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compiled by

Rev. C.C.Shaw, M.A.

Published by Rev. C.C.Shaw. M.A.

The text above is taken from the title page - Shaw himself used "compiled by" rather than "written by". There is no claim to copyright in the book. Shaw died in the 1970s and was unmarried. I do not know how to contact his estate to seek permission to produce this index.

The entries are made exactly as in the book. I have made no attempt to correct even obvious typographical errors, nor to introduce modern spellings for place names. All names are included, even those from outside Devon. Most of the place names are of farms or hamlets within the parish but many are not.

The short notes about the event in question are usually my own precis of what is being described. They should not be relied on for drawing conclusions. Readers should refer to the original book for full details.

This index includes 1700 personal name entries, of which 1513 contain dates and 384 contain place information.

This index compiled by Chris Burgoyne 1/1/2000

A page linking to my transcription project for the Aveton Gifford Parish registers is available at:- http://www-civ.eng.cam.ac.uk/cjb/agrecord.htm

Index Format: Personal name;Place;Date;Event;Page No.

---, Edward;;1695;signed indenture;54
---, Humphrey;;1251;Chaplain;22
---, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
---, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
---, Walter;;;"the Chaplain" - possible early reference to Walter de Stapledon;11
---, William;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Adam, Arthur;;1624;paid church rate;48
Adam, Martyn;;1622;paid church rate;46
Adam, Martyn;;1624;paid church rate;48
Adams, J.;;1874;attended meeting;75
Adams, James;Higher Stadbury;1894;Elected to first parish council;77
Adams, James;Stadbury;1902;Churchwarden;64
Adams, Margaret, widow;;1561;tenant;42
Adams, Martin;Lewhill;1631;tenant;43
Adams, Mr F;;1895;Contracted to do Masons work for pump;77
Adams, Mr Jas;;1902;Made coronation gift;86
Adams, Mr Maxwell;;1906;Author of article in "Devon Notes and Queries, Vol IV";6
Adams, Mr T;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Adams, Thomas junior;;1894;Stood in first parish council election;77
Adams, Wm.;Harraton Inn;1850;Publican;73
Aethelwulf;;846;King of West Saxons. Grant of charter to himself;2
Alwin, Abbott;Ashford;;held Ashford in King Edward's time;33
Ameson, Arthur G J;;1914;Lt Cmdr RN. Memorial in church;14
Ameson, Isabel;;;wife of Arthur, 2nd da of A Pitman;14
Amyalt, Ed;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Amyatt, John;;1678;Rector;24
Andrewe, John;Brounston;1560;;44
Andrews, Rd Coulton;;1894;Deputy Returning Officer for first parish council election;77
Anthony, R.;;1874;attended meeting;75
Asford, Thomas de;Ashford;1283;Chaplain, held Ashford leased to son;33
Attry, Gregory;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Atwill, Robert;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Atwill, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;48
Atwill, William;;1624;paid church rate;48
Aueton, William de;;1230;;28
Bachiler, Rogerus;;1427;Rector of Churstow, left money to build bridge;4
Baker, Frederick George;;1950;Memorial Lectern;16
Baker, John;;1624;paid church rate;47
Baker, Mr;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Balkwill, H;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Balkwill, H.;;1926;Churchwarden;65
Balkwill, Henry J;;1945;Name on war memorial;89
Ball, Emmanuell;;1624;paid church rate;48
Ball, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Ball, John senior;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Ball, Richard;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Ball, Richarde;;1624;paid church rate;48
Ball, Robert;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Ball, Thos;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Ball, William;Heathfield;1605;fined;37
Bancheclarke, William;;1624;paid church rate;48
Barnard, Francis;;1646;Rector;23
Barnard, Francis;;;Rector;26
Barnard, Francis;;;held Aveton in Civil War;51
Barnes, Mr;;1948;Bequest for Purdy grave;18
Barons, Henry;;1764;owners paying rent;58
Bartlett, James;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Bartlett, W;;1953;Headteacher;81
Bastard family;;;Held lordship of the manor;87
Bastard, Henry;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Bastard, Johan, widow;;1561;tenant;42
Bastard, John;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Bastard, John;;1622;paid church rate;46
Bastard, John;;1628;Churchwarden;60
Bastard, Joseph;;1710;Churchwarden;82
Bastard, Joseph;;1711;Churchwarden;60
Bastard, Thomas;;1546;Licensed to be chantry priest;20
Bastard, Thomas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Bastard, Thomas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Bastard, Thomas, Clerk;;1546;appointed to de Lyntone Chantry;21
Bastard, William;;1561;planned Salmon hatch;45
Bastard, William;Garston;1638;Lord of Manor. Built salmon trap;5
Bastard, William;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Bastard, William, esq;;1622;paid church rate;46
Bastard, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Bastarde, Marye;;1624;paid church rate;47
Bateman, Ann;;;Sister-in-law and business partner of Peter Bateman;84
Bateman, Hester;;;Mother of Peter Bateman;83
Bateman, Jonathan;;1790;Died, brother of Peter Bateman;84
Bateman, Jonathan;;;Silversmith, London. Father of Peter Bateman;83
Bateman, Peter;;1562;Made bequest;83
Bateman, Peter;;1825;Died;84
Batesford, John de;;1297;;38
Batyn, Alfred;;1293;witness to agreement;35
Bays, William le;;1283;witnessed lease;33
Beaumont, John;;1494;Instituted rector;22
Bellchambers, J K;;;Wrote about Devonshire Clockmakers;58
Berry, Clarissa;;1403;widow of John;32
Berry, John;;;married into Damarel family;32
Bertie, A.W.J.;;1957;Rector;66
Bertie, Arthur William Johnton;;1957;Rector;25
Bertie, Mrs;;;wife of rector - illness;92
Bertie, Revd A W J;;;Rector;92
Best, C;;1877;attended meeting;75
Best, T C;;1874;attended meeting;75
Bigbury, John de;;1305;Witnessed charter;31
Blakeford, Sir John;;1348;appointed to de Lyntone Chantry;21
Blaker, Nicholas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Bond, C H;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Bond, Mr;;;Butcher, owned first motor van;86
Boultbee, Miss;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Boultbee, Mrs;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Boultbee, Rev;;1922;Sold Glebe land;88
Boultbee, Rev;;;Rector;87
Boultbee, Thom. F.;;1916;Rector;64
Boultbee, Thomas Francis;;1916;Rector;24
Boultbee, Thomas Francis;;1925;Memorial in Church;14
Bound, Richard;Heath;1622;paid church rate;46
Bound, Thomas;Pt of Ports Chiliton;1764;owners paying rent;58
Bounde, Stephen;Heathfield;1605;;37
Bouster, Rd.;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;31
Bowbery, Richard;;1711;Signed gift;82
Bowden, Miss;;;Donor of processional cross;15
Bowden, Mr W H;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Bowden, Mr W H;;;Donor of Alms dish;15
Bowden, Mrs;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Bowden, W. H.;Titwell;1917;Churchwarden;64
Bowhay, Graham;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Bowhay, Richard;;1712;Churchwarden;60
Bowhays, Tho;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Bowlam, ---;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Bowman, John;;1622;paid church rate;46
Bowman, John;;1624;paid church rate;47
Bowyville, Jno;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Boyan, William;Galcombe;1650;Creditor of William Lane;52
Boyville, Thomas;;1428;held part of Stadbury;40
Branche, Michael;;1624;paid church rate;48
Braosa, William de;Stadbury;1205;granted half of Stadbury;38
Bridges, Henry;;1847;Patron;24
Brooking, Mr;;1807;Provided dinner for bell ringers on trip to Modbury;12
Brown, Eliz;;1784;mother of Mary;57
Brown, Francis White;;1886;Assistant teacher;80
Brown, Mary;;1784;daughter of Robert and Eliz Brown - drunk;57
Brown, Robert;;1784;father of Mary;57
Browne, Sybell;;1622;paid church rate;46
Brunel;;1837;William Froude became his assistant;59
Bruton, Honeychurch;;1769;Daughter of William. Memorial on floor of church in 1841;14
Bruton, John;;1767;son of William. Memorial on floor of church in 1841;14
Bruton, Mr.;Goodacombe;1764;owners paying rent;57
Bruton, Mrs Mary;;1690;wife of William. Memorial on floor of church in 1841;14
Bruton, William;Chantry;1692;Memorial on floor of church in 1841;14
Bruton, William;Chantry;;;45
Brutton, Mr;Lower Burn;1764;owners paying rent;58
Bufestre, Abbot of;Heathfield;1339;held Hethfeldstone and Batteskesburgh;33
Buggens, William;;1567;Merchant of Totnes. Patron;23
Buggins, Peter;;1567;Deacon;23
Buggins, Peter;;1569;Rector;60
Bulteel, Catherine;Fleet;;wife of James Pitman;71
Bunclerke, Cherity;;1622;paid church rate;46
Buntclerke, Margaret, widow;Heathfield;1574;;37
Burdwoode, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;48
Burgoyne, John;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Burleston, William;;1403;Patron;22
Burner, William;;1884;Assistant teacher;80
Burner, William Henry;;1894;Elected to first parish council;77
Burte, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Cabb, Henry;Bennicke;1695;master of Richard How;54
Calmay, Josias;;1695;signed indenture;54
Came, Mrs;;1893;Assistant teacher;80
Campe, Henrye;;1624;paid church rate;48
Campe, John;;1561;tenant;42
Campe, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Campe, Richard;;1622;paid church rate;46
Campe, Richard;Heath;1622;paid church rate;46
Campe, Richarde;;1624;paid church rate;47
Campion, George;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Cantilupo, William de;Stadbury;1243;owned Stadbury;38
Cantilupo, William de;;1336;;39
Cape W.P.;;1944;Churchwarden;65
Cardinan, Andrew de;;1284;de Lyntone Chantry dedicated to soul of;18
Cardinan, Andrew de;;1297;;38
Cardinan, Andrew de;;;;11
Cardinan, Emma de;;;wife of Robert;19
Cardinan, Isolde;;;da of Andrew;19
Cardinan, Robert;;;Younger brother of Andrew;19
Cardinan, Robert de;;;Received Aveton when he married Emma, grand daughter of Sir Walter Giffard;19
Carie, George;Cockington;1595;enquired about ship money;48
Carswille, Robert;;1358;Instituted rector;22
Carwithan, Tho.;;1772;Curate;60
Carwithan, Thomas;;1772;Curate;24
Cave, William;;1847;Patron;24
Champernon, Sir;;;supporter of Lane in Civil War;51
Champernown, Richarde;;1595;enquired about ship money;48
Champernowne, Sir;;;Royalist during Civil War;5
Chanter;;1924;Survey of church plate;16
Chanter, Preb.;;1924;Surveyed Church Plate;16
Chapell, Richard;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Chappel;;;paid to make path from Tree Corner to Church;57
Chappell, Tho;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Chapple, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;48
