Kelly's Directory of Barnstaple and Neighbourhood (1893)


Transcribed, with the publisher's permission, by

Jonathan Frayne

[Suffixes to names, e.g. M.B., Bart., J.P., etc., are ignored; prefix titles are retained, e.g. Maj., Rev. etc. Many women only gave their title, e.g. Miss, Mrs, and not a forename. A few women also gave their husband's forename, e.g. Mrs John Smith. These entries are indexed as though the title was a forename. No abbreviations other than those in Kelly's have been added, some have been expanded. N.B. All addresses are transcribed as given. However, some addresses, particularly 'terraces', are sometimes given in Kelly's as street names and in some cases as terraces in another street name, e.g. Ebberly terrace given in Bear street sometimes and sometimes not.

All data are 'comma separated' in order to facilitate transposition into spreadsheet or database format. The fields are: Surname, Forename(s), House Identifier, Street Name, Area Name]


Abbott, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, , Tuly street,
Ackford, Mrs. Mary, refreshment rooms, , Market street,
Ackland, William, butcher, , Churchgate,
Ackland, William, cooper, 5, Joy street,
Acty, Robert, dairyman, 24, Bear street,
Adams, S. & G., tanners and curriers, , Bear street,
Alford, Edwin, newsagent, , Queen street,
Allen, John, bookseller, 83 & 84, Boutport street,
Allen, Ralph, stationer, 90, High street,
Allen, William, painter, 16, High street,
Andrew, George Thorne, manure & corn merchant, , Strand,
Arnold, E. Stribling, cabinet maker, 50, High street,
Arnold, Henry & Son, french polishers, , Aze's lane,
Arnold & Sons, , brewers, , Boutport street,
Arthur, John, bootmaker, 40, Boutport street,
Arthur, William, butcher, 18, Butcher's row,
Arthur & Parker, , bootmakers, , Boutport street,
Ashton, Harry, secretary-North Devon Benefit Building Society, , Square,
Ashton, Richard, chamberlain-Feoffees of the Barnstaple Long Bridge, , The Square,
Ashton, Richard, secretary & manager-Barnstaple Gas Company Co., , The Square,
Ashton, William Laurence, grocer, 64, High street,
Axe, John, dairyman, , Alma terrace,
Badcock, John, dairyman, , Vicarage street,
Baker, Henry, miller (water) & baker, Town mills, Boutport street,
Baker, John, shoeing smith, , Pages lane,
Baker, John Henry, , Swan inn, Holland street,
Bale, Charles, bellhanger, , Queen street,
Bale, George, painter, , , Newport,
Bale, John, butcher, 11, Butcher's row,
Bale, John, carter, , Victoria street, Newport,
Bale, Miss Lucy, dress maker, , Queen street,
Bale, Nicholas, hosier & sewing machine agent, , Boutport street,
Bale, Nicholas, manager-Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co., 86, Boutport street,
Bale, Samuel, nurseryman & seedsman, , Boutport street,
Bale, William, builder, 10, Newport terrace,
Bale & Heayel, , house decorators, , , Newport,
Balman, William, butcher, 22, Butcher's row,
Bament, Richard, harbourmaster, , Strand,
Barnhouse, George, shopkeeper, , Newington street,
Barrett, Henry, accountant, , Cross street,
Barrow, George, brushmaker, , Queen street,
Barrow, Thomas, apartments, , Alexandra road,
Bartlett, John, coal & corn merchant, 71, High street,
Bater, Alfred, shopkeeper, , Strand,
Bater, John Hole, hair dresser, , Boutport street,
Beaumont, Tice James, solicitor and clerk to Barnstaple highway board, , Castle street,
Beavis, Frederick James, clothier, , Queen street,
Beer, George, dairyman, , Bear street,
Beer, James, market gardener, , Rumsam,
Beer, William, dairyman, , Trinity street,
Beer, William, insurance agent, 77, Boutport street,
Beer Jones, John, publisher & proprietor-Barnstaple Times & Devon Post, , Boutport street,
Bencraft, R. I. & Son, solicitors, Bridge Chambers,
Bencraft, Thomas Archibald Ridgway, solicitor, Bridge Chambers,
Bencraft & Bosson, , solicitors & registrars of the county court, , Quay place,
Bennett, Mrs. Harriett, shopkeeper, , Princess street,
Bentley & Son, , coal & corn merchants, , Castle street,
