Kelly's Directory of Barnstaple and Neighbourhood (1941)


Transcribed, with the publisher's permission, by

Jonathan Frayne

For the name of any person engaged in any trade or profession see the "Commercial Directory".

[Suffixes to names, e.g. M.B., Bart., J.P., etc., are ignored; prefix titles are retained, e.g. Maj., Rev. etc. Many women only gave their title, e.g. Miss, Mrs, and not a forename. A few women also gave their husband's forename, e.g. Mrs John Smith. These entries are indexed as though the title was a forename. No abbreviations other than those in Kelly's have been added, some have been expanded.

All data are 'comma separated' in order to facilitate transposition into spreadsheet or database format. The fields are: Surname, Forename(s), House Identifier, Street Name, Area Name]


Abbot, Hy. R., 31, Fair view,
Abbott, Albt., 122, Pilton st., Pilton,
Abbott, Alfd., 13, Pilton st., Pilton,
Abbott, Alfd. Felix, 13, Reform st., Pilton,
Abbott, Ernest Jn., 15, Pilton st., Pilton,
Abbott, Fras. Hy., 38, Union st.,
Abbott, Fredk. Geo., 3, King Edward st.,
Abbott, Miss C. M., 46, Rolle st.,
Abbott, Mrs. A., 38, Pilton st., Pilton,
Abbott, Seymour H., Westholme, St. George's rd.,
Abbott, Wm. Jn., 28, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Acheson, Hector M., 21, Boutport st.,
Ackland, Edwin Jn., 38, Orchard rd.,
Ackland, F. Wm., 46, Bear st.,
Ackland, Fredk., 60, Vicarage st.,
Ackland, Mrs., 5 Summerland pl., Barbican rd.,
Ackland, Mrs. Blanche, 46, Gloster rd.,
Ackland, Philip H., 45, Orchard rd.,
Ackland, Stanley H., 35, Cyprus ter.,
Adams, John, Margam, Hele manor,
Adams, Leonard Chas., Windy Ways, High wall, Sticklepath,
Adams, Miss S. M., Kingston ho, Rumsam rd.,
Adams, Mrs. D., Rock Park cotts., Rock pk.,
Adamthwaite, Miss, 40, Queen st.,
Addley, Jn. C., Hillandale, Park av.,
Addy, Fredk., 6, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Aggett, Arth. H., Orosa, Hele manor,
Aggett, Sidney, 4, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Albrow, Arth. Hy., 8 Lauderdale, Victoria rd.,
Alford, Frank, Belmont, Hele manor,
Alford, Hy., 14, Gaydon st.,
Alford, Jn. Flood, 40, Sunflower rd.,
Alford, Miss, 10, Summerland st.,
Allen, Fras. Chas., 2 Turbit ter, North walk,
Allen, Fredk. Geo., 8, Holland st.,
Allen, Mrs., 1, Feoffee cotts., Pilton,
Allen, Regnld. M., 87, Boutport st.,
Always, Egbert Rd., 16, Wrey av.,
Amos, Miss L. B., Hawley Tuberculosis hospital, Sowden,
Anderson, Jn., 3, Salem st.,
Andrew, Jn., Burnstone, , Sticklepath,
Andrew, Jn. Dennis, Chappletown, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Andrew, Miss A. I., 40, Ashleigh cres.,
Andrew, Mrs., Sowden, Hele manor,
Andrew, Wm., 6 South view, Chaddiford la.,
Andrews, Fred, 8 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Angell, Jas., 2 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Angove, Chas., 14, Gloster rd.,
Anstead, Mrs. L., 21, Victoria st.,
Arnold, Bramwell Herbt., 6, Granville av., Pilton,
Arnold, Mrs. A. J., 5 Haldene ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Arran, Percy, 1 Lauderdale, Victoria rd.,
Arthur, Jn., 1, Crescent av.,
Arthur, Wm. Thos., 7, Pill lawn,
Arthurs, Chas., 46, High st.,
Arthurs, Geo. Thos., 57, Fair view,
Arundell, Misses, 1 Clarence pl., South st.,
Ash, Arth., 1, Pottington rd.,
Ash, Mrs., 6, Hardaway head,
Ash, Wltr., 32, Litchdon st.,
Ashby, Geo., 7, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Ashby, Jas., Belvedere, Braunton rd.,
Ashford, Fras. Rd., 7, Cyprus ter.,
Ashley, Laurance C., 9, Rock av.,
Ashton, Arth. Cyril, 34, Broadfield rd.,
Ashton, Geo. R., West Holm, Braunton rd.,
Ashton, Lawrence Wm., 64, High st.,
Ashton, Lt.-Col. Harry, 4, Park la.,
Ashton, Mrs., 18, Pilton st., Pilton,
Ashton, Mrs., 10, Riddell av., Pilton,
Ashton, Ronald Wm., Beverleys, Chaddiford la.,
Ashton, Wm. C. H., 2, Abyssinia ter.,
Asland, Mrs., 9, Higher Church st.,
Atkins, Miss E. M., Chestwood, Bishop's Tawton rd.,
Atkins, Wm. Hy., 13 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Attrill, Alex., Birkdale, Chaddiford la.,
Avery, Fredk., 14, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Avery, Leonard, Elbury, Hillcrest rd.,
Avery, Mrs., 18, Aze's la.,
Avery, Mrs. L., Beulah, Park av.,
Avery, Wm. Jn. Hy., 22, Pulchrass st.,
Awford, Jas. D., 10 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Ayers, Frank L., Rossett Green, Beechwood av.,
Ayre, Ernest, 5 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Aze, Chas., 34, Princess st.,
Aze, Mrs., 23, Fort st.,
Aze, Wm., 11, King Edward st.,
Aze, Wm., 4, Norfolk ter.,
Babb, Chas., 45 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Babb, Harold, 12, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Babb, Mrs., 17, Mill rd.,
Babb, Wm., 2 Hope pl., Holland st.,
Babbage, Mrs. A., 3 Victoria ter., Victoria rd.,
Babbage, Percvl. Wm., Montpelier, Rumsam rd.,
Babington, Mrs., Rock ho., Rock pk.,
Bacon, Edwin, 22, Green la.,
Bacon, Stanley, 1 River view, Higher Raleigh rd., Pilton,
Baglow, Bruce, 3, Hardaway head,
Baglow, Mrs. Jn., 6, Zions pl.,
Baglow, Rd., Pantile cott., Raleigh, Pilton,
Bailey, Thos., 11, Litchdon st.,
Bailey, Thos., 8, Portland st.,
Baker, Abel, 6, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Baker, Edwin, 25, Broadfield rd.,
Baker, Ernest Arth., 3, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Baker, Frank, 1 Lake cotts., Bull hill., Pilton,
Baker, Geo. Sydney, 1 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Baker, Hebt. Wm., 14, Wrey av.,
Baker, Jn. Hy., 5, Gammon la.,
Baker, Jn. Hy., 8, Rock av.,
Baker, Jn. Rudd, 53, Rolle st.,
Baker, Mrs., Peitaiho, Park av.,
Baker, Mrs. B. H., 93, Park av.,
Baker, Mrs. E. J., 5, Ashleigh rd.,
Baker, Mrs. F., Cornborough, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Baker, Wm., 2 St John's cotts., Landkey rd.,
Baker, Wm. Hy., 23, Reform st., Pilton,
Baker, Wm. Thos., 3, Alexandra rd.,
Balch, Mrs., 1, Malletts row,
Bale, Alfd. Jn., 79, Newport rd.,
Bale, Cecil T., Carn Brea, Hillcrest rd.,
Bale, Chas., 10, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Bale, E., Kranlea, Hillcrest rd.,
Bale, Fredk. Chas., 3, Taw vale,
Bale, Fredk. Geo., 66, Victoria st.,
Bale, Miss, 1, George st.,
Bale, Mrs., 3, Park la.,
Bale, Rt. Chas., 15, Summerland st.,
Bale, Sydney Jas., Broad Close, Hele manor,
Bale, Wm. Hy., 34, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Balkwill, Geo., 31 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Balkwill, Wm. Jn., 63, Victoria st.,
Ball, Miss, 22, Ashleigh rd.,
Ball, Wm. Jas., 30, Sunny bank
Balman, Lewis T., 6, Newington st.,
Balman, Mrs., 42, Hardaway head,
Balment, Ernest Wm., 52, Rolle st.,
Balment, Wm., 42, Belle meadow,
Bament, Albt., 25, Newington st.,
Bament, Geo. E., 41, Newington st.,
Bament, Herbt. G., 34, Beechwood av.,
Bament, Hy., 14 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Bament, Jas., 36, Fair view,
Bament, Jn., 34, Fair view,
Bament, Jn., 14, Garden court,
Bament, Wm., Wheelsgate, Braunton rd.,
Bament, Wm. Hy., 24, Higher Maudlin st.,
Banbury, Arth. Stanley, 32, High st.,
Banfield, Sydney, 59, Aze's la.,
Barker, Cyril B., 65a, High st.,
Barlow, Mrs., 35, Hills view,
Barnes, Albt. Hy., 5, Sunflower rd.,
Barnes, Arth. Ernest, The Cottage, Landkey rd.,
Barnes, Fredc. H. J., Deva, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Barnes, Geo. Fredk., 39, Higher Maudlin st.,
Barnes, Wm. Thos., 61, Rolle st.,
Barnhouse, Chas. Edwd. V., 3 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Barnsby, Mrs., 3, Alma pl., Pilton,
Barnsley, Fredk., 4 Latham's court, Hardaway head,
Baron, Mrs., 36, Hills view,
Barraclough, Jn. R., 33, Vicarage st.,
Barrett, Mrs. L. B., 3 Portland villas., Victoria rd.,
Barrow, Alfd. Hy., 2, Corser st.,
Barrow, Frank, 18 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Barrow, Fredk., 31, St. Mary's rd.,
Barrow, Geo., 15, Newington st.,
Barrow, Geo., 49, St. Mary's rd.,
Barrow, Geo. Hy., 3, Priory, Pilton,
Barrow, Geo. Hy., 45, Vicarage st.,
Barrow, Jn. Hy., 3 Clinton ter., Landkey rd.,
Barrow, Jn. Hy., 14, Fair view,
Barrow, Miss, 42, St. Mary's rd.,
Barrow, Mrs., 42, Newington st.,
Barrow, Mrs., Okeira, Dracaena av.,
Barrow, Mrs., 9, Portland st.,
Barrow, Mrs., 19 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Barrow, Mrs., 5 Western ter, Mill rd.,
Barrow, Mrs. M. E., 34, Richmond st.,
Barrow, Wltr., 3, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Barrow, Wm., 5, Belle meadow,
Barrow, Wm. Hy., 3, Trinity st.,
Barrow, Wm. Hy., 16, Union st.,
Bartholomew, Miss, 7, Hills view,
Bartin, Chas. H., 2, Allen bank,
Bartlett, Harold Wm., 41, Charles st.,
Bartlett, Mrs., 24, Corporation st.,
Bartlett, Mrs., St. Joseph's, Victoria rd.,
Bartlett, Wm., 8, Pilton quay, Pilton,
Barton, Harold Geo., Woodbury, Hele manor,
Barwick, Fredk. T., Addington, Fort hill,
Barwick, Jsph. Wm., 9a, Vicarage st.,
Bass, Albt., 3, Highbury rd.,
Bass, Louis, 89, Pilton st., Pilton,
Bastin, Jn., 10 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Bastin, Mrs., 1 Winifred pl., Holland st.,
Bate, Mrs., 39, Pilton st., Pilton,
Bate, Rev. Ronald Arth. Hodgson [1], The Vicarage [1, Hills view,
Bater, Jack, 2, Priory close, Pilton,
Bater, Mrs. A., 34, Pilton st., Pilton,
Bater, Thos. Webber, 7, King Edward st.,
Bates, Arth., 3 Elms pl., Church la., Newport,
Bateson, Jn. Wm., 2 Berrydene, Ashleigh rd.,
Batten, Mark E., 10, Alexandra rd.,
Batten, Mrs., 6, Lower Church st.,
Batten, Rt. Geo., 52, Broadfield rd.,
Batten, Thos. S., 5, Vicarage lawn,
Batten, Wm. Hy., 19, South st.,
Bawden, Douglas, 26, Corporation st.,
Bayles, Hebt., 31, Portland st.,
Beagen, Wm. Hy., 35, Rolle st.,
Becklake, Saml., Looe, Hele manor,
Bedcock, Wm. J., 27, Vicarage st.,
Beecher, Hubert, 2, St. Mary's rd.,
Beer, Fredk. Jas., 41, Portland st.,
Beer, Fredk. Regnld., 66, The Rock, Pilton,
Beer, Jn., 2, Higher Church st.,
Beer, Leonard, 6, Clinton rd.,
Beer, Leonard Redvers, 9, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Beer, Mrs., 26, Gloster rd.,
Beer, Mrs., 30, Hills view,
Beer, Mrs., 8, St. Mary's rd.,
Beer, Mrs., 21, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath
Beer, Mrs., 37, Trinity st.,
Beer, Mrs. C., Lanherne, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Beer, Wm., 88, Boutport st.,
Beer, Wm. Chas., 56, Victoria st.,
Beer, Wm. Jas., 25, Charles st.,
Beevor, Wm., Rock Park cotts., Rock pk.,
Behan, Wm. D., 29a, Bear st.,
Bell, Jack M., 4, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Bell, Mrs., 14, Vicarage lawn,
Bell, Wltr. Jn., 61, Fair view,
Bell, Wm. S. Brittain, 4, Wrey av.,
Bellinger, Wm. Geo.,67, Gloster rd.,
Bendle, Harold, 29, Charles st.,
Bendle, Miss, 27, Fort st.,
Benfield, Mrs., Oakfield, Hele manor,
Bengey, Hy. Jas., 63, The Rock, Pilton,
Bennett, Chas., 18, Fair view,
Bennett, Ernest Wm., 12, Queen st.,
Bennett, Fredk., Kenton, Hele manor,
Bennett, Fredk. Jn., 32, Union st.,
Bennett, Fredk. Leonard, 4 Albert pl., The Square,
Bennett, Geo., 33, Priory, Pilton,
Bennett, Hy., 15, Gaydon st.,
Bennett, Jas., Sunny Mead, Braunton rd.,
Bennett, Miss, 5, Cyprus ter.,
Bennett, Mrs., 1 Connaught pl., Silver st.,
Bennett, Mrs., 43a, Higher Maudlin st.,
Bennett, Mrs., 12, Richmond st.,
Bennett, Regnld. Wm., 38, Portland st.,
Bennett, Wm. Thos., 42, High st.,
Bennington, Mrs., 26, Pulchrass st.,
Bennoy, Percy Milford, 5 Carlton ter, Barbican rd.,
Bentley, Lewis, 98, Lynhurst av.,
Benton, Arth., Montana, Chestwood av.,
Berry, David, 2, Buller rd.,
Berry, Ernest E., 4, Rock av.,
Berry, Fredk. Wm., 18 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Berry, Jn., 32, Corser st.,
Berry, Mrs., 2, Reform st., Pilton,
Berry, Mrs., 18 Warwick ter, St. George's rd.,
Berry, Mrs. E. G., 60, Victoria st.,
Berry, Mrs. Florence, 37, Higher Maudlin st.,
Berry, Romeo, Longstone ho., Bradiford rd., Pilton,
Berry, Saml., 3 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Berryman, Miss, 46, Fort st.,
Bickford, Frank, Portland ho., Victoria rd.,
Biddle, Albt., 36, Charles st.,
Biddle, Mrs., 35, Charles st.,
Biddle, Percvl. F., 1, Norfolk ter.,
Bidgood, Jn. Hy., 8, Bedford st.,
Biederman, Frank E., 17, Aze's la.,
Biles, Saml. Chas., 7, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Billington, Edwd. Wm., 13, King Edward st.,
Birchall, Wm., 14, Pulchrass st.,
Bishop, Geo. Edwd., 6 Barbican pl., Trinity st.,
Bishop, Harry, 17, Hardaway head,
Bishop, Jn. T., 96, Park av.,
Bissett, Thos. Lethbridge, Cedar cott., Bradiford, Pilton,
Black, Mrs., 6 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Blackford, Albt. E., 23, Westfield av.,
Blackmore, Albt. E., 6, Boutport st.,
Blackmore, Alfd. Jn., 40, Fair view,
Blackmore, Edwin Jn., 6, Gloster rd.,
Blackmore, Jn., 16, Richmond st.,
Blackmore, Mrs., 18, Bradiford, Pilton,
Blackmore, Mrs., 97, Newport rd.,
Blackmore, Percy H., 5, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Blackmore, Rd. C., 19, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Blackmore, Wm. Hy., 5 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Blackmore, Wm. Jn. Jsph., 26, Pottington rd.,
Blackmore, Wm. R., 12, Alexandra rd.,
Blacksell, Jas. E., 31, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Blackshaw, Saml., The Knoll, Lynhurst av.,
Blackwell, Miss, Elmsleigh, Park la.,
Blair, Vernon, Sunnyside, Clinton rd.,
Blake, Ernest Wltr., 6, Pulchrass st.,
Blake, Mrs., Hampton, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Blake, Mrs., 10, Salem st.,
Blake, Mrs., 11, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Blake, Mrs., 50, The Rock, Pilton,
Blake, Regnld., 9, Bicton st.,
Blanchard, Alfd. Jas., 2, Silver st.,
Blanchard, Stanley, 31, Sunflower rd.,
Blatchford, Mrs. E. M., Homestead, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Blight, Dudley, 10, Grosvenor st.,
Blight, Harry, 24, Union st.,
Blight, Mrs. E. M., 1, Rackfield close,
Bluett, Mrs., 16, Orchard rd.,
Boaden, Chas. Edwin, 4 Margrove ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Boaden, Geo., 1 & 2, Newington st.,
Boaden, Mrs., 2 Barum flats, Bear st.,
Boadon, Wm., 10, Barbican rd.,
Boddy, Bertie Jn., 12, Lovering's court,
Boddy, Mrs., 43, Hardaway head,
Boden, Chas., 2, Gaydon st.,
Boden, Wm. Geo., 25, Corser st.,
Bolam, Harold F., 111, Boutport st.,
Bolt, Jn., 3 Ebberly ter., Bear st.,
Bolt, Wm., 34, Rolle st.,
Bonathan, Wm. Eric., Moda, Oakland av.,
Bond, Albt. Wm., 1, Style close,
Bond, Alfd. Hy., Elmsleigh, Raleigh, Pilton,
Bond, Harold Geo., 35, Orchard rd.,
Bond, Jack, 16, Sunflower rd.,
Bond, Lewis, 47, Orchard rd.,
Bond, Mrs., 22, Aze's la.,
Bond, Mrs., 33, King Edward st.,
Bond, Mrs., 12, St. Mary's rd.,
Bond, Wltr. Jn., 9, Clinton rd.,
Bond, Wm., 39, Orchard rd.,
Bonds, Wm. Ernest, 46, Richmond st.,
Bonvoisin, Geo., 39, Broadfield rd.,
Boon, Mrs., 115, Pilton st., Pilton,
Booth, Stanley C., 21, Chestwood av.,
Bosence, Geo. Jas., 18, Oakleigh rd.,
Bosence, Jn. jun., 17, Charles st.,
Bosence, Jn. sen., 25, Richmond st.,
Bossard, Jn. L., 31, South st.,
Bosson, Wltr. Ernest, Wulfruna, Hele manor,
Bosworth, Neil, Pierremont, Oakland av.,
Bowden, Arth., 20, St. Mary's rd.,
Bowden, Bert, 5, Corser st.,
Bowden, Evan Jas., 3 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
Bowden, Geo., 8, Clinton rd.,
Bowden, Geo., 10, Trinity st.,
Bowden, Geo. A., 37, Coronation st.,
Bowden, Jas., 43 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Bowden, Leslie, Southbank, Bradford rd., Pilton,
Bowden, Miss, 19, Belle meadow,
Bowden, Miss, 75, The Rock, Pilton,
Bowden, Miss, 2, Gammon la.,
Bowden, Wm. K., 37, Gloster rd.,
Bower, Herbt. M., 50, Vicarage st.,
Bowering, Hubert Jas., Belmoor, Landkey rd.,
Boyd, Mrs. B. R.,, Hele manor,
Boyle, Mrs., 14, Pilton st., Pilton,
Boyle, Mrs. K. E., 3a, Park la.,
Boyles, Fredk. J., 7, Riddell av., Pilton,
Bracher, Chas. Hy., 9, Clifton st.,
Bracher, Ernest, 28, Pulchrass st.,
Bracher, Herbt. Wm., 40, Aze's la.,
Bracher, Hy., 18, Pottington rd.,
Bracher, Mrs. L., 17, Silver st.,
Bracher, Rt. Jn., 6 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Bracher, Wm. Chas., 6, Clifton st.,
Bradbeer, Eric Jas., 34, Ashleigh cres.,
Braddock, Hy., 27, Hills view,
Braddon, Chas., 54, Richmond st.,
Braddon, Jn., 3, Richmond st.,
Braddon, Mrs., 50, Rolle st.,
Bradford, Chas. H., 13, Castle st.,
Bradford, Jas., 2 Haldene ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Bradford, Wm. Jn., Rozel, Rumsam rd.,
Bradley, Archie Geo., 44, Rolle st.,
Bradley, Miss, 106, Victoria st.,
Bragg, Albt. Jsph., 66, Newport rd.,
Bragg, Mrs., 6, Allen bank,
Brailey, Chas. Hy., 5, West av.,
Brailey, Mrs., 101, Pilton st., Pilton,
Brailey, Percvl. C., 12, Pilton st., Pilton,
Brailey, Wm., School ho., Reform st., Pilton,
Braithwaite, Wm. Thos., 7, Rolle st.,
Brake, Fredk. Wltr., Lauderdale ho., Victoria rd.,
Branch, Edwin, 4, Hoyles cotts., Pilton,
Brand, Mrs. E., Woodgate, Rumsam rd.,
Brand, Percvl., 35, Broadfield rd.,
Brannam, Alfd. Edwd., 30, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Brannam, Chas. Wm., Hayne, Victoria rd.,
Brannam, Clarence Regnld., 17, Orchard rd.,
Brannam, Jas., Athelstan ho., Pilton rd., Pilton,
Brannam, Jas., 123, Boutport st.,
Brannam, Jn. Rt., 5, Oatlands av.,
Braunton, Geo. Hy., Du Pont, Braunton rd.,
Braunton, Hy., 33, Princess st.,
Braunton, Mrs., 19 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Braunton, Wm. Hy., 7 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Bray, Wm., 121, Boutport st.,
Brayley, Arth., 7, Gloster rd.,
Brayley, Fras. F., 78, Victoria st.,
Brayley, Fras. H., 30, Orchard rd.,
Brayley, Fras. Hy., 33 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Brayley, Herbt. S., 19 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Brayley, Kenneth F., 1, Barbican rd.,
Brayley, Mrs., 18, Granville av., Pilton,
Breach-Smith, Wm., 4 Clinton ter, Landkey rd.,
Breading, Edgar Type, 57, Rolle st.,
Brend, Archibald Thos., 56, Littabourne, Pilton,
Brend, Mrs. R., 15, Queen st.,
Brent, Harry, 58, Victoria st.,
Brent, Stanley, 2, Corporation ter.,
Brewer, Jn. Hy. L., 98, Newport rd.,
Brewer, Mrs., 1, Taw vale,
Brewer, Wm. Hy., 3, St. Mary's rd.,
Bridgman, Mrs., 11, Bicton st.,
Bridle, Albt. Hy., 63, High st.,
Briggs, Jn., 29, Sunny bank,
Bright, Alfd. Thos. Geo., 3 St. Peter's ter., Churchyard,
Bright, Chas., 12 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Bright, Mrs., 17, Zions pl.,
Bright, Rt. A., 15, Westfield av.,
Brimley, Horace, 25, Clinton rd.,
Brimley, Mrs. E., 20, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Brindley, Jn. Harvey, Well Close, Goodleigh rd.,
Brindley, Mrs., Grove ho., Rumsam rd.,
Brister, Norman, 34, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Britton, Geo., 6, Wrey av.,
Britton, Mrs., 16, Clifton ter.,
Broad, Fras. Jn., Benbury, Park la.,
Broad, Miss, St. Winnow, Oakland av.,
Brock, Geo., 19, Bicton st.,
Brockenshire, Fredk. A., 2, Rock av.,
Bromham, Mrs. M., 42, Victoria st.,
Bromley, Albt. F., Wrey Croft, , Sticklepath,
Bromley, Arth. Geo., Grove Hill, Victoria rd.,
Brook, Chas., 1, Fort ter.,
Brook, Cyril, 25, Orchard rd.,
Brook, Mrs., 3 Summerland ter., Summerland st.,
Brook, Stanley Gordon, 19, Bear st.,
Brook, Thos. Hy., 9, Bedford st.,
Brookland, Jn., 95, Park av.,
Brooks, Arth., 7, Rackfield,
Brooks, Wm., 1, South st.,
Brough, Ralph, Wrentham, Barbican rd.,
Brough, Wm. E., 34, South st.,
Brown, Chas. Douglas, 4 Lauderdale, Victoria rd.,
Brown, Chas. Jas., 33, Broadfield rd.,
Brown, Horace, 18, Bicton st.,
Brown, Humphrey Thos. Geo., 22, South st.,
Brown, Jack, 7, Lower Maudlin st.,
Brown, Jn. B., 69, Gloster rd.,
Brown, Maj. Gen. Sim., Stanley ho., Rumsam rd.,
Brown, Matthew, 8, Sunflower rd.,
Brown, Mrs., 2, Osborne ter., Sticklepath,
Brown, Mrs. P., 18, Portland st.,
Brown, Rd., 2, Crescent av.,
Brown, Redvers, 59, Newport rd.,
Brown, Thos. Arth., 36, Cyprus ter.,
Brown, Thos. Ernest, 3 Brookdale ter., Victoria st.,
Brown, Wm., Infirmary lodge, Litchdon st.,
Browne, Chas. F., 29, Coronation st.,
Browning, Harry Jas., 55, Littabourne, Pilton,
Browning, Oswald Jas., 8, Taw vale,
Browning, Rt., 3, Barbican rd.,
Brownscombe, Jn. A., 18, Sunflower rd.,
Brumhill, Leonard, 122, Lynhurst av.,
Bryan, Jn. C., 37, Ashleigh cres.,
Bryan, Wm. Rt., 15, Granville av., Pilton,
Bryant, Arth., Caen ho., Goodleigh rd.,
Bryant, Miss, 16, Lower Maudlin st.,
Buckingham, Bernard Wm., 8, Corporation st.,
Buckingham, Herbt. Wm., 3, Corporation st.,
Buckingham, Wm. Hy., 18, Corporation st.,
Buckingham, Wm. P., (flat) Bank Chambers, Cross st.,
Buckley-Shute, Rev. Jn., Westcombe Park, Park la.,
Budd, Alfd., 28, Coronation st.,
Bullard, Wm. Thos., 24a, Silver st.,
Bulled, Jas. Hy., 21, Granville av., Pilton,
Bulled, Regnld. Jn., 2 South view, Chaddiford la.,
Bulmor, Ernest, 23, Clinton rd.,
Bulpitt, Arth. Ernest, 6, Hills view,
Bunker, Miss, 2, South st.,
Burbidge, Wm. Chas. Jn., 22, Ashleigh cres.,
Burcher, Hy. Wm. E., 1, Bicton st.,
Burden, Geo., Lansdown, Goodleigh rd.,
Burgess, Fred, 9, Cyprus ter.,
Burgess, Fredk. Jn., 8, Orchard rd.,
Burgess, Rd. Hy., Hillymead, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Burgess, Wm., 15, Grosvenor st.,
Burley, Geo. Wm., Winnersh, Rumsam rd.,
Burn, Chas., 16, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Burnell, Fedk., 21, Pottington rd.,
