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Ashreigney - Burials 1653-1753

Transcribed by Greg Sheere

Disclaimer: Although these records are published with the permission of the incumbent of the said Parish, they were the responsibility of the researcher concerned and the Incumbent and Parochial Church Council accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the material thus published. The records may be used by individuals for research purposes only and must not be used in any way that is not consonant with the faith, teachings and practice of the Church of England. The researcher also accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the material thus published.

[Note: Ashreigney records are often very poor, so this transcription is best guess at times (marked with a "?"). Gregorian Calender issues have been taken into account. These records are set up by todays calender.]

John Ammorez02-141653son of ? Ammorez
H? Pimbridge01-121653-54 
John Gateworthy02-061653-54    
Jhoan Thorne03-051653-54dau of Anthony Thorne
John Lymbridge03-091653-54son of John Lymbridge
Grace Samor05-071654dau of John Samor
Phillip Josling08-071654son of Willyam Josling
Ann Blackmore08-151654dau of John Blackmore
Thomasin Cole10-071654wife of John Cole
John Short11-071654son of Simon Short
Holynor Cudmore11-201654wife of Samuel Cudore
Hanny Buth Rattenbury01-211654-55 
Plyam Holt02-041654-55of Riddlecombe
Agnes Hele03-121655wife of Hugh Hele
Elynor Cudmore06-061655dau of Henry Cudmore
Phillys Stapolion06-081655 
Edward Gorks06-291655of Meeth
Audrey Blackmore07-021655dau of Peter Blackmore
---? Mitchell07-071655dau of Walter Mitchell
Sara More?07-191655wife of Henry More?
Jhoane Marles09-141655dau of Anthony Marles
Richard Molland10-181655 
Margaret Heale12-091655 
Thomas Davie12-301655 
Pations Hele01-121655-56dau of Willyam Hele
John Hele02-141655-56son of Willyam Hele
Agnes Bassett03-111655-56dau of John Bassett
Phillip Cudmore03-181655-56son of John Cudmore
John Cole04-031656 
Margaret Josling05-291656wife of Hugh Josling
Theoflus Stabellan?07-301656son of Edmond Stabellan?
---?Kemp08-191656dau of Peter Kemp
Mary Luxton09-151656dau of Bernard Luxton
Mary Banbridge?09-271656dau of John Banbridge?
Jhoan Dorzy?09-291656 
Nicola Shute11-081656 
Jhoan Yeo?01-041656-57wife of Willyam Yao?
John Bolt03-181656-57son of John Bolt
Anthony Bolt03-281656-57son of John Bolt
Camabell? Hele04-021657 
John Shute04-251657son of Anthony Shute
Agnes Shute07-051657dau of Simon Shute
Horatio Davie11-171657infant of Thomas Davie
Charity Hele11-221657dau of Willyam Hele
Agnes Gay03-141657-58dau of Hercules? Gay
Phillipa Beare?06-111658wife of Hugh Beare?
William Shute07-101658 
Charity ---?07-251658dau of Hugh ---?
Jane Spear?07-251658wife of Peter Spear?
Ambrose Witheron?10-131658 
Mariane Cudmore10-161658wife of Samuel Cudmore
No burials recorded------------1659 to 1664--------------
Gertrude Squire09-261665wife of John Squire
Margery Mitchell10-301665widow
Ann Webber01-151665-66widow
John Whitlock03-291665-66 
Willmott Bury04-141666dau of William Bury
Prigrilla? Bridgeworth05-121666wife of William Bridgeworth
Mary Gay06-241666wife of Nicholas Gay
John Squire08-061666 
---? Norish12-?1666 
John Holman01-021666-67 
John Jocelin01-23?1666-67 
William Joslin02-201666-67 
Agnes Cudmore03-021666-67widow
Hannah? Whitlocke05-171667wife of Henry Whitlocke
Francis Narracott06-091667 
Elizabeth Heale06-131667widow
David Wilcocks07-131667 
Grace Radford08-171667widow
Mary Luxton10-151667widow
John Cudmore12-101667 
Martha Holman12-231667widow
Elizabeth Rattenbury01-041667-68dau of Humphrey Rattenbury
Thomas Melknight?02-191667-68senior
Henry Whitlock04-071668 
John Norrish07-051668 
John Rottenbury09-201668 
Jane Heale11-131668wife of Richard Heale
Honor Sage12-041668wife of John Sage
Henry Venner12-071668 
John Sage03-081668-69 
Abell Locket04-091669 
William Pitwood04-201669 
William Grudgworthy04-241669 
Beaton Tylor05-031669 
Edward Colt06-261669 
Humphrey Rottenbury10-041669 
Joseph Hancock11-071669son of Jane Hancock [unwed]
Jane Joslyn01-291669dau of Thomas Jocelyn
--- Brimbridge02-141669 
Jane Isaac03-201669dau of John Isaac
Ellinor Worth04-061670 
Jone Alford05-201670widow
Elizabeth Shutt07-081670 
Anthony Bishop08-111670 
Jane Joslin08-141670wife of Thomas Joslin
Samuel Heddon10-011670 
Agnes Isaac10-131670widow
Jane Willcocks11-041670wife of Phillip Willcocks
Aves Heale12-071670widow