Beresford, His Honour C. H. W. , judge, County Court, Quay place,
Bernays, Sidney A., surgeon, , Fort street,
Berry, Samuel, artificial manure merchants & corn & cake dealers, , Tuly street,
Bingham, David, , Clarence hotel, High street,
Bird, John Samuel, wine & spirit merchant, 96, Boutport street,
Blackmore, Charles, , Farmer's inn, Holland street,
Blackwell, Miss, dress maker, , Alexandra road,
Blackwell, Thomas, basket maker, 20, Cross street,
Boaden, John, shopkeeper, , Sunnybank,
Bond, Mrs. Bessie, , Stag's Head P. H., Bear street,
Bosson, Capt. J., commandant A coy., Volunteer Battalion, Castle street,
Bosson, James, registrar & high bailiff, County Court, Quay place,
Bosson, James, solicitor, , Quay place,
Bosworth, Staff-Sergeant, drill instructor, Royal North Devon Yeomanry, , Newport,
Bowden, John, land agent, 3, Gloucester villas, Newport,
Bowden, Miss Annie, milliner, , Castle street,
Bowden, Mrs. Jane, dress maker, , Newport road,
Bowden, Richard, shopkeeper & beer retailer, , Summerland street,
Bowman Brothers, , general furnishers, 32, High street,
Boyle, William, dairyman, , Rumsam, Newport,
Boyles, William, butcher, 9, Butcher's row,
Bradford, A. & Co., grocers, 74, Boutport street,
Brady, James, wood turner & timber merchant, South Western Railway station,
Brady, John, contractor, South Western Railway station,
Brailey, William, keeper, Assembly Rooms, Boutport street,
Brand, William, , Castle hotel, Castle street,
Brannam, Charles Hubert, earthenware manufr., , Litchdon street,
Brannam, James, plumber, , Litchdon street,
Brewer, James Northcote, tailor, 7, Cross street,
Brewer, John, honourary secretary-Barnstaple & North Devon Dispensary, , Boutport street,
Brewer, John, solicitor, , Bridge end,
Brewer, Miss Rose, milliner, , Cross street,
Bridge, Robert, tinplate worker, , Bear street,
Bridgman, Lindley, architect & land surveyor, North gate,
Britton, Mrs. Ann, wardrobe dealer, , Market street,
Britton, William Brannam, chemist & druggist, Bridge House, The Square,
Bromham, James Fraser, solicitor, 40, High street,
Brook, Christopher, coal dealer, , Trinity street,
Brooks, George, shopkeeper, , Queen street,
Brooks, Henry, cook & confectioner, 105, High street,
Brooks, Jabez, brush dealer, , Aze's lane,
Brooks, Thomas, greengrocer, , Queen street,
Broom, Henry, blacksmith, , South street, Newport,
Brown, Edward, surgeon dentist, , Boutport street,
Brown, George, land agent & surveyor, , The Square,
Brown, George William Frederick, solicitor, , The Square,
Brown, William Henry, draper, , Newport road,
Bryant, John & son, statuary mason, , Bear street,
Budd, Richard, M.D. & L.R.C.P., , Boutport street,
Burgess, Edwin & son, builders, 15, Hill's view,
Burgess, Francis William, grocer, 38, High street,
Burgess, Henry, builder & contractor, , Bear street,
Burton, Miles, insurance agent, , Newport road,
Butt, Edward J. & Co., seedsmen, 87, High street,
Cann, William, shell fish dealer, , Wells street,
Cann, William, tinplate worker, , Vicarage street,
Carter, George, shoeing smith, , Green lane,
Carter, Giles, plumber, 22, Joy street,
Carter, Miss Anne Webber, grocer, 3, Joy street,
Carter, William, grocer, , Queen street,
Catford, Edward, draper, 103, Boutport street,
Catford, George, butcher, 68, High street,
Channon, Samuel, tallow chandler, 6, High street,
Chanter, Charles Edward Roberts, solicitor,
Chanter, Frederick, butcher, 77, High street,
Chaplin & Co., , goods & parcels agents-L. & S. W. R. Co., , Joy street,
Chappell, James, dining rooms, 97, High street,
Chapple, John, tinplate worker, 4, Joy street,
Chapple, Thomas, boot maker & school attendance officer, , Silver street,
Chapple, William, shoe maker, , Silver street,
Chapple & Co., , bakers, , Litchdon street,
Charbonnier, Theodore, master, School of Art, High street,
Charley, Mrs. Grace, lodging house, , Barbican terrace,
Charley, Richard, butcher refreshment rooms & toy dealer, 90/91/92, Boutport street,
Chattley, Thomas, , Bear inn, Green lane,
