DBY, Hasland Marriages

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15-Sep-1819 Edwin Arthur FRANKLIN 24 bachelor Railway Man 9 Midland Terrace Hasland Rose Adelaide BALDWIN 23 spinster 9 Midland Terrace William FRANKLIN Lab Alfred BALDWIN Retired Police Officer Henry BAMFORD Mary BAMFORD 
27-Sep-1819 Lancelot FANTOM 30 bachelor Miner 8 Cross Street Calra Thompson BALL 36 widow 8 Cross Street Joseph WOOD (dcd) File Forger Alice DEAN Ernest WHITE
27-Sep-1819 Harold HAWKINS 21 bachelor Miner 72 New Street Grassmoor Sarah Ann TINGAY 21 spinster 2 Revill Street Isaiah HAWKINS Miner Philip TINGAY Miner John Richard CAPEWELL Lily CAPEWELL DBY Hasland St Paul 29-Sep-1819 Frederick SMITH 21 bachelor Minder 27 Chapel Road Annie Elizabeth KELLETT 21 spinster 21 Hoole Street Hasland James SMITH Miner John Winter KELLETT Miner Annie Elizabeth HOYLAND James SMITH
20-Oct-1819 Bernard BRADLEY 23 bachelor Surfaceman Gladstone Cottage Calow Annie Elizabeth GELSTHORPE 23 spinster 39 Syre Street Hasland Harry BRADLEY Miner William GELSTHORPE Engine Driver N R GELSTHORPE Edith CARELESS
22-Oct-1819 William Taylor BURTON 24 bachelor Miner 22 Chapman Lane Grassmoor Eliza WILKINSON 25 spinster 8 Chapel Road Robert BURTON Fireman William WILKINSON Miner William WILKINSON, Bertha WILKINSON, Charles TAYLOR, E D TAYLOR

27 Mar 1853 Thomas MELLOWS, 32, widower, sawyer(?), Hasland, ? MELLOWS, ? Sarah DAVISON, 27, spins, Hasland, Joseph(?) DAVISON, ? witt = George TURTON, Anne TURTON(?) 
26 April 1853 Mathew SCORER, full age, bach, farmer, Scarcliff, Mathew(?) SCORER, ? Harriett JEWITT, full age, spins, Hasland, ? JEWITT, ? witt = Elizabeth SCORER, Robert NALL, William ? 
 2 May 1853 James Clayton SLACK, 34, bach, Servant, Hasland, Samuel SLACK, ? Ellen KIRK, 36, spins, Hasland, William KIRK, shoemaker(?) witt = A FISHER (?), Peggy WETTON
 8 June 1853 Robert KIRK, 30, bach, lab, Hasland, James KIRK, lab Ann SOWTER, 31, spins, Hasland, Joseph(?) SOWTER, ? witt = Richard DEAN, Elizabeth ? 

13 Feb 1854 Thomas SANDERSON, 25, bach, miner, Hasland, Stephen SANDERSON, ? Selina SPOONER, 21, spins, Hasland, William SPOONER, ? witt = Sidney SIDDALL, Mercy SPOONER
 1 Oct 1854 Charles KEATES, 24, bach, Hasland, ? Ann LEE, 2?, spins, Chesterfield, ? witt = Joseph LEE, ? 

(around 1859) John ? AINSWORTH, 23, bach, cabinet maker, Hasland, William AINSWORTH, Clerk Mary STANSFIELD, 22, spins, Hasland, James STANSFIELD, hair dresser Witt = JohnWHEATLEY, William COOPER 
(around 1859) Alfred OLIVER, 24, bach, Gentleman, Pottern Wiltshire, Henry Stephen OLIVER, Lieut Colonel Mary Elizabeth Sarah HILL, 22, spins, Hasland, Thomas HILL, Clerk Witt = ? A OLIVER, Henry Stephen OLIVER, Mary ? VAUGHAN, Emily GREEN
1859 John BARKER, 21, bach, collier, Hasland, Edward BARKER, Carpenter Sarah Ann MACHANT, 18, spins, Hasland, William MACHANT, watchman Witt = William COOPER, Mary RILEY 

1860 William HALL, full age, bach, collier, Hasland, John HALL, farmer Ann BUCKLES, full age, widow, HASLAND, Robert DAVISON, Lab Witt = George DAVISON, Harriett WHITE

25 Dec 1861 William ELLIS, 29, bach, miner, Hasland, George ELLIS, miner Hannah BRUNT, 20, spins, Hasland, John SIMS, Farmer Witt = John LEES, Sophia LEES 
31 Dec 1861 William GILBERT, 21, bach, Engine Tenter, Hasland, William GILBERT, ? Sarah Jane WHITE, 17, spins, Hasland, James PLANT (?), ? Witt = John BROOKS

 8 June 1862 George GEE, 21, bach, miner, Hasland, ? GEE, ? Anne ELLIS, 18, spins, Hasland, ? ELLIS, ? Witt = John George BROWN, ?

26 May 1863 James WATTS, 23, Bach, Blacksmith, Hasland, ?, ? Eliza WAIN, 23, Spins, Hasland, John WAIN, Farmer Witt = Thomas WAIN, ? WAIN, ?, Fanny HARVEY
 3 Aug 1863 Daniel WATKINSON, 35, Bach, Miner, Hasland, William WATKINSON, Lab Elizabeth GRIFFITHS, 34, Widow, Hasland, John PLATTS, Lab Witt = Frederick WILBOURNE, Mary WILBOURNE 
25 Dec 1863 Frances KNOWLES, 23, Bach, lab, Hasland, James KNOWLES, Farmer Eliza UNWIN, 21, Spin, Calow, Richard UNWIN, miner Witt = Ann BOOTH, H LOWE

26 Dec 1870 George SHAW, 20, Engine Tenter, White Houses Hasland, George SHAW, Miner Sarah Ann BOND, 19, Derby Road, William BOND, Machine Clerk Witt = William BOND, Lizzie HOUGHTON 
26 Dec 1870 Zachariah JONES, 22, bach, Miner, Hasland, William JONES, miner Sarah Ann WATSS, 24, Hasland, John WATTS, miner Witt = Arthur RANDALL, Sarah Anne REDFERN
 4 July 1870 Robert BARKER, 19, Bach, Lab, Hasland, Robert BARKER, Lab Mary Ann COULSON, 19, Spins, Hasland, William COULSON, Lab Witt = Robert BARKER, Betsy BARKER

