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Help and advice for Inhabitants of Barnstaple 1803

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Inhabitants of Barnstaple taken by the Constables 19th July 1803

NDRO Ref. 3054A/PC1

Transcribed by Len Collum, Devon FHS

Males between 15 & 60 years Males above 60 years Females between 15 & 60 years Females between 15 & 60 years Females above 60 years Males under 15 years Females under 15 years
Page 1            
High Street            
William Thomas Richd. Headdon Grace Lashbrook Anne Bremridge Anne Gamble Michl. Nott Betsy Dark
Robert Jones John Rixer Sarah Thomas Elizth. Wollacott Elizth. Lock Edward Baller Mary Jones
James Rowe William Brooke Cath'e. Beavans Grace Tossell Jane Heddon Thos. Phillips Grace Baller
William Bowhay John Pyne Anne Rowe Elizth. Jewell Rebeca. Handford George Holland Frans. Hawkes
Benjm. Baller James Oatway Annie Oataway Anne Goss Elizth. Sciance Holland Mackenzie Eliza Mackenzie
Benjm. Baller Junr.   Elizth, Bowhay Susanna Parsons AnneHearson Wm. Fredk. Rock Mary Anne Mackenzie
John Gammon   Jane Rudd Rebecca Joce Grace Ley Henry Gamble Mary Anne Doceurdoux
Henry Rock   Joan Geene Mary Wreford Susanna Parslew Samuel Turner Mary Anne Ley
Robt. Bater   Mary Baller Elizth. Bennells Cathe. Tucker William Turner Elizth. Gamble
William Rude   Hannah Baller Martha Burrows Anne Thorne John Baker Rebecca Gamble
James Handcock   Susan Baller Elizth. Gaylor Jane Skinner Edward Baker Martha Gamble
William Trix   Cath'e. Baller Elean'r. Ball Elizth. Butler James Baker Mary Reed
William Watts   Elizth. Symons Prudence May Elizth. Wills William Baker Anne Wath
William Heale   Grace French Betty Clibbett Mary Reed Danl. Berry Elizth.Wath
Thos. Baker   Mary Corbett Joan Groves Olivia Jones Thos. Hearson Anne Turner
Thos. Baker Junr.   Prudence Rock Elizth. Bremridge Anne Spry William Hearson Mary Turner
James Jones   Maria Mullins Mary Fry Anne Drewett James Bremridge Elizth. Turner
James Hunt   Mary Anne Doceurdoux Mary Avery Grace Greenslade John Bremridge Anne Baker
George Parslew   Elizth. Beer Sarah Marshall Mary Dyer John Petherick Eliza Baker
George Parslew Junr.   Betty Heddon Mary Rattonbury Emma Train John Wreford Fanny Baker
Richd. Hearson   Maria Handford Elizth. Nicholls Mary Baker John May Grace Mansell
John Bremridge   Anne Watts Lettice Marshall Anne Loosemore   Anne Hearson
Richd. A. Wreford   Margt. Heale Anne Drake Anne Loosemore   Maria Hearson
James Reynells   Anne Turner Anne Drake Junr. Martha Jones   Anne Bremridge
Peter Coles   Mary Baker Elizth. Drake Mrs. Heddon   Elizth. Bremridge
Thos. May   Betty Brooke Elizth. Shapman Susanna Boyne   Elizth. Stanbury
John Walters   Mary Baker Mary Dallin Grace Pyne   Mary Tossell
Henry Drake   Anne Littlejohns Sarah Wake Elizth. Acers   Mary Hopkins
John Winter   Mary Hunt Elizth. Dallin Betty Marks   Mary Wreford
Richd. Drake   Margaret Hunt Sus'a. Verney Elizth. Oatway   Laura Wreford
Richd. Skinner   Mary Anne Rowe Elizth. Hiern     Anne May
Mattw. Wake   Elizth. Vine Elizth. Eavens     Mary May
    Mary Slocombe Elizth. Perryman     Betsy May
    Agness Passmore Elizth. Buttler     Prudence Wills
    Susanna Parslew Sarah Buttler      
    Sarah Hearson Anne Rixer      
    Anne Hearson Mary Anne Rixer      
    Julia Hearson Elizth. Moss      
32 5 38 38 30 21 34
Page 2            
Thomas Thorne John Clarke Anne Copner Mrs. Colfield Mrs. Mackernzie William Drake Anne Avery
Philip W. Hiern Genl. Wrey Jane Johnstone Prudence Wills Jane Hemmett Tho's. Jones Mary Bremridge
Thos. Butler Senr. Chas. Marshall Mary Parminter Sus'a. Peake Joanna Smith John Skinner Sophia Marshall
Robt. Linnington Geo. Greeke Sarah Thorne Elizth. Weekes Irish Peggy Matt'w. Wake Jun'r. Elizth. Paine
Richd. Thomas Monr. Rock Dulc'a. Linnington Marg'y. Servante Marg't. Hanger Sam'l. Linnington Elizth. Hiern
William Budd John May Fran's. Jugg Susa. Servante Cath'e. Deane Wm. Kingson Mary Hollaway
Joseph Wills Wm. Dommer Elizth. Webb Mary Darke Dorothy Deane Wm. Sloley Elizth. Linnington
Richd. Wills John Pixell Pene. Chichester Elizth. Burgess Grace Gibbs James Bowden Dulci'a Linnington
James Rowe Charles Wills Emma Chichester Prud'e. Joll Elizth. Venn Rich'd. Hellier Lucy Jn. Bury
Edwd. Doceurdoux William Jones Mary Featherstone Elizth. Hellier Mary Conclear William Hellier Betsy Kingson
Anthony Essery William Drewett Eliza Thomas Betsy Westcott Grace Irwin John Hellier Sally Kingson
Peter Eastman John Loosemore Sarah Kingson Mary Challacombe Mary Ramsey Sam'l. Hellier Mary Kingson
William Darke James Owen Cathe. Thomas Dor'a. Cottell Elizth. Robbins Josias Westcott Anstice Kingson
John Wilmots   Mary Thomas Thesia Spry Sarah Dockin William Westcott Sarah Poole
William Kingdom   Mary Budd Elizth. Scamp Elizth. Langdon William Andrew Elizth. Wills
Humphry Turner   Reb'a. Lovering Mary Zeale   Tho's. Andrew Fran's. Wills
William Wilmots   Mary Potter Anne Andrew   Rich'd. Taylor Winif'd Reed
Mattw. Essery   Mary Delbree Anne Taylor   Henry Taylor Mary Sloley
Richd. Cutcliffe   Anne May Elizth. Taylor   John Flexman Anne Hellier
Robt. Gregory   Elizth. Holman Mary Taylor   Henry Flexman Mary Hellier
Edward Hudson   Mary Dyer Cath'e. Gribble   William Pawle Elizth. Hellier
William Dyer   Grace Haines Grace Flexman   William Rowe Mary Westcott
John Slee   Mary Dyer Jnr. Sus'a. Modely   John Reed Anne Taylor
Wm. Jameson   Mary Essery Eglin Verney   Tho's. Kite Rebecca Taylor
Edw'd. R. Roberts   Mary Essery Jun'r. Agnes Pawle   John Kite Cath'e. Taylor
John Pierce   Betty Parker Sarah Hobbs   William Brooke Mary Pawle
Wm. Roberts   Marg't. Wilkey Jane Shobrooke   Tho's. Garland Elizth. Reed
John Pierce ( Crossed out )   Cath'e. Payne Eliza Brooke   William Garland Jane Reed
Thomas Cummins   Elizth. Roberts Jane Reed   Tho's. Darke Charity Reed
John Rowe   Elizth. Roberts Jun'r. Mary Reed     Elizth. Hamlyn
Charles Wills   Jemima Roberts Marg't. Gribble     Sarah Hern
Humphrey Gillard   Jul'a. Roberts Sally Eastaway     Mary Kite
William Burgess   Jane Norman Hannah Hamlin     Anne Kite
Rich'd. Hellier   Elizth. Jones Mary Hamlin     Kitty Brooke
John Darke Jun'r.   Sarah Marshall Elizth. Hern     Anne Brooke
Isaac Bastable   Betty Parkin Anne Kite     Mary Brooke
    Anne Rowe Fran's. Brooke      
    Sarah Norman Mary A. Davie      
36. In book 35 13 38 38 15 29 36
Page 3            