Chichester, Col. Sir A., commandant, Royal North Devon Yeomanry, , Newport,
Clark, Robert, boot maker, 25, High street,
Clark, William, , North Country inn, Boutport street,
Clarke, Robert Frederick, boot & shoe maker, 15, Cross street,
Clarke, Robert Frederick, boot & shoe maker, 25, High street,
Clarke, Thomas John, printer, , Butcher's row,
Clement, William, , Poltimore Arms P. H., Boutport street,
Clement, William, dairyman, , Newport road,
Clement, William jun., dairyman, , , Newport
Clifford, Thomas, butcher, 27 & 28, Butcher's row,
Coates, Henry, butcher, 14 & 15, Butcher's row,
Cockram, W., secretary-Barnstaple Liberal Association, , Litchdon street,
Cole, Charles, , Nag's Head P.H., Market street,
Collings, Mrs. Ann, lodging house, , Salem street,
Collins, Mrs. Ellen, wardrobe dealer, 1, Queen street,
Colyer, Harry, agent Pickford & Co.-railway carriers, 68, High street,
Comer, James, grocer, , Queen street,
Cooke, Charles Michael, surgeon, , Taw Vale parade,
Cooke, James Wood, surgeon, , Litchdon street,
Cooke, John & son, boot & shoe makers, 78, Boutport street,
Cooke, William, carpenter, , Bear street,
Cooper, Walter, surgeon, , Square,
Cooper, Walter, surgeon-Barnstaple & North Devon Dispensary, , Boutport street,
Copp, Alfred Henry, cattle dealer, , Boutport street,
Copp, William John, painter, Post Office, Bear street,
Coulthard, Mrs. Emma, private school, Ruthwell, Victoria road,
Counebear, J. D. & sons, fly proprietors, , Newport road,
Courtney, John, , Rose & Crown P. H., , Newport,
Courtney, John, lodge keeper & sexton, Cemetery, Bear street,
Courtney, Misses Lucie & Bessie, fancy repos., 108, High street,
Cox, Christopher Charles, classical & commercial school, , Castle street,
Cox, Christopher Charles, headmaster-Grammar School, Churchyard,
Crang, Richard, saddler & harness maker, , Bear street,
Creek, William, carpenter to the town council, , Commercial road,
Crick, George, dairyman, , Silver street,
Croot, Martin, house decorator & window glass & oil & colour merchant, 98, High street,
Cummings, John, manager-Devon & Exeter Daily Gazette, 14, Cross street,
Cummings, Mrs. Ann, lodging house, 53, Boutport street,
Curtis, William, builder, , Wells street,
Cutcliffe, John, dining rooms, 60, High street,
Cutcliffe, Richard, grocer, 55, High street,
Dallie, Willie, tobacconist, 2, High street,
Dalling, Harry, hairdresser, 2, High street,
Dalling, Miss Emma, shopkeeper, , Chester terrace,
Dalling, Thomas, master mariner, Northgate cottage, High street,
Dalling, William, coal merchant, , Rolle's quay,
Darch, Jesse, saddler & harness maker, , Bear street,
Dark, Albert Ernest, jeweller, 8, High street,
Dark, John, tailor, , Summerland street,
Dart, Edwin George, house painter, , Salem street,
Dash, James, , Great Western P. H., Trinity street,
Davey, Samuel, green grocer, , Boutport street,
Davis, James Headon, saddler, 5, High street,
Daw, Samuel, outfitter & hatter & hosier, 13, High street,
Dawe, William, grocer, , Gaydon street,
Day, Henry, manager-Arnold Perrett & Co. Lim. wine spirit & cigar merchants, , Cross street,
Deane, Norton, manager-Arnold Perrett & Co. Lim. wine spirit & cigar merchants, , Taw Vale parade,
Deane, Norton, manager-Barnstaple Brewery Co., , Taw Vale parade,
Delbridge, Richard, house decorator, , Victoria street,
Delve, James, , Barley Mow P. H., Boutport street,
Delve, William, , Rolle Arms P. H., Bear street,
Dendle, George, secretary-Barnstaple Freehold Land Society, Bridge Chambers,
Dening, Samuel, wine & spirit merchant, 72, High street,
Dennis, James Avery, temperance hotel & tailor, 11, Cross street,
Dennis, William, butcher, 17, Butcher's row,
Deubler, William, marquetry cutter, , Ashleigh road,
Diamond, James, , Brewery Tap P. H., Taw Vale parade,
Dick, R. & J., boot & shoe makers, 781/2, High street,
Dimbleby, Walter M., surveyor of taxes, Bridge Chambers,
Dimbleby, Walter M., surveyor of taxes-Inland Revenue, Bridge Chambers,
Dobbs, George, , Horse & Groom P. H., Boutport street,
Dobbs, James, farmer, , Rumsam, Newport,