Burnell, Geo. Wm., The Shack, Clinton rd.,
Burnell, Mrs., 32, Portland st.,
Burnell, Sydney Jas., 2 Margrove ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Burnell, Thos. jun., 23, Corser st.,
Burnell, Wm. F., 22, Orchard rd.,
Burridge, Mrs., 15, Clinton rd.,
Burrington, Bertie, 5, Clifton st.,
Burrington, Mrs. M., 4, Union st.,
Burrington, Percvl. Jn., 8, Clifton st.,
Burrows, Harry, , Park la.,
Burrows, Wm., 95, Newport rd.,
Burton, Osborne Wm., 35, South st.,
Bushen, Fredk. Hy., Tregarron, Pilton rd., Pilton,
Bushen, Mrs., Mountlands, Fort hill,
Bushen, Mrs. M., 7, Litchdon st.,
Bussell, Sidney Geo., 20, Wrey av.,
Butcher, Ernest, 18, Clinton rd.,
Butcher, Fredk., 25, Bradiford, Pilton,
Butler, Jn. H., Roselyn, Braunton rd.,
Butler, Misses, 19, Hardaway head,
Butler, S. G., 7 Barum flats, Bear st.,
Butts, Edwd. Chas., 10, Fort ter.,
Butts, Mrs., 6, Sunflower rd.,
Butts, Regnld. A. G., 13, New bldgs.,
Butts, Wm., 5 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Buzzacott, Miss, 1 Albert pl., The Square,
Callick, Leslie J., 13, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Came, Claude Hy., Lamorna, Oakland av.,
Camp, Miss, 24, Charles st.,
Camp, Mrs., 37 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Camp, Wm., 31, Boutport st.,
Cann, Alfd., 28, Higher Maudlin st.,
Cann, Alfd., 14, Union st.,
Cann, Archie, 9, Summerland st.,
Cann, Chas., 77, Pilton st., Pilton,
Cann, Chas. Jas., 6, Portland st.,
Cann, Fredk. A. A., 31, Richmond st.,
Cann, Fredk. Philip, 24, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Cann, Hy., 28, Princess st.,
Cann, Jas Rd., 39, Union st.,
Cann, Jn., 29, Richmond st.,
Cann, Miss, 4, Higher Maudlin st.,
Cann, Miss, 2, Zions pl.,
Cann, Mrs., 5, Church la., Newport
Cann, Mrs., 1 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Cann, Mrs. S., 54, Aze's la.,
Cann, Rd., 9, Oakleigh rd.,
Cann, Rd. Jn., 5, Granville av., Pilton,
Cann, Rt. Hobbs., 9, Bradiford, Pilton,
Cann, Sydney Hy. B., 2 Roselyn ter., Braunton rd.,
Cann, Sydney Rt., 11, Garden court,
Cann, Wm., 17, Newington st.,
Cann, Wm. Hy., 21, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Capner, Harold E., 44, Trinity st.,
Capron, Regnld. Wm., 4, Higher Church st.,
Carder, Arth. T., 1, Fortescue rd.,
Carder, Thos. H., Caburn, Park la.,
Carew, Edgar, Tudor, Dracaena av.,
Carey, Mrs. Wm. C., Willowdene, Barbican la.,
Carlton, Mrs., Compton, Park la.,
Carpenter, Alex M., Inglenook, Park la.,
Carpenter, Ernest, 43, Belle meadow,
Carter, Ernest Jas., 7 Brookdale ter., Victoria st.,
Carter, Fredk. Geo., 4, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Carter, Fredk. Ray., 48, Newport rd.,
Carter, Mrs., 20 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Carter, Philip, 10, Clifton st.,
Carter, Ray, Cottage ho., Landkey rd.,
Carter, Washington P., 11, Portland st.,
Carter, Wm. A., 10 Clinton ter., Landkey rd.,
Casey, Mrs., 10, Rock av.,
Casinelli, Geo., 12, Lower Maudlin st.,
Casinelli, Thos., 23, St. Mary's rd.,
Cassinelli, Jn., 25, Reform st.,
Cassingham, Miss M. E., Kensham, Hele manor,
Caston, Harry Wm., 114, Lynhurst av.,
Cater, Fras. Jn., Parkside, Park la.,
Cater, Miss, 30, Broadfield rd.,
Cater, Wilfred Ernest, Dunraven, Victoria rd.,
Catford, Edwd., Picton, Park la.,
Catford, Miss, 30, South st.,
Catford, Rev. Fredk. Owen, [3], Oatlands av.,
Caunter, Wm. Edwd., 12, Bicton st.,
Causer, Geo. Hy., 12, King Edward st.,
Caver, Ernest, 11, Signal ter., Sticklepath
Cawker, Wm. A., 3, Victoria rd.,
Cawsey, Fredk., Craigiala, , Sticklepath,
Cawsey, Harry, 32, Fort st.,
Cawsey, Jn., Bramley, Hele manor,
Cawsey, Mrs., Sunnydale, Hele manor,
Cawsey, Rd. Ernest, Gransden, Hele manor,
Chadwick, Mrs., Manorville, Hele manor,
Challacombe, Frank, 12, Ashleigh cres.,
Challacombe, Hy. Chas. Wm., 47, Boutport st.,
Challacombe, Jn., 5 Grosvenor ter., Bear st.,
Challacombe, Miss, 6, Feoffee cotts., Pilton,
Challacombe, Wm., 1, Reform st., Pilton,
Challacombe, Wm. B., 10, Pulchrass st.,
Chamberlain, Mrs., Swiss cott., , Sticklepath,
Chamings, Chas. Wm., Yeo Dene, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Chamings, Mrs., Pilton Abbey, Bull hill, Pilton,
Chamings, Ronald, 3, Ashleigh rd.,
Chammings, Regnld. E., 6, Fort ter.,
Champion, Jn., 7, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Champion, Thos., 7, Vicarage lawn,
Channon, Chas. Ernest, 1, King Edward st.,
Channon, Mrs. E., 15 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Chanter, Fredk., , The Square,
Chanter, Maj. Edwd. R., Fort hill, Fort hill,
Chanter, Mrs. T., Broadmead, Landkey rd.,
Chapman, Chas., 5, Union st.,
Chapman, Fredk. Wm., 3, Wrey av.,
Chapman, Geo. S., Bank chmbrs., Cross st.,
Chapman, Harold, 4, High st.,
Chapman, Mrs., 7 Grosvenor ter., Bear st.,
Chapman, Regnld., 12 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Chapman, Stephen, 10, Highbury rd.,
Chapman, Wm. Jas., 28, Vicarage st.,
Chapple, Arth. Wm., 2, Vicarage lawn,
Chapple, Chas., 40, Princess st.,
Chapple, Edwd., 15, Corser st.,
Chapple, Edwin, 39, Coronation st.,
Chapple, Emanuel, 1, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Chapple, Frank, 10, Lower Maudlin st.,
Chapple, Frank Fras., 43, Fair view,
Chapple, Fredk., 17 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Chapple, Fredk., 11 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
Chapple, Fredk. Wm., 26, Gaydon st.,
Chapple, Jas. Hy., 26, Union st.,
Chapple, Jn., 11 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Chapple, Jn., 23, Union st.,
Chapple, Jn. H., 4, Lower Maudlin st.,
Chapple, Miss, 8, Salem st.,
Chapple, Mrs., 31, Hills view,
Chapple, Mrs., 8, New bldgs.,
Chapple, Mrs., 20, Newington st.,
Chapple, Mrs., 15, Salem st.,
Chapple, Philip Hy., 2 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Chapple, Saml. Jn., 2, Trinity st.,
Chapple, Wltr., 4 Somerset pl., Boutport st.,
Chapple, Wm., 15, Silver st.,
Chapple, Wm. H., 5, Hills view,
Chapple, Wm. Hy., 1, Barbican pl.,
Chard, Miss, 2, Rock pk.,
Cheney, Wm. S., 26a, Coronation st.,
Chichester, Mrs. G., Northfield bungalow, Northfield la., Pilton,
Chidgey, Miss E. M., Sunny Corner, , Sticklepath,
Chilcott, Jas., 27, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Chilcott, Leonard G. F., 54, Rolle st.,
China, Wm. Hy., 8 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Chisholm, Rt., Harefield, Park la.,
Chivers, Arth. P., 8, Grosvenor st.,
Chivers, Fredk. Geo., 1, Bedford st.,
Chown, Hy., 83, Victoria st.,
Chown, Thos. Herbt., 12, Silver st.,
Chubb, Geo., 9 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Chudley, Horace, Chatsworth, Oakland av.,
Chugg, Alfd. E., 9, Pottington rd.,
Chugg, Harold Chas., 1, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Chugg, Mrs., 27, Bradiford, Pilton,
Chugg, Mrs., 55, Vicarage st.,
Chugg, Percvl. S., 8, Vicarage lawn,
Chugg, Regnld Geo., 3, Clinton rd.,
Chugg, Regnld., 41, Bradiford, Pilton,
Chugg, Wm., 55, Aze's la.,
Chugg, Wm., 12, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Clapp, Edwd., 10, Vicarage st.,
Clark, Mrs., 52, The Rock, Pilton,
Clarke, Albt., 6, Corporation cres.,
Clarke, Albt. Wm., 6 Lauderdale, Victoria rd.,
Clarke, Chas., 19, Congram's row,
Clarke, Frank, 3, Vicarage lawn,
Clarke, Hy., Burlington villa Burlington close, Landkey rd.,
Clarke, Miss E., 48, Orchard rd.,
Clarke, Thos. Hy., 1 Raleigh Park cotts., Roborough rd., Pilton,
Clegg, Frank, 32, Trinity st.,
Clement, Fredk., 2 Abyssinia pl., Abyssinia ter.,
Clement, Greville, 20, Chestwood av.,
Clement, Wm., 25, Victoria st.,
Clements, Frank, 14, Oakleigh rd.,
Clements, Fredk., 9, Ashleigh cres.,
Clements, Fredk. Geo., 7, Fort ter.,
Clements, Mrs., 1, New bldgs.,
Clements, Mrs., 15, Pottington rd.,
Clements, Mrs. L., 1, Gaydon st.,
Clifford, Jas., 15, Lovering's court,
Clift, Wltr., 16 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Clive, Clifford Chas., 1, Fair view,
Clive, Mrs., 7, Pilton quay, Pilton,
Cloake, Thos., 13 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Cluett, Edwd jun., 5, Zions pl.,
Cluett, Edwd., 8, Zions pl.,
Cluett, Wm. Geo., 9 Brookdale ter., Victoria st.,
Coates, Arth. Jn., Nethercott, Chestwood av.,
Coates, Gerald, 6, North pl.,
Coates, Monty Wm., 6, Vicarage lawn,
Coates, Ronald V. G., 7, Abyssinia ter.,
Coates, Saml., 4, Granville av., Pilton,
Coates, Thos., 2, Higher Maudlin st.,
Coates, Wltr. G., 30, Vicarage lawn,
Coats, Miss, 3 Hope pl., Holland st.,
Coats, Wm. Jn., 8, Richmond st.,
Cockerham, Edmnd. Jn., 1 Turbit ter., North walk,
Cockram, Chas. H., 5, Fort st.,
Cockram, Chas. R., 2, Pottington rd.,
Cockram, Chas. Ronald, 15 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Cockram, Christphr. Wm., Kingswood, Style close,
Cockram, Ernest Jas., 17, Bicton st.,
Cockram, Fredk. Wm., 5, Barbican ter.,
Cockram, Mrs., 5, Priory close, Pilton,
Cockram, Mrs. A. L., Barbican, Chaddiford la.,
Cocks, Fras., 53, Fair view,
Cocks, Ivan R., 26, Victoria st.,
Cocks, Jas., 16, Summerland st.,
Cocks, Jn., 13, Higher Church st.,
Cocks, Leslie Geo., 10 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
Cocks, Wm., 25, Pulchrass st.,
Codd, Fras. Jn., 16, Hills view,
Codd, Lionel H., 3 Lauderdale, Victoria rd.,
Codde, Mrs. Grace, 24a, High st.,
Codner, Jas. Wm., 78, Orchard rd.,
Cole, Arth., 14, Coronation st.,
Cole, Edwd., Clontarf, Chaddiford la.,
Cole, Fred T., 6 Orchard ter., Rumsam rd.,
Cole, Harold Wm., 34, Coronation st.,
Cole, Percvl. Jn., 12, Portland st.,
Cole, Revers Jas., 1, Corporation st.,
Cole, Wltr. Bertram, 9, Charles st.,
Coleman, Geo. Jn., Oatlands, Bishop's Tawton rd.,
Coleman, Jas. Hy., 21, Cyprus ter.,
Coles, Edwd. Regnld., 10 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Colin, Hy., 30, Hardaway head,
Collett, Albt., 48, Vicarage st.,
Collett, Archbld., 11, Barbican rd.,
Collings, Arth. Edwin, Bridge ho., Pilton rd., Pilton,
Collings, Benj. Ernest, Oaklands, , Sticklepath,
Collings, Wm. H., 3, Norfolk ter.,
Collins, Ernest, 55, Gloster rd.,
Collins, Leslie T., 17, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Collins, Miss, 5, Silver st.,
Collins, Wm., 19, Pulchrass st.,
Colwill, Albt., 12, Corporation st.,
Colwill, Thos., 3 Albert pl., The Square,
Colwill, Thos. Wm., 19, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Colwill, Wm. Jn., 3, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Colyer, Harry, Holwell, Clinton rd.,
Conibear, Geo. Hy., 4, Richmond st.,
Connell, Wm., 43, Chestwood av.,
Cook, Ernest, 20, High st.,
Cook, Fredk. Wm., 15 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Cook, Geo., 27, Princess st.,
Cook, Wm. Geo., 12, Riddell av., Pilton,
Cooke, Fredk. Jn., 14, Bear st.,
Cooke, Horace, 18, Orchard rd.,
Cooke, Jabez Wm., 49, Bear st.,
Cooke, Oscar V., 10, Clinton rd.,
Cooke, Regnld Jas., 9, Vicarage st.,
Cooke, Wallace J., 2 Albert villas, Rock pk.,
Cooke, Wm. Geo., 45, Charles st.,
Cooke, Wm. Jn., 23, Richmond st.,
Coombe, Arth. C., 27, Coronation st.,
Coombs, Thos. E., 24, Fort st.,
Cooper, Bryan, 17, Westfield av.,
Cooper, Jn., 77, Rolle st.,
Cooper, Leslie Jn., 46, Fair view,
Cooper, Miss, Brooklyn, Braunton rd.,
Cooper, Rev. Donald M., Orchard cott., Rumsam rd.,
Copling, Miss, Greenacres, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Copp, Jn. D., Hele cott., Hele manor,
Copp, Misses, Sticklepath ho., Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Copp, Rd., 17 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Copp, Sidney Alfd., Orchard ho., Bellaire, Pilton,
Cork, Cecil Austin, Newstead, Beechwood av.,
Cornelius, Miss, 8, Higher Church st.,
Corney, Fredk. Geo., 15, King Edward st.,
Corney, Mrs., 8 Brookdale ter., Victoria st.,
Cornish, Fredk., 11 Olinda pl., Rolle's quay,
Cornish, Wm. Geo., Green Gates, Clinton rd.,
Cornish, Wm. S., 1 Richmond ter., Bear st.,
Cory, Harold Alfd., Braeside, High wall, Sticklepath,
Cottenham, Mrs. E., 13, Corser st.,
Cottle, Jas. Hy., 20, Pulchrass st.,
Cottle, Wm. Clarke, 6, Higher Maudlin st.,
Cottrell, Vernon Hy., Winsham ho., , Sticklepath,
Couch, Edwin, 16, Bradiford, Pilton,
Couch, Geo. Herbt., 1, Clifton st.,
Couch, Saml., 64, Victoria st.,
Court, Mrs. Edith, 12 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Courtis, Arth. B., The Cottage, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Courtnay, Geo., 58, Broadfield rd.,
Courtnay, Philip J., 47, Broadfield rd.,
Courtnay, Wm., 6, Orchard rd.,
Courtney, Chas., 31, Litchdon st.,
Courtney, Chas. Edwd., 36, Fort st.,
Courtney, Chas. Wm., Northfield, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Courtney, David Geo., 39, Victoria st.,
Courtney, Hubert Jn., 57, Victoria st.,
Courtney, Jsph., 57, Gloster rd.,
Courtney, Mrs., 5 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Courtney, Mrs., Haslemere, South pk.,
Courtney, Wm. Hy., 47, Richmond st.,
Cousins, Jack, 26 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Cousins, Mrs., 27, Union st.,
Cousins, Wltr. Jn., 95, Pilton st., Pilton,
Cowdrey, Regnld. Percy, 41, Richmond st.,
Cowie, Misses, 11, Hills view,
Cowler, Leonard, 18, Reform st.,
Cowler, Rd. Hy., 1, Pilton st., Pilton,
Cowling, Mrs. I. M., 5 Barum flats, Bear st.,
Cowper, Laurence, 97, Lynhurst av.,
Cox, Alfd., 22, Congram's row,
Cox, Alfd., 22, Hardaway head,
Cox, Miss, 13, Clinton rd.,
Cox, Miss, 1, Lovering's court,
Cox, Mrs., 16, Westfield av.,
Cox, Sidney Regnld., 2 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Cox, Wltr., 32 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Cox, wm., 76, Victoria st.,
Crabb, Alfd. P., 92, Park av.,
Crabb, Geo. P., Mardon, Hele manor,
Crang, Jas., Ebor ho., Park la.,
Crawford, Mrs., Braemer, Chestwood av.,
Creedy, Mrs., 1 West view, Clifton ter.,
Creek, Bruce, 2 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Creek, Mrs., 4, Cyprus ter.,
Creek, Mrs., 13, South st.,
Creighton, Jack, Alexandra ho., Allen bank,
Cresswell, Alfd. E., 3, Bradiford, Pilton,
Cresswell, Arth. E., 30, Princess st.,
Cresswell, Ernest Stephen, 12, Bradiford, Pilton,
Cresswell, Stanley, Mayfield, Chaddiford la.,
Crick, Chas. Jn., 7 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Crick, Regnld., 1, Bradiford, Pilton,
Crick, Wm., 4 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Critchley, Fredk., Seaforth, Bishop's Tawton rd.,
Crocker, Bernard, 35, Portland st.,
Crocker, Fredk., Ferndale, Hele manor,
Crocker, Jn. A. E., 95, Victoria st.,
Crocker, Miss, Laurel ho., Barbican la.,
Crocker, Mrs. E., 43, Orchard rd.,
Crompton, Lewis, 44, Chestwood av.,
Cronin, Miss, 2, Pill lawn,
Crook, Arth. T., 14, Alexandra rd.,
Crook, Fredk., 14, Barbican rd.,
Crook, Wm., 2, Orchard rd.,
Cropper, Mrs. A., 90, Park av.,
Cross, Miss, 23, Green la.,
Cross, Wm. Jn., Lexington, Clinton rd.,
Crossing, Mrs., 4 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Crouch, Geo., 99, Park av.,
Crowcroft, Miss, 2, Pill lawn,
Crowest, Sidney, , The Square
Crown, Harry A., Restonia, Landkey rd.,
Croxford, Albt. Jas., 9, Westfield av.,
Cruse, Jn. B., Bryons, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Cudlipp, Jn., 39, Belle meadow,
Cudlipp, Thos., 21, Joy st.,
Cudmore, Graham, 3, George st.,
Cudmore, Misses, 14 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Cudmore, Wm., 33, Newport rd.,
Cudmore, Wm. C., 15, Alexandra rd.,
Cullen, Edwd., 4, Hardaway head,
Culley, Geo. Thos., 32, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Cummings, Mrs. Wm., 4, Priory close, Pilton,
Cunningham, Mrs. D., 24 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Curry, Miles, 43, Broadfield rd.,
Curtice, Geo., 28, Portland st.,
Curtis, Mrs., Hasells, Westfield av.,
Cutcliffe, Chas., 4, Pilton st., Pilton,
Cutland, Arth. R., 2, White's la., Pilton,
Cutland, Geo., 13, Fort st.,
Cutler, Ernest, 40 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Da Fontoura, Miss Guerra, , The Square
Dadds, Jas. R., Lion ho., Bradiford, Pilton,
Dadds, Victor E., 19, Sunny bank
Daley, Philip, Auckland, Hele manor,
Dalley, Geo. Chas. J., Ashcroft, Braunton rd.,
Dalling, Chas., 40, Bradiford, Pilton,
Dalling, Mrs., 55, Boutport st.,
Dalling, Mrs., Sandpark, , Sticklepath,
Dalling, Mrs. A. G., 57, High st.,
Dalling, Mrs. F. E., 23, Silver st.,
Dalling, Sidney J., 26, Belle meadow,
Dallyn, Miss H., 22, Sunflower rd.,
Dalton, Mrs. Beatrice, 1, Priory, Pilton,
Damon, Mrs. F. A., 4, Hills view,
Daniel, Jas. V., 29, Broadfield rd.,
Daniel, Joshua, 8, Clifton ter.,
Daniel, Miss, 11, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Daniel, Mrs., 22, King Edward st.,
Darch, Albt., 25, Rolle st.,
Darch, Hy., 39, Princess st.,
Darch, Jas., 6, Pilton st., Pilton,
Darch, Jn., 38, Princess st.,
Darch, Mrs., 58, Littabourne, Pilton,
Darch, Mrs., 10 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Darch, Regnld., 11, Riddell av., Pilton,
Darch, Stanley Geo., 47, The Rock, Pilton,
Darch, Wltr., 16, Bicton st.,
Darch, Wm., 27, Higher Maudlin st.,
Darch., Montague J., 13, Richmond st.,
Dare, Ernest Arth., 9 Orchard ter., Rumsam rd.,
Dark, Miss, 21, Newport rd.,
Darke, Edwin, 48, Rolle st.,
Darke, Jas., 2 Priory court, Priory, Pilton,
Darnell, Mrs., 18, King Edward st.,
Dart, Chas. Fredk., Allin's mead, Landkey rd.,
Dart, Fredk. Wm., Glenora, Hele manor,
Dart, Mrs., 18, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Dart, Wm. E., Hollycote, Rumsam rd.,
Davenhill, Mrs., 4, Salem st.,
Davey, Edmnd., 29, Pulchrass st.,
Davey, Ernest Jn., 44, Portland st.,
Davey, Geo. H., 8 North pl., Green la.,
Davey, Harold Geo., 42, Chestwood av.,
Davey, Jas., 11 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Davey, Jn., 5 Summerland ter., Summerland st.,
Davey, Miss, Hill Crest, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Davey, Montague, 8, Litchdon st.,
Davey, Mrs., 8, Ladywell, Pilton,
Davey, Mrs., 11, Newington st.,
Davey, Rd., 6 Victoria villas, Victoria rd.,
Davey, Seymour Geo., 5, Barbican rd.,
Davey, Sidney, 19, Ashleigh cres.,
Davey, Stanley H., 74, Orchard rd.,
Davey, Wilfred, 21, Gloster rd.,
Davey, Wilfred Chas., 73, Fair view,
Davey, Wltr. R. K., 13, Higher Maudlin st.,
Davie, Frank Perkins, 10, Zions pl.,
Davie, Geo., 21, Vicarage st.,
Davie, Mrs., Highfield, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Davie, Mrs. K., 76, Newport rd.,
Davie, Stanley Geo., 53, Vicarage st.,
Davie, Wm. J., West Sowden, Sowden
Davies, Alfd. Jn., 7, Princess st.,
Davies, Chas. J., 23, Broadfield rd.,
Davies, Chas. Wm., 38, Beechwood av.,
Davies, Fredk. Geo., 32, Fair view,
Davies, Jn. Jas., 15, Corporation st.,
Davies, Miss G. D. C., 51, Gloster rd.,
Davies, Wm. Moses., 5, Pottington rd.,
Davis, Mrs., 1, Lower Church st.,
Davis, Mrs. P., 81, Newport rd.,
Davis, Thos., 34, Charles st.,
Davis, Thos., 36, Newington st.,
Davis, Wm. B., 43, Charles st.,
Davis, Wm. F., 12, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Davison, Hy. R., 12, Clinton rd.,
Daviy, Fras. Jn. Geo., 17 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Dawes, Fredk. Harold, 4 Burlington close, Landkey rd.,
Dawes, Ormond Frank., 2 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Day, Cecil Jas., 103, Victoria st.,
Day, Edwin H., 3, Priory close, Pilton,
Dayman, Eric H., 20, King Edward st.,
Dean, Wltr. Jn., 2, Portland st.,
Deane, Edgar Chas., Ladram, Barbican la.,
Dear, Wm. Hy., 15, Princess st.,
Dedman, Geo. Ernest, 25, Pilton st., Pilton,
Delbridge, Geo. Herbt., 4 Summerland ter., Summerland st.,
Delbridge, Mrs., Albert pl., The Square,
Delbridge, Mrs., 11, Barbican ter.,
Delbridge, Mrs., 6 Olinda pl., Rolle's quay,
Dell, Mrs. M. B., 20, Sunflower rd.,
Delve, Fredk., 16, Garden court,
Delve, Jas., 30, King Edward st.,
Delve, Jn. Jas., 3 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Delve, Mrs., 7, Fair view,
Delve, Mrs., 16, Rolle st.,
Delve, Mrs. E., 5, Victoria rd.,
Delve, Wm. Hy., 26, Higher Maudlin st.,
Demery, Mrs., 89, Victoria st.,
Demuth, Jsph., 43, Aze's la.,
Demuth, Jules Wm., Tol-Pedn, Braunton rd.,
Denbeigh, Chas. Wm., 10, High st.,
Dengel, Christphr. Jn., 57, Broadfield rd.,
Dening, Maj. Saml. J. C., Cross Park, Bradiford, Pilton,
Denison, Fras. Roland, 7, Oatlands av.,
Denner, Wltr. Jn., Kingsway, , Sticklepath,
Dennis, Albt. Jn., 32, Newington st.,
Dennis, Chas., 27, Aze's la.,
Dennis, Chas., 3, Bedford st.,
Dennis, Ernest E., 44, Sunflower rd.,
Dennis, Mrs., 3, Pill lawn,
Dennis, Mrs., 110, Pilton st., Pilton,
Dennis, Sidney Thos., 3 Littabourne ter., Littabourne, Pilton,
Dennis, Thos., 13, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Dennis, Thos. Hy., 23, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Dennis, Wm. Hy., 49, Richmond st.,
Denny, Geo., 31, Sunny bank,
Denny, Maurice G., 20, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Denny, Rt. E., 17, Pilton st., Pilton,
Dew, Edwd., 1, Ashleigh rd.,
Dibble, Arth., 5, Allen bank,
Dibble, Chas., 17, Granville av., Pilton,
Dibble, Mrs., 24, Belle meadow,
Dibble, Wltr. Fredk., Evesden, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Dibble, Wm., 22, Belle meadow,
Diggle, Jsph., 113, Lynhurst av.,
Dillon, Geo., 15, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Dillon, Leonard, 12, West av.,
Dillon, Mrs., 6, Crescent av.,
Discombe, Mrs., 40, Portland st.,
Dix, Geo., 38, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Dix, Mrs., 10, Lovering's court,
