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Help and advice for Bampton, Devon: Marriages 1698-1754

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Bampton Marriages 1698-1754

Transcribed by

Russ Davies

Made vailable here by kind permission of The Rev John Stone

Year Date Groom Notes Bride Notes
1698 Feb-03 YENDAL John alias BRIMMIGE WEBBER Mary  
1698 Mar-06 BERRY John alias BUTFIELD? BREWER Isat  
1698 May? 28 CASE John junior VICARY Elizabeth  
1698 Jun-20 CASE John senior QUICK Amey  
1698 Jun-28 WHITFIELD William   NORTH Rebecca  
1698 Sep-23 ESCOT Robert   STONE Elizabeth  
1698 Oct-02 SHEPHEARD John   WILLIAMS Joane  
1698 Oct-17 BAL Thomas   ? Elizabeth  
1698 Oct-22 GORE Georg   HUCFORD Patience  
1698 Dec-21 STONEMAN? Thomas of Southmoulton LANGWIL Mary "widdow of Bampton"
1699 Jan-13 HEYMAN George of Minehead FISHER Elinor  
1699 ? COOKE John   BRYANT Elizabeth  
1699 Apr 20? SQUIRE Richard   BAL Ann  
1699 Apr-20 SYLVESTER William   JENKINGS Mary dau. of Robt. Jenkings
1699 Jun-20 GOODING Thomas of Brushford FISHER Elizabeth  
1699 no date GOODMAN Peter   HALLOR Jane  
1699 Jun-11 JORDAN William   GRIFFY Jane  
1699 Jul-07 BOWDEN Matthew   GLASS Elinor  
1699 Jul-09 BREWER Robert   ? Amey  
1700 Apr MIDDLEWE? Jonathan   STYLES Joan  
1700 May PHILLIPS John   GOODING Joan of Muxborough?
1700 no date MAJOR William   "and his wife"  
1700 no date CROCKFORD Abram   STYLE Elizabeth  
1700 no date BREWER William   REED Ann  
1700 no date PADDON William   BRYANT Joan  
1700 no date FARMER Lewis   TUCKER Elizabeth  
1700 no date STYLE Edward   MILDON Ann  
1700 no date REED Tristram   "and a stranger"  
