Bampton - Great War Roll of Honour

(Original in private hands)

Transcribed from the damaged original by Tom McManamon

Baker, Frank 3rd Devonshire Discharged medically unfit
Batstone, Walter Edmund 4th Devonshire Dead
Blamey, John Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry  
Blamey, William Army Service Corps (M.T.)  
Blight, William Alfred French Red Cross  
Bowden, John Air Officer Commanding  
Bowden, William 4th Devonshires  
Brewer, Frank 6th Devonshires Discharged medically unfit
Brice, Francis James H.M.S. "Doris" Killed Nov 9(?) 1917
Brice, Herbert Arthur 3/4 Dorsets  
Brice, John 9th Devonshires Discharged unfit; working on land
Brice, Thomas 4th Devonshires  
Broom, Francis John Coldstream Guards Discharged medically unfit
Broom, Thomas Henry Army Veterinary Corps  
Bryant, William Charles Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry  
Budd, George 90th Canadian Infantry  
Budd, James Royal Garrison Artillery  
Budd, William 1st Devonshires Wounded
Budd, Charles 90th Canadian Infantry  
Burnell, George 6th Devonshires  
Burnett, William Henry - Yeomanry  
Burnett, Herbert Lawrence 1/4 Devonshires Killed
Burnett, Thomas Nathaniel 2/4 Devonshires Killed
Burnett, James Royal Field Artillery  
Burnett, Richard John Royal Engineers  
Burnett, William John Royal Defence Corps  
Burnett, Ernest George Indian Army  
Burnett, Archibald Victor 2nd Somersetshires  
Burnett, Richard 3rd Devonshires Killed March 10 1915
Burrow, Victor John 1/4 Devonshires  
Burston, Albert Coastguard Patrol Reserve  
Butler, Arnold 8th Devonshires Discharged medically unfit
Butler, Herbert 3rd Dragoon Guards  
Burrow, Fred Machine Gun Corps  
Coren, Herbert Royal Engineers  
Chidgey, Sidney Army Service Corps  
Clark, Edwin Ivanhoe Royal Fleet Auxiliary  
Chown, Richard Queen Victoria Rifles  
Collard, Sidney 13th Devonshires  
Collard, Charles Rifle Brigade  
Cottrell, Samuel James 2/4 Devonshires  
Cottrell, James Royal Engineers  
Cottrell, Charles James Royal Garrison Artillery  
Cottrell, Felix H.M.S. "Magnolia"  
Cottrell, James (Bowdens) Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry  
Cottrell, Charles (Bowdens) -  
Cottrell, Francis Royal Engineers  
Cottrell, William (Bowdens) Royal Navy  
............, Frank 8th Somerset Light Infantry  
............, Charles 8th Somerset Light Infantry  
............, Harry Training Reserve  
............, William 2nd Devonshires  
Davey, William Henry 2/4 Devonshires  
Davey, Arthur John 3/4 Devonshires Drowned March 6 1919
Davey, Richard Royal Defence Corps  
Denscombe, James H.M.S. "Erin"  
Dinham, Jack -  
Durman, Sam Army Service Corps  
Davey, Percival Royal Flying Corps  
Davey, Herbert William 4th Devonshires  
Earl, Henry Robert 9th Devonshires Killed Sept 26 1915
Escott, Thomas 2/4 Devonshires  
Escott, William Lanes(?) Regiment Killed
Gibbings, Percy Machine Gun Corps  
Fisher, Thomas Albert (Dr.) Royal Army Medical Corps  
Gibbings, Mervin Royal Engineers  
Frost, William Royal Defence Corps  
Gibbings, Victor 6th Wiltshires  
Gadd, William 2/4 Devonshires  