Dixey, Jn. Crosbie, Mulberry ho., Barbican ter.,
Dixon, Cyril, 99, Lynhurst av.,
Dobbs, Fras. E., 11, Vicarage lawn,
Dobbs, Miss L., 17, Ashleigh cres.,
Dobbs, Wltr. Albt., 18, Richmond st.,
Dobel, Alfd. Tom, The Moorings, Hele manor,
Dober, Wm., 1, Silver st.,
Doble, Wm. S., 37, Fort st.,
Docker, Fredk., 34, Portland st.,
Dockett, Jn., 12, Higher Maudlin st.,
Dodd, Mrs., 10 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Doran, Albt. Edwd., 1, Pill lawn,
Douch, Wm. Geo., Martigny, Dracaena av.,
Doughty, Mrs. Elsie M., Trefusis, Victoria rd.,
Dowdle, Ernest Wm., 2, Victoria rd.,
Dowdle, Jas. Hy., 8 Summerland pl., Barbican rd.,
Dowdle, Leonard Wm., 20, Pottington rd.,
Dowdle, Mrs., 20, Cyprus ter.,
Dowdle, Wm. Hy. jun., 8, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Down, Alec, 49a, The Rock, Pilton,
Down, Chas., Toll Gate cott., Goodleigh rd.,
Down, Fredk., 20, Congram's row,
Down, Lionel, 52, Richmond st.,
Down, Wm. H., 30, Vicarage st.,
Downing, Alfonso Wm., Bridge bldgs., The Strand,
Downing, Frank, 9, Vicarage lawn,
Downing, Rd. Ewart, Cross Park, Hele manor,
Downing, Wm., 12, Newington st.,
Doxford, Jas., Mon Abri, Hele manor,
Drake, Frank, 25, High st.,
Drane, Ernest Wm., 81b, Pilton st., Pilton,
Draper, Abel Paul, 32, Rolle st.,
Draper, Alfd. Jn., Trafalgar ho., Alexandra rd.,
Draper, Ernest Geo., 49, Newport rd.,
Draper, Fredk. R., 2 Elm pl., Church la., Newport,
Draper, Harold, 7, Lower Gaydon st.,
Draper, Jn., 24, Mill rd.,
Dray, Mrs. R., 10, Gloster rd.,
Drayton, Wm., 6, Oakleigh rd.,
Drew, Fras., 14, Lovering's court,
Drew, Mrs., 46, Aze's la.,
Drew, Mrs., 6 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Drew, Thos., 35, King Edward st.,
Drewett, Mrs., Upton Hellions, Park la.,
Druce, Wm., 3, Clifton st.,
Drummond, Mrs., Comrie, Hele manor,
Dubb, Clarence, 42, Fair view,
Dudley, Rev. Saml. Geo., Lauderdale ho., Victoria rd.,
Dummet, Mrs., 42, The Rock, Pilton,
Dummett, Stanley Jas., 25, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Dunn, Mrs. M. A., 20, Zions pl.,
Dunn, Thos., Deer Park, Rumsam rd.,
Dunn, Thos., Trafalgar lodge, Newport rd.,
Dunn, Wm. Frank, 4, Orchard rd.,
Dunning, Cecil Ralph, Brieryfield, Landkey rd.,
Dunning, Fredk. Arth., 8 Orchard ter., Rumsam rd.,
Dunning, Jn. Chas., 96, Newport rd.,
Dunsford, Mrs. B., Napier, Westfield av.,
Dunsford, Wm. Hy., 2 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Dyer, Fredk., 9, Grosvenor st.,
Dyer, Wm. Hy., 23, Gaydon st.,
Dyke, Harold, 7, Bradiford, Pilton,
Dymond, Alfd., 48, Bradiford, Pilton,
Dymond, Alfd. T., 13, Pottington rd.,
Dymond, Ernest Alfd., 25, Portland st.,
Dymond, Fredk., 21, Trinity st.,
Dymond, Hy., 47, Rolle st.,
Dymond, Jas., 8, Rolle st.,
Dymond, Jn. B., 75, Victoria st.,
Dymond, Leonard, 35, Fair view,
Dymond, Miss, 3, Feoffee cotts., Pilton,
Dymond, Thos. M., Ilnido, Charles st.,
Dymond, Wm. Jn., 71, Victoria st.,
Dyson, Frank, 26, Joy st.,
Eames, Claude, 16, Ashleigh cres.,
Eames, Geo., 1 Ivy cotts., Hardaway head,
Eames, Mrs., 14 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Easey, Benj. Thos., 5, Sunny bank,
Easterbrook, Frank Jn., 6a, Granville av., Pilton,
Easterling, Geo., 3, Style close,
Easton, Albt., Council ho., Mill rd.,
Easton, Jn., 11, Cyprus ter.,
Eckersley, Geo., 69, Orchard rd.,
Eden, Mrs., 20, Reform st.,
Edgington, Albt., 102, Lynhurst av.,
Edkins, Jn. M., 16 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Edmonds, Fredk., 17, Richmond st.,
Edmonds, Mrs., 30 Scotts moor, Bradiford, Pilton,
Edmonds, Wm., 39, Bradiford, Pilton,
Edwards, Clifford G., 19, Trinity st.,
Edwards, Fred, 37, Portland st.,
Edwards, Fredk. Geo., 63, Orchard rd.,
Edwards, Fredk. Jn., 11, Pottington rd.,
Edwards, Geo., 18, Princess st.,
Edwards, Geo. J., 8, Summerland st.,
Edwards, Jn., Landview, High wall, Sticklepath,
Edwards, Mrs., 20, South st.,
Edwards, Mrs. H. J., Roseholme, Park la.,
Ellacott, - , 26, Congram's row,
Ellacott, Miss, 5, Higher Church st.,
Ellacott, Saml., 75, Boutport st.,
Eller, Fredk., Sunnyview, Landkey rd.,
Ellery, Jn., Hazeldene, Victoria rd.,
Elliott, Geo., 6 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Elliott, Jn. Thos., Ashmead, Braunton rd.,
Elliott, Wltr., 11, Clifton st.,
Ellis, Alfd., The Bungalow, Northfield la., Pilton,
Ellis, Arth. E. L., Downalong, Hele manor,
Ellis, Chas., 13, Belle meadow,
Ellis, Edwd. Chas., 5, Young's court,
Ellis, Frank, 4, Pottington rd.,
Ellis, Fredk., 6, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Ellis, Harold E., 21, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Ellis, Harry, 28, Hills view,
Ellis, Jn. Hy., 4 Lake cotts., Bull hill, Pilton,
Ellis, Mrs., 104, Pilton st., Pilton,
Ellis, Mrs., Tamarisk, , Sticklepath,
Ellis, Mrs. F., 4, Alexandra rd.,
Ellis, Wm. Chas., 3, White's la., Pilton,
Elmes, Cecil S., 102, Victoria st.,
Elmes, Shadrack, Ruthven, Fortescue rd.,
Elson, Sidney Jn., 18, Newport rd.,
Elvy, Edwd. B., 19, Garden court,
England, Fred, Hillcrest, , Sticklepath,
England, Harry Lloyd, 43, Fort st.,
England, Leslie Jas., 62, Gloster rd.,
England, Sydney, Tremerry, Park av.,
English, Regnld., 43, Trinity st.,
English, Wilfred, 74, Rolle st.,
Essery, Chas. Hy., 7, Bedford st.,
Essery, Miss F., 5, Bedford st.,
Evans, Arth. Geo., 4, Trafalgar lawn,
Evans, Chas. Hy., Martock, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Evans, David C., 104, Lynhurst av.,
Evans, David M., 2, Ashleigh cres.,
Evans, Edwd., Ridgemount, Hele manor,
Evans, Edwd. Roy, 2, Style close,
Evans, Ernest O., 5, Pulchrass st.,
Evans, Jn., 7, Rackfield close,
Evans, Mrs., 16 Priory gdns, Priory, Pilton,
Evans, Mrs. E. M., 13, Princess st.,
Evans, Rd., 3 Winifred pl., Holland st.,
Evans, Wm. Edwd., Taw View, Bishop's Tawton rd.,
Evenden, Herbt., 1 British Legion houses, Victoria st.,
Ewans, Albt. Wm., 29, Pottington rd.,
Ewens, Wm., 79, Pilton st., Pilton,
Fairchild, Miss, 32a, The Rock, Pilton,
Fairn, Percy F., 60, Orchard rd.,
Farleigh, Wm., 109, High st.,
Farnham, Geo., 5 Turbit ter., North walk,
Farquar, Miss J., 6, Priory close, Pilton,
Farr, Fredk. Wm., 91, Victoria st.,
Farthing, Mrs. C. A., 40, Victoria st.,
Fawcett, Jn., 3 Roselyn ter., Braunton rd.,
Fawcett, Mrs., 21, Pilton st., Pilton,
Fearn, Cecil, 2, Maiden st.,
Featherston, Mrs., 10, Corser st.,
Featherstone, Chas., 13, Fort ter.,
Featherstone, Lawrence Rd., 35, Ashleigh cres.,
Featherstone, Mrs., 5, Buller rd.,
Featherstone, Mrs., 65, Rolle st.,
Featherstone, Mrs. A. E., 2 Castle cotts., North walk,
Featherstone, Thos. Jn., 15 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Featherstone, Wm., 24, Vicarage st.,
Fell, Rev. Arth. O. D. [2], St. Enodoc, Hele manor,
Fennell, Ernest A., 52, Gloster rd.,
Fennell, Hy. Albt., Inglenook, , Sticklepath,
Ferguson, Jas. D., Highfield, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Ferguson, Mrs. N., 2 Clinton ter., Landkey rd.,
Fern, Stanley A., 4 Haldane ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Ferrier, Chas., 6 Ebberly ter., Bear st.,
Fewings, Albt. E., 2, Grosvenor st.,
Fewings, Leonard, 114, Pilton st., Pilton,
Fewings, Regnld. J., 40, St. Mary's rd.,
Fewings, Sydney Geo., Cleeve cotts., Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Fewings, Wm. F., 25, Vicarage st.,
Fewings, Wm. Geo., 50, Richmond st.,
Ffoulkes, Maurice, Claremont, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Finch, Fredk., 4, Clinton rd.,
Fish, Regnld. Fras. G., 21, South st.,
Fisher, Chas. Wm., 58, Orchard rd.,
Fisher, Miss, 3, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Fisher, Mrs., 45, Victoria st.,
Flatt, Geo. E., Kaia, Oakland av.,
Fletcher, Mrs., 8, Cross st.,
Flew, Jn. J. jun., 6 Summerland ter., Summerland st.,
Flew, Mrs., 14, Summerland st.,
Flint, Frank A., 1, Cyprus ter.,
Florance, Mrs., 15b, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Folland, Chas. Rt., 33, Lower Maudlin st.,
Folland, Claude A., Lower Gorwell lodge, Goodleigh rd.,
Folland, Hy. Jas., 11 Grosvenor pl., Lower Gaydon st.,
Ford, Albt., 10, North pl.,
Ford, Edwin Jn., 15 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Ford, Frank, 2, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Ford, Fredk. Wm., Woodford, Anchor wood, Sticklepath,
Ford, Harry, 9, Reform st.,
Ford, Ilbert Arth., 26, Sunny bank,
Ford, Jas. Hy., 34, Newington st.,
Ford, Jsph., 11 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Ford, Mrs., 43, Cyprus ter.,
Ford, Mrs., 1, Reform st.,
Ford, Ralph, 8 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Ford, Rd., 60, Aze's la.,
Ford, Saml. Thos., 19, Coronation st.,
Ford, Wm., 25, Lower Maudlin st.,
Foreman, Miss, 43, Newport rd.,
Forge, Herbt. Wm., 4, Priory, Pilton,
Forman, Mrs., 11, Bradiford, Pilton,
Forward, Chas., 25, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Found, Chas., 21, Aze's la.,
Found, Saml., 9, Union st.,
Fowler, Mrs., 6, Bedford row,
Fowler, Rd., 8, Coronation st.,
Fox, Mrs. F. R., Blandford, Park la.,
Frame, Hy., 2 Lauderdale, Victoria rd.,
Frampton, Alfd. F., 3, Buller rd.,
Franklin, Jn. C., 14, Ashleigh cres.,
Frayne, Albt., 13, Alexandra rd.,
Frayne, Frank, 4, Lovering's court,
Frayne, Geo. Wm. Jn., 54, Orchard rd.,
Frayne, Jn., 113, Pilton st., Pilton,
Frayne, Jn. May, Rumsam villa, Rumsam rd.,
Frayne, Saml., 11, Oakleigh rd.,
Frayne, Wilfred, 9, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Freeman, Edgar R., 70, Orchard rd.,
Freeman, Rt., 9, Crescent av.,
Freeman, Wm., 16, Salem st.,
French, Geo. Wm., 27 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Friend, Thos. C., Zenada, , Sticklepath,
Frisbee, Fredk. G., 33, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Frost, Miss M. A., 12, Pulchrass st.,
Fry, Fredk., 21, Reform st.,
Fry, Fredk. Wm., 7, Higher Maudlin st.,
Fry, Fredk. Wm. F., 31, Vicarage st.,
Fry, Jas., 16 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Fry, Jas. Geo., 14, Granville av., Pilton,
Fry, Jn., 6 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Fry, Jn. Hy., 41, Coronation st.,
Fry, Jn. M., 22, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Fry, Wm., 9, Lower Maudlin st.,
Fry, Wm., 37, St. Mary's rd.,
Fry, Ypres, 5, St. Mary's rd.,
Furneaux, Saml., 33, Sunflower rd.,
Fursdon, Jn. Geo., 50, Victoria st.,
Furse, Lewis Geo., 11, Clinton rd.,
Furse, Pecvl., 12 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
Furse, Ray, 21, Holland st.,
Furse, Rt., 59, Orchard rd.,
Furseman, Arth., 3, Pulchrass st.,
Furseman, Arth. Jn., 14, Hardaway head,
Furseman, Jn., 21, Broadfield rd.,
Furseman, Mrs. J. S., 20, Clinton rd.,
Furseman, Stanley, 28 Carrinton ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Fursman, Jarvis, 34 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Fursman, Wltr., 26, Coronation st.,
Fursman, Wm., Ingledene, Riddell av., Pilton,
Furze, Edwd., 18, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Fussell, Gilbt. F., 5, Oakleigh rd.,
Fussell, Mrs., 17, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Gabriel, Jn., 16, Corser st.,
Gabriel, Mrs., 12, Clifton st.,
Gabriel, Mrs., 18, Corser st.,
Gale, Geo. Edwd., 10, Pill lawn,
Gale, Leslie, 37, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Gale, Mrs., 2, South pk.,
Gale, Ralph Edwd., 44, Fair view,
Galliford, Fredk. C., 44, Charles st.,
Galliford, Fredk. Jn., Springfield ho., Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Galliford, Mrs., 4, Summerland st.,
Galliford, Sydney Arth., Lyncroft, Chestwood av.,
Galliver, Fredk. Chas., 2, Cyprus ter.,
Galliver, Jn. Alfd., 2 Olinda pl., Rolle's quay,
Galliver, Luther, 18, Clifton st.,
Galliver, Sidney, 23, Cyprus ter.,
Galloway, Rt. M., Llangarron, Fort hill,
Gammon, Geo., 5, Bradiford, Pilton,
Gammon, Geo. Hy., 11, Ashleigh cres.,
Gammon, Herbt. Jn., 3, Gaydon st.,
Gammon, Jn., 31, Fort st.,
Gammon, Jn., 78, Newport rd.,
Gammon, Miss, 16 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Gammon, Miss, 11, Zions pl.,
Gammon, Miss Annie, 31, Fort st.,
Gammon, Mrs., 18, Congram's row,
Gammon, Mrs., 57, Vicarage st.,
Gammon, Wilfred Hugh, 33, Vicarage lawn,
Gammon, Wm. Jn., Homestead, High wall, Sticklepath,
Gammon, Wm. P., The Firs, Fort hill,
Gannaway, Fred, 6 Grosvenor ter., Bear st.,
Gant, Horace, 29, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Garland, Arth. Victor, Wroxall, Hele manor,
Garland, Wm., 36, Gaydon st.,
Garman, Wltr., 8, Allen bank,
Garnish, Geo., 19, Hills view,
Garnish, Geo. Hy., 33, Charles st.,
Garnish, Lionel Claude, Elmfield, Bradiford rd., Pilton,
Garnish, Mrs., 72, Rolle st.,
Garnsey, Ernest E., 105, Victoria st.,
Garrett, Fras. Albt., Pixie cott., Bradiford rd., Pilton,
Gay, Jn., 21, Grosvenor st.,
Gay, Miss, 3, Hills view,
Gaydon, Hubert Edwd., 15, Fort st.,
Gaydon, Jn., 15, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Gaydon, Jn., 14, Zions pl.,
Gaydon, Jn. Hy., 7, Gammon la.,
Gaydon, Jsph., West park, South pk.,
Gaydon, Wm., Egdean ho., Hele manor,
Gayton, Mrs., 67, Victoria st.,
Gaze, Miss, Wyvern, Park la.,
Gear, Harry, 41 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Gear, Jn., 3 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Gear, Wm., 13 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Gee, Fredk., 14, St. Mary's rd.,
Gee, Mrs., 1, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Gee, Wm., Stella Maris, Hele manor,
Geen, Alfd., 8, Oakleigh rd.,
Geen, Mrs., 15, Lower Maudlin st.,
Gent, Thos. Wm., 1, Sunflower rd.,
Gent, Wm., 42, Newport rd.,
Gentry, Mrs. R. K., 16, Clinton rd.,
George, Horace, 6 Burlington close, Landkey rd.,
German, Miss, 2, Feoffee cotts., Pilton,
Gerrard, Miss A. A., Malvern, Old Sticklepath Hill, Sticklepath,
Gerrish, Miss, 8, Feoffee cotts., Pilton,
Gerry, Miss, 1, Coronation st.,
Gibbens, Alfd. Jas., 2 Summerland pl., Barbican rd.,
Gibbett, Chas. E., 18, Belle meadow,
Gibbins, Hy. J., , The Square,
Gibbons, Jas., 15, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Gibbs, Cecil E., Yeomead, Hele manor,
Gibbs, Harry, 3 Castle cotts., Tuly st.,
Gibbs, Miss B., 13, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Gibbs, Miss R., 9 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Gibbs, Mrs., 1, Oatlands av.,
Gibbs, Wm., 5 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Gibbs, Wm. G., Durham, Lynhurst av.,
Gibbs, Wm. Hy., 19, Salem st.,
Gidman, Geo. Hy., 19, Westfield av.,
Gifford, Mrs., 2, New bldgs.,
Gifford, Norman, 10, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Gifford, Stanley, 5 Orchard ter., Rumsam rd.,
Gifford, Wm. T., 2, Hardaway head,
Gilbert, Albt., 64, Gloster rd.,
Gilbert, Fredk., 88, Victoria st.,
Gilbert, Geo., 36, Gloster rd.,
Gilbert, Miss, 120, Pilton st., Pilton,
Gilbert, Percy, 3, Malletts row,
Gilbert, Stephen, 1 Elm cotts., Northfield la., Pilton,
Gilbert, Wm. Jas., 1 Castle cotts., North walk,
Gilby, Albt. Jas., 6, Norfolk ter.,
Gilby, Willoughby Tom, 82, Victoria st.,
Gilchrist, Edwd. Wm., Barbourne, Hele manor,
Giles, Albt. Hy., Lisset's close, Goodleigh rd.,
Giles, Harold Leslie, 36, Orchard rd.,
Gillard, Alfd., 20, Westfield av.,
Gillard, Arth. Hy., 23, Hills view,
Gillard, Burnell, Brendon, Park la.,
Gillard, Mrs., 19, Clifton st.,
Gillard, Mrs., 41, Higher Maudlin st.,
Gilliam, Fredk. Wm., 10, West av.,
Gist, Jn., 3 Margrove ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Gist, Jn., 11, Pilton st., Pilton,
Glanville, Edwin Donald, 2 Rose cotts., Bradiford, Pilton,
Gliddon, Arth., 19, Gloster rd.,
Gliddon, Fras. Hy., 33, Richmond st.,
Glover, Frank, 5a, Granville av., Pilton,
Glover, Mrs., 9, King Edward st.,
Glover, Osbert, Carisbrooke, , Sticklepath,
Glover, Stanley Fras., 3, Rolle's quay,
Glover, Wm. A. C., Fayshons, Park av.,
Godfrey, Geo., 45, Fair view,
Goff, Miss K., Pear Tree cott., Barbican rd.,
Golder, Harold, 30, Belle meadow,
Goodfellow, Alfd. Aaron, 10 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Gooding, Ernest Regnld., 6 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Gooding, Fras. Jas., 15, Clifton ter.,
Gooding, Mrs. N. J., 2, Alexandra rd.,
Gooding, Rt. P., 14, Clifton st.,
Goodwin, Fredk. G., 9, Alexandra rd.,
Gordon, Fredk. Geo., Higher Gorwell lodge, Goodleigh rd.,
Gordon-Hogg, Mrs., 5 Clayfield villas, Victoria rd.,
Goreham, Wm. Chas., 2 Prospect pl., Silver st.,
Goring, Percy Ernest, 78, Rolle st.,
Gosling, Mrs., 19, Corser st.,
Goss, Arth., 3, Bicton st.,
Goss, Bernard Percvl., 25 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Goss, Geo. H., 4, George st.,
Goss, Herbt. Jn., 4 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
Goss, Miss, 1 Summerland pl., Barbican rd.,
Goss, Mrs., 9, Barbican ter.,
Goss, Ronald, 66, High st.,
Goss., Miss C. J., 3, Rock pk.,
Gough, Edwin, 51, Richmond st.,
Gould, Geo., 21 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Gould, Jn., 1 Abyssinia pl., Abyssinia ter.,
Gould, Mrs., 9, Feoffee cotts., Pilton,
Gould, Mrs., 14, Queen st.,
Gould, Philip Thos., Waterworks ho., Roborough rd., Pilton,
Gould, Rt. Thos., 51, Bradiford, Pilton,
Gould, Saml. Rt., 13, Charles st.,
Gould, Wm., 38, St. Mary's rd.,
Gouldbourne, Thos. Wm., 21, Wrey av.,
Gover, Chas., 12 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Gover, Geo., 10 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Gover, Mrs., 10, Feoffee cotts., Pilton,
Govier, Mrs., 3, Trinity pl.,
Grace, Edwd. R. Wm., 6, Higher Church st.,
Graham, Albt. Wm., 23, King Edward st.,
Graham, Thos. Herbt., 10, Wrey av.,
Grainger, Harry, 38, Charles st.,
Grant, Arth., 7, Orchard rd.,
Grant, Chas. Hy., 10, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Grant, Jn., 14, Belle meadow,
Grantham, Ellis, Lauderdale lodge, Victoria rd.,
Grassly, Leonard Wm. V., 1, Priory close, Pilton,
Gratton, Chas., 2, Rolle's quay,
Gratton, Ernest E., 14, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Gratton, Herbt. S., 98, Pilton st., Pilton,
Gratton, Hy. Jn., 29, Trinity st.,
Gratton, Mrs., 4, Bradiford, Pilton,
Gratton, Mrs. Alice, 16, Trinity st.,
Gratton, Mrs. Lucy, 39, Portland st.,
Gratton, Rd. Lock., Little Orchard, Braunton rd.,
Gray, Herbt., Huby, Lynhurst av.,
Greaves, Mrs., Homeleigh, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Greedy, Harold C., 50, Broadfield rd.,
Green, Chas., 1 Fern pl., Wells st.,
Green, Ernest, 2, Mill rd.,
Green, Fras. R., , Maiden st.,
Green, Nathnl., Claremont, Clinton rd.,
Green, Wltr. Jn., 2, Rackfield close,
Greenaway, Mrs., 6 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Greenslade, Fredk., 50, Bear st.,
Greenwood, Jn. Ernest, 1, Higher Church st.,
Greetham, Harold, 1 Castle cotts., Tuly st.,
Gregg, Chas., 40, Newington st.,
Gregory, Archbld., 33, Portland st.,
Gregory, Jas., 35, Priory, Pilton,
Gregory, Leonard, 27, Sunflower rd.,
Gregory, Mrs., 24, Bear st.,
Gregory, Mrs., 3, Cyprus ter.,
Gregory, Rd. Hy., 1, West av.,
Gregory, Rt., 24, Fair view,
Gregory, Rt. Jn., Malmshead, Rumsam rd.,
Gregory, Sidney, 29, Fort st.,
Gregory, Wltr., 12, New bldgs.,
Gregory, Wm., Woolaston, Landkey rd.,
Gregory, Wm.Hy., 72, Gloster rd.,
Grey, Norman Hy., Netteswell, Hele manor,
Gribble, Miss E. M., 23, Bradiford, Pilton,
Griffiths, Arth. H., 17 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Grigg, Bertie Jn., 9, Fair view,
Grimes, Wm. Hy., Vectis, , Sticklepath,
Grinstead, Harry G., 42, Orchard rd.,
Groves, Baden, 10, Ashleigh cres.,
Grubb, Geo. Victor, 3, Fort st.,
Grubb, Miss, 37, Richmond st.,
Guard, Chas., 27, Trinity st.,
Guard, Fredk. Wm., 20, Gloster rd.,
Guard, Geo. Hy., 29, Vicarage lawn,
Guard, Harry, 10, Higher Maudlin st.,
Guard, Harry, 10, Princess st.,
Guard, Harry, 12, Rolle st.,
Guard, Jas. Hy., 13, Hardaway head,
Guard, Jn., 28, Vicarage lawn,
Guard, Miss, 11, Lovering's court,
Guard, Miss Annie, 11, Princess st.,
Guard, Mrs., 5 Barbican pl., Trinity st.,
Guard, Thos., 23, Princess st.,
Guard, Wltr., 7a, Granville av., Pilton,
Guard, Wm., 32, Vicarage st.,
Gubb, Ernest Jn., 1 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
Gubb, Fredk. Jas., 9, Rolle st.,
Gubb, Mrs., 2, Fair view,
Gubb, Wm. Chas., 5 Margrove ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Guest, Mrs., 3 West view, Clifton ter.,
Guillaume, Harry, 23, Holland st.,
Gulley, Thos. Wm., Strathern, Beechwood av.,
Gumm, David I., 36, Lower Maudlin st.,
Gunn, Edwd., St. Quentin, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Guppy, Miss, 11 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Hackney, Alex., 52, Orchard rd.,
Hadfield, Jsph. Wm., 15, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Hagley, Arth., 31, Broadfield rd.,
Hagley, Jn. E., 20, Vicarage lawn,
Hales, Ernest Edwd., 5, Orchard rd.,
Hall, Geo., Roselyn, Hele manor,
Hall, Lionel G., 33, Gloster rd.,
Hall, Rt. M., 2 Richmond ter., Bear st.,
Hallett, Albt. H., 5, Wrey av.,
Hallett, Edwin, 17, Wrey av.,
Hallett, Leonard, 8 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Hallett, Wilfred Geo., 32, Broadfield rd.,
Halls, Alfd., 4, Clifton ter.,
Halls, Mrs. E., 2 Kingsleys, Landkey rd.,
Ham, Geo. Edwd., 9 Margrove ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Ham, Jack, 27, Portland st.,
Hambleton, Joshua, Gai Logis, Lynhurst av.,
Hambley, Harold Edwd., 36 Scotts moor, Bradiford, Pilton,
Hamling, Christphr. Edwd., 44, Broadfield rd.,
Hamling, Mrs., The Close, Prospect pl., Newport,
