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Early Descents of the Manors in Wonford Hundred

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 44 (1912) pp. 312-342.


O.J. Reichel

Prepared by Michael Steer

The paper, presented at the Association's July 24 Exeter meeting, starts with the manors listed in Rev Reichel's previous paper on the Domesday Hundred of Wonford, and traces their descent from the 11th to the early 15th century, when the ordinary county histories become available. The manorial estates are grouped under the Honours to which they belong. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. The copy of this rare book is held at the Princeton University Library and is available from the Internet Archive.


Abernon, John de324
Abernu, Engelram de324
Ackland, Robert321
Aethelstan, King316
Albamara, Peter de329
Albamara, Ralf de (also Daumarle)329, 342
Albo monasterio, Reginald de320
Alneto, William de (also Dauney)342
Arcis, Haimeric de320
Asford, John de333
Ashby, Eleanor de335
Ashby, Jordan de335
Asselegh, Sarah de317
Athelstan, King332
Aubernonn, John de (also Dabrun)324
Aubernoun, Isabel d'325
Aubernoun, William d' Esq325
Aubernoun, Ingeram de324
Availles, Robert d'314
Avaylles, John de (also Davaylles)314
Aysford, William333
Aysse, Richard de337
Bacon, William332
Bacun, Roger332
Bagetor, Geoffrey de319, 342
Baggetorr, Thomas de319
Baggetorre, William de319, 341
Baggetoure, John de342
Baldwin the Sheriff (de Muelles)322-9, 331
Bamfeld, John de (also Bamfield; Baunfelde)320-1
Bamfeld, John jnr320-1
Bamfylde, John de (also Bamfild; Bampfyld)321, 341
Bamfylde, Thomas de321
Bangor, Bishop of322
Baron, John330
Baron, Richard le327
Baron, Robert336
Baron, Thomas318
Baroun, Stephen le336
Barun, William le336
Bath, Bishop of333
Battishull, Thomas331
Baunfelde, John341
Baunfilde, Thomas341
Becket, Archbishop Thomas342
Beauchamp, Henry de317
Beauchamp, John de328
Beauchamp, Humfrey de327
Beauchamp, Richard de327, 331
Beaumont, Robert de331
Beaumont, Thomas de331
Beivin, William327
Belstone, Baldwin de336
Belstone, Cecily de336
Belstone, Henry de336-7
Belstone, Joan336
Belstone, John de336
Belstone, Mariota336
Belstone, Maud336
Berkedon, John326
Berkeley, Avice de338
Berkeley, William de332, 338
Bernard the napeless328
Berner (also Burnard)333
Beruin, Goscelin de327
Biesteculm, John339
Biesteculm, Jordan339
Biesteculme, Alice339
Biesteculme, Robert339
Blakeford, Avice de332, 338
Blakeford, John de332, 338-9
Blakeford, Robert de332, 338
Blakford, Joan de318
Blakford, Thomas de318, 338-9
Blamoster, Reginald de (also de Albo Monasterio)341
Blanchminster, Reginald de (also Blaumoster)320
Boghemor, Alice330
Boghemor, Roger330
Bohun, Margaret de334
Bolley family326
Bonevyll, William333
Bornell, Roger331
Bosco, Ralf de323
Bovyle, John de340
Bowere, Richard336
Boyvile, Anastasia de335
Boyvile, Eleanor de335
Boyvile, John de (also Boyvill)335
Boyvile, Margaret de335
Boyvile, Peter de335
Boyvile, Rosamund de335
Boyvile, Thomasine335
Boyvile, William de335
Braiose, William de337-9
Brantyngham, Bishop318-9, 321-2, 334, 340
Brent, Isabella de320
Brionne, Guy de326
Briwere, Margaret325
Briwere, William325, 340
Bromhill, Isabel314
Bromhill, Joan314
Bromhill, Robert de314
Bromhill, Sarah de314
Bromhill, Walter de314
Bronescombe, Bishop (also Branscombe)318, 334-5
Bronyton, John317
Bryan family326-7
Bryan, Guy326
Bukyngton, Joel de (also Bukython)317, 321-2
Burnel, John335-6
Burnel, Richard336
Bytelesgate, John de329
Cadiho, Richard327, 329
Cael, Humpfrey333
Caille, William (also Keyle)333, 337
Calle, Roger328
Camvil, Geoffrey de338-9
Canute, King332
