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Marriages Solemnized in the Parish of Ashreigney
in the County of Devon 1654-1751

Transcribed by Greg Sheere.

Disclaimer: Although these records are published with the permission of the incumbent of the said Parish, they were the responsibility of the researcher concerned and the Incumbent and Parochial Church Council accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the material thus published. The records may be used by individuals for research purposes only and must not be used in any way that is not consonant with the faith, teachings and practice of the Church of England. The researcher also accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the material thus published.
Day - Month Year Groom Bride Notes
1-Aug 1654 Moore, Henry Chapman, Sarah  
5-Sep 1654 Payum, ? John Caleb, Ale?  
16-Sep 1654 Blackmore, John Pasmoare, ? Joan  
18-Oct 1654 Stepens, Richard Moore, Mary  
6-Jan 1654-55 Gay, Hurulab Rottenbury, Margaret  
26-May 1655 Norrish, John ---?, Joan  
11-Aug 1655 Hele, Hugh Cudmore, Phalya  
22-Oct 1655 Radford, John Jury, Elizabeth ?  
16-Feb 1655-56 Bogger, ? Milson Fronmeare,? Mary  
20-Mar 1655-56 Bragg, Robert Joslon, Debbora  
7-Apr 1656 Band, ? George Puon, ? Phalynor  
8-Apr 1656 Sage, George Payne, Constant  
24-May 1656 Callard, ? George ---?,  
05 - 25? 1656 Cudmore, Samuel Davy, Margaret  
31-May 1656 Josling, John Dob, Elizabeth  
22-Jul 1656 Bulled, John (minister of this parish) Beare, Hannabeth  
2-Aug 1656 ---? ---?  
26-Aug 1656 Josling, Edward ---?  
18-Dec 1656 Holman, John ---?, Martha  
18-Dec 1656 ---?, Thomas Blackmore, Debora  
30-Mar 1657-58 Norrish, Leneb Josling, Agnes  
  1657 through to 1664 ---------------- not available -------------------------------------- Records in another book
24-Nov 1665 Blackmore, Henry Gay, Jone  
11-Jun 1666 Mitchell, Christopher Heydon, Mary  
19-Jun 1666 Paddon, Caleb Kromye, ? Mary  
18-Sep 1666 Rottenbury, Phillip Kelland, ? Phillis ?  
3-Nov 1666 Joslin, John (blank), Lydia  
16-Apr 1667 Blackmore, Walter Brale, ? Ellinor  
11-May 1667 Vicary, Francis Hore, Jone  
8-Jun 1667 Grudgworthy, William Hooper, Mary  
20-Jul 1667 Willcocks, Phillip Southwood, Agnes  
2-Sep 1667 Tory, Edward Molland, Dorothy  
2-Sep 1667 Gosse, ? Francis Paddon, Jone  
26-Oct 1667 Dun, John Sherr, Jeane  
14-Nov 1667 Grudgworthy, Thomas Searle, Elizabeth  
8-Jan 1667-68 Blackmore, Thomas Turner, Mary  
2-Apr 1668 Knight, Edward Philips Bury, Dorothy (widow) by license
20-Apr 1668 Holoman, James Shearer, Jeane  
21-May 1668 Willcocks, John Pagum, Mary  
27-May 1668 Speare, ? John Wilson, Mary  
24-Aug 1669 Shutt, Hugh Skinner, Christian  
18-Sep 1669 Joslin, John Ford, Jone  
27-Nov 1669 Heale, Richard Heale, Phillis  
22-Jan 1669-70 Wilmots, William Roberts, Anne  
29-Jan 1669-70 Southwood, Samuel Bater, Dorothy  
14-Feb 1669-70 Heale, John Thorne, Martha  
16-Jun 1670 Sage, John Coomb, Thomasine  
14-Jan 1670-71 Jone, ? Robert Weeks, Wilmot  