William Slocombe Thos. Hewett Mary May Mary Greeke Mary Gittins Edward Davie Anne Elliott
Geo. Hearson Jun'r.   Susanna Garland Elizth. Ford Susanna Peake William Elliott Elizth. Harris
John Tossell   Mary Oxenham Marty Tanton Sus'a. Peake Jun'r. William Harris Elizth. Dennis
John D. Baker   Elizth. Thomas Anne Willis Mary Gibbs Rich'd. Dennis Jane Dennis
Sam'l. Bremridge   Betty Thomas Sarah Dallin Tham'n. Stoat John Smallridge Betsy Smallridge
William Down   Jane Thomas Elizth. Davie Mary Webber William Gibbs Elizth. Gibbs
Tho's. Butler Jun'r.   Mary Thomas Mary Norman Elizth. Rudd Richard Gibbs Anne Gibbs
John Butler   Elizth. Jane Betty Blackwell Jane Williams Samuel Gibbs Jane Gibbs
Eman'l. Chappell   Mary Darke Mary Dallin Prud'c. Squire Tho's. Harttree Elizth. Harttree
Tho's. Tardrew   Mary Harding Anne Wath Sarah Lilley George Harttree Harriot Harttree
John Reed   Sarah Harris Anne Wath Anne Hole Henry Harttree Elizth. Courtice
Rob't. Kingson   Elizth. Stokes Honor Wath Marg't. Parrott Charles Courtice Sus'a. Courtice
Wm. Fewings   Elizth. Dennis Mary Lock Grace Roberts Joseph Courtice Anne Courtice
William Lyle   Sus'a. Smallridge Rebec'a. Watson Mary Lilley Rich'd. Bridgman Anne Kimpland
Wm. Westcott   Jane Gibbs Elizth. Smale Sus'a. Hawkins James Bridgman Maria Pyke
Philip Payne   Fran's. Hartree Mary Thorne Joanna Jones Henry Pyke Charlotte Pyke
Wm. Taylor   Mary Roberts E. Jeffery Elizth. Cornelius William Pyke Mary Passmore
James Shobrooke   Anne Courtice Grace Tamblyn Anne Hewett Burgess Pyke Anne Passmore
Rich'd. Gaydon   Eglin Kimpland Elizth. Tamlyn Elizth. Harman Fred'k. Servante Phillipa Passmore
Rich'd. Jarman   Sarah Sharland Elizth. Irwin Mary Jones John Willis Cath'e. Willis
Rich'd. Blackwell   Elizth. Tremlin Betty Thorne   Rich'd. Blackwell Sophia Willis
Tho's. Down   Mary Down Elean'r. Lovering   John Dallyn Betsy Dallin
Nich's. Glass   Betsy Down Mary Dennis   William Watts Mary Anne Dallin
Edw'd. H. Stephens   Jane Bridgeman Elizth.Rees   An. Watts Rebecca Watson
John Rock   Mary Tucker Elizth. Reed   John Irwin Betsy Irwin
Tho's. Hearson   Judith Tucker Mary Burgess   Lewis Burgess Mary Anne Irwin
Tho's. Yeo   Anne Tucker Amiella Glass   William Burgess Grace Irwin
John Hodge   Margery Smith Anne Glass   Peter Marker Sarah Darke
John Kingson   Elizth. Pyke Jane Weekes   James Rendell Mary Darke
John Teale   Elizth. Pyke Jun'r. Marg't. Baker   Josias Weekes Jane Glass
John Teale Jun'r.   Jane Boyce Mary Stephens   Edw'd. Stephens Anne Glass
Hugh Gill   Elizth. Slader Mary Taylor   Christ'r. Stephens Agness Thorne
Nich's. Andrew   Elizth. Passmore A. Hurst   Rob't. Stephens Jane Weekes
James Williams   Anne Jarmon Mary Brown   Rich'd. Stephens Betsy Gibbon
William Lake   Elizth. Fairchild Elizth. Fisher   Joseph Hunt Mary Stephens
    Anne Davie Char't. Fisher   William Hunt Mary Narraway
    Elea'a. Davie Jane Babb   John Plowman Anne Lakeman
    Esther Passmore Mary Narraway     Charlotte Lakeman
    Grace Dennis Mary Lakeman      
      Sarah Avery      
      Sarah Thomas      
35 1 39 41 20 37 38
Page 4            
William Pawle John Sharland Cath'e. Burgess   Elizth. Bowdon John Avery Sally Avery
Rich'd. Taylor Hugh Harley Charity Ball   Marg't. Nutt James Avery Anne Avery
Wm. Hamlyn Water Robbins Anne Horwood   Christ'n. Greenslade Mich'l. Burgess Fran's. Burgess
John Woodman Lewis Langdon Mary Hawkes   Elizth. Payne James Rowe Elizth. Burgess
William Hern John Darke Prudence Joll   Passmore William Oatway Mary Burgess
John Hern John Smith Anne Triggs   Cath'e. Paddon   Mary Bastable
John Brooke John Norman     Grace Letherby   Elith. Bastable
John Keate Rich'd. Nutt     Agness Rook   Sarah Bastable
John Garland           Charlotte Bastable
Wm. Thomas           Dinah Bastable
Wm. Elliott           Anne Rowe
Mich'l. Harris           Betsy Rowe
Tho's. Stokes            
Rich'd. Dennis            
Will'm. Smallridge            
Sam'l. Gibbs            
Tho's. Hartree            
William Roberts            
William Burgess            
John Kimpland            
George Hanger            
William Pyke            
Thos. Davie            
George Lake            
John Passmore            
Timy. Willis            
John Tucker            
John Fleming            
Wm. Bryant            
James Dallyn            
William Watson            
John Hamblyn            
John Irwin            
Wm. Watts            
34 8 6   8 5 12
Paqe 5            
John Gliddon            
Wm. Burgess            
Charles Mailey            
Benj'n. Loader            
William Coles            
Nich's. Glass            
Nich's. Glass Jun'r.            
Geo. Marker            
Josias Weeks            
Joseph Hunt            
Rowland Hawkins            
John Lloyd            
James Priscott            
John Lakeman            
John Burgess            
William Avery            
John Kingson            
William Triggs            
Philip Clement Charles Darke Jane Clement Sarah Snell Grace Darke John Rooke Mary Clement
John Clement James Biggs Peggy Vicary Elizth. Lewis Elizth. Penney William Thorne Mary Thorne
John Vicary   Mary Thorne Anne Lewis Cath'e. Wickey John Woollacott Agnes Woollacott
Tho's. Thorne   Cath'e. Clarke Elizth. Lewis Mary Squire Wm. Woollacott Mary Woollacott
Rob't. Woollacott   Marg'y. Woollacott Mary Cowell Grace Saunders Lewis Woollacott Jane Woollacott
Rob't. Woollacott Jun'r.   Grace Darke Elizth. Davie Mary Biggs Robert Westacott Elizth. Woollacott
Rob't. Westacott   Mary Passmore Mary Davie   Wm. Westacott Elizth. Westacott
John Westacott   Jud'h. Heddon Anne Davie   Sam'l. Westacott  
Rich'd. Jones   Mary Joce Sus'a. Saunders   Mary Lewis  
Charles Darke Jun'r.   Jane Lewis P.N.Watts      
Edw'd. Dicker   Elizth. Westacott Anne Tasker      
John Dicker   Marg't. Williams Jane Saunders      
James Rogers   Anne Pawle C. Leicester      
Wm. Patterson   Elizth. Jones        
Thomas Lewis   Elizth. Jones        
Lewis Cowell   Elizth. Dicker        
One's. Saunders   Elizth. Dicker        
John Elton   Betsy Thomas        
    Elizth. Nicholls        
36 2 19 13 6 9 7
Page 6            
Wm. Greenslade Adam Martin Sally Greenslade Elizth. Phillips Mary Sivaine Tho's. Babb Sally Greenwood
Tho's. Greenslade John Sloley Jane Greenslade Anne Bates Mary Phillips George Babb Jane Babb
Will'm. Greenslade Rich'd. Phillips Jane Greenslade Emmy Hartnoll Jane Cooper John Clarke Mary Babb