Hammet, Sydney, 19, Rumsam rd.,
Hammett, - ,12, Ladywell, Pilton,
Hammett, Albt. Jn., 22, Fort st.,
Hammett, Geo., 12, Cyprus ter.,
Hammett, Mrs., 23, Coronation st.,
Hammett, Mrs., 1, Park villas,
Hammett, Mrs. E. F., 33, Gaydon st.,
Hammett, Mrs. M., 3, Barbican ter.,
Hammett, Rt. Jas., 5, Grosvenor st.,
Hammett, Rt. Jn., 12, Barbican rd.,
Hammett, Sydney V., 10, Reform st.,
Hammett, Wm., 2, Reform st.,
Hammett, Wm. Geo., 34, Aze's la.,
Hancock, Fras., 4, King Edward st.,
Hancock, Fras. Rd., 100, Victoria st.,
Hancock, Fredk. Geo., 4 South view, Chaddiford la.,
Hancock, Geo., 16, Belle meadow,
Hancock, Geo. Wm., 15, Charles st.,
Hancock, Jn., 24, Orchard rd.,
Hancock, Mrs., 8, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Hancock, Rt. Wm., 12 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Hancock, Stanley, 32, Charles st.,
Handford, Chas. Hy., The Retreat, Chaddiford la.,
Handford, Mrs., 2 Sunnymead, Landkey rd.,
Handford, Mrs., 74, Victoria st.,
Handford, Wm. Hy., 55, Victoria st.,
Handley, Miss, Coreley, Rumsam rd.,
Hannon, Wm., 23, Wrey av.,
Harding, Albt. Hy., Kentisdale, Hele manor,
Harding, Arth., 8, Pilton st., Pilton,
Harding, Arth. Wm. B., 12 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Harding, C. Jn. Smythe, 56, Rolle st.,
Harding, Fredk. Hy., 2, Clinton rd.,
Harding, Geo., 8, Malletts row,
Harding, Jn., Deptford ho., , Sticklepath,
Harding, Mrs., 30, Cyprus ter.,
Harding, Rd. Geo., 5, Gaydon st.,
Harding, Thos., 33, Aze's la.,
Harding, Thos., 73, High st.,
Harding, Wilfred J., 15, Orchard rd.,
Harding, Wm., 11, Hardaway head,
Harding, Wm., 18, St. Mary's rd.,
Harding, Wm., 84, Victoria st.,
Harding, Wm. F., 27, Hardaway head,
Harding, Wm. J., Maydene, Hele manor,
Harding, Wm. Jn., 81, Victoria st.,
Hargrave, Maurice, Ripley, Hele manor,
Harman, Leonard S., 44, Orchard rd.,
Harper, Albt., 4 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Harper, Fredk. Herbt., 30, Pottington rd.,
Harper, Jn., 9, Pulchrass st.,
Harper, John Robinson, Pilton cottage, Bull hill, Pilton,
Harper, Miss, 2 Clarence pl., South st.,
Harper, Nicholas J., 13, Garden court,
Harper, Rd. Michl. Jsph., 11, Boutport st.,
Harper, Sydney, 27, High st.,
Harper, Wm. Hy., 5, Priory, Pilton,
Harris, Alfd. Geo., 14 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Harris, Cecil E., 27, Pulchrass st.,
Harris, Chas. Ernest, 51, Fair view,
Harris, Edwd, 34, Cyprus ter.,
Harris, Ernest, 3, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Harris, Frank, Alum Chine, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Harris, Frank Hy., 36, Higher Maudlin st.,
Harris, Fredk. Jn., 6, Silver st.,
Harris, Hedley, Forsythia, Clinton rd.,
Harris, Herbt. Jn., Springside, Clinton rd.,
Harris, Hy., 3, Oakleigh rd.,
Harris, Ivor, 5 South view, Chaddiford la.,
Harris, Jas., 21 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Harris, Jas., 31, Corser st.,
Harris, Jeremiah, 30, Union st.,
Harris, Jn., 23, Aze's la.,
Harris, Jn. Hy., 54, Fair view,
Harris, Jn. M., Cutland, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Harris, Leonard, 36, Victoria st.,
Harris, Miss, 3, Osborne ter., Sticklepath,
Harris, Miss, , The Square,
Harris, Mrs., 4, Barbican ter.,
Harris, Mrs., 1, Buller rd.,
Harris, Mrs., 28, Congram's row,
Harris, Mrs., 6, Fair view,
Harris, Mrs., 7, Union st.,
Harris, Mrs., 30, Victoria st.,
Harris, Mrs. F. M., Belle Causey, Bishop's Tawton rd.,
Harris, Rd., 7, Gaydon st.,
Harris, Rd. Hy., 23, Congram's row,
Harris, Ronald T., 21, Portland st.,
Harris, Stanley J., 45, Sunflower rd.,
Harris, Thos., 28, Corser st.,
Harris, Thos., 50, Fair view,
Harris, Wm., 2, Barbican ter.,
Harris, Wm., 12, Congram's row,
Harris, Wm., 10, Cyprus ter.,
Harris, Wm., 14, Silver st.,
Harris, Wm. Geo. Jun., Tower view, Barbican rd.,
Harris, Wm. Jas., Highways, , Sticklepath,
Harris, Wm. Jn., Pine Green, Hillcrest rd.,
Harrison, Rev. Jn. [3], Pilton vicarage, Northfield la., Pilton,
Hart, Albt. E., 24, Granville av., Pilton,
Hart, Frank, 23, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Hart, Fras. Hy., 24, Princess st.,
Hart, Hy., 10, Holland st.,
Hart, Jas., Park view, Roborough rd., Pilton,
Hartnoll, Arth., 23, Vicarage st.,
Hartnoll, Arth. Geo., 38, Hardaway head,
Hartnoll, Geo., 6, New bldgs.,
Hartnoll, Leonard Jn., 4, Sunflower rd.,
Hartnoll, Mrs. Wm., Southlands, Park la.,
Hartwell, Mrs., 1 Sunnymead, Landkey rd.,
Harvey, Geo., 1 Rolle cotts., Rolle st.,
Harvey, Jn. Patrick., 33 Scotts moor, Bradiford, Pilton,
Harvey, Miss, 30, High st.,
Harvey, Miss, Just The Bungalow, Chaddiford la.,
Harvey, Miss, 68, Rolle st.,
Harvey, Miss, Thornles, Clinton rd.,
Hatcher, Edwin, 7, Bicton st.,
Hatton, Wm. P., Springhaven, Rock av.,
Hawker, Arth. Geo., Colway, Hele manor,
Hawkins, - , 25, Cyprus ter.,
Hawkins, Harry, 7, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Hawkins, Horace, 23, Portland st.,
Hawkins, Jas., The Windles, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Hawkins, Miss D. M., 4 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Hawkins, Norman Percy, Normanton ho, The Square,
Hawkins, Saml. R. J., 14, Congram's row,
Hawkins, Wm., 47, Aze's la.,
Hawkins, Wm., 9, Silver st.,
Hawkins, Wm. Jas., 32, Victoria st.,
Haydon, Mrs., 26, Broadfield rd.,
Haydon, Thos. Jas., 29, Lower Maudlin st.,
Haydon, Thos. Jas., 43, Princess st.,
Haydon, Wm., 21, St. Mary's rd.,
Hayes, Isaac, 20, Boutport st.,
Hayes, Rev. Fras. T. [4], The Presbytery, Higher Church st.,
Hayes, Rt., 36, High st.,
Hayes, Wm. H. H., 3, Abyssinia ter.,
Hayman, Cyril, 32, Orchard rd.,
Haysom, Mrs., 8, Trinity pl.,
Hayward, Herbt. Geo., 10 Summerland ter., Summerland st.,
Heal, Fredk., 10, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Heal, Miss, 44, Hardaway head,
Heale, Albt., 46, Cyprus ter.,
Heard, Thos., Harscott, Park av.,
Heard, Wm. G., 3, Fortescue rd.,
Hearn, Chas., 9, Holland st.,
Hearn, Jas., Anchorway, Oakland av.,
Hearn, Jn., 23, Sunny bank,
Hearn, Miss, 9, Barbican rd.,
Hearn, Mrs. B., 39, Queen st.,
Heath, Fras., 19, Chestwood av.,
Heathcoat, Miss, 5, South st.,
Heayel, Frank, 69, Victoria st.,
Heayel, J. G., 37, South st.,
Heayel, Jn., 53, Newport rd.,
Heayel, Wltr., 94, Newport rd.,
Heayel, Wltr. Jn., 5, Fort ter.,
Heayel, Wm. David, 9, Trinity st.,
Heayel, Wm. Jas., 6, Buller rd.,
Hedden, Miss, 4, Feoffee cotts., Pilton,
Heddon, Chas., 13, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Heddon, Chas. Jn., 8, Vicarage st.,
Heddon, Thos., 59, Littabourne, Pilton,
Hedley, Mrs. J. E., 25, Hills view,
Hellier, Regnld., Little Croft, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Hellyer, Alfd., 21, Clifton st.,
Hemming, Ernest, 11, Pulchrass st.,
Hennessey, Jn., 6 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Henning, Mrs., 27, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Hennquein, Mrs., 19, Granville av., Pilton,
Henson, Leonard Wesley, Barncroft, Hele manor,
Henwood, Rev. J. Thos., 3, West av.,
Hern, Alfd. Jas., 49, Broadfield rd.,
Hernaman, Stanley, 42, Richmond st.,
Herpe, Adolphe, 3, Wells st.,
Hewett, Wm. Geo., Buncombe, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Hewitt, Jn., 62, Victoria st.,
Hewitt, Mrs. Eliza., 10, St. Mary's rd.,
Hewitt, Wm., 58, Rolle st.,
Heywood, Archbld., 18, Gloster rd.,
Heywood, Wallace Claude, 17 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Higgins, Rd. Wright, Kenwyn, Pilton rd., Pilton,
Hill, Arth., 3 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Hill, Arth. Ernest, 25, Mill rd.,
Hill, Arth. Wm., 38, Rolle st.,
Hill, Aubrey, 24, Ashleigh cres.,
Hill, Chas., 9, Granville av., Pilton,
Hill, Edmnd., 7, Allen bank,
Hill, Edwd., 10 Olinda pl., Rolle's quay,
Hill, Frank, 16, Fair view,
Hill, Frank S., 4, Castle st.,
Hill, Fras., 40, Belle meadow,
Hill, Fredk., Granville ho., St. George's rd.,
Hill, Fredk., 22, Grosvenor st.,
Hill, Fredk., 21, Rolle st.,
Hill, Fredk., 31, Rolle st.,
Hill, Fredk. Wm., 4, Reform st., Pilton,
Hill, Hy., 5 Olinda pl., Rolle's quay,
Hill, Jas. Chas., 9 Turbit ter., Potter's la.,
Hill, Jn. H., Croyde ho., Park villas,
Hill, Leslie, 28, Pottington rd.,
Hill, Miss, 19, Green la.,
Hill, Miss L. J., 117, Pilton st., Pilton,
Hill, Mrs., 3 Grosvenor ter., Bear st.,
Hill, Mrs., 18, Higher Maudlin st.,
Hill, Mrs., 17, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Hill, Mrs., 5, Paiges la.,
Hill, Mrs., 25, Pottington rd.,
Hill, Mrs., 2 Raleigh Park cotts., Roborough rd., Pilton,
Hill, Mrs., 11, Sunflower rd.,
Hill, Mrs., 7 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Hill, Mrs. B., 8 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Hill, Mrs. E., 2, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Hill, Neville Parlby, 85, Pilton st., Pilton,
Hill, Percy, 12, Oakleigh rd.,
Hill, Rt., 9 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Hill, Saml., 42, Fort st.,
Hill, Saml., 41, Gaydon st.,
Hill, Stanley, 9, Ladywell, Pilton,
Hill, Stanley Geo., 18, Charles st.,
Hill, Stanley Regnld., 2 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Hill, Sydney Wallace, 60, Rolle st.,
Hill, Thos. Wltr., 41, Belle meadow,
Hill, Thos. Wltr., 22, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Hill, Wm., 37, Charles st.,
Hill, Wm., 38, Newington st.,
Hill, Wm., 13, Portland st.,
Hill, Wm., 25, Princess st.,
Hill, Wm., 5 St. Peter's ter., Churchyard,
Hill, Wm. H., Belmont, Oakland av.,
Hill, Wm. L., 1 Elm pl., Church la., Newport,
Hill, Wm. Rd., 7, New bldgs.,
Hillier, Jn., 27, Wrey av.,
Hillman, Harold G., 65, The Rock, Pilton,
Hills, Rev. Harry, Portland cott., Barbican rd.,
Hilson, Albt., 6, Castle st.,
Himely, Fredk., 18, Westfield av.,
Hind, Mrs., 28, Union st.,
Hindley, Eli, Corliss, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Hine, Harold, 13, Corporation st.,
Hine, Rd. E., 3, Corporation cres.,
Hinton, Mrs., 14, Salem st.,
Hitchcock, Hy., 3 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Hitchcock, Wm., 1, Lower Maudlin st.,
Hoad, Wm., 9, Hills view,
Hoare, Wm. Sutherland, 6 & 7, Joy st.,
Hobbs, Alfd. E., 15, Ladywell, Pilton,
Hobbs, Sydney Jn., 42 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Hobbs, Thos. E. H., 1, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Hobbs, Wm. Hy., 16, Granville av., Pilton,
Hobbs, Wm. Tebbutt, Rosedale, Rumsam rd.,,
Hockaday, Fras. Horsley, 6, Fort st.,
Hockin, Herbt. Edwin, 20, Castle st.,
Hockridge, Arth., 18, Coronation st.,
Hockridge, Fras. Jn., 25, Sunny bank,
Hodge, Edwd., 63, High st.,
Hodge, Thos. Hy., 19, Clinton rd.,
Hodges, Stanley, White Oaks, Lynhurst av.,
Hodgetts, David Chas., West Winds Lauderdale, Victoria rd.,
Hodgetts, Fredk., 21, Joy st.,
Hogbin, Miss, Overton, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Hoile, Mrs., 4, South st.,
Holder, Wm. E., 18, Hillcrest rd.,
Holdsworth, Mrs., 28, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Hole, Mrs., 14, Vicarage st.,
Hole, Regnld., 34, Aze's la.,
Holland, Edwd. Albt., 47, Cyprus ter.,
Holland, Hy. Jas., Pitt Farm cott., Raleigh, Pilton,
Holland, Jas., 12 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Holland, Mrs., 8 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
Holland, Rd., 2, Salem st.,
Holloway, Miss M., 1, Richmond st.,
Holloway, Wm. Hy., 14 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Holman, Chas. Wm., 13, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Holman, Clarence, 61, Orchard rd.,
Holman, Ernest, 36, St. Mary's rd.,
Holway, Stanley Chas., 4, Victoria st.,
Hookway, Alfd., West view, Pilton rd., Pilton,
Hookway, Frank C., 15, Ashleigh cres.,
Hookway, Frank G., 8 Turbit ter., Potter's la.,
Hookway, Thos., 21, Corporation st.,
Hooper, Albt. Edwd., 31, Priory, Pilton,
Hooper, Bernard, 2 Grosvenor ter., Bear st.,
Hooper, Fredk., 22, Westfield av.,
Hooper, Wm., 27, Belle meadow,
Hope, Chas. Lionel, Garfield, Beechwood av.,
Hopkins, Geo., 13 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Hopkins, Mrs., 9 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Hopkins, Mrs., 37, Rolle st.,
Hopper, Jn. Thos., 2, Fort st.,
Hopper, Wm. Hy., 19, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Horne, Herbt. Jn., 22, Sunny bank,
Horrill, Jn., 50, Bradiford, Pilton,
Horrill, Jn. David sen., 17, King Edward st.,
Horrill, Percy, 11, Grosvenor st.,
Horsman, Harry, 8, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Horsman, Horace, 5, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Horsman, Wltr., Berylmere, , Sticklepath,
Hortop, Thos., 111, Pilton st., Pilton,
House, Harry Jn., 14, Sunflower rd.,
How, Miss, 4 Clayfield villas, Victoria rd.,
Howard, Frank A., 16, Vicarage lawn,
Howard, Fredk. C., 24, Bradiford, Pilton,
Howard, Fredk. Wm., 8, Bicton st.,
Howard, Mrs., 3 Carlton ter., Barbican rd.,
Howard, Wm., 9, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Howell, Lionel Ralph, Mayfield, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Howland, Fras. Wm. S., Brackenber, High wall, Sticklepath,
Hoyle, Fredk., Hillsboro, , Sticklepath,
Hoyle, Wltr. Edwin, Amla-Burlington close, Landkey rd.,
Hoyles, Fred, 2 St. Peter's ter., Churchyard,
Huckle, Chas. Hy., Hastings, Braunton rd.,
Hudson, Wm., Poles Hill cott., Bradiford, Pilton,
Hughes, Herbt., 22, St. Mary's rd.,
Hughes, Miss Annie E., 63, Gloster rd.,
Hughes, Mrs., Wendover, , Sticklepath,
Hugo, Miss Jane, 10 Somerset pl, Boutport st.,
Hugo, Stanley, 22, Gloster rd.,
Hugo, Thos., 60, Fair view,
Hull, Wm., 20, Gaydon st.,
Hulland, Mrs., 35, Fort st.,
Humble, Cyril, 7 Margrave ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Humphries, Albt W.,39, Chestwood av.,
Hunkin, Ernest Jas., 2, Norfolk ter.,
Hunt, Chas. Thos., 17, Rolle st.,
Hunt, Fredk. Wm., Welcombe ho., Fortescue rd.,
Hunt, Regnld. Wm., Crest Tor, Hele manor,
Hunt, Wm., 2, Park villas,
Hurford, Regnld., 80, Pilton st., Pilton,
Hurley, Regnld. J., 19, Castle st.,
Hurley, Stanley Victor, Buena Vista, Barbican la.,
Hurley, Thos., Kymry, Dracaena av.,
Hurrell, Mrs., 7, Feoffee cotts., Pilton,
Hurved, Alfd. E., 55, Orchard rd.,
Husband, Thos., 48, Richmond st.,
Hussell, Jas., 2, Richmond st.,
Hutchings, Chas., Ahwaz, , Sticklepath,
Hutchings, Fredk. Geo., 64, Orchard rd.,
Hutchings, Harold, 1, Sunny bank,
Hutchings, Jas., 12, Sunny bank,
Hutchings, Mrs., 30, Broadfield rd.,
Hutchings, Mrs. E. M., Kingsley, Braunton rd.,
Hutchings, Philip, 9, Lower Gaydon st.,
Hutchings, Wm., 11, Gammon la.,
Hutchins, Wm. Percvl., 11, West av.,
Hutchinson, Jn., 8 Clinton ter., Landkey rd.,
Huxtable, Benj. E., 82, Pilton st., Pilton,
Huxtable, Edwd. Jn., 3, Hoyles cotts., Pilton,
Huxtable, Frank R., 27a, Boutport st.,
Huxtable, Fras. J., 74, Fair view,
Huxtable, Fras. Thos., Bryntor, Hele manor,
Huxtable, Jas., Le Cateau, Hele manor,
Huxtable, Jn., 1 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Huxtable, Jn., 6, Victoria st.,
Huxtable, Jn. Alfd., 6, Gammon la.,
Huxtable, Miss, 9, Ashleigh rd.,
Huxtable, Miss, 105, Newport rd.,
Huxtable, Mrs., 69, Boutport st.,
Huxtable, Mrs., 20, Clifton st.,
Huxtable, Mrs., 12, Grosvenor st.,
Huxtable, Mrs., 34, King Edward st.,
Huxtable, Mrs., 11, Ladywell, Pilton,
Huxtable, Mrs., 17, St. Mary's rd.,
Huxtable, Mrs., 33, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Huxtable, Mrs. Mary, 14 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Huxtable, Rd., 6, Highbury rd.,
Huxtable, Wm., 4 Orchard ter., Rumsam rd.,
Hyde, Levi, Mardale, Hele manor,
Hyland, Mrs., 11, Lower Gaydon st.,
Incledon, Wm., 31, Victoria st.,
Inder, Mrs. Mabel F., 4, Taw vale,
Inder, Regnld. Jn., 4, Taw vale,
Ingerson, Chas., 37, Orchard rd.,
Ingerson, Fredk. E., 5, Pilton st., Pilton,
Ingerson, Hy. Wltr., 6, Charles st.,
Ingerson, Mrs., 20, Fort st.,
Ingerson, Sydney H., 22, Hills view,
Ingerson, Wltr. Chas., Springlands, Rumsam rd.,
Ingerson, Wm. Hy., 13, Vicarage st.,
Ingram, Hy. G., Rutland, Park av.,
Irwin, Regnld. Jas.,11, North pl.,
Isaac, Arth. Jn. B., 23, Ashleigh rd.,
Isaac, Ernest, 17, Trinity st.,
Isaac, Frank, 13, Bradiford, Pilton,
Isaac, Frank Thos., 16, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Isaac, Fredk. Jn., 17, Garden court,
Isaac, Fredk. Wm., 2, Bradiford, Pilton,
Isaac, Geo., 10, Bradiford, Pilton,
Isaac, Harold, 9, Sunny bank,
Isaac, Horace, 5, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Isaac, Hy., 6, Trinity pl.,
Isaac, Jn., 28, Aze's la.,
Isaac, Miss, 2, Ashleigh rd.,
Isaac, Rd., 32, Aze's la.,
Isaac, Regnld., Glenbourne, Rumsam rd.,
Isaac, Roy, Byfield, Gloster rd.,
Isaac, Thos. Wm., 6, Lower Gaydon st.,
Isaac, Tom P., Annsholme, Westfield av.,
Isaac, Wm., 52, Bradiford, Pilton,
Isaac, Wm. V., 34, Newport rd.,
Jackman, Mrs., 2 Rolle cotts., Rolle st.,
Jackson, Peter, 13, Ladywell, Pilton,
Jackson, Sidney, 3, Corser st.,
Jagger, Rev. Illingworth T. [5],10, Hills view,
Jago, Edwd., 8, Garden court,
James, Bert, 30, Aze's la.,
James, Edwd., 6, Congram's row,
James, Edwd., 21 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
James, Ernest, 12, Corser st.,
James, Frank, Ruthwell, Victoria rd.,
James, Fredk., 4, Oakleigh rd.,
James, Harry, 9, Aze's la.,
James, Jn., 27, Corser st.,
James, Leslie F. L., 7, Congram's row,
James, Mrs., 71, Gloster rd.,
James, Mrs., Lynwood, Fortescue rd.,
James, Mrs. B., 5, Corporation st.,
Jamieson, Mrs., 5, Crescent av.,
Jarvis, Albt. Geo., 10, Orchard rd.,
Jarvis, Jn. Bruce, The Warren, Hele manor,
Jarvis, Miss L., 5, Hoyles cotts., Pilton,
Jarvis, Mrs., 5, Abyssinia ter.,
Jarvis, Mrs. V. A., 2, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Jarvis, Saml., 17, Hills view,
Jefferies, Mrs. L., 43, The Rock, Pilton,
Jeffery, Albt., 7, Joy st.,
Jeffery, Alfd. Jas., 10, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Jeffery, Andrew B., 33, Trinity st.,
Jeffery, Arth. Ernest, 5, Princess st.,
Jeffery, David C., 27, Broadfield rd.,
Jeffery, Fredk. J., 25, Vicarage lawn,
Jeffery, Herbt. E., 43, Richmond st.,
Jeffery, Mrs., 9, Malletts row,
Jeffery, Regnld., 12 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Jenkin, Fredk. P., 14, Fort st.,
Jenkins, Leslie, 13, Lower Maudlin st.,
Jenkins, Mrs., 6, Aze's la.,
Jenkins, Regnld., 34, Orchard rd.,
Jenkins, Rev. Silas Geo. [6], Doone ho., Bear st.,
Jenkins, Thos., 3, Newington st.,
Jenkins, Wm., 5, Corporation ter.,
Jenkins, Wm., 1, Clifton ter.,
Jenner, Hy. Wm., Parsholme, Hele manor,
Jennings, Geo., 17, Pottington rd.,
Jennings, Mrs., 15, Castle st.,
Jennings, Thos., 5, Lovering's court,
Jewell, Benj., 7, Oakleigh rd.,
Jewell, Chas. Hy., 8, Wells st.,
Jewell, Edwd., 4, Corser st.,
Jewell, Fredk., 20, Green la.,
Jewell, Geoffrey F., 2, Trafalgar lawn,
Jewell, Jas., 3, Congram's row,
Jewell, Jn., 16, Hardaway head,
Jewell, Jn. Wm., 74, The Rock, Pilton,
Jewell, Mrs., 13, Salem st.,
Jewell, Saml., 10, New bldgs.,
Jewell, Thos., 12, Tuly st.,
Jewell, Wm., Budgiecott, Hele manor,
Jewell, Wm. Albt. Saml., 5, Rolle st.,
Jewell, Wm. Hy., 1, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Jewell, Wm. Jas., 5 North pl., Green la.,
Joce, Saml., 45, St. Mary's rd.,
Johns, Herbt. Geo., 44, Cyprus ter.,
Johns, Mrs. E., 69, Rolle st.,
Johnson, Jas. E., 33, Beechwood av.,
Johnson, Jas. Wm., Bryn, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Johnson, Wm.,13, Ashleigh cres.,
Johnston, Miss, Wick, Hele manor,
Joint, Mrs., 2, Union ter.,
Jones, Albt., 12, Gaydon st.,
Jones, Albt. Wm., 9, Trinity pl.,
Jones, Cecil Geo., Upalong, Park av.,
Jones, Chas., 5 Berrydene, Ashleigh rd.,
Jones, Chas., 18, Broadfield rd.,
Jones, Chas. Wm., 5, Bicton st.,
Jones, Ernest Jn., 15, Bicton st.,
Jones, Frank, 4 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Jones, Fras. Jn., 1 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Jones, Fredk., 7 Summerland ter., Summerland st.,
Jones, Fredk. R., Southgate, Rumsam rd.,
Jones, Hy., 26, Sunflower rd.,
Jones, Hy. Thos., Redhayes, Beechwood av.,
Jones, Jn., 27a, Coronation st.,
Jones, Jn. Owen, Hillesden, Goodleigh rd.,
Jones, Miss, 13, Clifton ter.,
Jones, Miss E. S., 2, Highbury rd.,
Jones, Miss F., 10 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Jones, Misses, 7, Potter's la.,
Jones, Mrs., 4, Bicton st.,
Jones, Mrs., 24, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Jones, Mrs., 19, Union st.,
Jones, Mrs. F., 33, Cyprus ter.,
Jones, Mrs. J., 11 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Jones, Saml. N., 49, Oakland av.,
Jones, Sidney, 15, Tuly st.,
Jones, Sydney Rt., 36, Princess st.,
Jones, Wltr., 94, Victoria st.,
Jones, Wltr. J.,11, Lower Maudlin st.,
Jones, Wm., 15, Cyprus ter.,
Jones, Wm., 13 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Jones, Wm. Hy., 2 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Jones, Wm. Jas., 7, Mill rd.,
Jordan, Ernest, 24, Coronation st.,
Jordan, Fred, 2 Pottington cotts., Pottington rd.,
Jordan, Mrs. I. C., 29, Ashleigh rd.,
Joslin, Leonard J., 40, Broadfield rd.,
Joslin, Wm. Hy., Kenilworth, , Sticklepath,
Joslin, Wm. Jn., 8a Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Joyce, Bertram A., 23, Corporation st.,
Jubb, Mrs., 33, Hills view,
Judge, Mrs., 7 Turbit ter., Potter's la.,
Jury, Chas. Hy., 13 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Jutsam, Albt. Edwin., 1 Lansdown, Goodleigh rd.,
Kay, Edwd., 4, St. Mary's rd.,
Keable, Wm., 7, Pulchrass st.,