14-Feb 1670-71 Joslin, Francis Blackmore, Sidwell  
16-Feb 1670-71 Wilcoxs, William Wilcox, Susan  
13-Jun 1671 Mitchell, Ammanuel Wilcoxs, Mary  
26-Dec 1671 Cann, John Hanford, Mary  
17-Feb 1671-72 Joslin, Thomas Bushen, ? Christian  
14-May 1672 Beale, Roger Williams, Amy  
6-Nov 1672 Kelly, John Martin, Katherine  
13-Mar 1672-73 Norrish, Digory Moore, Agnes  
1-Apr 1673 Williams, Henry Hooper, Dorothy  
2-Sep 1673 Northcote, ---? Michell, Hannah  
11-Nov 1673 Ashplant, John Bond, Elizabeth  
19-May 1674 Paine, Andrew Mules, Margaret  
10-Oct 1674 Molland, William Blackmore, Margaret  
01 - 1674-75 Short, Richard Joslin, Honor  
26-Jan 1674-75 Primet, ? Edward Dyer, Elizabeth by license
1-May 1675 Kemp, John Gribbling, Mary  
25-May 1675 Hanford, Ambrose Bolt, Frances  
31-Jul 1675 Luxton, John Molland, Ebbot  
16-Nov 1675 Marles, William Gregory, Dinah  
5-Jul 1676 Dobb, Simon Shute, JJoaane  
5-Aug 1676 Michell, John Bury, Elizabeth  
9-Oct 1677 Dillon, John Larke, Joane  
8-Dec 1677 Stevens, William Gregory, Sibula  
1-Jun 1678 Rowcliffe, John Shortridge, Gertrude  
3-Aug 1678 Marshell,,Thomas Cudmore, Margaret  
1-Oct 1678 Joslin, John ---?, Susanna  
21-Dec 1678 Hill, Arthur Joslin, Beaton  
18-Jan 1678-79 Isaac, Hugh Bohfield, ? Jane  
25-Nov 1679 Davy, Ralph ? Mules, Joane  
29-Nov 1679 Hoare, James ? Chapleman, ? Jane  
04, 24 1680 Bird, ---? Gay, Marie  
07, 31 1680 Michell, James Cudmore, Honor  
20-Aug 1680 Kings, Thomas Williams, jane  
20-Nov 1680 Pitwood, Hannibal Naxiosh?, Phillipa  
20-Nov 1680 Downe, Robert Brimisan, Isota  
11? - 21 1680 Loram, ? William ---?, Mary  
9-Dec 1680 Cudmore, Samuel Milles, --?  
27-Jun 1681 Norrish, Ambrose Bimye, ? Marg  
18-Oct 1681 Asland, John Mashell, Mary  
16-Jun 1682 Luxton, Bernard Molland, Jane  
24-Oct 1682 Ball Anthony Heale, Elinor  
6-Jan 1682-83 Mishel, Richard Molland, Agnes  
2-May 1683 Joslin, John ---?, Thomasin by license
12-May 1683 Clarke, ---? Stevens, Mary  
7-Jul 1683 Beare, Francis Smith, ---?  
18-Aug 1683 Langbridge, Thomas Jeales, Elizabeth  
04 - 1684 Jory, Hugh --- ?  
11-Oct 1684 Joslin, Philip Shute, Agnes  
28-Oct 1684 Narracot, Anthony Densham, ? Elizabeth  
24-Feb 1684-85 Blackmoore, Anthony ---?, Eliner  
2-May 1685 Rowan, George March, Mary  
9-May 1685 Molland, Hugh Sage, Maria  
23-May 1685 Rawley, ? Hannabal ? Marshell, Margrit by license
06? - 08 1685 Molland, Thomas Pitwood, ? Charity  
3-Aug 1685 Graton, John Dillion, Mary  
08? - 18 1685 Davie, John Isaac, Agnes  
4-Oct 1685 Seath, ? Roger Blackmore, Jane  
23-May 1686 Joslin, Thomas Pasleigh, ? Mary  
9-Jun 1686 Luxton, John ? Lane, Ann  
29-Jun 1686 Williams, ---? Marles, ? Isabella  
13-Jul 1686 ---?, William Short, Elizabeth by license
31-Aug 1686 Perkins, Charles ---?, Susannah  
16-Sep 1686 Radford, John Molland, Mary  
18-Nov 1686 ---?, Thomas Sharman, ? Judith  
18-Nov 1686 Loaman, ? Stephen Loaman, Mary  
28-Jan 1686-87 Caleb, John Bater, Dorothy  
18-Apr 1687 More, ? Thomas Shute, ---?  