Charles I, King;;1638;Patron;23
Chaumbernoun, William de;;1300;;38
Chichester, family;;;held Aveton Gifford and part of Stadbury;32
Chichester, John;;1390;son of John and Thomasine;32
Chichester, John;;1428;Patron;25
Chichester, John;;1540;deceased;21
Chichester, John;Raleigh;;Pardoned by Mary I;26
Chichester, John;;;;32
Chichester, Richard;;1424;son of John, inherited Aveton and Stadbury;32
Chichester, Richard;;1462;declared true patron of de Lyntone Chantry;21
Chichester, Richard;;1463;Sherriff of Devon;33
Chichester, Richard;;;Son of John;25
Chichester, Sir John;;1521;MP for Devon;33
Chichester, Sir John;Ralegh;1547;MP for Devon;40
Chichestre, John;;1428;held part of Stadbury;40
Chichestre, John, Esq;;1554;Patron;23
Chichestre, Sir Richard;;1464;Patron;22
Cholwich, John;Court Barton;1828;;70
Cholwich, Thomas Sparke;;1828;brother of John.;70
Christie, J.P.;;1950;Headteacher;81
Chubb, Bertha Agnes Hurrell;;1877;Assistant teacher;80
Chubb, Edward;;1850;Tailor;74
Chubb, John;;1850;Tailor;74
Churchill, Sir Winston;;;Tree planted in memory of;96
Clark, Mrs R;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Clark, Mrs Rhoda;;1930;Bequest;18
Clarke, Dr Norman;;;Bishop of Plymouth - at reconsecration;94
Clarke, Miss K M;;;Quoted opinion on font;9
Clarke, R J B;;1951;Trustee of Memorial Hall;90
Cleefe, John;;1622;paid church rate;46
Cleefe, Robert;Heath;1622;paid church rate;46
Cleife, John;;1624;thilder (the elder?);47
Cleife, John the elder;;1623;Churchwarden;60
Cleiffe, John;;1624;paid church rate;47
Cleiffe, Robert;;1624;paid church rate;47
Clement V, Pope;;;Stapeldon Chaplain to;10
Clerk, John the;;1283;son of Thomas de Ashford;33
Clifford, Anthony;;1674;Rector;23
Clyffe, Jno;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Clyffe, Robert;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Coite, John;;1641;Churchwarden;60
Cole, Ciserlye;Weare Down;1563;wife of John. tenant;43
Cole, Elizabeth;;1622;paid church rate;46
Cole, Henry;Chilleton;1689;Tenant;84
Cole, John;Weare Down;1563;tenant;43
Cole, John;Exon;1624;made donation;47
Cole, John;Stockadon;1789;Churchwarden;61
Cole, John;;1821;Possessed charity land;83
Cole, John;;1850;Maltster;73
Cole, John;;;Churchwarden;59
Cole, John;Chillerton;;churchwarden to Vaughan for 38 years;69
Cole, Owen;;;Tenant of Crispins Gift;84
Cole, Richard;Weare Down;1563;tenant. Son of John;43
Cole, Richard;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Cole, Richard;;1622;paid church rate;46
Cole, Richard;;1624;paid church rate;47
Cole, Roger;;1622;churchwarden;46
Cole, Roger;Chillerton;1622;Churchwarden;60
Cole, Roger;;1624;paid church rate;48
Cole, Stephen;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Cole, Stephen;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Cole, Stephen;Chillerton;1745;Churchwarden;60
Cole, Stephen;Chilliton;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cole, Stephen;Goodwill;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cole, Stephen;Collings Tenement;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cole, Stephen;Chillerton;1766;Churchwarden;60
Cole, Stephen;Chilleton;;Controls "Elliots Gift";82
Colling, Richard;;1622;paid church rate;46
Colling, Richard;;1622;paid church rate;46
Collings, Johan;;1561;Wife of Joseph. Tenant;42
Collings, Joseph;;1561;tenant;42
Collings, Robert;;1561;Son of Joseph. Tenant;42
Collings, William;;1695;overseer of the poor;54
Collins, Phillis;;1747;wife of Richard Hurrell, died - mentioned on tablet;59
Collyn, Joseph;;1546;bought land;43
Collyn, Robert;Heathfield;1574;fined for trespass;37
Collyn, Walter;Heathfield;1574;fined for trespass;37
Collyngs, Stephen;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Collyns, father of Henry;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Collyns, Henry;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Collyns, Joseph junior;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Collyns, Richard;;1597;leased land from Susan Costerd;43
Collyns, Richard;;1624;paid church rate;48
Comb, Michael de;;1305;Witnessed charter;31
Cook, Thos.;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;31
Coope, Rev Frank Egerton;;1913;Wrote book about Thurlestone;50
Copelstone, Christopher;;1546;Patron of chantry;20
Copleston, John;;1439;late escreator;40
Coplestone, Amos;;1709;tried to obtain patronage;26
Coplestone, Christopher, Knight;;1546;patron of de Lyntone Chantry;21
Coplestone, John;;1504;patron of de Lyntone Chantry;21
Copp, William;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Copplestone, John;Bowden;;father of Gertrude Hurrell - mentioned on tablet;59
Coppyn, Johanna, widow;Heathfield;1574;;36
Corbyn, Robert;;1309;witness to agreement;35
Corher?, Arthur;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Cornish, Andrew;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Cory, John;;1680;Rector;60
Cory, John LLB;;1689;Rector;24
Costard, Peter;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Costard, Richard;;1542;held Lower Tetwyll;34
Costard, Richard;;1562;Granted land;83
Costerd, Edward;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Costerd, John;Grist Mills;1615;;43
Costerd, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Costerd, John, deceased;;1597;built mills;43
Costerd, Richard;;1561;tenant, bought land;42
Costerd, Richard;;1563;Bought land;26
Costerd, Richard;;1569;Churchwarden;60
Costerd, Richard;;1622;paid church rate;46
Costerd, Robert;;1622;paid church rate;46
Costerd, Roger;;1624;paid church rate;47
Costerd, Roger, Gent;;1585;Patron;23
Costerd, Susan, widow;;1597;leased land;43
Costerde, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Coulton, Richard;Burrough;1764;owners paying rent;57
Coulton, Richard;Damarels Combe;1764;owners paying rent;57
Coulton, Richard;Clanabery;1764;owners paying rent;57
Coulton, Richard Snr.;;1788;Name on bell cast for Bigbury;12
Courtenay, Edward;;;Earl of Devon. Pardoned by Mary I;26
Courtenay, Thomas;;1440;Earl of Devon. Right of presentation;25
Cove, Catherine, widdow;;1784;died - vault filled with earth;57
Cove, Evans;;1774;died;56
Cove, Mrs;Chantry;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cove, Mrs;Ashford;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cove, Mrs;Daws Tenement;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cove, Mrs;Lewhill;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cove, Mrs;Lower Coombe;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cove, Mrs;Spicers Coombe;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cove, Mrs;Dearhill;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cove, Mrs;Harraton;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cove, Mrs;Efford;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cove, Mrs Ann;Weare Wood;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cove, Mrs Ann;Weardown;1764;owners paying rent;57
Cove, Peter;;1695;churchwarden;54
Cove, Peter;;1695;Churchwarden;60
Cowles, Charles, yeoman;Heathfield;1856;Trustee of school;79
Cowles, Chas;Heathfield;1850;Maltster;73
Cowles, Chas.;Heathfield;1850;Farmer;73
Coyet, John;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Coylt, John;;1624;paid church rate;47
Coyt, John;;1622;paid church rate;46
Coyta, William;;1293;witness to agreement;35
Coyte, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Coyte, Joseph;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Coyte, Lawrence;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Coyte, Roger;;1641;Churchwarden - loyalty protestation;50
Coyte, Thomas;;1622;paid church rate;46
Coyte, Thomas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Coyte, William;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Coyte, William;;1622;paid church rate;46
Coyte, William;;1622;paid church rate;46
Coyte, William;;1624;paid church rate;47
Coyte, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Coytt, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;47
Coytt, William;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Crabbe, Ralph;;1561;tenant;42
Cranch, Mr;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Creswell, Miss Beatrice;;1923;Author of "Notes on Devon Churches, Woodleigh Deanery";6
Crimp, John;;1788;Churchwarden;61
Crimp, John;;1789;Overseer of the poor;82
Crimp, William;;1793;Churchwarden;61
Crispin, Thomas;;1689;Left Bequest;84
Crispyn, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Crite, John;;1641;Churchwarden - Loyalty Protestation;48
Crober, John;Lewhill;1764;owners paying rent;57
Crober, Nicholas;;1744;Churchwarden;60
Crocker, George;;1622;paid church rate;46
Crocker, George;;1624;paid church rate;47
Crocker, John L.;;1867;attended meeting;75
Croppyn, Richard;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Cruyt, Nicholas;;1622;paid church rate;46
Cruyte, Nicholas;;1624;paid church rate;47
Cumb, Nicholas de;;1283;witnessed lease;33
Cumba, Sir John de;;1293;witness to agreement;35
Cuming, John;;1788;Name on bell cast for Bigbury;12
Cuming, John;;1803;Churchwarden;61
Curzon;;;Bishop of Exeter. Rededicated church after bombing;93
Curzon, Bishop of Exeter;;1934;Consecrated extension of churchyard;8
Dadridge, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Dadridge, Richarde;;1624;paid church rate;48
Daimarle, Isabella;Stadbury;1407;Left money for bridge repair;4
Damarel, Alice;;1344;Godmother to Edmund de Stonore;12
Damarel, Isabella;;1407;Will;31
Damarel, Isabella;;;concerned about bridge;32
Damarel, Sir John;;1373;Husband of Alice Mules, Sherriff of Devon;31
Damarel, Sir John;of Fleet;1376;Sherriff of Devon, presented to the living;31
Damarel, Sir John;;1392;died, buried in AG church;31
Damarell, Henry;;1850;Blacksmith;73
Damarell, Mr;;1918;Sold petrol in cans;86
Damarell, Richard;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Damarelle, Edmund;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Damarelle, Jno;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Damarle, Alice;;;daughter of Sir John, married Sir William Prouz;22
Damarle, Alice;;;Sir John's daughter, married William le Prouz;30
Damarle, Alice;;;wife of Sir William Prouz;38
Damarle, Dame Alice;;1345;Patron (da of Alice Mules);22
Damarle, Dame Alice;;1348;patron of de Lyntone Chantry;21
Damarle, Isabella;;1407;Bequest;18
Damarle, Isabella;Stadbury;1407;left Stadbury to her son;39
Damarle, Isabella;;;Patron;25
Damarle, Sir John;;1303;Patron;22
Damarle, Sir John;;1303;Purchased Patronage;25
Damarle, Sir John;Fleet;1358;Patron;22
Damarle, Sir John;;;Purchased Patronage;30
Damarle, Sir John;;;father of Alice;38
Daniel, Augusta Louise;;1871;Mother of Catherine Pitman. Memorial in church;14
Daniel, Mr;;;W D Pitman's father -in-law - said to have built earlier rectory;72
Daniel, Thomas;;1872;Father of Catherine Pitman. Memorial in church;14
Date, John;;1662;court battle with Rector;45
Date, John;Stadbury;;dispute with rector over tithes;67
Daumarle, Alice;Stadbury;1346;held part of Stadbury;39