1701 Mar-10 DRAKE Docter   MILTON Joan  
1701 Oct-11 ROCH William   AVIS Catherine  
1701 Nov-28 BALL John   GLOYNE Joan  
1702 Apr-06 BIDGOOD William of Haukworthy PUTTAM Joan  
1702 May-21 BOWDEN Anthony   MUXWORTHY Ann  
1702 May-22 DAVY Henry   STONE Agnis  
1702 Jun-27 QUICK Giles   NORMAN Dorothy  
1702 Jul-25 SHORT George   BOWDEN Mary  
1702 Nov-08 ELSON? Robert of ? TOUL Phebe  
1702 Dec-16 MAJOR Abraham   COURT Christian  
1703 Jan-21 LANGWILL George   GLASS Mary  
1703 Feb-07 EATON Thomas   LOCK Edith of Hauckworthy
1703 May-18 HODGE Henry   AVES Joan  
1703 Sep-02 BRISTOW John   JORDAN Elizabeth  
1703 Oct-29 THOMAS William   CHILCOTT Mary  
1704 Aug-11 BALLETT Edward   MARWOOD Elizabeth  
1704 Oct-19 PARKER Samuel   PLEASE Mary  
1704 Nov-05 SNOW John   JORDAN Mary  
1704 Sep-20 SUMMERS George   PEARSE Hannah of Milverton
1705 Nov-24 SHORT Richard   WALLER Elizabeth  
1706 Jan-08 PORTBURY William of Dulverton FISHER Elizabeth dau. of Edwd. Fisher
1706 Mar-26 JORDAN George   TRIGES? Christian  
1706 Mar-28 GREGORY George   NORMAN Mary  
1706 Apr-20 SYLVESTER William   JENKINGS Mary dau. of Robt. Jenkings
1706 May-26 HELLINS Joseph   TANCOCK Frances  
1706 Sep-16 SALISBURY George of St. Mary y More WEBBER Joane of St. Mary y More
1706 Sep-22 RENDAL William   GRENSLADE Margery of Dulverton
1707 Jan-16 BADCOCK Peter   BRYANT Mary  
1707 Jan-19 BREWER Lewis   LEWIS Mary  
1707 Apr-14 TROWEY Tristram   STYLE Ann  
1707 Jun-21 DREW Garvin of Tiverton GREENSLADE Prudence of Tiverton
1707 Jul-02 MAJOR William   STEVENS Elizabeth  
1707 Aug-02 SHORT George   BRYANT Thomasin dau.of Isaac Bryant
1707 Aug-14 HUTCHINGS Johnathan of Burlescomb YARD Mary  
1707 Oct-18 LARWAY Humphery   BREWER Elizabeth  
1707 Oct-20 STYLES James   LARWAY Agnis  
1707 Nov-09 MILDON William   YARROW Susanna  
1707 Dec-01 GAMMON John of Petton DUNN Dorothy  
1708 Apr-09 SHORT Samuel   SHEPHEARD Martha  
1708 Apr-09 HEIDON Anthony   PROUT Mary  
1708 Apr-18 ROACH William   MILTON Mary  
1708 Jun-19 PRIZE Thomas   NORRINGTON Susanna  
1708 Sep-29 GLANVILL George of Honyton JONES Margaret of Tiverton
1711 Mar-26 WHITTER Tristram   ROWE Elizabeth  
1711 May-25 YEANDALL William   WARRE Elizabeth  
1711 Sep-06 SOMMERS Thomas   MILDON Sarah  
1711 Sep-16 BARTLET Robert   CARSE Joan  
1712 Jan-03 MARTIN Thomas   BRYANT Joan  
1712 Feb-20 PLACE Job   THOMAS Anne  
1712 Jun-29 NOTT John   SHEPHERD Sarah  
1712 Aug-28 JEANES James   HILL Christian  
1712 Sep-29 COPP Thomas   TOUT Mary  
1712 Oct-23 BLEW Thomas   BALL Richord  
1712 Dec-26 SHEPHERD James   KEEN Rebecca  
1713 Feb-12 FILCOCK John   BALL Joan  
1713 Apr-09 BRYANT Timothy   TUCKER Anne  
1713 Apr-11 COLES William   SOMMERS Agnes  
1713 May-01 LAND William   JONES Anne  
1713 May-02 THOMAS Robert   STONE Joan  
1713 May-25 HILL Thomas   EDGCOMB Joan  
1713 Jul-17 LEAGER William   BOWBERE Bridget  
1713 Aug-06 MAJOR John   STEPHENS Catherine  
1713 Sep-18 COTTEREL John   SHORT Catherine  