? 1874 James MITCHELL, 21, bach, lab, Hasland, William MITCHELL, labHannah BLYTHWAY, 20, spins, Hasland, Edward BLYTHWAY, minerwitt = John WHEATLEY, Eliza TURNER 
19 Jan 1874 Thomas PRESKEY, 42, widower, lab, Hasland, John PRESKEY, ? Elizabeth THOMPSON, 29, spins, Hasland, Joseph THOMPSON, ? Witt = Joseph THOPSON, Margaret THOMPSON 
19 Jan 1874 Paul SMITH, full age, bach, painter(?), Hasland, John SMITH, ? Mary HALL, full age, spins, Hasland, George HALL, ? Witt = John WHEATLEY, Fanny BOWDEN (?) 
10 Feb 1874 George Ward, 25, bach, pattern maker(?), ? Mary RENSHAW, 23, spins, Hasland, John RENSHAW Witt = Herbert WATSON, Elizabeth ?

18 May 1875 William HOLLINGSWORTH, 22, bach, farmer, Hasland, Charles HOLLINGSWORTH, 
farmerHannah BRAILSFORD, 20, spins, Hasland, John BRAILSFORD, farmerwitt = Henry BRAILSFORD, Connie SLINN 
26 May 1875 John CARTLIDGE, 22, bach, police constable, Newbold, William CARTLIDGE, framework knitter Sarah KNOWLES, 20, spins, Hasland, William KNOWLES, furnace keeperwitt = William KNOWLES, Jane KNOWLES 
20 June 1875 Charles DEACON, 20, bach, lab, Grasshill in Hasland, John DEACON, labCaroline MATHEWS, 20, spins, Grasshill in Hasland, Peter MATHEWS, labwitt = George COOPER, Mary MATHEWS
? 1875 George DENHAM, 22, bach, joiner, Hasland, John DENHAM, sawyerEmma MACE, 20, spins, Hasland, John MACE, labwitt = Joseph HEWSON, Sarah Anne WHETTON 
? 1875 Thomas PEARCE, 20, bach, collier, Grasshill in Hasland, Thomas PEARCE, tailorAnn SHEPPARD, 21, spins, Grasshill in Hasland, William SHEPPARD, labwitt = John WHEATLEY, Hannah DOWNES
23 June 1875 John WILCOCKSON, full age, bach, hasland, John WILCOCKSON, ?Mary BRAILSFORD, full age, spins, Hasland, John(?) BRAILSFORD, ?witt = John Brailsford, Elizabeth Ann SHAW (?) 
26 Oct 1875 Frederick GOODWIN, 20, bach, ? Foreman, Hasland, John GOODWIN, tailorJane Knowles, 19, spins, Hasland, William KNOWLES, ?witt = William KNOWLES, Sarah CARTLIDGE 
21 Dec 1875 John WIDDOWSON, 20, bach, miner, ? Hasland, ? WIDDOWSON, blacksmith(?)Emma PARKS, 18, spins, Whitehouses Hasland, Mary PARKS (illigitimate), -witt = John WHEATLEY, Fanny ROGERS

17 April 1876 Thomas CARR, 23, bach, collier, Hasland, William CARR, gardenerElizabeth COWLEY, 20, spins Hasland, John COWLEY, labwitt = Abraham BELL, Elizabeth CARR 
23 April 1876 Allan MOORHOUSE, 20, bach, ? clerk, ? Yorks, Allan MOORHOUSE, ?Mary WHETTON, 22, spins, Hasland, William WHEATTON, gardenerwitt = George WHETTON, Sarah Anne WHETTON
 4 July 1876 James COOPER, 27, bach, carter, ? Hasland, James COOPER, ?Anna Maria BOYCE, 30, spins, ? Hasland, Robert(?) BOYCE, ?witt = William DYSON, Sarah DYSON

? 1877 John NUTT, 21, bach, collier, Hasland, John NUTT, collierMary Ann DAVIS, 19, spins, Hasland, John DAVIS, collier witt = William NUTT, Sarah Ann NUTT
? Nov 1877 John PELL, 25, widower, miner, Hasland, Samuel PELL, miner Rebecca PARRAMORE, 20, spins, Hasland, Thomas PARRAMORE, miner witt = William Henry PELL, Hannah GAGING 

24 Mar 1878 Charles Thomas BRASSINGTON, 20, bach, joiner, Grassmoor, James BRASSINGTON, postman Milenda(?) HAWKINS, 19, spins, Grassmoor, John HAWKINS, engine tenter witt = William HAWKINS, Vesiah(?) Karan(?) WATTS
 2 April 1878 George GARLICK, 24, widower, limestone getter, Wormhill, Jonathan GARLICK, farmer Elizabeth HARTSHORN, 19, spins, Grasshill, ? HARTSHORN, miner witt = Francis GARLICK, Mary Ann GARLICK 
22 April 1878 Walter OLDHAM, 23, bach, fireman, Hasland, Henry OLDHAM, framework knitter Mary Ann LEVERS, 18, spins, Hasland, vincent SMITH, miner witt = Mark LEVERS, Sarah Ann OLDHAM 
29 April 1878 William HARRISON, 21, bach, collier, Grassmoor, John HARRISON, collier Emma RAWSON, 18, spins, Grassmoor, Williams RAWSON, carter witt = Frances HARRISON, Civil(?) GILL 
 4 Nov 1878 Alexander(?) JAMIESON, 27 bach, cashier, ? Salter Gate, Peter JAMISON, slater Betsy Ann HOLLINGWORTH, 28, spins, Boythorpe ?, John HOLLINGWORTH, foreman witt = James TAYLOR, Hannah TAYLOR 
26 Dec 1878 John Thomas GODBER, 23, bach, coal miner, Boythorpe Lane, George GODBER, ?Charlotte FROGGATT, 22, spins, Boythorpe Lane, Edward FROGGATT, labwitt = George FROGGATT, Hannah Elizabeth GODBER 

