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The history of Newenham Abbey in the County of Devon


James Davidson

London: Longman & Co. (1843) vi, 250p, plates: ill.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Newenham was a Cistercian abbey situated near the River Exe, not far from Axminster. It was founded in 1246 by Reginald de Mohun, Earl of Somerset. It survived until the Reformation. In the fifth year of Elizabeth I, the fee of the Abbey was conveyed to Thomas Duke of Norfolk, whose son Lord William Howard disposed of it to Sir John Petre. Members of the celebrated Bonville family of Shute were interred in Abbey grounds before the dissolution that left it in ruins. In 1850, a farm house, about a mile from the town, occupied part of the site of this once splendid and richly endowed abbey: but all that remained of the monastic buildings at the time Davidson wrote this book were a few mouldering walls, and the east window of a chapel The book provides seven engravings and an extensive appendix of Latin documents (pp. 225-249). This book, held as part of the Bodleian Library Collection was produced from a digital copy that can be downloaded from https://books.google.co.uk/books, with a search by either author of title. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Achem, William (Achym)108-9, 111, 118, 189-90, 192, 201
Achym family190-1
Ackland, Baldwin224
Ackland, John224
Aleth, family pedigree182
Aleth, Richard de183, 186
Aleth, Walter de183, 187
Aleth, William de181
Aleth, Isabella de181
Alexander IV, Pope76
Alford, Raffe103
Alfred, King137
Alreton, Robert de43
Andrew, Miss Sarah166-7
Andrew Pedigree168
Anselm, David72
Anstis, John esq134, 217
Arundel, John35
Asselegh, Sir John de52
Auger, John56
Aulton, Henry de47
Auxerre, William Bishop of14
Aylescombe, Gilbert de79
Aysford, Robert de43
Ayssheford, William81
Aysshe, John81
Aysshe, Giles81
Bacaler, Matilda de19
Bacalar, Paganus de20
Bacaler, Rose de19
Bacaler, Thomas de19
Bacalar, Walter de (the elder and younger)16-19
Baker, John103
Bampton, Matthew de22
Bandinel, Mr103
Barbo, Peter92
Barns, Thomas, Gent.173
Batesforde, John de65
Bath, Reginald de35
Beandon, Hameline de22
Beaulieu, Dionysius, Abbot of5, 41
Beaumond, John81
Becket, Thomas195
Beere, Thomas43
Beleth, John14
Bellomonte, William de8
Belver, Roger de65
Berham, Elias de146
Berham, Michael146
Bernard, Mrs130
Bernard, Rev James130
Blancheville, Geoffry de28, 37, 39, 76
Blondy, Bishop of Exeter7, 27
Boce, Adam of Druke53-56
Bodrigan, Sir Henry183
Boner, Tristram (Bonner) of Bristowe99, 108-111
Bonville, Alice150
Bonville, Amicia35
Bonville family150
Bonville, Sir Nicholas21, 35-6, 71, 149, 162
Bonville, Sir William of Shute90, 91, 150
Bony, Henry93
Boreham, Walter de36
Borde, Gervas44
Borde, Hilary44
Borde, Matilda44
Borde, Olive44
Borde, Philip44
Boreham, Walter de146
Bosco, Richard de57