Capra, William341-2
Carew, Richard331
Causebuf, Avice332
Causebuf, Philip332
Chamberlayne, Joan le336
Chamberlayne, Walter le 
Chambernon, William333
Champernoun family335
Champernoun, sir Richard340
Champernoun, Thomas340
Champernoun, William de335-6, 339
Charles II312
Chaworth, Margaret de327
Chaworth, Pagan de327
Chedder, Thomas323
Chelli, Nicholas de330
Chiselden, Elizabeth339
Chiseldene, Richard (also Chilsylden)336, 339
Chiseldon, John339
Chisylden, Joan339
Chittlehampton, Godwin of334
Clare, Gilbert de333
Clavil, Richard de335
Clavyle, Edith de327, 329
Clavyle, Matilda de327, 329
Clavyle, Ralf de327, 329
Clavyle, Walter de (also Clavil)327, 329, 333
Clavyle, William de327, 329
Clifford, Reginald de341
Clyfford, Peter de320
Cockescomb, Nicholas331
Coffin, Matilda327
Cole, Adam326
Cole, John326
Cole, Roger326
Cole, William326
Colehaie, John330
Columbers, Philip de332
Coplestone, John322
Cornwall, Earl of342
Courtney, Earl Edward322
Courtney family322
Courtney, Hugh de (also Courtenay)316, 318, 327, 334, 338
Courtney, Sir Peter322
Courtney, Philip334
Courtney, Reginald de338
Courtney, Robert de325, 338
Courtney, Thomas318
Courtney, Sir Thomas318
Courtney, William Esq322
Coutances, Geoffrey Bishop of337
Crespyn, Nicholas326
Crokker, John336
Crosse, John336
Croyser, Isabel325
Croyser, William325
Dabernon family324
Dabernon, John324
Daumarle, Alice318
Dauney, Joan329, 331
Dauney, John342
Dauney, William de342
Davailles, John314
Davaylles, Alice314
Davaylles, Robert335
Davaylles, Thomasine335
Daveell, William336
Deneham, Oliver323
Deneys, Robert le315
Deneys, Walter le315
Denys, Thomas333
Devon, Amice Countess of316
Devon, Countess of317
Devon, Earl of315-8, 334
Devon, Isabella Countess of316
Dinestorie, Hugh de324
Doddescombe, Ralf de321
Douai, Walter de332
Downe, Matthew335
Drascumb, Ingulf de314
Drogo de Taynton324
Droscumb, John de314
Droscumb, Richard de313-4
Droscumb, William de314
Dugdale334, 337
Dun, Humphrey de319
Dun, Margery de319
Dun, William de319
Durant, Elisabeth319
Durnforde, Stephen325
Dynham, Emma321
Dynham, John323
Dynham, Margaret323
Dynham, Robert de321
Dyrewyne, Master John de328
Edward the Confessor316
Edward I312, 314-6, 322, 325, 332, 340
Edward II316, 333, 339
Edward III316, 318, 327, 333, 338
Edward IV319
Esford, Agnes de333
Espec, William le338
Esse, Henry de324, 333, 337
Esse, Richard de333
Exeter, Bishop of337
Exonia, Sir John de338
Ferrers, Fulk de317-8
Ferrers, Joan de318
Ferrers, Lucy de317-8
Ferrers, Reginald de318
Filleigh, Nicholas de330
Finamor, Thomas329
Fishacre, Peter de315-6
FitzBernard, Ralf333
FitzBernard, Robert329
FitzBerner, Tedbald333-4
FitzBurnard, John de333, 336
FitzDrogo, Richard324
FitzHamon, Mabel337
FitzHamon, Robert334, 337
FitzJoel, Warin329
FitzLambert, Modbert330
FitzPagan, Robert319
FitzPagan, Roger336
FitzPayne, Robert315, 318
FitzPayne, Roger318
FitzRalf, William330
FitzRouald, Alan329
FitzStephen, William329
FitzTedbald, Robert333
FitzTorolf, Richard331
FitzWalward, Walter317
FitzWilliam, Ralf329
FitzWilliam, Walter330
Flemyng, Richard le336
Foleford, Baldwin326, 331, 336
Foleford, Gricia de331
Foleford, Henry de337
Foleford, William de331, 336
Fomyson, Richard337
Ford, John319
Forde, Robert de326
Franceys, Walter331
Francheyne, John340
French, Walter330
Fromond, Walter323
Fulford, Mariota de336
Fulford, Nicholas de331
Fulford, Richard de336
Geoffrey, clerk315
Gervase, Walter315
Giffard, Emma321
Giffard, Roger327
Giffard, Walter (also Gifford)321, 327
Gloucester, Earl of334
Gloucester, Mabel Countess of337
Gloucester, Matilda Countess of332
Gloucester, Robert Earl of337
