Will of Mary Wreford, of Ashburton, Spinster,
dated February 22, 1761

Provided by John Moore

This is extracted from "Records and Pedigree of the Wreford Family of Devonshire", compiled by George Wreford of Gray's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, 2nd ed. Printed for circulation amongst Family Subscribers (1909) 90pp + 44 charts.

By her will testatrix desired to be buried at Landkey, near her parents.
Appoints her uncle, William Wreyford of Clannaborough, her executor, failing him her uncle Roger Wreyford, of Ash.
"I beg my very particular friends Mr. & Mrs. Duntze, also Mr. John Duntze Jr, and his lady to accept £10 each, to be laid out in a ring or any other memorial of me, also to the Revs Mr. Towgood, Merivale, and Waldron £5 each."
To her grandmother Joice an annuity of £40.
To her cousin Samuel Joice £400, and reversion in a tenement called "Hole" at Landkey, subject to his paying Mary Buckingham £10 a year during her life.
To her cousins Amos and Thomas Joice £800 each.
To her cousin Mary Thorn, £100,
To her uncle John Wreyford of, "Natson," £600 conditionally on his relinquishing all right to the Barton of Ash, failing which the £600 to go to Roger Wreyford, Junr, of Ash.
To her uncle William Wreyford, of Clannaboro', £700, or £600 if he does not act as executor.
To her uncle Roger, of Ash, £600.
To her aunt Anna Moon, £200.
To the Rev. Mr. Towgood, £100, to be laid out in charities.
To her servant Charity Searle, annuity of £4 for her life.
Residue to her executor.
"Written with my hand and sealed with my seal


Charity Searle.
Proved May 13, 1763, by William Wreford.

[NOTE.- There being only one witness to the above will, namely a servant who was an annuitant, the will was brought into the Prerogative Court of Canterbury for proof, and it appearing from an affidavit in support thereof that the will was entirely in the handwriting of the testatrix, probate thereof was allowed and granted to William Wreford otherwise Wreyford, the executor named therein. (Probate Court, 260 Cæsar, P.C.C.)]