1714 Feb-02 BOND William   BOWDEN Elizabeth  
1714 Apr-02 YEANDLE William   SQUIRE Mary  
1714 May-18 BOWDEN Thomas   STONE Alice  
1714 May-19 ALLEN John   BRISTOW Alice  
1714 Jul-12 SILLY Henry   HURLEY Mary  
1714 Aug-03 BURSON William   GELLY Margaret  
1714 Aug-14 SANDERS John   HILL Joan  
1714 Oct-18 SPARK David   BALL Anne  
1714 Dec-04 MOOR William   SYLES Sarah  
1714 Dec-10 EASTCOT Thomas   THOMAS Alice  
1714 Dec-22 VESEY John   SINKINS Mary  
1715 Feb-20 SAUNDERS John   BROWNSCOMB Anne  
1715 Apr-17 HILL John   PULSFORD Christian  
1715 Apr-19 SHORTRIDGE John   KELLOND Elizabeth  
1715 Aug-24 CARTWRIGHT William   BROCK Susan  
1715 Oct-22 BARTLET Thomas   HILL Mellinor  
1715 Nov-13 COURTON John   HEDGLAND Wilmot  
1715 Nov-19 BAKER Robert   HOLE Joan  
1715 Dec-01 ALLEN Benjamin   BREWER Elizabeth  
1715 Dec-20 HUDFORD Thomas   CHAPMAN Elizabeth  
1716 Feb-03 BOWDEN William   HILL Joan  
1716 Feb-13 CHAPMAN John   HOW Mary  
1716 Apr-05 SINKINS Eli   BOWDEN Joan  
1716 Apr-24 MAJOR James   EASTCOT Amy  
1716 Apr-28 SIMS John   HILL Joan  
1716 Jul-09 CRANE John   HAWKINS Joan  
1716 Aug-27 WILSON Anthony   BOWDEN Rose  
1716 Nov-21 WARRE William   SUMMERS Joan  
1716 Nov-29 BALLAT Thomas   YARROW Mary  
1717 Feb-28 ATKINS Thomas   CROCOMB Anne  
1717 Mar-03 QUICK Isaac   THOMAS Anne  
1717 Apr-23 GRENOWAY John   BOWDEN Tacy  
1717 Apr-23 PERROT Simon   CHAPRINGTON Mary  
1717 Jun-10 PUTTOM John   HILL Elizabeth  
1717 Jun-14 GRIFFY John   TUCKER Sara  
1717 Jun-21 MILSON Lewis   TAYLOR Joan  
1717 Jul-23 CLOTWORTHY Marmaduke   BLACKMORE Susan  
1717 Jul-27 EATON Richard   CARSE Susan  
1717 Sep-09 HAWKINS William   MECHO Hannah  
1717 Dec-04 GRENOWAY Thomas   BRISTOW Margery  
1717 Dec-26 MARSH William   WHITFIELD Anne  
1718 Feb-07 ASHELFORD John   STONE Rachel  
1718 Feb-20 TOULL William   STONE Mary  
1718 Jun-20 EASTCOT Richard   COOKMAN Elizabeth  
1718 Jun-30 BOWDEN Nathan   YEANDALL Anne  
1718 Jul-07 HILL Thomas   GULLET Prudence  
1718 Aug-10 WEBBER Robert   WOOD Susan  
1718 Aug-27 BRISTOW John   HILL Mary  
1718 Sep-07 THORN John   WARD Mary  
1718 Sep-14 HERD John   SHEPHERD Mary  
1718 Oct-02 BRYANT William   WARE Sarah  
1718 Oct-06 DENHAM Anthony   BULFORD Mary  
1718 Oct-26 BRISTOW Robert   BREWER Mary  
1719 Feb-05 WEBBER William   FUGE Elizabeth  
1719 Mar-30 BRYANT John   COLEMAN Mary  
1719 Apr-02 REED John   BADCOCK Mary  
1719 May-10 HILES Richard   SILLY Grace  
1719 May-15 ASH Thomas   ESTCOT Elizabeth  
1719 Jul-15 VESEY Humfry   PARTRIDGE Mary  
1719 Nov-17 REED Daniel   HILL Margery  
1719 Nov-25 COTTEREL John   PADDON Elizabeth  
1719 Dec-14 SYLES Richard   SHEPHERD Frances  
1720 Feb-29 MILTON William   SHORLAND Elizabeth  
1720 May-19 MOGFORD John   WEBBER Bridget  
1720 Jun-07 BREWER John   HILL Penelope  
1720 Jul-10 HALL Richard   PUTHAM Mary  
1720 Jul-18 MARTYN Walter   HILL Jane  
1720 Jul-22 PARISH Richard   VICKERY Mary  