Gloucester, Richard Earl of332
Gloucester, William Earl of333, 337
Godwin, Earl334
Gorges, Sir Balan de332, 338
Gorges, Elena de332, 338
Grandisson, Bishop318, 320, 322, 325, 328, 333-4, 339-41
Guraunt, Henry327
Haccomb, Jordan de325
Haccombe, Stephen de325
Haccombe, William de325
Haccumbe, Gilbert de325
Hak, Geoffrey de la330
Hakeworth, John de (also Hakeworthy)321
Hakeworthy, Peter de321
Halleham, Renus de331
Hallesworth, Alan de315
Hankford, Richard321, 326
Harald, King316
Hause, Eleanor de336
Hoke, Hugh de la327
Hoke, William de la327
Harptree, John de332
Harptree, William de332
Haulegh, John de320
Helion, Emma de321
Helion, Hervei de321
Helion, Margaret de321
Helion, William de321
Henry I314-5, 332, 337, 339
Henry II316
Henry III316, 332, 341
Henry V316, 322, 326, 335
Henry VI317
Hereford, Bishop of334
Hereford, Earl of334
Hereford, Humphrey Earl of334
Hill, John331
Hochesham, Nicholas de340-1
Hochesham, Robert de340-1
Hochesham, William de341
Hockham, William de341
Hokesham, Robert de341
Holebem, William de319
Holebeme, John319
Holonde, John317
Horigg, Walter342
Horigge, Geoffrey de341
Horigge, Thomas342
Hoxam, William de341
Huntebere, Isolda339
Huntebere, Richard339
Honyton, Walter de328
John, King315, 332, 338, 342
Kadio, Lucy329
Kadio, Ralf329
Kail, Humfrey de (also Keyle: Caille)333
Kelly family341
Kelly, John de330-1, 341
Kelly, Margaret de330
Kelly, Richard330, 341
Kelly, William de330-1, 341
Lacy, Bishop318, 321, 335
Lampre, Simon335
Langeden, Richard de331
Langedon, Walter de (also Langeden)329, 331
Langford, Roger de328
Loges, Hugh de335
Leofric, Bishop316
Lercedekne, John325
Lercedekne, Michael335
Lincoln, Alexander Bishop of314
Lincoln, Robert Bishop of314
Littlebiry, Robert de324
Loweton, Thomas de328
Lysons, Messrs315-6, 318, 320, 325, 328, 333-4, 340, 342
Mallestone, Hugh de319
Mallestone, Robert de319
Malston, Elisabeth319
Malston, Robert de319
Mandevil, Dionisia332
Mandevil family323
Mandevil, Geoffrey de315, 332
Mandevil, Robert de315
Mandevile, John de315
Marwood, Henry322
Matilda, Queen333
Maury, Ralf335, 337
Melehewis family326
Melehywyssh, Peter de326
Melehywyssh, William de (also Melhuwys)326, 336
Melhywys, Eleanor de (also Melewis)326-7, 335-6
Melhywys, John de (also Melewis)335
Merton, Joan321
Merton, Sir Richard de321
Middeldon, Roger de329
Mohun family320
Mohun, John de320
Moleton, James de316
Moleton, Sir Robert (also Multon)316
Monk, William326
Monsron, Richard319
Montacute, Elizabeth de316
Montacute, John de316
Montacute, Simon de315-6, 320
Montacute, William de316
Monteforti, Nicolas de339
Moryn, John (also Morey)330
Muelles, Baldwin de322-9, 331
Muelles, Emma de324
Muelles, William de324
Nevil, Sir Hugh de322
Nevil, John de323
Nevil, Theobald de322
Nevyle, John de322
Newton, John de327
Nimet, Roland de328
Nonant, Roger de315, 339
Norreys, Margaret327
Notin, William le339
Notley, Agnes de314
Notley, Roger de314
Nywenham, Simon317
Odo the archer (or bowman)314
Oliver, Dr313, 317-8, 324, 329, 332, 338
Oppacote, Joel de331
Ow, William de (also Eu)334
Oxton, James de340
Paganel, Ralf317-8
Penellys, Nicolas (also Penels)328, 342
Penels, David de342
Penyll, William de342
Peveral, Emma327
Peverel, Luke327
Peytevin, Osbert le319
Peytevin, Robert le340
Peytevin, Thomas319, 340
Peytevin, William le (also de Poitou)340
Plymton, Prior of317
Plymton, Simon de317
Poderham, Andrew de334
Pole, Nicolas de la318
Pole, Peter de la329
Poltimor, Bartholomew de320
Poltimore, Richard de320
Pomeray family340
Pomeray, Henry de la337, 340
Pomeray, Matilda de340
Pomeray, Ralf de326, 328
Pontyngton, William de320
Pouderham, Mabel de334
Pouderham, John de334