Elizabeth Darch02-181670-71dau of William Darch
Margaritt Jory03-261670-71 
--? Biles05-081671widow
Phillip Wilcoxe09-201671 
Mathew Jocelin10-051671 
John Davis10-241671 
Nicholas Gay12-031671 
Sililla Bird02-041671 
William Basset09-051672son of John Basset
Edward Jocelin09-151672son of Edward Jocelin
Richard Heale09-181672son of Richard Heale
Anne Cole02-071672-73dau of Francis Cole
Christopher Muchell04-131673 
Martha Rattenbury04-121673 
Margaret Hill04-151673 
Mary Moore05-081673 
Anne Heale09-291673 
John Blackmore10-081673of Burrington
Roger Molland12-271673 
Walter Muchell02-191673-74 
Agnes Blackmore01-161673-74 
Charity Molland03-031673-74daughter of John Molland
Elizabeth Hill05-021674 
Thomasin Paddon07-291674 
John Norrish09-011674 
Susan Isaac10-281674wife of Hugh Isaac
Agnes Pangbridge11-221674wife of John Pangbridge
William Blackmore03-141674-75 
Thomas Sage03-301674-75 
Richard Isaac04-181675 
John Smith04-271675 
Honor? Joslin05-061675wife of Thomas Joslin
Mary Blackmore05-091675wife of John Blackmore
Jane Rattenbury05-261675dau of Humphrey Rattenbury
Hugh Jory07-231675son of Hugh Jory
John Pangbridge08-161675 
Mary Avery01-041675-76 
Margaret Dobb02-131675-76wife of Azaius Dobb
Andrew Gregory07-131676 
Supis? Perkin07-201676 
Elizabeth Luxton10-251676dau of Agnes & Bernard Luxton
Hugh Isaac11-051676 
Agnes Luxton11-081676wife of Bernard Luxton
Joanne Narracotte02-041676-77 
Margary Short02-091676-77dau of Richard Short
George Alford02-101676-77son of John Alford
Joane Radford04-051677wife of George Radford
Azarius Dobb05-021677 
Thomasin Basset05-061677 
Grace Radford06-191677dau of Thomas Radford
Lucy Radford07-061677wife of Thomas Radford
Thomasin Short09-071677wife of Leonard Short
Joane Hore09-211677 
Mary Norrish09-291677dau of William Norrish
Elizabeth Gregory10-241677wife of Humphrey Gregory
Joane Jorey10-301677wife of Henry Jorey
Ellinor Heal11-201677 
Mary Heal12-011677wife of John Heal
Thomas Joslin04-171678of Cold Harbour
Elizabeth Williams05-261678 
Joane Isaac07-241678wife of Hugh Isaac
Sibilla Steevens10-241678wife of William Steevens
Lucy Norcotte12-081678dau of Raberne & Hannah Norcotte
Mary Steevens01-201678-79wife of Richard Steevens Burrington
Elizabeth Ball01-261678-79wife of William Ball
Henry Williams01-261678-79son of Henry Williams
Henry Blackmore01-271678-79son of Henry Blackmore
Richard Steevens01-281678-79of Burrington
Joanne Hore02-031678-79wife of James Hore
Anthony Hore02-091678-79son of James Hore
William Ball02-161678-79son of William Ball
Amy Knapman02-201678-79dau of Mary Knapman
Andrew Isaac03-161678-79son of John Isaac
Peternenell? Amory03-181678-79 
William Mare04-191679 
Mary ---?05-271679dau of Roger and Mary
Eylana? Bureay?06-241679dau of Thomas Bureay?
John Bator09-181679 
Thomas Joslin11-121679 
Thomasin Poole?11-121679 
Sarah Rattenbury11-261679dau of Elizabeth Rattenbury
Thomas Hore01-121679-80son of James Hore
Elizabeth Hore01-301679-80dau of James Hore
Charles Norrish02-121679-80 
Mary Molland02-261679-80wife of John Molland
Henery? Jory04-041680 
Susanna Isaac04-151680dau of Philip Isaac
Agnes Joslion?04-251680 
Agnes Thame?06-281680 
Mary ---?07-131680wife of John ---?
Susanna ---?09-071680 
Anne Isaac10 or 11-061680dau of Oliver Isaac
Jone Hore11-251680dau of James Hore
William Ball01-061680-81 
Willmett Bevey?01-161680-81 
Margary Marsatt?01-191680-81 
Henery Moore01-211680-81 
Jone Norrish02-171680-81wife of Ambrose Norrish
Mary Rattenbury02-171680-81dau of John Rattenbury
Thomas Isaac02-201680-81son of Oliver Isaac
Richard Shephard?05?-071681son of John Shephard?
John ---?05-121681 
Peter? Blackmore07-121681 
Hugh Moore07-211681 
Caleb? Paddon11-071681son of Caleb Paddon
---? Moore12-041681 
William Darch01-05?1681-82son of Robert Darch
Beaton Hill04-1682 
Jone Norish?04-1682 
Agnes Norish07-021682 
Thomasine? Saige07-161682dau of John Saige
Christian Joslian03-311682-83 
Charity Jorey05-131683 
Arthur Hill08-031683son of Arthur Hill
Edward Jory11-291683son of Edward Jory
John Blackmore12-161683 
---? Norrish12-281683 
Willyam Brage01-031683-84 
Richard? Chapman?01-181683-84 
Hugh Padon01-301683-84 
John Bolt02-091683-84 
John Bolt02-091683-84son of John Bolt
Elizabeth Marshell02-241683-84 
Honor Lane03-301683-84wife of Thomas Lane
Elizabeth Parkinson04-011684wife of George Parkinson
Catherine Joslin?05-241684 
Margery Luxton05-251684 
Agnes Hill05-261684 
Jone Furse?06-221684dau of George Furse?