Nich's. Greenslade George Colmer Mary Greenslade Hannah Sloley Mary Anthony Wm. Taylor Sus'a. Yeo
Philip Babb Tho's. Roberts Alice Elton Elizth. Phillips Sarah Leworthy Richd. Taylor Sarah Yeo
Philip Babb Jun'r.   Mary Babb Sus'a Payne Dorothy Stephens William Gliddon Mary Taylor
John Inch   Betsy Babb Elizth. Lloyd Fran's. Colmer William Buckingham Anne Taylor
Nich's. Taylor   Elizth. Babb Ros'a. Westacott Anne Collard John Tossell Rich'd. Taylor
John Handcock   Amy Inch Mary Phillips Mary Churchward Joseph Tossell Mary Gliddon
George King   Elizth. Inch Charity Beer Marg't. Parkin Tho's. March Sarah Gliddon
Richard March   Sarah Yeo Fran's. Purchase Pen'e. Jordan Henry March Sophia Buckingham
Samuel March   Elizth. Colley Agness Langbridge Joan Cowling Charles March Anne Buckingham
William Colmer   Elizth. Gooding Cath'e. Jordan   John Bates Elizth. March
John Marshall   Elizth. Taylor Joanna Shaddick   William Bates Kitty March
William Priscott   Mary Sivaine Elizth. Wilmots   William Beere Mary Teale
William Bates   Mary Nelson Sally Britton   John Langbridge Elizth. Teale
Adam Martin   Elizth. Hammett Mary Tinson   James Wilmots Charl's Teale
Josias Westacott   Gracer Hammett Elizth. Tinson   John Wilmots Mary Anne Teale
William Beer   Mary Gliddon Mary Tinson   Adam Britton Maria Teale
John Langbridge   Elizth. Buckingham Betsy Parkin   John Tinson Hannah Teale
Benj'n. Collard   Sarah Buckingham Sally Winter   William Tinson Mary Priscott
Benj'n. Willmots   Elizth. Buckingham Han'h. Whitefield   John Bates Mary Bates
Rich'd. Willmots   Ellen Barwick Elizth. Bater   William Bater Anne Westacott
Adam Britton   Mary Leworthy Anne Harvey     Hannah Beere
John Britton   Anne Leworthy Marg't. Stoat     Charlotte Beere
James Tinson   Fanny Leworthy Elizth. Stoat     Mary Shaddock
James Tinson Jun'r.   Jane Leworthy Alice Stoat     Amy Shaddock
John Welsford   Christ'n. Gough Barb'n. Knill     Mary Wilmots
George Parkman   Joanna Parsons Anne Pyke     Elizth. Britton
John Bater   Mary Tossell Jane Heale     Sally Britton
James Stoat   Mary Sussex       Sally Tinson
John Kingsworthy   Mary Sussex       Grace Tinson
Harry Leworthy   Sus'a. Sussex       Betsy Parkman
Wm. Leworthy   Cath'e. Stephens       Mary Parkman
Robert Heale   Mrs. Teale       Charlotte Bater
John Vicary   Elizth. Thorne       Elizth. Elliott
    Sarah Marshall       Anne Elliott
    Maria Marshall        
    Elizth. Priscott        
36 5 39 30 12 23 37
Page 7            
Robert Withecomb Junr. Robt. Withecombe Anne Fleming Mary McLane Anne Withecombe Robert Knill Mary Clifford
Robt. Fleming Nathl. Blackwell Anne Fleming Jane Baker Margt. Blackwell Henry Leworthy Mary Heale
Robt. Fleming Junr.   Margt. Badcock Alice Fisher Susa. Whitefield Denham Chamberlin Elizth. Heale
John Badcock   Elizth. Connebear   Hannah Rees John Buckingham Jane Heale
Joseph Moule   Peggy Blackwell   Hannah Eastaway John Fisher Mary Chamberlin
John Cunnebear   Grace Tonkin   Mary Gaydon Edward Fisher Cathe. Chamberlin
Richd. Blackwell John Gaydon Mary Bremridge   Anne Lock John Vile Anne Chamberlin
Philip Bremridge Saml. Bremridge Susa. Harris     James Vile Mary Fisher
Frans. Purchase Wm. Lock Annne Chamberlin     Wm. Whitefield Mary Fewings
Wm. Whitefield Philip Cole Elizth. Symons     John Fewings Margt. Oxenham
James Chamberlin Junr.   Susa. Pugsley     Anthy. Fewings Betsy Oxenham
John Parkman   Mary Fisher     Abram. Oxenham Susa. Oxenham
Thomas Vilke   Elizth. Parkman     James Ward Margy. Oxenham
Michl. Skinner   Agnes Vile     John Ley Julia Oxenham
George Northcott   Elizth. Skinner     James Payne Mata. Ward
Henry Avery   Anne Northcott     John Rendell Mary Ward
John Northcott   Peggy Barrow     Saml. Dennis Mary Payne
Robt. Whitefield   Mary Whitefield     Charles Dennis Susa. Payne
Anthy. Fewings   Elizth. Fewings     Thos. Dennis Ellen Payne
Josias Audridge   Anne Oxenham     James Dennis Anne Finch
William Payne   Susda. Ward     John Martin Mary Rendell
Richd. Rendell   Elizth. Audridge     Thos. Martin Betsy Martin
Thos. Rendell   Elizth. Bremridge     Philip Martin Elizth. Harding
John Dennis   Sarah Payne     Henry Martin Susana. Parker
Joseph Shapcott   Mary Rendell     James Martin Christn. Parker
George Collacott   Anne Dennis     Richd. Martin Anne Rodgment
Adam Martin   Mary Dennis     John Harding Mary MacLane
Wm. Harding   Hart. Dennis     John Parker Jane Baker
Wm. Parker   Elizth. Josling     William Parker Sally Baker
Humphry Rodgment   Jane Martin     Thos. Parker Hannah Baker
James M. Lane   Elizth.Martin     Henry Rodgment  
Richd. Baker   Grace Martin     Humphrey Rodgment  
Thos. Baker   Agnes Harding     Richd. MacLane  
James Elliott   Anne Parker     Richd. Baker  
John Fisher   Mary Rodgment     Thos. Babb  
35 6 35 3 7 35 30
Page 8            
Philip Cole   Mary Servante Elizth. Heard   Anthony Langdon Mary Gaydon
William Servante   Grace Bowcher Mary Abbott   Thos. Langdon Mary Slocombe
Anthy. Langdon   Rebecca Langdon Elizth. Herapath   John Langdon Mary Nutt
John Hooper   Mary Moule Elizth. Handcock   William Langdon Sarah Nutt
John Gaydon   Julian Moule Jane Taylor   Charles Langdon Hannah Nutt
John Lovering   Mary Knill Mary Treble   John Gaydon Elizth. Nutt
John Baker   Mary Gaydon Sarah Crane   James Baker Mary Anne Lovering
Richd. Crooke   Susana. Heddon Maria Crane   John Crooke Elizth. Lovering
Joss. Nutt   Sarah Lovering Murray Beal   Richd. Crooke Ellen Lovering
Mattw. Fewings   Fanny Lovering Jane Treble   James Nutt Agness Lovering
William Lovering   Pate. Slocombe Sarah Vernon   Joseph Nutt Jane Lovering
John Colmer Bartw.Glass Rebecca Crooke Mary Saunders Jane Glass William Lovering Maria Hare
Benjm. Moule Richd. Moule Mary Crooke Mary Hollaway Anne Crocker John Lovering Cathe. Martin
Thomas Martin James Honeychurch Grace Crooke Sally Griffith Mary Heard William Martin Jane Mearley
John Dowdle James Crane Mary Nutt Anne Bird Elizth. Courtis George Tetherly Elizth. Dowdell
John Cutcliffe William Hole Ellen Lovering Harriet Bird   John Spurway Jane Northcott
Rev. Wm. Spurway   Betsy Dicker Grace Bird   Wm. Spurway Elizth. Cutcliffe
Roger Crooke   Anne Beere Eleanr. Shobrooke   Wm. Herepath Elizth. Spurway
Richd. Herapath   Anne Hare Mary Gale   Thos. Herepath Mary Spurway
James Handcock   Sarah Buckley Mary Britton   Michl. Herepath Fanny Spurway
