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Ashreigney - Burials 1754-1812

Transcribed by Greg Sheere

Disclaimer: Although these records are published with the permission of the incumbent of the said Parish, they were the responsibility of the researcher concerned and the Incumbent and Parochial Church Council accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the material thus published. The records may be used by individuals for research purposes only and must not be used in any way that is not consonant with the faith, teachings and practice of the Church of England. The researcher also accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the material thus published.

[Note: Ashreigney records are often very poor, so this transcription is best guess at times (marked with a "?"). Gregorian Calender issues have been taken into account. These records are set up by todays calender.]

NameMonth/Day   Year      Note
Mary Isaac02-031754 
Sybylla Mitchel03-171754 
Elizabeth Towte04-081754 
Mary Stewart04-151754 
Robert Alford06-141754 
Elizabeth Beare06-171754 
Oliver Isaac06-201754 
Thomasine Pagne07-111754 
Mary Corker?07-111754 
Honour Cupper09-031754 
Elizabeth Saunders02-051755 
Robert Grater02-161755 
John Molland03-311755 
William Granger04-151755 
Thomas Jocelyn04-191755 
Mary Ford09-031755 
James Harris10-051755 
George Banbury10-081755 
John Kelly10-171755 
Joan Mitchell11-031755 
Anne Jurey?11-101755 
Susanna Hamett11-181755 
John Rook11-261755 
Joan Cudmore12-011755 
Elizabeth Pitwood12-141755 
Joan Anstis01-041756 
Margery Cole02-161756 
Jane Hagman03-231756 
Richard Banbury04-081756 
Frances Pagne07-141756 
Ann Banbury09-131756 
Thomas Skinner10-181756 
Agnes Sheere10-231756wife of Christopher Sheere
Richard Isaac11-211756 
Margery Luxton11-241756 
Thomas Cole12-221756 
Susanna Hill12-261756 
William Marles01-031757 
John Harrowcott01-111757 
John Molland01-251757 
Hugh Davy02-201757infant
Susanna Davy03-011757wife of George Davy
William Hearding03-011757infant
Elizabeth Banbury03-071757 
Catherine Hearding03-301757dau of James Hearding
Mary Arnold04-151757infant
Richard Dunn05-121757 
Thomasine Joceline05-151757 
Lucy ? Sage06-171757 
Samuel Luxton07-021757 
Vincent Bird07-081757 
Anne Sheere07-111757wife of William Sheere
John Joceline08-081757 
John Poole08-301757 
John Hagman10-221757 
Hugh Cudmore12-181757 
Elizabeth Towel02-281758  
Abraham Cole03-241758 
Samuel Lock04-091758 
Elizabeth Cole04-271758 
George Barvy05-131758 
Catherine Beaple05-281758 
Sarah Mitchell senior07-061758 
John Bather09-031758 
Elizabeth Mitchell10-151758 
John Cudmore10-181758infant
Oliver Isaac10-271758 
William Mitchell11-021758 
Anne Boone11-191758infant
John Luxton12-031758infant
Hugh Davy01-021759 
Mary Paddon01-281759wife of Caleb Paddon
Mary Paddon07-221759infant
Joan Carter08-251759 
John Ford10-011759infant
Thomas Symonds10-251759senior
Simon Beare10-281759 
Thomas Symonds11-211759 
Ann Darch03-181760 
John Cole05-091760of Copy Lake
Mary Richard05-141760widow
Elizabeth Saunders06-031760 
Anne Mitchell06-151760dau of James Mitchell
Elizabeth Barry06-27?1760widow
Caleb Paddon09-181760 
Susanna Luxton09-261760wife of John Luxton
Amy Cudmore12-031760 
Richard Wolland01-031761 
Anthony Hill03-111761 
Hannah Mitchell04-231761widow
Elizabeth Blackmore04-261761 
Frances Davie05-261761wife of Robert Davie
Hugh Hancock06-301761infant
William Paddon11-221761 
Walter Mitchell11-241761 
Thomasine Lydden11-291761 
James Lydden11-291761 
William Jones12-061761 
Simon Gay12-091761 
Elizabeth Lydden12-141761 