Dockings, John, , Albert P. H., Diamond street,
Dockings, William, jobmaster, , Bear street,
Dominick, Mrs. Henrietta, confectioner, 79, Boutport street,
Dominick, Mrs. Henrietta, confectioner, 102, High street,
Doran, William Charles, french dyer & cleaner, Dye Works, Bear street,
Dornat & Co., , aerated water manfrs. & coal merchants, , Tuly street,
Down, Augustus Howe, tailor & hatter, , Bear street,
Down, William, machinist, , Bear street,
Draper, Edward, grocer, , Bear street,
Duke, Stephen, surgeon, , Victoria road,
Dunsford, Michael, boot maker, , Princess street,
Durnsford, Mrs. Ann, dress maker, , Castle street,
Dyer, John, butcher, 1B, Butcher's row,
Dymond, John, shopkeeper, 2, Boutport street,
Eagle, John, lodging house, , Fort street,
Easton, James, trunkmaker, , Holland street,
Easton, James & Co., watchmakers &c., 34, High street,
Easton, John, , Three Tuns P. H.-80, High street,
Ebrington, Viscount H. F., lieutenant-colonel, Royal North Devon Yeomanry, , Newport,
Edger & Co., , grocers, 96, High street,
Edwards, Arthur, deputy registrar-Bishop's Tawton sub-district, , Hill's view,
Edwards, Henry John, professor of music, 3, Taw Vale parade,
Edwards, William, publisher & proprietor-North Devon Journal, 96, High street,
Edwards, William, tailor, , Holland street,
Ellacott, William, carpenter, , Newport road,
Elliott, Frederick, butcher, 74, High street,
Elliott, Thomas William, , White Lion P. H., Silver street,
Emery, Thomas, umbrella maker, , Queen street,
Essery, Mrs. & Miss Elizabeth, dress makers, , Castle street,
Evans, James, saddler & harness maker, 58, Boutport street,
Farleigh, John & Son, tea dealers grocers provision merchants &c., 22 & 23, High street,
Ffinch, John Parkinson, solicitor, Bridge Chambers,
Ffinch a & Chanter, , solicitors, Bridge Chambers,
Field, T., postmaster, , Cross street,
Fisher, Mrs. Ellen, butcher, 8, Butcher's row,
Fisher, W. & sons, cabinet makers, , Trinity street,
Fletcher, George William, tailor, 85, Boutport street,
Flew, John, agent-Foster's Parcels Express, , Summerland street,
Folland, Mrs. Sarah, hardware dealer, , Newport road,
Follett, Capt. J. S., , Royal North Devon Yeomanry, , Newport,
Ford & sons, , tailors, , Litchdon street,
Fowler, Thomas, boot maker, , Salem street,
Fraser, Mrs. Ellen, shopkeeper, , Vicarage street,
Frazer, Patrick, grocer, , Vicarage street,
Frederick, Wybert, cabinet maker, 70, High street,
French, George, baker, , Litchdon street,
Fursdon & son, , grocers, 78, High street,
Furse, William, basket maker & seedsman, 3, Cross street,
Gabriel, Charles Henry, painter, , Strand,
Gabriel, John, butcher, , Newport road,
Gabriel, Mark, lodging house, 17, Ebberly lawn,
Gabriel, Richard Henry, boot maker, , Strand,
Gale, Mrs. Annie, gun maker, 20, Joy street,
Galliford, William, painter, , Silver street,
Gamble, Charles Hanlen, surgeon, , Union terrace,
Gammon, Richard, shoeing smith, , Bear street,
Gammon, William, carpenter, , Vicarage street,
Gard & Trevorrow, , pawnbrokers, , Market street,
Gardner, Mrs. Sarah, laundress, 9, Newport road,
Garland, Francis, , Carpenters' Arms P. H., Vicarage street,
Garland, Mrs. Jane, , Curriers' Arms P. H., Vicarage street,
Garland, William, , Rising Sun P. H., Boutport street,
Garrett, Robert, railway inspector-Great Western Railway, , Barbacan,
Gay, James, tailor, , Portland street,
Gay, Mrs. Mary, upholstress, , Hill's view,
Gay, William, butcher, 30, Boutport street,
Gaydon, Frederick, watch maker, , Litchdon street,
Gaydon, John, watch maker, 99, High street,
Gaydon, John & Co., wine & spirit merchants, 2, Cross street,
Gaydon, Mrs. Sarah, dress maker, , Litchdon street,
Geen, William, tailor, , Pages Lane,
Gent, John, dairyman, , Newport road, Newport,
Gent, John, dairyman, , Salem street,
Gent, John Robins, watch maker, , Newport road,
Gibbings & Co., , coach builders, , Bear street,
Gibbins, Henry, , Old White Hart P. H.-7, Joy street,
Gibbs, Frank, tea dealer, 30, High street,
Gibbs, John, tea & coffee dealer, , Litchdon street,
