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The Cistercian Houses of Devon, IV: Newenham

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 9 (1877), pp. 361-379.


J. Brooking Rowe

Prepared by Michael Steer

Rowe's paper presented at the Association's July1877 Kingsbridge meeting focuses on Newenham Abbey near Axminster. The land on which the abbey was built was granted by William de Mohun for its founding in January 1246. Its foundation charter was witnessed by Richard, Bishop of Exeter. Newenham was closed during Henry's Dissolution. Its mother house was Beaulieu Abbey. The Appendix provides a list of the Abbots from 1246 to 1539. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of California Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Abbotsbury, Robert Abbot of376
Abraham, William370
Albemarle, William de366
Alhot, Johem372
Arundell, Sir John363
Aulton, Henry de365
Axminster, William Vicar of373
Baker, Reginald374
Banco, Dni Reg de368-70, 373-5, 377
Bath, Reginald de363
Belle, Margiam372
Bereford, Rado de371
Beresford, William de368
Bertelot, William372
Blakeford, Johem373
Blanchvill, Abbot Geoffry de379
Bodget, Walter de372
Bourdenile, Walter369
Branescombe, Abbot Richard de372, 379
Bray, William de363
Breche, Rogo de la366
Brokhampton, Thomas373
Bronescombe, Bishop363
Broun, Johem377-8
Broun, Richard377-8
Burdescombe, Stephen375
Burdevil, Walter de372
Burton, Henry de361-2
Burton, Mabilla de361-2
Cabus, Roger de371
Calmady, Johem376
Calmady, Richard376
Carew, Thomas373-4
Carru, Johi de368
Carter, Roger373
Castello, Gilbert de363
Cayphas, Robert369-70
Chichester, Abbot Richard de379
Chuddelegh, Sir Jacobus374
Chuddelegh, Johem de371-2
Clyff, Leonard Abbot of377
Cobbeh, John de361
Cokeswell, Abbot Hugh de379
Cokiswille, Abbot John de 
Cokwyll, Radm de376
Cole, Alicium375
Cole, Johis375, 377
Colewille, Johem376
Coll, Johem377
Constance, William372
Conyng, William snr372
Cook, Waltus377
Cornubia, Abbot William de379
Crucherne, Abbot Trystram379
Cruk, Johem de371
Dare, Henry370
Davidson, Mr James361-3, 367, 373, 378-9
Dennyng, Abbot Johem373
Descures, John371
Diegher, Roger372
Done, Radm de366
Dulymere, Johem372
Dunkeswell, Richard Abbot of374
Dunmuire, William371
Edward I368
Edward II368
Edward III369-70, 372
Edward IV366-7
Elleworth, William de368-70
Ellys, Abbot John379
Farham, Simon of371
fforster, Thomam374
ffowel, Johem372
ffoys, Richard376
ffrankeleyn, William377
Ford, Henry de la368
Franceis, Johe368
Fria, Abbot William de379
Gaytyngton, Abbot Johis de368-9, 379
Gel, William368
Geraunt, Adam377
Geraunt, Johannam377
Gilemyn, William371
Giselham, William de366-7
Godard, Abbot John379
Greneway, Johe de368
Grymeston, Thomas373
Gyll, Abbot Richard379
Gyon, Johem376
Hayward, Margiam372
Hembury, William jnr372
Hembury, William snr372
Henry III361-2, 367
Henry IV374-6
Henry V377
Hille, Richard376
Holme, Johem374
Horton, Gervase de363
Houe, Abbot Walter de la368-9, 379
Houndalre, Abbot Leonard374, 379
Hugheton, Henry de369
Hunt, Ada363
Hunteford, Abbot William379
Hydon, Richard de366
Ilmynster, Abbot John de, alias Cabell379
John, King361
Kerle, Johem de372
Lacy, Henry de369
Lange, William373
Leggas, Abbot John373, 379
Lucy, Robert de369
Mason, Richard375
Membyry, Richard de363
Mey, Johem375
Mohun, de, arms378
Mohun, Reginald de362-3
Mohun, William de361-3
Monte Sorell, Rado de363
Mont St Michel, Thurstan Abbot of366-7
Morton, Thomas de368-9
Mutford, John de367
Newenham, Abbot of366-76
Newenham, Henri Abbot of (Persolte)361-2
Newenham, Hugh Prior of366
Newenham, John Abbot of371-4, 379
Newenham, Leonard Abbot of374-6
Newenham, Michm, Abbot's servant376
Newenham, Nicholas Abbot of376-7
Newenham, Thomam, Abbot's servant376
Newenham, Walter Abbot of368-70
Northampton, Abbot John de379
Oliver, Dr378-9
Palmer, Johes375
Parys, Johem377-8
Pat, Thomas371
Paym, Radm374
Pebbesbury, Robert de371
Pedirton, Abbot Richard de379
Persolte, Abbot Henry de (or Spersholte)361-2, 379
Ponte Roberti, Abbot John de379
Poyer, Richard377
Prentys, Johem374
Prestcote, Abbot Johem372
Preston, Gilbert de361
Prince, John362
Prouz, William le367
Punchardon, Johem366
Punchardon, William366
Pupplisbury, Abbot Robert de379
Purs, William372
Ralegh, Henri de366
Ralegh, Hugh de366
Ralegh, Sir Warin de363
Ralegh, William de366
Ralegh, Wymond de362-3
Richard II373
Ryde, Johem373
Saham, William de366
Sandwyche, William376
Sangere, John370
Scot, Johem370
Shapwick, Abbot Ralph de379
Sloo, John at370
South, Johem372
Stamford, William de371
Staunton, Andrea Rector de365-6
Staunton, Robert de366
Staunton, William de365
Staunton, William de the younger365
Strange, Robert372
Thurkelby, Rogo de361
Toker, John373
Toker, William373
Toterigge, Johem372
Toterigge, Walter372
Trelay, Johem377
Trenant, Richard de371
Trenant, William de371
Trenchard, Michem366
Treysewe, Johem377
Tryst, Richard374-5
Tynten, Alicia de368
Tynten family368
Tynten, John de368
Umfmivyt, Pagani Johem de367
Umfmivyt, Roger366-7
Uphey, William de368
Usher, Thomas374
Valle Torta, Johem de366
Vautard, Johe374
Wales, Henry Prince of375
Walshe, Johem376
Warinum, Radm fili Rici366
Warinum, Rici366
Wauton, Simon de361
Waye, Henry377
Waye, Johem377
West, Walter372
Worthy, Richard377
Wysebeche, Abbot Nicholas de376, 379