Churchwardens at Bampton 1662-1809


The Religious History of the Parish of Bampton, Devon

By T.J. Francis

Tiverton: Fort Press, (2001)

Provided by the author

The church records for Bampton are far from complete, and the following list contains gaps which are impossible to fill, many records having been lost over the centuries.
1609  Thomas Bryante, William Bowdon
1610  Franeces Fugars, Philip Coukeman
1641   George Southcott, Edward Hill
1662  John Oxenham, Henry Peeke
1663  Henry Glass, Thomas Milton
1665  John Buffon, William Garnsey
1666  Henry Hatswell, James Briant
1671  Henry Ball, Christopher Milton
1672  John Hagley, Edward Chamberlaine
1673  Arthur Culme, George Langwell
1676  Henry Ball, William Coleman
1678  John Culme, John Wood
1679  Edward Fisher, Hugh Hawkins
1680  William Pengelly, Peter Badcock
1681  John Hill, John Goodman
1682  Abel Gamon, Abraham Badcock
1683  George Brooke, John Gamon
1684  John Bryant, Henry Blackmore
1685  John Hill, William Langwill
1686  Henry Ball, Daniel Glasse
1687  Richard Spurway, Peter Badcock
1689  Richard Milton, Bartholomew Wood
1690  Henry Blackmore, Timothy Richards
1692  Edward Fisher, John Percey
1693  James Hill, Robert Hill
1694  John Tristram, William Langwill
1695  John Hill, John Capron
1696  Henry Ball, William Ball
1697  John Hinley, Martin Hilcocke
1698  Arthur Culme, John Goodman
1699  John Hill, John North
1700  Robert Hill, John Hitchins
1708  George Goodman, Andrewe Gullett
1709  John Hill, Peter Badcock
1710  Daniel Glasse, Mathew Williams
1711  Anthony Bell, George Langwill
1712  John Tristram, Mathew Bowden
1713  William Hurley, Richard Spurway
1714  Robert Hill, John Oxenham
1715  Bartholomew Wood, Edward Chamberlayne
1716  John Norman, Martin Filcott
1717  Henry Locke, John Edbury
1719  Richard Newte ,  Arthur Broughton
1720  Arthur Broughton, James Style
1721  Arthur Broughton, James Style
1723  Arthur Broughton, James Style
1722  Arthur Broughton, James Style
1724  Arthur Broughton, James Style
1725  Arthur Broughton, James Style
1726  Arthur Broughton, James Style
1727  Arthur Broughton, James Style
1728  John Fisher, James Style
1729  Charles Culme, James Style
1730  John North, Robert Hill
1731  Daniell Glasse, William Surridge
1732  Edward Hill, William Portbury
1733  Robert Norman, Robert Webber
1734  Richard Prowse, John Goodman
1735  Robert Osmond, John Stone
1736  Robert Melton, Hugh Branscombe
1737  Charles Culme, James Surridge
1738  John North, Henry Lock
1739  Thomas Style (deputy, to Robert Lucas), William Hill
1740  Jonathon Fisher, William Ball
1741  Thomas Paddon, Thomas Oxenham
1742  Thomas Style (deputy, to Daniel Glass), Roger Oxenham
1743  Robert Bucknell, William Portbury
1744  John Oxenham, Joseph Luxen
1745  John North, James Surridge
1746  John Branscombe, Thomas Style
1747  Jonathon Style, Jonathon Surridge
1748  Francis Merson, James Stone
1749  William Hill, Jonathon Potter
1750  John Goodman, Thomas Fisher
1751  Jonathon Fisher, Jonathon Style
1752  Robert Norman, John Webber
1753  John Pearse, John Branscombe
1754  Thomas Oxenham, Thomas Phillips
1755  Wm Branscombe, Joseph Knight
1756  Abraham Badcock, Thomas Oxenham
1757  William Hill, Thomas Oxenham
1758  John Style (deputy to Robert Lucas), James Surridge
1759  John Surridge, Thomas Oxenham
1760  William Hill, William Harris
1761  Robert Norman, John Fisher
1762  Francis Merson, John Style
1763  James Bryant, William Cleeve
1764  Richard Hill, John Style
1765  Abraham Badcock, Richard Melton
1766  James Surridge, James Burcher
1767  Thomas Stawell, John Surridge
1768  Abraham Badcock, John Hill
1769  John Prowse, William Hill
1770  William Brand, John Hill
1771  William Portbury, Robert Hill
1772  Thomas Phillips, Richard Norris
1773  William Bray, John Style
1774  Abraham Badcock, Thomas Oxenham
1775  William Phillips jnr, John Style
1776  John Style, Thomas Surridge
1777  Abraham Badcock, William Fowler
1778  John Oxenham, William Style
1779  Richard Melton, Abraham Badcock
1780  John Style, John Hill
1781  Thomas Phillips, William Sayer
1782  Abraham Badcock, Richard Melton
1783  Richard Bowden, Abraham Badcock
1784  Abraham Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1785  Abraham Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1786  Abraham Badcock, Richard Melton
1787  Abraham Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1788  Thomas Surridge, William Branscombe
1789  Thomas Surridge, William Branscombe
1790  Richard Melton, John Trowey
1791  Robert Hill, Richard Hill
1792  William Langdon, Thomas Surridge
1793  William Langdon, Thomas Surridge
1794  William Langdon, Thomas Surridge
1795  John Trowey, William Branscombe
1796  John Trowey, William Branscombe
1797  Thomas Surridge, William Branscombe
1798  Thomas Surridge, William Branscombe
1799  Thomas Surridge, William Branscombe
1800  Thomas Surridge, William Branscombe
1801  William Merson, William Branscombe
1802  William Merson, William Branscombe
1803  John Davey, Richard Abraham
1804  John Davey, Richard Abraham
1805  William Merson, William Branscombe
1806  Daniel Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1807  Daniel Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1808  Daniel Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1809  Daniel Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1810  Daniel Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1811  Daniel Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1812  Daniel Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1813  Daniel Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1814  Daniel Badcock, Thomas Surridge
1815  Daniel badcock, Thomas Surridge
1816  Thomas Farrant
1817  William Branscombe, Thomas Farrant
1818  William Branscombe, Thomas Farrant