John Rook12-291761 
Elizabeth Cole01-031762wife of Archeleas Cole
John Hill01-041762infant
James Rork01-201762 
Elizabeth Western01-201762wife of John Western
Elizabeth Rook02-051762widow
William Shute02-101762infant
John Rattenbury02-121762 
Elizabeth Cole03-091762 
Ann Arnold03-211762wife of John Arnold
Robert Bawder03-251762 
Samuel Arnold04-061762infant
John Bragg05-061762 
Ann Wilcox05-091762wife of David Wilcox
Ambrose Beare05-161762 
Elizabeth Shute06-151762wife of John Shute
Elizabeth Hervey06-161762widow
John Isaac06-181762 
Mary Manning06-201762 
George Davie06-261762 
Charity Gay07-051762wife of John Gay
Thomas Lane07-071762 
John?07 or 08-1762 
Eleanor Blackmore08-24?1762 
Edward Burrough?09 or 10-061762 
Susanna Skinner10-071762wife of Benjamin Skinner
Elizabeth Short10-101762 
Benjamin Skinner10-131762 
Ann Jury10-151762wife of William Jury
Anne Boone01-191763infant
Joan Luxton01-281763 
Mary Jury02-061763wife of Anthony Jury
John Isaac03-201763infant
John Babbage04-221763 
Thomas Mitchell07-051763infant
Hannah Joceline07-201763 
Mary Darch08-101763 
Nicholas Carter10-221763 
Wilmot Hammett11-091763widow
William Molland11-221763of Leigh
Hugh Folland12-291763 
Mary Hearding01-101764wife of James Hearding
Sarah Perkins01-101764wife of John Perkins
Francis Pitwood senior01-211764 
Jane Marles01-221764wife of Edward Marles
Mary Saunders02-101764apprentise of John Isaac
Elizabeth Carter03-221764widow
Anne Harris04-121764widow
Joan Isaac05-221764widow
Mary Behannah08-101764widow
William Jury09-141764 
John Saunders12-251764infant
Mary Joceline12-301764 
Mary Ratter12-301764 
Abraham Wotton01-011765 
Elizabeth Molland Mitchel    01-061765 
Sarah Wotton01-061765 
Thomas Western01-081765 
John Shute04-241765 
Richard Cole senior05-121765 
Richard Cole05-141765 
Elizabeth Joceline05-291765 
Mary Cudmore06-041765widow
Mary Parker06-091765infant
Joan Poole07-171765aka Leg widow
Hannah Mitchell07-311765 
John Jury08-181765 
Samuel Mare09-291765 
Ann Ward10-121765widow
Mary Paddon11-211765wife of Caleb Paddon
Gabriel ? Birch02-161766 
Elizabeth Good02-281766 
Mary Harris03-231766wife of Hugh Harris
Anthony Molland04-011766infant
John Jury04-031766infant
Francis Josceline04-201766 
William Couch04-251766son of Bartholomew Couch
Jane Babbage05-041766infant
Nathaniel Josceline05-041766 
Susanna Hooper05-261766widow
Ursala Paddon06-221766wife of Roger Paddon
Susanna Isaac07-061766 
Mary Dillon07-131766widow
Robert Hancock08-291766 
Richard Harris09-18?1766 
Amy Davy11-131766wife of John? Davy
Susanna Hill01-141767widow
Magdeline Wotton01-181767 
Jane Cole02-111767wife of Samuel Cole
William Gay03-151767 
John Saunders03-221767infant
Amy Josceline04-071767 
Dorothy Cudmore04-261767 
Asa Davy05-151767 
Elizabeth Cudmore06-121767 
Susanna Jury06-291767wife of John Jury
Amy Darch06-291767 
Mary Isaac08-131767infant
Susanna Partridge01-121768 
Priscilla Molland01-281768wife of Richard Molland
David Wilcox02-281768 
Mary Bater03-131768widow
Joan Wellington03-171768widow
Mary Symonds04-271768infant
Arthur Hearding07-241768infant
Mary Ellacott08-141768wife of William Ellacott
Joan Rough10-251768 
Simon Towte11-141768 
Evelyn Boon01-131769 
Catherine Jewry01-271769 
Benjamin Western05-031769infant
Robert Bird05-141769infant
Mary Partridge05-281769 
Josiah Short06-061769infant
Jane Short06-131769 
Mary Bater08-101769 
John Corney08-201769 
John Cole09-021769son of Archeleas Cole
Susanna Ford09-05 or 081769wife of George Ford
Samuel Cole09-241769son of Archeleas Cole
Michael Skinner10-291769infant
Amy Rattenbury11-201769 
Absalom Trigger01-031770 