Gilbert, James, chimney sweeper, , Queen street,
Gillard, Alfred James, draper & tailor, , Holland street,
Glover, John, coal dealer, , Vicarage street,
Godden, Charles Henry, china & glass merchant, 101, High street,
Godfree, Horace, tobacconist, , Joy street,
Goodacre Brothers, , booksellers &c., 15, High street,
Goss, Henry, dairyman, 51A, High street,
Goss, Miss Mary, shopkeeper, , Aze's lane,
Goss, Philip, baker, , Paternoster row,
Goss, Samuel, artificial manure merchant, 32, Boutport street,
Goss, Samuel, wholesale & retail pharmaceutical chemist, 1, High street,
Goss, William, dairyman, , Litchdon street,
Gould, George Henry, auctioneer &c., 67, High street,
Gould, Richard Davie, borough surveyor, , Commercial road,
Gould, William & son, builders & slate merchants, , Brunswick wharf,
Goulding, W. H. & son, manure manufacturers, , Strand,
Gover, George Edward, baker, , Trinity street,
Greenslade, John, cattle dealer, , Newport road, Newport,
Greenwood, William, carpenter, , Litchdon street,
Grenney, Charles, umbrella maker, 2, Bear street,
Grenney, Henry, hairdresser, , Queen street,
Griffin, George, glass & china dealer, 94, Boutport street,
Griffiths, Mrs. Ellen, shopkeeper, , Queen street,
Hall, Mrs. Eliza, , London inn, The Square,
Hambling, J. G., wool seed & manure merchant, , Tuly street,
Hancock, George, builder & mason, 8, Hill's view,
Hancock, Herbert Jones, town crier & bill poster, , Braunton road,
Harding, James John, solicitor, , Quay,
Harper, George, blacksmith, , North walk,
Harper, John Robinson, surgeon, , Bear street,
Harper, Joseph, consulting surgeon-Barnstaple & North Devon Dispensary, , Boutport street,
Harper, Robert, blacksmith, , North walk
Harper, Robert, bookseller stationer & printer, 27, High street,
Harper, Sydney, butcher, 23 & 24, Butcher's row,
Harris, Francis James, engraver, 65, High street,
Harris, Mrs. Hannah, , White Horse hotel, Boutport street,
Harris, William Thomas, tailor, , Holland street,
Hartnoll, William George, builder, 65, High street,
Haynes, John, hosier, 45, Boutport street
Haysom, Richard, painter, , Litchdon street,
Hean Quick & Co., , seed merchants, , North walk,
Hearn, Samuel & Miss Sarah, wine & spirit merchants, 92, High street,
Hears, Miss Ellen, dress & mantle maker, 7, Newport road,
Heather, Charles, station master, L. & S. W. R. Junction station,
Hedgeland, Mrs. Henry, umbrella maker, 3, Queen street,
Herbert, Walker, upholsterer cabinet maker & carpet factor, , Cross street,
Hewish, William, veterinary surgeon, , Trinity street,
Hewitt, William, , Fortescue Arms tap, Wells street,
Hext, Edward S., manager-Fox Fowler & Co. bankers, , Cross street,
Hicking, Joseph, chemist & druggist, 26, Joy street,
Higgs, Capt. H. C., adjutant, Royal North Devon Yeomanry, Newport,
Higgs, George, inland revenue officer (excise), , Bear street,
Higgs, Thomas, draper, 37, High street,
Hill, Benjamin & sons, watchmakers, 2, Joy street,
Hill, James, builder, , Rock avenue, Newport,
Hill, Miss Elizabeth, confectioner, 2, Joy street,
Hobbs, James, superintendent-County Police, County Police Station, Castle street,
Hobbs, John, wardrobe dealer, , Paternoster row,
Hockaday, Mrs. Emma, milliner, , Square,
Hockridge, John, , Commercial inn, Boutport street,
Hodge, Cyrus, tailor, 73, High street,
Holland, Richard, butcher, 32, Butcher's row,
Hookway, George, farmer, Frankmarsh,
Hooper, Miss Sarah, dress maker, , Bear street,
Hopper, John, draper, 68, Boutport street,
Hortop & Petter, , family drapers, 39 & 40, High street,
Hosegood, Lewis William, , Golden Fleece hotel, Tuly street,
How, John & Co., general merchants, , Rolle's quay,
Hunt, W. & son, ironmongers & cutlers &c., 35 & 36, High street,
Hunter, John, jeweller & boot maker, 54, High street,
Hutchings, W. & J., corn & seed merchants, , Bear street,
Hutchings, W. & J., wool staplers, , Princess street,
Hutchinson, James, commercial traveller, , Castle street,
Hutchinson, Mrs. Sarah, , Warren's hotel, Quay house,