1(?) Jan 1879 Charles SCOTT, 24, bach, fireman, Hasland, ? SCOTT, FiremanMargaret EVANS, 20, spins, Hasland, John EVANS, blacksmithwitt = John EVANS, Annie SHAW 
18 June 1879 Anthony WARDMAN, 26, bach, collier, Hasland, John WARDMAN, miner Ruth Maria BAMFORD, 21, spins, Grassmoor in Hasland, George BAMFORD, collierwitt = John CARTLIDGE, Mary Ann WARDMAN
21 June 1879 William RHODES, 24, bach, collier, ? in Hasland, John RHODES, collierElizabeth JONES, 20, spins, Grassmoor, Samuel JONES, collierwitt = John RHODES, Mary Ann WARDMAN 
18(?) Aug 1879 Abraham JONES, 21, bach, lab, Hasland, John JONES, labElizabeth BUCKLES, 19, spins, Hasland, John BUCKLES, labwitt = Henry BUCKLES, Ellen BRIDDON 
19 Sept 1879 Samuel BRAILSFORD, full age, bach, joiner, ?, Samuel BRAILSFORD (dcd?), ?Alice Elizabeth FISHER, full age, spins, Hasland, George(?) FISHER, ?witt = John FISHER, Matilda WRIGHT
 7 Oct 1879 John WOODROFFE, full age, widower, collier, Hasland, William WOODROFFE, shoemaker(?) Caroline WHITE, full age, spins, Eyam, George(?) WHITE, ?witt = Charles WHITE, Sarah Ann WHITE
25 Dec 1879 Robert SAXTON, 21, bach, miner, Grassmoor in Hasland, Robert SAXTON, miner Sarah Ann EASTWOOD, 21, spins, Grassmoor in Hasland, Charles EASTWOOD, ?witt = John BARLOW, Jane EASTWOOD

22(?) Feb 1880 George BURTON, 27, bach, collier, Grassmoor in Hasland, John BURTON, ?Annie 
SMEDLEY, 24, spins, Grassmoor in Hasland, Thomas SMEDLEY, labwitt = Joseph CARLING, Sarah 
? May 1880 John BRADLEY, 20, bach, miner, Grassmoor in Hasland, Frances(?) BRADLEY, farmer(?)Sarah Ann NUTT, 19, spins, Grassmoor in Hasland, John NUTT, ?witt = Mercy HATFIELD, Emma Emily BRADLEY
13 Aug 1880 George Henry GILLARD, 20, bach, Grassmoor in Hasland, John GILLARD, ?Harriet MARTIN, 18, spins, Grassmoor in Hasland, ? MARTINwitt = John PERKES, Mary ?
 ? 1880? PARSON, 19, bach, collier, Grassmoor in Hasland, James PARSON, collier? DYMOND, 18, spins, Grassmoor in Hasland, James DYMOND, collierwitt = Frederick DYMOND, Mary PRATT 
20(?) Nov 1880 David HARROLD, 29, bach, miller, Hasland, Charles HARROLD, labAnn REEVE, 28, spins, Hasland, Edmund REEVE (dcd), lab witt = Edgar HARROLD, Thirza HARROLD 
19 Dec 1880 Herbert MARSH, full age, bach, farmer, Grassmoor in Hasland, Illegitimate, -Hannah WEBSTER, full age, widow, Grassmoor in Hasland, George BRADLEY (?) (dcd?), farmerwitt = John BENTLEY, Mart BENTLEY 
25(?) Dec 1880 John FALKNER, 40, widower, collier, Grassmoor in Hasland, Richard FALKNER, lab Eliza SKEEMER, 41, widow, Grassmoor in Hasland, William ARGENT (?) (dcd?), labwitt = Richard HOGGINS, Sarah Jane HOGGINS 
29(?) Dec 1880 John DUMELOW, 25, bach, fireman, Hasland, James DUMELOW, coachman Mary Isabella RICHARDSON, 21, spins, Hasland, William RICHARDSON (dcd?), minerwitt = James HUMPHRIES, Jane DUMELOW 
? Dec 1880 George Arthur STEPHENS, 23, bach, fireman, Hasland, ? STEPHENS, station master Alice RANDALL, 17, spins, Hasland, Joseph RANDALL, minerwitt = ? Smith WARREN, Albert THOMPSON

11 Jan 1881 William Christian KING, 29, bach, railway guard, Hasland, William KING, ? Ellen WILBOURNE, 21, spins, Hasland, ? WILBOURNE, ? witt = ?
 3 Mar 1881 George RAWSON, 22, bach, miner, Hasland, George RAWSON, miner Charlotte BOOKER, 20, spins, Hasland, John BOOKER, miner witt = Emma GOACHER (?), Charles RAWSON (?)
 7 Mar 1881 Charles MANLOVE, 24, bach, miner, Grass Hill in Hasland, Thomas MANLOVE, ? Jane MOSS, 24, spins, Grass Hill in Hasland, Robert MOSS, ? witt = Robert MOSS, Mary Ann MOSS
 4 Apr 1881 Samuel MORLEY, 23, bach, miner, Grassmoor in Hasland, ?, ? Maria Thomasine COPE, 17, spins, Grassmoor in Hasland, Thomas COPE, ? witt = James PARKES, Lydia Elizabeth ? 
18 Apr 1881 John RHODES, 25, bach, miner, ? Hasland, ? RHODES, ? Mary DOVE, 20, spins, ? Hasland, William DOVE, ? witt = William RHODES, Elizabeth ? 
25 Apr 1881 John HASLAM, full age, bach, joiner, ? Jane SPRIGGS, full age, widow, Hasland, ? witt = ? 