Jone Darch?11-231684 
Mary Josline11-301684 
William Bird01-111684-85son of ---? Bird
James Hill01-211684-85 
John Rattenbury01-241684-85of Winkliegh
John ---?02-021684-85 
Elinor Mishell03-201684-85 
Charity Blackmore04-131685dau of Peter Blackmore
Frances? Handford06-041685 
Thomas Steavens09-201685 
Jane Dillion?11-251685dau of John Dillion
Elizabeth Welland?02-091685-86 
---? Collin?03-041685-86wife of Thomas Collin?
Joan Heale?03-111685-86 
Anne Cole03-121685-86 
Charity Molland03-181685-86dau of John Molland
Elizabeth ---?04-171686dau of Thomas ---?
Lara? Holdman05-031686 
Ambrose Radford05-161686 
Thomasin Bomey?08-081686 
George Blackmoore09-291686 
Elizabeth Saige10-201686 
---? Michell?11-131686 
Elizabeth Gay12-091686 
Elizabeth Joslin12-201686dau of Thomas Joslin
Margaret Gay12-211686 
Robert Holdman01-181686-87 
William Ball01-201686-87son of Anthony Ball
Humphrey Gregory02-111686-87 
Mary Blackmoore03-121686-87 
Elizabeth Blackmoore03-121686-87 
Peter Bemyo?03-221686-87 
Thomas Marting?04-141687son of Charles Marting?
Hugh Molland06-251687son of William Molland
Mary Jones?09-201687 
Mitchell? Rowe10-051687 
Frances Norrish?10-211687son of Anthony Norrish?
Mary Bevy?11-271687 
John Dobe?12 or 01-051687son of John Dobe?
Dorothy Molland01-281687-88 
Richard ---?01-291687-88 
Elinor ---?02-031687-88 
Water Marshall04-061688son of Richard Marshall
Mishall Rowe04-201688son of William Rowe
Margery Rattenbury04-191688 
Robert Jope?04-191688 
William Willis?04-261688 
Anthony Shute05-051688 
George Marshall05-091688 
William? Bater05-231688 
Elizabeth? Bimye?05-271688 
Thomas Murcock?07-021688 
Catherine Joslin07-131688 
Elizabeth Short09-051688 
Jacob? Marshall?09-201688son of James? Marshali?
Anthony Down?10-141688son of Robert Down?
Elizabeth ---?10-281688 
Hugh ---?12-291688 
John Lane01-091688-89 
Thomas Worth01-171688-89 
Elizabeth Bear01-201688-89dau of ---? Bear
James? Parks?03-051688-89 
Dinah Smith03-131688-89 
Ebbet Luxton03-231688-89dau of John Luxton
William Alford06-181689 
Edward Limber?07-011689 
Thomas Norset?07-021689 
Lucretia Luxton08-131689dau of John Luxton
James Bird08-171689son of ---? Bird
Edward Joslin08-211689 
John Moore10-121689 
John White10-131689 
Andrew Moore02-051689-90 
John Dillion03-121689-90 
Margaret Dillion03-151689-90 
John Nobert?06-261690 
Robert Luxton07-131690 
John Isaac11-091690 
Denis Clarke01-041690-91son of Denis Clarke
Lydia Grudgworthy?01-151690-91 
Barnard Luxton01-211690-91son of Barnard Luxton
Archilles Gay01-281690-91son of Archilles Gay
Peternell Shute02-031690-91 
Elizabeth Ball02-241690-91dau of Anthony Ball
William Heale02-261690-91 
Simon Dob04-251691 
Polinor? Band?05-151691 
Elizabeth Shepherd11-171691dau of William Shepherd
Gertrude Marlos03-271691-92 
Sipio? Parkins03-271691-92 
Feosa? White05-121692 
Elizabeth Dobbs?05-261692 
Margaret Paddon06-121692 
Phillis Gay07-161692 
Margaret? Bishop?07-181692 
Agnes Wood?10-201692 
Marion? Vicary11-091692 
Geoge Band?12-111692 
Margaret Cudmoor01-1692-93 
Ambrose Hanford03-081692-93son of Ambrose Hanford
Thomas Short06-131693 
Samuel Gridgworthy06 or 07-231693 
Thomas Cudmoore08-061693 
Water Worth08-131693 
Sarah Isaac12-041693 
John King?12-111693 
Hugh Isaac12-161693 
Mrs Jone Moltte?12-161693 
Mathew Heale12?-171693 
John Vosier?03-061693-94son of John Vosier?
