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Some Devonian Items

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol. XXVIII, (1896), pp. 323- 337.


R. N. Worth, F.G.S.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The article was read at the Association’s July 1896 Ashburton meeting. In this paper, its author has collected a series of miscellaneous notices of deeds and wills, as well as similar documents relating to Devonshire that had not previously been published. With two exceptions the content chiefly relates to Ashburton, Widecombe, and Buckfastleigh. His intent was to produce a compendium of scarce information that would interest Association members who were local historians. The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Addam, Stephen (Buckfastleigh)331
Addames, Humfrie (Widecombe)337
Addams, John331
Aleyn, Anne331
Aleyn, John331
Amydes, Mr John325
Antron, Alianora335
Antron, Walter335
Appetorr, Thomas336
Asmond, Christopher (Chudleigh)331
Attapole, Tristram335
Babbage, Ann326
Babbage, Richard326-8
Baillif, Henry329, 336
Baker, Sir Richard331
Baker, Robert336
Balle, Humfrie (Chudleigh)337
Benyle, John329
Benyshyll, John335
Bodditon, Peter of336
Body, William335
Boswynes, John329
Boswynes, Roger329
Bowden, Mr William327
Boymla, John of329
Boynyle, John329
Brooking, John335
Burscough, Mr Archdeacon327
Burthogge, Honor326, 328
Burthogge, Dr Richard (Totnes)323, 326, 329
Byckfford, William (Ilsington)337
Cabell, Richard (Buckfastleigh)329, 331-2, 337
Cater, Christopher (Widecombe)336
Cater, John, (Widecombe)337
Cavill, Richard (Maynbowe)331
Ceely, Mrs Alice327
Ceely, Christopher326
Chaffe, Richard, junior332
Chaffe, Richard senior332
Chalveleigh, Michael336
Charles II332
Clyffe, Chrystyane330
Clyffe, John330
Coche, John336
Cole, Nicholas336
Cole, Thomas336
Cola, William (Plymouth)329
Cole, Geoffrey335
Colman, Agnes329
Colman, John, the elder (Buckfastleigh)329
Colman, John, the younger329
Coode, Mrs Mary327
Cooke, Nicholas332-4
Corbin, William329
Corbyn, Elizabeth324
Courtice, John, clerk (Buckfastleigh)329
Deeble, Mr John327
Doddeton, Peter of336
Dolbeare, William (Ashburton)335
Drew, John (Alphington)337
Dyer, John (Exeter)325
Edward I335
Edward II329, 336
Edward III329
Edward VI336
Elizabeth I323, 329, 337
Ellacott, William (Buckfastleigh)332-4
Eliot, Michael (Hosefenne)336
Eliot, Robert (Hosefenne)336
Elwill, Sir John326
Elyot, William336
Elyott, Thomas336
Elys, Mr Edmund327
Farewell, Mr Christopher (Totnes)328
Ferrers, Richard329
fflalewylle, John329
ffoxford, Richard336
Fosse, Richard326
Francys, Michis335
Galpin, Mrs327
Geoffrey (Buckfastleigh)329
Gibbe, Margaret (Dunchideock)337
Gipps, Mr Richard326
Gipps, Sir Richard326
Greene, Ann331
Greene, John331
Grey, Edward329
Grey, Joan329
Grey, John (Buckfastleigh)329
Gybbe, William329
Halle, John (Hale) (Buckfastleigh)335
Hals, Richard (Ratre)336
Hamlyn, Richard (Widecombe)337
Hamlyn, Robert (Widecombe)337
Hancock, Thomas327
Hancock, Mr Thomas, the elder327
Harwood, Mrs Elizabeth (Foy)327
Henry IV329
Henry VI335-6
Henry VIII325, 330-1, 336
Herle, Thomas337
Hext, John (Kyngston Staverton)337
