Name Listings (Appendices 4 - 8)

Provided by the author from:

Roman to 17th Century Bampton

Francis, T.J. Roman to 17th Century Bampton, Devon. Tiverton: Fort Press, (2008)

Appendix 4 - Lay Subsidy Roll; Bampton Parish, 1332

Name Tax Name Tax Name Tax
Henry de Carswill' 12d         Thomas de Lodefenne 12d         Thomas de Sperheng' 12d
Walter de Codemor 12d Thomas Lombard 12d William le Tannere 2s
William de Codmor 2s William Pestour 3s Simon le Tauuerner 12d
Richard Cogan 5s Roger le Pope 12d Nicholas Weste 2s
John de Cruwys 12d Adam (?)Porth 2s John Westeheghes 8d
John de Dodyscomb' 2s Robert le Sanger 16d Walter atte Weye 18d
William Faimaid 12d Walter atte Sele [Zeal]     12d Nicholas le Whita 12d
Anastasia de la Heghes     7s William atte Sele 3s John le Yonge 13d
Robert atte Hulle 3s William Selyman 2s William Yundoure 2s
Henry le Knyght 2s William Skynnere 12d    
John Kyngman 12d Adam Sopere 2s    

Appendix 5 - Devon Muster Roll, 1539; Bampton Parish

The Presenters of the parish swore that the following inhabitants have their furniture of armour and weapons as follows:
Stephen Dyer-James Trustram-Thomas Huysh-John Milton-Robert Badcok-John Hill

Those people of the parish who owned goods or had an income over a certain value were obliged to provide armour and weapons in quantities commensurate with their worth, each person having a code. Those who were un-coded had to find 1 corselet, 1 pike, 1 harquebut, and 3 murrions.

Glossary of Terms:

Corselet Armoured shirt covering the body.
Almain rivet Cheap mass-produced armour covering neck and shoulders
Stele cap Metal skull cap worn under a cloth hat
Black bill Polearm similar to a pike
Harquebut Gun resembling a blunderbuss. Later developed into the musket
Murrion Helmet without faceguard or visor
Sallet Globular shaped helmet

The codes as applied to Bampton are:
G 4. Goods owned to the value of between £200 and £400. These people had to provide 1 corselet, 1 pike, 1 almain rivet, 2 long bows and 2 sheafs of arrows, 2 stele caps
G 6. Goods owned to the value of between £20 and £40. They had to provide 1 almain rivet, 2 long bows and sheafs of arrows, 2 stele caps, 1 bill.
G 7. Goods owned to the value of between £10 and £20. They had to provide 1 long bow and sheaf of arrows, 1 stele cap, 1 bill.

Humphrey Cruse G 4 plus 1 bill
Alice Smart 1 corselet, 1 pike, 1 bow, 1 sheaf of arrows, 1 stele cap, 1 bill
Richard Fugars G 6 plus 1 harquebus, 1 murrion
Stephen Dyer G 6                  William Trusram G 7           
Thomas Huysh G 6 Michael Hudford G 6
James Trustram G 6 Thomas Tymewell G 6
Robert Badcok G 7 Thomas Venman G 7
Thomas Dier G 7 John Warring G 6
John Milton 1 bow 1 sheaf of arrows 1 stele cap 1 bill 1 harquebus 1 murrion

John Bonde, Nicholas Colman, Humphrey Jurdayne, Peter Bowbere, Richard Gard, John Norman, James Bowdon, John Glasse, Thomas Wade, Christopher Bryant, Michael Goodman, Stephen Cole, Christopher Warren

Richard Adam, Thomas Comer, Henry Hill at Seall [Zeal], Edward Osmund, John Badcok, Richard Cox, Henry Hill at Waye, John Putton, Peter Badcok, John Cruse, John Hill [1], John Rose, Robert Badcok, Stephen Dier, John Hill [2], James Tristram, William Badcok, Thomas Dier, John Hill at Rill, John Balle, Christopher Tymewell, John Garnsey, Robert Hill, John Tymewell, John Bidgood, Richard Goodman, Edmund Ingram, Thomas Venman, Robert Biges, Thomas Goodrydg, Richard Ingram, Valentine Ware, John Bowber, Richard Hancock, Edward Milton, John Warman, William Bowbere, Edward Hosegood, John Milton, Lewis Wills, John Brownford, Christopher Hill, Robert Norman, Christopher Yendall