? 1883 Peter Pearson DAWSON (?), 24, bach, hasland, William DAWSON, boat builder Mary Ann MELLORS, 23, spins, hasland, Samuel MELLORS, miner witt = William MACDONALD, Sarah MACDONALD 
? 1883 Thomas BRADLEY, 24, bach collier, grassmoor in hasland, James BRADLEY, collier Jane WALKER, 22, spins, grassmoor in hasland, Mathew WALKER, lab witt = Thomas WALKER, Sarah WALKER 
? May 1883 Herbert HEATH, 33, widower, builder(?), grassmoor in hasland, Edward HEATH, builder Mary Ann SMITH, 39, spins, grassmoor in hasland, George SMITH, mason witt = Edward HEATH, Sarah OATES 
? June 1883 William Henry CLAYTON, 45, bach, farmer, Ashover, William Ludlam (?) CLAYTON (dcd), - Catherine Ellen ROBINSON, 33, spins, white bank hasland, James ROBINSON (dcd), - witt = William LEES, Annie Eliza LEES 
? 1883 Tom WATKINSON, 23, bach, miner, grassmoor in hasland, Robert Humphrey(?) WATKINSON, miner Ann Elizabeth DAVIES, 20, spins, grassmoor in hasland, John DAVIES, lab witt = Sam Bacon HEATH, Emma Bacon HEATH 
10 Dec 1883 John Wass VARDY, 19, bach, grassmoor in hasland, Benjamin(?) WASS, ? Ann Elizabeth ASHMORE, 21, spins, grassmoor in hasland, Stephen ASHMORE, ? witt = John J WORTHINGTON, Sarah ? 
24 Dec 1883 William ARMSTRONG, 28, bach, miner, grassmoor in hasland, Samuel ARMSTRONG, lab Ann WASS, 19, spins, grassmoor in hasland, Samson WASS, miner witt = John Wass VARDY, Anne Elizabeth ? 
25 Dec 1883 Arthur RANDLE, 24, bach, miner, hasland, Joseph RANDLE, miner Ellen COULTER, 19, spins, hasland, Alexander COULTER (dcd), - witt = Florence HALLAM, Sarah Ann ? 
26 Dec 1883 Robert CARR, 24, bach, wood cutter, hasland, William CARR, ? lab Florence CROFTS, 21, spins, grassmoor, Joseph CROFTS (dcd), - witt = George GODFREY, Ellen MOSS 

21 Jan 1884 George EVANS, 23, bach, collier, grassmoor in hasland, John EVANS, collier Lily FENNELL, 20, spins, grassmoor, Michael FENNELL, engine fitter (?) witt = James ALLEN, Emily ALLEN 
19 Feb 1884 Henry HARPER, 19, bach, fireman, hasland, (illegitimate), - Agnes Annie STAPLETON, 20, spins, hasland, Samuel STAPLETON, ? witt = James HICKLIN (?), Alice ? 

17 May 1891 Herbert FRECKINGHAM, 22, bach, miner, hasland, Thomas FRECKINGHAM, ? Sarah Ann 
POTTER, 20, spins, hasland, John POTTER, ? witt = George BUCKLAND, Mary POTTER
18 May 1891 William READ, 19, bach, lab, hasland, William READ (dcd?), furnace man Sarah WARREN, spins, hasland, George WARREN (dcd), miner witt = Joseph PERCIVAL, Clara Jane CHAPMAN (?)
18 May 1891 George HAYES, 27, bach, miner, grassmoor in hasland, Henry HAYES, miner Susannah WALKER, 20, spins, grassmoor, Mathew WALKER, lab witt =James NEWTON, Caroline WALKER 
19 May 1891 William Henry REDFEARN, 21, miner, bach, grassmoor in hasland, George REDFEARN, ? Sarah Ann WORTHINGTON, 21, spins, grassmoor in hasland, J? WORTHINGTON, ? witt = James ORTHINGTON, Jane WORTHINGTON
27 june 1891 James ROWNLAND, 20, bach, lab, grassmoor in hasland, Isaac ROWLAND, ? Sarah Ann PRIESTLEY, 22, spins, grassmoor in hasland, ? witt = Arthur RICE, Hannah 
 1 Dec 1891 Thomas WOOD, 24, bach, grasshill(?) in hasland, William WOOD (dcd?), ? Esther LEAM, 23, spins, grasshill in hasland, John LEAM, ? witt = John HODKIN (?), Sarah Ann ? 
15 Dec 1891 William COUPE, 29, bach, butcher, grassmoor in hasland, William COUPE, ? Emma HODKIN, 24, spins, grassmoor in hasland, John HODKIN, ? witt = William GODFREY, Mary CHEETHAM
25 Dec 1891 James SMITH, 22, bach, miner, grassmoor in hasland, James SMITH (dcd?), ? Sarah Ann HASLAM, 22, spins, grassmoor in hasland, Robert HASLAM, ? witt = Harry SMITH, Ellen HASLAM

26 Jan 1892 Arthur NUTTALL, 22, bach, railway fireman, mansfield road hasland, - (?) Elizabeth DAVISON, 21, spins, ? lane hasland, Herbert DAVISON, ? witt = Henry ENGLAND, Fanny ?
15 Feb 1892 Henry WIDDOWSON, 25, bach, miner, grassmoor in hasland, ? Elizabeth Ann DENNIS, 19, spins, grassmoor in hasland, ?witt = William DENNIS, ?
? 1892 John William POTTER, ?, bach, colliery fiireman, hasland, John POTTER, lab Alice WARD, 17, spins, Winsick(?), Samuel WARD, collier witt = Herbert FRECKINGHAM(?), Sarah Ann FRECKINGHAM(?) ?
 April 1892 Frederick William HANCOCK, 24, bach, ?, grassmoor in hasland, Frederick HANCOCK, brick layer Mary Hannah WHITE, 20, spins, grassmoor, Alfred WHITE, colliery deputy witt = Albert WHITE, Clara HANCOCK ? 
 April 1892 John William HODGKINSON, 21, bach, grassmoor in hasland, John HODGKINSON, miner Agnes MADDISON, 21, spins, spital, Thomas MADDISON, tabacoonist witt = Charles Henry WORTHINGTON, Rose HODGKINSON
 6 June 1892 Thomas BURNHAM, 23, bach, miner, hasland, William BURNHAM (dcd), miner Emma 
BRADLEY, 24, spins, whittington(?), William BRADLEY (dcd), miner witt = ? Oliver WOOTON, Hannah BURNHAM
 6 June 1892 William LYNAM, 26, bach, miner, grassmoor in hasland, William LYNAM (dcd), miner Eliza HEATH, 20, spins, grassmoor in hasland, Frank HEATH, miner witt = John Thomas JAMES, Kate TURNER ? 
 June 1892 John Richard WARD, 23, bach, upholsterer(?), regents terrace, hasland, Richard WARD, engineer Lucy ENGLAND, 22, spins, ? hasland, George ENGLAND witt = George ENGLAND, Sarah Elizabeth WARD 17(?)
 June 1892 Robert MALLINSON, 28(?), bach, railway guard, hasland, Robert MALLINSON(?), ? Annie Elizabeth COOPER, 20, spins, hasland, Charles(?) COOPER, ? witt = ? LACY, H COOPER, Harriett ? 16(?)  
 July 1892 Charles Edwards TIMMONS, 21, bach, engine cleaner, Hasland, Thomas TIMMONS, ? Lydia SMITH, 19, spins, Hasland, John ? SMITH (dcd), ? witt = Herbert ?, ? (FreeBMD list this marriage as SIMMONS - SMITH) 
Albert WHITE, 22, bach, fireman, grassmoor in Hasland, Alfred WHITE, ? Elizabeth HANCOCK, 21, spins, hasland, Frederick HANCOCK, ? witt = Frederick William HANCOCK, Mary ?
 1 Aug 1892 Arthur KNIGHT, 21, bach, miner, Hasland, David KNIGHT, ? Elizabeth BOOTH, 22, spins, hasland, John BOOTH, ? witt = John BRADLEY, Harriett BOOTH
13 Sept 1892 George TUNNICLIFF, 19, bach, miner, grassmoor in Hasland, ? TUNNICLIFF, ? Ellen PEASGOOD, 19, spins, grassmoor, ? witt = Arthur ROUGH, Mary Ann ? 