1720 Sep-25 WEBBER Christopher   GRIFFY Emlin  
1720 Oct-13 BRYANT William   BOWBEAR Margery  
1720 Oct-20 MUSGRAVE William   WARREN Mary  
1720 Nov-11 KELLOND David   BOWDEN Joan  
1720 Nov-20 PASMORE George   HOBBS Elizabeth  
1720 Dec-04 STONE Thomas   PAIN Elizabeth  
1721 Apr 10? WILLIAMS John   WEBBER Elizabeth  
1721 Apr-16 THORNE Thomas   FLEED Mary  
1721 Apr-23 QUICK Samuel   BARTLET Elizabeth  
1721 Apr-28 GAMMON John   MATTHEWS Prudence  
1721 Apr-28 WEBBER Aldred   PRING Mary  
1721 May-18 BLEW Samuel   RICHARDS Elizabeth  
1721 Jul-10 SELLEY William   GAME Sarah  
1721 Oct-13 HODGE Henry   MANSTON Gusten  
1722 Jan-21 SHORT Lewis   GOODMAN Mary  
1722 Mar-30 EASTCOT John   DAVY Lydia  
1722 Apr-17 SURRIDGE Wiliiam   NORMAN Margaret  
1722 May-15 SNOW William   SHEPHERD Frances  
1722 Aug-01 CHAMBERLAYN Nicholas   FRANKMORE Mary  
1722 Aug-19 SILLY Henry   CHAPMAN Mary  
1722 Oct-19 HURLY Joseph   HILL Joan  
1722 Oct-19 MARSH William   ATKINS Mary  
1722 Nov-07 THORNE Edward   WELCH Joan  
1722 Nov-16 SURRIDGE Richard   YARROW Jane  
1723 Apr-08 CULME Charles   GLASSE Elizabeth  
1723 Apr-19 CHAVE William   HAWKINS Susannah  
1723 Jul-07 STONE John   HUGHS Joan  
1723 Aug-16 BOWBEAR John   WHITFIELD Joan  
1723 Oct-31 MILTON George   TUCKER Joan  
1723 Nov-17 SHEPHERD Joseph   BARTLET Mary  
1723 Nov-30 COURTON Abraham   ROACH Joan  
1723 Dec-26 DAVEY Thomas   ROACH Mary  
1724 Jan-07 EASTCOT Henry   KELLOND Mary  
1724 Jan-09 SHEPHERD Edward   GOODMAN Joan  
1724 Feb-12 THOMAS William   ? Alice  
1724 Feb-14 SHORT William   EATON Anne  
1724 Apr-06 JOHN Martin   PLACE Richord  
1724 Apr-24 EATON Thomas   SOMMERS Elizabeth  
1724 Jun-05 MERSON John   SURRIDGE Christian  
1724 Jun-26 CASE Arthur   SHORLAND Elinor  
1724 Jul-06 MILTON Giles   PROWSE Tamosin  
1724 Oct-11 MAJOR Abraham   BLEW Richord  
1725 Mar-30 BROCK Anthony   HILL Jane  
1725 Mar-30 KNIGHT Matthew   ROCKET Mary  
1725 May-08 BRYANT John   WILSON Judith  
1725 May-19 HIT Francis   PRICE Susan  
1725 May-21 STEPHENS Samuel   SLADE Elizabeth  
1725 Jun-04 MAJOR William   PRICE Richord  
1725 Aug-02 BREWER John   SPARK Joan  
1725 Oct-24 FILCOT Martin   PLAISE Elinor  
1726 Jan-07 MOOR William   GREGORY Mary  
1726 Apr-17 SHORTLAND John   TRIGS Mary  
1726 Apr-24 HODGE Crispin   CASE Jane  
1726 Apr-25 WEBBER Thomas   CHIN Joan  
1726 May-16 THORNE John   DAVY Hannah  
1726 May-21 BADCOCK Henry   YEANDEL Eleanor  
1726 May-28 DAVY Nathan   COURTON Sarah  
1726 Jul-08 COTTEREL Thomas   EASTON Sarah  
1726 Jul-09 QUICK Thomas   COTTEREL Elizabeth  
1726 Jul-11 BROWN Matthias   SCOT Sarah  
1726 Jul-17 ROSSITER Robert   QUICK Elizabeth  
1726 Sep-05 STEPHENS David   BADCOCK Elizabeth  
1726 Nov-01 GRIFFY James   MOOR Mary  
1726 Nov-12 SHORT Thomas   VESEY Anne  
1726 Dec-08 HONYBALL Humfry   FROGPIT Agnes  
1726 Dec-12 BURGE George   BURGE Anne  
1727 Jan-13 TOUT James   CASE Alice  
1727 Apr-16 STONE John   NEWCOMB Joan  
