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Aveton Giffard Church

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries Vol. 4, no. 1, (1906). pp. 13-15.


Maxwell Adams

Prepared by Michael Steer

The parish church of St Andrew at Aveton Gifford has been described by W. G. Hoskins as 'one of the oldest and most interesting churches in Devon'. It was largely a cruciform building with a central tower and was completed in about 1250. In 1942 it was, in the church log, said to be 'well cared for'. In the following year it was almost destroyed in a raid by a group of German fighter bombers. It was rebuilt by 1957, but subsequent structural problems led to the tower being reduced to two thirds of its original height. However, the two-story porch survived, with its richly moulded 13th-century doorways. Maxwell Adam's well illustrated article is a treasure trove of information about the furnishings and memorials in the wonderful old building before the tragedy. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the University of Michigan Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books or from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.
Amery, Mr John Sparke 1
Bastard, Mr B J P 8
Bastard family 8
Berry, Clarissa 8
Berry family 8
Berry, John 8, 10
Blakeford, Sir John de 5
Brantyngham, Bishop 10
Bronescombe, Bishop 9
Burleston, William 10
Cardinan, Andrew 4
Cardinan family 5
Cardinan, Isolda 4
Cardinan, Robert de 4
Cardinan, Robert the younger 4
Carswille, Robert (clerk) 9
Clement V, Pope 8
Collins, ___ 6
Collins, Phillis 6
Coppleston, Gertrude 6
Coppleston, John 6
Damarell, Alice 8
Damarell, Clarissa 8
Damarell, Joan 8
Damarell, Sir John (also Damarle) 8-10
Daumarle, Dame Alice 5
Daumarle, Isabella 10
Davidson, J 2
Durnford, Joan 8
Durnford, John 8
Edward I 8
Edward II 8
Edward III 8
Foliford, Henry 5, 10
Foliforde, Sir Clemen de 9
Froude, Mary 6
Froude, Phillis 6, 9
Froude, Robert 6, 9
Froude, Robert Hurrell 8-9
Giffard, William 8
Grandisson, Bishop 5, 9
Hankeford, Richard 5, 10
Harris arms 6
Harris, John 6
Harris, John snr 6
Henry III 8
Hereward, Sir Thomas (clerk) 9
Hingeston-Randolph, Rev Prebendary 4-5, 8-9
Honetone, Sir Peres de 9
Honychurch arms 5
Honychurch, Arthur Germyn 6
Honychurch, Elizabeth 6
Honeychurch, Elizabeth jnr 6
Honychurch family 5
Honychurch, Worshipfull Henry Esq 5-6
Honychurch, Henry jnr 6
Honychurch, Worshipfull John Esq 5-6
Honychurch, John jnr 6
Honychurch, Mary 6
Humphrey, vicar 9
Hurrell family 9
Hurrell, Gertrude 6
Hurrell, John 6
Hurrell, Rev John 6
Hurrell, Phillis 6, 9
Hurrell, Phillis jnr 6
Hurrell, Richard 6, 9
Hurrell, Rev Thomas 6
Isabella, Queen 8
Jelle, Richard 10
Jode, Sir William (priest) 9
Juhelfyete, John 10
Kylkenny, William de 9
Lacche, John 5, 10
Lackington, Edward 6
Lackington, Elizabeth 6
Leuedeston, Thomas 5
Lynton, de (chantry), also de Lynstone 2-4
Lyntone de, family 5
Lyntone, Henry de 4-5
Morcestre, Richard le 9
Mules, Dame Alice de (also Moeles) 8-9
Mules, Alice jnr 8
Mules, Sir Roger de (also Moeles) 8-9
Nassyngtone, Master Thomas de 9
Oliver, Dr 4, 8
Parsons family 7
Pearce, Mr 8
Pitman, Augusta Louisa Daniel 7
Pitman, Catherine 7
Pitman, Catherine Susanna 7
Pitman, James 7
Pitman, Thomas Daniel 7
Pitman, W D 7
Pitman, William Parr 7
Pole, Sir William 8
Prous, Alice 8
Prous, William 8
Prouz, Sir William le, Kt 9
Quivil, Bishop Peter 4-5
Risdon, Tristram 8
Rowe, Mr J Brooking 2
Sancto Gorono, Richard de 9
Savery arms 7
Savery, Christopher Esq 7
Savery, Christopher Wise 7
Savery, Johan 7
Savery, Mary 7
Savery, Servington 7
Savery, Stephen 7
Savery, William Edmunds 7
Servington arms 7
Servington, Johan 7
Servington, John 7
Stafford, Bishop 5, 8, 10
Stapeldon, Mabilla 8
Stapeldon, Bishop Walter de 8-9
Stapeldon, William de 8
Tracy, Isolda de 4
Tracy, Thomas de 4
Tremayn, Nicholas 5, 10
Tremayn, Thomas LLB 10
Tucker, Francis 6
Tucker, Gertrude 6
Vaggescombe, Sir Robert 10
Vaughan, Rev Benjamin Kerr 7
Vaughan, Rev Edward DD 7
Westcote 8
Wolhay, John 10
Wolleghe, William de 9
Woollcombe family 8
Woollcombe, Archdeacon 8
Wybbury, Sir Symon de 9
Wytloff, John 10