 29 Nov 1893 John Thomas WHEELDON, 23, bach, miner, grassmoor in hasland, Michael WHEELDON, miner Mary Ann MEADS, 22, spins, grassmoor, John MEADS, miner witt = William Beresford WHITE, Harriett WHEELDON 
 3 Dec 1893 William ARMSTRONG, 22, bach, plate layer, hasland, Thomas ARMSTRONG (dcd), ? Susan DIXON, 21, spins, hasland, Henry DIXON, wool sorter witt = Tom RAWSON, Mary SAXTON 
24 Dec 1893 Joseph BURNHAM, 27, bach, miner, hasland, William BURNHAM (dcd), miner Mary Ann WARD, 23, spins, hasland, Samuel WARD, miner witt = Herbert HEATH, Hannah BURHAM 
25 Dec 1893 George HOLLINGWORTH, 45, widower, miner, hasland, William HOLLINGWORTH (dcd), stone mason Ellen HEATON, 23, spins, hasland, William HEATON (dcd), furnace man witt = Tom Day, Sarah Ann ATTENBOROUGH 
25 Dec 1893 George HODKIN, 24, bach, miner, hasland, James HODKIN, miner Martha Sarah HEATH, 23, spins, hasland, Tom HEATH (dcd), miner witt = Tom RAWSON, Edith RAWSON 
25 Dec 1893 George Henry PEACH, 25, gardener, walton in brampton, Joseph PEACH, carter Harriett COOPER, 19, spins, hasland, charles cooper, office clerk witt = Alfred SHINGLES, Ada Elizabeth ? 

? June 1897 Thomas HANCOCK, 25, bach, miner, hasland, Michael HANCOCK, miner Agnes WRIGHT, 21, spins, hasland, John WRIGHT, lab witt = William Gascoigne BIRTLES, Minnie WRIGHT
2 Aug 1897 Charley HANCOCK, 21, bach, bricklayer, hasland, Frederick HANCOCK, bricklayer Hannah DAVISON, 21, spins, hasland, Herbert DAVISON, miner witt = Herbert DAVISON, Alice TURTON
17 Aug 1897 Frederick CROFTS, 28, bach, sinker?, hasland, John CROFTS, miner Lucy COOPER, 28, spins, hasland, James COOPER, furnace-man Witt = Alfred John COOPER, Harriet COOPER
 6 Sep 1897 Henry GOODLAD, 29, bach, platelayer?, hasland, William GOODLAD, blacksmith? Ellen RACE, 21, spins, hasland, Henry RACE, lab witt = Sarah HAYWOOD, John HAYWOOD, Anne BROOKE, Andrew THORNTON
2? Sep 1897 George Arthur SLATOR, 21, bach, miner, Heath, John SLATOR, farmer Elizabeth KEY (?), 22, spins, hasland, Joseph KEY (?), miner witt = John Thomas SLATOR, Sarah Ann KEY
? Oct 1897 Frederick WALKER, 22, bach, fireman, hasland, James WALKER, lab Florence VINCENT, 21, spins, hasland, William VINCENT, ? witt = Clara WALKER, William Henry DAVIS

? April 1898 Walter OMAR, 22, bach, miner, hasland, Walter OMAR, miner Margaret Ellen GREGORY, 20, spins, Walton in Brampton, William GREGORY, farmer witt = Tom CLARRIDGE, Priscilla OMAR 
? May 1898 William FLINT, 24, bach, miner, hasland, John FLINT, miner Lucy Emma WRIGHT, 20, spins, hasland, John WRIGHT, lab witt = Jim WRIGHT, Jessie WRIGHT
? May 1898 John WRIGHT, 26, bach, coke burner, hasland, John WRIGHT, lab Jessie BYNER, 20, spins, hasland, Henry BYNER, signal man witt = William FLINT, Lucy Emma FLINT
24 May 1898 Arthur WOOD, 21, bach, platelayer, hasland, Charles WOOD, railway guard Ada TURNER, 21, spins, hasland, Samuel TURNER (dcd), lab witt = Alfred DAVIS, Emma TURNER
30 May 1898 Charles Henry HILL, 27, bach, fireman, hasland, Samuel HILL, lab Anne BURTON, 23, spins, hasland, -, - witt = Thomas BURTON, Alice BURTON
30 May 1898 William RANDALL, 22, bach, lab, hasland, Benjamin RANDALL, miner Anne SMITH, 20, spins, hasland, Edward SMITH, miner witt = James MELLORS, Elizabeth STONE