William Apsam, John Hodg, Thomas Thorne, Edward Babb, Thomas Hooper, John Warman, Robert Ball, John Kemp, William Waterman, John Blackmore, John Mogridg, Hugh Weare, James Bristow, Michael Norman, Thomas Wear, Michael Cleaf, John Otwaye, John Webber, Richard Fugars, Humphrey Pole, Michael Yendall, Thomas Goodding, Robert Pole, Robert Yendall, John Greenslad, John Roch junior, John Zelye, George Heyman, John Thomas

Richard Ball, Richard Gard, Richard Mannder, Michael Bowden, John Goodman, James Morse, Richard Bowden, Peter Hawkings, John Pere, Thomas Bowbere, George Hill, Edmund Reynolds, Michael Burston, James Hill, Michael Rowe, Thomas Colman, Robert Hill, John Stevens, Edmund Crosse, John Hobbs, Robert Warryng, William Fisett, Michael Hooper, William Waterman, William Foster, Thomas Hoper, Thomas Weylond

Appendix 6 - Tax Returns, 1524; Bampton Parish

The returns for 1525 are as below but with the following additions:     (W = wage; G = goods; L = land)
Richard Atkyn - W1; Robert Crosse - W1; Haukyn Ducheman, alyn - W1; John Hyll - G2; Thomas Smart - G1; Peter, servant to Thomas Smart - W1; Thomas Warman - W1; Thomas Dee and Joan Christopher - G2 jointly.

John Attkyn W1 Henry Cadmore G10 William Elys W1  
Alice Badcok G2 William Capron W1 Margaret Foster G5  
John Badcok G4 Thomas Chaplayn L5 Alice Frensche L1/2  
Henry Ball W11/3             Edward Chapleyn G2 Alice French G2  
Edward Bawber W11/3 John Cleffe G2 Richard Fugor G5  
John Bawdyn [1] G2 Emot Cleve (taxd 1/-.)     L2 Hugh Glomer W1 1/3  
John Bawdyn [2] G3 John Corcleff sen G8 Clement Glosse L1 1/3  
John Bowber G8 John Corcleff W1 James Glosse W1  
Thomas Bowbere L2 James Cowman G20 John Helyar G11  
Thomas Bowbere jun G8 Nicholas Coyette W1 Margaret Hill G3  
William Bowbere [1]     G4 John Cristofer W1 Robert Hill (Hyll) G21  
William Bowbere [2] G4 William Christofer G16 Roger Hill (Hyll)[1]     G12  
John Bowhay W1 Robert Crosse G3 Roger Hill (Hyll) [2] G8  
John Bremryg G2 John Dene G2 William Hill sen G3  
William Bryston G6 Thomas Doddyscum G3 William Hill G2  
Simon Bylhole alyn W1 John Dyar [1] G10 John Hobbys G2  
William Byrd G2 John Dyar [2] G6 Thomas Houndaller G2  
Thomas Cadbury W1 Margaret Dyar (Dier) G2 William Hukley W1  
William Hurley W1 Richard Pester G3 John Tristyam G7  
John Ingram W1 Thomas Pester G13 1/3             Thomas Tymell W1  
William Kene W1 John Pyne G6 Henry Warman G20  
Thomas Kevyn G4 John Pypsoyn W1 William Webber G14  
Thomas Langman L1 1/3 John Quycke [1] L2/3 William Tymell G4  
Richard Lawrence G2 John Quycke [2] G1 John Warman G8  
Hugh Longman G12 John Quycke [3] G2 John Wedmore G1  
Robert Lowdon G4 William Rodnesse W1 1/3 Thomas Wade G2  
Robert Lyth W1 Richard Roper G11 William Warryn W1  
Jonathon Mannder W1 Anna Rowe G3 William Wenema G3  
John Mathu G1 John Rowe sen G11 Roger Ware W1  
John Mylton G5 John Rowe jun W1 John Webber [1] G9  
Richard Mylton G3 John Rowe G31/3 John Werryam G3  
William Mylton G20 Richard Row W1 William Ware W1 1/3  
Richard Norman G1 Richard Rowe G2 John Webber [2] G2  
John Otwaye G1 Thomas Shatok G2 John Whether W1  
John Oxenbayre W1 John Sladd G4 Robert Yendall G6  
Roger Perse W1 William Smart G40      
James Pester G14 Marion Tristan G40      

