Hemp and Flax Bounty Papers


Devon Record Office QS43/4

Transcribed by Brian Brassett

The QS43/4 is a certificate submitted on behalf of Hemp and Flax growers, and which details the quantity of Hemp and/or Flax grown by an individual or individuals. The certificated claims are witnessed by parish officers and submitted to a Justice of the Peace for the County in which the claim is made.

QS43/4-1 Aylesbear:
To Justices of the Peace acting in and for the County of Devon.
In Pursuance of an Act passed in the Twenty First Year of His Majestys Reign for the Encouragement of the Growth of Hemp and Flax, I Mr. Smith of the Parish of ClistHoniton in the County of Devon, do hereby exhibit before You my Claim to the bounty granted by the said Act, of 4 Pence per Stone for 93 Stones of Flax of the Crop of the Year 1788 grown on an estate in the Parish of Aylesbear called Roundbear and by me broken and properly prepared for Market
Witness my Hand this 25th Day of June, 1789.
We, whose Names are underwritten, Two of the Parish Officers of the Parish of Aylesbear in the County of Devon do hereby certify that we believe the several Particulars contained in the above Claim to be strictly true.
Witness our Hands this 25th Day of June, 1789. Joel Thomas Churchwarden; William (Major) Overseer.
Exhibited this 26th Day of June, 1789 before me; Geo Cooke.

Brian Randell, 17 Oct 2014

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