Gage, John 1st Devonshires Discharged medically unfit
Gardner, William 1/4 Devonshires Killed
Gibbings, James 1st Devonshires  
Gibbings, William John 1st Devonshires  
Gibbings, Hubert Royal 2/1 Devon Yeomanry Killed
Gibbings, Thomas Escott 3rd City of LondonYeomanry: Rough Riders     Wounded
Gibbings, Henry Thomas 3rd Devonshires  
Gillard, Ernest 23rd Canadian Regiment MILITARY MEDAL
Gillard, Arthur 2nd Devonshires Killed ? 1914
Gould, William Henry 1st Devonshires  
Gould, Ernest Devonshire Transport Discharged medically unfit
Gooding, Robert -  
Grant, Richard 2/4 Devonshires Discharged medically unfit
Gratton, Reuben -  
Greenslade, Cecil 9th Devonshires Lost a leg
Greenslade, William Charles Somerset Light Infantry Missing presumed dead
Greenslade, George West Somerset Yeomanry  
Greenslade, John Thomas 1/4 Devonshires Killed ? 1915
Greenslade, Bert Somerset Light Infantry Wounded July 6 1916
Greenslade, Reginald James Somerset Light Infantry Killed Aug 28 1915
Gibbons, Frank Army Service Corps  
Gibbons, Ernest William Royal Engineers  
Hagley, Ernest 10th Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry Wounded July 9 1916
Hagley, Walter Royal Engineers  
Hancock, Thomas Egbert Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry  
Hancock, Charles Royal Naval Air Service  
Hancock, William Henry 8th Devonshires  
Hancock, William R.O.D. Royal Engineers  
Hancock, Ernest 22nd Rifle Brigade  
Hancock, Donald Siege Gun Artillery  
Hancock, Thomas Royal Defence Corps  
Hancock, William (Silver St.) -  
Hancock, Edmund 8th Devonshires Killed July ? 1916
Harper, Edward Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry Discharged medically unfit
Harper, Lewis Army Service Corps (M.T.)  
Hawkins, Francis Somerset Light Infantry  
Heale, Francis Wallace 11th Devonshires Discharged medically unfit
Hellier, Edward John Army Service Corps (M.T.)  
Herniman, Francis John junior 4th Devonshires  
Herniman, Francis John 4th Devonshires  
Hulland, John -  
Hutchings, Frederick 9th Devonshires Killed
Hutter, Alfred Ernest 1st Devonshires Killed
Irish, William Egbert 7th Somerset Light Infantry Wounded Sept 4 1916
Irish, Clifford George Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry MILITARY MEDAL
Irish, Percy Henry Royal Garrison Artillery MILITARY MEDAL
James, George Francis 4th Devonshires  
Jones, Stanley 2/4 Devonshires  
Jones, Henry 1st Devonshires Discharged medically unfit
Jones, Montague Samuel 1/4 Devonshires  
Jones, Albert Victor Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry  
Jones, Sidney John Provisional Batt: Devonshire Regiment  
Jones, Ernest Royal Navy  
James, Richard Henry Royal Fleet Auxiliary  
Kerslake, William Royal Horse Artillery  
Kerslake, Ernest 9th Devonshires Discharged medically unfit
Kerslake, Arthur 1st Devonshires Killed
Kerslake, Henry 22nd Rifles Brigade  
Kerslake, Charles Hubert Royal Field Artillery  
Kerslake, Samuel 11th Devonshires  
Kerslake, Victor 11th Devonshires  
King, Fred William Royal Navy  
Kingdom, William Llewellyn Army Service Corps (M.T.)  