Thos. Taylor   Susa. Thompson Mary Gay   Wm. Handcock Cathe. Spurway
Thos. Taylor Junr.   Elizth. Lovering Mary Thompson   James Handcock Anne Herepath
John Treble   Mary Martin Sarah Webber   Jonathn. Handcock Betsy Handcock
Sampson Crane   Betsy Kelland Elizth. Sciance   John Bennett Ann Treble
John Fare   Thoman. Jocelyn Elizth. Lavercombe   John Abbott Jane Treble
George Treble   Nancy Dowdell Anne Beckford   Edward Bird Betsy Saunders
Wm. Crocker   Nancy Withecomb Mary Beckford   Jarman Bird Betsy Bird
Wm. Cutcliffe   Jane Northover Jane Cross   James Gale Sophia Bird
Wm. Hollaway   Mary Cutcliffe Jane Parslew   Henry Martin Mary Gale
John Griffith   Mary Cutcliffe Junr. Anne Martin   John Martin Sally Gale
Thos. Bird   Elizth. Pulley Mary Martin     Anne Davie
James Gale   Agnes Horgood Mary Jordan     Anne Martin
Wm. Gay   Anne Bowdon Elizth. May     Betsy Martin
Thos. Berry   Elizth. Spurway       Care. Martin
    Anne Britton        
    Dorothy Richards        
34 5 36 33 4 30 34
Page 9            
William Gough   Mary Harris Grace Harford Sarah Besley Thos. Webb Agness Symmons
James Sciance   Elizth. Giddy Doroy. Williams Mary Whimpole William Webb Frans. Webb
Benj. Banks   Honor Jones Honr. Bremridge Elizth. Harvey Joseph Webb Mary Webb
Henry Martin   Sarah Besley Mary Welsford Jane Drake John Baker Anne Webb
Peter Doeceurdoux   Nancy Thomas Elizth. Davolls   Geo. Kingson Jane Webb
Charles Cutcliffe   Susa. Whimple Betsy Davolls   Richd. Bremridge Elizth. Baker
George Cutcliffe   Sarah Saunders Mary Phillips   John Phillips Mary Tucker
William Adams   Frans. Webb Elizth. Gillard   Thos. Kemp Elizth. Harris
John Gould   Mary Brookes Mary Kemp     Mary Veare
John Herrop William Hole ( Crossed out ) Mary Wesley       Honor Bremridge
Thos. Harris   Anne Tucker       Mary Davolls
George Kingson Charles Hill Grace Barman       Maria Davolls
Edward Kingson   Mary Ridd       Charle. Davolls
John Dobb   Elizth. Ridd       Mary Beer
William Tucker Humpy. Turner Prudence Ridd       Grace Kemp
William Wavell Thos. Baron Elizth. Nicholls        
Thos. Walter   Anne Dennis        
Saml. Bremridge   Mary Harris        
Peter Hollaway   Mary Courtis        
James Harris   Philla. Hill        
Saml. Saunders   Elizth. Williams        
John Davolls   Elizth. Kingson        
John Davolls Junr.   Grace Pearse        
John Phillips   Grace Eames        
John Kemp   Mary Roberts        
John Ford   Anne Roberts        
James Webb   Mary Roberts        
Alexr. Tucker   Jane Reed        
John Edger   Mary Tucker        
Rev. Henry Nicholls   Sarah Barclay        
John Dennis   Cathe. Coles        
Thos. Dennis   Mary Coles        
Saml. Huxtable   Susa. Woollacott        
Wm. Drew   Maria Wavell        
    Honor Bale        
    Mary Reed        
34 4 36 9 4 8 15
Page 10            
Cross Street            
Lilian Blaney            
William Stribling   Mary Triggs Elizth. Burch Elizth. Seaward Wm. Stribling Susa. Courtis
John Verney   Agness Reed Grace Moule Elizth. Rowe John Stribling Bridget Page
Joseph Folland John Moule Elizth. Vaughan Elizth. Passmore Grace Moule Edward Stribling Mary Stribling
Samuel Ware Abraham Ralph Mary Stribling Mary Passmore Trya. Barrow Samuel Ware Martha Stribling
James Gould   Elizth. Buckpit Agness Heard Mary Oram John Ware Leah Ware
Thomas Marshall   Mary Deane Ann Mansell Jane Gregory John Coats Caroline Ware
John Toller   Mary Monday Mary Heale Elizth. Lilley John Pyke Mary Toller
Wm. Blackmore   Elizth. Ware Gerte. Hammett Joan Barbor George Harris Caroline Toller
Charles Blackmore   Anne Passemore Thome. Hammett   Joseph Gribble Anne Coats
James Copner   Elizth. Nott Elizth. May   Charles Gribble Mary Coats
Edmund Caddy   Cathe. Toller Sarah Richards   Samuel Tyte Elizth. Coats
Robert Budd   Elizth. Gosling Mary Chapman   Richard Heard Mary Thomas
John Webb   Mary Gosling Jane Arter   Robt. Maunsell Anne Thomas
John Tanner   Joanna Lovering Mary Lathan   Richd. Shapcott Anne Tyte
George Breach   Elizth. Breach Christn. Tyte   Thos. Arter Grace Tyte
William Adams   Mary Coats Joanna Jones   John Gribble Betsy Heard
Edward Thomas   Elizth. Adams Jane Handcock   Henry Gribble Mary Heard
John Cooke   Mary May Elizth. Harris   Richd. Lancey Ann Maunsell
William Deane   Anne Thomas Anne Bowden   William Gribble Mary Arter
Hymen Ralph   Margt. Huxtable Grace Jones   Hugh Stephens Jane Arter
John Pyke   Mary Connebear Mary Lancey   Wm. Stephens Elizth. Gribble
    Anne Hogg Pyke Hanh. Incledon   John Stephens Frans. Gribble
Quays   Mary Limebear Cathe. Williams   Richd. Stephens Sarah Gribble
    Maryn Reed Frans. Mitchell   John Bristow Mary Gregory
John Chapman John Wood Oram Sarah Herbert Susa. Rendell   Charles Oram  
Henry Gribble John Mansell Sarah Saunders Grace Holland   John Gregory  
John Gribble Henry Moule Margt. Davey Elizth. Dunn   Thomas Lilley  
William Nott William Barrow Elizth. Gribble Elizth. Bristow   John Lilley  
Henry Rendell William Tucker Elizth. Parker Elizth. Handford      
Wm. Stephens   Sarah Kimpland Elizth. Gribble      
William Cottell   Pene. Kimpland Jenny Stephens      
John Gregory   Mary Tyte Jenny Stephens      
James White   Cathe. Tyte Jane Lake      
Nathl. Lilley   Anne Morgan Mary Oram      
Samuel Lilly   Mary Lake Abgl. Oram      
Wm. Tucker Junr.   Mary Gillard Elizth.Oram      
George Tucker   Cathe. Ralph Cathe. May      
John May     Anne Sampson      
36 7 37 38 8 28 24
Page 11            
John May Junr.   Grace Down Elizth. Downman Elizth. Burzacott John Fisher Elizth. Tucker
Robt. Balmont   Elizth. Tucker Anne Gardner Susa. Saunders John Whimple Elear. Tucker
Thos. Tanner Thos. Saunders Mary Tucker Susanna Courtis Elizth. Easton Henry Whimple Maria Fisher
Richd. Lancey John Herepath Jane Prout Eleanor Phillips Lydia Courtis William Whimple Elizth. Whimple
John Handcock Richd. Rodd Mary Darke Mary Richards Susa. Lloyd James Whimple Anne Whimple
Thos. Sommers George Courtis Mary Fisher Elizth. Richards A. Hill John Tanner Cathe. Sampson
William Williams George Rogers Anne Whimple Mary Greenwood ? Blinch Thos. Tanner Eliza Tanner
John Turner John Saunders Honor Oatway Ann Greenwood Mary Herapath Geo. Somerwill Anne Tanner
Wm. Prout   Elizth. Webber Frans. Saunders Mary Rodd John Paine Frans. Norman
Willm. Hodge   Taba. Ballmont Elizth. Neale Elizth. Nott George Paine Elizth. Metherell
John Bristow   Elizth. Hammond Jane Tucker Jane Handford James Paine Maria Pitt