Elizabeth Parkhouse01-071770 
Mary Ashplant01-181770infant
William Partridge02-121770son of John Partridge
Mary Hearding02-131770wife of James Hearding
Elizabeth Halse03-171770dau of Arthur Halse
Anthony Marles05-081770infant
Amy Darch05-111770infant
Elizabeth Blackmore06-171770 
Agnes Hill06-251770wife of Simon Hill
Frances Corney07-051770infant
Joan Isaac10-191770wife of Aaron Isaac
Dorothy Cole11-191770daughter of John Coal
John Carter01-011771 
Edward Lanes02-121771 
Mary Alford03-051771 
Mary Davy03-241771 
Grace Shepherd04-051771 
Mary Hill06-021771dau of Anthony Hill
Isaac Hanlake06-301771son of Robert Hanlake
Sam Cole07-161771 
John Gay07-261771son of William Gay
William Boon08-061771 
Thomas Western08-181771son of William Western
Robert Hanlake08-221771 
Mary Marles09-261771dau of Samuel Marles
Mary Boon09-301771wife of Willia Boon
John Ellicot10-10?1771son of Richard Ellicot
Elizabeth Vicary10-151771wife of Thomas Vicary
Ann Norrish11-241771dau of Philip Norrish
Mary Farley12-091771wife of Thomas Farley
John Saunders12-111771son of Arthur Saunders
John Isaac12-221771 
Thomas Simmons03-111772 
Mary Simmons04-181772dau of Jerimiah Simmons
Mary Sage04-201772dau of Joan Sage (unwed)
Susanna Babbage05-081772 
Joan Alford06-061772 
Francis Pagne07-071772 
Mary Pope07-121772widow
George Bragg10-131772 
Sarah Marles10-251772 
John Isaac02-131773 
Margery Isaac03-131773widow
Caleb Paddon03-251773  
Jane Babbage03-251773widow
William Jones04-111773infant
John Gidley senior06-021773 
John Sage06-071773 
Hugh Toute07-021773 
John Lay08-081773 
Ann Alford09-191773dau of Mary Gidley (unwed)
Joan Lane01-281774dau of Joan Lane (unwed)
Jullian Ellacot02-011774 
Mary Western02-091774widow
Simon Hill05-281774 
Joan Isaac05-311774 
John Parkhouse06-011774 
Mary Cole07-161774wife of John Cole
Philip Pyke07-231774 
Mark Bird08-051774  
James Babbage08-061774of Wormington
Richard Short08-221774 
Mary Lane10-201774wife of Edward Lane
Catherine Isaac11-261774 
Elizabeth Alford12-031774wife of Lewis Alford
Valentine Mann12-041774 
John Gowman03-261775 
Susanna Josceline04-251775 
Mary Marles04-271775 
Wilmot Ruddles06-051775 
Jane Cudmore06-151775wife of Hugh Cudmore
Abigail Marles07-111775 
John Pitwood08-111775of Burrington
Richard Banbury08-321775 
Thomas Western09-051775 
Aaron Cole03-121776 
William Mitchell04-021776 
Agnes Bird04-091776 
John Cole04-161776son of Aaron Cole
John Saunders05-241776son of William Saunders
Benjamin Symonds05-261776son of John & Mary Symonds
Joan Pasmore08-031776 
Elizabeth Mitchell10-111776 
Ann Symonds10-131776wife of John Symonds
James Saunders10-211776 
John Symonds11-031776 
John Cole02-111777 
Caleb Paddon02-161777 
Samuel Molland02-221777 
Thomas Molland02-251777 
Margaret Alford03-061777widow
Elizabeth Hancock03-261777 
Jane Hanlake04-061777 
Jane Carter04-061777 
William Paddon04-241777 
Anne ? Isaac05-041777 
Mary Perkin05-041777 
Thomas Smale05-091777 
Samuel Luxton05-111777 
James Hearding06-241777 
Sarah Joceline09-071777 
Elizabeth Richards01-011778 
William Paddon02-091778 
Benjamin Vicary04-051778 
Amyah Jones04-121778 
John Lee04-221778 
William Legg05-031778 
John Luxton05-121778 
Robert Perkin05-151778 
Mary Corney06-071778 
Elizabeth Short07-101778 
Mary Pasmore?08-021778wife of Hugh Pasmore
Philip Norris08-181778 
Susanna Tossel12-021778 
Mary Hayman12-161778 
John Parkhouse12-301778 
Grace Anstice01-221779 
John Ford05-041779 
Ann Parker05-141779 
William Harris05-211779 
Joan Carter06-041779widow
Robert Davy06-271779 
Elizabeth Saunders08-151779infant
John Perkin09-021779 