Davey, Mr Robert;;1893;was asked about water supplies;76
Davey, Robert;;1894;Stood in first parish council election;77
Davey, Thomas Henry;;1894;Stood in first parish council election;77
Davey, Thomas Henry;Waterhead;1931;Left bequest;85
Davidson;;1841;described condition of church;69
Davidson, Mr James;;1840;Author of "Notes on Devon Churches";6
Davies, Dorothy;Stockaton;1764;owners paying rent;57
Davies, Dorothy;Lower Stockaton;1764;owners paying rent;57
Davies, Dorothy;Marsh and Mills;1764;owners paying rent;57
Davies, Dorothy;Horsewills Tenement;1764;owners paying rent;57
Davies, Jeremiah;;1779;Rector, name on bell;12
Davies, Jeremy;;1762;list of occupiers of estates;67
Davies, Jeremy;;1764;Rector;60
Davies, Jeremy;;1783;Rector;61
Davies, Jeremy;;;Rector;56
Davies, Jeremy;;;;69
Davies, Jeremy, MA;;1760;Rector;24
Davies, Jeremy, MA;;1760;Married Dorothy Lane;24
Davies, John;;1778;Curate;24
Davies, John;;1779;Clerk;60
Davies, John;;1782;Curate;61
Davies, Mrs;Pt. Cornishes;1764;owners paying rent;58
Davies, Robert;;1776;Curate;24
Davies, Robert;;1776;Curate;60
Davy, Robert;Church House;1850;Publican;73
Daw, G;Modbury;;Printer;75
Daw, Walter;;1850;Farmer;73
Dawe, Benett;;1624;paid church rate;48
Daws, Jn;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Daws, Jno;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Dawson, Preb;;;Rector, started reconstruction of church;95
Dawson, Rev Piers;;;Met Patron on train in India;91
Dawson, Rev W A P;;;Rector at rededication of church;93
Dawson, Rev W A P;;;Allowed construction of a hut;90
Dawson, W.A.P.;;1946;Rector;65
Dawson, William Athelstan Pierpoint;;;Memorial furnishings in chapel;15
Dawson, William Athelston;;1946;Rector;25
Delabere, John;;1440;Rector;26
Denbow, Wm;;1850;Farmer;73
Denton, Frederick;;;Headteacher;80
Denton, Frederick John;;1902;Schoolmaster;79
Denton, Mr;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Denton, Mrs;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Devon, Earl of;;1440;Patron (for Richard Chichester, minor);22
Dicker;;;Maker of orginal church organ;9
Diming, Margery;;;Held land to north west of glebe land;55
Dinant, Oliver de;;;Received Cardinan;19
Dingle, Thos.;;1850;Farmer;73
Dinham, Robert de;;;Possible alias for Robert de Cardinan;19
Diskin, Walter;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Disten, William;;1624;paid church rate;48
Dixton, Sir Nicholas;;1540;;21
Dobell, John;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Dobell, John;;;Owned first motor cycle;86
Dobell, John Willett, Lt RN;;1919;Memorial Altar Cross;16
Doltyn, John;;1554;Rector;23
Doltyn, John;;1554;Patron;23
Drewe, Walter;;1624;paid church rate;48
Duncan, Edm.;;1660;Rector of Awton Gifford (disputed);53
Duncan, Edmund, DCL;;1660;petitioned King;26
Dunning, Mr.;Part of Cornishes;1764;owners paying rent;57
Dunstan;;962;Archbishop of Canterbury. Signatory to Hiwisce Charter;2
Dynham, Emma;;;Friend of Stapeldon;11
Dynham, Emma;Court Barton;;Robert's wife;30
Dynham, Oliver de;;1297;;38
Dynham, Robert;;1294;Patron;22
Dynham, Robert;;;married Emma Widworthy;29
Dynham, Robert;Court Barton;;;30
Dynham, Sir Robert;;;Friend of Stapeldon;11
Dynham, Sir Robert;;;granted a market and two fairs;29
Earwalker, D.;Lower Idston;1966;Churchwarden;66
Edgar;;962;King of the Angles. Hiwisce Charter;2
Edgecombe, A.R.;Glenavon;1966;Churchwarden;66
Edgecombe, George;;1894;Elected to first parish council;77
Edgecombe, John;;1698;Rector;24
Edgecombe, John;;1780;Churchwarden;60
Edgecombe, John, Sen.;Plymouth;1698;Patron. Merchant;24
Edgecombe, Mr Rd;;1850;inhabitant;73
Edgecombe, Richard;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Edgecombe, Robert;;1896;Appointed organ blower;76
Edgecombe, Wm;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Edwardes, Agnes;Ashford;1561;Wife of George. Tenant;42
Edwardes, George;Ashford;1561;tenant;42
Edwards, James;;1867;approved as overseer of the poor;75
Edwards, John;;1504;appointed to de Lyntone Chantry;21
Edwards, John;;1641;Constable - Loyalty Protestation;48
Edwards, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Edwards, John;;1641;Constable - loyalty protestation;50
Edwards, John;Chubbs;1821;Possessed charity land;83
Efford, John;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Egbeare, Richarde;;1624;paid church rate;48
Eliote, Richard;;1622;paid church rate;46
Eliott, William;;1464;Instituted rector;22
Eliotte, George;;1622;paid church rate;46
Eliotte, John, widow;;1622;paid church rate;46
Elizabeth;;1562;"our Most Sereen Lady". Patron;23
Elliot, John;;1745;Gave money for the poor;82
Elliote, William;;1622;paid church rate;46
Elliott, Arthur;;1680;Churchwarden;60
Elliott, Geo.;Lower Wizaller;1764;owners paying rent;57
Elliott, John;Heathfield;1574;owed service;36
Elliott, Lawrence;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Elliott, Phillippe;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Elliott, Richard;Chubs;1764;owners paying rent;58
Elliott, Richard;;1850;Mason;74
Elliott, T.L.;;1867;attended meeting;75
Elliott, Thomas;;1867;approved as overseer of the poor;75
Elliott, Thomas L.;;1850;Farmer;73
Elliott, Thomas Lakeman;Babland;1856;Trustee of school;78
Elliott, Thomas Lakeman the younger;Babland;1856;Trustee of school;78
Ellis, J.;;1874;attended meeting;75
Ellis, John;;1850;Corn Miller;73
Ellis, Miss;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Ellis, Miss E;;;Gave hut for use by Women's Institute;90
Ellis, Mr J;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Ellis, Mr J;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Ellis, Mr John;;1894;(deceased) thanks recorded for his efforts as assistant overseer;76
Ellis, Mr T;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Ellis, Mr T J;;1902;Made coronation gift;86
Ellis, Mr Thomas James;;1894;elected assistant overseer of the poor;76
Ellis, Mrs;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Ellis, Thomas J;;1902;Secretary of Coronation Cttee;86
Ellis, Thomas James;;1895;Clerk to first parish council;77
Ellis, Wm;;1850;inhabitant;73
Ellyott, Arthur;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Ellyott, Henry;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Ellyott, Hugh;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Ellyott, Jno;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Ellyott, John;;1624;paid church rate;47
Ellyott, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Ellyott, Peter;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Ellyott, Richard;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Ellyott, William;;1624;paid church rate;47
Ellyott, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Ellyott, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Elson, James;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Elston, Mrs;;1943;Injured in bombing;89
Elyott, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Elys, William;;1540;Curate;23
Evans, Jn;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Evans, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Evans, Mrs Conway;;1946;Patron;25
Evans, Mrs Conway;;;present holder of patronage;27
Evans, Mrs Conway;;;inherited advowson - lent papers;71
Evans, Mrs Conway;;;Met Dawson on train in India;91
Evans, Roger;Heathfield;1605;fined for keeping a destructive dog;37
Ewen, James;;1624;paid church rate;47
Ewen, Roger;;1624;paid church rate;47
Ewenes, Yarnes;;1622;paid church rate;46
Ewing, W;;1958;Headteacher;81
Exton, James de;;1305;Witnessed charter;31
Fairweather, Mr John;Holscombe;1684;Paid annuity;82
Fairweather, Mr John;Malborough;1821;Possessed charity land;83
Farr, Mrs;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Ferrers, William de;;;2nd husband of Isolde de Cardinan;19
Ferrys, Hugh de, knight;;1305;Witnessed charter;31
Finney, Thomas, BA;;1760;Rector;24
Flaishmonde, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;48
Flerhman, Thomas;;1622;paid church rate;46
Flexmore, Handel Joseph;;;Memorial Pyx;15
Foleford, Henry;;1403;Patron;22
Foleforde, Henry;;1439;deceased;40
Foliford, Hy.;;1406;patron of de Lyntone Chantry;21
Foliforde, Sir Clement de;;1332;Instituted rector;22
Foot, Charles J;;1876;Assistant teacher;80
Ford;;;held Ringmore in Civil War;51
Ford, Geo;Woolots;1764;owners paying rent;57
Fortescue, Thomas;;1540;patron of de Lyntone Chantry;21
Foster, Richarde;;1624;paid church rate;47
Fowell, Arthur, esq;Heathfield;1605;fined;37
Fox, Dr;;1918;One of first car owners;86
Foxwourthy, John;;1622;paid church rate;46
Frende;Heath;1622;paid church rate;46
Friend, Charles;;1867;approved as overseer of the poor;75
Frith, Mr R H;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Frost, Robert;;1839;Falsely accused of stealing by Walter Macey;74
Froude, James Anthony;;;son of Robert, historian;59
Froude, Margaret Ashford;;1813;Gift of silver to church;15
Froude, Mary;;1839;2nd daughter of Robert and Phillis Hurrell, died aged 71 - mentioned on tablet;59
Froude, Mrs M A;;1862;Made bequest;82
Froude, Mrs Phillis;Lixton;1821;Possessed charity land;83
Froude, Richard;;;son of Robert, leader of tractarian movement;59
Froude, Robert;Post Office;1828;Churchwarden;62
Froude, Robert;;1839;Witnessed statement by Walter Macey;74
Froude, Robert;;1843;collected tithes for Vaughan;67
Froude, Robert;Post Office;1850;Grocer & Insurance Agent;73
Froude, Robert;;1850;Shopkeeper;74
Froude, Robert;;1856;Witnessed school contract;78
Froude, Robert Hurrel;Wakeham;1795;born;59
Froude, Susanna L;;1876;Assistant teacher;80
Froude, William;;;son of Robert, engineer;59
Frouile, Arthur;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Frouile, father of Arthur;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Frowile, Henry;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Frowile, Henry;Heathfield;1574;fined for trespass;37
Gaie, John;;1624;paid church rate;47
Gaie, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Gaie, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Gaie, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;47
Galsworthie, Nicholas;;1624;paid church rate;48
Gambon, Thomas;;1420?;Instituted rector;22
Garland, Edw.;;1877;attended meeting;75
Garland, Edward;;1867;attended meeting;75
Garland, Edward;Stockadon;1881;Churchwarden;63
Garland, Mr E;;1874;attended meeting;75
Garland, R.L;;1877;attended meeting;75
Garland, Rich. Lew.;Ley;1870;Churchwarden;63
Gay, Anthony;;1622;paid church rate;46
Gay, Anthony;Stockadon;1624;churchwarden;47
Gay, Anthony;Stockaton;1625;Churchwarden;60
Gay, Joan;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;32
Gay, John, gent;Lixton;1622;paid church rate;46
Gay, Thomas;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;31
Gay, Thomas;;1622;paid church rate;46
Gaye, John;Stokedon;1562;Son of Thomas (deceased). bought land;43
Gaye, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Gaye, John, sen;;1622;paid church rate;46
