Baptist Ministers at Bampton


The Religious History of the Parish of Bampton, Devon

By T.J. Francis

Tiverton: Fort Press, (2001)

Provided by the author

The following is the list of known Baptist ministers at Bampton. There are a few gaps in the dates of succession, where either there was no resident minister - the church being supplied by a visitor, or the record of the resident has been lost.
JAMES WHITE 1696-1698          
  1698-1703 Supplied by James Murch
JAMES MURCH 1703-1724  
ELKANIAH WIDGERY         1725-1766  
  1766- Supplied by Samuel Sprague
  1766-1767 Supplied by Mr. Rippon
SAMUEL ROWLES 1767-1776  
  1776-1777 Supplied by Mr. Skinner
? SYMONDS 1777-1781  
  1781-1787 Supplied by Mr. Boyce
WILLIAM CLARKE 1787-1791  
SAMUEL NORMAN 1791-1802  
? DAVIES 1803-1812  
WILLIAM DORE 1812-? Stayed for 18 months
? DOWNES ?-? Stayed for 2 years
JOHN CHERRY 1820-1827  
  ?-1830 Supplied by Thomas Thomas
THOMAS THOMAS 1830-1844  
C. E. PRATT 1845-1847  
WILLIAM WALTON 1847-1857  
JOSEPH ROTHERY 1858-1876  
EDWARD SCOTT 1876-1909  
H. B. CASE 1909-1910 Honorary Pastor
R. FAIRBRASS 1910-1913  
J. WATTS 1913-1919  
F. W. HURFORD 1921-1925  
W. G. BAILEY 1926-1928  
E. P. GROOM 1928-193-  
P. H. JONES 1933-1946  
W. J. DAVIS 1946-1956  
W. H. ROSKILLY 1956-1958  
E. R. SOWDON 1960-1963 Lay Minister
L. J. T. GARDNER 1964-1967