Appendix 7 - Tax Returns, 1543; Bampton Parish

The assessments are based on ownership of goods other than the two shown with an L, who were assessed on income.

John Awrsemond 23         Hugh Goodman 3            John Rawe 2
Augustine Badcock 2 Richard Gupy 0 Elizabeth Rawe 1
Elizabeth Badcock 3 Nicholas Helman 1 John Rombelowe 5
Robert Badcock 1 Robert Herneman 1 Richard Roper 3
William Berd 2 Robert Hurley 2 John Rowe [1] 5
William Bowber 1 John Hyll 1 John Rowe [2] 3
Edward Bowber 1 Richard Hyll 20 John Rowe [3] 4
John Bowber 8 Roger Hyll 6 Michael Rowe 3
Thomas Bowber sen L1 Robert Hyll 1 John Servys 1
Thomas Bowber 8 Thomas Hyll [1] 3 John Shattocke 1
William Bowber [1] 1 Thomas Hyll [2] 1 Michael Simon 1
William Bowber [2] 1 William Hyll [1] 7 John Slade senior 10
John Bowdyn 8 William Hyll [2] 1 John Slade junior 10
Edmund Bragge 9 Richard Hyllyng 2 Alice Smyrte 28
John Bremelcombe 2 John Hobbes 10 Michael Sparkhaine 1
John Brounford 1 Michael Hobbes 1 Richard Sparkhaine 1
John Brystowe 2 William Hurley 1 William Stebe 2
William Burston 20 Edward Ingram 8 Elizabeth Stokeham 1
Simon Bylholle alien     1 John Ingeram senior     1 Richard Toker 2
Thomas Bylehole 1 Robert Kympe 2 Robert Tollyfote 2
Nicholas Bysshopp 1 Richard Lawrens 5 John Tolman 5
James Calwoodley 1 Alice Longdon 2 Joan Tristram al Dyer 2
Emota Clyffe 3 John Longdon 7 John Tristram sen 28
Richard Clyff 2 Hugh Longman 10 John Tristram jun 24
John Cole 4 John Lythemore 1 Thomas Tristram 2
Thomas Comer 1 John Miltun [1] 20 William Upham 2
John Cowman L 1 John Miltun [2] 1 Thomas Wade 2
John Creche 1 Richard Miltun 1 Roger Ware 1
William Crystoffer 8 Thomas Myltun 1 William Ware 1
Humphrey Cruys 30 Peter Modforde 1 John Warryn 1
Henry Cudmore 7 Elizabeth Norman 1 John Webber [1] 1
John Cudmore 4 John Osemont jun 2 John Webber [2] 2
Thomas Cudmore 2 John Ottway 1 John Webber [3] 4
John Evyns 0 John Oxenber 1 John Webber [4] 2
William Evyns 0 Roger Pers 2 William Webber 18
Joan Fenman 0 James Pester 20 Elizabeth Wedmore 1
Adam Ferthing 1 Richard Pester 4 John Wereman 8
John Fugars 5 John Potter 1 John Werman 2
Adam Gamond 1 John Pranse 3 Thomas Wereman 13
William Garnsy 5 John Pyne 10 John Wynter 1
Clement Glose 3 Thomas Pyne 1 Christopher Yendall 5
Thomas Glose 15 Joan Quyck 1 Elizabeth Yendall 10
John Goffe 1 Alice Rawe 0 John Yendall 8