Gayne, William;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;32
Gearell, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Gibbe, James, yeoman;Lower Wakeham;1562;bought land;42
Giffard family;;;Held Avetone;28
Giffard, Alexander;;1240;Distinguished in Crusade;3
Giffard, Cecily;;;sister of Sir Walter;29
Giffard, Godfrey;;;Bishop of Winchester;3
Giffard, Hardinge F.;;1902;Reference to paper about village name;2
Giffard, Hugh;;1235;Constable to the Tower;3
Giffard, Richard;;;Justiciary under Henry I;3
Giffard, Rohaise;;;sister of Sir Walter;29
Giffard, Sir Walter;;1251;Patron;22
Giffard, Sir Walter;;;;19
Giffard, Sir William;;1135;Son of William;28
Giffard, Walter;;1135;gave Coombe to Plympton Priory;34
Giffard, Walter;;1155;Held Avetone;28
Giffard, Walter;;;Patriarch of Giffard family;3
Giffard, Walter;;;Archbishop of York;3
Giffard, Walter II;;1242;Succeeded to Avetone;29
Giffard, William;;1135;Held Avetone;28
Giffard, William;;;Bishop of Winchester;3
Giffard, William II;;1183;Held Avetone;28
Gill, H S;;;wrote about local coins;53
Giss, Mr;Pt of Ports Chiliton;1764;owners paying rent;58
Glyot, John;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Goode, Richard;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Goss, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Grant, Miss Marion;;;Designer of west window glass;13
Granville, John;Heathfield;1673;Earl of Bath, bought Heathfield;37
Graunt, William de;;1300;;38
Gray, Andrew;;1695;signed indenture;54
Green, C.E.G.;;1951;Rector;65
Green, Charles Everitt Gerald;;1951;Rector;25
Green, James;;;Description of bridge;4
Green, Mrs;;;Wife of Rector;92
Green, Rev C E G;;;Rector at reconsecration;94
Green, Revd;;;Rector, came from Marldon;92
Groste, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Grym, John;;1407;Vicar of Holbeton, mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;31
Haies, Michael;;1624;paid church rate;48
Haies, William;;1624;paid church rate;48
Hallett, Mr Cyril;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Hallett, William;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Halswyll, Rd;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;32
Hammond, William;;1440;Rector;25
Hamounde, William;;1440;Instituted rector;22
Hankeford, Rd.;;1406;patron of de Lyntone Chantry;21
Hankeford, Richard;;1403;Patron;22
Hankeforde, Richard;;1423;Sherriff of Devon, had married Stapeldon heiress;40
Hankeforde, Richard;;1439;deceased;40
Hannaford, Mary Elizabeth;;1880;Assistant teacher;80
Hannaford, Miss;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Hardy, Bessie;;1877;Assistant teacher;80
Hare, Will;Bennick;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hare, Will;Brimhill;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hare, Will;Polston Park;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hare, Will;Verse;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hare, Will;Reedley;1764;owners paying rent;57
Harebert, Andrew;;1343;;43
Harebert, Richard;;1343;Son of Andrew;43
Harris, George;Heathfield;1605;fined for keeping a destructive dog;37
Harris, George;;1773;Gave interest;82
Harris, George;;1894;Stood in first parish council election;77
Harris, Hugh;Stadbury;1536;bought Lixton;36
Harris, Hugh;;1561;tenant;42
Harris, Hugh;;1563;Bought Stadbury;26
Harris, Hugh;;1563;bought part of Stadbury;40
Harris, Hugh;Stadbury;1563;bought land;43
Harris, Hugh;;1745;churchwarden;41
Harris, Hugh;Stadbury;1745;Churchwarden;60
Harris, Hugh;Higher Stadbury;1764;owners paying rent;57
Harris, Hugh;Lixton;1764;owners paying rent;58
Harris, Hugh;Stadbury;1798;Churchwarden;61
Harris, J;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Harris, John;Stadbury;1705;son of John, died aged 17;41
Harris, John;;1711;Signed gift;82
Harris, John;Lixton;1850;Farmer;73
Harris, John the elder;;1624;paid church rate;47
Harris, John the younger;;1624;paid church rate;47
Harris, John, jun;;1622;paid church rate;46
Harris, John, sen;;1622;paid church rate;46
Harris, Mr Hugh;Stodbury;;Controls "Elliots Gift";82
Harris, Mrs;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Harris, Mrs Eliz;;1794;summoned before Manor Court;69
Harris, Mrs Grace;Vorse;1764;owners paying rent;57
Harris, Mrs Grace;Collings Tenement;1764;owners paying rent;57
Harris, Mrs Jane;;1784;Gave money;82
Harris, Peter;Lower Stadbury;1764;owners paying rent;57
Harris, Richard;;1622;paid church rate;46
Harris, Richard;Lixton;1622;paid church rate;46
Harris, Stephen;;1802;Paid for gravel;4
Harris, Stephen;;1830;Paid for gravel;4
Harris, Thomas;;1624;sidesman;47
Harris, Thomas;;1780;Churchwarden;60
Harrys, George;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Harrys, George;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Harrys, Hugh;Stadbury;1569;Churchwarden;60
Harrys, Hugh;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Harrys, Jno;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Harrys, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Harrys, Richard;Lixton;1624;paid church rate;47
Harrys, Richard;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Harrys, Richard;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Harrys, Roger;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Harrys, Tho;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Harrys, Tho;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Harrys, Tho senior;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Harrys, Thomas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Harrys, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Harward, Thomas;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Harwedaton, William de;;1283;witnessed lease;33
Harweton, John de;;1309;witness to agreement;35
Harwodeton, William de;;1293;witness to agreement;35
Harwood, John;;1794;summoned before Manor Court;70
Harwood, Wm.;Lixton & Distins;1764;owners paying rent;57
Harwoode, Edwarde;;1624;paid church rate;48
Harwoode, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;48
Harys, Geo;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Harys, Thomas senior;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Hatche, Adam de;;1305;(or Hatthe) Witnessed charter;31
Hatche, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Hayes, Henry;;1546;of Newton Bushell, dyer, sold land;43
Hayes, Jeram;;1561;tenant;42
Hayes, Jno;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Haylegh, Alice de;;1305;;31
Haylegh, Henry;;1305;Son of Alice de. Witnessed charter;31
Hayne, John;;1744;Curate;56
Haynes, Ed;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Haynes, Richard;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Hayward, Stella;;1943;Injured in bombing (aged 8);89
Heale, Thomas;;1595;enquired about ship money;48
Hearne, Thomas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Hele, John;Heath;1636;of weare, bought land;43
Hele, Thomas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Hellier, Tho.;Ashford;1764;owners paying rent;58
Hellyer, Frederick;;;Baker - had first electricity supply;87
Hems, Harry;;;Report on screens;18
Henry VI, King;;1440;Presented the living;26
Hereward, Sir Thomas;;1310;Instituted rector;22
Herswell, Henry;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Hesket, Thomas;;1711;Rector;60
Hesket, Thomas;;1759;list of the Poor Rate;67
Hesket, Thomas;;;Rector;55
Hesket, Thomas, MA;;1709;Rector;24
Heuet, Roger, M.A.;;1513;Rector;23
Hext, Allen;;1695;churchwarden;54
Hext, Allen;;1695;Churchwarden;60
Heyham, Roger de;;1297;;38
Heyham, Roger de;;1300;judge at Exeter;38
Heyle, Nicholas;;1542;of Cornwoode;34
Hill, Abraham;Part of Torr;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hill, Oliver;;1563;Had land next to Stadbury;40
Hill, Wm.;Lixton;1764;owners paying rent;58
Hillary, Robert;Heathfield;1605;fined;37
Hilston, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Hind, Robert;Loddiswell;;Carpenter. Paid to break ground in the church.;57
Hingeston, John;;1624;paid church rate;47
Hingston, Adw.;Ashford;1850;Farmer;73
Hingston, Andrew;Ashford;1856;Yeoman. Trustee of school;78
Hingston, Arthur;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Hingston, Ed.;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Hingston, Hugh;Edwards Burrough;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hingston, Hugh;Mumfords;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hingston, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Hingston, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Hingston, Mr G;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Hingston, Roger;;1641;Constable - Loyalty Protestation;48
Hingston, Roger;;1641;Constable - loyalty protestation;50
Hingston, Roger;;1661;Sold Hingston Marsh;5
Hingston, widdowe;;1622;paid church rate;46
Hingston, William;;1622;paid church rate;46
Hingston-Randolph, Preb.;;;Note about de Lyntone chantry;19
Hingston-Randolph, Preb.;;;wrote about Clarissa Berry;32
Hoare, Hugh;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Hockridge, Mrs Mary;;1931;Bequest;18
Hodder, Lt P C;;1932;(brother of Mrs Hockridge) Bequest;18
Hodder, Mr S;;1902;Made coronation gift;86
Hodder, Philip;;1891;elected surveyor of the parish;76
Hodder, Philip;Harraton;1900;Churchwarden;64
Hodder, Rd;Ley;1850;Farmer;73
Hodder, Samuel;Harraton;1800;Churchwarden;61
Hodder, Samuel;Harraton;1843;Churchwarden;62
Hodder, Samuel;Harraton;1856;Yeoman. Trustee of school;78
Hodder, Samuel, the younger;Harraton;1856;Trustee of school;78
Hodder, Sarah;Harraton;1850;Farmer;73
Holdsworth, Arthur Howe;;1813;sold patronage;27
Holdway, Miss Jessie;;1965;Bequest;18
Holman, Bertha J;;1879;Assistant teacher;80
Holsworth, Arthur;;1821;Possessed charity land;83
Homes, Robert;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Honeton, Sir Peter de;;1318;Instituted rector;22
Honeychurch, William;;1540;appointed to de Lyntone Chantry;21
Honeychurch, William;;1546;Chantry Priest. Bequest;18
Honeychurche, Anthony;Lewton;1548;held tenure;20
Honeychurche, Anthony;;1561;bought land;42
Honeychurche, Anthony;Modbury;1563;Bought land;26
Honeychurche, Anthony;Weare Down;1563;of Modbury. bought land;43
Honeychurche, Elizabeth;;1548;Wife of Anthony;20
Honeychurche, Henry;Modbury;1562;bought land;42
Honeychurche, Henry;;1622;paid church rate;46
Honeychurche, Henry;;1627;;26
Honeychurche, Henry;Lewhill;1631;sold land;43
Honeychurche, Henry;Luton;;;20
Honeychurche, Henry;;;Father of John;21
Honeychurche, Jerman;;1631;of London, merchant;43
Honeychurche, John;Lewhill;1631;Son of Henry. bought land;43
Honeychurche, John;;1641;Overlord - Loyalty Protestation;48
Honeychurche, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Honeychurche, John;;1641;Overlord - loyalty protestation;50
Honeychurche, John;;1662;Memorial;21
Honeychurche, John;Chantry;;;20
Honeychurche, John;;;;26
Honeychurche, Sir Henry;;1613;Patron;23
Honeychurche, William;;1546;Incumbent of de Lyntone Chantry;20