Richd. Metherell   Elizth. Tanner Sarah Tooze Mary Coles Richd. R. Metherell Jane Tamlin
John Payne   Anne Harding Dinah Bennett Jane Saunders William Metherell Elizth. Tamlyn
John Folly   Susa. Jones Honor Larkin Mary Bidder Anthony Metherell Margt. Tamlyn
John Pitt   Mary Tanner Elizth. Harris Mary Thomas John .B. Pitt Cathe. Reed
William Scott   Elizth. Treble Grace Shapcott Cathe. Harding William Pitt Elizth. Gardner
Robt. Tamlyn   Frans. Tozer Ann Shapcott Judith Bowden Isaac B. Pitt Frans. Bird Saunders
John Tamlyn   Mary Payne Elizth, Shapcott   Henry Pitt Jane Wilkins
John Priscott   Grace Payne Alice Gill   William Scott Elizth. Harris
John Reed   Mary Easton Honor Boyne   John Scott Grace Shapcott
John Tolver   Elizth. Metherell Susa. Bryant   Richd. Scott Mary Shapcott
Richd. Downman   Mary Scamp Susa. Harvey   Robt. Tamlyn Susa. Boyne
Charles Courtis   Hannah Gould Mary Snow   Ben. Davey Elizth. Ward
John Harris   Hannah Jones Elizth. Partridge   Nichs. Breach Anne Harvey
Edwd. Herapath   Susa. Harris Ann Wotten   William Breach Mary Handford
Wm. Shapcott   Mary Pitt Elizth. Jenkins   John Hill Dinah Wootten
Thos. Shapcott   Eliza Pitt Susa. Gammon   James Rodd Elizth. Jenkins
Thos. Boyne   Mary Beer Hannah Breach   Thos. Terryll Cathe. Terryl
Thos. Jewell   Sarah May Maria Hill   John Hill Grace Rendell
William Miller   Ann Scott Grace Rodd   Charles Hill Mary A. Incledon
Isaac Wolfe   Mary Tamlyn Elizth. Terryl   George Incledon Jane Incledon
John Winch   Mary Tamlyn Jnr. Alice Terryl   William Harris Elizth. Avery
    Anne Priscott Elizth. Terryl Jr.   John Boyne Cathe. Avery
    Rose Reed Elizth. Hill   Thos. Boyne Mary Harris
    Anne Reed Mary Hill   James Harvey Margt. Shapcott
    Julia Reed Jane Saunders   Thos. Trevisick Eme. Shapcott
    Anne Tolver Charity Smale     Mary Davey
    Grace Bennum Mary Incledon     Elizth. Elliott
      Sarah Incledon     Elizth. Trevisick
      Susa. Avery     Cathe. Wotten
      Charity Bowdon      
      Elizth. Snow      
32 6 38 42 17 36 40
Page 12            
James Bryant   Sarah Drake Elizth. White Mary Buttler John Rodd Sarah Breach
George Breach Edward Sitter Hannah Barrett Elizth. Cottey   Lewis Rendell Charlotte Hill
George Breach Junr.   Mary Barrett Sarah Rendell   James Incledon Mary Terryl
John Hill   Cathe. Griffiths My. Rattonbury   Richard Drake Ann Hill
John Rodd   Mary Lock Jane Rattonbury   William Drake Grace Avery
James Incledon   Elizth. Handcock Frans. Rowe   John Lock W. Avery
James Avery   Sarah Knott Jane Babb   John Bellew Elizth. Bowden
John Bidder   Elear. Lock Ann Babb   Henry Bellew Frans. Lock
Richd. Rodd   Mary Bellew Frans. Ley   John Dockett Anne Lock
Benjn. Davey   Sarah Bowen Sarah Best   William Troyte Elizth. Bellew
John Thomas   Esther Vere Elizth. Roue   William Treble Sarah Bellew
George Courtis   Margt. Borrow Jane Reed   James Honey Jane Gibbs
Thos. Terryl   Mary A. Fisher Cathe. Taylor   John Cann Elizth. Boyne
Geo. Rogers   Jane Fisher Grace Smale   James Cann Mary Troyte
John Saunders   Elephant Lane Mary Redell   Wm. Blackmore Esther Folly
Philip Passmore   Sarah Dockett Anne Davie   James Bowdon Frans. Hawkes
William Heard   Elizth. Symons Agnes Davie   John Roue Anne Cann
William Sanders   Mary Symons Elizth. Vaughan   James Roue Elizth.Cann
Richd. Tozer   Elizth. Boyne Elizth. Dyer   John Ley Frans. Barrett
John Jewell   Sarah Traite Jane Clarke   John Best Elizth. Blackmore
John Harvey   Susa. Treble Cathe. Ley   George Roue 21 Anne Blackmore
Abm. Wotten   Mary Thomas Mary Gittings   James Roue Sarah Blackmore
Jas. Rattonbury   Jane Hawkes Elizth. Churchill   John Reed Mary Blackmore 22
Thos. Handcock   Jane Honey Rebecca Snow   Charles Reed Mary A. Hooper
John Warren Glubb   Elizth. Cann Cathe. Pincombe   John Williams Harrt. Hooper
    Elizth. Marsh Susa. Dyer   John Clarke Margt. Symons
Cross St.   Elizth. Barrett Mary Stoakes   James Bowden Jane Wiley
    Grace Blackmore Anne Westacott   Mark Bowden Mary Minard
James Drake   Eler. Bowdon Mary Dyer   John Hooper Mary Rattonbury
Wm. Heale   Elizth. Honey Mary Ellis   Thos. Hooper Ann Roue
Wm. Lock   Mary Hooper Anne Sparman   H. Rood Mary Babb
Saml. Lyddon   Elizth. Jarman Sarah Wiley 314   John Rattonbury Mary Roue
Wm. Dallyn   Grace Griffith     George Roue Mary Thomas
Thos. Knott   Mary Rood     James Ley 260 Elizth. Hooper
Wm. Symons   Mary Rood       Elizth. Wiley
John Blackmore   Angela. Rood       Elizth. Rattonbury
Matthew Coats   Elizth. Wiley       Frans. Roue 304
John Pyke   Anne Cottey        
John Handcock   Rosa Milton 395        
36 1 39 32 2 34 37
Page 13            
Elephant & Castle Lanes            
John Hooper John Stroud Mary Rue   Alice Williams Charles Best Hannah Best
Wm. Smallridge Geo. Rooke Sarah Rattonbury   Phillipa Gread William Smale Elizth. Roue
Thos. Winter John Fairchild Jane Rattonbury   Sarah Harris William Rendell Sarah Roue
James Griffith Roger Skinner Elizth. Knill   Elizth. Thorne Joseph Price Mary Reed
Efrphs. Rood Henry Dart Mary Hanbdcock   Susa. Stoat John Westacott Mary Thoms
Efrphs. Rood Junr. Richd. Nott Mary Minard   Grace Vile John Gillings Mary Davie
Wm. Rood Thos. Vile Mary Wiley   Hynam Parsons Charles Tetherly Mary Westacott
Benjn. Wiley Peter Jenkins Elizth. Wiley   Mary Hearson John Rue Mary Handcock
Wm. Rowe John Wailey Sarah Wiley   Anne Williams James Rattonbury Mary Wiley
Jas. Babb Simon Vile Elizth. Ewings   Jane Frayne James Collins Mary Rendell
John Babb Wm. Thorne Grace Snow   Dorothy Williams John Day Mary Bolt
Samuel Best James Rattonbury Mary Rendell   Frans. Hawkes John Minard Patience Tetherly
John Rowe George Wiley Jane Rendell   Mary Honeywell John Davey Sarah Westacott
Francs. Williams John Roue Anne Rendell   Anne Drake John Churchill Mary Rattonbury
Willm. Reed   Anne Berry   Margt. Hooper George Roue Anne Rattonbury
James Reed   Elizth. Merchant   Margt. Toms Charles Roue  
George Reed   Prudence Exter   Anne Nott John Rattonbury  
John Turner   Susa. Heard   Mary Roue Joseph Rattonbury  
John Ley   Anne Saunders   Margt. Incledon John Dyer  
John Westacott   Jane Gill   Anne Rattonbury Richd. Collins  
George Rowe   Mary Collins     John Collins  
Thos. Handcock            
John Mineard            
James Rendell            
Elias Rendell            
Fras. Berry            
Richd. Northcott            
James Rendell Junr.            