Hexte, Augustene (Widecombe)337
Hicks, Tristram329
Hooper, Mary327
Horugg, Richard de335
Hosefenne, John of336
Hosefenne, Michael of336
Howde, Barnardo331
Hussey, Richard331
Hussey, Thomas331
Hussey, William331
Ilcomb, Christyan324
Ilcomb, John the elder (Plymouth)323
Ilcombe, John (Plymouth)323-5
James I330-1, 333, 335
James II332
Jones, Joan331
Kateryne, Saint330
Knollynge, Richard (Ashburton)335
Kylleby, John of329, 336
Kyllybury, William of336
Kyngdon, Walter de335
Langworthy, Christopher (Hatteshyll)336
Langworthy, John336
Leswill, William336
Leyman, Edward336
Leyman, John (Widecombe)336
Luscombe, Elizabeth332
Luscombe, Henry332
Luscombe, Susannah332
Macy, Sir Herry330
Malromes, Mlle Margaret de327
Marescal, William de335
Marshe, Edwarde (Exeter)325
Marshewyll, Alice335
Marshewyll, John (Ashburton)335
Marshewyll, Walter335
Martyn, Clarice329
Martyn, Richard, gent. (Buckfastleigh)329
Martyn, William, clerk329
Ma’tyn, Thomas330
Mayow, Mrs Mary327-8
Mayow, Philip Esq (Bray)326-7
More, Margaret331
More, William331
Mugge, Daniel (Mudge)330-1
Mugge, Geoffrey336
Mugge, Giles329
Mugge, Isabella331
Mugge, Joan331
Mugge, John (Scoryaton)329
Mugge, John, junior329, 336
Mugge, Michael336
Mugge, Stephen329
Mugge, Thomas329
Mugge, Walter331
Mullins, Mr327
Noseworthie, Robert (Manaton)335
Olver, John329
Orchet, William329
Parkhurst, Sir Robert332
Parlby, Rev J. Hall (Manadon)323
Peke, John (Bridgwater)337
Penpoll, Thomas336
Petorr, Thomas336
Phillip, Christopher330
Phylyppe, John330
Phylyppe, Nycolas330
Phylyppe, Rycharde (brother)330
Phylyppe, Rycharde (sister)330
Phylyppe, William (Buckfastleigh)330
Phylyppe, William, senior330
Pirrie, William324-5
Pirry, Alice324-5
Pitton, Richard (Widecombe)337
Pitton, Thomas (South Brent)337
Prance, Mr W.H. (Plymouth)323
Prigge, Hugon’335
Rattenberry, John330
Rock, John336
Rowe, Mrs Elizabeth327
Rowe, Mr James327
Russel, Roger335
Sands, Sir George332
Savery, Servinton Esq328
Scobetorr, Walter329
Serell, John (Widecombe)336
Serell, Margaryte336
Seyntleger, Thomas330-1
Shapleigh, John (New Court)328
Short, Jane329
Slannynge, Mr Nycholas325
Sleep, Stephen329
Smale, Alice336
Smale, Walter336
Smerdon, Johanna337
Smerdon, Richard337
Somerwille, Jacobi de335
Soril, Nicholas335
South, John junior335
Southcott, Thomas (Southall)337
Speke, Henry336
Speke, Lucy336
Srvyngham, Philip336
Stephens, Edward Esq326
Stephens, Sarah326-8
Thomas, Ade335
Tinckham, Mr Theophilus327
Toker, Peter336
Tolbeare, John (Buckfastleigh)329
Torryng, Roger335
Tottle, Mrs327
Trehawke, Mr John (Liskeard)328
Trenyhaux, John329
Turckcapel, Henry336
Turckcapel, William336
Tyrcapel, William329, 336
Undell, Walter331
Warren, John332
Weye, Robert de la335
Wheton, John337
Woddeton, Peter of329, 336
Wode, John atte336
Wode, Thomas atte336
Woode, Nycholl329
Woode, William (Ugborough)329
Wydecomb, Christian336
Wydecomb, Joan336
Wydecomb, Marshall336
Wydecomb, Robert (Widecombe)336
Wydecomb, Roger336
Wydecomb, Thomas336
Wymund, Michael (Ruthereford)335-6
Wymund, Stephen329
Yarde, Gartright324
Yarde, Joane (Plymouth)324-5
Yarde, Marjorie324
Yarde, Philip (Plymouth)324-5