Botham, Thomas of12
Botoner, William132
Botraux, William186
Bowle, Richard123
Boye, T.18
Branc, Peter8
Branescombe, Richard (also called Exeter)87, 149
Brantyngham, Bishop of Exeter88
Bray, William de37
Brecash, John de22
Breche, Roger de la47
Brewer, Lady Alice207
Brewer, Lord William2, 158-160, 179, 205-7
Bridgewater, Michael of12
Bridport, Master John de52
Britton146, 148
Bronescombe, Bishop if Exeter43, 46, 47, 144
Brooke, Joan91
Brooke, Sir Thomas91
Brytnell, John117
Buck, Lewis William esq202
Buckland, Professor167
Bull, John178
Bull, Robert178
Buller family191-2
Buller, General191
Buller, James Wentworth, esq191
Buller, John Francis, esq191
Buller, Francis191
Bunting, Rev Jabez178
Burghilbury, Johannes de155
Burgwash, Bartholomew de216
Burton, Henry de158-9
Burton, Mabilla de158
Burton, Richard de158
Bury, Richard of14
Buttress, John Josiah178
By'a, William de35
Cabuillati family pedigree198
Cabuillati, Oger de194-5
Cabuillati, Peter de194-5
Cabus, Thomas56
Cadecote, William de69, 192
Cadehay, John81
Caley, John Esq89, 103, 121
Calvomonte, Bartholomew de (also Chaumont)181-2
Calvomonte, Isabella de (also Chaumont)181
Camden210, 217
Cancellis family88, 90, 182
Cancelis, Sir Giles de (de Chanceaux)23, 149, 181, 183
Cancelis, Sir John de183
Canterbury, Ralph of13
Capia, Ralph37
Carew, Eleanor78
Carew family22, 75, 78-9, 129
Carew, Sir George, Knt.102, 124, 129
Carew, John de78-80, 83
Carew, Sir Nicholas81, 92
Carew, Thomas80
Carmino, Sir Roger de183
Carswill, John de52, 65
Carty, Roger92
Castello, Gilbert de35, 37
Cautevile, Adam de57
Cerde, Roger de187
Chamon, Sir John118
Chamond family202
Champernon family184
Champernon, Henry de (Campo-Arnulphi, de)186
Champernon, Sir William de184
Charles I216
Chelesham, Adam de36
Chenne, Adam57
Chepman, John of Honiton81
Cheselburne, Henry of13
Chichester, Adam de (Chychestre)43, 93
Chichester, Peter de148
Chichester, Richard de43, 57, 73
Childeheye, Peter de60
Chuselden, John81
Chypyngebourne, Geoffry of12
Clairvaux, Bernard, Abbot of9
Cleve, Simon Abbot of4
Cleaveland88, 214
Cobbegh, John de159
Cock, William83
Coffin, Richard45
Cogan, Robert103
Cokesdon, Sir John, Kt161
Cokeswell, Hugh de40-42
Cokiswille, John de68-9
Collins, William of Offwell173
Colman, Jane98
Colman, John98
Comb, Martin de79
Compostella, Peter, Bishop of9
Copfold, Jordan of13
Cornubia, William of46, 52, 73, 184
Cornwall, Duke of187
Cornwall, Edmund Earl of84
Cornwall, Nicholas of13
Cornwall, Richard Earl of6, 7, 196
Cotele, Nicholas de57
Cotheie, Aylof de64
Courtenay, Archbishop of Canterbury81
Courtenay family88, 214
Courtenay, Sir Hugh de162
Courtenay, John de36
Courtenay, Sir Philip88-9
Courtenay, Sir William de36, 97, 117
Cran, Adam175
Cranmore, Reginald de29
Crocker, John220
Crocker, Mary220
Crosse, John81
Cruce, Alicia158
Cruce, Alinna158
Cruce, Edelma158
Cruce, Ildreda158
Cruce, Roger158
Crucherne, Trystram81, 91, 93