Honichurch, Henrye;;1624;paid church rate;47
Honywell, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Hooppell, Sarah Coite;;1821;Possessed charity land;83
Hore, Richarde;;1624;paid church rate;48
Horn, John Davies;;1876;Assistant teacher;80
Horne, Edward;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Horne, Heugh;;1622;paid church rate;46
Horne, Hugh;;1624;paid church rate;47
Horsecombe;;1622;paid church rate;46
Horsewell, James;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Horsewell, William;;1624;paid church rate;48
Horsewell, William;;1628;Churchwarden;60
Horsewill, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Horsewill, William;;1622;paid church rate;46
Horsewill, William;;1711;Made bequest;82
Horswell, Andrewe;;1624;paid church rate;47
Horswell, Charelles;;1624;paid church rate;48
Horswill, Andrew;;1622;paid church rate;46
Horswill, Charles;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Horswill, John;;1560;;44
Horton, H;;1924;Headmaster, Churchwarden & Chairman of Parish Council;81
Horton, H;;1955;Memorial Altar Credence Table;16
Horton, H.;The School;1940;Churchwarden;65
Horton, Major;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Horton, Major H;;1943;After bombing;89
Horton, Mr;;;Organised Victory Garden Show;90
Horton, Mrs H;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Hortop, F G;;1951;Trustee of Memorial Hall;90
Hosking, W G;;;Author of "Old Devon";29
How, Richard;;1695;apprenticed to Henry Cabb;54
Howse, Blanche;Heathfield;1574;Widow;36
Hull, Robert;;1428;held part of Stadbury;40
Hurrell, Gertrude;;1756;wife of John, da of John Copplestone - mentioned on tablet;59
Hurrell, Gertrude;;1757;wife of Francis Tucker and sister of Richard Hurrell died - mentioned on tablet;59
Hurrell, Henry;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Hurrell, John;Wakeham;1751;died - mentioned on tablet;59
Hurrell, Phillis;;1836;only child of Richard and Phillis Hurrell and widow of Robert Froude, died aged 90 - mentioned on tablet;59
Hurrell, Rev Thomas;Bere Ferris;1751;father of John - mentioned on tablet;59
Hurrell, Rev. John;;1740;son of John Hurrell, died - mentioned on tablet;59
Hurrell, Richard;Wakeham;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hurrell, Richard;Torr;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hurrell, Richard;Haggaton;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hurrell, Richard;Lixton;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hurrell, Richard;Lwr. Wakeham;1764;owners paying rent;57
Hurrell, Richard;;1772;son of John Hurrell, died aged 65 - mentioned on tablet;59
Hutchins, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Hyde, Philip Esq.;Grove Park;1850;inhabitant;73
Hyll, John;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;31
Hyndeston, Stephen de;;1283;witnessed lease;33
Hyne, Philip;Fishley;1856;Yeoman. Trustee of school;79
Jameson, Arthur G;;;Lt Cmdr RN. Memorial Salver;15
Jenkins, Beatrice Alice;;1899;Assistant teacher;80
Jode, Sir William;;1361;Instituted rector;22
Joll, Peter;Lower Efford;1764;owners paying rent;58
Joll, Peter;Hingstons Efford;1764;owners paying rent;58
Joll, Peter;Southvills Efford;1764;owners paying rent;58
Joll, Peter;Lower Efford;1768;Churchwarden;60
Joll, Peter;Lower Efford;1784;Churchwarden;61
Judde, John;;1356;;44
Juhel;Stadbury;1068;held Stotberia in time of King Edward;37
Juhelfyette, Sir John;;1382;Instituted rector;22
Kelly, T;;1885;Clerk to Justices. Wrote letter about roads;75
Kent, John;;1766;Paid for delivering stones for the church;3
Kerswell, Nicks;;1850;Farmer;73
Kerswell, William;;1624;paid church rate;47
Kerswell, Wm.;;1850;Farmer;73
Kerswell,Tho;Itson;1764;owners paying rent;58
Keyme, John;;1548;of Sussex, gentleman, bought Lewton;20
Keyme, Richard;;1548;of Sussex, gentleman, bought Lewton;20
Kilt, Frances Luckham;;1894;Assistant teacher;80
King, Thomas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Kinge, Margaret;;1624;paid church rate;47
Kinge, Thomas;;1622;paid church rate;46
Kinge, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;47
Kitson, Wm. Esq;Heathfield;1764;owners paying rent;57
Kitson, Wm. Esq;Babland;1764;owners paying rent;57
Kitt, John;Coles;1764;owners paying rent;58
Lacche, John;;1403;Patron;22
Lacchi, Jno.;;1406;patron of de Lyntone Chantry;21
Lake, James, MA;;1677;Rector;23
Lakeman, Mr S;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Lakeman, Mr W;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Lakeman, S;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Lampard, Robert;;1945;Name on war memorial;89
Landall, Richard;;1305;Witnessed charter;31
Lane, Dorothy;;1760;Patron;24
Lane, Dorothy;;1760;Married Jeremy Davies;24
Lane, Dorothy;;;married Jeremy Davies and Patron of the living;56
Lane, Elizabeth;;;daughter of William Lane;51
Lane, Henry;Dartmouth;1698;adjudged lawful Patron;26
Lane, Henry;Dartmouth;1709;Patron;24
Lane, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Lane, John;;1650;brother of William Lane; merchant of Brixham;52
Lane, John;;1661;Bought Hingston Marsh;5
Lane, John;;1668;son of William;26
Lane, John;Dittisham;1677;Patron (son of Rev. William);23
Lane, John;Brixham;;Brother of William;26
Lane, John;;;Son of William;45
Lane, John;;;son of William Lane, imprisoned in Civil War;50
Lane, Mary;Stockaton;1764;owners paying rent;57
Lane, Mary;Lower Stockaton;1764;owners paying rent;57
Lane, Mary;Marsh and Mills;1764;owners paying rent;57
Lane, Mary;Horsewills Tenement;1764;owners paying rent;57
Lane, Mary;;;sister of Dorothy;56
Lane, Miss Dorothy;;1744;Paid for girls' schooling;78
Lane, Mrs;Pt. Cornishes;1764;owners paying rent;58
Lane, Rev William;;1646;Patron;23
Lane, Richard;;;son of William Lane, imprisoned in Civil War;50
Lane, William;;1638;Built salmon trap;5
Lane, William;;1638;Rector;23
Lane, William;Ringmore;1638;Presented to living;26
Lane, William;;1638;rector;45
Lane, William;;1641;Rector - Loyalty Protestation;48
Lane, William;;1641;Rector;60
Lane, William;;1643;Recently appointed Rector;5
Lane, William;;1654;died on way back from London;53
Lane, William;;1714;Mentioned in Walker's book;50
Lane, William;;;3rd son of William Lane;51
Langmeade, John;;1561;tenant;42
Langworthy, Edw;;1850;Farmer;73
Langworthy, Fdk.;;1850;Farmer;73
Laskey, Alex;;1850;Shopkeeper;74
Laskey, Alex.;;1850;Tailor;74
Lauzan, A.G.;;1850;Farmer;73
Lee, Hugh;;1624;paid church rate;47
Leigh, Agnes, widow;;1622;paid church rate;46
Leigh, John;Damarellscombe;1548;Yeoman of Lilusbury, bought land;43
Leigh, Joseph;Broadspark;1764;owners paying rent;58
Leigh, Joseph;Waterhead;1764;owners paying rent;58
Leigh, Joseph;Camps;1764;owners paying rent;58
Leigh, Joseph;Hingstons;1764;owners paying rent;58
Leigh, Joseph;Newpark;1764;owners paying rent;58
Leighe, Agnes;;1624;paid church rate;48
Lethbridge, Elizabeth;;;Mother of William Henry;14
Lethbridge, Gwen;;1945;Name on war memorial;89
Lethbridge, Gwendoline Agnes;;1943;Memorial candlesticks;16
Lethbridge, Henry;;;Father of William Henry;14
Lethbridge, Miss;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Lethbridge, William;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Lethbridge, William Henry;;1917;Memorial in church , 2nd Lt Northumberland Fusiliers;14
Leucdeston, Thomas;;1406;appointed to de Lyntone Chantry;21
Ley, Mrs;Courswills;1764;owners paying rent;58
Ley, Mrs;Harraton;1764;owners paying rent;58
Ley, Mrs;Mumfords Park;1764;owners paying rent;58
Ley, Phillipp;Totnes;1650;Merchant. Creditor of William Lane;52
Ley, Thomas;Lixton;1764;owners paying rent;58
Ley, Thomas;Lixton;1764;Churchwarden;60
Ley, Wm.;;1561;tenant;42
Leye, Andrew de la;;1309;witness to agreement;35
Lidstone, Geo;;1850;Farmer;73
Lidstone, Roger;;1779;Churchwarden, name on bell;11
Lidstone, Roger;;1779;Churchwarden;60
Lidstone, Roger;Brimhill;1796;Churchwarden;61
Lidstone, W;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Light, Hugh;Heathfield;1605;fined;37
Lodyston, Lord Thoma;;1445;appointed to de Lyntone Chantry;21
Lougher, Robert, LLB;;1562;Rector;23
Lovell, Johan;;1562;Wife of Thomas. Tenant;42
Lovell, John;;1562;Son of Thomas;42
Lovell, Thomas;;1562;tenant;42
Lowe, Arthur;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Lowery, Jno;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Lowmore, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Luckraft, John;Ashford;1850;Blacksmith;73
Luckraft, Joseph;;1894;Stood in first parish council election;77
Luckraft, Mr George;;1895;Contracted to do plumbing work for pump;77
Luckraft, Mrs G;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Luckraft, Mrs M J;;1963;Bequest;18
Luckraft, William;;1821;Possessed charity land;83
Luckraft, William;;1831;Paid for playing bass;10
Lugere, John;Lixton;1507;;36
Lugger, Wm.;;1850;Farmer;73
Luscombe, Eliza;;1863;Assistant teacher;80
Luscombe, Jno;Stadbury;1850;Farmer;73
Luscombe, John;Higher Stadbury;1857;Churchwarden;63
Luscombe, Mr;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Luscombe, Mrs Rhoda;;1936;Bequest;18
Luscombe, Samuel;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Luscombe, Valentine;;1779;Churchwarden, name on bell;11
Lux, William;;1622;paid church rate;46
Lux, William junior;;1624;paid church rate;48
Lux, William sen.;;1624;paid church rate;48
Lux, William, alias Doltyn;Grist Mills;1615;blacksmith;43
Lyntone, Henry de;;1284;Rector of Ringmore, founder of de Lyntone Chantry;18
Lyntone, Henry de;;1284;appointed to de Lyntone Chantry;21
Lystor, Thomas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Lyton, Andrew;;1624;paid church rate;48
Lyvegher, Walter;;1293;father of William;35
Lyvegher, William;Lixton;1293;son of Walter - took over his lands in Lyvegherston;35
Lyviger, John;;1309;;35
Lyviger, widow of John;;1536;sold Lixton to Hugh Harris;36
Macey, Richard;;1850;Maltster;73
Macey, Robert;;1790;Born AG. Mason - built Rugby School and set up business in London;74
Macey, Walter;;1821;Possessed charity land;83
Macey, Walter;;1850;Mason;74
Macey, Walter, junior;;1839;Recanted false accusation of theft;74
Maddick, Alice Jane;;1892;Assistant teacher;80
Maddick, Mrs;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Maddock, Mrs P M;;1964;Bequest;18
Man, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Man, Jon;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Mandeville, Roger de;;;Son of Stephen. Gave church at Avetone to prior of Plympton;28
Mandeville, Stephen de;;;;28
Marshall, Mr F;;1947;Parliamentary Secretary. Replied to Rayner's question;91
Martin, John;;1660;alternative name for John Morton;53
Martin, Thomas;;;sold land to William Stumbles;59
Martyn, Christopher;Heathfield;1574;deputy to Thomas Southcott;37
Masey, Richard;;1794;summoned before Manor Court;69
Masters, Roger;;1624;paid church rate;48
Mathew, Anne;;;daughter of John Lane;52
Matthew, Anne;;1668;daughter and heir of John Lane;26
Matthews, Edw;Waterhead;1850;Farmer;73
Matthews, Edw;;1850;Maltster;73