10-May 1687 ---?, William Hill, Margaret  
21-Jun 1687 Luxton, William Short, Hanah  
24-Jun 1687 Isaac, William Jones, ? Sarah  
19-Dec 1687 Gay, Archilles ---?, Dorothy  
17-Apr 1688 Marles, ? Samuel Davey, ? Beaton  
24-Apr 1688 Padford, Ambros Parks, ? Phillipa  
06? - 03 1689 Naracot, Joihn Hegewore, ? Mary  
5-Aug 1689 Davie, Thomas Collings, Jone  
8-Oct 1689 Heale, Robert Bayle, Sarah  
5-Nov 1689 Darch, ? William Davis, Dorithy  
10-Dec 1689 Mitchell, John ---?, Sarah  
24-Feb 1689-90 Gay, Simon Padford, Mary  
4-Mar 1689-90 Sanders, George Molland, Agnes  
25-Nov 1690 Luxton, John ---?, Margaret  
26-Apr 1691 Shepherd, Abraham Josling, Johinis?  
29-Jun 1691 Hooper, Mishall ? Blackmoore, Margaret  
28-Aug 1691 Shut, Thomas Charyloman, ? Sarah  
5-Jan 1691- 92 Burmon, ? Anthony Blackmore, ? Hester ?  
29-Mar 1691-92 Anstis, John Bernard, Jane  
12-Apr 1692 Western, ? John Jory, Dorothy  
12-Apr 1692 Handman, ? Thomas Gregory, ---?  
9-Aug 1692 Hore, James Bittel, ? Mary  
no date 1693 Heale, John Mules, Anne  
20-Aug 1694 Jory, William Gay, Dorothy  
19-Nov 1694 Joslin, ---? Paddon, Susanna  
29-Dec 1694 Cole, Aaron Hele, Elizabeth  
2-Feb 1694-95 Blackmore, John Luxton, Jane  
5-Mar 1694-95 Cudmore, Thomas Molland, Gertrude  
11-May 1695 Blackmore, Anthony Bond, Thamasine ?  
4-Jun 1695 Ford, William Towt, Margaret  
23-Jul 1695 Bater, Roger Short, Thomasin  
20-Apr 1696 Norrish, Ambrose Pike, Honor  
1-Aug 1697 Mitchell, John Lake, Joan  
24-Feb 1697-98 Ansty, Thomas Blackmore, Elizabeth  
24-May 1698 Cole, Ralph Short, Honour  
7-Jun 1698 Isaac, William Radford, Elizabeth  
29-Aug 1698 Shepherd, James (senr of Chumsleigh) Mrs Short, Dorothy  
20-May 1699 Howard, John Grudgworthy, Elizabeth  
24-Aug 1699 Good, Robert Anstis, ? Anne  
26-Oct 1699 Stephens, Roger (of Wearn ?) Clarke, Wilmot  
16-Dec 1699 Norrish, ? Ambrose ? Northcott, Hannah  
3-Mar 1700 Pow, John (of Hugh Bickington ) Barry, Ann Pow: Occp. - Husbandman
6-Apr 1700 Gill, James (of Dolton) Isaac, Joane  
24-Apr 1700 Shute, Johnathan Molland, Elizabeth  
13-May 1700 Blackmore, Thomas Luxton, Agnes  
24-Sep 1700 Lane, Thomas Snell, Anne  
22-Apr 1701 Sage, John Dobb, Joane Sage: occupation - Mason
1-May 1701 Curtis, Timothy (of St Giles) Norries, Elizabeth  
13-Sep 1701 Mitchell, James ? Cudmore, Allice Mitchell: occupation - Weaver
11-Nov 1701 Joceline, Thomas Woolcott, Grace  
20-Jul 1702 Blackmore, Thomas Heale, Mary  
17-Nov 1702 Harris, John (of Atherington) Isaac, Mary  
25-Dec 1702 Isaac, ---? Southcot, Mary  
3-Jan 1703 Dobb, Hugh Paddon, Grace  
04 - n/a 1703 Curtis, Henry Weeks, Wilmot  
06 - n/a 1703 Barry, John Pow, Mary (of High Bickington)  
10-Jul 1703 Paine, John Joceline, Frances  
2-Oct 1704 Mitchell, Phillip Sommers. Elizabeth (of Winkleigh)  
23-Nov 1704 Shute, Johnathan Rattenbury, Mary  
27-Nov 1704 Towel, Richard ? Band, Elizabeth (Bond?)  