Pouderham, Peter de334
Pouderham, Rannulf de334
Pouderham, Thomas de334
Prideaux, Roger341
Prodhome family342
Prodhomme, John342
Prous, Margaret de321
Prous, Richard de321
Pruz, William le (also Prous)318, 325
Puderham, Roger de334
Punchardon family326
Punchardon, John de328
Pycot family341
Pycot, John338, 341
Pyn, Sir Herbert330
Pyn, John de330
Pyne, Edmund330
Pyne family330
Pyne, Herbert de (also Pyun)330
Pyne, Simon de330
Pypard, Margaret325
Pypard, William325
Quinterell, William342
Quivil, Bishop Peter326, 332, 335
Radeweye, Geoffrey de321
Radeweye, James de321
Radeweye, Thomas de321
Ralegh, Henry de315
Raleghe, Ida de340
Raynald, Walter319
Redvers, Baldwin de315, 317
Redvers, Richard de315
Rennes, Hugh de326
Reynell, Walter319
Richard I338
Rishford, William de326
Robert the King's son324-5
Robton, Walter de (also Rolandiston)328
Rolandeston, Walter de339
Roulandeston, Philip de328
Round, Dr318, 334
Ruald (also Rhiwallon)321
Ruffus, Richard314
Rydon, John323
Salceid, Osbern de317
Salisbury, William Earl of316
Samford, Edmund de (also Sampford)328, 333
Sampford, Simon de333
Satchvil, Beatrice de341
Satchvil, Philip de341
Satchvil, Robert de332, 338
Servyngton, Agnes323
Servyngton, David de (also Cervinton)323
Servyngton, William de323
Segrave, Hugh322
Shapewik, John327
Sideham, Philip de327
Sideham, Robert de327
Specot, Baldwin de336
Specott, Maud de336
Specott, Richard de336
Speke, Richard338
Speke, Robert338
Speke, William (also Spek)338
Stafford, Bishop321, 334, 339, 341-2
Stanewe, Henry337
Stapeldon, Bishop Walter322, 333-4, 341-2
Stapelhile, Roger de319
Stapelhill, John de (also Stapulhull)319
Staunton, Drogo de324
Staunton, Roger de324
Stighill, Margaret (also Style)319
St James, Prior of317
Stockheye, Robert de328
Stowford, John de318
Strode, John317
Talbot family326
Talbot, Henry325
Talbot, Philip325-6
Talbot, William325-6
Tantifer, Joan339
Tauntifer, Walter (also Tantifer)337-9
Tauton, Alexander de328
Teing, Richard le327
Tetteburn, Thomas de326, 328
Teynton, Richard de324
Theobald, Cecily336
Theobald, John327, 336
Tilli, Cecily339
Tilli, Henry de315
Tilli, John339
Tilli, Sarah339
Tilli, Semann339
Tirel, Richard330
Tirel, Roger330
Tolyro, Ralf de342
Tolyro, Sibilla de342
Toriton, John de (also Toryton)317
Toriton, William de320
Totnes, Juhel of337, 339
Tracy, Henry de338, 341
Tracy, Maud de338
Tracy, Oliver de337-8
Tracy, William de341-2
Trailei, Geoffrey de337
Trebant, John327
Tregoz, Henry329
Tremanet, Elias320
Tremanet, John320
Tremanet, Richard320
Tremenet, William de338
Tremayne, Nicolas328
Tremynet, Rosamund335
Tremynet, William335
Treylurk, Andrew de316
Trillon, John317
Trobrogge, Thomas327
Troubrigg, Peter327
Troleggh, Sibilla327
Trubeville, Henry de341
Turbern family313
Tyrel, Henry327, 329
Umfravil family333-4, 336
Umfravill, Gilbert de334
Umfravil, John de333-4, 336
Upcott, Robert321
Uppecote, Joel de330
Uppecote, Reginald de330
Uppecote, Thomas de330
Valletorta family339
Valletorta, Hawise de340
Valletorta, Reginald de340
Valletorta, Roger de339-40
Vallibus, Hubert de316
Vallibus, Matilda de316
Vallibus, Robert de316
Vasy, Robert318
Vautort, Philip325
Vidal (also Vitalis)330
Viel, William341
Vilers, Gilbert de338
Walter the cup bearer328
Walward, Edith317
Waleys, John de319
Waleys, Margery319
Warwick, Henry Earl of317
Werigeston, John de342
Whipel, Roger317
William the Sheriff (de Muelles)324
William I313, 316-8, 320-1
William II Rufus337
Windyeat, John319
Wode, William336
Wolryngton, William de328
Worth, Geoffrey de317
Wotton, Richard de336
Wotton, William de (also Wodeton)336
Wyger, Henry340, 342
Wymundeham, Thomas de323