Sep 1899 William Henry BEECROFT 22 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Sarah Ellen HOOLE 22 Hasland spinster William BEECROFT (dcd) James HOOLE Carpenter John Herbert HOOLE Anne Elizabeth BEECROFT T. BEECROFT
Oct 1899 Thomas Edward HEATH 21 Hasland bachelor Builder Florence HEATH 21 Hasland spinster Herbert HEATH Builder Alfred Frederick HEATH Lab John HEATH May Ann HEATH
Oct 1899 John Morris HAMPTON 24 Hasland bachelor Fireman Dora MANLOVE 23 Hasland spinster John HAMPTON Joseph MANLOVE Frank MANLOVE Emma Elizabeth 
Oct 1899 George Henry HARROLD 29 Normanton YKS bachelor Railway Guard Annie BARDILL 26 Hasland spinster Joseph HARROLD Samuel BARDILL Samuel BARDILL Sarah Ann HARROLD
Nov 1899 Percy Ernest BUTT 23 Hasland bachelor Fireman Kate REEVES 21 spinster Derby Road Henry Thomas BUTT Thomas William REEVES BUTT
Dec 1899 William MALLENDER 21 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Fireman Mary Elizabeth DYMOND 18 Grassmoor spinster Thomas MALLENDER (dcd) James DYMOND

16-Apr-00 John Thomas POUNTAIN 23 Macclesfield Grocer Lilian WARING 21 Hasland Ben Henry 
16-Apr-00 Henry GILDING 21 Grassmoor In Hasland Miner Maud SWIFT 19 Grassmoor William GILDING Arthur SWIFT Arthur SWIFT Amy GILDING
16-Apr-00 John BOOKER 21 Hasland Corporal Edith BARKER 18 Brampton John BOOKER Henry BARKER 
Walter WICKS 
 Jun-00 John William WHITE 22 Hasland Lab Norah Lilian WOOLGAR 19 Hasland William WHITE Engine Driver James WOOLGAR Engine Tenter George Henry BRAMWELL Amy GILDING
07-Jul-00 Harry BURNS 28 Hasland Fireman Sarah Elizabeth HANCOCK 21 Hasland Joseph LEAVESLEY Alice LEAVESLEY Father Of Groom And Father Of Bride Stated As Base Born
16-Jul-00 George Henry SEWELL 22 Sheffield Fireman Mary Ann WALL 24 Hasland George SEWELL Engine Driver Richard WALL Engine Driver William WALL Jane WALL
 Oct-1900 Thomas WHYMAN 23 Grassmoor In Hasland Miner Annie OMAR 21 Hasland Thomas WHYMAN 
Walter OMAR Arthur OMAR Hannah WHYMAN
 Nov-1900 Joseph HARDWICK 21 Martha Harriet TURTON 19 John TURTON
06-Nov-1900 Arthur RILEY Mary BRUNT 20 Peter RILEY James BRUNT
 1900 Robert WOOD 31 Hasland widower Pipe Moulder Sarah Ann WOOD 36 East Retford widow John 
WOOD Tanner (dcd) James HODKIN Miner James HODKIN Mary Ellen TINSLEY
 Dec-1900 Thomas BROWN 21 Grassmoor In Hasland Miner Catherine SOAR 19 Grassmoor George 
BROWN Lab Joseph SOAR Miner Arthur SOAR Alice BIRCUMSHAW

 Aug-02 Walter Edgar DEWSNAP 23 Hasland bachelor Banksman Edith Johnson STOKES 19 Hasland 
spinster Frederick James DEWSNAP Watch Maker Joseph STOKES Joiner William James JOHNSON Adam JOHNSON Witnesses Noted As Brothers
06-Aug-02 Reuben FLETCHER 27 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor School Master Annie Moorhouse 
WHOTTON 21 Hasland spinster Reuben FLETCHER George WHOTTON Edith Emily KAY Duplicated Entry 
To Allow Listing Of 4 Witnesses
06-Aug-02 Reuben FLETCHER 27 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor School Master Annie Moorhouse 
WHOTTON 21 Hasland spinster Reuben FLETCHER Charles WHITE Allen MOORHOUSE
12-Aug-02 William Edward BALL 24 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Miner Agnes WHITWORTH 19 
Grassmoor spinster Henry BALL Miner Frederick WHITWORTH Miner Ben JOHNSON Lucy WHITWORTH
20-Aug-02 Ernest SYKES 31 bachelor Cotton Spinner Florence Ellen OAKLEY 26 Hasland spinster Robert SYKES Wool Dresser Charles OAKLEY Miner Walter ADLINGTON Selina SYKES Entry Duplicated To Include 3 Witnesses 
25-Dec-02 Frederick Gardener JELLAND 28 Grassmoor In Hasland widoer Insurance Agent Maud Louisa HAYWOOD 25 Grassmoor spinster Frederick John JELLAND Tailor David HAYWOOD Miner Arthur HAYWOOD Rhoda FOSTER
25-Dec-02 William BOICE 23 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Miner Elizabeth MITCHELL 21 Grassmoor spinster Samuel BOICE Cordwainer James Walter MITCHELL Miner Arthur HOWARTH Ada MITCHELL
29-Dec-02 Frederick Samuel ELLIOTT 28 Hasland bachelor Elizabeth SAXTON 26 Hasland spinster Griffin ELLIOTT Clerk Charles SAXTON Miner Samuel SAXTON Ethel MITCHELL
30-Dec-02 Frederick HEATH 27 Hasland bachelor Pick Sharpener Mary Amy HEATH 28 Grassmoor In 
Hasland spinster Alfred HEATH Lab Herbert HEATH Builder Herbert HEATH Mary Elizabeth HEATH

Feb-03 Alfred Daniel BROWN Hasland bachelor Railway Goods Guard Amelia GROOBY Hasland spinster James BROWN Lab John GROOBY Railway Goods Guard John GROOBY Ada GROOBY