Hutton, Alfred Thorne, veterinary surgeon, , Boutport street,
Huxtable, John, dining rooms, 59, Boutport street,
Huxtable, Misses Elizabeth & Susan, berlin wool repos., 76, High street,
Huxtable, Mrs. William, confectioner, 17, Joy street,
Huxtable, William, accountant & clerk-Heanton & Ashford school board, 17, Joy street,
Huxtable, William, secretary-Co-operative stores, 11, Joy street,
Inkman, Misses Edith & Grace, private school, , Castle street,
International Tea Company, , , 7, High street,
Ireland, Mrs. Eliza., milliner, , Bear street,
Ireland, W. & Co., nurserymen, , Joy street,
Irons, Henry, baker, 71, High street,
Irwin, Miss Sarah Jane, refreshment rooms, , Market street,
Isaac, James, butcher, , Butcher's row,
Isaac, Reuben, butcher, 29, Butcher's row,
Isaacs, James, greengrocer, 66A, High street,
Jackson, Mark, surgeon & medical officer & honorary surgeon to North Devon Infirmary, , Bear street,
James, Beaumont Tice, solicitor & clerk to the Barnstaple & Torrington highways board, , Castle street,

Jarves, Samuel, honourary secretary-Barnstaple Conservative Association, Assembly Rooms, Boutport street,
Jennings, Frank, tinman, , Boutport street,
Jervis, Misses, Milliners, , The Square,
Jervis, William, tailor, , Square
Jewell, John Thorne, printer, 46, Boutport street,
Joint & son, , game & provision dealers, , Boutport street,
Jones, William, furniture dealer, 33, Boutport street,
Jones Brothers, , jobmasters & mail contractors, , Joy street,
Jordan, John, borough accountant, Municipal buildings,
Karslake, Edward, carpenter & joiner, , Vicarage lawn,
Keen, William, baker, , Queen street,
Keill, John Peter & son, ironmongers, 103, High street,
Keirle, Mrs. J. S., Trevelyan commercial temperance hotel, 69, High street,
Kemble, Samuel, , Railway Bell hotel, Strand,
Kempe, Frederick A., agent-W. H. Smith & sons bookstalls, Quay station,
Kennedy, Mrs. Susan, lodging house, 1, Barbacan terrace,
Kingdon, Miss Ann, furrier, 49, High street,
Knight, Mrs. Susan Amelia, general draper, 93, High street,
Knill, William, clerk to the burial board, Cemetery, Bear street,
Lacy, George, general dealer, , Silver street,
Laing, William Alex Gordon, physician, , Boutport street,
Lake, Mrs. Charles, tinman, 88, Boutport street,
Lake, Richard, , Royal & Fortescue hotel, Boutport street,
Lake, William, iron founder, , Newport road,
Lake, William, tailor & draper, 47, Boutport street,
Lake Brothers, , iron founders, , Victoria street, Newport,
Lancey, John, shopkeeper, , Trinity street,
Lane, Richard, painter &c., , Aze's lane,
Langston Ware, John William, surgeon-Barnstaple & North Devon Dispensary, , Boutport street,
Laramy, William, seedsman, 24, Joy street,
Latham, Miss Emily, shopkeeper, , Silver street,
Latham, Richard, , New inn, Silver street,
Lauder, Alexander, fine art pottery manufacturer, Bridge Buildings,
Law, William Edward, secretary-Gentleman's Club, , Strand,
Law, William Edward, solicitor, Bridge End,
Lawrence, Robert, printer & publisher & proprietor-North Devon Herald, 106, High street,
Lawrenson, Frederick, supervisor-Inland Revenue, Bridge Chambers,
Leary, Alfred, , Golden Anchor P. H., Castle street,
Lee, Frederick, manager-Daily Western Times-north Devon branch, 11, Cross street,
Lee, Thomas, grocer, , Vicarage street,
Lemon, William, coal merchant, , Rolle's quay,
Lemon, William, coal merchant, , Newport road,
Lewis, Mrs. Emma, dress maker, , Boutport street,
Lewis, Samuel, marine store dealer, , Trinity street,
Lewis, William, , Barnstaple inn, Trinity street,
Lewis, William, boot & shoe maker, , Holland street,
Lewis & sons, , house furnishers, , Silver street,
Liverton, William, china & glass dealer, 29 & 31, High street,
Lock, Charles, grocer & wine dealer, 28, Boutport street,
Lock, George, watch maker, , Castle street,
Lock, Henry, , Angel inn, Quay,
Lock, Thomas, fly proprietor, , North walk,
Lock, William, collector of queen's taxes, , High street,
Lock, William & son, boot & shoe manufacturers, 3, High street,
