Bampton Deaths during the period 1813-1867

Transcribed by

Russ Davies

The Bampton Parish Register (Burials) is missing for the period 1813 - 1867. I have tried to recover some of the records using the death announcements in Devon newspaper archives. Unfortunately there are very few records for the earlier "lost" years. I've attached a brief list of the few death announcements that I found. Very few legible grave headstones exist for those on the list. Hopefully it may help somebody.



1828 On the 11th. May, at Bampton, Mr. W. Branscombe, aged 74
1836 July 7, at Bampton after a long illness, Mr. Joseph Burge, many years officer of Excise in this County.
1838 July 19, at his seat, near Bampton, Daniel Badcock, Esq., aged 86, principal of the Banking firm of Badcock and Co., of Taunton.
1840 Sept.13, at Bampton, Mr. Henry Spurway, aged 74.
1842 June 24, at the residence of his uncle, J. Branscombe, Esq., Pall Mall, London, Thomas, only surviving son of Mr. James Greenway, of Bampton, aged 16 years.
1843 September 21, at Bampton, Devon, aged 14 years, Georgianna, youngest daughter of the late R.C. Densham, esq., of Upton, Somerset, and sister of Mr. Densham, solicitor, of the former place.
1844 May 9, at Bampton, Devon, aged 47, Jane, the beloved wife of T. Langdon, Esq., surgeon, and daughter of the late Charles Edwards, Esq., of Chard.
1845 June 4th., at Bampton, aged 31, after a short illness, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Edmund Brook, druggist.
1847 Sept. 21, at Bampton, Mr. Thomas Farrant, tanner, aged 65.
1848 March 27, at Bampton, Mr. Robert Henry Farrant, late of Vera Cruz, Mexico.
1848 April 28, at Blight's Farm, Bampton, Mr. George Bidgood, aged 67.
1849 At Bampton, Devon, on the 19th. April, Mr. George Bryant, of Dulverton, Somerset (late of Lyon's Inn, London), aged 95.
1850 April 8, at Bampton, Elizabeth, wife of J. Edwards, Esq.
1850 Sept. 14, at Bampton, after a lingering illness, Sarah, the beloved wife of Henry Oaten, aged 34 years.
1850 Oct. 26, at Bampton, of scarletina, aged 12 years, Julia Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. Brook.
1851 On the 11th. July, at Castle Grove, Bampton, Devon, Elizabeth, wife of Captain Seymour, R.N.
1851 In October, at O'Brien's, Van Dieman's Land, Mr. Thomas Branscombe, formerly of Bampton.
1853 March 7, at Bampton, Henry Griffin, for 16 years the faithful and attached servant of T.R. Densham, Esq., solicitor of that place.
1854 November 12, at Bampton, Devon, Thomas Langdon, Esq., surgeon, aged 69.
1854 December 23, at Bampton, Devon, Mrs. Salsbury, widow of Mr. Edward Salsbury, of Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset, aged 72.
1856 January 21, at Bampton, Elizabeth, the beloved and eldest daughter of Mr. William Crudge, aged 5 years.
1858 January 11, at Bampton, Robert North, Esq., aged 59 years.
1858 January 12, at South View Cottage, Bampton, Mr. John Radford, formerly of Tiverton, aged 80 years.
1859 July 4, at Bampton, Mr. John Instow, sen, aged 70.
1859 December 23, at Bampton, Jane, relict, of William Radford, in her 86th. year.
1860 January 30, at Zeal Farm, Bampton, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. Francis Merson, aged 81.
1861 February 28, at Bampton, Mr. James Greenway, aged 77.
1863 March 21, after a lingering illness, Mr. William Crudge, ironmonger, Bampton, in the 68th. year of his age.
1863 July 14, Mr. John Hill, yeoman, Bampton, aged 64.
1863 Oct. 14, at Bampton, Mr. John Needs, baker.
1865 January 24, at the Post Office, Bampton, Martha, the wife of Mr. John Catford, Postmaster, aged 74.
1865 May 9, at Castle Grove, Bampton, Devon, Sinclair Marsh, infant son of Major Vialls, late 45th. Regiment.
1866 April 17th, at Bampton, at the residence of Mr. Periam, her son-in-law, Elizabeth, relict of the late George Davy, aged 74.
1866 April 4, at Bampton, Mrs. Gamlin, Boobier Hill Farm, aged 57.
1866 April 5, at Bampton, after an illness of four years and three months, Mr. Thomas Burnett, mason, aged 81.
1866 September 14, at Bampton, Ann, relict of Mr. Edward Snell, of Chumleigh, aged 70.
1866 October 9, at Bampton, Mr. Thomas Chave, second son of the late Mr. William Chave, aged 22.