20-Apr-1904 Charley WARD 26 Wingerworth bachelor Game Keeper Mary MANLOVE 23 Grasshill In Hasland spinster George WARD Game Keeper William MANLOVE Miner Fanny Amelia WARD
02-May-1904 Welcome William LYNE 21 bachelor Engine Driver Clara BRUNT 23 Hasland spinster Joseph LYNE Miner Edward BRUNT Colliery Fitter James Henry MOORBY Sarah Ann YARWOOD
23-May-1904 George Henry RAWSON 24 Hasland bachelor Boot & Shoe Maker Elizabeth SMITH 21 Hasland spinster White Houses George RAWSON Grave Digger John Robert SMITH Miner John Robert SMITH Emily SMITH
23-May-1904 William MILES 21 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Miner Mary Ann SMITH 18 Grassmoor spinster Thomas MILES Lab John SMITH Engine Man George ALLISON Sarah ALLISON
23-May-1904 Walter JACKSON 21 Hasland bachelor Miner Edith Mary CARR 24 Hasland spinster John JACKSON Platelayer (dcd) Thomas CARR Banksman Robert KING Sarah Elizabeth CARR
24-May-1904 William HOGGINS 23 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Miner Clara LLOYD 22 Grassmoor 
spinster Richard HOGGINS Miner Edward LLOYD Miner Tom Musgrove GOODLAD Susannah LLOYD
Jun-1904 Charles DOVE 26 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Miner Mary MOSLEY 19 Grassmoor spinster William DOVE Framework Knitter George MOSLEY Furnace Builder Fred SAXTON Ellen RHODES
Jun-1904 William Lionel DAVIES 23 Hasland bachelor Lab Florence PEAT 20 Hasland spinster William DAVIES Gardener (dcd) William PEAT Miner Arthur TINMAN Nellie CHEETHAM 
 1904 James SHARPE Hasland Annie VAINES Hasland James SHARPE Farmer John SWIFT HICKLIN 
 1904 John Henry HOLLINGWORTH Hasland Harriett COOPER Hasland Arthur HOLLINGWORTH 
Engineman James COOPER Miner
08-Oct-04 Arthur Reginald John FOSTER 21 Hasland bachelor Engineer Jane Eleanor MEE 24 Hasland spinster George Arthur FOSTER MEE William BIRCUMSHAW Clarice Gertrude MEE
 Oct-04 George HODKIN 22 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Miner Mary Elizabeth OAKES 19 Hasland spinster George HODKIN William RICHARD Oakes Benjmain CROSS 
16-Nov-04 John BURTON 22 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Miner Marguerite Evelyn HOLDEN 20 
Grassmoor spinster George BURTON Miner William Frank HOLDEN Fitter George BURTON
26-Dec-04 Arthur Tom SMITH 30 bachelor Engineer Lily Agnes DARNELL 29 Hasland spinster George SMITH Gardener John DARNELL Railway Guard John DARNELL May DARNELL
26-Dec-1904 John HANDBY 30 Hasland bachelor Joiner Mary Ellen COWLEY 29 Hasland spinster Joseph HANDBY Joiner William COWLEY Carter George COWLEY Sarah Elizabeth COWLEY
27-Dec-1904 Fred HOLLAND 23 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Miner Annie BRADY 20 St Thomas 
Brampton spinster Joseph Harry HOLLAND Blacksmith William BRADY Miner Joseph HOLDEN Florence HOLDEN
27-Dec-1904 Leonard Francis NEWTON 22 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Professional Football Player Nellie Jane NIX 20 Grassmoor spinster William NEWTON Lab John NIX Lab Frederick Arthur NIX Rose Edith NEWTON 

30-Jan-1905 John James WARD 21 Hasland bachelor Miner Eliza HUDSON 26 Hasland spinster George WARD Goods Guard William HUDSON Horse Keeper William HUDSON Bertha WARD
01-Feb-1905 Walter TAGG 23 St Thomas Brampton bachelor Miner Hannah BENNETT 22 Grassmoor In 
Hasland spinster
1905 John William COCKERTON Hasland bachelor Miner Beatrice SLATER 20 Hasland spinster John 
COCKERTON Miner Thomas SLATER Lab Charles FROST Hannah WHITE 
 Dec-05 James BRAILSFORD 36 Hasland bachelor Lab Rose NEALE 28 Hasland spinster James 
BRAILSFORD Joiner (dcd) John COOP Miner (dcd) Joseph GYTE Clara COOP
 Dec-1905 DEARSLEY 27 Darley bachelor Compositor Mary Jane DAVIDSON 26 Hasland spinster Robert DEARSLEY Carter Henry DAVIDSON Miner Albert DAVIDSON Ethel DAVIDSON 
25-Dec-1905 Thomas PARSONS 30 St Thomas Brampton bachelor Miner Emma JONES 29 Hasland spinster John PARSONS Lab Alfred JONES Lab George William JAMES Annie CARTLEDGE 
25-Dec-1905 Arthur MARRIOTT 19 Hasland bachelor Lab Harriett CLAY 20 Hasland spinster George MARRIOTT Engine Wright Frederick CLAY Bricklayer Joseph HIGGINBOTTOM Charlotte CLAY
26-Dec-1905 George Henry CLARKE 21 Stonebroom In Shirland bachelor Miner Ruth KNOWLES 20 
Hasland spinster John Edward CLARKE Miner William KNOWLES Engine Driver Joseph CLARKE Florrie KNOWLES

20-Jan-1906 Albert HANCOCK 23 Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Miner Annie BURGOYNE 18 Grassmoor spinster Thomas HANCOCK Roll Turner Richard BURGOYNE Lab John POYSER Mary WALTERS 
21-Jan-1906 Reuben SUCH 25 Hasland bachelor Emma ASHMORE 22 Hasland spinster William SUCH Salt Boiler George Edward ASHMORE Moulder John Robert MILLS Elizabeth ASHMORE 
May-1906 Ernest BARBER Hasland bachelor Grocer Sarah Ann BERESFORD 20 Holy Trinity Chesterfield spinster William BARBER Ada BARBER
Jun-1906 Frank William STANTON Hasland bachelor Stella Madeline ROE Chesterfield spinster  
 1906 Alfred TOSELAND Hasland bachelor Miner Florrie KEY 26 Hasland widow Joseph Mary Alice 
 Jun-1906 John EDARDS Heath bachelor Miner Emily Truth SMITH Hasland spinster John Robert SMITH 
04-Jun-1906 William COLLEDGE Grassmoor In Hasland bachelor Fireman Nellie DAVIS Hasland spinster Alfred COLLEDGE Walter George DAVIS
 Jun-1906 Percy HOLE 23 Ducmanton bachelor Annie Rebecca HEATHCOTE 22 Hasland spinster Isaac William HOLE Farmer William HEATHCOTE Farmer George W HEATHCOTE Agnes Mary HEATHCOTE

