Kelly's Directory Devon 1893


Private Residents

Transcribed by Jonathan Frayne

[Suffixes to names, e.g. M.B., Bart., J.P., etc., are ignored; prefix titles are retained, e.g. Maj., Rev. etc. These are then listed in Kelly's before all others with the same name. Many women only gave their title, e.g. Miss, Mrs, and not a forename. A few women also gave their husband's forename, e.g. Mrs John Smith. These entries are indexed as though the title was a forename. No abbreviations other than those in Kelly's have been added, some have been expanded.

All data are 'comma separated' in order to facilitate export into spreadsheet or database format. The fields are: Surname, Forename(s), House Name/Number, Address.]

Angel, Rev. John Clement [Congregational], Silverleigh,
Aplin, John William, Victoria place,
Baker, Miss, South street,
Barnes, George, Castle Hill house,
Bond, Thomas Coate, Chard street,
Bowdige, Miss, Western road,
Bradford, James, Lyme road,
Brown, John, Cuthayes,
Cann, John, Symon's Down house,
Chapple, Edwin, The Shrubbery,
Chope, Rev. Clement Robert [rector of Combpyne], Prospect house,
Clogg, Robert, Purzebrook,
Coate, James, Lea combe, Lyme road,
Coles, Mrs., West cottage, Western road,
Collard, Joseph, South street,
Cornish, Robert, Cedar house, South street,
Cox, Miss, Elsen house, Chard street,
Cunningham, John Kirk Caldy, Secktor house,
England, Mrs., Adrienne house, Lyme road,
Forbes, Charles, The Laurels, Lyme road,
Ford, William Charles, South street,
Forward, Capt. Edward Charles, The Coombes,
Forward, William, The Elms,
Frost, Edward, South street,
Gage, Benjamin, Alma villa,
Gage, John, Fawnsmoor,
Gerrish, John, Bank house,
Gillett, Mrs., Western road,
Gosling, Charles, West street,
Hallett, Charles, Castle house,
Hammett, John, Purzebrook,
Haydon, Mrs., Loupe house, Lyme road,
Henley, Robert, Lyme house,
Hutchings, Mrs., Chard street,
Jefferd, William John, The Bank,
King, Henry John Bellamy Shuttleworth, The Coombes,
Knight, Henry, Cloakham house,
Knight, Henry, Terrace lodge,
Knight, William Henry Barnes, Cloakham house,
Knight, William Henry Barnes, Terrace lodge,
Knight, Miss, Lauretta cottage,
Lake, Joseph, Showls farm,
Langran, William, Belle vue,
Lock, William Thomas, Sector,
Loud, Samuel Hencher, Lyme street,
Loveless, Samuel George, Chard street,
Loveridge, John Stamp, South street,
Martin, Capt. John James, Coombefield,
McLennan, Frank, Lynch villa,
Nanson, Mrs., Weycroft,
Newman, Rev. Arthur [vicar], Vicarage,
Overmass, John jun., Brookhill,
Padbury, George Henry, Lyme street,