Trevelyan MSS


Fourth Report of the Committee on Devonshire Records.. Trans. Devon. Assoc.  1892, Vol XXIV, pp. 66-67.


J. Brooking-Rowe and R.W. Cotton (eds.)

Prepared by Michael Steer

The report, read at the Association's July 1892 Plymouth meeting presents the Devonshire-related content of historical manuscripts donated to the British Museum by Sir Walter Calverley Trevelyan FGS,FRSE, FSA, MWS who was primarily a naturalist and geologist. He was the eldest son of Sir John Trevelyan, fifth baronet, of Nettlecombe, Somerset, by his wife Maria Wilson, daughter of Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson of Charlton, Kent. The family was, and is, Cornish, deriving its name from Tre-Velian or Trevelyan, near Fowey. Although botany and geology were his favourite sciences, he had an excellent knowledge of antiquities, and was a liberal supporter of all efforts for the augmentation of knowledge, among others of the erection of the museum buildings at Oxford. He was a liberal patron of the fine arts, and formed at Wallington Hall a good collection of curious books and of specimens illustrative of natural history and ethnology. The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Among documents in the British Museum, presented by Sir W. C. Trevelyan, Baronet, of Nettlecombe, Somerset, are the following relating to Devonshire:

Add. MSS. 21,605-21,608. Papers chiefly relating to manors in the county of Devon. In four volumes. XVth-XVIIIth cent. (The manors are Sherford, Whitwell, Walkhampton, Martinstowe, Bickley cum Shaugh, Quillett in Plympton et Plymouthe, and Clist St. Lawrence. Cf. Mr. Brooking Rowe's Appendix A to his Crediton Address, No. lxxii., Trans. Dev. Assoc, xiv. 82.)

21.609. List of pleas relating to the county of Devon; from 1 Hen. IV. [1399, 1400] to 39 Hen. VI. [1460, 1461.]

21.610. Accounts of the poor-rates in the parishes of Venawtrye, or Ven Ottery, Broad Hembury, Farway, Limpston, Membury, Offwell, Ottery St. Mary, Payhembury, Beere and Seaton, Southley, Widworthy, and Woodbury, co. Devon; 1642, 1648.

21.611. Copies of depositions in the case of the man-slaughter of Richard Carye, servant of Sir Robert Denys, Recorder of Exeter, by James Burnerd; 5-7 Oct. 29 Eliz. [1587] ff. 1-10.

22.172. Court-books of the manor of Farway, co. Devon; 25 Nov. 37 Hen. VIII. [1545]-29 Mar. 40 Eliz. [1598].

22.173. Accounts, bonds, receipts, and other papers relating to the manors of Farway and Whitwell, co. Devon ; 35 Hen. VIII. [1544]-1682.

22,175. Memorandum Book of expenses of Rycarde Mallaycke; circa 1562-1583.

22,176-22,179. Common-place Books, theological, classical, and legal, of John Mallacke, of Axmouth, co. Devon; temp. James I. Four volumes.

28,838. Register of accounts, rentals, fines, and other documents and memoranda relating to the family of Ferrers, of Pineton, co. Devon; chiefly in the handwriting of Richard Ferrers, agent for Martin Ferrers, temp. Henry VII. (Also the families of Whiting, Prideaux, and Malerbe.) Included are:—

(10). Copy of grant by the Warden and Canons of St Mary of Ottery to John Dynham, Lord Dynham, and Thomas Lawe, of Hands, etc., at Cobbeton, in the manor of Ottery; 17 Nov. 10 Ben. VIL [1494]. Lat., f. 67.

(12). "Rentale Manerii Beate Marie de Otery"; 5 Rich. II. [1381-2]; with customaries, f. 77b.

.(13). Inspeximus by Richard II. of a grant, made in 1061, by -Edward the Confessor to the church of St. Mary at Rouen of the -vill of Ottery, co. Devon; 20 Nov. a 4 [1380]. Lat. Two copies, ff. 84b, 128b.

(14). Confirmatis appropriacionis ecclesie de Ilsingtona [in cx)m. Devon.] sancte Marie de Otery per papam [Clementem VI.] ; 6 July, a° 2, [1343], Copy. f. 109.

(17). "Perambulacio Bunde de Dunkyswell [Dunkeswell, co. Devon]"; 5 Hen. V. [1417-18], f. 171b.

(19). Bounds of Ottery St. Mary, co. Devon, from a Saxon charter of Edward the Confessor, ff. 179, 180.

28,872. (1). Copy by Sir Walter Calverley Trevelyan, Bart, of the charter of  Ǣthelstane to the church of Exeter, presented by to the British Museum [now Add. Ch. 19,516]; with notes. (2). Letters relating to the same instrument. (3). Letters relating to the discovery and restoration of a missing leaf of the Exeter Domesday Book.

Also among the MSS. presented by Sir W. C. Trevelyan is the following, as described in the Catalogue of Additional Charters, vol. ix., No. 19,516 :

A xii century copy of a grant made A.D. 670 [sic], xi indiction by Ǣthelstan [925-940], Rex Anglorum, of a manse called “Muneca-tun" [Monckton, co. Devon], to a monastery at Exeter. —Latin, with boundaries of land in Anglo-Saxon. Witnesses:

+ Ǣthelstan, rex Anglorum.+ Wulfgar, dux.+ Ǣdford, mi.
+ Eadmund, indolis clito.+ Ǣlfhere, dux.+ Wihtgar, ml
+ Wulfhelm, archiep.+ Ǣthelstan, dux. 
+ Ǣlfheah, episcop.+ Odda, mi. 
+ Ǣthelgar, episcop.+ Wulfhelm, mi. 
+ Brihtelm, episcop.+ Ǣlfheah, mi. 
+ Wynrige, episcop.