Thomas ---?04-031694 
Elizabeth Shepherd04-241694wife of William Shepherd
Mary Molland 1694 
Joane Heal10-021694 
Susan Maels10-25 or 291694wife of Anthony Maels
John How11-1694son of John How
Urylzy? Bater11-291694 
Phillipa Issaac12-141694wife of John Issaac
Rahlarmi? Blackmore12-191694wife of Anthony Blackmore
Phillip Joslin01-151694-95son of Phillip Joslin
Monica Shute01-201694-95 
Elizabeth Hill01-201694-95 
Mary Hill02-031694-95 
William Marlos02-181694-95 
William Darsh04-161695 
Urysla Darsh04-201695 
Mary Barnard05-201695 
John Bond06-161695 
Hugh Shutt07-071695 
William Gay07-081695son of Archilieaus Gay
William Heale08-301695 
Marion Blackmore09 or 11-021695daughter of Anthony Blackmore
Anne Jocelyn12-011695wife of Phillip Josslin
Isaac? Shute12-201695wife of John Shute
Dorothy Gay01-201695-96wife of Phillip Gay
? Shute03-081695-96wife of James Shute
Thomas Josslin senior03-121695-96son
Joanne Norris03-191695-96 
Agnes Ross06-081696wife of Thomas Ross
John Kelley06-201696son of John Kelley
Elizabeth Ball10-041696 
John Bernad10-041696son of Anthony Bernard
Hanna Jowlind10-061696 
Samuall Shipsons10-061696 
Joane Shipsons10-201696 
Hugh Gory or Jory11-211696 
Bernard Luxton12-071696 
Elizabeth Mitchell12-141696daughter of Thomas Mitchell
Thomasin Jowlins12-261696 
Joane Hole01-1696-97wife of William Hole
Joane Roberts03-201696-97 
Mary Bow05-021697dau of Heanus Bow and Rebecca
Dorothy Jory08-201697dau of William Jory and Dorothy
Grace Bolt10-121697wife of John Bolt
James Shute11-141697 
Agnes Bird02-041697-98daughter of Vincent Bird
Mary Molhwisse?03-101697-98wife of Thomas, mother of Robert
John Alford03-151697-98 
Damaris Barry03-261697-98wife of John Barry
? Downes10-181698wife of Robert Downs
Elizabeth Knapman?11-061698 
Cicilly? Mitchell01-121698-99 
Elizabeth Rattenbury01-161698-99poor woman
Hannibal Pittwood01-201698-99day laborer
Susan Jowlind01-301698-99daughter of Isaah Jowlind
Mary Parkins02-021698-99dau of Roger Parkins and Mary
Archelaus? Gay03-081698-99Butcher
Philip Gay04-241699Poor man
John Gay04-261699son of Archelous Gay and Dorothy
? Wilcox07-281699daughter of John Wilcox
Mary Norris10-251699wife of Ambrose Norris
John Bernard11-051699son of Anthony Bernard
Susan Jowlins12-111699 
Mary Blackmore12-241699wife of George Blackmore
Johan Dorkot02-131699-00 
Mary Knapman03-121699-00widow
Agnis Luxton03-201699-00widow
John Barry04-201700yeoman
Rachel Holman?04-261700 
William Heale05-171700 
Joane Vicary06-011700wife of James Vicary, Burrington
Charity Blackmore06-231700wife of John Blackmore, Burrington
---? Moore07-061700wife of George Moore
Oliver Isaac07-241700 
Eleanor Blackmore07-271700 
---? Willcocke08-081700 
Honour Mitchell08-131700 
William Isaac08-191700 
John Anstis08-211700 
Wilmot Davis08-221700 
Agnes Fairchild08-291700 
William Isaac09-031700 
George Moore09-091700 
Thomasine Sage10-081700wife of John Sage
Ambrose Hanford10-311700 
Richard Hanford11-071700 
Agnes Bassett11-301700wife of John Bassett
Francis Cole12-021700 
Wilmot Boar12-221700dau of Francis Boar
Mary Joceline01-101700-01wife of Thomas Joceline
Charity Hore or How01-101700-01dau of John Hore
Ester Bernard01-201700-01wife of Anthony Bernard
Jane Mitchell03-071700-01maid servant
John Sheppherd03-071700-01 
John Shute06-071701 
Edward Snell06-111701yeoman
Susanna Joceline06 or 07-161701dau of ? Joceline, day labourer
Mary Mitchel08-311701dau of John Mitchel, sailor
Richard Isaac10-021701woolcomber
Mary Stevens10-101701dau of Roger Stevens
John ----?01-171701-02 
William Norris01-281701-02yeoman
Dorothy Babbage01-281701-02single woman
Phillipa Hoal04-181702 
Phillippa Worth05-051702 
Phillippa Hole05-091702wife of William Hole
Elizabeth Molland07-211702daughter of Hugh Molland
Hugh Molland08-191702son
Wilmot Ratttenbury11-101702wife of James Rattenbury
Jane Isaac11-281702widow
Elizabeth Bird12-101702widow
Peter Blackmore01-241702-03son of Peter Blackmore
John Molland04-151703son
Aaron Isaac04-181703 
John Rowe04-281703 
Robert Good04-301703son of Robert Good
Christian Cudmore05-131703 
William Row07-011703 
Mary Shepheard died Jul 107-031703dau of Wm Shepheard-parish rector
Elizabeth Shute07-021703wife of Johnathan Shute
George Gosse10-021703of Wembworthy
Philippe Radford11-041703dau of Ambrose Radford
Margaret Shute11-131703 
William Wilcox11-231703 
James Shepherd12-271703son of William Shepherd
Mary Mitchell02-161703-04dau of John Mitchell
James Liverton02-261703-04 
Hugh Isaac02-291703-04 
Elizabeth Alford04-151704 
Joane Isaac04-301704 
Wilmot Vid06-161704 
Simon Dobb09-071704 
Jane? Jorey10-021704dau of Agnes Jorey (unwed)
---? Bolt10-151704 
John Carter10-191704 
Elizabeth Curtis10-221704wife of Tim? Curtis
---? Joceline01-151704-05wife of William Joceline
Joane Blackmore02-151704-05 
Richard Short03-281704-05 
John Sage03-281704-05son of John Sage
George Hooper03-161705 
Dorothy Cole04-15 or 181705daughter of John Cole
Anthony Paddon04-181705of Wembworthy
Robert? Davie05-291705son of Thomas Davie
Mary Grasse05-301705of Wembworthy
---? Hooper07-041705 
William Hore or How07-141705 
Dorothy Darch08-071705 
George Blackmore09-111705 
Florence Cudmore10-111705 
John Towel11-071705 
Mary Shute12-041705 
---? Grasse01-051705-06 
Joane Davie01-271705-06 
Thomas Radford02-131705-06 
George Hooper03-161705-06 
Ambrose Radford03-171705-06 
Jane Isaac04-091706 
Symon Sage05-281706son of John Sage
Susann Marles05-291706 
James? Rattenbury05-301706 
Susanna Kemp07-131706dau of John Kemp
Alice Isaac07-211706dau of Thomas Isaac
John Western09-061706son of Jossia? Western
Mary Shute09-281706 
Elizabeth Mitchel12-071706 
Susanna Row12-111706 
John Babbage12-191706 
James Alford01-041706-07 
Jane Dunne01-041706-07 
Jane Anstice04-061707 
Patience Isaac04-171707 
---? Hill07-091707 
William Darcy07-021707 
Thomas Anstice07-051707 
Thomasine Joceline08-061707 
Abigail Heale08-131707 
Agnis Norris08-231707 
James Shepheard09-161707son of Willaim Shepheard
Mary Wilcox09-171707 
William Norrice10-041707 
Frances Isaac10-191707 
Henry Blackmore10-221707 
Samuel Cudmore11-071707 
Mary Alford11-211707dau of Damaris Alford (unwed)
ohn Snell01-011707-08 
Dorothy Blackmore04-091708 
Jane Luxton10-111708wife of Bernard Luxton
Thomas Legg11-081708 
George Alford11-291708of Roborough
Honour Short12-021708dau of Richard Short
John Sage12-301708 
Dorothy Molland02-121708-09daughter of Hugh Molland
Hugh Molland03-071708-09son of Hugh Molland
Elizabeth Dillon03-171708-09 
Hugh Basle?03-261708-09son of Hugh Basle?