John Harris09-101779 
John Jones11-071779 
Richard Jones11-181779 
Grace Pagne11-181779 
Mary Cole12-201779wife of John Cole
Isaac Greenslide12-301779 
John Turner01-021780 
Margery Mitchell01-021780wife of William Mitchell
Charity Bates02-241780 
Elizabeth Cole02-241780dau of ? Cole
Archeleous Cole03-221780 
Elizabeth Padden05-261780widow
Elizabeth Skinner05-261780 
Elizabeth Shepheard08-051780 
Honour Kelly10-251780widow
Elizabeth Radaman10-251780widow
John Darch10-271780 
Grace Johns11-121780 
Robert Alford01-181781 
Francis Cole02-061781 
William Isaac02-15?1781 
Thomas Farley02-171781 
Robert Ackin02-251781 
James Rattenbury03-061781 
William Lock03-111781infant
Benjamin Skinner04-191781 
William Cole05-161781 
John Cruse05-231781infant
Grace Jones06-101781 
Dorothy Western07-131781 
Thomasin Mitchell07-261781wife of James Mitchell
Sarah Pagne10-081781infant
Philip Isaac10-161781 
John Bradford10-281781 
Nicholas Ansty11-111781 
Elizabeth Partridge12-251781 
Mary Halse?02-061782 
Samuel Sheere02-191782infant
Ann Norris03-101782 
Robert Clark03-211782 
Mary Dobb03-301782 
Ann Bird04-251782wife of John Bird
Elizabeth Clarke05-291782wife of John Clarke
Elizabeth Towel06-041782 
Mary Isaac06-231782 
Margaret Beaple07-281782 
Simond Raddon08-111782 
Ann Reddon08-181782 
John Luxton09-101782 
John Ford10-311782 
James Harris11-171782son of John Harris
Margaret Western12-041782wife of Wm Western
Mary Luxton12-281782wife of John Luxton
Susanna Rattenbury02-101783wife of James Rattenbury
Phillip Gay02-201783 
Joan Luxton03-201783dau of Jmaes Luxton
Joan Ware03-231783wife of John Ware
Mary Darch04-241783wife of Wm Darch
Phillip Isaac05-201783 
John Vicary08-031783 
Thomasin Joseline08-241783widow
Hannah Davy10-201783pauper
Elizabeth Ellacott10-311783wife of Wm Ellacott
Edmond Hill11-181783 
Ester Pasmore12-091783wife of John Pasmore
Sarah Legge12-261783 
Edmond Marles12-141783 
Charity Jones01-011784 
Sarah Bendell01-181784 
Thomasin Lyddon02-041784 
Elizabeth Cudmore02-181784wife of Wm Cudmore senior
Sarah Symonds02-211784wife of Ben Symonds
Elizabeth Bradford03-051784wife of Wm Bradford
William Bradford03-191784 
Thomazine Vicary03-271784wife of Robert Vicary
Mary Carter05-091784wife of Nicholas Cater
John Isaac05-181784 
William Shere06-211784 
William Short08-251784 
Jane King?11-171784 
Mary Paddon12-271784 
Vincent Bird01-131785 
John Shute01-291785 
Judith Legge02-071785 
Alice Banbury06-161785widow
John Carter06-281785 
Mary Saunders07-091785wife of Arthur Saunders
Andrew Ford09-061785 
Samuel Sheere11-181785 
Robert Hams12-111785 
Christopher Sheere12-241785 
Jane Carter03-181786widow
Grace Hanlake?06-221786 
Mary Mitchell08-251786dau of James and Sarah Mitchell
John Mitchell08-301786 
Hanna ? Cole10-081786dau of Abraham & Dorothy Cole
Thomasin Western11-071786wife of James Western
William Babbage01-121787 
Mary Vicary02-161787wife of Roger Vicary
Roger Vicary senior03-021787 
Richard Babbage03-091787 
Dorothy Pasmore04-181787 
Catherine Basle?05-161787 
Samuel Alford05-291787son of Samuel & Elizabeth Alford
Frances Cole07-021787wife of Archeleous Cole
Elizabeth Coming07-181787infant
Ann Farley07-201787wife of John Farley
Ann Sage10-141787widow
William Sheere10-25 or 281787of Beaford
Catherine Gay01-071788widow
Thomasin Clarke01-221788dau of William and Ann Clarke
William Darch02-101788of Winkleigh
John Pitwood05-291788infant
John Babbage06-031788 
John Basil?06-291788 
Mary Mitchell07-061788 
Mary Banbury07-131788of Winkleigh
John Mitchell08-101788 
Elizabeth Ing?09-091788dau of Simon and Elizabeth Ing?