Matthews, Edward;;1867;approved as overseer of the poor;75
Maynard, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Mellor, Edgar;;1893;Schoolmaster;79
Mildmay, Col. F B;;1921;Unveiled War Memorial;90
Milles, Dr;;1755;Author of "Parochial Collections";6
Mills, George;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Mitchell, family;;;Builders yard on site of old rectory;55
Mitchell, family;;;Bought surplus land from Rectory;92
Moclys, Alice de;Stadbury;1329;;39
Moclys, William de;Stadbury;1327;;39
Monery, Ivor;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Monk, Richard;;1407;witnessed Isabella Damarel's will;32
Montague, Col.;;1811;described Osprey at Aveton Gifford;69
Moore, Mr Samuel;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Moore, Mrs E;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Moore, Mrs W;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Moore, Thos.;Waterhead;1850;Farmer;73
Morgan, John Hingston;;1894;Stood in first parish council election;77
Morgan, Master Henry;;1546;admitted Thomas Bastard to de Lyntone Chantry;21
Morgan, Mrs;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Morgan, Peter;;1850;Blacksmith;73
Mortimer, Dr R C;;;Bishop of Exeter. Reconsecrated the church;94
Morton, Amy;;1662;daughter of John Morton, died;53
Morton, Elizabeth;;1662;wife of John Morton;53
Morton, John;;1654;Rector;23
Morton, John;;1660;licence to preach;53
Morton, John;;;Rector;26
Moungforde, Hugh;;1624;paid church rate;47
Moysey, Mrs;Pt. Cornishes;1764;owners paying rent;58
Mules, Alice;;;Daughter of Sir Roger and Alice. Married John Damarel and inherited Aveton and half of Stadbury;31
Mules, Dame Alice;;1329;Patron;22
Mules, Dame Alice;;;Patron;25
Mules, Sir Roger;;1318;Patron;22
Mules, Sir Roger de;;;;31
Mumford, Heugh;;1622;paid church rate;46
Muskill, Robert;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Narramore, Henry;;1846;Paid for work on the church;4
Newton, Jno;Craburton;1650;Creditor of William Lane;52
Northmore, Rd;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;32
Nosworthy, Miss;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Nott, Mary, widow;;1622;paid church rate;46
Oldrif, Wm.;Wizaller;1764;owners paying rent;57
Oliver, Dr;;1841;Author of "Ecclesiastical Antiquities, Supplement";6
Parenter, John;Heathfield;1574;fined for trespass;37
Pargo?, John;;1712;Churchwarden;60
Parker, John;;1850;Shopkeeper;74
Parnill, Richard;;1794;Churchwarden;61
Parr, Rob;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Parry, William;;1567;Secretary to Earl of Pembroke;23
Parsones, Robert;Cooksland;1764;owners paying rent;58
Parsons, Honor;;1813;wife of Robert. Memorial in Church;9
Parsons, James;;1854;Churchwarden;63
Parsons, James;Stockadon;1856;Trustee of school;78
Parsons, Judith;;1849;Wife of Robert. Memorial in Church;9
Parsons, Mrs Eliz.;;1850;inhabitant;73
Parsons, Robert;Stockadon;1781;Churchwarden;60
Parsons, Robert;;1797;Churchwarden;61
Parsons, Robert;;1821;Tenant of charity land;83
Parsons, Robert;;1834;Memorial in Church;9
Parsons, Robert;Stockadon;1856;Trustee of school;78
Parsons, Robert;;1876;Memorial in Church;9
Parsons, Robt.;;1850;Farmer;73
Pauton, William;;1624;paid church rate;47
Pauwton, William;;1622;paid church rate;46
Pawnton, Anstis;Lower Wakeham;1562;Wife of John. Tenant;42
Pawnton, John;Lower Wakeham;1562;tenant;42
Pawnton, John;Lower Wakeham;1562;Son of John. Tenant;42
Payne, E G;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Payne, E.G.;;1925;Rector;65
Payne, Elstone George;;1925;Rector;25
Payne, Elstone George;;;Chalice given in memory of;15
Payne, John;;1624;paid church rate;48
Payne, Mrs;;1943;In rectory when it was bombed;88
Payne, Revd E G;;;Rector;88
Pearce, J;;1874;attended meeting;75
Pearce, James;;1867;attended meeting;75
Pearce, John Alfred;Chantry;1857;Churchwarden;63
Pearce, Mr J A;;1874;attended meeting;75
Pearce, Mr J A;;1877;nominated rector's churchwarden;75
Pearce, Mrs Mary Ann;;1958;Bequest;18
Pearce, William;;1775;Churchwarden;60
Pearce, William;;1784;Churchwarden;61
Pearce, Wm.;;1850;Butcher;73
Pears, Richard;;1624;paid church rate;48
Pearse, James;Court Barton;1944;Chalice given in memory of;15
Pearse, John;;1711;Signed gift;82
Pearse, John A;;1850;Farmer;73
Pearse, John Alfred;Chantry;1856;Gent. Trustee of school;79
Pearse, Nathl.;;1850;Farmer;73
Pearse, William;;1784;Churchwarden, received gift;82
Peccott, Dom William;;1462;declared true holder of de Lyntone Chantry;21
Pedehele, John;Ermington;1344;age 44, hunting with John de Stonore;13
Pedehele, William;;1344;died, death recorded in Missal at AG;13
Peek, Joseph;;1764;Churchwarden;60
Peek, Samuel;Efford;1850;Farmer;73
Pengelly, C.H.;Townswell;1946;Churchwarden;65
Pennington, family;;1779;(John, Christopher and William) Casters of church bells;11
Peperell;Lixton;;held land;36
Peperell, William;Pynsford;1507;granted land at Lixton to John Lugere;36
Peplyton, William;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Pepperell, Nchs;Heathfield;1850;Farmer;73
Perring, Mr;Titwells;1764;owners paying rent;57
Perring, William;;1945;Name on war memorial;89
Peterell, Nicholas;;1561;tenant;42
Peterell, Simon;;1561;Son of Nicholas. Tenant;42
Philips, William;;1562;Received bequest;83
Phillip, Henry;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Phillipp, John;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Phillipp, Thomas;Heathfield;1605;appointed Tilhingman;37
Phillippe, Jeffrey;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Phillippes, Richarde;;1624;paid church rate;48
Phillippes, William;;1624;paid church rate;48
Phillipps, Abraham;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Phillipps, Henry;;1624;paid church rate;47
Phillipps, John;;1624;paid church rate;47
Phillips, Andrew;;1622;paid church rate;46
Phillips, George;;1622;paid church rate;46
Phillips, Henry;;1622;paid church rate;46
Phillips, Henry;Heath;1622;paid church rate;46
Phillips, John;;1794;summoned before Manor Court;70
Phillips, John;;1850;Farmer;73
Phillips, John;;1850;Shopkeeper & Ironmonger;74
Phillips, Sarah;Chillerton;1716;married William Stumbles;58
Phillips, Thomas;;1622;paid church rate;46
Phillips, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;47
Phillips, Thomas;;1850;Boot and Shoe Maker;73
Pitman, Augustus;;1916;Patron;24
Pitman, Catherine;;1868;Mother of William. Memorial in church;14
Pitman, Catherine Susanna;;1900;Memorial Plaque;14
Pitman, Daniel;;1874;Patron;24
Pitman, James;Dunchedock;1822;bought patronage;27
Pitman, James;Dunchideock;1822;purchased advowson;71
Pitman, James;;1847;Patron;24
Pitman, James;;1848;Father of William. Memorial in church;14
Pitman, Mr St John;;;Bought lordship of the manor;87
Pitman, Rev;;;Death;87
Pitman, Rev W D;;1902;Made coronation gift;86
Pitman, Rev W D;;1907;Gift of two extra bells and clock;12
Pitman, Rev W D;;1910;Placed statue of Stapeldon in church;10
Pitman, Rev W D;;;Memorial window;13
Pitman, Rev W P;;1854;Made arrangements to build a school;78
Pitman, Rev W.D;;1895;Chairman of first parish council;77
Pitman, Rev W.J.;;;Memorial in Church;9
Pitman, Rev William Daniel;;;Memorial in Church;9
Pitman, Rev Wm Parr MA;Rectory;1850;inhabitant;73
Pitman, Rev. William Parr;;1847;description of ministry;71
Pitman, W T;;1874;attended meeting;75
Pitman, W.P.;;1867;approved as overseer of the poor;75
Pitman, W.P.;;1869;signed note on church restoration;7
Pitman, William;;;Memorial Salver;15
Pitman, William Daniel;;1874;Rector;24
Pitman, William Daniel;;1874;Rector;63
Pitman, William Daniel;;;description of ministry;72
Pitman, William Daniel, Rev. JP;;1884;Restored screens;17
Pitman, William Parr;;1847;Rector;24
Pitman, William Parr;;1847;Rector;62
Pitman, William Parr;;1874;Memorial in church , husband of Catherine Susanna Pitman;14
Pitts, Charles;;1850;Butcher;73
Pitts, Charles;;1850;Farmer;73
Pomeray, Master John de la;;1349;Instituted rector;22
Port, Ellys;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Port, John;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Porte, Eligeus;Heathfield;1605;fined;37
Porte, Johan, widow;;1622;paid church rate;46
Porte, John;;1624;paid church rate;47
Pottes, Thom;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Power, John;;1462;;21
Power, John;;1504;resigned from de Lyntone Chantry;21
Price, Walt.;;1774;Curate;60
Price, Walter;;1774;Curate;24
Prior of Plympton;;1135;Given land;28
Prouse, George;;1856;Witnessed school contract;78
Prouz, Alice;;;daughter of Sir William, married Sir Roger Mules;22
Prouz, Alice;;;daughter of Sir William, married Sir Roger de Mules;31
Prouz, Sir William;;1310;Patron;22
Prouz, Sir William de;Stadbury;1270;held manor;38
Prouz, Sir William le;;1270;also held Hatch in Loddiswell;38
Prouz, Sir William le;;1310;presented to living;38
Prouz, Sir William le;Stadbury;;Inherited Aveton Gifford;30
Prouz, William;Wakeham;1309;witness to agreement;35
Prouz, William le;;;Inherited Patronage;25
Prouz, William or his son;;1309;held Wakeham;38
Prowse, George;King's Arms;1850;Publican;73
Prowse, George;;1867;approved as overseer of the poor;75
Prowse, Mr H G;;;Bought lordship of the manor;87
Pulliblank, Jph;;1850;Corn Miller;73
Putt, Mr R;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Putt, Richard;Ashford;1894;Elected to first parish council;77
Pyllington, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Pynwill, Thomas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Pynwill, Thomas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Quint, Geo;Pinwills;1764;owners paying rent;58
Quint, Geo;Yards;1764;owners paying rent;58
Quint, Geo;Horswills Fields;1764;owners paying rent;58
Radulf;Stadbury;1068;held Stadbury of Juhel;37
Ralegh, John;Alvington;;father of Thomasine;32
Ralegh, Thomasine;Alvington;;wife of John Chichester, mother of John;32
Randall, John;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Randall, John;;1624;sidesman;47
Randall, Walter;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Randell, John;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Randell, Richard;;1624;paid church rate;47
Randell, Walter;;1624;paid church rate;47
Randle, George;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Raundle, Anstice;;1622;paid church rate;46
Raundle, Walter;;1622;paid church rate;46
Rayner, Brigadier;;1947;MP for Totnes - asked question about housing;91
Read, Herbert;;1943;of Exeter, rescued screens from bombed church;16
Redvers, de, family;;;Held Earldom of Devon;3
Redvers, de, family;;;Earls of Devon, held Avetone;28
Reyvell, John;Heathfield;1605;fined;37
Rich, Richard, gen;;1622;paid church rate;46
Richard, son of Stephen;Stadbury;1270;owned Stadbury;38
Rodes, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;48
Rogers, Robert;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Rogers, Thomas;Lewhill;1631;tenant;43
Rolle, Wm.;;1850;Tailor;74
Rondell, John;Torr;1574;swore oath;36
Roundell, John;;1622;sidesman;46