Lucretia Molland04-041709dau of Hugh Molland
James Short04-151709 
Michael Alford08-041709 
Elizabeth Towel08-291709wife of Richard Towel
---? Barry10-161709wife of John Barry of High Bickington
John Banbury10-161709 
John Basset11-051709 
Joshua Densham12-041709 
Bary (Mary) Anchey?01-031709-10 
---? Paddon01-241709-10 
Thomas Joceline04-301710 
Susanna Luxton09-141710 
Elizabeth Molland11-081710 
Jane Western11-051710 
John Western12-171710 
Mary Shepherd12-181710 
Richard Jory01-211710-11 
Mary Boar02-041710-11 
Thomas Hore05-111711 
Robert Downe07-111711 
Lewis Norrice07-291711 
Symon Wilcox07-301711 
Anthony Hill08-221711 
William Row08-241711 
Elizabeth Hill09-041711 
John Hele09-161711 
Thomasin Sage09-251711 
Thomasin Cockran11-071711 
Jane Whitlock03-091711-12 
John ---?03-101711-12 
William Joceline03-231711-12 
Elizabeth Hill04-081712 
Johnatrhan Shute04-101712 
Philip Hill05-201712 
Anthony Marles06-131712 
Elizabeth Short07-181712 
Mary Row07-261712widow
John Dicklaue?08-241712 
Amos Isaack10-011712 
Thomasine Isaack11-051712 
George ---?12-221712of Winkleigh
John Mitchell senior01-101712-13 
William Bernard03-081712-13son of Anthony Bernard
Martha ---?03-221712-13dau of Ammiel?
Peter Barry04-041713 
Francis Shute04-201713 
Elizabeth Dillon05-121713wife of John Dillon
Walter Blackmore06-041713 
Philip Jorey06-111713son of William Jorey
John Kelly07-201713 
George Molland12-171713son of William Molland
Mary Vicary01-101713-14dau of John Vicary
Mary Poole01-161713-14dau of John Poole
Ann Cole02-071713-14daughter of Aaron Cole
William Gay02-241713-14 
Dorothy Babbage05-291714 
Frances Isaac05-301714wife of John Isaac
Mary Bater07-181714 
Honor Sage07-211714 
Mary Kelly08-081714dau of Francis Kelly
Dorothy Jorey08-251714wife of William Jorey
Margaret Mitchell08-291714wife of Thomas Mitchell
Francis Joceline09-01 or 181714 
Mary Cole10-291714daughter of Aaron Cole
Frances Jorey12-201714 
Elizabeth Grater01-191714-15wife of Robert Grater of Winkleigh
Roger Bator04-111715 
Mary Gay04-121715dau of Simon Gay
Hugh Jorey04-241715son of William Jorey
Elizabeth Mitchell04-291715dau of John Mitchell
Elizabeth Karraich?05-271715wife of Anthony Karraich?
Mary Marles08-021715 
Pollinor ? Wilcox08-061715 
Thomas Joceline09-221715 
Hester Maigh ?11-021715 
Paitience Babbage11-071715 
Joanne Norrke12-071715 
John Isaack12-131715 
Charity How12-151715 
Agnes Lockett12-231715 
John Joceline01-151715-16 
Katherie Kelly02-271715-16 
Deborah Joceline04-011716 
Thomas King05-041716 
Mary Hole oe How06-051716wife of James Hole senior
Mary Stephens08-091716wife of John Stephens
William Smith08-191716 
Mary Isaac10-291716dau of Oliver Isaac
Lucrecia Molland11-031716wife of Hugh Molland
Grace Leg11-241716wife of William Leg
Elizabeth Langbridge03-251716-17wife of Thomas Langbridge
William Heal08-011717 
William Prine?11-261717son of John Prine?