1727 May-06 YEANDEL Thomas   CAPRON Mary  
1727 May-06 BOWDEN John   TOUL Mellinor  
1727 May-07 TUCKER Thomas   DAVY Mary  
1727 Oct-03 HOLE Roger   CASE Mary  
1727 Oct-19 COURTON Thomas   COLMAN Mary  
1727 Dec-08 HEMBORROW Edward   WITHERS Mary  
1727 Dec-27 MELDON Robert   DUNSCOMB Grace  
1728 Feb-14 RUMBELOW Richard   COOKSLY Susanna  
1728 Feb-17 DUCCOMBE Thomas   STYLE Saray  
1728 Apr-21 TOUT Robert   JENKINS Elizabeth  
1728 Apr-21 BOWDEN Matthew   SQUIRE Sarah  
1728 Apr-21 BOWDEN Anthony   FRANKMORE Susan  
1728 Apr-23 BROWNSCOMB John   CATTY Dorothy  
1728 May-06 TILCOT Martin   STYLE Mary  
1728 Sep-26 CAPRON George   PARKER Susanna  
1728 Nov-17 BURSTON William   WALL Jane  
1728 Dec-18 JORDAN William   DUXUM Alice  
1728 Dec-25 GRIFFY James   BOWDEN Sarah  
1729 Feb-09 MELLISH Humfry   BARTLETT Sarah  
1729 Feb-18 SNOW William   YEANDALL Mary  
1729 Apr-07 SAYER James   SHORT Elizabeth  
1729 May-10 QUICK Joseph   COOK Sarah  
1729 May-27 HILL Hugh   QUICK Anne  
1729 Jul-14 EDWARDS Walter   SHORT Mary  
1729 Jul-18 BURCHER Edmund   SHORT Mary  
1729 Aug-14 CARPENTER William   STYLE Sarah  
1729 Oct-16 HANCOCK John   VICKEREY Elizabeth  
1729 Oct-20 WEBBER John   BOWBEAR Joan  
1729 Dec-14 HILL Henry   DARBY Anne  
1730 Jan-31 COTTERELL Robert   STONE Jane  
1730 Mar-04 BARTLETT Thomas   BOWBEARE Mary  
1731 Apr-09 DAVY John   SHAPCOTT Joan  
1731 Jun-08 GAMMON Nicolas   DAVY Elizabeth  
1731 Aug 31? SHEPHERD John   BROCK Jane  
1731 Sep-11 WILLIAMS John   WILLIAMS Thomasin  
1731 ? 31 BRICE Henry   ? Mary  
1731 Nov-01 GOODWAY? John   HARRIS Sarah  
1732 Jan-10 BLACKMORE John Hand?   PORTBURY Eleanor License
1732 Feb-01 BLEW Robert   PULSFORD Elizabeth  
1732 Feb-04 THORNE ?   BREWER Mary  
1732 Feb-11 MILTON ?   ISAAC Dorothy of ? . License
1732 Apr-09 YEANDEL Richard   STYLE Margaret  
1732 Apr-10 PALFRY George   QUICK Joan  
1732 Apr-11 PHILIPS Thomas   CAPERON Joan  
1732 Apr-11 SHORT George   NORTH Deborah  
1732 May-18 PHILIPS John   BLACKMORE Elizabeth License
1732 May-29 LARWAY William   YEANDEL Jone?  
1732 May-29 LEAGUER George   NORTH Elizabeth  
1732 May-30 COOK Robert   HILL Mary  
1732 Dec-03 CHARLES Edward   PAYNE Hannah  
1733 Jan 27? HILL Richard   PHILIPS Betty  
1733   MILTON George   ? Catherine  
1733 Mar-25 BADCOCK James   VICARY Anne  
1733 Apr-23 FROST William   BROCK Jone  
1733 Jul-15 YEANDEL Robert   COOKMAN Catherine  
1733 Jul-27 EATON Thomas   VICARY Mary  
1733 Oct-03 BURKE Nicholas   ANSLEY Jone  
1733 Dec-26 HILL Thomas   BLACKMORE Judith  
1733 Dec-31 BUNION? William of Northam BURGE Melinor  
1734 Apr-16 COTTERELL Abraham   STONE Elizabeth  
1734 May-03 WALTERS? ?   LARWAY Elizabeth  
1734 May-09 DEANE? Faron?   FOWLER Jone  
1734 May-16 COLLARD James   HURFORD Anne  
1734 Jun-24 CASE John   BALLETT Joan  
1734 Jun-27 RADFORD Richard   ? Joan  
1734 Sep-16 MARCH James   PLUMPTON Elizabeth  
1734 Nov-05 PLEASE James   HAWKINS Elizabeth  