Crumwell, Thomas103
Cuodstane, Robert de4
Cwlard, Richard37
Dacres, Elizabeth127
Dacres, Lord127
Dare, William162
Daubenay, Sir Ralph53
Daunay, John81
Davie, Mr109
Daw, Ralph59
Dawe, Robert126, 127
Deaudone, Hameline de4
Dennis, Sir Thomas (Denys)101, 117, 118, 122, 125
Diggesfysche, Engelese61
Diggesfysche, Roger de61
Donkeswill, Philip de79
Donne, Henry de la59
Donne, Hugh81
Donne, Ralph de22, 52
Dorset, Henry, Marques of (afterwards Duke of Sussex)122, 124
Drake, Bernard, esq.105
Drake family125, 172
Drake, Jane220
Drake, John of Musbury also Ashe100, 118, 120, 122, 142, 151, 165, 172, 177,
Drake, Philip220
Drake, Richard122, 165, 172, 177
Drake, Robert122, 142, 165, 172, 177
Drake, William, Gent.172, 177
Du Cange6, 14, 28, 45, 148, 155
Dugdale103, 119, 217
Duke, Thomas81
Dunn, Abbot101
Dupe, Hugh56
Dupe, Walter56
Durham, Flambard, Bishop of8
Dybrywurche, William del53
Dynell, Edith51
Dynell, Peter51
Dynham, John81
East-hocleo, Adam of13
Edward I57, 72, 113-4, 187, 199, 203, 215
Edward II (Edward de Wyndesore)138, 186, 215
Edward III7, 14, 71, 75, 80, 83-4, 115, 135, 179, 189
Edwy, King (Edelwene or Edwin)138
Eginton, John de69
Elizabeth I105, 125-6, 191, 210
Ellis, Mr103
Ellys, John98
Emma, Queen203
Englesent, William64
Est, Earl of (Mohun)208
Ethelred, King (Edred)138
Everard, Robert192
Everett, Alexander100
Facy, Richard, Gent.200
Faringdon, Walter de43
Farweye, John de79
Ferdonu, Nicholas de77
Fernham, Robert of13
Ferris, Emmott108-9
Fielding, Henry166
Fitz Geoffry, John8
Fitz Nicholas, Ralph8
Flanders, William of12
Flemmynge, Henry77
Ford, John117
Forde, Martin atte81
Forde, Robert de la57
Forester, Luke61
Foxle, John de65
Foxlegh, Sir John186
Frampton, Mr James Alexander7, 87, 91, 94, 126, 128-9, 134, 173-4, 179
Fria, William de (Frye)60, 63
Frie, Robert105
Frye, Nicholas le53
Fuller101, 208
Furze, Philip, gent.101
Fychet, Sir Thomas83
Gardener, William le53
Gate, Adam de la52
Gaypen, John53
Gaypen, Stephen53
Gernetur, Isabel de60
Gerneter, William de60
Geytyngton, John de24, 57, 69, 70, 72, 75, 78, 170, 177, 180
Gifford, Mr221
Gill, Henry of Dalwoode108
Gisortio, Acius de4
Glastonbury, Abbot Michael of25
Glastonbury, Robert of65
Gobode, Henry65
Goboham, William de64
Godard, John5, 8, 11, 14
Godard, Thomas43
Godeleye, John de78
Golde, Elias53
Gordon, Lady Catherine95
Gough, John219
Grandisson, Bishop of Exeter82, 115, 149
Greynfyld, Digory118
Greynfyld, Sir Richard118
Grymeston, Robert80
Gyll, Richard99-103, 105-107, 189, 200-1
Haccombe, John de36-7, 44-5
Haccombe, Stephen de36, 44, 84
Hallam3, 141
Halstowe, Mathilda de20
Halstowe, Organa de20
Hameldon, William de148
Hamely, John187
Hamilton, James Duke of217
Hamlyn, Robert117, 122
Hanecothe, Philip de43
Hanton, Richard de43
Harold, King203
Harptre, Gilbert de16
Harvey, Anthony100
Haslope, Lancelot, esq178
Hawker, Miss130
Hawker, William130
Haydon, John118, 142
Haydon, Thomas142
