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Third Report of the Committee on Devonshire Records: Bodleian Library

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 23 (1891), pp. 150-170.


R.W. Cotton and J. Brooking-Rowe (ed.)

Prepared by Michael Steer

The report, read at the Association's 1891 Tiverton meeting focuses on an eclectic mixture of documents including manuscripts and books on matters relating to Devon held in the Bodleian Library collection. The purpose of the Committee was to investigate and report on manuscripts, records and ancient documents existing in or related to Devonshire, with the nature of their contents, their localities and whether or not they are in private or public hands. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Michigan University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Anstis, John Esq 151, 158
Arundell, Richard Esq 151
Astle, Thomas 151
Athelstan, King 159
Bacon 152
Bamfield family 162
Bampfield, Sir Copleston 159
Beaumont family 162
Bede, Venerable 153
Benholt 160
Benson, Thomas 159
Bere family 162
Blackhall, Bishop 161
Brownlow, Canon 150
Brushfield, Dr T N 150, 165
Burton, Robert 153
Carew family 159, 162
Carew, Thomas 158
Carey family 162
Carr, Rev William Holwell 165
Chanter, Mr J R 150
Charles I 159, 161
Chichester family 162
Colwich, William 159
Copleston family 162
Cotton, Mr R W 150, 169
Courtenay family 159-60, 162
Cowie, Rev Dean 150
Crabbe, W R 165
Dauy, John 151
Davidson, Mr James 164
Dennis family 162
Dowrish family 162
Drake family 162
Dredge, Rev J Ingle 150, 166-8
Dreyton, Messrs 151
Ducarel, Andrew Coltee LLD 151
Dugdale, Sir William 165
Edward I 158
Elizabeth I 151, 160
Fortescue family 162
Fulford family 162
George I 159
George II 159
Gladstone, Mr 169
Gough, Richard 150-1
Grimaldi, Mr 168-9
Hallett, Dr 158
Harman, Joan 165
Harman, John alias Voysey 165
Harman, William 165
Harris, Rev Peter 157
Harding, Lieutenant Colonel William 164-5
Harvy 160
Heard, Sir Isaac 165
Henry III 158
Holland family 162
Hollar 160
Holwell, Mrs Isabella Holwell 165
Holwell, Mr William 165-6
Hooker, John 151, 160
Howard, Dr W 153
Incledon, Benjamin 165
John, King 158
Jones, John FSA 166
Jones, Rev John Pike 151, 162-3
Jones, Thomas 166
Jones, Winslow Esq 166
Kerslake, Mr Thomas 165-6
King 160
Kirkeby, J de 158
Lamb, Rev C E 168
Lysons 160
Lyttelton, C 161
Merivale, Mr 162-3
Milles, Dean Jeremiah, DD 151-3, 157-60, 164
Moore-Stevens family 165
Morden 162
Northcote, John 159
Ogilby 160
Oliver, Dr 170
Ormerod, George Waring, Esq MA, FGS 163
Peter family 162
Phillips 165
Pickering 153
Plot, Dr 153
Pole, Sir William 151, 157
Pollard family 162
Polwhele, Rev Richard 166
Prideaux family 162
Prince, John 161
Risdon, Tristram 151, 153, 157, 159, 168
Rowe, Mr J Brooking 150
Rowe, Rev Samuel 164
Sexton 162
Smith, Colonel Hamilton 154
Sotheby, Mr Leigh 153, 164
Speed 162
Spetigue, Rev Joseph 167
Squier, Henry 165
Squier, Joan 165
Squier, Mr Scipio 164-5
Steevens, Captain 153
Taylor, Thomas Esq 158
Thorpe, Mr 153
Tripe, Mr Alderman 160
Tutet, Mark Cephas 151
Vivian, Lieutenant Colonel 169-70
Voysey, Bishop John 165
Walrond family 162
Ward, Bishop 153
Warelwast, Bishop 161
Watson, Mr H C 163
Westcote, Mr 152-3, 160-1
Windeatt, Mr E 150
Woollcombe, Henry Esq FSA 164
Worth, Mr R N 150
Young 166