Appendix 8 - Protestation Return for Bampton Parish, 1641

(An oath of allegiance to the king and Church of England against the Church of Rome sworn by the adult men [over the age of 14] of every parish) [Transcribed by Mark Brewer]

Addicote, George Ba; X
Addicott, Michael Ba; X
Addicott, Edward Ba; M
Adicote, John P & S
Adicote, John Ba; A
Adicote, William P & S; X
Adlington, Henrie Ba; X
Agreene, George Ba; X
Alderman, John Ba; J
Ash, William Ba
Axnell, Henrie Ba
Badcock, Robert Ba
Badcock, Robert Ba; X
Badcock, Ambrose Ba; A
Badcocke, Peter Ba; X
Ball, Anthony Ba
Ball, Henry Ba
Ball, John Ba; J
Ball, Omphry P & S; X
Ball, Henry Ba
Ball, Anthony Ba; A
Ball, Robert Ba; X
Balle, William Ba; X
Barber, William Ba; X
Bauden, Alexander Ba; X
Berey, John Ba; JB
Berry, Bartholomew Ba; X
Blackemore, Cristofer Ba; C
Blackmore, John Ba; X
Blackmore, Tristram Ba; X
Blackmore, John Ba
Blue, Edward Ba; ed
Blue, Thomas Ba; X
Boudane, Francess P & S; X
Boudon, Nicholas Ba; X
Bowbeare, John Ba
Bowbeare, Anthony Ba; X
Bowbeare, William Ba; X
Bowden, Andrew P & S; X
Bowden, Joseph Ba
Bowden, John Ba; X
Bowdon, William Ba; W
Bowdon, Andrewe Ba
Bowdon, Richard Ba
Bristowe, James Ba; X
Brock, Antony Ba; B
Brocke, Alexander Ba
Brooke, John Ba; J
Brownsford, Thomas Ba; T
Bryant, William Ba
Bryant, Jacob Ba; X
Bryant, Abraham Ba; AB
Bryant, Franck Ba; X
Bryant, Isack Ba; I
Bryant, John Ba
Brynridge, Robert Ba; R
Bulford, James Ba; X
Buston, John Ba; X
Butler, Humpfry Ba
Cafrane, George P & S; GC
Canworthy, Andrew (??) Ba
Capwell, George Ba; C
Carew, Peter Ba
Carew, Peter junior Ba
Carle, Thomas Ba; X
Catford, Robert Ba; C
Catford, John Ba
Chamberlayne, John Ba
Chamberlin, Bartholomew Ba
Chamberlin, Nicholas Ba
Chamberlin, Robert Ba
Chamberlin, Bartholomew Ba; B
Chapman, Steven Ba; S
Clarke, John Ba; C
Clarke, Stephen Ba; X
Cleeve, John Ba; X
Cleeve, Michaell Ba; X
Cleive, Henry Ba; H
Clements, Thomas Ba; X
Cleve, William Ba
Clieve, Gabriell Ba; C
Colle, John Ba
Collins, Robert Ba; R
Collyns, Jenkin Ba; X
Colman, Michaell Ba
Cooke, William Ba; X
Cookman, Frances Ba; F
Cookman, Thomas Ba; X
Cooll, William Ba; C
Cornelus, Edward Ba
Cottel, Thomas Ba; X
Court, John Ba; X
Court, John Ba; X
Court, Henry Ba; X
Cowling, John Ba; J
Cowling, John junior Ba; J
Cretten, Hinry Ba
Crocker, John Ba; X
Crocker, Christopher Ba; X
Crosse, Thomas Ba; C
Cullme, Alex Ba; AC
Cunnet, Benedict Ba; X
Curtis, Nicholas Ba; X
Dale, John Ba; X
Davye, Henrye Ba; h
Daxye, Henry P & S; X
Dennen, George Ba
Dich, John Ba; J
Dutch, William Ba; W
Dyer, John Ba
Ellis, William Ba; X
Frost, Amos Ba;A
Frost, Richard Ba; R