Keal, Wm. Ernest, 2 Brookdale ter., Victoria st.,
Keast, Rt. Edwin, Brookside, Chaddiford la.,
Keates, Benj., 42, Higher Maudlin st.,
Kelland, Jn. C., 8, Cross st.,
Kelland, Wm., 15a, Silver st.,
Kelly, Fredk. B., Las Palmas, Rumsam rd.,
Kelly, Mrs., 5, Corporation cres.,
Kelly, Mrs., 8, Wrey av.,
Kelly, Mrs., 13, Zions pl.,
Kelly, Saml. Geo., 2 Moxham's cotts., Silver st.,
Kelly, Wm., 6, Rackfield close,
Kempe, Mrs., 12, Fort st.,
Kendall, Alex, 103, Park av.,
Kennedy, Mrs. I., Tresmer bungalow, Victoria rd.,
Kent, Wm., 2, Rock gdns.,
Kerswill, Albt. Ernest, Ramblers, South pk.,
Kettle, Jn., 47, Victoria st.,
Kettle, Wm., 1, Corporation cres,
Kidwell, Alfd. Jas., 15, Hills view,
Kidwell, Frank, 8, Gaydon st.,
Kidwell, Frank, 36, Pilton st., Pilton,
Kidwell, Fredk., 25, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Kidwell, Fredk. Jn., 18, Hills view,
Kidwell, Geo., 12, Aze's la.,
Kidwell, Jn., 8a, Granville av., Pilton,
Kidwell, Mrs., Fernleigh, Newport rd.,
Kidwell, Mrs., 30, Portland st.,
Kidwell, Philip Hy., 9, Princess st.,
Kidwell, Wm., 4, Reform st.,

Kiff, Jn. Hy., 9, Corporation st.,
Kiff, Sydney Jn., 29, Hardaway head,
Kilby, Christphr.,28, Richmond st.,
Killard-Leavey, Maurice Eugene P., 20, Litchdon st.,
King, Arth. Frank, 9, Fort st.,
King, Wm. Jn., Lanyon, Hele manor,
Kingdon, Fredk., 9, Victoria st.,
Kingdon, Geo. Inkerman, 54, The Rock, Pilton,
Kingdon, Jas., 6 Carlton ter., Barbican rd.,
Kingdon, Misses, 14, Litchdon st.,
Kingsnorth, Rev. Thos. Wm [7], 34, Hills view,
Kingston, Jn., 66, Orchard rd.,
Kinman, Albt. Jas., 12, Holland st.,
Kinsman, Claude, 45, Chestwood av.,
Kite, Geo., 45, Cyprus ter.,
Kitt, Edwd., 65, Gloster rd.,
Knapman, Jn. Arth., 42, Portland st.,
Knell, Miss L., 3, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Knight, Arth. Hy., 17, Higher Maudlin st.,
Knight, Cecil, 51, Orchard rd.,
Knight, Wm., 30, Corporation st.,
Knill, Chas., 35, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Knill, Ernest Jas., 4, Silver st.,
Knill, Fras. Wm., 11 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Knill, Fredk. Chas., Penrose, , Sticklepath,
Knill, Harold, 41, The Rock, Pilton,
Knill, Jas., 4 Turbitt ter., North walk,
Knill, Miss E. G., 28, Gaydon st.,
Knill, Miss F., 6, Ashleigh rd.,
Knill, Mrs., 18, Pulchrass st.,
Knill, Paul Rt., Westmead, Chaddiford la.,
Knill, Sydney, 39, Fair view
Knill, Wm. Geo., 28, Fort st.,
Knill, Wm.Jn., 18, Summerland st.,
Knott, Fras. Herbt., 26, Bear st.,
Knowles, Wm. G., 41, Sunflower rd.,
Lake, Albt. Edwd., Le Chalet, , Sticklepath,
Lake, Alfd. Edwd., 22, Wrey av.,
Lake, Arth. Edwd., Lorna Doone, Braunton rd.,
Lake, Chas., 14, Sunny bank,
Lake, Ernest E., 43, Victoria st.,
Lake, Fred, 15, Gloster rd.,
Lake, Fredk. Chas., 6, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Lake, Fredk. Jack, 24 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Lake, Leonard, 33, South st.,
Lake, Miss, 89, Boutport st.,
Lake, Miss, 26, Cyprus ter.,
Lake, Misses, 61, Newport rd.,
Lake, Mrs., 4, Malletts row,
Lake, Regnld. E., 16, Vicarage st.,
Lake, Wm., Bincleaves, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Lakeman, Harold, 6, Lower Maudlin st.,
Lakeman, Jn. E., 26, Lower Maudlin st.,
Lambert, Sidney, Carrington, Lynhurst av.,
Lamey, Jn. Hy., 5, Victoria st.,
Lancey, Chas., 6 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Land, Fredk., The Hawthornes, Beechwood av.,
Lane, Fredk. R., Malden, Oakland av.,
Lane, Miss, 7 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Lane, Miss, 12, Higher Church st.,
Lane, Mrs., 2, Bedford row,
Lane, Regnld., 23, Victoria st.,
Lane, Thos., 87, Victoria st.,
Lane, Thos. P., 122, Boutport st.,
Lane, Wltr., 17, Corporation st.,
Lang, Wm., 18, Rolle st.,
Lang, Wm. Geo., 31, Orchard rd.,
Langdon, Thos., 22, Holland st.,
Langley, Thos., Trelawny, Malletts row,
Laramy, Edwd., 24, Newport rd.,
Laramy, Mrs., Sticklepath ho., Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Large, Jas. H., 2, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Lark, Bertie Chas., 25, Corporation st.,
Lark, Percvl., 30, Corser st.,
Larson, Bertram C., 29, Corser st.,
Latham, Arth. Wltr., Higher Waytown cott., Goodleigh rd.,
Latham, Fredk., 12 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Latham, Jack, 3, Rolle st.,
Latham, Jas., Ambleside, Chaddiford la.,
Latham, Miss, 7, Lovering's court,
Lavercombe, Albt., 35, Higher Maudlin st.,
Lavercombe, Chas. Hy. jun., 13a, Princess st.,
Lavercombe, Chas. Hy. sen., 14, Princess st.,
Lavercombe, Miss, 24, South st.,
Lavercombe, Mrs., 13, Newington st.,
Lavercombe, P. Jn., 23, Orchard rd.,
Lavercombe, Ralph, Holmlea, Braunton rd.,
Lavercombe, Regnld. Rt., 24, Lower Maudlin st.,
Lavercombe, Saml. Geo., Heatherdene, Beechwood av.,
Lavercombe, Stanley Jn., 4, Corporation ter.,
Laviers, Clement J., The Firs, Hele manor,
Lawday, Misses, 7, Charles st.,
Lawrence, Herbt. Jas., 6, George st.,
Lawrence, Jas., 6, Potter's la.,
Lawrence, Percvl. I. T., Wyndene, Lynhurst av.,
Lawrence, Stephen, Wardenia, Rumsam rd.,
Lawrence, Vivian Enos, 4, Paiges la.,
Lawrence, Wm. Hy., 5, Potter's la.,
Lawton, Wm. S., 123, Lynhurst av.,
Leach, Miss, Meadow cott., Rumsam rd.,
Leach, Wm., Fort Hill clo., Fort hill,
Leach, Wm., Hamlyn Comyns-Woodford, Landkey rd.,
Leader, Toby, 7, Crescent av.,
Leahaby, Wm., 28, Priory, Pilton,
Leaman, Mrs., 6 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Leamon, Wm. Rt. Jn.,24, Congram's row,
Leaworthy, Fredk., 29 Scotts moor, Bradiford, Pilton,
Leaworthy, Harry, 32 Scotts moor, Bradiford, Pilton,
Leaworthy, Jn. Hy., 26, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Ledger, Hy. Jas., 4, Bear st.,
Lee, Chas. V., 4 Richmond ter., Bear st.,
Lee, Frank, 28, Fair view,
Lee, Mrs., 5, Pilton quay, Pilton,
Lee, Mrs. A., 8, Princess st.,
Lee, Rt. Rodney, 25, Wrey av.,
Lee, Saml., 14, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Lee, Wltr. Thos., 96, Lynhurst av.,
Lee, Wm. Edwin, 8, Fair view,
Legge, Edwin, 18, Queen st.,
Leigh, Wm. Hy., Raleigh cott., Raleigh, Pilton,
Lemon, Ernest, 18, Mill rd.,
Lemon, Fredk. Jas., 63, Fair view,
Lemon, Miss H. A., 32, Vicarage lawn,
Lemon, Mrs., 5 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Lemon, Mrs., 28, Hardaway head,
Lemon, Mrs. S., 54, Broadfield rd.,
Lemon, Rt. Jas., 4, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Lemon, Tho. Jn., 35, Newport rd., Pilton,
Lemon, Wm. Down, 56, Gloster rd.,
Lemon, Wm. Jn., 39, Cyprus ter.,
Lerwill, Humphry, 4, Prospect pl., Newport,
Lethbridge, Allan, Horsebrook, Oakland av.,
Lethbridge, Ben, 18, Chestwood av.,
Letheby, Regnld., 1 Pottington cotts., Pottington rd.,
Lewis, Alfd., 8, Corser st.,
Lewis, Edwd., 2, Congram's row,
Lewis, Edwd. Chas., 8, Silver st.,
Lewis, Ernest, 25, St. Mary's rd.,
Lewis, Jn., 19, Grosvenor st.,
Lewis, Jn. Rd., 21, Sunny bank,
Lewis, Miss, Silver Barn, Oakland av.,
Lewis, Mrs., 4 Brookdale ter., Victoria st.,
Lewis, Mrs., 34, Gaydon st.,
Lewis, Mrs., 6, King Edward st.,
Lewis, Mrs., 33, Union st.,
Lewis, Mrs. M., 38, Belle meadow,
Lewis, Regnld. Herbt., 37, Victoria st.,
Lewis, Sidney, 24, Corser st.,
Lewis, Thos., 14, Tuly st.,
Lewis, Thos. Jn., 22, Gaydon st.,
Lewis, Victor, 21, Princess st.,
Lewis, Wm., 20, Portland st.,
Lewis, Wm. Alfd., 16, Sunny bank,
Lewis, Wm. Chas., 7, Sunflower rd.,
Lewis, Wm. Hy., 30, Newington st.,
Lewis, Wm. Rd., 7, Hardaway head,
Lewis, Wm. Willis, 4, Clifton st.,
Leworthy, Frank, 78, Pilton st., Pilton,
Ley, Albt., 5, Trinity pl.,
Ley, Fredk., 6, Young's court,
Ley, Fredk. Geo., 26, Corser st.,
Ley, Mrs., 24, Gaydon st.,
Ley, Mrs., 20 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Ley, Mrs., 38, Richmond st.,
Ley, Regnld., Stoneyard cotts., Goodleigh rd.,
Ley, Sidney Arth., Laymons, Hele manor,
Ley, Wltr., 27, Gaydon st.,
Libbey, Wm. Rt., 21, Clinton rd.,
Lidstone, Bernard, Melbourne, Braunton rd.,
Light, Mrs., 25, Congram's row,
Light, Thos. Hy., 86, Newport rd.,
Light, Wm. Chas., 32, Richmond st.,
Lile, Frank Arth., Crosskeys, Park la.,
Lile, Wilfred L., 13, Hills view,
Liley, Edwd. Chas., The Crest, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Liley, Stanley E., 10, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Lilley, Chas. Thos., Clandon-Burlington close, Landkey rd.,
Lillington, Nelson Jn., 9, Riddell av., Pilton,
Litson, Mrs., 8, Rolle's quay,
Litson, Regnld., 42, Sunflower rd.,
Little, Mrs., 15b, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Littlejohn, Ernest Ralph, 19, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Littlejohns, Jas., 3, Aze's la.,
Lloyd, Mrs. G. B., 10, Coronation st.,
Lock, Albt., 31, Higher Maudlin st.,
Lock, Aubrey, 50, Orchard rd.,
Lock, Chas. Edwd., 22, Princess st.,
Lock, Chas. Jas., 10, Bedford st.,
Lock, Frank, 21, Ashleigh rd.,
Lock, Fredk., 7, Alexandra rd.,
Lock, Fredk., 3 Lansdowne ter., St. George's rd.,
Lock, Fredk. Thos., 4 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Lock, Geo. Hy., 12, Princess st.,
Lock, Geo. Hy., 2, Taylor's court
Lock, Gerald, 18, South st.,
Lock, Hy., 24, Sunflower rd.,
Lock, Jn., 9, Wrey av.,
Lock, Jn. Albt., 26, Vicarage st.,
Lock, Laurence, Fig Tree cott., Bellaire, Pilton,
Lock, Mrs., 17, Congram's row,
Lock, Mrs., 8, Cyprus ter.,
Lock, Mrs., 2, Lower Gaydon st.,
Lock, Mrs., 53, Richmond st.,
Lock, Mrs. E., 13, Pulchrass st.,
Lock, Mrs. M. A., 9 Somerset pl., Boutport st.,
Lock, Regnld. Jn., 50, Newport rd.,
Lock, S., Matapos, Hele manor,
Lock, Wm. Hy., 16 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Locke, Regnld. W., 49, Orchard rd.,
Loder, Noah, 44, St. Mary's rd.,
Lodge, Wm., 11, Corporation st.,
Long, Alfd., Hillside, Goodleigh rd.,
Loosemore, Mrs., 39, Richmond st.,
Loosemore, Stanley Wm., 25 Lansdowne ter., St. George's rd.,
Loosemore, Wilfred Jn., Glengarry, Barbican rd.,
Loosemore, Wltr. Jn., 43, Higher Maudlin st.,
Loosemore, Wm. Geo., 5, Higher Maudlin st.,
Loudwill, Jn., 96, Pilton st., Pilton,
Lovell, Miss, 22, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Lovering, Ernest G., 87, Pilton st., Pilton,
Lowe, Jas., Dunrovyn, Oakland av.,
Luggar, Albt. Geo., 1 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Luxton, Albt. Radford, 22, Lower Maudlin st.,
Luxton, Bertie, 22 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Luxton, Fredk. C., 17, Vicarage lawn,
Luxton, Geo. Edwd., 4, Pilton quay, Pilton,
Luxton, Miss, 13, Sunny bank,
Luxton, Mrs., 24, Reform st.,
Luxton, Rd. Lewis, Kyrtonia, Newport rd.,
Luxton, Wm., 19, Vicarage lawn,
Lyddon, Phillip, 2, Fort ter.,
Lyle, Jn. D., Rougemont, Clinton rd.,
Lynas, Wm., 10, Corporation st.,
Lyons, Chas., 22, Fair view,
Macey, Ernest J., 16, Broadfield rd.,
Mackie, Jn., 23 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Mackie, Rt. B., 14, Rolle st.,
Mackley, Eric, 20, Bicton st.,
MacPherson, Wm. Ian, Nairn, Oakland av.,
Madge, Jas. Rd., 8 Margrove ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Madge, Thos., 15, Oakleigh rd.,
Main, Jn. Hy., 28, Boutport st.,
Main, Jn. Regnld., 27, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Mainwaring, Mrs., Guelma, Clinton rd.,
Malbon, Arth., 22, Pilton st., Pilton,
Mallaband, Roland Jas., 5, Hardaway head,
Manaton, Arth. Jn., 5, Park la.,
Manderson, Mrs., Bull Hill ho., Bull hill, Pilton,
Manley, Hy., 67, Rolle st.,
Manley, Hy. J., 9, Zions pl.,
Manley, Saml., 3 Latham's court, Hardaway head
Manley, Wm., 23, Pottington rd.,
Manley, Wm. Chas., 7, Richmond st.,
Manley, Wm. H., 62, Rolle st.,
Mann, Horace W., 1, Prospect pl., Newport,
Manning, Albt. Geo., 1, Corporation ter.,
Manning, Archbld. R., 14, Cyprus ter.,
Manning, Jas., 19 Lansdowne ter., St. George's rd.,
Manning, Jas. P., 9, Cross st.,
Manning, Jsph. P. jun., 23, Mill rd.,
Manning, Jsph. Parminter, 75, Rolle st.,
Manning, Mrs., 25, Belle meadow,
Manning, Regnld., 44, Victoria st.,
Marlborough, Fredk. Chas., 3, Summerland st.,
Marles, Arth., 4, Newington st.,
Marles, Sidney Edwin, 20, Lower Maudlin st.,
Marsh, Ernest H. R., Belle Vue, Bradford rd., Pilton,
Marsh, Geo. Wm., Mauritius, Oakland av.,
Marshall, Jn., 26, Pilton st., Pilton,
Marshall, Miss, 8, Crescent av.,
Marshall, Mrs., 3, Silver st.,
Marshall, Rd. G., 121, Lynhurst av.,
Marshall, Regnld., 47, Bradiford, Pilton,
Martin, Arth., 56, Orchard rd.,
Martin, Chas., Ingledene, Riddell av., Pilton,
Martin, Ernest T., 22, Broadfield rd.,
Martin, Fras. Jn., Hensley, The Square,
Martin, Harold Jas., Cloverly, Rumsam rd.,
Martin, Miss G., Beech hill, Ashleigh rd.,
Martin, Mrs., 5 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Martin, Wm., Crossways, Hele manor,
Martin, Wm. J., 10, King Edward st.,
Mason, Jn., 48, St. Mary's rd.,
Mason, Miles, 1, Rock gdns.,
Mason, Mrs., 27, Green la.,
Mason, Mrs., 60, Littabourne, Pilton,
Massey, Jas. B., 24, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Masters, Arth., 13 North pl., Green la.,
Masters, Ernest Jas., 9, Gaydon st.,
Mathews, Leonard Jn., 12, Orchard rd.,
Mathews, Mrs., Rolle's mills, Raleigh, Pilton,
Matthews, Archie, 18, Cyprus ter.,
Matthews, David, 7, Buller rd.,
Matthews, Frank Edmnd., 31, Belle meadow,
Matthews, Jn. Wm., 13, Clifton st.,
Matthews, Leslie R., 29, Fair view,
Matthews, Mrs., 11, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Matthews, Mrs., 37, Cyprus ter.,
Matthews, Percy, 6, Corser st.,
Matthews, Wilfred, 7, Granville av., Pilton,
Mattinson, Miss, Aldwood, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Maude, Geo., 4 Berrydene, Ashleigh rd.,
Maunder, Chas., 3 Pottington cotts., Pottington rd.,
Maunder, Chas. Geo., Longstone lodge, Bradiford, Pilton,
Maunter, Ludwick, 11, Taw vale,
May, Alfd., 32, Cyprus ter.,
May, Alfd. Edwin, 58, Fair view,
May, Alfd. Jn., 5 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
May, Chas. Edwin, Beaulieu, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
May, Chas. Rt., 32, Queen st.,
May, Ernest, 26, Silver st.,
May, Geo., 2, Victoria st.,
May, Geo. Fredk., Glenida, Barbican rd.,
May, Harry, 10, Fort st.,
May, Jn. Victor, 6, Coronation st.,
May, Mrs. Maude M., 17., Vicarage st.,
May, Mrs. S., 36, Coronation st.,
May, Rd. Jas., 1 Fern pl., Litchdon st.,
Mayger, Frank Hy., 24, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Maynard, Louis Jn., 22, Bradiford, Pilton,
Maynard, Regnld. R., 1, Highbury rd.,
Mayne, Thos. B., 16, Newington st.,
Mays, Jn. Edwd., 26, Fort st.,
McEvansoneya, Miss Bernice, 7, Barbican rd.,
McEvansoneya, Ronald, 11 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
McKenzie, Miss, Corbridge, Hillcrest rd.,
McLeod, Albt. Harry., 21, Charles st.,
McLeod, Alfd. Chas., 59, Vicarage st.,
McManus, Ernest, 22, Trinity st.,
McMillan, Mrs. J. W., 6, Pill lawn,
McNicol, Jas., 6, Riddell av., Pilton,
McWhinnie, Hugh Geo. Willet, 7 Berrydene, Ashleigh rd.,
Mead, Wm. E., , St. George's rd.,
Meaden, Mrs., 1 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Mealing, Hy., 3 Summerland pl., Barbican rd.,
Mears, Jn., 7, St. Mary's rd.,
Mears, Wm. Thos., 2, Paiges la.,
Medland, Regnld., 20, Broadfield rd.,
Mee, Albt. Jn., 104, Victoria st.,
Mee, Wm. Geo., 72, Orchard rd.,
Meech, Thos., 94, Park av.,
Melhuish, Percy, 28, South st.,
Melmoth, Leonard P., 9, Richmond st.,
Menzies, Thos. Hy., 9, Orchard rd.,
Merrett, Albt., 21, Silver st.,
Merrifield, Albt. Edwd., Castle Lodge, North walk
Merrifield, Arth., 107, Newport rd.,
Merrifield, Mrs., 29, Priory, Pilton,
Merritt, Wm., 8, Newington st.,
Mettyear, Dennis Hy., 79, Rolle st.,
Middleton, Jsph. S., 24, Chestwood av.,
Middleton, Miss, 17, Ashleigh rd.,
Miele, Pasquale, 1, Belle meadow,
Miles, Jn., Norlands, Braunton rd.,
Miles, Rd., 2 Littabourne ter., Littabourne, Pilton,
Millard, Thos., 6, Corporation st.,
Miller, Archbld., 2, Corporation cres.,
Miller, Guy P., 6 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
Miller, Jn. G. G., 12, Pottington rd.,
Miller, Miss, 8, Victoria st.,
Miller, Mrs., 40, Hardaway head,
Miller, Regnld. F., 4, Highbury rd.,
Miller, Rt. Alfd., Peacehaven, Braunton rd.,
Miller, Wallace, 1, Clinton rd.,
Miller, Wm. Hy., 7 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Millie, Arth. Alex., 19, Orchard rd.,
Milligan, Fredk., 69, Fair view,
Mills, Mrs., 14, Hills view,
Mills, Mrs. Florence, 14, Trinity st.,
Millward, Miss, 31, King Edward st.,
Milnes, Chas., Summerlands, Chestwood av.,
Milton, Mrs., 5 Brookdale ter., Victoria st.,
Milton, Mrs. B., 5, Feoffee cotts., Pilton,
Milton, Wm. Alfd., 2 Hobbs pl., Litchdon st.,
Milum, Wltr. Edmnd., 44 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Minards, Wm. Sidney, 8a, Lower Gaydon st.,
Mingo, Ernest Jas., 2, Salem pl.,
Mingo, Montague E., 34, Lower Maudlin st.,
Mitchall, Frank, 17, Corser st.,
Mitcham, Wltr., 46, Vicarage st.,
Mitchell, Albt., 23, Charles st.,
Mitchell, Frank, 35, Union st.,
Mitchell, Jn., 10, Tuly st.,
Mitchell, Mrs., 8, Charles st.,
Mitchell, Rev. Jn. Cory [8], Holy Trinity vicarage, Ashleigh rd.,
Moase, Wm. J., 98, Park av.,
Mobbs, Mrs., 77, Newport rd.,
Mock, Alfd., 15, Garden court,
Mock, Alfd., 17, Oakleigh rd.,
Mock, Arth. Edwd., 5, Wells st.,
Mock, Ernest F., 7, Trinity pl.,
Mock, Fredk. Jn., 56, Broadfield rd.,
Mock, Geo., 10, Granville av., Pilton,
Mock, Harry, 37, Bear st.,
Mock, Hy. L., 6, Rock av.,
Mock, Jas., 9, Hardaway head,
Mock, Wm. Ernest, 14 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Mock, Wm. Hy., 49, Aze's la.,
Mogridge, Ernest Edwd. H., 7, Clifton ter.,
Mogridge, Fredk. Wm., 1, Mill rd.,
Mogridge, Jsph., 46, Fort st.,
Mogridge, Mrs., 21, Fair view,
Mogridge, Mrs., 32, Princess st.,
Mogridge, Regnld. C., 20, Rolle st.,
Mogridge, Thos. Hy., 6, Pottington rd.,
Molland, Frank, 1 South view, Chaddiford la.,
Molland, Jn. Melhuish, 36, High st.,
Moody, Herbt. W., Amesbury, Hele manor,
Moon, Jas., 14 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Moon, Leonard L., 8, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Moore, Cyril, 25, Chestwood av.,
Moore, Fredk., 31 Scotts moor, Bradiford, Pilton,
Moore, Geo., 45, Hardaway head,
Moore, Jas. Edwd., 38, Aze's la.,
Moore, Lawrence Hy., 48, Broadfield rd.,
Moore, Leslie Jn., 12, Union st.,
Moore, Mrs., 14, Aze's la.,
Moore, Mrs., 79, Boutport st.,
Moore, Mrs., 1, Trinity pl.,
Moore, Percy, 19, Boutport st.,
Moore, Wilfred Jn., 9, Coronation st.,
Moore, Willie, 10, Rolle's quay,
Moore, Wm., 27, Congram's row,
Moore, Wm., 38, Gaydon st.,
Moore, Wm. Hy., 9, Coronation st.,
Moorfield, Horace, 23, Lower Maudlin st.,
More, Wm., 12, Reform st.,
Morgan, Chas. R., 25, King Edward st.,
Morgan, David Jas., 4, Osborne ter., Sticklepath,
Morgan, Edwd. Jas., 23 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Morgan, Geo., 50, St. Mary's rd.,
Morgan, Leslie Jn., 99, Pilton st., Pilton,
Morgan, Miss, Coreley, Rumsam rd.,
Morgan, Montague C., 7, Clinton rd.,
Morgan, Mrs., 18, Holland st.,
Morgan, Mrs., 8, Trinity st.,
Morgan, Ronald, 103, Lynhurst av.,
Morgan, This., 8, Hardaway head,
Morman, Mrs., 2, Lovering's court,
Morrell, Geo. P., Tresco, Oakland av.,
Morris, Mrs., 38 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Morrish, Hy., 16, Fort st.,
Morrish, Leslie Jn., 14 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Morrish, Mrs. E., 29, Princess st.,
Morrish, Thos., 21, King Edward st.,
Morrish, Thos., 7, Silver st.,
Morrish, Wm. Fredk., 21, Bicton st.,
Mortimer, Hy., The Forches, Victoria rd.,
Moses, Harry, 36, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Moss, Mrs. M. C., Prospect ho., , Sticklepath,
Moss, Rt., Tree Top, Barbican rd.,
Moule, Redvers Hubert., 1a, Vicarage lawn,
Mount-Haes, Miss, 120, Boutport st.,
Moxham, Mrs., 10, Silver st.,
Moyse, Wm. Nicholas, 2, Wrey av.,
Mugridge, Arth. F., 29, Orchard rd.,
Mules, Frank Geo., Larkspur, Braunton rd.,
Mules, Herbt. Wm., 44, Gloster rd.,
Mules, Mrs., 22, Pottington rd.,
Mullen, Jn., 8, Pottington rd.,
Mullins, Mrs., 14, Higher Maudlin st.,
Mullins, Mrs., 29, Higher Mauldin st.,
Mullowney, Wm. Jn., 23, South st.,
Munton, Geo. R., 61, Gloster rd.,
Murch, Jn. E., Beechwood, Beechwood av.,
Murch, Mrs. Thos., 11, Fair view,
Murch, Wm. Jsph., 8, Barbican rd.,
Murch, Wm. T., 6, Pilton quay, Pilton,
Murphy, Bernard C., 22, Victoria st.,
Nash, Alfd. Jsph., Greylake, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Nash, Wm., 27, King Edward st.,
Naylor, Geo., 46, Sunflower rd.,
Netherwood, Edgar, 36, Sunflower rd.,
Neve, Arth. Wm., Benholme, Lynhurst av.,
New, Sidney Jas., 33, Newington st.,
Newberry, Mrs. E. A., 5 Albert pl., The Square,
Newcombe, Alfd. J., 49, Gloster rd.,
Newcombe, Frank Thos., 20, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Newcombe, Fredk., 6, Mill rd.,
Newcombe, Fredk. Wm., 30, Sunflower rd.,
Newcombe, Fredk. Wm. L., 48, Gloster rd.,
Newcombe, Harry, 38, Fair view,
Newcombe, Horace, Fairwinds, Hillcrest rd.,
Newcombe, Mrs., 5, Gloster rd.,
Newcombe, Mrs., 28, King Edward st.,
Newcombe, Mrs., 4 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Newcombe, Mrs., 5, Salem st.,
Newcombe, Mrs., Wood view, Hele manor,
Newcombe, Sidney. Jn., 35, Lower Maudlin st.,
Newcombe, Stanley, 15, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Newham, Andrew Thos., , The Square,
Newland, Mrs., 95, Lynhurst av.,
Newman, Alfd. Wm., 34 & 35 Scotts moor, Bradiford, Pilton,