Roundell, John;;1622;Sidesman;60
Ruald Adobed, or Rhiwallon;;1086;Held Avetone in Domesday Book;28
Ruth, Ann Elizabeth H;;1875;(Mrs Stephens) Assistant teacher;80
Ruth, Charles;;1856;Witnessed school contract;78
Ruth, J S;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Ruth, Robert;;1839;Falsely accused of stealing by Walter Macey;74
Ruth, William G;;1871;Assistant teacher;80
Samelter, Henry, esq;Heathfield;1605;fined;37
Sampson, Charles;;1884;Schoolmaster;79
Sampson, Mrs;;1884;Head of Infant Dept.;80
Sandercock, Herbert;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Sandover, Wm;Lixton;1850;Carpenter;73
Santa, William;;1356;;44
Sauin;;;Held Avetone in time of King Edward;28
Saunder, Hugh;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Saunder, Roger;;1641;Churchwarden - loyalty protestation;50
Saunder, William;;1624;paid church rate;48
Saunders, John;The Mills;1764;owners paying rent;58
Saunders, John;;1794;summoned before Manor Court;70
Saunders, Mrs;;1943;Left Rectory with three children immediately before the bombing;89
Saunders, Mrs E J;;1878;Head of Infant Dept.;80
Saunders, Roger;;1641;Churchwarden - Loyalty Protestation;48
Saunders, Roger;;1641;Churchwarden;60
Saunders, Roger;;1703;Churchwarden;60
Saunders, Roger;Sherriffs;1764;owners paying rent;57
Saunders, Roger;;1850;Thatcher;73
Saunders, William;;1680;Churchwarden;60
Saunders, William;;1839;Falsely accused of stealing by Walter Macey;74
Saunderson F H;;1876;Schoolmaster;79
Saunderson, Miss S J;;1878;Assistant teacher;80
Savery, Christopher;South Efford;1818;;14
Savery, Christopher Wise;;1821;Memorial in church, now destroyed, 3rd son of Christopher and Mary;14
Savery, Mary;South Efford;1818;wife of Christopher. Memorial in church, now destroyed;14
Savery, Servington;Hayford Hall;1856;Memorial in church, now destroyed, 2nd son of Christopher and Mary;14
Savery, William Edmunds;;1824;Memorial in church, now destroyed youngest son of Christopher and Mary;14
Savery, Wm;;1695;signed indenture;54
Scaife, Mrs Mary Catherine;;1960;Bequest;18
Schop, Richard;;1309;;35
Seaman, Jno;Shillyford;1650;Creditor of William Lane;52
Searle, John;Part of Dearhill;1764;owners paying rent;58
Searle, John;Cooksland;1764;owners paying rent;58
Searle, John;Coytes;1764;owners paying rent;58
Searle, John;Bickfords;1764;owners paying rent;58
Searle, John;Dawsfields;1764;owners paying rent;58
Searle, John;Lower Coombe;1764;owners paying rent;58
Searle, John;Clarks;1764;owners paying rent;58
Searle, John;Milley;1764;owners paying rent;58
Searle, M;;1744;Churchwarden;60
Searls, Thomas;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Selman, Mr R R;;;HMI of school, wrote early history;79
Seton, Hugh;;1345;Instituted rector;22
Shapley, Peter;;1624;paid church rate;48
Shappley, Mr;Totnes;1622;mer. paid church rate;46
Shaw, C.C.;;1961;Rector;66
Shaw, Cuthbert Charles MA;;1961;Rector;25
Sheldon, Gilbert;;1660;found in favour of Duncan;53
Shepherd, Henry;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;31
Shereffe, John;;1542;held Hyer Tetwyll;34
Sherieffe, Elizabeth;;1624;paid church rate;47
Sherieffe, Lawrence;;1624;paid church rate;47
Sheriff, George;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Sheriff, Laurence;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Sherreiffe, John junior;;1624;paid church rate;48
Sherriff, Amias;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Sherriff, George;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Sherriff, Jo;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Sherriff, Rich;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Sherriff, Richard;;1695;overseer of the poor;54
Sherriff, Roger;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Sherriffe, Catherine;;1622;paid church rate;46
Sherriffe, Catherine;;1624;paid church rate;47
Sherriffe, Elizabeth;;1622;paid church rate;46
Sherriffe, Johan;Burrough;1562;Wife of Richard. Tenant;42
Sherriffe, John;;1561;tenant;42
Sherriffe, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Sherriffe, John the elder;;1624;paid church rate;47
Sherriffe, Lavers;;1622;paid church rate;46
Sherriffe, Richard;Burrough;1562;tenant;42
Sherriffe, Richard;Burrough;1562;Son of Richard. Tenant;42
Sherriffe, Richard;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Sherriffe, Richarde;;1624;paid church rate;48
Sherriffe, Zachary;;1622;paid church rate;46
Sherwill, Thomas;Spicerscombe;1856;Yeoman. Trustee of school;79
Sherwill, Thos;;1850;Farmer;73
Sherwill, Wm.;;1764;owners paying rent;58
Sheryff, Philip;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Sheryffe, Laurence;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Shore, Col B.G.;;;Report on the church;3
Shurowe, Richard;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Sicca Villa, Warin de;;1297;deceased, onetime Sherriff of Devon;38
Sinkins, George;;1850;Baker;73
Skerrowe, Richard;Heathfield;1574;fined for trespass;37
Skinner, Lawrence;Exminster;1650;Husbandman. Creditor of William Lane;52
Skinner, Mr;;1895;Contracted to instal pump;77
Sleeman, Mr H;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Slowley, Heugh;;1622;paid church rate;46
Slowley, Hughe;;1624;paid church rate;47
Snoden, Roger;;1622;paid church rate;46
Snow, Sam;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Snowden, Geo;;1850;Farmer;73
Snowden, John;;1794;Reference to a poem;5
Snowden, Margaret;;1561;wife of Richard. tenant;42
Snowden, Rich;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Snowden, Richard;;1561;;42
Snowden, Richarde;;1624;paid church rate;48
Snowden, Robert;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Snowden, Roger;;1624;paid church rate;47
Snowden, William;;1624;paid church rate;48
Snowden, William junior;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Snowden, William senior;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Snowden, Zacharye;;1624;paid church rate;48
Snowdon, John;;1624;;47
Snowdon, John;;1794;summoned before Manor Court;70
Snowdon, Mrs;Ilson;1764;owners paying rent;58
Snowdon, William;;1623;Churchwarden;60
Snowdon, William;;1794;summoned before Manor Court;70
Sormey, William;;1773;Curate;24
Sormy, Wil.;;1773;Curate;60
Southcote, Mrs Mary;;;Mentioned on Bruton memorial as employer;14
Southcott, Thomas, esq;Heathfield;1605;fined;37
Spealt, William;Heathfield;1605;fined;37
St Goron, Richard de;;1251;Instituted rector;22
Stafford;;1406;Bishop, admitted Thomas Leucdeston;21
Stagg, Mr;;1850;inhabitant;73
Stapeldon;Stadbury;1326;Bishop of Exeter. Died, leaving property at Stadbury;39
Stapeldon, Bishop Walter de;;1260;Onetime rector, Figure of in church;10
Stapeldon, Mabilla de;;;Wife of Sir William;10
Stapeldon, Sir William de;;;Father of Bishop Stapeldon;10
Stapeldon, Walter de;;1294?;Instituted rector;22
Stapeldon, Walter de;Stadbury;;Part owner of;11
Stapeldon, Walter de;;;became Rector;29
Stapellylle, Robert;;1343;;43
Stapledon, Bishop Walter de;;;vast debts owed to;67
Stapleton, Bishop;;;Builder of much of the cathedral;74
Staunton, William de;;1297;;38
Steer, Edwin;;1945;Name on war memorial;89
Steer, Edwin R. N.;;1941;Memorial Altar Rail;16
Steer, James;;1850;Mason;74
Steer, James William;;1894;Stood in first parish council election;77
Steer, John;;1850;Mason;74
Steer, Mr;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Steer, Mrs Elsa Mary Elizabeth;;1962;Bequest;18
Steere, Alfred;;1894;Stood in first parish council election;77
Steere, George;;1773;Churchwarden;60
Steere, George;;1773;Churchwarden, received interest;82
Steere, George;;1795;Churchwarden;61
Steere, John;;1894;Stood in first parish council election;77
Steere, Mr G;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Steere, Mr J A;;1902;Made coronation gift;86
Steere, Mrs E;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Stentiford, Thos;;1850;Boot and Shoe Maker;73
Stephens, Thomas;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Stephens, Thomas;Heathfield;1605;fined;37
Stere, George;;1769;Churchwarden;60
Stileing, Miss C;;1874;Assistant teacher;80
Stileing, Thomas W C;;1874;Schoolmaster;79
Stodbiri, Ralph de;Stadbury;1243;held Stadbury;38
Stodbyre, Ralph de;Stadbury;1336;held Stadbury;39
Stokes, Mr H;Woodbury;1907;Rehung bells;12
Stoketon, John de;;1309;witness to agreement;35
Stonore, Edmund de;;1344;Son and heir of John;12
Stonore, John de;;1344;;12
Stour, Ely;;1641;Overlord - loyalty protestation;50
Strange, William;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;32
Street, Thomas;;;paid to make path from Tree Corner to Church;57
Streeth, Stephen;;1710;Churchwarden;82
Streeth, Stephen;;1711;Churchwarden;60
Strode, William;;1595;enquired about ship money;48
Strouse, Hugh;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Strouse, Robert;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Stumbles, Bazaleel;;1768;son of William;59
Stumbles, Bazaleel;;;son of William Stumbles;58
Stumbles, Elizabeth;;;daughter of William Stumbles;58
Stumbles, John;;;brother of William Stumbles;58
Stumbles, William;;1728;Clockmaker;58
Stumbles, William;;1764;owners paying rent;58
Sture, George;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Sture, George;Part of Reedley;1764;owners paying rent;57
Sture, Grace;;1624;paid church rate;48
Sture, Mary;Schoollands and Burn;1764;owners paying rent;57
Sture, S;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Sture, Wm;Langland;1764;owners paying rent;58
Sumpter, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;48
Symon, John;Exeter;1513;Patron;23
Tabb, Henry;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Tabb, Henry;;;Held land to west of glebe land;55
Tabbe, Henry;;1622;churchwarden;46
Tabbe, Henry;;1622;Churchwarden;60
Tabbe, Henry;;1624;paid church rate;47
Tabbs, Henry;;1622;paid church rate;46
Tagge, Thomas;Burrough;1562;bought land;42
Taylor, G;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Taylor, Geo;Efford;1850;Farmer;73
Taylor, Gilbert;;1769;Paid for work on the church;3
Taylor, Gilbert;;1769;Churchwarden;60
Taylor, Gilbert;;1781;Paid for work on the church;3
Taylor, Mr G R M;;1939;On invasion committee;88
Taylor, Mrs;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Taylor, Mrs E;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Taylor, Mrs Gilbert;;1920;Member of first Parochial Church Council;88
Taylor, William Edward;;1867;approved as overseer of the poor;75
Terry, Wm.;;1764;owners paying rent;58
Tettewill, John de;;1283;witnessed lease;33
Thorne, John;;1622;paid church rate;46
Thorne, John;;1624;paid church rate;47
Thorne, Richard;;1622;paid church rate;46
Thorne, Richard;;1624;paid church rate;47
Ticknyr, Robert;;1641;Overlord - Loyalty Protestation;48
Tingey, J C;;1926;catalogued deeds;42
Tolchard, John;;1850;Shopkeeper;74
Toms, Joseph;;1850;Shopkeeper;74
Toms, Mr J;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Toms, Mrs;;1943;Injured in bombing;89
Toms, William;;1896;deceased. Formerly organ blower;77