William Short09-191788son of Ann Short [unmarried]
Grace Short10-121788infant
Johnathan Short11-101788 
William Carter12-021788of Winkleigh
Philip Lyddon01-041789and Agnes his wife
Ann Cudmore01-181789 
John Paddon03-061789 
William Parker03-081789 
Mary Hill04-051789 
Sarsah Saunders04-141789 
Mary Short04-261789infant
Grace Tout04-271789 
William Clark06-131789infant
William Saunders07-181789 
John Manning01-011790 
William Parkin03-241790 
Ann Ford04-041790widow
Hugh Cudmore senior05-091790 
Grace Bird06-111790spinster
Elizabeth Cole06-111790spinster
George Bragge08-081790son of James & Margaret Bragge
Ann Isaac09-051790widow
Elizabeth Comey11-171790 
Robert Jones11-251790infant
Ann Clark12-071790infant
Jane Isaac12-071790infant
Mary Molland01-011791 
Simond Beare01-201791 
Jane Lock02-061791 
Grace Short02-131791 
Mary Dymond03-131791 
Anthony Marles04-121791pauper
John Babbage04-191791of Bamington
Mary Lane04-281791widow
Francis Joslin06-111791 
John Isaac11-111791 
Mary Kimp11-281791 
Elizabeth Mitchell12-061791widow
Mary Hancock01-161792widow
Anthony Hill01-191792 
Elizabeth Pitwood01-201792infant, pauper
Ann Pitwood01-291792pauper
Richard Isaac02-151792son of Thomas ? Isaac-pauper
Johnathan Symond03-051792son of John and Mary Symond
Hugh Cudmore03-101792 
John Callander03-121792 
John Farley03-191792 
Samuel Alford04-161792 
Ann Skynner05-221792pauper
Richard Tout06-131792pauper
Elizabeth Parker09-091792pauper
Elizabeth Isaac09-201792widow
Mary Paddon09-231792infant
Ann Lillieropp?10-151792 
Samuel Wheaton11-031792 
John Bird11-031792 
Elizabeth Davy12-111792 
Mary Cudmore12-201792 
Elizabeth Alford12-251792 
Dorothy Isaac12-311792 
Amy Gidley02-021793 
Isabella Rooke02-191793wife of Charles Rooke
Elizabeth Cole03-111793wife of Samuel Cole
Mary Marles03-231793infant
John Bam?03-241793 
Richard Isaac03-291793 
Elizabeth Symonds04-031793 
Benjamin Symonds04-121793 
Samuel Cole04-121793 
Thomas Darch04-301793 
James Hill05-301793 
Richard Short06-061793 
Mary Leg06-101793 
Elizabeth Coming06-301793infant
Anne Mitchell09-211793 
John Molland12-121793 
William Lane01-051794infant
George Nickels02-091794 
Robert Bater02-191794infant
George Ford03-051794 
Ann Ham03-161794 
James Symonds03-161794 
Rose Saunders04-011794 
Elizabeth Easter04-141794 
John Cruwyns05-171794the younger
John Inn06-031794 
Mary Ham06-091794 
Jane Western08-111794 
Richard Inn09-051794 
? Smale12-031794 
Jane Carter12-111794of Wormington
William Lee12-211794 
Sarah Moore12-301794 
Elizabeth Hickels?01-181795 
Mary Western01-251795 
Mary Farley02-101795dau of Edward and Elizabeth
Sarah Bird02-121795 
James Mitchell02-171795 
Elizabeth Jewry02-191795 
John Vial02-211795son of Susanna Skinner [unmarried]
Margaret Mitchell03-021795 
Joan Ware03-121795 
John Mitchell03-141795 
Mary Short03-181795 
Ann Warre03-211795 
Elizabeth Cole04-071795infant
Frederick Molland04-241795 
James Jones06-201795son of Grace Jones [unmarrried]
William Farley06-241795of Chumleigh
Elizabeth Hagmoan?07-151795 
Hugh Ham09-091795 
William Western11-101795 
Elizabeth Symond11-171795 
William Parkhouse11-261795 
