Address to the King 1775

London Gazette - Issue 11609 published on the 28 October 1775

Transcribed by Lindsey Withers

The following Address of the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, Capital Burgesses, and Principal Inhabitants of the Borough and Parish of Barnestaple in the County of Devon, has been presented to His Majesty by John Clevland, Esq; One of their representatives in Parliament, being introduced by the Lord of His Majesty's Bed-Chamber in Waiting: Which Address His Majesty was pleased to receive very graciously.

The humble Address of the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, Capital burgesses, and Principal Inhabitants of the Borough and Parish of Barnestaple in the County of Devon,
    To the KING's Most Excellent Majesty,
Most Gracious Sovereign,
WE, your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal Subjects, beg Leave to approach your Royal Presence with Professions of our zealous fidelity and Attachment to your Sacred Person and Government. It is with Gratitude we acknowledge your great Care and Regard for the Public Welfare; and impressed with a due Sense of that Prudence and tender Concern for your People, which has at all Times so eminently distinguished your Majesty's Reign, we cannot but view with Horror and Detestation the present ungrateful and unnatural Rebellion somented in a distant Part of your Empire. Of the Necessity and Propriety of these Measures which have been already pursued to check and controul the Factions and Misguided, to prevent their baneful Influence over the Minds of the Weak and Unwary, and support the Honour and Dignity of the British Crown, we are fully persuaded; and we rest assured that your Majesty will continue to take such Steps as may serve most effectually to recall this infatuated and deluded People to a just Sense of that Duty which they owe to the best of Kings, and convince them of that Submission and Obedience which the Supreme Legislative Authority of these Kingdoms may justly require from them. T o shew ourselves devoted to your Majesty's Person and Government we shall at all Times deem our greatest Glory and Honour; and we trust that we shall always strenuously endeavour to cultivate among our Fellow-Subjects Sentiments of the greatest Loyalty, Fidelity, and Affection.
    May the Crown of these Realms long flourish on your Royal Head; and may the Blessings which we enjoy under your mild and auspicious Reign be perpetuated to a grateful and loyal People under the Government of your latest Posterity.
Francis Tucker, Mayor
Benjamin Incledon, Recorder
George Greek, Alderman
Henry Colley, Alderman

Capital Burgess,
Roger Chappell
John Barker
Charles Marshall
Paul Tucker
M. R_ch
Edward Houndle
Simeon Moule
James Reed
Cha. Marshall, jun.
S. Stephens
John Moule
Jof. Traine
John Robbins
John Swayne
William Cottell
Nicholas Shepherd
John Law
Samuel Chappell
B. Giant

Henry Drake, Town Clerk
J. Clevland
William Marshall, Vicar
Phil. Sydenham
Geo. Corryn, M.D.
Anthony Metherell
William Davie
John Tucker
George Hutchinson
John May
George Parminter
John Roberts
Richard Rowe
Hugh Stephens
William Cooke
George Barbor
John Gebbett
John Stocker
John Strong
Patrick Anderson, Physician
W. Wood Deane
William Wickey
H. G. Tippets
George Ley
Robert Jewell
Thomas Hogg
John Passmore
Oliver Harris
Edward Vaughan
Nicholas Thomas
John Thomas
Christ. Stephens
William Moulle
John Shatlin
Walter Rowen
Thomas Langdon
William Kimpland
Samuel Lang
Matt. Stoneman
Samuel Martin
John Drake
George Seage
William Barrett
John Ramsey
Ph. Sydenham
William Tucker
Samuel John
John Gaydon
William Spurway
Charles Davie
James Lee
Samuel Bremridge
T. Berry
D. W. Deane
Amos Fox
James Kimpland
James Chanter
John Hartnoll
John Freestone Ley
H. Hacche Drake
Samuel Courtney
Peter Bird
Edward Sitter
Edmund Thomas
William Brooke
Abraham Stanbury
William Morgan
Ralph Bowden
Rich. Blackmore
Philip Coles
James Colley
William Lee
Tho. Gallaway
John Nix
John Extor
William Grant
Thomas Hewish
John May
Mark Dymond
John Cross
Robert Gribble
Tho. Hutchinson
Alexander Collmer
Johnathan King
Robert Hole
John Baker
George Gread
Richard Clench
John Strilling
John Seage
John Loosemore
Thomas Bird
John Ley
Christ. Shapland
John Nelson
Joseph Elliot
Thomas Turner
John Berry
William Rowe
Richard Moulle
Thomas Grant
John Atchisore
Edward Davie
William Reed
John King
Jonathan Lowdey
John Elliott
Henry Jelf
Thomas Hewett
John S_a_man
Nicholas Lathy
William Pollard
Charles Darke
Henry Davey
Robert Edwards
John Comer
Theo. Sheere
Nicholas Glass
William Greenslade
William Gittings
Edward Cross
John Leworthy
James Rendell
Robert Lemon
Will. Buzzacott
William Houndle