Newton, Jas. B., Down End, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Newton, Jn., 15, Barbican ter.,
Newton, Mrs., 48, Boutport st.,
Newton, Mrs., 18, Trinity st.,
Newton, Rd. Wm., Orchard ho., Rumsam rd.,
Newton, Rev. Wm. R. [9], 19, Ashleigh rd.,
Nicholls, Alfd., 65, Fair view,
Nicholls, Arth. Fredk., 20, Richmond st.,
Nicholls, Geo., 1, Wrey av.,
Nicholls, Miss, Southfield, Park la.,
Nicholls, Stanley, 31, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Nicholls, Wltr., 4, Portland st.,
Nicholson, Wm. Harry, Station ho., Station yard, Sticklepath,
Nickolls, Arth. Wm., Venetia, Hele manor,
Nightingale, Arth., 34, St. Mary's rd.,
Ninness, Jn. Paynter, Pen Y Bryn, Hele manor,
Noble, Hy. V., 36, Broadfield rd.,
Norkett, Wm. Jn., 101, Newport rd.,
Norman, Chas., 11, Aze's la.,
Norman, Chas., 3, Lower Gaydon st.,
Norman, Fras. Hy., 24, Ashleigh rd.,
Norman, Fredk. M., 2, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Norman, Jas., 2, Oakleigh rd.,
Norman, Jn. Taylor, 37, Pilton st., Pilton,
Norman, Mark, 41a, The Rock, Pilton,
Norman, Mrs., 12 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Norman, Mrs., Haulfre, Clinton rd.,
Norman, Mrs., Hingsdon, Hele manor,
Norman, Mrs., 16, Reform st.,
Norman, Mrs. E., 21, Green la.,
Norman, Mrs. Eliz., 57, Newport rd.,
Norman, Rd., 10, Newington st.,
Norman, Rd. S., 61, Littabourne, Pilton,
Norman, Regnld. H., 29, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Norman, Sidney Jas., Abbey cott., Bull hill, Pilton,
Norman, Sidney Jn., 48, The Rock, Pilton,
Norman, Wltr. Jn., 4 St. Peter's ter., Churchyard,
Norman, Wm., 5 Lauderdale, Victoria rd.,
Norman, Wm., 15, Aze's la.,
Norris, Ernest B., 19, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Norrish, Wm., Stoneyard cotts., Goodleigh rd.,
North, Edwd., 11 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Northcombe, Edwd., Lana, Braunton rd.,
Northcote, Misses, 5, Coronation st.,
Northcote, Mrs., 13, Barbican ter.,
Northcote, Mrs., Fort Mead, Goodleigh rd.,
Northcote, Mrs., 11, Fort st.,
Northcote, Mrs., Southcroft, Park la.,
Northcote, Wm. Hy., 1, Vicarage lawn,
Northey, Arth. S., 98, Victoria st.,
Northey, Cyril, Woodlands, Oakland av.,
Norton-Dawson, R. H., Blenheim, , Sticklepath,
Nott, Albt. Fry, 9, Gloster rd.,
Nott, Albt. Jn., 99, Victoria st.,
Nott, Alfd., 20, Garden court,
Nott, Fredk., 18, Newington st.,
Nott, Fredk. Thos., 64, Fair view,
Nott, Rt. Alfd., 12, North pl.,
Nott, Sydney, 4, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Nott, Thos., 19, Richmond st.,
Nutt, Alfd., 1 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Nutt, Fras., 2 Prospect cotts., Prospect pl., Newport,
Nutt, Fredk. Wm., Linfield, Hele manor,
Nutt, Herbt., 8, Granville av., Pilton,
O'Neill, Edwd., 39, St. Mary's rd.,
O'Regan, Patrick P., 23, Newport rd.,
O'Sullivan, Mrs., Tregerest, Dracaena av.,
Oak, Sidney Edwd., 66, Fair view,
Oatway, Hy., 13, Granville av., Pilton,
Oatway, Mrs., Tremar, Newport rd.,
Offield, Albt. Edwd., 42, Princess st.,
Offield, Albt. Edwd., 30, St. Mary's rd.,
Offield, Fredk., 19, Rolle st.,
Offield, Fredk. Chas., 5, Lower Gaydon st.,
Offield, Geo., 4, Congram's row,
Offield, Jn. Rt., 39, Newington st.,
Offield, Mrs., 4, Princess st.,
Offield, Mrs., 45, Richmond st.,
Offield, Rd. Arth., 14, Reform st.,
Offield, Wm. Hy., 5 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Oke, Jas. Jn., 19, Reform st.,
Oke, Wltr. Edwd., 24, Newington st.,
Oliver, Adam N., Rosebank, Rumsam rd.,
Oliver, Bruce W., Homestead, South pk.,
Oliver, Cecil, Charlecombe, South pk.,
Oliver, Thos. Jn., 23, Garden court,
Ormsby, Jack, 12, Wrey av.,
Osborn, Fredk. Rd., 33, Coronation st.,
Osborne, Eli Jas., 10 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Osborne, Wm., 7, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Otton, Chas. Hy., 7, Salem st.,
Otton, Misses, 7, High st.,
Ovenden, Alan, The Rookery, High wall, Sticklepath,
Over, Ernest, Winscott, Park av.,
Overton, Edwin S.,93, Newport rd.,
Ovey, Fredk., 20, Corser st.,
Ovey, Fredk., 15, Union st.,
Ovey, Jn., 26, Princess st.,
Ovey, Jn., 6, Rackfield,
Ovey, Sydney, 42, Aze's la.,
Ovey, Wm., 6, Abyssinia ter.,
Owen, Harold C., Porth, Hele manor,
Owen, Lewis Burgoyne, 1, Bellaire, Pilton,
Packer, Chas. Geo., 5, Newington st.,
Paddison, Jn., 8, Sunny bank,
Paddon, Saml. Geo., 2, Malletts row,
Padfield, Benj., Creed, The Square,
Page, Miss, 19, Cyprus ter.,
Palfreman, Mrs., 13, Trinity st.,
Palfreman, Wm., 2 Connaught pl., Silver st.,
Palfrey, Mrs., 2, Summerland st.,
Palmer, Albt. Edwd., 11, Higher Maudlin st.,
Palmer, Arth., 4, Lower Church st.,
Palmer, Fredk. H., 24, Wrey av.,
Palmer, Herbt. Jn., 2, Sunny bank,
Palmer, Hy., 16, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Palmer, Hy. Jas., 12, Summerland st.,
Palmer, Mrs. E., 5, Aze's la.,
Palmer, Thos., 17, Hillcrest rd.,
Palmer, Wm., 1, Bedford row,
Palmer, Wm., 19, Higher Maudlin st.,
Palmer, Wm., 40, Trinity st.,
Palmer, Wm. Hy., 9 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Palser, Rt. Jn., 7 Clinton ter., Landkey rd.,
Parker, Arth., Bospowes, Rumsam rd.,
Parker, Chas., 7, Trinity st.,
Parker, Hy., 6, South st.,
Parker, Mrs., 27, Charles st.,
Parker, Mrs., 47, Hardaway head,
Parker, Wm. Albt., Sunny holme, Landkey rd.,
Parkhouse, Fredk. Bruce, 2, Coronation st.,
Parkhouse, Fredk. C., 3, Salem pl.,
Parkhouse, Jn., 1, Allen bank,
Parkhouse, Mrs., 26, Priory, Pilton,
Parkhouse, Thos., 5, Mill rd.,
Parkhouse, Wm., 9, Litchdon st.,
Parkhouse, Wm. Fredk. Jn., Cretor, Braunton rd.,
Parkhouse, Wm. Jn., 10 Barum flats, Bear st.,
Parkhouse, Wm. Jn., 2, Gloster rd.,
Parkin, Albt. Edwd., 7 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Parkin, Fred, 7, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Parkin, Leonard, 17, Coronation st.,
Parkin, Miss, 14 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Parkin, Mrs., 31, Aze's la.,
Parkin, Mrs., 8 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Parkin, Mrs., 7 Summerland pl., Barbican rd.,
Parkins, Wm. Hy., 5, Rackfield close,
Parkman, Jn., 28, Cyprus ter.,
Parminter, Jas., 9 North pl., Green la.,
Parminter, Mrs., 1 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Parminter, Wltr., 66, Rolle st.,
Parminter, Wltr. J., 14, Bradiford, Pilton,
Parminter, Wm. Hy., 67, Fair view,
Parr, Wm., 2, Clifton st.,
Parr, Wm. sen., 12, South st.,
Parris, Cecil, 51, Aze's la.,
Parris, Edwd., 2 Ivy cotts., Hardaway head,
Parris, Frank, 18, Hardaway head,
Parris, Mrs., 10, Hardaway head,
Parris, Rd., 44, Vicarage st.,
Parris, Wm. Jn., 47, fair view,
Parrish, Arth., 15 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Parrish, Edwin, 28, Sunny bank,
Parrish, Rd., 3, Rackfield close,
Parry, Griffith Owen, 15, Rolle st.,
Parsley, Frank, 41, St. Mary's rd.,
Parsley, Harold, 18, Zions pl.,
Parsley, Jn. Hy., 45, The Rock, Pilton,
Parsley, Mrs., 8, Barbican ter.,
Parsley, Regnld., 13, Summerland st.,
Parsley, Thos. Hy., 20 Lansdowne ter., St. George's rd.,
Parsley, Thos. Hy., 1 Prospect cotts., Prospect pl., Newport,
Parsley, Wm. Chas., 12, Zions pl.,
Parsley, Wm. Hy., 11, Orchard rd.,
Parsons, Fredk., 34, Sunflower rd.,
Parsons, Jas., 11, St. Mary's rd.,
Parsons, Kenneth, 24, Pulchrass st.,
Parsons, Maydwell, 72, Victoria st.,
Parsons, Miss, 57, Littabourne, Pilton,
Parsons, Wm. Hy., 9, Lovering's court,
Pasley, Rodney M. S., 7, South st.,
Passmore, Alfd., 3, Mill rd.,
Passmore, Alfd., 9 Olinda pl., Rolle's quay,
Passmore, Arth. Bishop, 10 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Passmore, Bert Rd., 24, Aze's la.,
Passmore, Edwd. Jas., 37, Union st.,
Passmore, Ernest Geo., 3 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Passmore, Ernest Jn., 40, Gaydon st.,
Passmore, Fred, 14, Ladywell, Pilton,
Passmore, Fredk., 7, North pl.,
Passmore, Jas., 73, Rolle st.,
Passmore, Jas. L., 3, Pottington rd.,
Passmore, Jn., 10, Garden court,
Passmore, Mrs., 4, Rolle's quay,
Passmore, Mrs., 4 Victoria ter., Victoria rd.,
Passmore, Philip, 11, Reform st.,
Passmore, Ronald T. G., 29, Union st.,
Passmore, Stanley, 10, Trinity pl.,
Passmore, Thos., 39, Hardaway head,
Passmore, Thos., 26, Trinity st.,
Passmore, Thos. Jas., 33, Higher Maudlin st.,
Passmore, Wm., 3, Paiges la.,
Passmore, Wm. A., 16, Congram's row,
Passmore, Wm. Alfd., 48, Fair view,
Passmore, Wm. F., 35, Richmond st.,
Passmore, Wm. Hy., 5 Clinton ter., Landkey rd.,
Passmore, Wm. Thos., 4 Castle cotts., Tuly st.,
Patterson, Fredk., 2, Trinity pl.,
Patterson, Jas., 16, Coronation st.,
Patterson, Miss, 15, Litchdon st.,
Paul, Hy. Leopold, Longbrook, , Sticklepath,
Paul, Miss, Lake cott., Bull hill, Pilton,
Pavey, Albt., 22, Corser st.,
Pavey, Thos., 29, St. Mary's rd.,
Pavey, Thos., 46, St. Mary's rd.,
Payne, Arth. Jas., 12, Salem st.,
Payne, Miss, 29, Aze's la.,
Payne, Mrs., 28, Lower Maudlin st.,
Payne, Wm. Hy., 61, Aze's la.,
Peacock, Mrs., 17, Gloster rd.,
Peak, Chas., 15, Sunny bank,
Peake, Rd., 5, Litchdon st.,
Peake, Wm. Lewis, Seaforth, Braunton rd.,
Pearce, Alfd. Jas., 4 River view, Higher Raleigh rd., Pilton,
Pearce, Alfd. Jn., 3, Corporation ter.,
Pearce, Chas., Pilton ho., Pilton st., Pilton,
Pearce, Frank, 31, Cyprus ter.,
Pearce, Fredk., 41, Victoria st.,
Pearce, Geo., 51, Newport rd.,
Pearce, Hy. Albt., 11, Richmond st.,
Pearce, Hy. Garfield, 39, Boutport st.,
Pearce, Jas., 10, Lower Maudlin st.,
Pearce, Jn. Alex., Kensford, , Sticklepath,
Pearce, Jnthn. Geo., 11, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Pearce, Jsph., 58, Newport rd.,
Pearce, Mrs., 40, Cyprus ter.,
Pearce, Mrs., 16, Gaydon st.,
Pearce, Mrs., 4 North pl., Green la.,
Pearce, Mrs. Sarah, 14 North pl., Green la.,
Pearce, Rt., 3, Lower Maudlin st.,
Pearless, Nugent Guy, 32, Gloster rd.,
Pearson, Geo., 8, Fort ter.,
Pearson, Wltr., 13, St. Mary's rd.,
Peatheyjohns, Mrs., 30, Fair view,
Pedder, Mrs., 16, Castle st.,
Pedlar, Arth. Geo., 5, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Pedlar, Mrs., 46, The Rock, Pilton,
Pedlar, Wm. Smith, 12, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Pedler, Mrs., 21, Fort st.,
Pedler, Saml., 21, Ashleigh cres.,
Pedler, Thos., 73, The Rock, Pilton,
Peeling, Wltr., Hawthorne, Lynhurst av.,
Pemberton, Mrs. A. M., Spindle Wood, Lynhurst av.,
Penberthy, Miss, 42, Coronation st.,
Penfold, Wm. J., 56, Boutport st.,
Pengelly, Douglas Wm., Clovelly, Hele manor,
Pengelly, Jn. Ashton, 6, Rolle's quay,
Pengelly, Rt., The Haven, Hele manor,
Penhale, Mrs. L., 17, Castle st.,
Pennington, Jn., 5 & 6 Somerset pl., Boutport st.,
Pennington, Mrs., 7, Vicarage st.,
Penny, Alfd. Jn., 68, Orchard rd.,
Pennyfield, David, 23, Sunflower rd.,
Pennyfield, Jas. Regnld., 64, Broadfield rd.,
Pepperell, Jn. I., 8, West av.,
Percy, Miss, , The Square,
Perkes, Wm. Hy., Upways, Hele manor,
Perkin, Alfd., 32, Higher Maudlin st.,
Perkins, Jn. Hy., 18, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Perkins, Wm., 23, Belle meadow,
Perkins, Wm. K., 13, West av.,
Pernull, Mrs., Northfield cott., Northfield la., Pilton,
Perrin, Frank, 3 Clarence pl., South st.,
Perrin, Mrs., 12, Granville av., Pilton,
Perrin, Mrs. E. E., The Myrtles, Rumsam rd.,
Perry, Leslie, 11, Market st.,
Perryman, Alfd., 14, Clifton ter.,
Perryman, Ernest C., 31, Gaydon st.,
Perryman, Hy., 32, Hardaway head,
Perryman, Jack B., Marstage, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Perryman, Jn., 28, Gloster rd.,
Perryman, Jn. Edwd., 35, Aze's la.,
Perryman, Jn. Edwd., 31, Hardaway head,
Perryman, Leslie, 9, Fort ter.,
Perryman, Percy H., 6, Bedford st.,
Pert, Frank, 2, Lower Church st.,
Pert, Mrs. E., 25, Silver st.,
Pester, Jas. B., 22, Portland st.,
Pesters, Miss, 3, Castle st.,
Peters, Mrs., 7, Victoria st.,
Peters, Mrs. A. B., 5, Rock pk.,
Peters, Wm. Chas., 6 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Peterson, Mrs., 13, Grosvenor st.,
Petherbridge, Misses, 106, Newport rd.,
Petherick, Mrs., 31, Charles st.,
Petherick, Rt., Harford ho., Hillcrest rd.,
Petter, Mrs., Strathmore, Victoria rd.,
Phennah, Regnld. Jas., Endsleigh, Newport rd.,
Phillips, Arth. Wm., 41, Hardaway head,
Phillips, Geo. C., 107, Pilton st., Pilton,
Phillips, Jas., 4 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Phillips, Jsph., 12, Hardaway head,
Phillips, Jsph. C., 28, Trinity st.,
Phillips, Miss, 7 Orchard ter., Rumsam rd.,
Phillips, Miss, 11, Wrey av.,
Phillips, Miss G., Burnside, Westfield av.,
Phillips, Mrs., 29, Cyprus ter.,
Phillips, Rev. Jn. Hy., Retreat, Hele manor,
Phillips, Sidney, 37, Princess st.,
Phillips, Thos., 3, Orchard rd.,
Phillips, Thos., 85, Victoria st.,
Phillips, Wm., 2, Granville av., Pilton,
Phillips, Wm. M., 28, Charles st.,
Pickard, Archbld., Scorrier, Westfield av.,
Pickard, Fredk. A., 17, Princess st.,
Pickard, Fredk. Chas., 3, Rock gdns.,
Pickard, Geo., 3, Vicarage st.,
Pickard, Miss, 70, Gloster rd.,
Pickard, Mrs., 3 Lake cotts., Bull hill, Pilton,
Pickard, Mrs., 4, Zions pl.,
Pidler, Alfd. Jn., 13 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Pike, Fras. Jn., 12, Vicarage lawn,
Pike, Miss, 8 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Pile, Alfd. Saml., 1, Barbican ter.,
Pile, Chas., 90, Newport rd.,
Pile, Edwin, 17, Union st.,
Pile, Frank, 17, Belle meadow,
Pile, Geo., 8, Belle meadow,
Pile, Mrs., 50, Aze's la.,
Pill, Danl. David, 3, Riddell av., Pilton,
Pincombe, Chas. Lloyd, Bradicott, Bradiford, Pilton,
Pincombe, Hy., 45, Gloster rd.,
Pincombe, Hy., 22, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Pincombe, Rt., Trenley, Hele manor,
Pine, Mrs., 39, Charles st.,
Pinn, Fredk. Jn., 34, Union st.,
Pinn, Hy. Geo., 22, Union st.,
Piper, Mrs., 4, Trinity pl.,
Pitney, Albt. Edwd., 4, Allen bank,
Pitney, Frank W., 85a, Boutport st.,
Pitts Tucker, Geoffrey Somerville, Bevan ho., Bull hill, Pilton,
Pitts-Tucker, Chas. Heyward, King's close, Landkey rd.,
Platt, Albt., Gas Works ho., Barbican rd.,
Platts, Mrs., White lodge, Rumsam rd.,
Pleace, Hy., 25, Litchdon st.,
Pocock, Albt. L., Windrift, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Poland, Fredk., 6, Union st.,
Pollard, Allen, 15, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Pook, Thos., 100, Newport rd.,
Poole, Mrs., 6, Barbican rd.,
Popham, Albt. Hy., 11, Rolle st.,
Popham, Alfd., 37, Broadfield rd.,
Popham, Alfd., Togarro, Braunton rd.,
Popham, Arth., 17, Reform st.,
Popham, Chas., 30, Lower Maudlin st.,
Popham, Chas., 28, Newington st.,
Popham, Fredk. Jn., The Laurels, Hele manor,
Popham, Fredk.Rt., 3, Union st.,
Popham, Mrs. H., 7, Malletts row,
Popham, Rex G., 77, Victoria st.,
Popham, Wm., 49, Bradiford, Pilton,
Popham, Wm., 9, New bldgs.,
Popham, Wm. H., 17, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Porter, Wm. Arth., 60, Gloster rd.,
Potter, Geo., 62, Broadfield rd.,
Potter, Vincent, 8, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Pow, Albt., 23 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Pow, Archbld., 20, Corporation st.,
Pow, Thos., 1 Prospect pl., Silver st.,
Pow, Wm., 12, Garden court,
Power, Mrs., Burlington lodge, Landkey rd.,
Prance, Albt. Hy., 23, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Prance, Jn., 23, Rumsam rd.,
Prest, Bernard H., Avon Lea, Oakland av.,
Preston, Thos., 12, Fort ter.,
Price, Edmnd. T., Downend, , Sticklepath,
Price, Wm. Jn., 39, Ashleigh cres.,
Prideaux, Geo. Hy., 8, Fort st.,
Prideaux, Jn. Hy., , The Square,
Prideaux, Mrs., 4, Grosvenor st.,
Prideaux, Mrs. A. L., Hawkestone, Landkey rd.,
Prince, Maurice, 65, Park av.,
Pring, Alfd. Wm., Wood ho., Station yard, Sticklepath,
Prior, Geo., Caerhays, Hillcrest rd.,
Priscott, Regnld. Jn., 4, Bedford st.,
Priscott, Thos. Hy., 51, The Rock, Pilton,
Pritchard, Geo. G., 55, Fair view,
Pritchard, Jn., 32, St. Mary's rd.,
Procter, Regnld., 5, Reform st., Pilton,
Proudman, Edwd. Wm., 5, Rock av.,
Prouse, Chas. Hy., 2 Lake cotts., Bull hill, Pilton,
Prouse, Mrs., 14, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Prouse, Wm., 26, Charles st.,
Prowse, Rd. Hy., 1, Gloster rd.,
Pugsley, Fredk. Chas. Edwd., 18, Sunny bank,
Pugsley, Jas. Kemp, 5, New bldgs.,
Pugsley, Kenneth J., 4, New bldgs.,
Pugsley, Leonard R., 7, Rolle's quay,
Pugsley, Mrs., 6 Brookdale ter., Victoria st.,
Pugsley, Mrs., 30, Gaydon st.,
Pugsley, Mrs., 102, Pilton st., Pilton,
Pugsley, Mrs., 97, Victoria st.,
Pugsley, Mrs. R., 14, Portland st.,
Pugsley, Thos., 59, Rolle st.,
Pulling, Mrs., 56, Bradiford, Pilton,
Puncher, Hy. W., 18, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Puncher, Mrs. L., 5, Charles st.,
Purchase, Herbt., 26, Newport rd.,
Purchase, Sidney, 13 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Purse, Frank, 27, Gloster rd.,
Quick, Chas. Hy., 13, Lovering's court,
Quick, Wm., 40, Richmond st.,
Quine, Ernest, , The Square,
Quine, Jn., 2, Oatlands av.,
Radcliffe, Edwd. Jn., 51, Vicarage st.,
Radford, Miss, 2, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Radley, Mrs., 15 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Radmore, Fras., 1 White's la., The Rock, Pilton,
Radmore, Jn., 32, Coronation st.,
Radmore, Jn. Hy., 4 White's la., The Rock, Pilton,
Radmore, Wm., 7, Pilton st., Pilton,
Rainer, Albt. H., 4, Corporation cres.,
Ralph, Christphr., 39, Fort st.,
Ranford, Mrs., 4, Corporation st.,
Rapson, Albt. Hy., 11, Sunny bank,
Ratcliffe, Frank Wm., Hainault, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Ratcliffe, Sydney, 21, Coronation st.,
Rattenbury, Miss O., Stafford, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Rawle, Herbt., 3, Rock av.,
Raymond, Fras. Wm., 28, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Raymond, Stanley, Milstan, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Rayner, -, 3, Clifton ter., Sticklepath,
Read, Mrs. E., 16, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Reavell, Mrs. A. J., 20, Pilton st., Pilton,
Reavell, Mrs. G., Woodfield, Higher Raleigh rd., Pilton,
Redmond, Fras. J. C., 9 Clinton ter., Landkey rd.,
Redmore, Geo. Ronald, 21, Lower Maudlin st.,
Redstone, Harold J., Albert ho., The Square,
Redwood, Jsph., Kalamara, Hele manor,
Reed, Regnld., 3, Pilton st., Pilton,
Reed, Rt. Wm., Newliston, Victoria rd.,
Reed, Wm., 3, Gloster rd.,
Reed, Wm. Knight, 11, Coronation st.,
Reeve, Frank Edwd., Stonefield, South pk.,
Reeves, Harry, 1 Portland villas, Victoria rd.,
Regan, Mrs. O. E., 1, Trafalgar lawn,
Reid, Bruce, 16, Queen st.,
Reid, Geo., Ivydene, Rumsam rd.,
Reid, Mrs., 9, Garden court,
Reid, W. A., , Maiden st.,
Rendle, Christphr., 8, Reform st.,
Rendle, Edwd. Jn., 2, Corporation st.,
Rendle, Fredk., 17, Broadfield rd.,
Rendle, Mrs., 86, Victoria st.,
Rendle, Wm. Ernest., 5, Reform st.,
Rendles, Mrs., 25, Aze's la.,
Reville, Frank, Havenford, High wall, Sticklepath,
Reville, Miss C., Totland, Chestwood av.,
Rew, Jn., 3 River view, Higher Raleigh rd., Pilton,
Rew, Leonard, 22, Cyprus ter.,
Rew, Mrs., 19, Summerland st.,
Rew, Wltr., 19, Sunflower rd.,
Reynolds, Ernest, 26, Garden court,
Rice, Albt. Hy., 73, Victoria st.,
Rice, Alfd. Hy., 21, Pulchrass st.,
Rice, Geo., Gowerain, Braunton rd.,
Rice, Sidney, Green Gables, Chaddiford la.,
Richards, Albt., 3 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Richards, Albt. Ernest, 12 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Richards, Albt. Jn., Yennadon-Burlington close, Landkey rd.,
Richards, Alfd., Portsmede, Park av.,
Richards, Arth. Edwin, 9, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Richards, Arth. H., 11, Alexandra rd.,
Richards, Chas., Riverside, Litchdon st.,
Richards, Ernest, 2, Lower Maudlin st.,
Richards, Ernest A., 68, the Rock, Pilton,
Richards, Ernest Wm., 59, Broadfield rd.,
Richards, Fredk. Jn., 18, Union st.,
Richards, Geo. F., 24, Gloster rd.,
Richards, Ivor K., Penarth, Oakland av.,
Richards, Jn., 10, Rackfield,
Richards, Jn. Trigger, 8 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Richards, Miss, 27, Rolle st.,
Richards, Misses, 32, Hills view,
Richards, Mrs., 1, Abyssinia ter.,
Richards, Mrs., 14, Grosvenor st.,
Richards, Mrs., 22, Higher Maudlin st.,
Richards, Mrs., 7, Sunny bank,
Richards, Mrs., 17 & 18, Tuly st.,
Richards, Mrs., 7, Zions pl.,
Richards, Mrs. E., 14, West av.,
Richards, Mrs. Kate, Waltersway, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Richards, Mrs. M., 38, Fort st.,
Richards, Mrs. Mildred, 33, Fort st.,
Richards, Philip, 3 Olinda pl., Rolle's quay,
Richards, Sidney J., 24, Garden court,
Richards, Stanley, Airlie, Oaklands av.,
Richards, Thos., 25, Granville av., Pilton,
Richards, Thos. jun., 1 Latham's court, Hardaway head,
Richards, Thos. sen., 36, Hardaway head,
Richards, Thos. Wm., 21, Newington st.,
Richards, Wm., 5 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Richards, Wm., Glenroy, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Richards, Wm. E., 35, Boutport st.,
Richards, Wm. Heath, Crookman's corner, Goodleigh rd.,
Richardson, Frank, 57, Orchard rd.,
Richardson, Jas., 4 Olinda pl., Rolle's quay,
Rickell, Cecil, 58, Gloster rd.,
Ridd, Arth., 3, Allen bank,
Ridd, Arth., 68, Gloster rd.,
Ridd, Arth. Ernest, 22, Rolle st.,
Ridd, Arth. Jn., 23, Gloster rd.,
Ridd, Chas., 25, Grosvenor st.,
Ridd, Chas., 15, West av.,
Ridd, Frank, 72, Newport rd.,
Ridd, Fras. Jn., 13, Rolle st.,
Ridd, Herbt., 16, Silver st.,
Ridd, Herbt. Edwin, 58, High st.,