Fulford, George Ba; GF
Fuswill, Walter Ba; X
Gallosery, John Ba; S
Gamman, John P & S; X
Gammon, William Ba; W
Gammon, Abel Ba; X
Gammone, Anthony P & S
Garnesey, John P & S
Garnse, William P & S; X
Gerreye, John Ba; X
Gill, Roger Ba; R
Glasse, Humfry Ba
Glasse, John Ba
Glasse, Thomas Ba; T
Goare, John Ba; X
Godsland, George Ba; X
Godsland, Phillip Ba; X
Goodding, Andrewe Ba
Gooding, Thomas Ba
Goodman, George Ba; X
Goodman, Christopher Ba; X
Goodman, Thomas Ba; TG
Goodwey, Nicholas P & S
Goudding, Henry P & S
Gouding, James P & S
Gullutt, John Ba; X
Gyffard, Charles Ba
Hagley, William Ba; X
Harant, Andrew Ba; X
Haris, Mathew P & S; X
Haris, John Ba; J
Harmer, David Ba; H
Harres, John Ba; J
Hatswell, John Ba; H
Hatswill, William Ba; X
Hawkinges, Francis Ba; X
Hawkins, Richard Ba; H
Hellens, Peter Ba; X
Hermon, Lewes Ba; X
Hill, Richard Ba
Hill, William Ba
Hill, John Ba
Hill, Robert Ba
Hill, Tristram Ba
Hill, John Ba; J
Hill, Edward Ba; EH
Hill, John junior Ba
Hill, William Ba; H
Hill, Thomas Ba; X
Hill, Henry Ba; H
Hodge, Thomas Ba; H
Hodge, Thomas Ba; T
Holcomb, John Ba; J
Holcombe, William Ba
Holcombe, Nathaniel Ba
Hole, William Ba; MH
Hudey, William Ba; H
Hurly, Thomas Ba; X
Hynds, John Ba; H
Ingram, John Ba; I
Ingram, Robert Ba; R
Ingram, Thomas Ba; X
Ingram, William Ba
Ingram, John Ba
Isaake, Edward Ba; E
Jarmane, Thomas P & S; T
Joanes, Richard Ba; R
Johnes, Lucke Ba; J
Jordan, Edward Ba; E
Jutham, John Ba; X
Kinge, Peter Ba; X
Lagwill, George Ba; X
Land, John Ba; X
Land, John Ba; J
Lang, Edward Ba; E
Lange, John Ba; J
Langwell, John Ba; J
Langwill, Thomas Ba
Langwill, John Ba; X
Lewes, Arnold Ba
Lews, Ewean Ba; X
Liscombe, Nicholas Ba; X
Ludloe, John Ba
Maininge, Robert Ba
Manning, Tobias Ba; X
Meare, Robert Ba; R
Mellton, Christover P & S; M
Melton, Robert Ba
Melton, Nathaniel Ba
Melton, John Ba
Meltone, Robert Ba,
Mildon, John Ba
Milldon, John Ba; X
Millis, Luke Ba; X
Millton, Robert Ba; X
Millton, Edward Ba; M
Milton, John Ba; X
Milton, Richard Ba; X
Mixerye, William Ba; X
Morgan, William Ba; X
Morgan, Richard Ba
Nicholas, Thomas Ba; TN
Nicholas, Saymon Ba; N
Nichole, Moses Ba; X
Nicholes, Richard Ba; X
Norman, Robert Ba
Oxaman, John Ba
Parker, William Ba; X
Peeke, Henery Ba; X
Pengelly, James Ba
Pengelly, William Ba
Perseye, Richard Ba
Petteward, John Ba
Pike, Henry Ba; I
Pike, Rowland Ba; P
Pins, John Ba; J
Pitforde, Jo Ba
Pitt, James Ba; P
Plainys, Richard Ba; R
Proute, William Ba
Proute, Henery Ba
Pulsford, Thomas Ba
Quell, Morgan Ba; X
Quick, John Ba; Q
Quick, Robert Ba; X
Quick, Edward Ba; Edw
Quick, Stephen Ba; S
Quick, Thomas Ba
