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Help and advice for Ashton: Ashton Parish Church of St John the Baptist (1916): index

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Name Index


Ashton Parish Church of St John the Baptist

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 9 (1916-17) pp.101-107.


Hugh R. Watkin

Prepared by Michael Steer

The church of St John Baptist is according to John Betjeman - the typical Devon church at its best ... [with] rich colouring ...and lavish carved woodwork. Notable features are the stained glass windows, the bench ends and the monument to Sir George Chudleigh, of Place in the parish. The poet Lady Mary Chudleigh (1656-1710) is buried there. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. The copy of this rare book is held in the Library of Arthur William Bryant Messenger, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Adams, Mr Maxwell 101, 105, 107
Bartholomew, Bishop 102
Bitton, Matilda de 103
Bitton, Robert de 103
Bitton, Walter de 103
Briwere, Bishop William 102-4
Bronescombe, Bishop 102, 104
Bytton, de, arms 103
Bytton, Thomas de 103
Callard family 107
Canynges family (also Canens) 107
Cary, Robert 107
Chuddeleghe, Johann de 106
Chudleigh arms 105, 107
Chudleigh, Christian 107
Chudleigh family (also Chiderlegh) 104-5, 107
Chudleigh, Sir George Bt 105
Chudleigh, Sir James 107
Chudleigh, Jane 107
Chudleigh, John (also Chidlegh) 105-7
Chudleigh, John jnr 105-6
Chudleigh, Margaret 107
Chudleigh, Margaret (2) 107
Cockington de, arms 105
Cockington de, family 107
Cockington, Roger de 106
Cockworthy arms 105
Compton de, arms 105
Compton family 106
Comptone, William de 106
Cresswell, Miss Beatrix F 101-2
Dennet, Dr Richard 101
Edward III 105
Ferrers, Alice 104-6
Ferrers family 104
Ferrers, Sir Fulk de 104-5
Ferrers, Gilbert de 104
Ferrers, Lucy 104
Folyot, Lucy (also Foliot) 104
Folyot, Richard 104
Gilbert family 105
Grandisson, Bishop 102
Hastings, Emmota de 103
Helion de, Alice 104
Helion de, family 104-5, 107
Helion, Herveius de 103-4
Helion, Sir Hervey de 104
Helion, Robert de 103-5
Helyun, Robert de 104
Helyun, Robert de jnr 104
Holcombe family 107
Lysons, Messrs 105-6
Nonant, Sir James 107
Nonant, Jane 107
Oliver, Rev Dr 102, 104
Plympton, Abbot Simon de 106
Powlet, Christian 107
Powlet, Sir Nicholas 107
Prouz family (also Le Pruz) 104-5
Pruz, Alice le 106
Pruz, Richard le 105-6
Pruz, Thomasine le 105-6
Pruz, William le 104-6
Pyl, Rev Robert de 102
Reichel, Rev O J 104
Richard, Abbot 106
Rogers, Mr W H H 102
Rupibus, Bishop Peter de 103
Stourton, Margaret 107
Stourton, William 107
Tanner family 107
Tremayne, John 107
Tremayne, Margaret 107
Trethek family 107
Trevernves family 107
Winchester, Bishop of 103
Wise, Margaret 107
Wise, Oliver 107
Wyke arms 105