John Collins            
29 14 21   20 21 15
Page 14            
Joy & Holland Street            
James Whitefield   Elizth. Whitefield Sarah Rice Jane Payor George Whitefield Sarah Colmer
Thomas Marshall Thos. Shapcott Elizth. Whitefield Mary Jones May Mullins Richd. King Fanny Moone
George Tyte Wm. Payor Elizth. Shapcott Mary Mills Elizth. Gayton Henry Smale Jane Copner
Thomas Shapcott   Elizth. Tyte Elizth. Passmore May Halls Thos. Shapcott Maria Copner
William Ford   Sarah Shapcott Mary Cornell Anne Payne Samuel Shapcott Mary Holland
Thos. Ford   Sarah Ford Ann Dawson Mary Carter William Shapcott Jane Copner
John Ford   Anne Harry Grace Hodge Mary Stribling William Colmer Mary Petters
Thos. Harry   Mary Phillips Cathe. Hodge   Thomas Moone Jane Pyle
Henry Thresher   Dorothy Squire Elizth. Hodge   Robert Moone Elizth. Pyle
James Squire   Mary Dennis Sarah Panty   James Moone Alice Child
John Hunt   Elizth. Bellew Elizth. Clark   William Moone Jane Child
William Hunt   Mary Harris Mary Clarke   Edward Copner Jane Hawkes
Henry Bellew   Anne Buckpit Ellen Herapath   John Purchase Elizth. Hawkes
Wm. Vellacott   Elizth. Moone Mary Wilkinson   George Petters Elizth. Watts
Wm. Lischon   Mary Hodge Mary Bynom   John Petters Sarah Carter
Thos. Moone   Jane Dyer Elizth. Pyle   William Petters Agness Gribble
James Mullins   Mary Bater Anne Babb   Samuel Petters Mary Young
Wm. Mullins   Jane Copner Elizth. Babb   George Pyle Sarah Rice
Thos. Copner   Elizth. Edwards Mary Patterson   Henry Child Elizth. Passmore
John Milton   Susa. Parsons Elizth. Hill   Henry Hawkes Maria Passmore
William Skinner   Sarah Purchase Hannah Dymond   James Hawkes Anne Dawson
John Bowen   Mary Gregory Mary Patterson   George Watts Elizth. Webber
Chas. Churchill   Elizth. Godfrey Anne Halls   James Watts Anne Herapath
George Petters   Mary Lock Sarah Stanbury   Thos. Lake Jane Patterson
George Pyle   Frans. Petters Elizth. Deane   John Lake Elizth. Patterson
George Reed   Mary Popham Anne Deane   Charles Lake Dinah Patterson
Lewis Child   Elizth. Beer Elizth. Herapath   Thos. Jones  
John Warren   Mary Pyle Elizth. Gaskyn   Richd. Jones  
Thos. Hawkes   Jane Child Mary Wiley   Wm. Jones  
Richd. Hawkes   Harrt. Perring Mary Jones   John Passmore  
William Lake   Anne Hawkes Mary Jones Junr.   John Dawson  
William Mills   Elizth. Watts Anne Jones   William Herapath  
Danl. Jones   Anne Lake Elizth. Jones   Daniel Herapath  
    Agness Jones Mary Handcock   Julian Hiern  
    Anne Young Grace Bennett   Peter Patterson  
      Mary Marsh   Henry Patterson  
33 2 35 36 7 36 26
Page 15            
Edwd. Passmore John Payne Anne Hill Mary Griffith Sarah Crow George Kelly Mary Stanbury
William Cornell Wm., Watts Sarah Halls Mary Gale Elizth. Dymond Edward Stanbury Sarah Gaskin
Rowd. Dawson John Carter Philla. Weekes Elizth. Yeo Margt. Reed Thos. Gaskin Mary Gaskin
Wm. Panty Philip Gliddon Amy Davis Jane Moule Elizth. Gribble James Marsh Jane Jones
John Stribling John Halls Mary Lerwell Elizth. Moule Prisa. Dymond William Halls Jane Handcock
Saml. Herapath Joseph Stribling Mary Shapland Mry. Rice Mary Hollaway Lewis Halls Elizth. Marsh
William Vile Henry Wilkinson Elizth. Shapland Esther Williams Mary Parkman John Halls Anne Weekes
Wm. Patterson Willm. Babb Grace Shapland Anne Luxon Grace Beaumont Henry Weekes Elizth. Weekes
James Halls John Herapath Mary Penney Mary Luxon Mary Lee John Shapland Mary Weekes
John Hill Charles Hollaway Hannah Hartree Elizth. Hill Mary Clinch Robert Best Mary Shapland
Charles Wailey Philip Moule Elizth. White Mary Furze Elizth. Tuck John Shapland Eler. Williams
Wm. Winsford William Lee Honor Herring Agness Joslyn Elizth. Bale John Penney Elizth. Penney
Hugh Jones Amos Hill Margt. Barrett Elizth. Searles   William Penney Grace Herring
Richd. Jones William Marks Jane Matthews Elizth. Phillips   John Handcock Mary Herring
Thos. Jones   Mary Brailey Anne Griffith   John Herring Elizth. Avery
Nichs. Handcock   Anne Marles Sarah Trim   Joseph Herring Harrt. Avery
James Marsh   Mary Avery Margt. Gliddon   William Herring Elizth. Lilley
John Halls   Elizth. Beer Pate. Yeo   William Brailey Francs. Bowdon
William Weeks   Mary Incledon Anne Yeo   John Brailey Mary Bowdon
Nichs. Challacombe   Agness Incledon Mary Blany   James Brailey Elizth. Bowdon
Henry Shapland John Beer Mary Incledon Prude. Herbert   Thos. Reed Mary Matthews
James Shapland Thos. Gribble Mary Budd Elizth. Hopkins   John Harding Anne Matthews
William Penney   Maria Bishop Elizth. Shring   Nathl. Lilley Jane Hollaway
John Kingdon   Elizth. Rock Elizth. Ratcliffe   Thos. Gould Mary Voiss
Bryan Edwards   Julia Bate Mary Ratcliffe   William Bowdon My. Rice
George Harttree   Abigl. Bate Anne Shring   John Bowdon Fras. Hitt
Edwd. Herring   Elizth. Crocombe Jane King   James Matthews  
Wm. Brailey   Joan Rowdon Philla. Davey   John Matthews  
John Avery   Philla. Kingworthy Anne May   Wm. Griffiths  
Geo. Incledon   Mary Gould Grace Chapman   Richd. Eastman  
Geo. Hanbury   Anne Rowdon Elizth. Hudson   Thos. Eastman  
William Hays   Mary Matthews Jane Hudson   William Eastman  
William Rock   Mary Parkman Elizth. Lock   Robert Rice  
Thos. Balsh   Mary Voss Agnes Phillips   John Greenslade  
Nathl. Lilley   Frans. Griffith Margt. Michael      
35 16 35 35 12 34 26
Page 16            
Joseph Bawdon   Julia Hayman     William Searles Anne Jones
James Matthews   Mary Gabriel     George Searles Anne Phillips
Thos. Griffith         George Phillips Mary Trim
Wm. Eastman         William Trim Elizth. Trim
John Eastman         Thos. Copely Prudence Marshall
Robt. Rice         John Berry Susa. King
Henry Woollacott         Saml. King Mary King
James Greenslade         Thos. King Sarah King
Humphrey Turner         George Davey Anne Chapman
Wm. Searle         John Davey Susa. Hudson
Wm. Phillips         William Lock Anne Hudson
Wm. Trim         John Lock Elizth. Lock
Thos. Halls         John Horden Anne Phillips
John King         John Gabriel Maria Horden
James Kneeds         Richd. Gabriel Hannah Horden
Wm. Johnson         William Gabriel  
Thos. Shring            
Saml. King            
Thos. Davie            
William May            
William Hudson            
William Lock            
William Tombs            
John Phillips            
William Mitchell            
John Gabriel            
26   2     16 15
Page 17            
Country, Bear St, & Vicarage Lane            
John Hill John Wailey Margt. Davey Susa. Slocombe Elizth. Smith John Bishop Elizabeth Bishop
George Dadds John Hopkins Ann Wailey Anne Bridgement Elizth. Plim Isaac Churchill Mary Bishop
William Wilkey Robt. Symons Ane May Agnes Blackmore Ann Symons James Churchill Eliza Law
Richd. Davey Nathl. Lilley Elizth. Popham Mary Northcott Mary Lilley William Law Hester Law
William Priscott   Elizth. Reece Elizth. Joce Rev. W. Marshall John Law Sarah Law
Henry Priscott   Frans. Edwards Mary Gillard   Henry Law Phillis Law
Thos. Priscott   Elizth. Edwards Anne Bowen   Nichs. Stanbury Mary Law
James Scott   Christn. Goss Mary Besley   James Stanbury Fanny Law
Richd. Pomroy   Grace Pearse Mary Symons   John Harris Elizth. Stanbury
Alezr. Martin   Mary Shapcott Anne Priscott   John Ward Anne Stanbury
John Limebear   Grace Davey Mary Priscott   Walter Ward Sally Harris
