father: John STUBBINS, Labourer
06 May 1856 Henry WOODRUFF Bac, 22 Staveley Servant Ann SMITH Spin, 20 Elmton Servant
Witnesses: Jane SMITH, Jame LIDDELL
Groom's Father: John WOODRUFF, Small Farmer Bride's Father: George SMITH, Labourer
20 May 1856 William TAYLOR Bac, 22 Elmton Labourer Sarah GREEN Spin, 21 Elmton Servant
Witnesses: Thos HARVEY, Mary GREEN
Groom's Father: Charles TAYLOR, Labourer Bride's Father: John GREEN, Labourer
02 Jul 1856
John TURNER Wid, 50 Sheffield Gentleman Adelaide DAY Spin, 23 Whalley Hall  
Witnesses: Heaton ALDAM, Mary DAY
Groom's Father: William TURNER, Cutler Bride's Father: Edward DAY, Farmer
09 Jul 1856 William RICHARDSON Bac, 40 Elmton Labourer Hannah JOHNSON Spin, 34 Cresswell Servant
Witnesses: Robert ?, Mary SMITH
Groom's Father: Jonathan RICHARDSON, Farmer Bride's Father: George JOHNSON, Labourer
08 Oct 1856 Thomas CHADWICK Bac, 24 Cresswell Labourer Elizabeth FREEMAN Spin, 24 Cresswell Dressmaker
Witnesses: John MELLORS, Ann FREEMAN
Groom's Father: Samuel CHADWICK, Labourer Bride's Father: George FREEMAN, Labourer
01 Nov 1856 Joseph DENNET Bac, 21 Cresswell Servant Ann LOWDE Spin, 21 Cresswell Servant
Witnesses: Ellen ?, William DENNET
Groom's Father: Charles DENNET, Labourer Bride's Father: George LOWDE, Labourer
11 Nov 1856 Edward WOODHEAD Bac, 31 Elmton Servant Eliza MAXFIELD Spin, 24 Elmton  
Witnesses: Henry MAXFIELD, Ann MELLORS
Groom's Father: John WOODHEAD, Labourer Bride's Father: John MAXFIELD, Labourer
21 Dec 1857 John OSTER Bac, 21 Cresswell Servant Mary DENNET Spin, 18 Cresswell Servant
Witnesses: William ?, Elizabeth HILL
Groom's Father: John OSTER, Labourer Bride's Father: Charles DENNETT, Labourer
11 Feb 1858
George ROBERTS Wid, 40 Welbeck Servant Harriett STEVENSON Spin, 40 Cresswell  
Witnesses: Robert BUTCHER, Ann EYRE
Groom's Father: Joseph ROBERTS, Labourer Bride's Father: George STEVENSON, Farmer
06 Jul 1858 George FLINT Bac, full Elmton Labourer Ellen CHADWICK Spin, full Elmton Servant
Witnesses: William DUCKMANTON, Mary DUCKMANTON
Groom's Father: William FLINT, Labourer Bride's Father: Samuel CHADWICK, Labourer
24 Sep 1858 Benjamin ARMSTRONG Wid, 34 Whalley Farmer Lucy DAY Spin, 22 Whalley Hall  
Witnesses: William ARMSTRONG, Heaton ALDAM
Groom's Father: Benjamin ARMSTRONG, Farmer Bride's Father: Edward DAY, Farmer
28 Sep 1858
William ROGERS Bac, 28 Halam Farmer Juliana ARCHER Spin, 22 Elmton  
Witnesses: James ARCHER, Robert ARCHER
Groom's Father: George ROGERS, Farmer Bride's Father: James ARCHER, Wheelwright
10 Oct 1858 James NEWTON Wid, 42 Elmton Gamekeeper Elizabeth SILLS Spin, 38 Elmton  
Witnesses: Henry SILLS, George CROPPER
Groom's Father: John NEWTON, Labourer Bride's Father: Thomas SILLS, Stonemason
03 Mar 1859 William WILSON Bac, 26 Whitwell Miller Ann SHEAD Spin, 20 Cresswell  
Witnesses: William SHEAD, Marrianne SHEAD
Groom's Father: William WILSON, Farmer Bride's Father: William SHEAD, Cordwainer
13 Jun 1859
George WESTLAND Bac, full Elmton Gardener Elizabeth MILNER Spin, full Elmton  
Witnesses: John MILNER, Agnes MILNER
Groom's Father: Alexander WESTLAND, Farmer Bride's Father: John MILNER, Farmer
01 Jan 1860
John FIELDING Bac, 25 Cresswell Farmer Ann YATES Spin, 35 Cresswell  
Witnesses: George YATES, Ann FIELDING
Groom's Father: John FIELDING, Farmer Bride's Father: Charles YATES, Blacksmith
09 Jan 1860 Frederick WHITWORTH Bac, 23 Whitwell Labourer Emily STONE Spin, 25 Cresswell  
Witnesses: Joseph SMITH, Mary BARTHOLOMEW
Groom's Father: John WHITWORTH, Labourer Bride's Father:
29 Jul 1860 Thomas CASELDINE Bac, 24 Cresswell Labourer Sarah ULYET Spin, 25 Norton Cuckney  
Witnesses: George ULYET, Eliza ELYET
Groom's Father: Bride's Father: John ULYET, Labourer

[Contributed by Carol Ryan on 5th February 2009]