Mary Carter01-141796 
John Ansty01-171796 
Frances Skinner01-211796 
Phillip Lyddon01-291796 
James Ham01-301796 
Sarah Cole04-161796 
John Mitchell04-271796 
Grace Joceline04-271796 
Samuel Alford05-021796 
Ann Carter05-121796 
Mary Gidley06-011796dau of Bartolomew and Mary
William Lock07-161796 
William Ham07-211796 
John Ham07-211796infant
William Lock08-041796infant
Grace Paddon08-071796 
Ann Lee11-101796 
Edward Jury01-041797 
Mary Sanders01-051797 
Mary Marles01-141797infant
Aaron Cole02-051797 
Mary Short03-121797 
Marry Manning04-271797 
John Molland05-311797 
Willim Mitchell06-111797infant
Joanna Carter06-281797 
Joan Cudmore08-191797infant
Joan Lock11-011797widow
Elizabeth Lock12-011797widow of Winkleigh
Ann Banbury03-041798 
William Pitwood03-121798 
William Towell03-161798 
Mary Jones04-171798 
Jone Parkhouse04-281798 
Francis Pitwood04-291798 
Joan Isaac06-241798 
Mary Ellacott07-231798 
Ann Bragge08-311798 
Ann Kelly11-051798 
William Short01-211799 
John Jocelyn02-031799of Atherington
William Cudmore02-061799infant
Agnes Ballerd02-101799 
Mary Mitchell02-101799 
Mary Skinner02-171799 
Edmond Tout03-071799infant
Grace Hellins04-031799 
Thomas Han04-081799infant
John Short04-141799 
John Ellacott05-191799 
Betsy Stevens05-231799 
Ann Pasmore08-041799infant
Patience Alford11-061799 
Mary Hill12-231799infant
William Darch12-251799of Winkeigh
Edward Kelly01-301800 
Dinah Short03-091800 
Mary Parker03-121800 
Hannah Cole06-211800wife of John Cole
Mary Pitwood10-041800widow
George Mitchell10-051800 
Susanna Ham10-141800 
John Wheaton11-021800 
Jane Dillon11-251800 
Mary Lyddon?11-291800widow
Elizabeth Rattenbury11-301800wife of John Rattenbury
William Snell12-071800 
Robert Ford12-191800 
John Cole12-281800 
Grace Isaac12-281800 
Grace Richards01-011801 
John Handford01-111801 
? Conch01-261801 
Elizabeth Smale02-171801widow
Mary Towell03-011801 
Amy Cole04-131801 
Elizabeth Parkhouse04-301801infant
John Pasmore06-111801 
William Alford06-241801son of William and Ann Alford
Elizabeth Veale07-191801of Winkleigh
Ann Ham07-201801widow
Robert Jocelyn08-181801 
John Davey02-031802 
George Cummins?02-131802 
John Bird03-191802of Wormington
John Clarke05-151802 
Nicholas Carter05-161802 
Mary Gidley05-241802 
Robert Bater05-301802 
Elizabeth Pasmore06-131802widow
William Isaac06-251802infant
Nicholas Cole06-301802 
Wilmot Molland07-201802widow
Thomas Harris07-231802infant
Grace Parkyn08-081802infant
Frances Marles08-171802infant
Andrew Manning09-181802 
Daniel Wane10-021802 
William Cole10-041802 
Mary Helliken?10-291802widow
Mary Farley11-091802infant
William Heywood11-211802 
William Partridge12-251802 
Elizabeth Carter01-091803 
William Parkhouse01-221803 
Susanna Fop?02-071803widow of Worrington
Thomas Short04-181803 
John Clark04-201803infant
Elizabeth Mitchell04-281803 
Mary Molland05-131803infant
John Rippah?05-271803 
Michael Skinner06-261803 
Mary Williams08-021803 
Sarah Comey09-061803 
Grace Conch09-271803 
William Cudmore11-201803son of John Alford Cudmore
Ann Alford02-241804 
Mary Isaac03-221804 
John Dart03-261804 