17-Jan 1704-05 Babbage, John Pennicott, Elizabeth (of Burrington)  
26-Jan 1704-05 Davie,Charles (of Coldridge) Dillon, Mary  
17-Feb 1704-05 Kemp, John Stevens, Susanna  
18-May 1705 Blackmore, Henry Jory, Grace  
9-Jul 1705 Davie, George Giles, Susanna  
16-Jul 1705 Hore, William Heale, Phillippa  
30-May 1706 Blackmore, John Davie, Margaret  
6-Jul 1706 Goss, ? John Paddon, Margery  
5-Aug 1706 Cudmore, Hugh Stevens, Mary  
4-Nov 1706 Dillon, John Jorey, Elizabeth  
23-Nov 1706 Rod, ? William Jorey, Agnes  
16-Jan 1706-07 Short, Richard Luxton, Jane  
11-Feb 1706-07 Bear, Ambrose Callard, Margaret  
21-Apr 1707 Isaac, Andrew Harvey, Thomazin  
6-Jun 1707 Banbury, Richard Scott, Elizabeth  
27-Jul 1707 Kelly, Francis Padford, ? Dorothy  
6-Jan 1707-08 Poole, John Pitwood, Joane  
27-Dec 1708 Grudgworthy, Thomas Rattenbury, Anne (of Winkleigh)  
27-Aug 1709 Ackland, Thomas Marshall, Elizabeth  
20-Nov 1710 Edworthy, Joseph (of Cheldon) Hanford, Agnes  
29-Nov 1710 Davie, Ralph Joceline, Grace  
10-Feb 1710-11 Westcott, William Osmond, Anne (widow) both (of Winkleigh)
7-Jun 1711 Marles, William (junr) Hawkins, Sarah  
29-Jun 1711 Cochram, George Marker, Thomasin  
no date 1711 Mitchell, John Rattenbury, Elizabeth  
2-Jun 1712 Carter, Nicolas (of Chumsley) Carter, Honor  
17-Apr 1713 Woodcock, Lawrence (of Burrington) Mitchell, Sarah  
1-Jul 1713 Barry, John Portingass, ? Elizabeth  
2-Oct 1713 Ford, John Smith, Anne  
23-Feb 1713-14 Dillon, John King, Margery  
22-Jun 1714 Harvey, Emanuel Laxton, ? Elizabeth  
21-Mar 1714-15 Blinch, ? George (of Buckland Brewer) Babbage, Joan  
14-Jul 1715 Blackmore, Thomas Vicary, Polme (of Great Torrington)  
13-Apr 1716 Hore, William ---?, Elizabeth (of Dolton)  
30-Apr 1716 Turner, Richard (of Great Torrington) Shepherd, Martha - William Shepherd
rector this parish, father of bride
22-Jun 1716 Ackland, John Rood, ? Joan (of Beaford)  
1-Nov 1716 Leg, William Radford, Grace  
3-Jan 1716-17 Regory, ? Christopher (of Banbury) Pennicott, Elizabeth  
6-Jan 1716-17 Jorey, Edward Leg, Christian  
03? - 07 1716-17 Wilcox, David Ashford, ? Jane  
9-Sep 1717 Bear, Symon Bird, Elizabeth  
15-Sep 1717 Spencer, Richard (Gentleman) Rowanleigh, ? Elizabeth  
30-Sep 1717 Shute, Tomas (junr) Clarke, Deborah  
1-Jan 1717-18 Leg, William Jorey, Sarah  
1-Oct 1718 ---?, William (of Chille Hampton?) Greenslide, Grace  
7-Dec 1718 Jorey, William Cole, Anne Name?