Hayward, Adam17
Hayward, Juliana19
Hayward, Richard, called the17, 19
Hayward, the37
Hayward, Walter20
Hele, John esq216
Hele, Sir Nicholas160
Hele, Phillipa216
Helwysch, Richard de186
Helyer, Mrs130
Hembury, John93
Hemyock, Sir Thomas de79
Henry II205
Henry III4, 78, 112, 170, 175, 196, 206-7
Henry VI91, 135
Henry VII94-96
Henry VIII82, 97, 100, 103, 115-6, 123-4
Herne, Philip de la57
Hicks, Richard99
Hildeslegh, John de43
Hille, William att81
Hillary, Nicholas69
Hippegras, John81
Holeway, John81
Honeton, Philip de79
Hornebeg, John de57
Hore, John98
Hore, Margery98
Hore, Thomas98
Horston, Thomas161
Horton, Gervas de35, 36
Houe, Alexander de la193
Houe, Walter de la75, 79, 80, 84, 86-7, 135, 193
Houndalre, Leonard89, 90
Howard family131
Howard, Lord Henry131, 132
Howard, Lord William105, 126-7, 131, 165, 177
Hulle, John117
Hunte, Adam35, 36
Hunteford, William94
Huntley, Earl of95
Huntspill, Walter12
Hydon, Sir William de79
Ildesbaye, Richard of13
Ilminster, John, als Cabell98
Innocent IV, Pope2, 10, 112, 188, 200, 207
James I127, 129, 216
Jewe, William81
Jogelour, John193
John..., Abbot of Newenham94
John, King4, 37, 179
Johnson, Dr5, 152
Kamton, Philip de20
Kamton, William de20
Kampton, William de20
Kelley, Henry201
Kelley, John201
Kelley, William201
Kempe, Archbishop94
Knight, William esq129, 174
Knoll, John81
Kylgad, John184
Kylgaith, Henry118
Kyng, Robert20
Lacy, Bishop of Exeter91
Lane, Gilbert de la59
Lane, Henry de la59, 68
Lane, Mary de la59
Lang, Alice (mother and daughter)98
Lang, John98
Langedon, William de57
Langelee, Geoffrey de8
Lapflode, Ralph81
Lega's, John88
Leicester, Simon, Earl of7
Leland154-5, 203
Leominster, John de41
Lerkestoke, Henry de120, 188
Leu, Robert le84
Leu, Richard le83
Lewis, Dauphin of France137
Leycester, William de78
Liddon, Mr Amos178
Liddon, John108
Ligh, Sir W. de36
Lincoln, Bishop of216
Llewellyn, Prince113
Lock, John123
Lome, Ralph97
Long, John123, 131
Longespee, Stephen8
Lotel, Richard81
Lovetot, John de197
Lyell, Elizabeth201
Lyell, John201
Lymber, William de57
Lysons130, 163, 190
Malherbe, Sir William4, 206
Mallocke, Joan122
Malyn, Constance64
Marisco, Nicholas de92
Marisco, Reginald de195-6
Martyn, William66
Mary, Queen127
Maud, Empress205
Mauncell, John8
Mele, Thomas103
Melleplas, John de73
Mells, Walter of13
Memel, Robert53
Menbiry, Richard de35, 36
Mercator, Richard158
Mercator, Robert51
Messor, John le65
Miguel, Don, of Portugal208
Milebroke, Thomas32
Mohun, Agnes de204
Mohun, Alice de2, 23, 145,
Mohun, Baldwin de77
Mohun, Barons of Okehampton216
Mohun, Charles216
Mohun, Eleanor de78
Mohun family10, 35, 78, 88, 90, 208-9
Mohun, Joan de216
Mohun, Sir John de149, 210, 215-6
Mohun, Maud de216
Mohun, Philippa de216
Mohun, Sir Reginald de2-7, 9, 21-24, 34-36, 75, 77, 87, 144, 149, 159
 160, 205, 207-16
Mohun, William de (and son William)2-5, 9, 22, 32, 34-36, 77, 78, 149, 193, 196,