1735 Feb-07 HAWKINS Thomas of Clayhanger JONES? Elizabeth  
1735 Feb-17 WOODWARD Daniel of Tiverton DRAKE Jane  
1735 Feb-17 BRIDGEMAN John of Wiveslicombe HEARD? Joan  
1735 Apr-08 COTTERELL Abraham   BURGE Mary  
1735 Apr-10 SANDFORD William of Morebath MAJOR Mary  
1735 May-26 SHAPTON Christopher   STONE Jane  
1735 Jul-20 HILL Christopher   ESMOND Jane  
1735 Jul-30 ROACH William   BADCOCK Jane  
1735 Aug-06 WEBBER Philip   FISHER Jone  
1735 Aug-10 HODGE John   TOLE Margaret  
1735 Sep-28 MOGFORD Arthur   COOK Elizabeth  
1735 Nov-05 DAVY John   DAVY Susanna  
1735 Dec-25 ROBERTS John   YEANDEL Jone  
1735 Dec-25 RUE Thomas of Okeford? DAVY Sarah  
1736 Jan-25 MARSH William   TUCKER Elizabeth  
1736 Mar-09 SHORTRADGE John   SHORT Amy  
1736 Jun-28 SARKINS? William   BREWER Mary  
1736 Jun-29 HARRIS William   BADCOCK Jone  
1736 Jul-23 WARR William   BADCOCK Susanne  
1736 Aug-13 HOBS Samuel of Winsford BARTLETT Mary  
1736 Sep-12 BARTLETT Richard   SOMERS Sarah  
1736 Dec-31 MARKES Thomas of South Molton SHEPHERD Sarah  
1737 Jan-21 EMMERY Nicolas of Tiverton KNIGHT Mary  
1737 Jan-31 WARD George   BREWER Jane  
1737 Apr-13 MILTON Richard   HILL Anne  
1737 Apr-14 STILE John   WOOD Hannah  
1737 Apr-24 YEANDEL Richard   BRYANT ?  
1737 Jun-01 EASTCOTT Robert   FROST Edith  
1737 Jun-24 PEARCE John of Washfield? MELHUISH Sarah of Washfield?
1737 Jun-26 QUICK John of Silferton ? Dorothy of Columpton. License
1737 Jun-27 COTTERELL Abraham   WILLIAMS Anne  
1737 Jul-10 CULLIFORD Nicolas   GOODMAN Charity  
1737 Sep-19 SHORT Richard   JOB Mary  
1737 Dec-02 TAR William of ? JOB Sarah  
1737 Dec-29 PARSONS Thomas   BALL Mary  
1737 Dec-31 POTTER John   BALL Elizabeth  
1738 Jan-01 EWENS William   BRISTOW Elizabeth  
1738 Jan-31 COVENEY? Richard   ? Mary  
1738 Apr-02 SURRIDGE James   TURNER Anne  
1738 May-05 BREWER William   SHORT Mary  
1738 May-25 MARLEY Thomas   PATTEN Elizabeth  
1738 Jun-09 HODGE Henry   SNOW Elizabeth  
1738 Jun-22 BLACKMORE William of Dulverton HAGELY Mary  
1738 Nov-25 WILLIAMS Michael   ELLIOTT Catherine  
1738 Dec-26 MAJOR Thomas   TUCKER Jone  
1738 Dec-26 STILE James   GOODMAN Mary  
1738 ? JORDAIN John   SNOW Mary  
1739 Feb-02 SANFORD Roger of Morebath THORNE Eleanor License
1739 Apr-30 GOODING John of Morebath HILL Mary  
1739 May-18 UPHAM Edward   BRICE Jone  
1739 May-28 SANDFORD Thomas of Morebath LEAGER Jone  
1739 Jun-01 BALL William   WOOD Sarah  
1739 Jul-21 WYBORN? Thomas   ? ?  
1739 Oct-08 BALMONT John of Dulverton? ? Eleanor  
1739 Nov-04 TREVITHIC Leonard   ? Jane  
1739 Nov-10 TUCKER John   ? Mary  
1740 Mar 4? STONE James Clerk WYNDHAM Mary  
1740 Apr-06 HILL? Richard   CARSE Eleanor  
1740 May-08 ? John   COTTERELL Diana  
1740 Jun-08 BENNET Nathaniel of Clayhanger LAND Grace  
1740 Jul-11 NOTT John   WEBBER Elizabeth  
1740 Nov-25 THORNE John   STILE Eleanor  
1741 Mar-29 GIDLEY Bartholomew of Eadley TRISTRAM Elizabeth  
1741 Mar-29 HOOPER William   WILLIAMS Anne  