Lock, William Henry, estate agent & surveyor, , Cross street,
Loewenstein, Franz, carver, , Richmond terrace,
London & South Western Railway Goods & Parcels Office, , , 25, Joy street,
London & West of England Yeast Co., , , 51A, High street,
Lord, Mrs. Bertha, dress maker, , Bear street,
Lovering Brothers, , grocers, 101, Boutport street,
Magennis, Miss Mary, private school, , North walk,
Maldram & Jones, , corn merchants &c., , Holland street,
Manning, John, watch maker, 80, Boutport street,
March, John, china & glass dealer, 16, Joy street,
Marks Bros., , printers booksellers & agents for the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge,107, High street,
Marsh, Mrs. Ann, , Golden Lion hotel, Boutport street,
Marshall, William, commercial traveller, , Rumsam,
Marshall & Nicholls, , wine & spirit merchants, 95, Boutport street,
Martin, Samuel, receiver, Customs House, Strand,
Masterton, Henry, civil engineer & county surveyor, 111, Boutport street,
Mathews, Reuben, carpenter, 4, Hill's view,
Maunder, Samuel, , Northgate Academy, Boutport street,
May, Frank, butcher, 31, Butcher's row,
McBean, James, manager-Singer Manufacturing Co., 37, High street,
McConnell, Henry Wilson, surgeon, , Litchdon street,
McKay, David, painter, , Alexandra road,
McKevitt, Michael, draper, , Queen street,
Mew, John, draper, 6, Joy street,
Michael, William, printer stationer &c., 95, High street,
Miller, Thomas, butcher, 30, Butcher's row,
Miller Brothers, , lace manufacturers, , , Derby,
Mills, George, registrar-Bishop's Tawton sub-district, , Hill's view
Mills, John, butcher, 25 & 26, Butcher's row,
Mingo, James, tailor, , Summerland street,
Mitchell, Sergeant William, , , The Park,
Mogridge, Abraham, dairyman, , Vicarage lawn,
Mogridge, Thomas, dairyman, 9, Hill's view,
Monkhouse, Mrs. Mary, milliner & shopkeeper, , Bear street,
Moore, Henry & son, refreshment rooms & shoe makers, 32, Boutport street,
Moore, Henry Arthur, grocer, , Bear street,
Morgan, Charles, butcher, 13, Butcher's row,
Morris, Edward Elliott, grocer &c., 51, Boutport street,
Morrison, Robert Paul, surgeon dentist-Barnstaple & North Devon Dispensary, , Boutport street,
Morrison & Chapman, , watch makers & jewellers, 4, High street,
Moule, Henry, butcher, 12, Butcher's row,
Moxham, Daniel, shopkeeper, , Silver street,
Mugford Brothers, ,wine & spirit merchants &c., , Boutport street,
Newcombe, Mrs. Sarah, coffee rooms, 61, High street,
Nibloe, James, travelling draper, , Commercial road,
Nicholls, William, boot maker, , Queen street,
Nicklin & sons, , pianoforte & music warehouse, , The Square,
Ninnis, William, grocer, , Summerland street,
Noakes, Henry, ironmonger, 76, High street,
Northcote, Charles Edward, accountant, , Alexandra terrace,
Northcote, Christopher, livery stables, , Vicarage lane,
Nutt, Anthony, edge tool maker, , Bear street,
Nutts, Henry, hairdresser, , , Newport,
Oatfield, Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, , Princess street,
Oatway, Henry, , Rising Sun P.H., Newport road,
Oliver, George, boot & shoe maker, 20, High street,
Oliver, James Broom, blacksmith, , Queen street,
Oliver, William Clement, architect & surveyor, Bridge End,
Ovey, William, boot maker, , Union street,
Palmer, William, collector of quay rates, , Rolle's quay,
Parish, Edwin Albert, saddler & harness maker, , Square,
Parkhouse, John, provision dealer, , Silver street,
Parkin, Charles, boot maker, , Queen street,
Parkin, George, butcher, 19, Butcher's row,
Parkin, J. & son, tailors, 31, Boutport street,
Parkin, John, shoe maker, , Queen street,
Parminter, John, builder, , Ashleigh road,
Parminter, Walter, , Rolle Quay inn, Rolle's quay,
Partridge, James, chemist, 75, High street,
Partridge, William Henry, coal merchant, , Trinity street,
Passmore, John, draper, 21, High street,
Passmore, Mrs. Ann., shopkeeper, , Reform street,
Pavey, Mrs. Mary Jane, shopkeeper, , Trinity street,
Peake, John, linen draper, 18 & 19, Joy street,
Pearce, George, draper, 9, High street,