Ridd, Hy., 52, Vicarage st.,
Ridd, Jn., 20, Salem st.,
Ridd, Jn. Edwd., 12, Fair view,
Ridd, Mis Eliza, 23, Pulchrass st.,
Ridd, Misses, 13, Queen st.,
Ridd, Mrs., 18, Vicarage st.,
Ridd, Percvl., 28a, Coronation st.,
Ridd, Regnld., 69, The Rock, Pilton,
Ridd, Sidney Geo., 3, Pilton quay, Pilton,
Ridge, Alfd. Chas., 45, Broadfield rd.,
Ridge, Chas., Beachcroft, Litchdon st.,
Ridge, Thos., 2, Pulchrass st.,
Robbins, Harold C., 17, Bradiford, Pilton,
Roberts, Arth., Edgehill, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Roberts, Chas., 8, Alexandra rd.,
Roberts, D., 11, Union st.,
Roberts, Geo., 8, Rackfield close,
Roberts, Hy., 5, Clifton ter.,
Roberts, L. J., Netheredge, , Sticklepath,
Roberts, Wm. Geo., 3, Victoria st.,
Roberts, Wm. Geo. Hy., 55, Broadfield rd.,
Robinson, Miss, Lion cott., Bradiford, Pilton,
Robinson, Regnld., 23, Chestwood av.,
Rodd, Geo. Harris, Tawstock, Braunton rd.,
Rodd, Geo. Hy., 18, Ashleigh cres.,
Rodd, Geo. Hy., 15, Vicarage lawn,
Rodd, Hy., 30, Richmond st.,
Rodd, Wm. Beer, 65, Orchard rd.,
Rodda, Alan Jas., 15, Pulchrass st.,
Roff, Hy. Griffiths, Heoldon, Park la.,
Rogers, Gerald, 25, Gloster rd.,
Rogers, Jn., 19, Corporation st.,
Rogers, Oliver, Carlyle ho., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Rogers, Rev. Glyn [10], 7, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Rogers, Wm. Jas., Trenance, Hele manor,
Roode, Bertie, 2, King Edward st.,
Roode, Regnld., 13, Barbican rd.,
Rook, Miss, 35, Hardaway head,
Rook, Wm., 3, Zions pl.,
Rooke, Albt. Wm., 8, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Rooke, Geo. Hy., 27, Mill rd.,
Rooke, Rd. Jas., 9, Corser st.,
Rooke, Wm., 10, Gaydon st.,
Rootham, Ernest A., Wyndhurst, Goodleigh rd.,
Roper, Geo. Fredk., 5, George st.,
Roth, Lionel Alex., , Raleigh, Pilton,
Roth, Percvl. A., 36, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Rottenbury, Eli, 43, Portland st.,
Rottenbury, Hy., 22, Charles st.,
Rottenbury, Jn., 5, Fair view,
Rottenbury, Philip Hy., Westwyn, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Roulstone, Arth. Ernest, 3, Granville av., Pilton,
Roulstone, Claude, 19, Mill rd.,
Roulstone, Fredk. Jn., 8 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Roulstone, Fredk. Jn., 11, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Roulstone, Geo. B., 11 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Routcliffe, Ferdk. G., 29, Portland st.,
Routcliffe, Herbt. Hy., 3, Park villas,
Routcliffe, Mrs., 18, Higher Maudlin st.,
Rowden, Leonard Geo., Three, Hillcrest rd.,
Rowe, Chas., 4, Riddell av., Pilton,
Rowe, Edmnd. J., 3 Orchard ter., Rumsam rd.,
Rowe, Frank, 42, Broadfield rd.,
Rowe, Fredk., Bank ho., Cross st.,
Rowe, Geo. Hy., 24, Silver st.,
Rowe, Geoffrey Jn., 4, Fort st.,
Rowe, Monty, 101, Victoria st.,
Rowe, Mrs., 25, Garden court,
Rowe, Mrs., 83, Newport rd.,
Rowe, Ronald Jn., 14, Richmond st.,
Rowland, Arth., Chelmer, Lynhurst av.,
Rowse, Jas. T., Beverley, Park la.,
Rudall, Arth. Hy., 2, Barbican rd.,
Rudall, Herbt. Jn., 15, Mill rd.,
Rudall, Leonard, 3, Gammon la.,
Rudall, Mrs., 29., Belle meadow,
Rudall, Ronald Wm., 18, Vicarage lawn,
Rudall, Thos. Martin, 27, Queen st.,
Rudall, Wm. Ralph, 29, Rolle st.,
Rudd, Chas., 10, Park la.,
Rudd, Jas. Hy. J. P., 7, Coronation st.,
Ruhleman, Frank Paul, Crossfield, Chaddiford la.,
Ruhleman, Paul Fras., Elmsleigh, Braunton rd.,
Rumsam, Fras. D., 20, Rumsam rd.,
Rumsam, Miss, 29, Gloster rd.,
Rumsan, David, 35, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Rundle, Miss, Ferndale, Hillcrest rd.,
Runnalls, Saml. R., 54, Vicarage st.,
Rupp, Jn. Thos., 72, Park av.,
Ryan, Desmond, Chytane, Chaddiford la.,
Ryan, Wm. Jsph., 1, Fort st.,
Sage, Wm., 4, Abyssinia ter.,
Salter, Albt. Edwd., 37, Belle meadow,
Sampson, Jn., 4, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Sampson, Thos. sen., 34, Hardaway head,
Sanders, Albt. Ernest, 3 Moxham's cotts., Silver st.,
Sanders, Chas., 26, Mill rd.,
Sanders, Chas. Hy., 71, Rolle st.,
Sanders, Edgar, 16, Zions pl.,
Sanders, Frank, 4, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Sanders, Fredk., 36, Portland st.,
Sanders, Fredk., Roborough ho., Roborough rd., Pilton,
Sanders, Fredk. Thos., Marwen, High wall, Sticklepath,,
Sanders, Geo., 2 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Sanders, Jas., The Laurels, Runsam rd.,
Sanders, Jn., 1, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Sanders, Mrs., 26, Ashleigh rd.,
Sanders, Mrs., 7, Grosvenor st.,
Sanders, Mrs., 8, Lower Gaydon st.,
Sanders, Mrs., 31, Princess st.,
Sanders, Mrs. L., 41, Newport rd.,
Sanders, Orvis, Cyn Coed, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Sanders, Sidney, 26, Orchard rd.,
Sanders, Wltr. Hy., 1 Moxham's cotts., Silver st.,
Sanders, Wm., 44, Belle meadow,
Sanderson, Leslie Geo., Marlie, , Sticklepath,
Sanderson, Mrs., 7, West av.,
Sanderson, Rt. Geo. Alex., 30, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Sandle, Frank, 41, Orchard rd.,
Sandwell, Mrs., 3 Richmond ter., Bear st.,
Sargeant, Alfd. Ernest, 37, Gaydon st.,
Sargeant, Mrs., 27, Newport rd.,
Saunders, Alfd., 3, Fair view,
Saunders, Ernest Jn., 23, Fair view,
Saunders, Hy., 11 Priory gardens, Priory, Pilton,
Saunders, Kenneth G. W., Elmfield, Goodleigh rd.,
Saunders, Kenneth H., 15, Coronation st.,
Saunders, Miss, 3, Higher Church st.,
Saunders, Mrs., 18, Lower Maudlin st.,
Saunders, Mrs., Lower Waytown, Goodleigh rd.,
Saunders, Wm., 21, Union st.,
Saunders., Thos. Hy., 44, Aze's la.,
Savage, Rt. Arth. Jsph., Artavis, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Savory, Mrs. E. K., 2, Fortescue rd.,
Saward, Mrs., Beeleigh, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Sayer, Herbt. Wilfred, Buedown, , Sticklepath,
Schofield, Fredk. L., Ashcroft, Rumsam rd.,
Scoines, Alfd. Hy., 7, Pottington rd.,
Scoines, Archie, 4, Mill rd.,
Scoines, Jn. Hy., 8, Union st.,
Scoines, Mrs., 4 Hope pl., Holland st.,
Scoines, Regnld. Jas., 12 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Scoines, Wm., 8, Bear st.,
Scoins, Rd., 16, Aze's la.,
Scott, Alfd., 29, Newington st.,
Scott, Cecil Jn., 12, Rolle's quay,
Scott, Frank, 31, Newington st.,
Scott, Gerald Lynch, Kosi Kot, Chaddiford la.,
Scott, Jas., Sunny dene, Braunton rd.,
Scott, Miss, 6, Gaydon st.,
Scott, Rev. Percy Dixon [11], Newport vicarage, Bishop's Tawton rd.,
Scott, Rt. Wm., 14, South st.,
Searle, Edwd. O., 30, Charles st.,
Searle, Fred, Cloisters, , Sticklepath,
Searle, Jn., 9, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Searle, Miss F., 12, Hills view,
Searle, Wm. Hy., 29, Sunflower rd.,
Seaward, Thos. Jn., 21 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Seldon, Mrs., Broadfield, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Sellick, Harold E. J., 24, Portland st.,
Sellick, S. Emerson, 6, Oatlands av.,
Semmens, Wm., Grey Walls, South st.,
Sendall, Dennis O., 53, Orchard rd.,
Seyfert, Adolphus Julius, 3, Coronation st.,
Seyfert, Oswald Carl, 9 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Seymour, Arth., The Steps, High wall, Sticklepath,
Seymour, Bruce, 1 Roselyn ter., Braunton rd.,
Seymour, Herbt. Hy., 6, Bicton st.,
Seymour, Rt. Hy., 16, Mill rd.,
Seymour, Sydney, 12, Gloster rd.,
Shaddick, Ernest, 10, Oakleigh rd.,
Shaddick, Fredk., 36, Belle meadow,
Shaddick, Fredk. Geo., 17 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Shaddick, Geo., 20, Union st.,
Shaddick, Herbt., 2, North pl.,
Shaddick, Hy., 14, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Shaddick, Jsph., 31, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Shaddick, Miss, 10, Aze's la.,
Shaddick, Miss, 15, Belle meadow,
Shaddick, Mrs., 5, Lower Maudlin st.,
Shaddick, Mrs., 2, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Shaddick, Percvl., 32, Gaydon st.,
Shaddick, Roy, 10 Grosvenor pl., Lower Gaydon st.,
Shaddick, Thos., 80, Victoria st.,
Shaddick, Wltr. Hy., 24, Cyprus ter.,
Shaddick, Wm. Jn., 67, Orchard rd.,
Shambrook, Fredk., 23, Grosvenor st.,
Shambrook, Mrs., 15, Clifton st.,
Shapland, Geo., 13, Union st.,
Shapland, Hubert R., 4, Bellaire, Pilton,
Shapland, Regnld. A., 25, Union st.,
Sharland, Sam, 9 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Sharp, Albt., 6, Grosvenor st.,
Shattock, Fras., Rose Gules, , Sticklepath,
Shaw, Fredk. Chas., 6, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Shaw, Miss, Abertawe, Fort hill,
Shaw, Miss, 2 Fern pl., Litchdon st.,
Shaw, Simeon Cyril, 7, Trafalgar lawn,
Shearer, Harry, 19, High st.,
Shellard, Thos. Edwd., Hazeley, Hele manor,
Shelley, Mrs., 4, Fort ter.,
Shepperd, Cyril Hubert, 9 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Shepperd, Mrs., 20, Ashleigh rd.,
Sheppick, Fras. Jn., 2, Riddell av., Pilton,
Sherborne, Jsph., 7, Aze's la.,
Sherborne, Wm., 2 Priory court, Priory, Pilton,
Shercliff, Jn., Norland, Clinton rd.,
Shillaker, Herbt. F., Stowgate, Chestwood av.,
Shipp, Fredk. M., 69, Newport rd.,
Shobbrook, Albt. E., 47, Vicarage st.,
Shobbrook, Ernest, 11, Charles st.,
Shore, Wltr., , The Square,
Short, Jas., 4, Bedford row,
Short, Mrs., 26, Richmond st.,
Short, Percvl. J., 8, King Edward st.,
Short, Rt. Geo., 46, Orchard rd.,
Shute, Wilfred, 25, Priory, Pilton,
Shutler, Edwd., Newholm, , Sticklepath,
Shutler, Miss D. K., Newholm, , Sticklepath,
Sillifant, Mrs. C., 40, Fort st.,
Sim, Leslie Wm., 52, Fair view,
Simmonds, Albt. Geo., 2 Laurel cotts., Trinity st.,
Simper, Caleb, 32, Ashleigh rd.,
Simpkins, Mrs., 3 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Simpkins, Wm. H., , The Square,
Simpson, Miss, 28, Ashleigh rd.,
Sims, Jsph. Ralph, Danefield, Hele manor,
Sinclair, Andrew V., 20, Mill rd.,
Singh, B., 4, Aze's la.,
Singh, Nand, 2, Aze's la.,
Skelton, Mrs., 14, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Skinner, Herbt. Hy., 16, Alexandra rd.,
Skinner, Miss M., 20, Hills view,
Skinner, Misses, Ryegate, Hele manor,
Skinner, Mrs., Albury, , Sticklepath,
Skinner, Wm., 6 Haldene ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Slade, Chas. A. J., 16, King Edward st.,
Slade, Cyril, 11, South st.,
Slade, Leslie, 16, South st.,
Slade, Lionel A., 17, Summerland st.,
Slader, Mrs., 38, South st.,
Slater, Frank H., 5, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Slater, Miss, Glen Lyn, Victoria rd.,
Slatter, Capt. S. W., , Brunswick Wharf,
Sledge, Wm. Hy., 27, Sunny bank,
Slee, Alfd., Tramore, Hele manor,
Slee, Arth. Jn., Mount Pleasant, Hele manor,
Slee, Ernest, Rollaston, Hele manor,
Slee, Fredk. J., Audleigh, Clinton rd.,
ele manor,He;eSlee, Gerard, 1 Littabourne, Littabourne, Pilton,
Slee, Jas., 8, Hills view,
Slee, Mrs., 9 Ebberly ter., Bear st.,
Slee, Regnld. Bament, Glenavon, Hele manor,
Slocombe, Geo. Hy., 99, Newport rd.,
Sluman, Arth., 5, Congram's row,
Sluman, Regnld., 2, Holland st.,
Sly, Mrs., Medina cott., Bull hill, Pilton,
Smaldon, Geo., 18, Salem st.,
Smale, Albt., 3, Reform st.,
Smale, Albt. Saml., 106, Pilton st., Pilton,
Smale, Chas., 13, Gaydon st.,
Smale, Fredk. Chas., 25, Queen st.,
Smale, Fredk. Jn., 3 Rolle cotts., Rolle st.,
Smale, Geo., 20, Higher Maudlin st.,
Smale, Jas., 28, St. Mary's rd.,
Smale, Jn., Oaklands, Victoria rd.,
Smale, Mrs., 9, Rolle's quay,
Smale, Mrs. B., 30, Gloster rd.,
Smale, Regnld., 20, Grosvenor st.,
Smale, Wm., 16, Grosvenor st.,
Smale, Wm. Jn., 24, Holland st.,
Smalldon, Harold, 39, Gaydon st.,
Smalldon, Harry, 28, Belle meadow,
Smallridge, Fredk., 12, Deptford villas, Sticklepath,
Smart, Archbld. A., 27, Newington st.,
Smiley, Mrs., 1 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Smiley, Mrs. M. A., 3 Hobbs pl., Litchdon st.,
Smith, Allan, Marina, Clinton rd.,
Smith, Frank, 68, Fair view,
Smith, Frank, Rougement, Bradiford, Pilton,
Smith, Fredk., Clyndu, Chaddiford la.,
Smith, Fredk., Montpelier, Chaddiford la.,
Smith, Fredk. Chas., 20, Charles st.,
Smith, Fredk. Edwd., 19 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Smith, Hy. Heath, 26, Chestwood av.,
Smith, Jn., 11 Summerland ter., Summerland st.,
Smith, Jn. Wm., Wynsum, Victoria rd.,
Smith, Miss L. M., Newlands, Hele manor,
Smith, Mrs., 7 Olinda pl., Rolle's quay,
Smith, Mrs., 28, Rolle st.,
Smith, Mrs. E., 6, Reform st.,
Smith, Mrs. E. R., 26, Aze's la.,
Smith, Ralph L., 24, Richmond st.,
Smith, Regnld., 28, Orchard rd.,
Smith, Sidney Jn., 1, Oakleigh rd.,
Smith, Wm., 3, Potter's la.,
Smith, Wm. Arth., 11, Fort ter.,
Smith, Wm. Hy., 9 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
Smyth, Fras. G., Natsleigh, Park la.,
Smyth, Fras. Garnet, 12 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Smyth, Thos. Wm., Culm Vale, High wall, Sticklepath,
Smyth, Wm. Rd., Waytown, Goodleigh rd.,
Snell, Edwd. Jn., 1 Kingsleys, Landkey rd.,
Snell, Ernest, Sunny Dell, Clinton rd.,
Snell, Fras. J., Franklyn, Hele manor,
Snell,Leonard, 15, Hardaway head,
Snell, Mrs., 10, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Snell, Wm., 8, Tuly st.,
Snell, Wm. Hy., 33, Hardaway head,
Snow, Chas. Wallace, 66, Gloster rd.,
Snow, Jsph., 21, Richmond st.,
Snow, Mrs., 3, Lovering's court,
Snow, Siney Wltr., Corra Lynn, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Solden, Miss, 4, Rock pk.,
Solly, K. J., 3, The Strand,
Somerfield, Albt. Geo., Lion cott., Bradiford, Pilton,
Somerfield, Jn., 64, Rolle st.,
Somerton, Jas. Fredk., Green Close, Hele manor,
Songhurst, Albt., 1, St. Mary's rd.,
Souch, Mrs., 7, Rock av.,
Southcombe, Alfd., 42, Bradiford, Pilton,
Southcombe, Jn. Chas., Woodside, Higher Raleigh rd., Pilton,
Speake, Jn. Wm., 6 Turbit ter., North walk,
Spear, Lionel, 12, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Spearman, Fredk., 14, Corser st.,
Spearman, Geo. Hy., 35, Princess st.,
Spearman, Thos. A., 19, Princess st.,
Spearman, Thos. Hy., Fort Hill lodge, Goodleigh rd.,
Speight, Eric D., Bryn-Glas, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Spiegelhalter, Cecil, 9 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Spiller, Frank T., 1, Orchard rd.,
Spiller, Wm. Hy., The Gables, St. George's rd.,
Sprague, Archbld., 25, Gaydon st.,
Sprague, Frank M., 10, Rolle st.,
Sprague, Herbt., 6, Belle meadow,
Sprague, Stanley, 10 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Spry, Mrs., 15, Fair view,
Spurway, Chas., 3, Lower Church st.,
Spurway, Geo., 5, Bedford row,
Spurway, Jn., Portland cott., Victoria rd.,
Squiire, Stanley S. F., 20, Sunny bank,
Squire, Dudley E., 5, Trafalgar lawn,
Squire, Hy., 13, Oakleigh rd.,
Squire, Jas., 10, Sunny bank,
Squire, Jas. Harris, Upalong, Barbican la.,
Squire, Jn., Brookvale, Bradiford, Pilton,
Squire, Jn. Hy., 49, The Rock, Pilton,
Squire, Jn. R., 4 Clarence pl., South st.,
Squire, Maj. Jas., Highclere, Chestwood av.,
Squire, Michl. S., Sunnycroft, Victoria rd.,
Squire, Mrs., 1, Corser st.,
Squire, Sidney W., 28, Bradiford, Pilton,
Squire, Wilfred. Jn., Tresilian, Bishop's Tawton rd.,
Squire, Wm. J., Pentire, Hele manor,
Squires, Albt., 11, Gaydon st.,
Squires, Alfd. Jn., 38, Higher Maudlin st.,
Squires, Hy. Ernest, 21, Corser st.,
Squires, Jas., 24, King Edward st.,
Squires, Jn., 28, Victoria st.,
Squires, Mrs. M., 8 Barum flats, Bear st.,
Squires, Percy, 3 Somerset pl., Boutport st.,
Squires, Wm., 27, Victoria st.,
St. Leger-Barter, Maj. Edgar, Carraroe, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Stacey, Arth. Fredk., 35, Pilton st., Pilton,
Stacey, Ernest W. J., 15, Bear st.,
Stacey, Fredk. Wltr. jun., Townstal, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Stacey, Ralph E., Shurnhold, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Stainer, Alfd. Jsph., 8, Pulchrass st.,
Stanbury, Jn., 1 Clinton ter., Landkey rd.,
Stanbury, Jn. Danl., 7 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Stanbury, Miss, 7, Fort st.,
Stanbury, Miss E., 36 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Stanbury, Rd., School cott., Derby rd.,
Stanbury, Regnld. Edwd., 1, Grosvenor st.,
Stanford, Mrs., 25, Coronation st.,
Stanger, Mrs. Mary E., 1, Rackfield,
Staples, Mrs., 38, Ashleigh cres.,
Stapleton, Thos. Jn., Denver, Hele manor,
Statton, Jn. Hy., 90, Victoria st.,
Steadman, Albt., 10, Union st.,
Steer, Albt. Hy., 53, Broadfield rd.,
Steer, Horace, 1, Granville av., Pilton,
Steer, Wm. Saml. jun., 4 West view, Clifton ter.,
Steer, Wm. Saml. sen., 2 West view, Clifton ter.,
Stenlake, Mrs., Rumsam ho., Rumsam rd.,
Stephenson, Ebenzr. P., 2 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Stevens, Arth. Albt., 1, Union st.,
Stevens, Arth. M., 34, Fort st.,
Stevens, Chas., 18, Grosvenor st.,
Stevens, Frank, Hawley cotts., Sowden,
Stevens, Fred, 96, Victoria st.,
Stevens, Fredk., 1 Laurel cotts., Trinity st.,
Stevens, Geo., 27, St. Mary's rd.,
Stevens, Geo. W., 7, Newington st.,
Stevens, Granville, Ayr, , Sticklepath,
Stevens, Hector Tindal, 23, Rolle st.,
Stevens, Hubert Victor, 8, Lower Church st.,
Stevens, Jas. Chas., 26, Fair view,
Stevens, Jas. M., 126, Lynhurst av.,
Stevens, Jn. Jsph., 43, Sunflower rd.,
Stevens, Jsph. H., 15, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Stevens, Mrs., 7, Corporation st.,
Stevens, Mrs., Lynhurst, Hele manor,
Stevens, Mrs. E. E., 72, Fair view,
Stevens, Rd. Jas., 47, St. Mary's rd.,
Stevens, Ronald, Kilcreggen, Hele manor,
Stevens, Saml. Hy., 55, Rolle st.,
Stevens, Thos. Jn., Two Elms, Chaddiford la.,
Stevens, Wm. Hy., 14, Barbican ter.,
Stevens, Wm. Pugsley, 62, Fair view,
Stevens, Wm. R., 9, Pill lawn,
Steward, Mrs., 4, Baker's court,
Stewart, Jas., 110, Boutport st.,
Stewart, Jas., 7, Clifton st.,
Stewart, Jas. jun., 12, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Stile, Jn., Kingsley ho., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Stock, Miss, 6, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Stokes, Geo., 5, Clinton rd.,
Stone, Alfd., 3 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Stone, Chas. H., Kilkie, South pk.,
Stone, Fredk., 36, Aze's la.,
Stone, Mrs., 28, Broadfield rd.,
Stone, Mrs., 31, Vicarage lawn,
Stone, Percy Lionel, Merrivale, , Sticklepath,
Stone, R. Morton, Kya Lami, South pk.,
Stone, Sidney Jn., 35 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Stone, Wm. R., 4 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Stooke, Jn. Wm., 1, Park la.,
Stowell, Edwin Bert., 8 Haldene ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Strange, Regnld. C. J., 5, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Stratton, Miss, 7, Garden court,
Stredwick, Mrs. L. A., 2, Prospect pl., Newport,
Streetley, Miss, 4, Pill lawn,
Stribling, Algernon, 28, Holland st.,
Stribling, Claude, Kingscott, Chaddiford la.,
Stribling, Edwd., 64, The Rock, Pilton,
Stribling, Ernest F., 10, Gammon la.,
Stribling, Frank, 13, Tuly st.,
Stribling, Fredk., Blue Coat School cott., North walk,
Stribling, Jn., 3, Tuly st.,
Stribling, Mrs., 25, Fair view,
Stribling, Mrs., 8, Gammon la.,
Stribling, Stanley J., 26, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Stribling, Wltr. Jn., 11, Tuly st.,
Stribling, Wm., 24, Vicarage lawn,
Stringer, Bertram, 7, Wrey av.,
Sullivan, Jn, 1 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Sully, Jas., 43, St. Mary's rd.,
Sully, Mrs. L., 10 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Summerill, Mrs., 13 Warwick ter., St. George's rd.,
Summers, Ernest, Inglewood, Chaddiford la.,
Summers, Mrs., 6, Lovering's court,
Summers, Philip, 3, Higher Maudlin st.,
Summers, Regnld. E., Rockholme, , Sticklepath,
Summers, Thos., 17, Fort st.,
Sussex, Jn., 21, Salem st.,
Sutcliffe, Jn. Wm., 2 River view, Higher Raleigh rd., Pilton,
Sutton, Mrs., 32a, Lower Maudlin st.,
Sutton, Thos., 3, Fort ter.,
Swansborough, Arth., 6, Bradiford, Pilton,
Symonds, Misses, 44, Fort st.,
Symonds, Wltr. Thos., 4 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Symonds, Wm. Thos., 9, Tuly st.,
Symons, Albt. J., 14, King Edward st.,
Symons, Chas., 79, Victoria st.,
Symons, Chas. H., 16, Pottington rd.,
Symons, Chas. Wm. jun., 9 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Symons, Edwin J., 15, Richmond st.,
Symons, Ernest, 46, Broadfield rd.,
Symons, Fras. Hy., 6, Cyprus ter.,
Symons, Fredk. L., Southmead, Park la.,
Symons, Grenville, 42, Cyprus ter.,
Symons, Harry, 11, Salem st.,
Symons, Horace Rt., 39 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Symons, Jn., 41, Fair view,
Symons, Jn. Burgess, 26, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,,
Symons, Jn. Wm., 10, Sunflower rd.,
Symons, Lawrence A., 51, Victoria st.,
Symons, Miss, 15 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Symons, Miss, Tamar, Landkey rd.,
Symons, Mrs., 97, Pilton st., Pilton,
Symons, Mrs., 2 Somerset pl., Boutport st.,
Symons, Mrs., 6, Wells st.,
Symons, Mrs. M., Highfield, Victoria rd.,
Symons, Percy, Upcott, Old Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,,
Symons, Rt. J., 24, Broadfield rd.,
Symons, Saml., 7 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Symons, Thos., 30 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Symons, Wltr., 3 Prospect cotts., Prospect pl., Newport,
Symons, Wm., 1 Brookdale ter., Victoria st.,
Symons, Wm., Pendennis, Clinton rd.,
Symons, Wm. Hy., 33, Fair view,
Symons, Wm. Hy., 24, Green la.,
Symons, Wm. Jn. W., 70, Victoria st.,
Tame, Mrs. R. A., 4, Diamond st.,
Tamlyn, Elias, 8, Bradiford, Pilton,