1741 May-18 SHORT Thomas   SHORT Martha  
1741 May-28 FISHER Anthony   NORMAN Elizabeth of Morebath
1741 Jun-19 BARTLETT John   REED Elizabeth  
1741 Sep-09 WARD James   DOWDNEY Anne  
1741 Sep-24 PHILIPS Richard   ASHE Dorothy  
1741 Oct-17 STILE John   LANGWELL Anne  
1741 Nov-05 BURCHER Edmund   REED Mary  
1741 Dec-04 YEANDEL Francis   PERROTT Hannah  
1742 Feb-25 CROP George   EATON Dorothy  
1742 Mar-29 DAWBNEY Richard of Sanford Peverel CHEVE Alice of Uploman. License
1742 Apr-19 ATKINS Thomas   PULSFORD Jane  
1742 May-28 WILLIAMS John   FISHER Anne  
1742 Jun-04 SULLEY Thomas   BRYANT Hannah  
1742 Jul-06 JORDAIN Robert   COLES Agnes  
1742 Jul-16 BALMONT William   PRICE Frances  
1742 Oct-18 COTTERELL Thomas   GREENWAY Jone  
1742 Oct-19 SHORT Samuel   ATWELL Elizabeth  
1742 Oct-20 RADFORD Thomas   SNOW Jone  
1742 Nov-13 BURCHER James   PLEACE Dorothy  
1742 Dec-28 MAJOR William   BROCK Elizabeth  
1743 Jan-31 WITHERS Shadrach   HILL Mary  
1743 Apr-03 LEE Robert   DAVY Mary of Brampton Regis
1743 Apr-04 WINSBORROW William of Okeford PRICE Elizabeth  
1743 May-25 STILE John   CROCKFORD Elizabeth  
1743 Jun-24 BREWER James   COTTEY Anne  
1743 Aug 3? ESTCOTT John   SNOW Anne  
1743 Oct-03 TAPPERELL Stephen   BRISTOW Hannah  
1743 Nov-14 BROOKS Matthew of Morebath PARISH Hannah  
1743 Dec-08 OXENHAM John   JOYCE Anne of King's Brompton
1744 Jan-16 PHILIPS William   WINSBORROW Agnes  
1744 Feb-01 SHORT John   ? Sarah  
1744 Feb-03 TUCKER Robert   BALL Mary  
1744 Feb-05 CHAVE Robert   TREVITHICK Jone  
1744 May-08 WEYBORN William   BROCK Mary  
1744 Jul-13 ESTCOTT Samuel   SHORT Hannah  
1744 Aug-07 BERE Richard   NOTT Mary  
1744 Aug-23 THOMAS William   BIRD Phebe  
1744 Aug-25 LUCAS Joseph   ADAMS Dorothy  
1744 Sep-09 SHORT Thomas   DANNIS Mary  
1744 Oct-22 MAJOR John   TOLE Mary  
1744 Nov-04 BROCK Thomas   BROCK Jane  
1744 Dec-09 PHILIPS William   WARD Anne  
1745 Feb-13 MILDON George   WITHERS Elizabeth  
1745 Feb-24 HILL Richard   HURLEY Mary  
1745 Mar-29 JORDAIN George   EDBURY Grace  
1745 Apr-15 EDWARDS William   WILSON Anne  
1745 Apr-15 SLADE Christopher of ? Somerset GOODING Mary  
1745 Apr-29 HODGE Crispianus   SANDERS Margaret  
1745 Jun-05 SHEPHERD William   COOK Mary  
1745 Jun-16 KENDAL John   OXENHAM Sarah  
1745 Dec-08 SELLEY Thomas   PRICE Anne  
1746 Jan-21 SANDFORD John   CRUDGE Elizabeth  
1746 Mar-31 MARTYN John   EASTCOTT Sarah  
1746 Apr-01 BARNETT William   WALLER Anstice  
1746 Apr-28 EVANS John   THORNE Mary  
1746 Jul-25 SAWYER James   HODGE Anne  
1746 Jul-27 HILL John   PUTTAM Elizabeth  
1746 Aug-29 YEANDEL Samuel   SHORLAND Elizabeth  
1746 Dec-26 MAJOR James   DAVY Elizabeth  
1747 Feb-02 OXENHAM William   REED Anne  
1747 Feb-25 SANDFORD Thomas of Morebath HILL? Elizabeth  
1747 Mar 5? WILLIAMS Michael   CARNE Elizabeth  
1747 Apr-20 BEESLEY Edward   LOWDWILL Dorothy  
1747 May-04 SHEPHERD John   ? Mary  
1747 May-19 MORR Caleb   FISHER Elizabeth  