199, 203-6, 215 
Moleyns, Adam92
Moleyne, Danid Esq93
Montecute, Sir Simon de206
Monte Sorrel, Ralph de35
Moriton, Earl of181
Morris, John106-111
Mortesthorne, Stephen de56
Mortesthorne, William de56
Morys, John100
Motford, John de199
Muchelny, Brother Roger de47
Musel, Nicholas de (or Muslegh)192
Mustegros, Robert8
Mylebrok, John (father & son)69
Nevyll, Bishop of Exeter94
Newenham, Hugh de47
Newenham, Walter de27
Nicholas IV, Pope114-5, 189, 200
Noreys, Robert le8
Norfolk, Thomas Duke of125, 165, 172, 177
Northampton, John de41-2, 77
Northlegh, Richard de79
Nott, James, Esq100, 108, 123
Nyweham, Richard de56
Oakbeare, Philip de69
Oakbeare, Richard83
Oliver, Rev. G.57, 82, 85, 87, 97, 130, 190
Ophaye, William de53
Orchard, Paul esq202
Orde, Craven Esq96
Ottobonus, Cardinal78
Ousehywys, Richard de4
Ouill, Sir W. de36
Overton, Walter of13
Oviton, Ralph of13
Page, Nicholas (Paige)62
Paulet, Sir Amias96
Payn, Richard57
Peckham, Richard de113
Pedirton, Richard de (Petherton)58, 63
Pedo, William103
Pen Walter (or Peen)192-3
Penhylek, Walter de184
Penny, Robert123
Pentelo, Robert de78
Persolte, Henry of (Spersolte)12, 15, 22, 26, 71, 160, 175
Pery, John93
Petre family128-9, 165
Petre, John, Lord87, 127-8, 134, 165, 172-3, 177-9
Petre, Sir William127-8, 165
Petyt, Geoffry22
Peynre, Paulinus8
Peytevyn, William53, 57
Philip II (France)137
Philip & Mary72
Phillips, Robert123
Phillips, Sir Thomas134
Pillesdon, Walter de58
Pole, Sir William21, 130, 133-4, 217, 221
Pole, Sir William Templer, bt.134, 165
Polwhele130, 154
Pomeray, Giles de57
Ponte-Roberti, John de (of Robertsbridge)27
Popa, William61
Pontifera, John de (Pontois)114
Porcon, Henry de57
Preston, Gilbert de64, 159
Prince, Bernard218, 220
Prince, Elizabeth219
Prince, family217
Prince, John134, 215-23
Prince, Leonard218-20
Prince, Mary219-20
Prince, Philip218
Prince, Rebecca219
Prince, William219-20
Prustes, John81, 217
Pruz, Sir Hugh de52
Puleburg, Master John47, 146
Pulman, John109
Pulman, Richard109
Pupplisbury, Robert de67-8
Putys, John81
Pyle, Bartholomew81
Pyne, Edward81
Pyne, John esq127
Pynne, Richard111
Quivill, Bishop Peter192
Rae, William16
Ralegh, Sir John81, 83
Ralegh, Sir Hugh de52-3
Ralegh, Warin de35
Ralegh, Wymond de22, 34-36, 38
Rhodes family166
Rhodes, Mr Ambrose166
Rhodes, George esq167
Rhodes, John Henry esq167
Rhodes Pedigree169
Richard II88
Richard III94
Richard, King of the Romans196
Riche, John103, 108
Risdon22, 103, 130, 217
Risheg', Nicholas de57
Rocheforde, Ralph de53
Rolle family202
Rolle, Robert133
Roper, John103, 105-6
Rusel, William (Russell)52, 158
Salisbury, Robert109
Sampson, William20
Sancto Corono, Richard de192
Sayward, Andrew123
Schildon, Martin de79
Schynner, Richard de65
Seymour, Sir Edward221
Shapwick family160-1
Shapwick, John de160, 164
Shapwick, Peter161
Shapwick, Philip de160-1
Shapwick, Ralph de64, 66, 191
Shapwick, Roger de161