21-Jan 1718-19 Bird, Mark Jenkin, Elizabeth  
24-Jan 1718-19 Paddon, Roger ---?, Ursala  
5-Mar 1718-19 Cole, Richard Cole, Margery  
no date 1720 Hore, Symon Radford, Mary  
7-Jan 1720-21 Pitwood, Francis Marles, Elizabeth  
7-Aug 1721 Carter, Thomas Rattenbury, Frances (of Winkley)  
14-Aug 1721 Towell, Richard Hore, Elizabeth  
29-Jan 1721-22 Richard, John (junr) King, Mary  
3-Apr 1722 Blackmore, Peter Langbridge, Mary  
20-Apr 1722 Brooke, John (of Bundley) Kooper, Elizabeth  
29-May 1722 Ackland, John Ashton, Susannah (of Parkeham)  
2-Jul 1722 Pope, John (of Winkliegh) Luxton, Charity  
8-Aug 1722 Perkin, John Short, Sarah (of Dolton)  
5-Jan 1722-23 Paddon, Caleb Cole, Elizabeth  
27-Apr 1723 Kingdom, George (of North Molton) Koyle, Mary (of Bideford)  
20-Oct 1723 Cubert, (Clibert) John (of Northham) Radford, Joan  
26-Oct 1723 Jones, John Blackmore, Ebbot  
14-Jan 1723-24 Perkin, John Brag, Margaret  
6-Aug 1724 Skinner, Thomas Goss, Elizabeth  
25-May 1725 Ansty, Nicholas Alford, Joan (of Winkley)  
24-Sep 1725 Isaac, Hugh Pike, Anne  
25-Oct 1725 Davy, Robert Lord, Mary (of ChittleHampton)  
2-May 1727 Friend, Thomas Luxton, Dorothy  
22-May 1727 Beare, Thomas (of Kings Nymett) Blackmore, Agnes  
11-Sep 1727 Nenno, Hugh (of Idddesleigh) Greenslade, Agnes  
13-Nov 1727 Molland, John Luxton, Dorothy  
26-Mar 1727-28 Cole, John (junr) Molland, Mary  
17-Sep 1728 Western, Thomas Richards, Mary  
23-Oct 1728 Hodder, William Brock, Susannah  
28-Oct 1728 Jorey, Anthony Pitt, Elizabeth (of North Molton)  
4-Nov 1728 Parkhouse, John Marles, Joan  
8-Nov 1728 Jones, John Ward, Honour  
7-Apr 1729 Passmore, Roger Davy, Mary  
10-May 1729 Banbury, Richard Parker, Alice  
4-Nov 1729 Parkhouse, John Marles, Joan  
19-Mar 1729-30 Luxton, Bernard (junr) Rowcliffe, Agnes  
26-Jul 1730 Liverton, George (of Dolton) Gording, Elizabeth (of Huish)  
1-Oct 1730 Wooland, Laurence Harvey, Grace  
2-Feb 1730-31 Carter, John Molland, Joan  
2-Mar 1730-31 Davy, Robert Carter, Frances  
20-Jul 1731 Molland, Anthony Shute, Mary  
2-Aug 1731 Isaac, Oliver Lewis, Joan  
26-Aug 1731 Warre, John (of Bradwood Kelly) Good, Joan  
  1731-32 Toute, Simon N/A marriage fee paid 0.5.0
26-Apr 1732 Hill, Simon Davy, Mary  
27-Apr 1732 Gouyer, Thomas Carter, Agnes  
1-May 1732 Bater, John Cupper, Mary  
16-May 1732 Molland, James Rattenbury, Margery  
16-May 1732 Cupper, Richard (of High Bickington) Cole, Honour  
21-Aug 1732 Alford, Samuel Carter, Mary  
28-Aug 1732 Toms, John Saunders, Loveday (of Roborough)  
18-Oct 1732 Sheere, Christopher ( junr) Row, Agnes  
22-Nov 1732 Isaac, John Davy, Grace  
24-Feb 1732-33 Cole, Samuel Sheere, Jane  
13-Mar 1733-34 Carter, Nicholas Woollacott, Elizabeth (of Burrington)  
27-Mar 1733-34 Cole, Moses Holman, Dorothy (of Chumsleigh)  
22-Apr 1734 Shute, John Row, Elizabeth  
12-Jun 1734 Molland, Thomas Luxton, Agnes  
20-Jan 1734-35 Rattenbury, James Stapleton, Susannah  