Tamlyn, Fredk. Arth., 3, New bldgs.,
Tamlyn, Jas. Hy., 5, Rolle's quay,
Tamlyn, Jn., 37, Newport rd.,
Tamlyn, Joshua, 6, Queen st.,
Tamlyn, Louis Jn., 12, Charles st.,
Tamlyn, Roy Wm., 21, Orchard rd.,
Tamlyn, Wm. Tucker, Crest Lyn, Landkey rd.,
Tanner, Fred A., Corinth, Park la.,
Tanner, Hy., 21, Mill rd.,
Tanner, Mrs., 70, The Rock, Pilton,
Tanner, Wm., 4, Potter's la.,
Tanner, Wm. Jn., 19, Newington st.,
Tannock, Jsph., 81a, Pilton st.,
Tanton, Regnld. Thos., 43, Bradiford, Pilton,
Tanton, Wltr., 10, Ladywell, Pilton,
Tatman, Mrs., Runnsersleigh, Westfield av.,
Taylor, Chas., 16, Clifton st.,
Taylor, Chas. W. J., 10, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Taylor, Ernest Jas., 21, Hills view,
Taylor, Fredk., 9, Gammon la.,
Taylor, Fredk., 9, Newington st.,
Taylor, Gilbt. Jesse, 41, Cyprus ter.,
Taylor, Hy., 4, Barbican rd.,
Taylor, Hy., 1, Zions pl.,
Taylor, Hy. C., 13, Westfield av.,
Taylor, Jn., 15, Zions pl.,
Taylor, Mrs., Brynscott, Hele manor,
Taylor, Mrs., 37, Fair view,
Taylor, Mrs. Agnes, 5, King Edward st.,
Taylor, Mrs. L., 11, Gloster rd.,
Taylor, Nathnl., 18, Garden court,
Taylor, Percvl. Jas., Hawley cotts., Sowden,
Taylor, Rd., Brynscott, Hele manor,
Taylor, Stanley, 9, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Taylor, Wltr. Dunn, 12, Castle st.,
Taylor, Wm., 34, Higher Maudlin st.,
Taylor, Wm., 15, Reform st.,
Taylor, Wm. Jas., 15, Higher Maudlin st.,
Taylor, Wm. Jn., 13, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Taylor, Wm. Rd., 12, Sunflower rd.,
Teece, Fred, 5, Pill lawn,
Telfer, Miss, 6 Summerland pl., Barbican rd.,
Tenney, Jn. Wm., 4, Style close,
Terry, Fredk. Jas., Lexden, Park la.,
Tewson, Mrs., , The Strand,
Thomas, Cornelius Thos., 28, Sunflower rd.,
Thomas, Edgar, 76, Rolle st.,
Thomas, Frank Leslie, , The Square,
Thomas, Ivor, 5, Richmond st.,
Thomas, Jn. Huxtable, Pomphlett, Clinton rd.,
Thomas, Mrs., 18, Gaydon st.,
Thomas, Mrs., 24, Rolle st.,
Thomas, Rd. Percy, 17, Sunflower rd.,
Thomas, Stanley Edwd., 3, Prospect pl., Newport,
Thomas, Thos., 56, Fair view,
Thomas, Wltr. Jn., Bicton ho., Goodleigh rd.,
Thomas, Wm. E. E., 33, Ashleigh cres.,
Thomas, Wm. Hy., 80, Newport rd.,
Thomas, Wm. Hy., 15, St. Mary's rd.,
Thomas, Wm. Jn., 2, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Thompson, Chas., 2, Princess st.,
Thompson, Harold Geo., 25, Higher Maudlin st.,
Thompson, Mrs., Credon, Westfield av.,
Thorne, Albt. E., 60, Broadfield rd.,
Thorne, Albt. Hy., 5, Riddell av., Pilton,
Thorne, Alfd., 7, Bedford row,
Thorne, Archie E., 4, Vicarage lawn,
Thorne, Bert, 4, Rolle st.,
Thorne, Edwin Aug., 5a, Pilton quay, Pilton,
Thorne, Ernest Jn., Uplands, Landkey rd.,
Thorne, Ernest Thos., 10, Bicton st.,
Thorne, Ernest Wm., 35, Sunflower rd.,
Thorne, Frank S., 51, Broadfield rd.,
Thorne, Fredk., Savonia, Chaddiford la.,
Thorne, Fredk. D., 13, Vicarage lawn,
Thorne, Harman, Deer Park cott., Runsam rd.,
Thorne, Herbt. Jn., 2 Orchard ter., Rumsam rd.,
Thorne, Herbt. W., Tyneholm, St. George's rd.,
Thorne, Miss, 8, Ashleigh rd.,
Thorne, Miss, 103, Pilton st., Pilton,
Thorne, Miss, 1, Union ter.,
Thorne, Mrs., 6 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Thorne, Mrs., 9 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Thorne, Mrs., 3, Reform st., Pilton,
Thorne, Mrs., 6, Rolle st.,
Thorne, Mrs., 68, Victoria st.,
Thorne, Mrs. Arnold, 1 Orchard ter., Rumsam rd.,
Thorne, Regnld., 15, Bradiford, Pilton,
Thorne, Regnld. Chas., Cleeve cotts., Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Thorne, Sidney H., 54, Victoria st.,
Thorne, Thos., 9 Summerland ter., Summerland st.,
Thorne, Wltr. Hy., 4, Fair view,
Thorne, Wm. Albt., 7 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Thorne, Wm. E. M., 19, Charles st.,
Thorne, Wm. Hy., 3, Grosvenor st.,
Thorne, Wm. J. A., 20 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Thorne, Wm. Jn., Sunflower cott., Sunflower rd.,
Thornton, Harold, 14, Corporation st.,
Thornton, Wltr., 13, Litchdon st.,
Thorpe, Jas., 26, St. Mary's rd.,
Thurlow, Percy M., Windy Ridge, Park av.,
Timewell, Harry Montague A., Harewood, Hele manor,
Timson, Jsph., 14, Clinton rd.,
Tithecott, Jn., 5a, Joy st.,
Tizzard, Mrs., 30, Ashleigh rd.,
Todd, Chas. B., 4, Coronation st.,
Toller, Mrs., Park view, Park la.,
Tolley, Wlfrd. H., Lyndale, Braunton rd.,
Tomms, Mrs., 2, Union st.,
Tompkins, Wm. Horace, 6 Clinton ter., Landkey rd.,
Toms, Albt. G. H., 43, Newington st.,
Toms, Mrs. F. L., 30, Fort st.,
Toms, Wm., 14, Lower Maudlin st.,
Tooley, Alfd. Wm., Lyndene, Oakland av.,
Tope, Alfd. Chas., 79, High st.,
Tossell, Jn., 12, Gammon la.,
Tossell, Miss, 27, Priory, Pilton,
Tossell, Sydney Rt., 8, Rackfield,
Tossell, Wm. Geo., 13 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Tout, Jesse, 53, Bradiford, Pilton,
Towell, Fredk. J., 10, Pottington rd.,
Townsend, Hy., 27, Richmond st.,
Tozer, Chas., 22, Newington st.,
Trafane, Jn., Abbey lodge, Bull Hill, Pilton,
Tragelles, Geo. Fox, 5 Clarence pl., South st.,
Trapnell, Chas., 4 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Trapnell, Josias Wm. G., 45, Fort st.,
Trapnell, Wm. Thos., 37, Hardaway head,
Trawin, Regnld., 5, Highbury rd.,
Trelease, Miss B. M., 10, Westfield av.,
Trembath, Mrs., 18, Litchdon st.,
Trembath, Norman H., 15, Wrey av.,
Tremethick, Percy G., 3 Berrydene, Ashleigh rd.,
Trengrove, Thos. Chas., 24, Clinton rd.,
Tresise, Cyril Hy., 8, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Tresise, Fras., Penn Sylvia, Hele manor,
Tresise, Miss, 6, Westfield av.,
Tresise, Percvl., 2 Ebberly ter., Bear st.,
Trevilton, Hy., 36, Ashleigh cres.,
Trevisick, Albt. Jn., Trelawney, Bishop's Tawton rd.,
Trevisick, Aubyn, 2, George st.,
Trevisick, Thos., Clonea, Braunton rd.,
Trewin, Jas., 13, Wrey av.,
Trick, Alfd. Jn., 4, Sunny bank,
Trick, Ernest Geo., 16, Pulchrass st.,
Trick, Mrs. Amelia, 53, Victoria st.,
Trickey, Miss, Elm cott., , Sticklepath,
Trickey, Tom Martyn, 4, West av.,
Trigger, Chas., Pottington Crossing cott., Rolle's quay,
Trott, Arth. Leslie, 3, North pl.,
Trott, Edmnd., 7 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Trump, Ted, Ingleside, Victoria rd.,
Trussler, Mrs., Aldwyn, Hele manor,
Trute, Mrs., 2 Elm cotts., Northfield la., Pilton,
Trute, Mrs., 7, Lower Church st.,
Tubbs, Albt. Hy., 22, Coronation st.,
Tubbs, Rt. Wm., 16, Charles st.,
Tubbs, Rt. Wm., 23, Newington st.,
Tuck, Wltr., Forest Dean, Riddell av., Pilton,
Tucker, Albt., Ashford ho., St. George's rd.,
Tucker, Alfd., 15, Congram's Row,
Tucker, Archbld., 16 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Tucker, Arth. Edwd., 7, Ashleigh rd.,
Tucker, Arth. Jas., 38, Sunflower rd.,
Tucker, Edwd., 25, Ashleigh rd.,
Tucker, Edwd., 37, Sunflower rd.,
Tucker, Frank, 6, Alexandra rd.,
Tucker, Frank L., Beaconsfield, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Tucker, Fras. Herbt., 38, Victoria st.,
Tucker, Harry, 20, Fair view,
Tucker, Jas., 6 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Tucker, Jas. Harry, 17, Cyprus ter.,
Tucker, Jn., 5, Lovering's court,
Tucker, Jn., 17, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Tucker, Leonard D., 13, Fair view,
Tucker, Montague, 1, Congram's row,
Tucker, Mrs., 9, Lower Church st.,
Tucker, Mrs., 39, Sunflower rd.,
Tucker, Ronald L., 63 & 64, Boutport st.,
Tucker, Thos. G., Bryngwyn, Oakland av.,
Tucker, Wltr. H., 20, Abbey rd., Pilton,
Tucker, Wm., 3 Ceramic ter., Trinity st.,
Tucker, Wm. Jn., 89, Newport rd.,
Tuckett, Miss, 45, Newport rd.,
Tupper, Alfd. E., 20, Granville av., Pilton,
Turner, Albt. Hy., 31, Union st.,
Turner, Alfd., 7 Carlton ter., Barbican rd.,
Turner, Alfd., 35, St. Mary's rd.,
Turner, Archbld., 17, Grosvenor st.,
Turner, Arth., Morcote, Clinton rd.,
Turner, Chas. Wm. A., 14 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Turner, Edwd., 3, Princess st.,
Turner, Ernest, 2, Diamond st.,
Turner, Ernest, 9, Rackfield,
Turner, Fredk., 52 & 53, Aze's la.,
Turner, Geo., 12a, Princess st.,
Turner, Geo. Hy., 40, Charles st.,
Turner, Geo. Wm., 7, Corser st.,
Turner, Harold F., 10, Richmond st.,
Turner, Jas., 33, Corser st.,
Turner, Jas., 18, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Turner, Jn., 16, Higher Maudlin st.,
Turner, Jn. Hy., 46, Hardaway head,
Turner, Jn. Hy., 9 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Turner, Leonard, 14, Orchard rd.,
Turner, Lionel H., Wayside, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Turner, Miss, 9, St. Mary's rd.,
Turner, Mrs., 2, Alma pl., Pilton,
Turner, Mrs., 58, Aze's la.,
Turner, Mrs., 38, Coronation st.,
Turner, Mrs., 11, New bldgs.,
Turner, Mrs., 31, Newport rd.,
Turner, Mrs., 1 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Turner, Mrs., 13 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Turner, Rd., 21, Holland st.,
Turner, Redver, 20, Summerland st.,
Turner, Regnld., 11, Holland st.,
Turner, Wltr., 76, The Rock, Pilton,
Turner, Wm., 28, Corporation st.,
Turner, Wm., 16, Oakleigh rd.,
Turner, Wm. Hy., 2, Bedford st.,
Turner, Wm. Hy., 18 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Turner, Wm. Hy., 44, The Rock, Pilton,
Tyte, Miss, Peacehaven, Landkey rd.,
Tythcott, Leslie, 22, Vicarage lawn,
Tythcott, Mrs., 45, Portland st.,
Tyzack, Fredk., 18, Ashleigh rd.,
Uglow, Philip, 41, Ashleigh cres.,
Underhill, Frank, Ardenside, Hele manor,
Underwood, Miss G., 7, Priory close, p,
Upton, Fras. Jn., 26, King Edward st.,
Uren, Edwd. Jn., 27, Ashleigh rd.,
Vaggers, Hy., 8, Buller rd.,
Vaggers, Jas. Albt., Trewen, Hele manor,
Vanstone, Albt. Isaac, 36, Rolle st.,
Vanstone, Jn., 51, Rolle st.,
Vanstone, Miss Ann, 4, Gammon la.,
Vanstone, Percy, Bedford ho., Bedford st.,
Vaughan, Wm., 108, Pilton st., Pilton,
Vellacott, Jn. L. H., 6, Trafalgar lawn,
Vellacott, Misses, 3, South st.,
Venner, Wm. Jas., 86, Pilton st., Pilton,
Verney, Ernest Jn., The Wyelands, Rumsam rd.,
Vernon, Jsph., 40, Orchard rd.,
Vicary, Chas. Wm., Grantley, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Vicary, Thos., 25, Fort st.,
Vickery, Geo. Edwd., 96, High st.,
Vickery, Mrs., 2 Victoria ter., Victoria rd.,
Vickery, Wm. Fredk. Jas., 59, Victoria st.,
Vincent, Mrs., 13, Coronation st.,
Vincent, Mrs., 62, Orchard rd.,
Vincent, Regnld., 21, Westfield av.,
Vine, Harold Jas., 4, Crescent av.,
Vinnicombe, Emmanuel, 32, Sunflower rd.,
Vinnicombe, Ernest, 8 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Vinnicombe, Percy, 3, Sunflower rd.,
Voaden, Mrs. M. E., 29, South st.,
Vodden, Albt., 22, Reform st.,
Vodden., Cecil S., 9, Sunflower rd.,
Wakeley, Chas., 38, Cyprus ter.,
Wakeley, Rd. Jas., Caen cott., Bicton st.,
Wakley, Albt. Grant., Westdene, Braunton rd.,
Wakley, Alfd. Jn., 24, Grosvenor st.,
Wakley, Allan S., Monks park, Oakland av.,
Wakley, Mrs., 38, Broadfield rd.,
Wakley, Mrs. F. E., 3, Sunny bank,
Wakley, Philip W., Cranford, Hele manor,
Wakley, Wm., 2 Castle cotts., Tuly st.,
Waldock, Chas. Wm., Grenville, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Walk, Jas. Fredk. Cecil, 4 Carlton ter., Barbican rd.,
Walker, Cecil, Basra, Rumsam rd.,
Walker, Chas., Mon Abri, Landkey rd.,
Walker, Chas. Fredk., 16, Cyprus ter.,
Walker, Miss C., 6, Taw vale,
Walkey, Geo., 6, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Wall, Misses, 104, Newport rd.,
Wall, Mrs., 12, Barbican ter.,
Wallen, Mrs., 3, Crescent av.,
Wallington, Rev. Preb. Frank Maxwell [12], 2, Vicarage st.,
Wallis, Grenville, 1 St. Peter's ter., Churchyard,
Walsh, Misses, 12, Boutport st.,
Walton, Herbt., Fairfield, Bellaire, Pilton,
Walton, Miss, 24, Hills view,
Ward, Ernest Alfd., 21, Higher Maudlin st.,
Ward, Herbt. Rd., 19, Broadfield rd.,
Ward, Jn., 14, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Ward, Jn. Thos., 7 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Ward, Mark Geo., 8, South st.,
Ward, Mrs., 48, Victoria st.,
Warde, Vivian F., 6, South st.,
Ware, Jn., 9, South st.,
Ware, Mrs., 30, Priory, Pilton,
Waring, Thos., 52, Victoria st.,
Warr, Albt. Edwd., 11, Feoffee cotts., Pilton,
Warren, Fredk., 11, Congram's row,
Warren, Jas., The Maples, St. George's rd.,
Warren, Leonard H., 24, Sunny bank,
Warren, Matthew, 9, West av.,
Warren, Mrs., 21, Congram's row,
Warren, Percvl. W., , Hele Manor pk., Sticklepath,
Warrington, Philip Jn., Glenthorn, Dracaena av.,
Washer, Ambrose, 10 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Waters, Keith, Hill top, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Watkins, Cecil, 41, Broadfield rd.,
Watkins, Mrs., 16, Portland st.,
Watkins, Thos. Hy., Lauderdale ho., Victoria rd.,
Watson, Geo., 7, Reform st.,
Watson, Mrs., 21, Sunflower rd.,
Watt, Arth. S., Chandos, Hillcrest rd.,
Watts, Alfd. Jas., 32, Priory, Pilton,
Watts, Hubert, 40, Coronation st.,
Watts, Leonard Jn. B., Pill Mere, Bishop's Tawton rd.,
Watts, Mrs. Ellen, 14, Charles st.,
Waugh, Adam, 94, Boutport st.,
Way, Regnld. Wm., 8 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Webb, Capt. Hubert M., 4, Joy st.,
Webb, Hy. Wm., 100, Lynhurst av.,
Webb, Jas., 2, Clifton ter.,
Webb, Mrs., 8 Ebberly ter., Bear st.,
Webber, Archbld. G., 35, Vicarage lawn,
Webber, Arth. Geo., 15, Trinity st.,
Webber, Chas. Jn., 22, Clinton rd.,
Webber, Chas. Young, 9 St. George's ter., St. George's rd.,
Webber, Ernest, 18, Silver st.,
Webber, Frank, 17, South st.,
Webber, Fredk. S., 4, Gaydon st.,
Webber, Geo. Hy., 6, Sunny bank,
Webber, Herbt. Jas. Young, 10, Barbican ter.,
Webber, Jas. Fredk., 27, Fair view,
Webber, Mrs., 6, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Webber, Mrs., 16 Lansdown ter., St. George's rd.,
Webber, Mrs. J. C., 82, Newport rd.,
Webber, Percy, 40, Chestwood av.,
Webber, Wilfred E., 21a Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
Webber, Wm. C., 15, Broadfield rd.,
Webber, Wm. Hy., 13, Signal ter., Sticklepath,
Webber, Wm. R., 33, Victoria st.,
Webster, David, 15, Vicarage st.,
Webster, Harold B., 1, Rock av.,
Webster, Miss, Swiss cott., Rumsam rd.,
Wedlake, Mrs., Wellesley villas, Landkey rd.,
Welch, Mrs., 15, South st.,
Weller, Geo., 7a, Tuly st.,
Wellington, Edwd. Jn., 118, Pilton st.,
Wellington, Ernest J., 16, Gloster rd.,
Wellington, Leonard R., 76, Orchard rd.,
Wellington, Thos. R., 39, Rolle st.,
Wellington, Wm., 67, The Rock, Pilton,
West, Eric Jn., Melfort, High wall, Sticklepath,
West, Fredk. G., 21, Hardaway head,
West, Jn., 75, Newport rd.,
West, Mrs., 71, Fair view,
West, Thos., 19, St. Mary's rd.,
Westacot, Mrs., 11, Corser st.,
Westacott, Chas. Jn., 16, Corporation st.,
Westacott, Frank, 31, Lower Maudlin st.,
Westacott, Jas., 53, The Rock, Pilton,
Westacott, Miss, 30, Rolle st.,
Westacott, Mrs., The Anchorage, Hele manor,
Westaway, Jn., 4 Summerland pl., Barbican rd.,
Westaway, Mrs., 2 Gordon villas, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Westaway, Mrs., 1, Lower Gaydon st.,
Westaway, Saml. Raymond, 16, St. Mary's rd.,
Western, Fredk., 11, Silver st.,
Western, Mrs. E., 2, Rolle st.,
Westlake, Clifford Geo., 42, Ashleigh cres.,
Weston, Mrs., 8 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Whale, Edwin Lyle, Tremaine, Braunton rd.,
Whale, Edwin Lyle jun., Glen Ethedd, Braunton rd.,
Whatley, Wm. Hy. Jn., Harlyn, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Wheaton, Fras. Percy, Selah, Oakland av.,
Wheaton, Mrs., , The Square,
Wheeler, Rev. Alfd. Gilbt., 3 Victoria lawn, Victoria st.,
Wheeler, Wm. Hy., 2, Bicton st.,
Whinray, Harold M., Ivy Cliff, Bull hill, Pilton,
Whitaker, Mrs., Bratton, Clinton rd.,
White, Edwd., Cotswold, Hele manor,
White, Geo., 5, Lower Church st.,
White, Miss, 4 Grosvenor ter., Bear st.,
White, Wallace Jn., 4, Rackfield close,
White, Wltr., 18 Priory gdns., Priory, Pilton,
White, Wm. Chas., 26, Rolle st.,
White, Wm. H., Rosedean, Oakland av.,
White, Wm. Jas., 39, Aze's la.,
White, Wm. Norman, 28, Mill rd.,
Whitefield, Sidney, 18, Fort st.,
Whitehead, Stanley, The Maples, Hele manor,
Whittall, Jsph. G., 22, Chestwood av.,
Whitton, Albt., 8, Highbury rd.,
Whybrow, Misses, Carisbrook, South st.,
Wickens, Sidney, Fairlight, Oakland av.,
Wickham, Mrs., 3 Haldene ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Widlake, Jn. Benj., 54, Gloster rd.,
Widlake, Jn. T., 92, Pilton st., Pilton,
Wilds, Mrs., 20, Aze's la.,
Wiliams, Miss, 7, Tuly st.,
Wilkes, Geo. Hy., 1, Corporation st.,
Wilkey, Mrs., 17, Sunny bank,
Wilkey, Wm., 4 Ebberly ter., Bear st.,
Wilkinson, Edgar E., 6, Corporation ter.,
Wilkinson, Leslie, Collaton, Lynhurst av.,
Willcocks, Hy. F., 41, Chestwood av.,
Willcocks, Mrs., Pilton Abbey bungalow, Bradiford, Pilton,
Willcocks, Wm., 41, Aze's la.,
Williams, Arth. Stanley, Shearford, Chaddiford la.,
Williams, Chas. Hy., 36, Union st.,
Williams, Courtenay. Jn., Hillside, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Williams, Edgar, Victoria cott., Victoria rd.,
Williams, Ernest, 44, Bradiford, Pilton,
Williams, Ernest S., 49, Fair view,
Williams, Geo., 45, Bradiford, Pilton,
Williams, Jack, 22, Mill rd.,
Williams, Jn. Edwd., 7 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Williams, Jsph. S., 68, Newport rd.,
Williams, Lawrence J., 6, Princess st.,
Williams, Mrs M., 2, Hills view,
Williams, Mrs., 9, Congram's row,
Williams, Mrs., 25, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Williams, Mrs., 31, Queen st.,
Williams, Mrs., 19, Zions pl.,
Williams, Mrs. A.., 27, Pottington rd.,
Williams, Rd., 36, South st.,
Williams, Ronald, 11 Raleigh cotts., Raleigh, Pilton,
Williams, Rt. V., Adastra, Styla close,
Williams, Thos., 8 Olinda pl., Rolle's quay,
Williams, Thos., 1 & 2, Rolle's quay,
Williams, Valletort, 18, Wrey av.,
Williams, Wallace, 13, Sunflower rd.,
Williams, Wltr. Geo., 29, King Edward st.,
Williams, Wm., 8, Gloster rd.,
Williams, Wm., 10, South st.,
Williams, Wm. Chas., 2 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
Willis, Wm. T., 25, Granville av., Pilton,
Willmets, Thos. Hy., 19, Aze's la.,
Wills, Arth. Jn., 33, St. Mary's rd.,
Wills, Hy., 13, Cyprus ter.,
Wills, Mrs., 13, Aze's la.,
Wilmot, Hy. Jn. Geo., 4, Ashleigh rd.,
Wilmot, R., 105, Lynhurst av.,
Wilshere, Cyril H., Morni, Park la.,
Wilson, Albt., Codden view, Goodleigh rd.,
Wilson, Fredk., , , Sticklepath,
Wilson, Jn. Edwd., Stirling stent, Fortescue rd.,
Wilson, Lawrence S., Little Crabthorne, Hele manor,
Wilton, Mrs., 15, Sunflower rd.,
Winkles, Jas. O., 99a, High st.,
Withers, Wltr. Benj., 10, Charles st.,
Wivell, Miss, 6, Tuly st.,
Wollen, Wltr., 23a, Pilton st., Pilton,
Wood, Chas. Norman, Chevin, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Wood, Jsph. Dobson, 97, Park av.,
Wood, Sydney, Gorwell, Goodleigh rd.,
Wood, Wm., 37, Beechwood av.,
Woodage, Lionel, 66, Broadfield rd.,
Woodhouse, Wm. Jn., 6 Berrydene, Ashleigh rd.,
Woodman, Jas. G., 8, Aze's la.,
Woodman, Patrick, 31, Trinity st.,
Woods, Wm., 8, Congram's row,
Woodward, Lionel, 2 British Legion houses, Victoria st.,
Woolacott, Jas., 1, Pulchrass st.,
Woolaway, Fredk., The Elms, High wall, Sticklepath,
Woolaway, Stanley, The Limes, Park av.,
Woolaway, Thos., Sanctuary, , Sticklepath,
Woolaway, Wm., Aviemore, , Sticklepath,
Woolcock, Gordon, Colwyn, Park la.,
Woolcott, Mrs. Eliz., 9, Higher Maudlin st.,
Woollacott, Herbt. B., 70, Fair view,
Woolley, Mrs., 6, Boutport st.,
Woolley, Wm. Thos., 4, Fortescue rd.,
Woolway, Mrs., 17, Pulchrass st.,
Worth, Fredk., 34, Priory, Pilton,
Worth, Regnld. V., 17, Clinton rd.,
Worth, Wltr., 21, Carlyle av., Pilton,
Worth, Wm., 4, Buller rd.,
Worth, Wm., 20, Orchard rd.,
Worth, Wm. Hy., 8, Higher Maudlin st.,
Worthington, Philip A., Byra, , Sticklepath,
Wreford, Jn., 10, Portland st.,
Wright, Mrs., Enfield, , Sticklepath,
Wright, Royden C., Ashlee, Hele manor,
Wroth, Wm., 8, Ashleigh cres.,
Yacomen, Jsph. S., Cordelia, Hele manor,
Yates, Fredk. Chas., The Cottage, Station yard, Sticklepath,
Yeaman, David, 35, Newington st.,
Yendell, Herbt., 10, Ashleigh rd.,
Yeo, Albt., 24, Victoria st.,
Yeo, Harry, 7 Wimborne ter., St. George's rd.,
Yeo, Mrs. D., 23, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Yeo, Mrs. L.,17, Alexandra rd.,
Yeo, Regnld. A., 31, Gloster rd.,
Yeo, Thos., 3, Bedford row,
Yeo, Thos., 22, Bicton st.,
Yeo, Thos. Arth., 29, High st.,
Yeo, Wallace F., 14, Pottington rd.,
Yeo, Wm., 45, Rolle st.,
Youings, Arth. Edwd., 29, Bear st.,
Youings, Chas. Camille Dornat, Forde, Park la.,
Youings, Frank Geo., 1 Albert villas, Rock pk.,
Youings, Harold F., 3 Union ter.,
Youings, Harry, 3 Turbit ter., North walk,
Youings, Horace Stanley, Raleigh ho., Roborough rd., Pilton,
Youings, Wltr. Frank, 30, Bear st.,
Youldon, Arth., 7 Somerset pl., Boutport st.,
Young, Ernest, 49, Victoria st.,
Young, Fras. L., 61, Victoria st.,
Young, Geo. H., Shorelands, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Young, Miss, 41, Fort st.,
Young, Miss, 1 Gordon villas, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Young, Mrs., 4, Gloster rd.,
Young, Thos., 1 Haldene ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,

1 vicar of St. Mary Magdalene
2 Curate of Tawstock
3 Vicar of St. Mary the Virgin
4 Roman Catholic
5 Congregational
6 Methodist
7 Methodist
8 vicar of Holy Trinity
9 Baptist
10 Curate of St. Peter's
11 Vicar of St. John the Baptist, Newport
12 Vicar of St. Peter's and Surrogate

Brian Randell, 1 Dec 2002