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Name Index


The Representatives of the Borough of Ashburton

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 28 (1896) pp. 219-227.


J.B. Pearson

Prepared by Michael Steer

Ashburton was by far the smallest and probably also the poorest of the parliamentary boroughs of Devon. It sent representatives to only two Parliaments before the 17th century: those of 1295 and 1407. However, the situation improved after the Long Parliament of 1640. Pearson's paper presents a detailed account of the town's representation from that date. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Abercromby, Mr 226
Amery, Mr 222
Arbuthnot, Charles Esq 222, 226
Arscott, Mr John 221, 224
Astell, Mr John Harvey 222, 226
Ball, Robert 221, 224
Bentinck, Lord William 222, 226
Boone, Charles 221, 225
Bourne, William Sturges PC 222, 226
Brydges 224
Burke, Mr 225
Canning 226
Champernowne family 220
Clinton, Lord 222, 224
Copley, Sir John Singleton 222, 226
Courtenay, George Esq 221
Courtenay, Sir William 220
Denys, Walterus 219
Disraeli, Benjamin 225
Duke family 225
Duke, Richard 221-2
Duke, Richard jnr 221
Duras, Louis 223
Duras, Mary 223
Edward I 219, 223
Elliott, Sir Gilbert 222, 226
Elizabeth I 224
Feversham, Earl of 222-3
Fowell, Sir Edmund 219
Fowell family 220, 223
Fowell, Mr John 220, 223
Hamilton, Mr A H 220
Harris, Mr 224
Harris, Mr James 224
Harris, Mr John 221, 224
Hasted 223
Henry IV 219
Horston, Ricardus 219
Huyghens 224
Inglis, Sir Hugh 221, 225
Inglis, Sir Robert MP 225
James I 222
James II 223
Jardine, Robert Esq 222, 226
Jardine, William Esq 222
Jones, Inigo 223
Lane Fox family 225
Lawrence family 225
Lawrence, General 225
Lloyd, James 227
Lloyd, Richard 221
Lushington, Charles Esq 222, 226
Lyndhurst, Lord 226
Lysons 222-3
Macreth, Sir Robert 221, 224
Mallack, Rawlin 220
Malmesbury, Earl of 224
Matheson & Jardine 226
Matheson, Thomas Esq 222, 226
Middleton, Viscount 221
Minto, Lord 222, 226
Moffat, Mr George 222, 226
Northcott, Sir John 219-20
Palk family 223, 225
Palk, Sir Lawrence 221-2
Palk, Sir Robert 221
Palk, Walter Esq 221-2, 227
Parkhurst, Sir R 222
Pope, Johannes 219
Poyntz, William Stephen Esq 222, 226
Preston, Richard 222
Reynell family 223
Reynell, Sir R 221
Reynell, Richard 221
Reynell, Thomas 220-1, 223
Rolle family 222, 225-6
Seale family 225
Shelley, Sir John 223
Sondes, Earl 223
Sondes, Sir George 220, 223
Sondes, Mary 223
Stawell family 223-4
Stawell, Sir John KB 222-3
Stawell, Thomas 223
Stawell, William 220-1, 223-4
Sturges, Dr 226
Sullivan, John PC 222
Sullivan, Lawrence 221
Titela, Willielmus 219
Torrens, Lt Col Robert, RM 222
Trumpington family 223
Tuckfield family 222-3
Tuckfield, Roger 221
Walpole, Sir Thomas 225
Walpole, Thomas 221, 225
Wellington, Duke of 226
White's 225
Yarde, Edward 220
Yarde, Gilbert 221
Yonge, Sir Walter 221
Yonge, Sir William, Bt, KB 221, 224