Toms, Wm.;Heathfield;1850;Farmer;73
Torring, Grace;;1850;Farmer;73
Torring, James;;1867;approved as overseer of the poor;75
Torring, Jas.;;1850;Farmer;73
Torring, Nathl;Ashford;1850;Farmer;73
Torring, Nichs.;;1850;Farmer and Coal Merchant;73
Torring, Rd.;;1850;Carpenter and painter;73
Torring, Richard;Ashfords;1764;owners paying rent;58
Torring, Richard;Skinners;1764;owners paying rent;58
Torring, Richard;Waredown;1764;owners paying rent;58
Torring, Richard;Ashford;1778;Churchwarden;60
Torryng, Wyllyam;;1542;junr, of Tottenes;34
Toster, Mrs;Fishley;1764;owners paying rent;58
Townsend, Mrs;;1942;Assistant teacher;81
Tracey, Thomas de;;;married Isolde de Cardinan;19
Treeby, Will;;1769;Paid for work on the church;3
Treeby, Will;;1781;Paid for work on the church;3
Treeby, Will, junior;;1770;Churchwarden;60
Treeby, William;;1792;Churchwarden;61
Treeby, William;;1806;Churchwarden;61
Treeby, William junior;;1808;Churchwarden;61
Tregear, Williams S;;1857;Schoolmaster;79
Tregill, Richard;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Trelosh, Andrew de;Stadbury;1303;held part of,;38
Trelosh, Andrew de;Stadbury;1346;formerly held part of Stadbury;39
Trelosh, Andrew de;Stadbury;;;29
Tremaine, Isabella;;;widow of Thomas - second wife of John Damarel;31
Tremaine, James;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;32
Tremaine, Joan;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;32
Tremaine, Margaret;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;32
Tremaine, Nicholas;;1403;son of Thomas and Isabella, appointed brother as rector;31
Tremaine, Nicholas;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;32
Tremaine, Nicholas;Stadbury;1407;left Stadbury by his mother, Isabella Damarle;39
Tremaine, Nicholas;;;son of Isabella Damarle;25
Tremaine, Thomas;;1403;2nd son of Thomas and Isabella, appointed rector;31
Tremaine, Thomas;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;32
Tremaine, Thomas;;1407;Rector;39
Tremaine, Thomas;;;;31
Tremayn, Nicholas;;1403;Patron;22
Tremayn, Nicholas;;1406;patron of de Lyntone Chantry;21
Tremayne, Nicholas;;1439;;40
Tremayne, Thomas;;1403;Instituted rector;22
Trick, Charles;Ashford;1850;Corn Miller;73
Trick, Charles;Ashford;1850;Farmer;73
Trist, Richard;;1622;paid church rate;46
Trist, Richarde;;1624;paid church rate;47
Triste, John;Iddeston;1561;bought land;42
Triste, Margaret;Iddeston;1561;Wife of Richard. Tenant;42
Triste, Richard;;1561;;42
Triste, Richard;;1622;paid church rate;46
Triste, Richard;Heath;1622;paid church rate;46
Triste, Richard;;1622;sidesman;46
Triste, Richard;;1622;Sidesman;60
Trout, Mrs Elizabeth;;1712;Gave gift;82
Trussel, A G;;1965;Headteacher;81
Tuckeman, Mr John;;1850;inhabitant;73
Tucker, Francis;;;husband of Gertrude Hurrell - mentioned on tabley;59
Tucket, James;;1624;paid church rate;48
Ulverton, John;;1418;Vicar of Stokenham, left money for bridge;4
Underhill, Launce;;1622;paid church rate;46
Underhill, Laurence;;1622;paid church rate;46
Underhill, Laurence;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Underhill, Lawrence;;1624;paid church rate;47
Underhill, Lawrence;Heath;1636;sold land;43
Vaggescombe, Sir Robert;;1376;Instituted rector;22
Vaughan;;1821;report on nonconformity;70
Vaughan, Benjamin;;1788;Patron, of Bush Hill in County of Middlesex;24
Vaughan, Benjamin;;1789;Rector;61
Vaughan, Benjamin Kerr DCL;;1788;Rector;24
Vaughan, Julia;;1837;Wife of Benjamin. Memorial in Church;14
Vaughan, Rev Benjamin Kew;;1847;Memorial in Church;14
Vaughan, Rev Edward;;1847;late Archdeacon of Madras, Memorial in Church;14
Vaughan, Rev. Benjamin Kerr;;;description of ministry;69
Vaughan, Rev. Kerr;;1843;note about tithes;67
Verman, Rev George;;1674;Patron;23
Wakeham, Andrew;;1624;paid church rate;48
Wakeham, Edward;;1624;paid church rate;48
Wakeham, Geo;;1850;Maltster;73
Wakeham, John;;1622;paid church rate;46
Wakeham, John;Babbalende;1624;paid church rate;47
Wakeham, John;de Binrowe;1624;paid church rate;47
Wakeham, Mary, widow;;1622;paid church rate;46
Wakeham, Miss;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Wakeham, Richard;Hellye;1561;tenant;42
Wakeham, Richard;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Wakeham, Richard;;1622;paid church rate;46
Wakeham, Richard;;1624;paid church rate;47
Wakeham, Richard;Ley;1624;paid church rate;47
Wakeham, Richard;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Wakeham, Robert;;1561;tenant;42
Wakeham, Roger;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Wakeham, Roger;;1624;paid church rate;47
Wakeham, Simon;;1542;held land in Kyngeston;34
Wakeham, Thomas;;1622;paid church rate;46
Wakeham, Thomas;;1624;paid church rate;47
Wakeham, William;;1562;Received bequest;83
Wakeham, William;;1624;churchwarden;47
Wakeham, William;Ley;1625;Churchwarden;60
Walke, Mrs;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Walker, Miss H H;;;Author of paper;11
Walker, Rev. John;;1714;Wrote book;50
Walkham, Dunce;;1622;paid church rate;46
Walkham, Thomas;;1622;paid church rate;46
Walters, Henry;;;Held land to east of glebe land;55
Walters, John;;1870;Schoolmaster;79
Walters, Mrs Emily;;1870;Head of Infant Dept.;79
Wannell, George F W;;1882;Schoolmaster;79
Wannell, Mrs;;1882;Head of Infant Dept.;80
Warde, Thomas;Heathfield;1574;swore oath;36
Warren, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Warren, Stephen;;1624;paid church rate;48
Warren, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Warring, Heugh;;1622;paid church rate;46
Warringe, Hugh;;1624;paid church rate;47
Warryn, Hugh;Heathfield;1605;juror;37
Waycott, Samuel;King's Head;1850;Publican;73
Webber, Elys;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;31
Webber, John;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;31
Weeks, John;;1703;Churchwarden;60
Weeks, Mrs;;1943;In rectory when it was bombed;88
Weeks, Mrs;;1943;Injured in bombing;89
Weeks, Sonia;;1943;In rectory when it was bombed - suffocated;88
Weeks, Sonia;;1943;aged 4, killed in bombing;89
Weeks, Sonia;;1945;Name on war memorial;89
Weryng, William;Damarellscombe;1548;Tanner, of Ermington, sold land;43
Werynge, John;Heathfield;1574;fined for trespass;37
Werynge, Richard;Heathfield;1574;fined for trespass;37
Werynge, William;Heathfield;1574;juror;36
Werynge, William;Heathfield;1574;fined for trespass;37
White, Sarah;;1850;Shopkeeper;74
White, William;;1807;Churchwarden;61
Widdicombe, Elizabeth;;1881;Assistant teacher;80
Widdicombe, Louisa;;1885;Assistant teacher;80
Widdicombe, Miss Sarah;;1963;Bequest for church restoration;18
Widdicombe, Miss Sarah;;1963;Bequest for churchyard;18
Widdicombe, Samuel;;1894;Elected to first parish council;77
Widdicombe, Samuel;The Mill;1899;Churchwarden;64
Widger, Mary L;;1893;Assistant teacher;80
Widger, William;;1794;summoned before Manor Court;70
Widworthy, Hugh;;;son-in-law of Walter Giffard;29
Widworthy?, Emma;;;granddaugter of Walter Giffard, succeeded to Avetone;29
Wierdesalre, Andrew de;;1293;witness to agreement;35
Wiett, Nicholas;;1622;paid church rate;46
Wilcox, Lucy;;1868;Left bequest;82
Willcocks, Alfred;;1894;Elected to first parish council;77
Willcocks, G;;1874;attended meeting;75
Willcocks, Geo.;;1850;Farmer;73
Willcocks, George;;1867;approved as overseer of the poor;75
Willcocks, George;;1918;Name on war memorial;86
Willcocks, Henry;Ring of Bells;1850;Publican;73
Willcocks, Hy;;1850;Maltster;73
Willcocks, John;;1856;Received contract to build school;78
Willcocks, Mr G;;1902;Made coronation gift;86
Willcocks, Samuel;;1834;Paid for violin strings;10
Willcocks, Samuel;Ring of Bells;1850;Publican;73
Willcocks, Samuel;;1856;Received contract to build school;78
Willcox, Lucy;;;Memorial in church;8
Williams, John;Heathfield;1574;accused of damaging highway;36
Williams, John;Heathfield;1574;fined for trespass;37
Willing, Edward;Sherriffs;1764;owners paying rent;57
Wills, G;;1874;attended meeting;75
Wills, George Harris;Lower Stadbury;1894;Stood in first parish council election;77
Wills, John;Stadbury;1850;Farmer;73
Wilton, Henry;;1895;Contracted to keep "the lake" clear;77
Winzer, Edwin;;1894;Elected to first parish council;77
Winzer, Mr O;;1902;Made coronation gift;86
Withing, Robert;;1641;Overlord - loyalty protestation;50
Woolcombe, Henry;Pilton;;;45
Woolfe, Richard, gen;;1622;paid church rate;46
Woollcombe, Henry;Kingsteignton;1856;Conveyed land for school;78
Woollcombe, John Morth;Ashbury;1856;Conveyed land for school;78
Worden, T.J., and E W;;1950;Baptism shell given in memory of;15
Wroltesley, Maj. Gen, George;;;Book about the Giffards;3
Wroth, Alfred;Ley;1881;Churchwarden;63
Wroth, Alfred;Ley;1894;Elected to first parish council;77
Wroth, Mr Samuel, junior;;1877;nominated parishioners' churchwarden;75
Wroth, Samuel;Fishleigh;1876;Churchwarden;63
Wyatt, Anthony;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Wyatt, John;;1951;Trustee of Memorial Hall;90
Wyatt, Mr;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Wyatt, William;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Wybbury, Joan;;1439;daughter of John;40
Wybbury, Joan;;;Patron;25
Wybbury, John;;;Parson of Lustleigh;25
Wybbury, John;;;given half of Stadbury and half of Aveton;40
Wybbury, Simon de;;;Rector;10
Wybbury, Simon de;;;Obtained Patronage, later Rector;25
Wybbury, Simon de;;;Rector of Chagford, appointed Rector;31
Wybury, Sir Simon de;;1329;Instituted rector;22
Wyett, Christopher;;1624;paid church rate;48
Wyett, John;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Wyett, Nicholas;;1624;paid church rate;48
Wyette, William;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Wyllams, Arthur;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Wyllyn, Mich;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Wyllyn, Richard;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Wyndeat, John;;1613;Rector;23
Wyndeat, John;;1622;Rector;60
Wyndeat, John;;;Rector - dispute over tithes;67
Wyndeat, Peter;;1585;Rector;23
Wytloff, John;;1477;Rector of Loddiswell, bequest;18
Yabbacombe, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;50
Yabsley, J.J.;Ashford;1919;Churchwarden;64
Yabsley, Joseph Josias;Ashford;1894;Elected to first parish council;77
Yabsley, Josiah the younger;Lewishill;1856;Trustee of school;79
Yabsley, Josias;Cornishes;1764;owners paying rent;57
Yabsley, Josias;Part of Dearhill;1764;owners paying rent;57
Yabsley, Josias;;1850;Farmer;73
Yabsley, Josias;;1867;approved as overseer of the poor;75
Yabsley, Mr J J;;1902;Made coronation gift;86
Yabsley, Mrs;;1902;Supplier for coronation party;86
Yabsley, Richard;;1867;approved as overseer of the poor;75
Yabsley, Wm.;;1850;Boot and Shoe Maker;73
Yeabcombe, Henry;;1562;tenant;42
Yeabcombe, Johan;;1562;Wife of Henry. Tenant;42
Yearde, Marke;;1624;paid church rate;48
Yeo, Walter;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;31
Yeo, Wm;;1407;mentioned in Isabella Damarel's will;31
Young, Wm;;1641;Made Loyalty Protestation;49
Younges, Joyce;;;author of Devon Monastic Lands;36