John Vicary   Mary Davey Anne Bale   John Marles Elizth. Harris
John Chappell   Patience Bellew Grace Courtney   William Thorne Anne Harris
Wm. Stanbury   Hester Law Mary Scott   John Passmore Mary Marles
Robt. Mules   Mary Stanbury Mary Pomroy   Hugh Passmore Philla. Marles
John Courtis   Mary Jarvice Elizth. Meane   William Hopkins Mary Bowen
James Webb   Elizth. Jarvice Elizth. Abbott   Edward Lee Jane Bowen
Joseph Perryman   Mary Lamprey Elizth. Limebear   Thomas Lee Anne Passmore
John Perryman   Philla. Giles Sarah Limebear   Frederick Lee Agness Passmore
Danl. Hooper   Wilmot Giles Mary Harper   Charles Hill Susanna Passmore
Thos. Hodge   Susan Shaddock Mary Sampson   Frans. Chave Betsy Hopkins
John Pitts   Mary Geene Mary Vicary   James Scott Mary Hopkins
John Pitts Junr.   Mary Edwards Mary Wilkey   William Howard Mary Lee
John Kidwell   Mary Daniel Elizth. Champion   Richd. Priscott Catherine Lee
Geo. Chappell   Elizth. Hearn Mary Heale   Charles Bolt Anne Nix
Wm. Whitefield   Anne Hooper Honor Heale   Henry Dyer Maria Smithwick
Wm. Edwards   Mary Wilkey Elizth. Heale   Richd. Perryman Kitty Smithwick
Wm. Greames   Susanna Chave Corde. Rodgment   Thos. Rodgment Hannah Smithwick
Lewis Rendell   Elizth. Chave Mary Webber   Wm. Matthews Fanny Hill
William Davey   Mary Smale Anne Blackwell     Mary Chave
William Howard   Elizth. Marshall Sarah Popham     Kitty Besley
John Lamprey   Grace Knill Elizth. Perryman     Elizth. Scott
    Jane House Sarah Hooper     Mary Scott
    Mary House Anne Stoat     Charity Scott
    Rachl. Clarke Myriam Stoat     Anne Scott
    Mary Gayton Elizth. Edwards     Susanna Courtis
    Mary Wilkey Mary Hodge     Alice Stanbury
      Mary Perryman      
      Agnes Pitt      
      Joanna Mules      
      Frans. Kidwell      
      Jane May      
32. In book 37 4 37 42 5 29 37
Page 18            
William Law James Bellew Elear. Parkin Joanna Mearles Charle. Williams John Limebear Charity Martin
Nichs. Stanbury Richd. Merely Anne Chapple Elizth. Mearles Grace Newcombe William Limebear Mary Martin
Richd. Giles John Geene Elizth. Kemp Mary Howard Grace Boyles William Limebear Mary Pawle
Wm. Harris Robt. Pulliney Margt. Thorne Mary Matthews   John Vickery Sarah Limebear
Wm. Jarvise   Mary Popham Elizth. Thorne   George Vickery Jane Limebear
John Randell Junr.   Philla. Edwards Elizth. Bowen   Emme. Chappell Elizth. Limebear
John Ward   Mary Hollamore Anne Thorne   John Chappell Jane Limebear
Samuel Dunn   Rebecca Saunders Elizth. Daniel   Philip Chappell Elizth. Vicary
Zachy. Callaway   Elear.Greames Elizth. Passmore   Uriah Chappell Jane Vicary
Philip Pearse   Elizth. Rendell Mary Passmore   Richd. Courtis Alice Stanbury
Henry Mearley   Jane Rendell Elizth. Passmore   John Bowdon Cathe. Hammond
James Geene   Mary Kelly Ann Loddy   James Bowdon Mary Heale
Saml. Geene   Cathe. Bishop Esther Williams   Roger Bowdon Sarah Courtis
John Randell   Susa. Pearse Anne Symmonds   Richd. Hooper Anne Bowden
Anthony Nutt   Mary Pawle Jane Stoat   Daniel Hooper Jane Colmer
James Morris   Mary Davie Susa. Hatkins   William Gill Elizth. Hooper
Robt. Edwards   Grace Davie Philla. Chappell   Edward Gill Mary Hooper
John Marles   Elizth. Churchill Betsy Williams   Thos. Gill Joan Heane
Wm. Thorne   Grace Bridgment Philla. Williams   John Hodge Grace Boyles
Wm. Bowen   Kitty Davey Anne Hopkins   Thos. Hodge Anne Gill
Wm. Thorne   Susa. Folland Elizth. Huxtable   Thos. Pitts Grace Gill
Wm. Passmore   Prue. Stanbury Elizth. Bartelamy   Robert Pitts Mary Edwards
Wm. Slader   Prue. Stanbury Junr. Cathe. Bowdon     Elizth. Edwards
Robt. Hearne   Susanna Giles Susanna Boyles     Anne Edwards
John Hopkins   Susanna Shaw Grace Gill     Mary Pitts
Wm. Huxtable   Sarah Harris       Elizth. Pitts
Wm. Payne   Anne Jarvis       Anne Pitts
George Bowen   Margt. Westacott        
Wm. Besley   Elizth. Westacott        
Wm. Limebear   Anne Howard        
Wm. Josling   Mary Howard        
John Bowden   Anne Reed        
Isaac Churchill   Elizth. Ward        
John Clement   Mary Langdon        
    Susa. Shaddock        
    Jane Geene        
    Sarah Bowen        
    Margt. Knott        
    Sarah Knott        
    Susana. Morris        
    Elizth. Edwards        
34 4 41 25 3 22 27
Page 19            
Henry Smale Robt. Down Anne Rogers Elizth. Mudd Elizth. James Wm. Todd Anne Rogers
John Rogers George Gread Thams. Snow Anne Bushel Raichl. Lewis William Dyer Cathe. Griffith
Isaac Kemp Nichs. Handcock Sarah Dyer Elizth. Todd Ann Trim John Ley Betsy Burzacott
John Smale Stoat Peter Gould Sarah Smiley Sarah Todd Elizth. Down George Burzacott Nancy Burzacott
  John Rogers Elizth. Bright Elizth. Reed Margt. Parminter Wm. Burzacott Jenny Burzacott
Back Lanes, Silver Street, Well Street   Mary Rue (Crossed out) Sarah Adams Cathe. Triggs Richd. Partridge Mary Partridge
Diamond Street, Litchdon & the Square   Jane Cutcliffe Jane Smale Mary Gread John Thorne Mary Thorne
    Mary Cutcliffe Jane George Amy Edwards Richd.Estcott Grace Estcott
Richd. Partridge   Jane Reed Mary Narraway Mary Jarvise John Estcott Mary Croft
Wm. Burzacott   Frans. Partridge Mary Croft Elizth. Jarvise Wm. Pinkham Sarah Handcock
Richd. Pinkham   Jane Burzacott Mary Snow Judith Maddix Lewis Pinkham Anne Withecombe
Richd. Eastcott   Mary Phillips Elizth. Horden Elear. Abbott Robt. Croft Susa. Withecombe
George Handcock   ? Thorne Anne Trapnell Elizth. Webber Thos. Croft Susa. Blackwell
John Withecomb   Elizth. Pinkham Mary Trapnell Mary Rice John Withecombe Mary Westacott
Fredk. Blackwell   Grace Arscott Kitty Trapnell Joanna Gilbert Thos.Blackwell Grace Westacott ( crossed out )
Nathl. Blackwell   Agnes Handcock Betsy Trapnell Elizth. Burge Wm. Prest Wm. Westacott ( crossed out )
John Lashbrooke   Ann Withecombe Sarah Ley Sarah Hammond John Westacott John Southard
Richard Prust   Sarah Backwell Mary Slade Joan Ley Wm. Westacott Mary Edwards
John Southard   Eler. Phillips Mary Slade Margt. Barrow John Southard Asnne Edwards
Thos. Oram   Frans. Rendell Elizth. Lake Elizth. Rudd Thos. Purchase Anne Phillips
Wm. Snow   Philla. Prust Sarah Todd Mary Rowlin Wm. Purchase Mary Lamprey
Wm. Snow Junr.   Hannah Southard Anne Todd Grace Drew Saml. Southard Grace Lamprey
Wm. Triggs   Mary Southard Sarah Todd Mary Gillard John Edwards Mary Ley
John Lloyde   Mary Purchase Elizth. Todd Sarah Servante Richd. Edwards Mary Narraway
Richd. Ewings   Mary Snow Elizth. Burge Grace Harris James Lloydd Charle. Narraway
John Ewings   Mary Snow Susa. Down Mary Saunders Richd. Ewings  
James Parminter   Anne Brailey Elizth. Parminter Elizth. Blake James Ewings  
Edward Mudd   Mary Edwards Elizth. Griffith Susana. Coulshare James Mudd  
Wm. Bushel   Joanna Phillips Elizth. Griffith Dolly Hammond Edwd. Mudd  
Benjn. Bushel   Jane Lamprey Nancy Griffith Mary Burch Wm. Ley  
John Small   Anne Dennis Sarah Griffith Margt. Coats John Ley  
William Croft   Sarah Lloyd Mary Hend Mary Gould Henry Ley  
Thos. Ford   Jane Ewings Elizth. Harris H. Saunders Wm. Dyer  
Benjn. Horden   Elizth. Ewings Mary Geene Margt. Gaydon John Smale  
Henry Trapnell   Anne Ewings Elizth. Knill Mary Cridge    
William Lake   Elizth. Ley Mary Knill Joan Mules    
John Todd   Elizth. Welsford   Mary Craze    