Kingdom, Percy -  
Kingdom, Horace Donald Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry Killed May 6 1917
Knight, Francis George 6th Dragoon Guards  
Knight, John Leonard Royal Flying Corps  
Land, Frederick 10th Devonshires  
Land, Richard George 3rd Devonshires  
Lazarus, Frank 2/4 Devonshires  
Lazarus, James Army Service Corps  
Lazarus, Thomas Henry H.M.S. "Canada"  
Lazarus, Frederick 4th Devonshires; Dorsets Prisoner of War
Lazarus, Thomas 6th Devonshires  
Lazarus, Harry Royal Defence Corps  
Lazarus, William Royal Engineers  
Lazarus, Ernest Victor Cheshire Regiment  
Langdon, Sidney Royal Navy Air Service  
Langdon, Arthur West Surrey Discharged medically unfit
Lugg, Richard George 2/4 Royal Berkshire Killed June 7 1918
Napper, Montague Royal Navy  
Miles, Fred 4th Reserves, Hampshire  
Neithercott, John H.M.S. "Larkspur"  
Neithercott, Arthur James 9th Devonshires  
Nott, Charles - Devonshires  
Nott, Gilbert Charles 2/4 Devonshires Died May 3 1916
Nott, Horace 9th Devonshires  
Oxenham, James Royal Defence Corps Discharged medically unfit
Oxenham, Henry James 10th Devonshires  
Oxenham, Ernest Henry Army Service Corps  
Palfrey, Frank -  
Parsons, Sydney 2nd Devonshires Wounded July ? 1916; died
Parsons, John Machine Gun Corps Wounded; Prisoner of War
Penney, Edgar 23rd Infantry Brigade  
Penney, Charles Edward 15th Welsh Regiment Wounded July 1916
Penney, Alfred 1/7 Devonshires Wounded
Penny, William Henry 2/4 Devonshires  
Penney, Frank 2/4 Devonshires  
Penwarden, William John Devon of Cornwall Light Infantry  
Parsons, James -  
Ridler, Francis Henry 8th Devonshires Wounded Oct 1915
Rabjohns, Fred 2/4 Devonshires Killed
Rabjohns, George 4th Devonshire Reserves  
Rooks, Alfred 1st Devonshires  
Rooks, Sidney 8th Devonshires Wounded July 20 1916
Rogers, William Machine Gun Corps Wounded Nov 6 1918
Salisbury, Henry 3rd Devonshires  
Salisbury, John 1/4 Devonshires  
Scorce, Albert 1/1 Royal N. Devon Hussars  
Serenger, Ernest 1st Devonshires Killed
Seward, Frederick Thomas 2/1 W Somerset Yeomanry Wounded
Staddon, Frank 6th Devonshires  
Staddon, Frank (Castle Street)     -  
Staddon, Harold Lewis Naval Air Service  
Staddon, Reginald Lennox Royal Flying Corps  
Stevens, James Charles Machine Gun Corps  
Stevens, Frederick George Royal Engineers  
Stevens, Albert Henry 3rd Devonshires  
Sprague, Albert -  
Todd, Gilbert - Warwickshire  
Thorne, Arthur 2/4 Devonshires  
Thorne, William 2/4 Devonshires  
Thorne, Isaac 2/4 Devonshires Died Aug 10 1915
Thorne, Percy Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry  
Tooze, Edward George Royal Engineers  
Tooze, Fred - Devonshires  
Tooze, Francis 8th Somerset Light Infantry Died of wounds Nov 20 1917
Toze, William -  
Toze, Cecil - Devonshire Regiment  
Venn, John Parminter Army Service Corps  
Vicary, Donald James 2/4 Devonshires  
Vickery, Thomas William Royal Field Artillery Killed
Vickery, Tom 1st Somerset Light Infantry  
Watts, George -  
Ware, William 13th Devonshires  
Ware, Frederick 3rd Devonshires  
Webber, Harry Royal Defence Corps  
Webber, George H.M.S. "Albion"  
Webber, Albert 1/5 Somerset Light Infantry  
Wensley, Francis Royal Engineers Wounded July 10 1916
Wensley, Victor John Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry  
Wood, John Royal Marine Light Infantry MILITARY MEDAL
Yeo, W James 53rd Hampshire  
Yandle, Albert 3rd West Somerset Yeomanry  
Yeo, Samuel John 1/4 Devonshires  
Yeo, Arthur 36th Canadian Regiment  
Yeo, Thomas 6th Devonshires  
Yeo, Frank Royal Navy  
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