Name Listing from the Ashburton Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Herring, Jn: Academy (Boarding)                                 East Street
White: Academy (Free Grammar)                                   St Lawrence Street
Honeywill, Wm: Academy (Mathematic)                             East Street
Hannaford, J: Academy (Mathematical)                            East Street
Lopas, Jn: Academy (Mathematical)                               North Street
Abraham, Robt: Attorney                                         East Street
Andrew: Attorney                                                East Street
Coard: Attorney                                                 East Street
Gribble, Joseph: Attorney                                       West Street
Griffin: Attorney                                               East Street
Mogridge, Walter: Attorney                                      East Street
Tucker: Attorney                                                East Street
Browne: Banker                                                  East Street
Cuming: Banker                                                  East Street
Winsor: Banker                                                  East Street
Batten, Henry: Bookseller & Printer                             East Street
Carlile, Thomas: Boot & Shoe Maker                              East Street
Easterbrook, James: Boot & Shoe Maker                           West Street
Foot, Peter: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  East Street
Michelmore, W: Boot, Shoe & Patten Maker                        Bull Ring
Elliott, Robert: Builder                                        Back Lane
Ireland, John: Builder                                          East Street
Monday, Wm: Cabinet Maker                                       East Street
Earle, Walter: Carrier                                          East Street
Edgcumbe, John: Carrier                                         North Street
King, Wm: Carrier                                               Heavyhead Lane
Kingwell, Henry: Carrier                                        Kingsbridge Lane
Mann, Peter: Carrier                                            St Lawrence Street
Lamason, Isaac: Confectioner                                    West Street
Chalker, James: Cooper                                          North Street
Gard, John: Cooper                                              West Street
Pope, William: Corn Miller                                      Ashburton Mill
Batten, Wm: Currier                                             Kingsbridge Lane
Bryant, Edward: Currier                                         East Street
Beck, Nathan: Druggist                                          North Street
Wootton, Margery: Druggist                                      North Street
Wootton, Mary: Druggist                                         North Street
Batten, Henry: Fire Office Agent (County)                       East Street
Lloyd, Wm: Fire Office Agent (Guardian)                         West Street
Mogridge, Walter: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)             East Street
Gervis, Henry: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)              East Street
Beck, Nathan: Grocer                                            North Street
Emmett, Susan: Grocer                                           West Street
Bidgood, Jas: Hosier                                            St Lawrence Street
Cosens, Sh: Iron Monger                                         North Street
Chapman, Catherine: Linen & Woolen Draper                       West Street
Eales, John: Linen & Woolen Draper                              West Street
Evans, Lavington: Linen & Woolen Draper                         North Street
Hurst, Jane: Linen & Woolen Draper                              East Street
Langdon, Ann: Linen & Woolen Draper                             East Street
Mann, Wm: Linen & Woolen Draper                                 East Street
Metherill, Joseph: Linen & Woolen Draper                        East Street
Mugford, Hannah: Linen & Woolen Draper                          North Street
Mugford, Sarah: Linen & Woolen Draper                           North Street
Barnes, Wm: Maltster                                            West Street
Tozer, Solomon: Maltster                                        East Street
Phillips, W: Maltster & Spirit Dealer                           East Street
Berry, John: Manufacturer                                       East Street
Caunter, John: Manufacturer                                     West Street
Lavers, John: Manufacturer                                      Buckfast Abbey
Soper, Walter: Manufacturer                                     Buckfast Abbey
Sparke, Peter Fabyan: Manufacturer                              Kingsbridge Lane
Symons, Thomas: Manufacturer                                    Buckfastleigh
Tozer, Solomon: Manufacturer                                    East Street
Widger, Austin: Manufacturer                                    Buckfastleigh
Eddy, Henry: Painter & Dealer In Hats                           East Street
Penny, Wm: Plumber                                              North Street
Lloyd, William: Post Master                                     West Street
Fitze, Joseph: Saddler                                          East Street
Perrett, James: Saddler                                         North Street
Stentiford, John: Saddler                                       East Street
Taprell, Walter: Saddler                                        North Street
Wotton, Peter: Stamp Office                                     North Street
Cutcliffe, George: Surgeon                                      East Street
Gervis, Henry: Surgeon                                          East Street
Mogridge, James: Surgeon                                        East Street
Mogridge, Robert P: Surgeon                                     East Street
Ferris, Thomas: Tailor                                          West Street
Rapsey, Thomas: Tailor                                          West Street
Elliott, Jane Smerdon: Tallow Chandler                          North Street
Evans, Lavington: Tanner                                        North Street
Higgins, John: Tanner                                           St Lawrence Street
Mann, John Vere: Tanner                                         East Street
Rendle, John: Tanner                                            Old Mill
Preston, Christopher: Tavern/Inn (Blue Anchor)                  East Street
Hussen, A: Tavern/Inn (Crispin's Arms)                          North Street
Luscombe, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Culloden)                             North Street
Chalker, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Duke's Head)                           East Street
Stentiford, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Exeter Inn)                         West Street
Jeffery, Saml: Tavern/Inn (Golden Lion Inn)                     East Street
Lloyd, Mary: Tavern/Inn (London Inn)                            West Street
Dobell, Rd: Tavern/Inn (New Bottle)                             North Street
Hext, Richd: Tavern/Inn (New Inn)                               North Street
Chalker, James: Tavern/Inn (Old Bottle)                         St Lawrence Street
Tapperell, T: Tavern/Inn (Rose & Crown)                         West Street
Murch, Agnes: Tavern/Inn (Royal Oak)                            East Street
Foaden, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Sun)                                  North Street
Treake, Nath: Tavern/Inn (Three Tuns)                           West Street
Furneaux, Elizbth: Tavern/Inn (Town's Arms)                     North Street
Connaybear, James: Watch & Clock Maker                          North Street
Harding, Charles: Watch & Clock Maker                           Bull Ring
Knowling, G: Wheelwright                                        Back Lane
Carlile, Richard: Worsted Spinner                               North Street

Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online (link is external)

Brian Randell, 6 Aug 2010