Quick, Thomas junior Ba; X
Quick, John Ba; Q
Quicke, Mathew Ba; Q
Quicke, Homfrye Ba; X
Quicke, Robert Ba; Q
Quicke, Edward Ba
Quicke, Thomas Ba; T
Reed, Samuel Ba; R
Rexoll, George Ba; X
Rice, William Ba; W
Richards, John Ba; J
Richards, William Ba; X
Robene, Rysse Ba; X
Roch, William Ba; R
Roe, Philip Ba; P
Rowe, Edwarde Ba
Rowe, Raufe Ba; X
Rumbelow, John Ba
Rumbelow, Nicholas Ba; X
Rumbelow, Thomas Ba
Rumbelow, John Ba
Rumbelowe, John Ba; R
Sanders, Mark Ba; X
Senkennes, Edward P & S; E
Sharland, Samuel Ba
Sharland, Thomas Ba; X
Shepheard, Inocent Ba
Shepherd, James Ba; X
Shorland, Robert Ba; S
Shorland, Nicholas Ba; X
Short, John Ba; X
Smallcoome, Henry Ba; S
Smallcoume, John Ba; X
Snow, Abraham Ba
Snow, Charles Ba
Snow, John Ba
Snowe, Ambrose Ba; A
Snowe, William Ba; X
Somers, Thomas Ba
Sommers, George Ba; X
Southwood, Christopher Ba
Southwood, Luke (??) Ba; LS
Sparke, Stephin Ba; S
Sparken, Nathanile(??) Ba; X
Spurway, Humfry Ba
Stibes, Henrye Ba; H
Still, John Ba; S
Stoate, Humphry Ba; H
Stone, James Ba
Stone, Edward Ba
Stronge, Jyles Ba; X
Surrudg, Henery Ba; X
Taillore, Hew P & S; X
Taylor, John Ba; T
Taylor, James Ba; J
Thomas, Richard Ba; X
Thomas, William Ba; X
Thomas, Thomas Ba
Thomas, John Ba
Thomas, Gripphith Ba; X
Toll, John Ba; X
Towille, James Ba; J
Tristram, James Ba
Tristram, Thomas Ba
Tristram, Robert Ba
Tristram, William Ba
Tristram, Robert Ba; T
Tristram, Thomas Ba
Tryckey, John Ba; JT
Tucker, John Ba; X
Tucker, Nicholas Ba; X
Tymwell, Vincent Ba
Unwill, William Ba
Upham, Humfry Ba
Uppome, William Ba; X
Venner, Homfry Ba; X
Vesey, John Ba
Veysey, Peter Ba
Vicerye, Thomas Ba; X
Wallan, John P & S; X
Ward, Robert Ba
Ware, Robert Ba; X
Warmans, Henrye Ba
Warren, John Ba; W
Wastman, John P & S
Waterman, William Ba; W
Watterman, Thomas Ba; X
Webber, Nicholas Ba; N
Webber, Anthony Ba; X
Whitfield, William Ba
Williames, John Ba; J
Williames, Richard Ba; R
Williams, Jenkin Ba; W
Williams, John Ba; R
Willson, John Ba; X
Willson, John Ba; X
Wilson, Richard Ba; X
Wilson, George Ba; G
Windyeatt, Robert Ba; -

The names of those that tooke protestation in the church of Bampton in the presence of us


James Style Curate of Bampton George Southcott Churchwarden
Richard Sainthill Clearke Edward Hill Churchwarden
Georg Venman Constable Mathew Coleman Overseer
Richard Melton Constable William Alderman Overseer
Micheall Rowe Constable Oxenham [R] Roger Overseer
Lewes Egbry Constable Robert Ingram Overseer

NOTES: The letters following each name represent the following:
Ba - Bampton; P&S - Petton & Shillingford. Other letters signify the mark of an illiterate person.