17-Mar 1734-35 Nethercott, Richard Rundall, Mary (of Burrington)  
9-Apr 1735 Cudmore, Hugh Davy, Jones  
12-May 1735 Isaac, Philip Hooper, Elizabeth  
7-Jul 1735 Friend, John (of Winkleigh) Farley, Jane  
Jan-00 1735-36 Chapman, Thomas Furse, Elizabeth (of Dolton)  
9-Feb 1735-36 Hooper, Thomas (of Dolton) Denis, Jane with license
11-May 1736 Cole, Aaron Reading, Diane  
24-May 1736 Jones, John Martin, Charity  
29-May 1736 Banbury, Christopher Simons, Amy (of High Bickington)  
7-Oct 1736 Kemp, Caleb Alford, Mary  
1-Jan 1736-37 Paine, Francis (of Burrington) Hammett, Dorothy  
21-Aug 1737 Alford, Robert Reed, Margaret  
10-Apr 1738 Gidley, John (of Winkliegh) Shute, Amy  
5-Oct 1738 Cole, Ralph Smith, Margaret  
6-Mar 1738-39 Mitchell, John (junr) Hayman, Elizabeth  
15-May 1739 Farley, Thomas Weeks, Mary  
31-Jul 1739 Hammett, Francis (of Dowland) Davy, Elizabeth  
1-Oct 1739 Mitchel, Christopher Heard, Elizabeth  
25-Jun 1740 Lewis, Robert (of Chumliegh) Partridge, Meldred  
10-Feb 1740-41 Isaac, John Stacy, Marjory  
1-Jun 1741 Farley, John Ford, Anne  
9-Aug 1741 Banbury, Michael Isaac, Mary  
3-Feb 1741-42 Vicary, George Owem, Jame  
30-Aug 1742 Rook, John (of Oakhampton) Legg, Dorothy  
20-Sep 1742 Blackmore, Thomas Wakeham, Jane  
28-Oct 1742 Hill, Simon Govier, Agnes  
11-Feb 1742-43 Symons, Thomas Bear, Elizabeth  
31-May 1743 Bass, James Mayne, Grace (of Winkliegh)  
25 - 26 1743 Isaac, Aaron Western, Joan  
5-Jan 1743-44 Lake, John (of Winkliegh) Barry, Elizabeth  
6-Jan 1743-44 Short, William Bendle, Mary  
28-Mar 1743-44 Folland, Thomas Hearn, Elizabeth (of Pet. Molland?)  
31-Jul 1744 Molland, William Reed, Elizabeth  
29-Oct 1744 Skriggen, John (of Shipwash) Philips, Elizabeth (of Bideford)  
22-Dec 1744 Brag, George Kemp, Agnes  
26-Feb 1744-45 Westin, Francis Widden, Thomasin  
25-Apr 1745 Hammet, John (of Winkliegh) Molland, Wilmot  
31-Mar 1745-46 Hammett, John (of Winkliegh) Hagman, Grace  
20-May 1746 Isaac, William Leg, Joan  
20-May 1746 Short, Richard (of High Bickington) Bendle, Elizabeth  
20-Dec 1746 Mare, John Cudmore, Mary  
24-Jan 1746-47 Cruse, Preston Symons, Susanna  
4-Feb 1746-47 Mare, Valentine Gay, Elizabeth  
2-Feb 1747 Hele, Edmond Cole, Charity  
21-Apr 1747 Mitchel, John Newcombe, Anne (of Dolton)  
21-Apr 1747 Lake, William Pasmore, Elizabeth (of Dolton)  
21-Apr 1747 Judge, Walter Bromacomb, Mary  
28-Dec 1747 Pitwood, Francis Harris, Anne  
31-May 1748 Davy, Hugh Richards, Mary  
19-Jan 1748-49 Gowan, William Clarke, Elizabeth  
8-May 1749 Bond, Robert (of Chulmleigh) Parker, Elizabeth  
5-Jun 1749 Luxton, William ---?, Sydwell (of Winkleigh)  
16-Apr 1750 Harris, John Bird, Mary  
15-Sep 1750 Paddon, John Harris, Joan  
5-Oct 1750 Harris, James Carter, Anne  
9-Apr 1751 Alford, Nathaniel Bakhead, ? Agnes  
22-Apr 1751 Saunders, Arfthur Isaac, Mary  
27-Apr 1751 Couch, Bartholomew Joslyne, Grace