Bounties to Seamen at Ashburton (1793)

From: Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 1 (1900-01) pp.197-198

Transcribed by Jonathan Frayne

The undersigned Inhabitants of the Town of Ashburton desirous of shewing their attachment to their King and Country by promoting the present armament:- Have resolved to [there follows an encomium to volunteer for Naval service and the promise to pay bounties to anyone so doing. The document ends with a list of signatories as follows]:

Richard Eagles
James Mogridge
Rev. J. Palk
Thomas Soper
Richard Preston
Richard Berry
Mrs. Winsor
Miss Woodley
Mrs. Jerman
Miss Adams
William Bickford
James Lloyd
Hanrey Callard
Miss Lowndes
Joseph Widger
William Widger
Walter Palk jun.
John Winsor
Rev. William Cockey
Solomon Earle
William Sunter
Richard Soper
William S. Young
Joseph Sunter
Edward Bovey
Edward Bovey jun.
Mrs. Caunter
Ste. Taprell
William Monday
George Monday
J. Higgins
J. Higgins jun.
Robert Pitts
John Stenteford
Robert Vans Agnew
Walter Palk
Rev. R. V. Willesford
john Caunter
William Soper
Peter Cockey
Miss Dunning
William Cooksley
Henry Lyde
Allen Perring
J. Gribble
James Foster
T. Metherell
Richard Litterell
William Ireland
James Bidgood
John Mitchell
Robert Dawe
Richard Hill
William Cumming
George Winsor
Henry Gervis
Rev. J. White
Thomas Tucker
V. Langworthy
T. S. Cookesley
Samuel Tanner
T. Searle
J. Hurst jun.
T. Brown
T. Ireland
T. Widdecombe
Richard Widger
Richard Glanville
John Taprell

Robert Abraham jun. (secretary)