10-May-1919 Albert Edward RIVETT 24 bachelor Miner 13 Charles Street Grassmoor Annie Elizabeth LYNAM 20 spinster Munitions Factory Worker 92 New Street George RIVETT (dcd) Pottery Worker William LYNAM Miner John STANFORTH Emma Edith STANFORTH
10-May-1919 Jesse WIDDOWSON 26 bachelor Furnace Man Late of South Staffs M G C 2 Hasland Road Rosalind Lilian BREWIN 22 spinster Laundry Worker Whitebank Farm Hasland John WIDDOWSON Miner Joseph BREWIN Miner Driver Thomas COLCLOUGH Florence SEARSTON
17-May-1919 Arthur George WALLIS 38 widower Miner 7 Kent Street Hasland Helen WILSON 24 spinster 7 Kent Street Samuel WALLIS (dcd) - George WILSON Insurance Agent George WILSON Annie GEE
09-Jun-1919 Wilfred MELLORS 20 bachelor Engineer 5 Angel Yard Chesterfield Lily FREEMAN 19 spinster 4 New Street Grassmoor John MELLORS Motor Driver Thomas William FREEMAN Miner F BRADLEY H BRADLEY
09-Jun-1919 Walter KEIGHTLEY 21 bachelor Miner Grove Street Hasland Dorothy Ethel FINNEY 19 spinster Handby Street Everard KEIGHTLEY Stallman Charles FINNEY Fireman Richard Alfred WALL Nellie FINNEY 
29-Oct-1919 George BRIDDON 22 bachelor Electrician 1 Church Street Brampton Florence Barbara Ellen MOSELEY 22 spinster 51 Mansfield Road John BRIDDON Potter John MOSELEY Miner Alfred MOSELEY Nellie GILL
15-Nov-1919 Charles Henry HARPER 19 bachelor Miner Grasshill Alethea Sophia DEVERELL 19 spinster 14 North Wingfield Road Frank HARPER Farm Lab Edmond DEVERELL Clerk Frank HARPER Beatrice HARPER
22-Nov-1919 Fred BURTON 39 widower Miner 9 Midland Terrace Hasland Minnie DEBENHAM 39 widow 9 Midland Terrace Henry BURTON Miner George WARD Railway Guard William Albert TWINNING S WALKER
20-Dec-1919 Ernest WHITE 31 bachelor Miner Alice DEAN 26 widow 10 New Street Grassmoor Alfred WHITE Mining Deputy George SPOWAGE Ex Policeman George WALKER Mabel WHITE
23-Dec-1919 Frederick William BOLLANDS 24 bachelor Miner 172 Prospect Row Old Whittington Ethel Millicent BAILEY 21 spinster 4 Mile Hill Cottages Barlow BOLLANDS Miner Robert BAILEY (dcd) Blacksmith George GODFREY Elizabeth COWLEY John Wilfred BAILEY
24-Dec-1919 Clarence WHEELHOUSE 25 bachelor Miner 24 Riber Terrace Chesterfield Ada Webster FEARN 26 spinster 28 York Street Hasland John THOMAS (dcd) Miner William Webster FEARN Joiner W R HAYWOOD, H HANSON, W W FEARN
25-Dec-1919 Fred TURNER 25 bachelor Miner 1 New Street Grassmoor Jennie BRADLEY 20 spinster 11 Ashfield Road Hasland William TURNER Miner John BRADLEY Surface Man Annie BRADLEY A Willie TURNER
25-Dec-1919 Thomas GASCOIGNE 22 bachelor Miner 57 Wharf Lane Chesterfield Ruth PADBURY 21 spinster 30 Hoole Street Hasland Thomas GASCOIGNE Blacksmith George PADBURY Miner Thomas BURNS May Annie SMITH

21-Aug-1920 Thomas WHITE 36 bachelor Clerk The Green Hasland Elizabeth Amelia BALL 35 spinster Ivy Cottages Hasland William WHITE Engine Driver Abraham BALL Colliery Clerk Mary BALL D WHITE Abraham BALL
02-Sep-1920 John RODGERS 24 bachelor Stallman 21 Mansfield Road Edith May CARTER 28 spinster Shoulder Of Mutton Hasland Alfred CARTER (dcd) Licenced Victualler Walter William CARTER Printer D M E PEARSON Phyllis Doris FARNSWORTH
04-Sep-1920 William BROOK 28 bachelor Tailor 17 Crossland Street Crossland Moor Huddersfield Mary Emma SULMAN 26 spinster 30 Storforth Lane Hasland Seth BROOK (dcd) - Walter SULMAN Guard Walter W SULMAN Shelton BAILEY
04-Sep-1920 George Walter BROTHERS 21 bachelor Miner 14 Eyre Street Hasland Margaret TURNER 21 spinster 37 Foundry Street Whittington Moor William BROTHERS Miner John TURNER Miner Thomas William BARNES Teresa MALLINDER
06-Sep-1920 Samuel BURTON 30 bachelor Fireman 8 Midland Terrace Annie Forbes WATSON 31 spinster 1 Traffic Terrace Joseph BURTON (dcd) - William WATSON Engine Driver William WATSON William NADIN
06-Sep-1920 William Edward BENTON 31 bachelor Ganger 35 New Street North Wingfield Ethel GOTHARD 26 spinster 18 Eyre Street Hasland William Hammers BURTON (dcd) James GOTHARD Butcher J GOTHARD V GOTHARD
07-Sep-1920 James William WOOD 49 bachelor Engine Driver 23 Hampton Street Hasland Ada Winifred VARLEY 23 spinster 44 Storforth Lane Terrace James William WOOD (dcd) Engine Driver John William VARLEY Miner Percy Edward WHITE Edith BEESON Reginald VARLEY
22-Sep-1920 Harry FARNSWORTH 31 bachelor Publican Sportsman Inn Lily ENGLAND 28 spinster 51 Eyre Street Hasland Frederick FARNSWORTH (dcd) Publican George ENGLAND (dcd) Miner Edgar BRASSINGTON Elsie DAVISON