Shapwick, Richard de64
Shapwick, William161
Smyth, John103
Snelwinus, Gervas son of43
Solomon, Andrew165
Somerset, Earl of (Mohun)207, 209-10
Somervylle, Richard92
Southcote family129
Southcote, John101, 117
Southcote, Thomas esq129, 173
Southcott, Jane173
Stamerlegh, Mirabel51
Stamerligh, Matilda31
Stamerligh, Richard (Stamerlegh)31, 32, 51
Stapledon, Bishop of Exeter46, 67, 68, 70, 74
St George, Sir Henry134
Spreat, W.86
Spynee, Oliver de la62
Staunton, de, family47
Staunton, Sir John de144
Staunton, Roger de47
Staunton, Sir William de (father and son)47
Stede, Ralph48
Stede, Thomas (also de Stedehey)48-50
Stephen, King204
Stephyns, John102
Stevens, Rev John178
Stevens, Mr Samuel178
Stonore, Sir John186
Strange, Lord216
Strode, John de la57
Suffield, Walter112
Suffolk, Duke of127
Surrey, Henry Earl of125
Sutton, Oliver114
Swete, David158, 159
Swete, Reginald de159
Sydemouthe, Ralph de192
Symmes, John97
Symons, William117
Tanner, Bishop133
Tayllour, Joan le65
Tayllour, Richard le65
Tetteburne, Adam de73
Thurkelby, Roger de159
Thynne, Francis134
Tolle, Alice51
Tolle, Walter51
Toneworth, Robert de78
Tracy, Sir Henry de205
Tredeford, John de186
Tredford, Richard65, 185-6
Tregonwell, John103
Trelawny family192
Trelose, Sir Andrew de52
Tremour, Walter de192
Tryuet, John81
Tucker, Mr of Lyme166
Tucker, William esq179
Tudde, William71
Turney, John100
Turry, John de (de la Tour)195
Turry, Matilda de195
Turry, Richard de (de la Tour)195-6
Tydderlegh, William de57
Tynten, Alice de71, 161-3
Tynton family163
Tynton, Sir John de161-3
Typper, William126, 127
Umfraville, Sir Gilbert de83, 162
Uphay, Roger de61
Uphay, William de59
Upot, William de79
Uppaheie, R. de52
Urban II, Pope9
Vautord, John of Clist81
Veysey, Bishop of Exeter99
Veysey, Thomas117
Vge, W. de la52
Vowel, John161
Voyell, Nicholas100
Wag, Reginald37
Waldeshef, Allan de197
Waldeshef, Avelina197
Wallerand, Robert8
Walrond, Edmund of Bovey129
Waltham, John81
Walys, Richard le57
Warbeck, Perkin95
Warr, Richard81
Warren, Alice122
Water, William de44
Wauton, Master Simon de159
Wavell, Dr William esq133, 134
Way, John99
Waylaunde, Thomas de197
Wellis, John de87
Western, Sophia166
Westmester, William103
Westofer, William105
Whitaker163, 191
Whiteby, John de79-80
Whyte, Thomas103
Whyting, John81
Wile, William de la61
Wilkins94, 191
William I (Bastarde)193, 203
William III220
William Rufus, King8
Wircester, Roger de64
Wobourne, John de43
Worcestor, Florence of127
Worcester, William of27, 132, 144, 148
Wotton, John81
Wrange, Alianor29, 30
Wrange, Richard29, 30, 37
Wycroft, Henry de36, 37, 50
Wydecombe, John97
Wydeworth, Clement de79
Wyenall, Nicholas123
Wyenall, Thomas123
Wyett, William108
Wynell, Thomas100
Wynyard, William92
Wysebeche, Nicholas90
Yate, Thomas Rounceval de la84
Yertec, Robert de79
Yerty, Agnes44
Yerty, William de43, 44
Yonge, Sir George, bt129
Yonge, Sir Walter, bt.129
Young, Adam69