    Sarah Davey   Priscilla Cutland    
    Elizth. Parminter   Sarah Blackwell    
    Anne Webber   Phillis Law    
        Elizth. Wiley    
        Rose Nutt    
33 5 40 36 42 34 25
Page 20            
John Hammond George Rice Elizth. Knill Elizth. Harris Sarah Shepherd Richd. Hearson Sarah Horden
Edw. Parminter Richd. Cutcliffe Mary Larkin Elizth. Davie Sarah Thomas William Smale Betsy Horden
John Turner Joseph Tadd Cathe. Larkin Agnes Bailey Cathe. Davie Richd. Horden Betsy Trapnell
John Griffith John Ley Mary Westacott Sally Lang Jane Reynolds John Ley Cathe. Trapnell
David Harris Wm. Ridd Jane Ley Mary Lock Mary King Wm. Ley Amy May
John Miller Richd. Rowling Mary Howard Elizth. Williams Cathe. Hayes George Ley Joan Lake
Peter Knill Geo. Howard Sarah Purchase Elizth. Williams Jane Lee George May Susana. Lake
Geo. Westacott William Gillard Sarah Purchase Elizth. Williams Cathe. Gammon Robt. Lake Mary Down
Richd. Barrow   Elizth. Purchase Margt. May Anne Treble Wm. Cutcliffe Mary Parminter
Wm. Purchase   Eler. Narraway Mary Roberts Jane Coopery Edwd. Curcliffe Mary Griffith
Wm. Norman   Elr. Narraway Susa. Roode Kitty Gamon Wm. Parminter Cathe. Griffith
James Jenkins   Mary Handcock Sarah Rice Margt. Rogers John Knill Sarah Knill
Saml. Berry   Elizth. Pyle Elizth. Rice Mary Handcock Richd. Knill Agnes Harris
John Elliott   Margt. Elliott Sarah Southcott   William Knill Elizth. Geene
John Jarman   Hannah Gillard Cathe. Wilkey   John Harris Anne Geene
Thos. Wilkey   Jane Greenslade Elizth. Rennels   Johbn Bridgman Elizth. Scadding
David Aze   Sarah King Chare. Rennels   Thos. Westacott Mary A. Westacott
George Webber   Mary Saunders Elizth. Rennels   Wm. Tadd Mary Tadd
Simon Carder   Mary Harris Elizth. Parker     Sally Tozer
William Carder   Dolly Stanbury Mary Tyte     Sarah Wilkey
William Gribble   Elizth. Wilkey Mary Vicary     Elizth. Wilkey
Abel Handcock   Sarah Wilkey Mary Knill   John Elliott Grace Wilkey
Ricd. Edgcombe   Anne Lilley Elizth. Scery   John Connebear Maria Wilkey
Thos. Challacombe   Anne Lilley Elizth. Drew   Willm. Connebear Mary Carder
Thos. Baker   Mary Aze Mary Oatway   William Popham Cathe. Carder
Thos. Huxtable   Mary Webber Mary Harris   John Dennis Elizth. Carder
Wm. Triggs Junr.   Anne Webber Susa. Bendle   William Hasdon Anne Webber
Wm. Edwards   Cathe. Carder Anne Berry   Wm. Chinnock Margt. Stanbury
Richd. Handcock   Honr. Greenslade Ann Oram   Andrew Carder Elizth. Popham
John Rogers   Elizth. Williams Grace Purchase   John Gould Mary Baker
Wm. Ley   Mary Deane Mary Purchase   John Williams Prisa. Drew
Philip Bright   Mary Williams Elizth. Purchase     Frans. Baker
William Thorne   Grace Dennis Elizth. Connibear     Mary Williams
William Westacott   Susa. Baker Anne Lewis     Elizth. May
William Brailey     Mary Nutt      
John Edwards     Dorothy Tuck      
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Page 21            
John Phillips John Cridge Mary Law Prudence Tyte   William May Mary May
James Lamprey John Crase Phillips Law Mary James   John May Dinah May
John Ley John Edwards Anne Parslief Mary Griffith   Samuel May Elizth. Rice
Thos. Webber John Blackwell Elizth. Clifford Mary Harris     Mary Rice
John Halls John Mules Elizth. Cooke Elizth. Nutt     Mary Southcott
William Adams Nichs. Shepherd Chare. Marley Margt. Handcock     Anne Southcott
James George Col. Cockbourne Elizth. Scott Sarah Stribling     Grace Wilkey
Geo. Bright Jacob Oram Anne Bassett Jane Gribble     Anne Wilkey
Thos. Geene John Rennells Elizth. Bater Jane Ackland     Mary Wilkey
James Steward Samuel Lee Sarah Shapland Mary Verney     Mary Rennells
Thos. Wilkey John Watts Ruth Bear Sarah Barrow     Anne Reynolds
Geo. Wilkey Wm. Rogers Jane Dummer Elizth. Yeo     Mary Vicary
Richd. Oram   Jane Powell Mary Stribling   John Palmer Peggy Vicary
George Nutt   Sarah Hodge Elizth. Turner   Henry Palmer Grace Drew
John Mules   Grace Tamlyn Mary Jones   John Tamlyn Elizth. Lewis
Richd. Davie   Elizth. Hill Mary Page   Wm. Tamlyn Elizth. Nutt
John Dennis   Jane Clark Elear. Page   William Scott Mary A. Powell
John Williams   Cathe. Smith Ruth Page   Richd. Hearson Mary Scott
Philip Williams   Margt. Pickard Elizth. Bear   James Lilley Mary Lilley
John May   Anne Rogers Grace Chappell   William Aze Elizth. Lilley
William Tyte   Cathe. Brawn Sarah Brooke   David Aze Ann Aze
Philip Bater   Jane Ackland Mary Blake   William Dell Mary Aze
Joseph Rice   Jane Bowcher Elizth. Ley   John Ackland Betsy Aze
James Rice   Lydia Turner Elizth. Welsh   James Ackland Susana. Law
James Parker   Anne Frase Cathe. Thorne   John Brawn Elizth. Cooke
Richd. Oataway   Mary Cutland Cathe. Thorne Junr.   William Jewell Susa. Cooke
Wm. Berry   Joanna Jewell Elizth. Chappell   Charles Cornish Elizth. Ackland
John Lewis   Jane Merley Mary Ward   Thos. Cornish Jane Ackland
Edwd. Lewis   Elizth. Cornish Mary Hern     Mary Brawn
John Nutt   Abigl. Tilke Jane Ley     Eliza Cornish
John Law   Jenny Stephens        
Thos. Law   Mary Burch        
Wm. Law   Eleor. Rice        
Frans. Cooke   Mary Rice        
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Page 22            
William Scott John Davie Mary Smalldon   Anne Bannister Robt. Barron Jane Tilke
John Allen John Jones Mary Gammon   Elizth. Delham Wm. Tilke Anne Tilke
Sebastn. Hodge Thos. Jennings Prudence Parsons   Elizth. Peake John Stephens Sarah Tilke
? Wall John Collins Prudence Parsons Junr.   Mary Davie John Burch Anne Burch
Archd. Ackland Edmond Thomas Anne Gordon   Agnes Howard Philip Burch Mary Burch
Thos. Rogers John Parminter Susa. Blake   Sarah Wiley Robt. Gribble Mary Ward
Wm. Cockbourne John Blake     Frans. Gould Richd. Parsons Betsy Ward
Edward Rennells Jonas Ley     Jane Berry John Parsons Anne Ward
James Hewett       Margt. Leworthy John Tyte Prudence Parsons
Nichs. Purchase       Margt. Stoneman John James Elizth. Parsons
William Tuck       Anne King John Nutt Anne Rice
John Hodge       Mary Lock Wm. Chappell Mary James
Barthw. Pugsley       Elizth. Thorne John Chappell Anne Rogers
Wm. Bowcher       Margt. Reed Thos. Chappell Grace Nutt
Joseph Frase       Margt. Stanbury John Darke Elizth. Heale
Robt. Jewell       Christs. Galliver Walter Gribble Jane Ackland
Henry Heale       Margt. Vickery William Ackland Mary Breach
Thos. Cornish       Elizth. Bowdon Samuel Berry Mary Ackland
Jonn. Tilke       Mary Thomas George Thorne Mary Handcock
Wm. Rennells       Margt. Symons John Barrow Elizth. Handcock
Philip Burch       Charity Nutt Edwd. Barrow Sarah Pile
Philip Rice       Honor Edwards John Chappell Sally Berry
Philip Rice Junr.       Anne May Richd. Yeo Grace Berry
John Tyte       Margt. Downman William Turner Anne Norman
John James       Mary Oram Robt. Jones Maria Norman
Wm. Nutt       Anne Skinner Richd. Jones Betsy Norman
Wm. Ackland       Amy Graddon John Jones Peggy Vicary
John Verney       Grace Blake Simon Page Mary Thorne
Wm. Graddon       Jane Robbins Reuben Page Mary Jones
Richd. Barrow         Lewis Page Cathe. Jones
Richd. Yeo         Richd. Hearson Maria Page
Jeremiah Stribling            
Wm. Turner            
Richd. Blake            
Simon Page            
Lewis Page            
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