Mary Paddon01-291717-18widow
Eleanor Snell02-241717-18 
Ann Hore or How03-021717-18dau of James Hore
William Molland03-191717-18son
Thomas Baker05-031718 
Honour Stephens 05-261718  
John Shute06-291718 
John Rattenbury08-031718son of Ansty Rattenbury (unwed)
Thomasin Snell09-131718 
Mary Mitchel10-071718dau of Amiel Mitchel
William Hore or How10-131718 
Honor Cole10-291718 
Amiel Mitchel11-151718 
Thomas Langbridge12-161718 
Ambrose Norrice senr12-241718 
Hannah Norrice02-181718-19 
John Stephens04-111719 
Phillippa Molland04-181719 
Anne Snell05-061719 
Susan Wilcox05-071719 
Joanne Molnissse?09-151719of Tawstock
Charity Allen09-231719 
Oliver Isaac11-011719 
John Heale12-091719 
Thomas Blackmore12-161719son of John Blackmore
William Smith12-161719son of Joan Smith (unmarried)
Margaret Smith12-231719 
Joan Alford02-101719-20 
Hugh Molland02-271719-20 
Trophena? Parkhouse03-301719-20 
Richard Molland04-031720 
Howard Stephens05-071720 
Gertrude Rowekwisse05-181720 
Jane Molland05-201720daughter of John Molland
Elizabeth Babbage06-201720 
Margaret Hill07-251720of ----?
Nicholas Carter08-081720of Chumleigh
Samuel Woolway12-121720 
Alice Lake?12-201720 
William Smith04-161721son of Joan Smith (unwed)
Joan Alford04-171721 
Henry Blackmore06-141721son of John Blackmore
Joan Dobb06-261721widow
Thomasin Blackmore07-141721 
Joan Passmore07-291721 
Edward Jury07-311721 
Elizabeth Norrise08-091721 
William Luxton10-031721 
Henrietta Rattenbury11-011721Catherine Rattenbury (unwed)
Joan Lane11-271721 
Hugh Rattenbury01-031721-22 
John Snell01-121721-22son of John Snell
Margaret Pruett01-121721-22of Dolton
Joan Ackland01-171721-22 
Sidwell Joceline01-151721-22 
John Barry01-311721-22 
Grace Bolt02-141721-22dau of William Bolt
Elizabeth Hore07-281722 
John Stephens09-141722 
Elizabeth Bendle09-181722 
Barry Cudmore10-041722son of Elizabeth Cudmore (unwed)
Dinah Marles02-201722-23wife of Anthony Marlos
Esther Mitchell04-251723 
Mary Rule04-281723dau of Hugh Rule
Mary Parhouse05-121723dau of Anthony Parhouse
Mary Marles05-261723daughter of William Marles
Anne Jury05-301723dau of William Jury
Thomasin Joceline06-121723dau of Thomasin Joceline (unwed)
Susanna Parkin07-021723dau of Charles Parkin
Nicholas Carter12-111723 
Ann Lane01-241723-24wife of Thomas Lane
Peter Blackmore02-061723-24 
Elizabeth Rattenbury04-091724 
Joan Jocerline05-111724widow
William Snell06-121724 
Margery Molland07-171724widow
James Babbage07-271724 
John Bolt09-231724 
Anthony Narrowcott09-301724 
Ebbet Jones10-221724wife of John Jones
Philip Molland11-161724 
John Sage12-281724 
Charity Pope12-291724wife of John Pope
Mary Davy02-141724-25wife of Robert Davy
John Mitchell03-171724-25son of Philip Mitchell
Anne Stevens03-171724-25dau of Grace Stevens (unwed)
John Jones03-231724-25son of John Jones
Mary Dicklake04-241725 
Anne Heale05-021725 
Grace Dobb05-121725 
Anne Snell06-021725dau of John Snell
Mary Mitchell06-201725 
Philip Mitchell06-241725 
Hugh Joceline07-271725 
Joan King09-131725 
William Snell11-061725 
Hugh Isaac11-091725 
John Luxton11-021725 
Susanna Joceline11-111725 
John Cudmore11-111725son of Hugh Cudmore
Eleanor Snell11-201725 
John Dillon12-061725children of John Dillon
Joanna Dillon12-061725children of John Dillon
Amy Grudgeworthy12-071725 
Thomas Grudgeworthy12-201725 
Ambrose Beare12-211725son of Ambrose Beare
Joan Stevens01-011725 
Joan Sage01-141725 
John Ford02-111725-26 
Grace Leg02-131725-26 
Margaret Perkins02-141725-26 
Jane Bunbury02-161725-26dau of Richard Bunbury
Honour Short03-071725-26 
William Pitwood03-131725-26 
Philip Isaac03-231725-26 
Quinefrid Poole04-261726infant.