1747 Aug-10 LEWIS John of Dulverton YEANDEL Mary  
1747 Nov-30 ? John ? CLEEVE Barbara License
1747 Dec-06 LUXOM Jacob   LAKE Susannah  
1748 Mar-30 TROWZE William   TILMON Mary  
1748 Apr-10 HILL Thomas   STONE Elizabeth  
1748 Apr-11 YEA Thomas   BALLATT Eleanor  
1748 Apr-13 SYMES William   SKINNER Thomasin  
1748 May-01 CAPERON John   LAND Betty  
1748 May-10 WILLIAMS William   BALL Mary of Exford
1748 May-10 SELLEY John of Silverton DELBRIDGE Mary of Okeford
1748 Sep-03 TAPERELL Richard   MORE Sarah  
1748 Sep-13 BREWER John   GRIFFITH Sarah  
1748 Oct-07 HILL Michael   PERROTT Anne  
1748 Nov-29 CAPERON Robert   PHILIPPS Elizabeth  
1748 Dec-18 SOUTHWOOD John   BROCK Elizabeth  
1749 Jan-19 DAVY Charles   ESTCOTT Mary  
1749 Feb-04 SNOW Silas   BOWBIER Mary  
1749 Feb-04 BURGE Nicolas   THOMAS Elizabeth  
1749 Feb-04 TOLE Matthew   SINKINS Elizabeth  
1749 Apr-05 GOODING Edward   GOODING Jane  
1749 May-10 LAND Thomas   SCOTT Anne  
1749 Jul-02 CARSE Arthur   WEBBER Sarah  
1749 Dec-24 SNOW William   BREWER Hannah  
1750 Jun-01 BISHOP Christopher of Exford LEAGER Elizabeth  
1750 Jun-05 WILLES Henry   MILTON Grace  
1750 Aug-05 BAPEL Robert   QUICK Elizabeth  
1750 Aug-08 LARWILL Humphry   CHILCOTT Lydia  
1750 Sep-17 GILL Richard   SAGE Mary of Bishop's Nymett
1750 Sep-22 FISHER John   BULFIELD Hannah  
1750 Nov-01 SKINNER Edward of Morebath ARTHUR? Agnes  
1751 Feb-02 ADDICOTT Hugh   DOWN Elizabeth  
1751 Mar-16 PURSE Robert of Morebath CULME Elizabeth  
1751 Apr-07 UPHAM Richard   WALLER Margaret  
1751 Apr-07 DAVY John   SHORT Anne  
1751 Apr-08 SHORT William   REED Mary  
1751 Apr-08 SOUTHNEY John   LAND Jane  
1751 Apr-10 SCOTT William of Clayhanger BEESLY Dorothy  
1751 May-04 BEASLY John   BRISTOW Richerd  
1751 May-04 RABJOHNS John   SHEPHERD Mary  
1751 May-28 ? Francis of Hallorm? OSMOND Jane of Sandford
1751 Jun-14 JETSON Joseph   ESTCOTT Jone  
1751 Jul-03 BRISTOW James   REED Elizabeth  
1751 Sep-01 HEYDON Richard of Okeford JOAB Hannah  
1751 Oct-18 SHEPHERD James   CHAMBERLIN Elizabeth  
1752 Jan-02 PARISH Samuel   BREWER Sarah  
1752 Jan-15 TAPP William   KNIGHT Anne  
1752 Feb-03 TITBOELD Thomas of Upham NORMAN Elizabeth  
1752 Feb-08 FISHER Thomas   HILL Elizabeth  
1752 Mar-31 PARISH Richard   SINKINS Anne  
1752 Apr-01 SINKINS Robert   CLEEVE Mary  
1752 Apr-12 BURGE John   HURFORD Eleanor  
1752 Jun-22 HILL Michael   RADFORD Jone  
1752 Oct-04 BAKER John   SHORT Hannah  
1752 Oct-29 WILCOX William of Morebath COSTMAN Jane  
1752 Oct-30 HELLMAN Robert   FROST Agnes  
1752 Oct-31 THORNE Thomas   MAJOR Elizabeth  
1752 Nov-08 MILDON John   CARPENTER Jone  
1753 Feb-26 WEBBER John   WESTCOMBE Jane  
1753 Apr-22 HAWKINS Lewis   DUEL Sarah  
1753 Apr-22 REED Ambrose   JEANS Sarah  
1753 Apr-23 MELHUISH Robert   HILL Mary  
1753 Jun-06 MELHUISH John of Morebath MIDDETN? Catherine  
1753 Aug-12 DAVY John   BUD Margaret  
1754 Jan-13 BURSTON John   BURGE Elizabeth