Ann Parkhouse03-261804 
Mary Sanders03-291804 
Mary Molland04-061804 
Thomas Ansty04-091804 
John Molland04-201804infant
Grace Sage05-111804 
Elizabeth Cudmore06-041804 
Elizabeth Cudmore06-041804mother of newborn
Mary Lane06-261804of Wembworthy
Mary Heywood07-111804widow
Elizabeth Isaac08-061804infant
John Isaac08-281804 
Elizabeth Gowman08-301804infant
Elizabeth German08-301804infant
Ann Cudmore09-041804dau of John Alford Cudmore
Arthur ? Sanders09-271804 
Agnes Parkins10-031804 
Rebecca Short11-231804infant
Jane Gay01-021805 
Elizabeth Hearding02-211805 
William Ware?03-101805infant
Anthony Marles04-031805infant
Joan Mitchell04-121805widow
Agnis Girty04-281805 
Charles Rooke05-071805parish clerk
Hannah Jaus?06-281805 
Marg Symor07-211805 
Grace Saunders?07-211805 
John Ford07-281805 
John Godley08-101805 
Marg Anntis08-121805 
Thomas Newcome08-251805infant
Sarah Arnold08-281805 
Ann Cole09-091805wife of William Cole
Marg Western09-161805daughter of Thomas Western
Elizabeth Marles09-261805 
Hannah In?10-181805 
Elizabeth Parkhouse11-131805widow
John Parkhouse11-141805 
Jane Paddon01-021806 
John Mannity01-101806 
William Manery?01-171806 
John Parkhouse?01-201806 
Joan Paddicombe03-031806 
William Cole03-091806infant
Amy Ford03-091806infant
James Passmore03-191806 
Dorothy Clarke03-231806 
James Farley05-041806 
William Cudmore06-111806infant
William Cudmore06-191806 
William Isaac06-231806 
Mary Mitchell01-061807widow
Mary Thomas?02-221807 
Richard Ripley03-161807 
Elizabeth Harris03-221807infant
Maria Alford Cudmore04-021807daughter of John and Mary
Elizabeth Symon?05-031807 
William Harris05-271807 
Sarah Isaac06-051807 
John Parkhouse?07-251807infant
John Vicar?08-261807 
William Gowman10-131807 
Elizabeth Skinner10-181807widow
Robert Alford11-271807 
Ann Isaac12-311807 
Mary Howe?05-08 or 091808widow
Robert Hancock06-151808 
Ann Cole06-201808infant
Elizabeth Hanford11-271808 
William Clarke12-221808son of James and Thomasine
Thomas Trebble02-121809 
Mary Pitwood03-141809 
Grace Hill04-241809 
William Nerrish?05-201809 
John Blackmore07-231809 
Richard Short09-241809 
N ? Clarke09-291809 
Mary Comey11-231809 
Elizabeth Pagne11-261809 
Ann Arty01-051810 
John Darch02-091810 
John Lee03-161810infant
Susanna Joslin04-221810 
Elizabeth Bradford05-141810wife of Roger Bradford
George Tout05-241810 
Thomas Joslin05-251810 
Elizabeth Gowman07-151810widow
Charles Babbage08-021810infant
Oliver Isaac08-101810 
Mary Lane08-151810 
Amy Lane08-151810 
Elizabeth Symors11-111810 
Elizabeth Hill02-121811widow
William Vicary05-101811 
James Josline06-081811 
Margaret Isaac06-091811widow
Roger Bradford06-141811 
Elizabeth Beer06-181811 
William Gay07-011811 
Samuel Marles07-041811 
Patricia Marles07-301811 
Elizabeth Josli08-011811widow
Anthony Marles08-181811 
Wilmot Mannity02-061812 
Susanna Gale03-041812 
Robert Knight04-081812 
John Cole04-091812 
John Harris05-071812 
Alice Partridge05-241812 
Jane Boundy06-051812infant
Robert Howe?07-111812 
Joanne Gols09-181812 
John Ford11-261812 
William Windson12-011812 
Amy Webber12-191812 
William Corney12-251812