Mary Hore or How06-101726wife of James Hore jr
John Richards junior07-101726 
Anne Snell10-131726 
John Richards10-221726 
William Shepheard02-251726-27clerk rector of this parish
Joan Davy06-231727wife of Thomas Davy
Hugh Molland07-201727 
Thomasine Blackmore07-311727widow
Anne Carter09-011727widow
Joanne Beare09-031727infant
Charity Western11-031727wife of Joseph Western
Anthony Blackmore03-291728 
Hannah Alford05-171728widow
Honor Cole05-291728infant
John Snell06-041728 
Julian Pasmore06-041728wife of Roger Pasmore
Ambros Norrice07-011728 
John Gill 07-181728
Robert Davy07-281728 
Charles Perkin08-191728 
Margaret Hooper09-271728wife Michael Hooper
William Hore or How10-061728infant of Dolton
Rose Leverton10-301728wife of George Leverton
Anne Bird01-241728-29 
Leonard Short02-061728-29 
Grace Legg03-161728-29infant
Thomas Shute03-231728-29 
John Dillon senior03-301728-29 
Thomas Mitchell04-151729 
Thomas Carter04-211729 
Phillippa Pitwood05-021729widow
Mary Carter08-121729infant
Mary Cole09-261729 
Joan Fallin12-031729wife of John Fallin
Thomas Molland senr12-151729 
Roger Perkin12-201729 
Ralph Cole senior01-121729-30 
John Babbage02-021729-30 
William Griffith03-191729-30 
Alice Mitchell04-051730wife of James Mitchell
Thomas Davy senior05-241730 
William Bolt08-161730of Winkleigh
John Wilcocks12-201730 
Phillipa Radford01-211730-31 
Philip Joceline01-261730-31 
James Bird02-061730-31infant
Edward Jorey senior02-221730-31 
William Blackmore02-251730-31infant
John Molland senior03-101730-31 
Thomasin Bater03-111730-31 
Amy Cudmore03-171730-31infant
Honour Jones03-311730-31wife of John Jones
Simon Alford04-131731 
Robert Darch04-191731infant
Simon Alford05-171731infant
Philip Bolt06-091731 
Grace Wolland08-121731infant
Anne Dillon08-151731 
Thadrach Rattenbury10-111731 
Joan Gill12-231731wife of James Gill
John Ackland01-071731-32 
Gertrude Rouchlisse02-061731-32 
Mary Kemp03-181731-32 
Dorothy Grater06-261732wife of Robert Grater
Joan Blinek06-271732widow
Walter Mitchel10-271732infant
William Wilcocks02-201732-33 
John Hore or How02-251732-33 
Charity Molland03-171732-33widow
John Perkin04-061733 
Anne Shepheard05-121733infant
Bernard Luxton junior05-181733 
Grace Blackmore07-181733widow
William Marles junior12-121733 
Mary Towell01-221733-34infant
Hannah Luxton05-241734 
Francis Mitchell05-261734infant
Joan Molland06-281734 
John Luxton08-041734 
Anthony Marles09-191734 
Joan Davy12-191734 
Mary Shepheard12-081734widow
Sarah Bird12-091734wife of Vincent Bird
Joan Bird01-251734-35of South Molton
Mary Jowse?01-011734-35wife Simon Jowse
Thomas Western01-051734-35 
Dorothy Jorey03-221734-35 
John Blackmore06-041735 
Robert Dyer06-071735 
Robert Western06-101735 
William Burnett06-291735infant
Richard Hore07-031735infant
Elizabeth Pyke07-251735 
William Bolt09-151735 
Eleanor Blackmore09-271735widow
Elizabeth Hill01-181735-36 
William Jocelyn02-111735-36infant
Christopher Sheere02-181735-36 
Jane Dillon03-051735-36infant
John Western03-111735-36 
Aaron Cole senior03-221735-36 
Rebecca Bear?04-291736wife of Francis Bear?
Oliver Isaac08-141736infant
Anne Good08-161736widow
Palome? Blackmore09-281736wife of Thomas Blackmore
Edward Jorey11-291736 
Grace Paddon12-311736wife of Roger Paddon senior
Mary Shute01-261736-37widow
Margaret Jocelyn01-291736-37widow
Elizabeth Cole02-141736-37 
Johnathan Shute03-081736-37 
Joan Gay03-121736-37wife or Archeleous Gay junior
Elizabeth Pitwood04-211737infant
James Hore04-241737of Dolton
Loveday Bear05-061737infant
Christopher Sheere05-091737 
Margery Cole05-091737infant
Joan Alford05-231737 
Mary Handford06-191737 
Philip Molland08-011737 
Mary Gay08-161737 
Hester Stephens09-261737 
John Isaac senior01-101737-38of Burrington
Dorothy Cole01-181737-38wife of John Cole senior
Richard Slee02-041737-38of Winkleigh
Richard Leg06-181738son of Dorothy Leg (unwed)
Dorothy Western06-241738widow
Dorothy Allen06-291738of Winkleigh
Richard Molland07-081738infant
James Vicary07-171738of Burrington
John Pain01-281738-39infant
Joan Kule?02-141738-39wife of Hugh Kule?
Mary Jocelyn02-241738-39 
Richard Legg02-271738-39infant
Hugh Jocelin05-121739of Burrington
Susanna Marles05-131739daughter of Anthony Marles
Hugh Dobb06-301739 
Grace Richard07-221739 
Michael Hooper12-311739 
Sarah Mitchell01-051739-40widow
John Legg01-141739-40infant
Mary Cole01-261739-40infant
Deborah Shute02-111739-40 
Mary Alford02-181739-40wife of Samuel Alford
Archeleous Gay03-101739-40senior
Elizabeth Marles03-161739-40 
Thomas Davy03-171739-40 
Anne Ford04-081740widow
James Hore05-201740 
Thomas Govier05-221740 
Mary Blackmore05-221740junior
Thomas Skinner06-081740 
Mary Hearding07-051740wife of William Hearding
Elizabeth Ansty08-071740widow
William Farley08-201740infant
William Shute09-101740infant
James Mitchel10-151740 
Richard Cole junior10-201740 
Agnes Davy11-011740wife of John Davy
John Paine12-201740 
