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The Ancient Stannary of Ashburton

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 8 (1876), pp. 311-322.


R.N. Worth

Prepared by Michael Steer

Ashburton is one of only four Stannary Towns in Devon. Tin was mined in the area in Roman times. The Stannary Towns were important centres for the tin trade, as all rough smelted tin had to be stamped before it was taken away for use. This process of weighing and checking of quality was carried out at very few towns and Ashburton was designated a Stannary Town as early as 1285 AD. Its importance as the main Stannary Town peaked in 1515 when nearly 40% of Devon's tin was sold through Ashburton. By the early 1700s the trade had all but died out but small amounts have been mined even up to comparatively recent times. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Abraham, Thomas 321
Amery, Mr J S 321
Andrew, Joseph 322
Attacombe, Walterus 315
Attafenne, Ricardus Clericus 315
Attafenne, William 315
Attarmede, Bartholomew 315
Attatorre, Johannes 315
Baker, John 316, 320
Baker, Richarde 320
Baker, Robert 316
Barne, William 317
Baron, John 320
Baron, Willyam 320
Beard, William (also Berde) 317, 320
Beche, de la 312
Bedford, Count of (also Earl of) 320-1
Benet, John 315
Bery, John snr 320
Bickeford, Thomas 320
Blakedon, Adam de 315
Bon, Walter le 312
Bonicombe, Willyam 320
Bonycomb, John 320
Brasyer, John 316
Brende, John 315
Brende, Nicholas 320
Brent, Alured de 312
Burgin, William 320
Bythebroke, Johannes 315
Carew 313
Caunter, John 321
Chafe, Richard 321
Champernown, Sir Philip 320
Charles, Sir John 320
Chitelford, John de 315
Clye, Arthur snr 316
Clye, John jnr 316
Clyffe, John 320
Cole, Galfridus 314
Cole, Michael 315
Cole, Richard 315
Cole, Stephen 315
Clericus, Ricardus 315
Coomb, Walter de 315
Corndon, Hugo de 315
Cornwall, Edmund Earl of 313
Cornwall, Richard Earl of 313
Cowarde, Willyam 320
Coyshe, Richarde 320
Cristofore, William 317
Dairelle, John 316
Deneys, Sir Thomas 320
Dodde, Francis 321
Dolbeare, John 320
Dybell, J (also Debyll) 320
Edward I 313-4
Edward II 316
Edward III 314
Edward IV 316
Edward VI 320
Edwarde, Willyam 320
Elizabeth I 321
Elys, Willyam (also Ellis) 320-1
Exeter, Henry Marquis of 320
Exte, John 320
Eyre, John 320
Faber, John 315
Fallot, Thomas 316
Fenton, Hugo de 315
Ferres, John 320
Fisherton, Thomas 316
FitzPeter, Geoffrey 312
Forforde 321
Forforde, John 320
Forforde, Richarde 320
Foster, Dr D C LeNeve 319
Foster, Richard 317, 321
Foster, William 321
Foxforde, Adrian 321
Franklyn, Olyuer 321
Furselande, John gent 321
Gilberti, Sarra uxor de (also relicta) 314-5
Granville, Lord 321
Gray, John 316
Gwynne, Richard 315
Halye, Thomas 316
Hamlyn, Richarde 320-1
Hamlyn, Robert 320
Hamlyn, Thomas 320
Hannaforde, Edwarde 321
Hanworthy, Edwarde 321
Haneworthy, John 316
Hanworthie, Robert 320
Harpour, John le 315
Hart, Richarde 320
Hawe, John 316
Heale, John 321
Henry III 313
Henry VIII 317, 320
Hert, Elias 320
Herte, Augustine 321
Hervy, Johannes 315
Hill, John 322
Hole, Wylliam 320
Holne, Sarra de 315
Horsehame, John (also Hoseham) 320
Hunt, Mr 318
Jamlyn, Thomas 320
John, King 313
King, Richarde 320
King, Willyam 320
Kyng, Peter 321
Lagworthie, John 320
Lagworthy, Richard 320
Lammeshed, William 321
Langworthy, Richarde 320
Lanscoreford, Ricardus de 314
Leer, William 320
Leustor, Richard le 315
Lyslyngton, Thomas de 315
Maddicke, James 321
Maddocke, Aungell 321
Maddocke, John 320
Martyn, John 316
Matheu, Hugo 314
Mathewe, Thomas 320
Maye, Richard 321
Mayger, John 321
Meacombe, Richarde 321
Merney, Henry 320
Michel, Thomas 317
Middelworthi, Ricardus de 315
Miller, Thomas 316
Moggi, Galfridus 315
Mugge, Stephanus 315
Myller, Willyam 320
Mylleur, Robert le 315
Obelyn, Rogerus 315
Pascoe, William 322
Paty, Henry 320
Pearse 321
Pers, Thomas 321
Peterffielde, Phillip 321
Pethybrygge, John 320
Philips, Thomas 317, 320
Pole, Robert 315
Polwhele 321
Pomrey, Bartholomew 317
Prato, Bartholomew de 315
Predyaux, Thoms 320
Prigge, John 312
Prigge, Osbert 312
Prince, John 321
Quoyshe, Richard 320
Richard II 316
Rolle, Samuel 321
Romans, Richard King of the 313
Rowe, John the younger 321
Rowe, Walterus 320
Rowge, Quirinus 321
Ryka, William 316
Saunder, John 320
Schire, Robert 315
Schirewill, Willielmus de 315
Seyger, John 320
Smalcomb, Walter de 315
Smith, Willyam 320
Snowdon, Willyam 320
Somerhill, William 316
Sperkewill, Michell 320
Stenylake, Richard 315
Stephen, Walter 321
Stiddeston, John (also Stydson) 320
Symons, Nathanial 318
Syward, Walter 315
Tayler, Richard 320
Tomlyn, Robert 320
Trend, Gregory 317
Underhay, Thomas 316
Uppahulle, Robert 315
Ussher, William 321
Vele, John 320
Voyse, John 320
Vytry, John 316
Warrin, Christofer (also Warryng) 320-1
Weallyng, Walterus de 314-5
Widecombe, John 320
Widecombe, Willyam 320
Withecomb, Walter 315
Withycombe, Laurence 320
Wodde, Thomas 320
Wotto, Wiliam alias Bill (also Wotton alia Gale) 321
Wrotham, William de 312-3
Wydecombe, John 320
Wydecombe, Richard 321
Wymound, Stephanus 315
Wymundham, William de 314
Yollande, William 321