Roger Passmore02-281740-41 
Bernard Luxton03-061740-41 
Grace Jocelin04-041741wife of Francis Jocelin
Mary Bear04-041741dau of Simon Bear
Samuel Cudmore04-041741infant
Samuel Cole04-261741infant
Jane Blackmore05-031741widow
Francis Bear05-181741 
Jane Jorey05-201741 
John Dillon senior07-071741 
Mary Carter07-101741infant
William Marles senior07-261741 
William Davy08-301741 
Sarah Marles09-011741wife of William Marles
Mary Legg09-081741 
John Isaac09-081741 
William Davy09-101741 
John Thomas09-141741 
Roger Stephens10-041741of Burrington
Richard Isaac10-101741infant
Susannah Kemp10-201741wife of John Kemp
Grace Perkin11-011741 
Mary Blackmore11-071741wife of Thomas Blackmore
Hugh Rule11-121741 
Mary Skriggins?11-141741 
Grace Isaac11-291741wife of Aaron Isaac
William Hayman12-061741 
William Luxton01-031741-42 
John Fallin01-221741-42 
Moses Cole01-281741-42 
Ann Darch02-141741-42infant
Thomas Darch02-181741-42 
Diana Cole02-271741-42wife of Aaron Cole
Dorothy Darch03-211741-42widow
Rachel Jocelin03-221741-42 
Grace Legg03-241741-42 
Thomas Towell03-301741-42 
Elizabeth Pitwood04-081742 
Richard Towell04-131742 
Joan Cudmore04-151742 
Elizabeth Harris06-111742infant
William Banbury12-171742 
Marjory Molland12-271742 
Richard Saunders02-091742-43 
Susannah Rattenbury03-021742-43infant
George Leverton03-261742-43senior
Francis Mitchel03-291742-43 
Catherine Hearding04-091743 
Elizabeth Towle junr04-121743 
Jane King05-191743widow
Susannah Ford05-211743infant
Thomas Carter05-231743infant
Mary Hagman05-231743 
Robert Davy07-011743infant
Mary Toms07-061743 
Honour Cole08-121743infant
Susannah Marles09-051743widow
Roger Paddon10-131743 
Anthony Parkhouse10-161743 
Mary Passmore10-161743widow
Emanuel Harvey11-061743 
George Richards01-091743-44 
Mary Sage01-311743-44infant
Mary Babbage04-281744 
Charles Rattehbury07-051744 
Margaret Blackmore10-111744 
Elizabeth Mitchel10-251744wife of Christopher Mitchel
Elizabeth Rattenbury11-071744widow
Elizabeth Gibbons02-251744-45widow
Mary Alford04-111745infant
John Alford04-231745 
Richard Ellacott04-251745infant
Grace Paddon05-061745of Burrington
Eizabeth Dallon07-111745(Dillon)
John Bromacomb10-201745 
Grace Pope10-201745infant
Ann Isaac.04-041746widow
Joan Molland04-231746widow
John Davy05-161746 
Joan Legg05-231746widow
John Allen08-221746 
Jane Short08-271746wife of Richard Short
Florence Cudmore11-101746 
Joan Paddon11-171746 
Abraham Richards12-111746 
John Pope01-121746-47 
John Bolt01-251746-47 
John Dunn02-121746-47 
Richard Babbage05-141747 
Margaret Bear05-141747wife of Ambrose Bear
Margaret Rattehbury05-241747widow
Dorothy Gay06-061747widow
William Hore06-161747 
Elizabeth Mitchel07-201747wife of John Mitchel
Samuel Hammet07-291747infant
Anne Burnet08-051747 
Rev. Wm Shepheard09-231747Clerk Rector of this parish
Oliver Isaac12-141747infant
Agnes Rad01-031747-48 
William Western01-141747-48 
Phillippa Hoare?01-271747-48 
Thomassine Isaac03-021747-48 
Joan Cole03-021747-48 
John Cole03-121747-48 
Grace Davy03-271747-48 
William Hooper03-281747-48 
Margery Luxton05-151748widow
Samuel Hammet08-221748infant
Elizabeth Short10-201748infant
Martha Mase?10-201748infant
Elizabeth Pitwood11-201748infant
Archeleous Cole03-061748-49 
this entry not readable03?1749 
Alice Pope05-151749widow
---? Isaac05-171749 
Richard Short05-271749 
William Norris06-061749 
Diane Smith06-181749 
George Mitchel10-04?1749 
Joan Cudmore10-151749infant
George Cudmore04-081750infant
James Gay05-011750 
Martha Hole Hearding05-031750 
Agnes Molland05-041750 
Richard Trix?05-061750 
Amy Bolt05-241750 
Charity Hik06-081750mother
Mary Hik06-081750daughter
Elizabeth Dobb07-121750 
William Gay07-191750 
Susanna Wilcox07-281750of ?
Mary Mare?07-281750infant
Anne Kelly08-191750infant
Jane Beare08-211750 
Frances Leg09-231750 
Grace Vicary10-011750infant
Joan Isaac10-201750wife of Ambrose Isaac
John Paddon11-201750 
Philip Bolt11-211750 
William Luxton11-251750infant
Mary Anstis01-251750-51infant
William Molland02-08?1750-51 
Honour Norris03-021750-51widow
George Toute03-081750-51 
Richard Short03-171750-51 
William Luxton04-071751 
Dorothy Molland04-221751wife of John Molland
Sarah Towell04-271751 
Andrew Isaac04-281751 
John Kemp05-051751 
John Darch05-141751 
Eunice Pasmore05-141751 
Richard Molland05-141751 
Elizabeth Jewry07-251751wife of Anthony Jewry
Elizabeth Ford09-011751 
Anne Cole09-111751 
John Mitchel11-011751 
William Ford12-011751infant
Catherine Gay12-271751wife of Philip Gay
Susanna Wilcox12-311751 
Richard Short01-171751-52infant
Robert Ellacott04-011752 
William Jurey06-071752 
Charity Molland07-071752 
Elizabeth Rattenbury11-281752 
Elizabeth Bird11-281752 
Thomas Blackmore12-121752 
Jane Molland02-021752-53 
Thomas Hearding03-03?1752-53son of Wm and Martha Hearding
William Couch03-211752-53infant
Francis Shute05-311753 
Thomas Isaac09-021753 
Jane Blackmore10-021753