Pearce, Thomas Arthur, baker, , Newport road,
Pearce, Thomas William, butcher ,34, Boutport street,
Pearse, E. & Co., marine stores dlrs., Lovering's court, Boutport street,
Pearse, Hon. Lieut.-Col. George Pearse, major, Volunteer Battalion, Castle street,
Peathey, John Thomas, , Royal Exchange P. H., Joy street,
Pedlar, William, locksmith, , Market street,
Pelling, John James, draper, 91, High street,
Pengelly, John, cattle dealer & farmer, 20, Bear street,
Penhale, William, veterinary surgeon, , Castle street,
Penny, Francis, house surgeon, North Devon Infirmary, Litchdon street,
Perrin, John, jobbing gardener, , Richmond street,
Petheridge & Richards, , auctioneers surveyors & valuers &c., , The Strand,
Petter, Frederick, architect, Bridge Buildings,
Petter & Son, , brewers maltsters &c., Anchor brewery, Boutport street,
Phillips, George, restaurant, 33, High street,
Phillips, James, dispenser-Barnstaple & North Devon Dispensary, , Boutport street,
Phillips, William, farmer, Stoneyard,
Phillips, William & son, house decorators, , Bear street,
Pickard, James, market gardener, Rumsam house,
Pickard & Co., , commission agents, , The Strand,
Pile, Misses, private school, 53, High street,
Pile, Thomas, baker, 8, Newport road,
Pile, William, deputy registrar-Barnstaple sub district, , High street,
Pile, William Webber, tailor, 53, High street,
Pincombe, Arthur, boot & shoe maker, 1, Strand
Pine, Joseph, hairdresser, , Silver street,
Pine, Mrs. William, wardrobe dealer, , Silver street,
Pine, Thomas, cab proprietor, 77, Boutport street,
Piper, William, , Exeter inn, Litchdon street,
Pitts-Tucker, Chas. Heyward, solicitor, Bridge Chambers,
Pitts-Tucker, Tom John, solicitor &c., Bridge Chambers,
Pitts-Tucker, William Edwin, solicitor, Bridge Chambers,
Pitts-Tucker & sons, , solicitors, Bridge Chambers,
Pollard, James, wire worker, , Market street,
Pope, Capt. Joseph, mining engineer, 7, Orchard terrace, Newport,
Porter, John, fishmonger, , Strand,
Pratt, Edward, pharmacist, High cross,
Pratt, Edward, pharmacist, , Cross street,
Prideaux, John, boot & shoe maker, 48, High street,
Prideaux, Richard hill, basket maker, 61, High street,
Pritchard, Miss, dress maker, , Chester terrace,
Pugsley, Charles, corn dealer, , Litchdon street,
Pugsley, William, grocer, , Joy street,
Pulsford, John, stone mason & agent-Western Provident Assurance Co., Cemetery works, Bear street,
Purchase, John, poulterer, , Litchdon street,
Pyke, Mrs. Susan, , Green Dragon P. H., Boutport street,
Quick, William Hean & Co., seed merchants, , North walk,
Radford, Joseph, cooper, , South street, Newport,
Rafarel, William Claude, brass & iron founder millwright gas & water engineer, Barnstaple foundry,
Ratcliffe & Co., , wine & spirit merchants &c., 41, High street,
Rawle Gammon & Baker, , timber merchants, , Rolle's quay,
Raymond, Frederick William, baker, , Lower Maudlin street,
Reed, Robert William, grocer, 18, High street,
Reed, Wiliam George, draper, , Joy street,
Rew, Charles, tailor, , Summerland street,
Rice, Joshua, wire worker, 40, High street,
Richards, John Hancock, auctioneer surveyor &c.-Petheridge & Richards, 2, Jubilee villas,
Richards, Samuel, county court bailiff &c., , Vicarage street,
Richards, W. & Co., drapers, , Joy street,
Richards, William James, tailor, 67, High street,
Richards, William V., manager-Devon & Cornwall Banking Co. Lim., , The Square,
Ridd, William, boot & shoe maker, , Newport road,
Ridge, Charles William, , Globe P.H., Queen street,
Ridge, Robert, builder & undertaker, , Cross street,
Ridge, William, dairyman, 38A, High street,
Roberts, William Anwyl, solicitor, , Boutport street,
Robertson, William Andrew, surgeon dentist, 49, Boutport street,
Rogers, George, greengrocer, , Vicarage street,
Rowe, James, gunmaker, 62, High street,
Rowe, Mrs. Annie, shopkeeper, , Princess street,
Rude, John, carrier, , Higher Maudlin street,
Rumsam, Miss Rhoda, trained nurse, , Newport road,
Sampson, John, apartments, 41, Sunflower street,
Sampson, John, coal merchant, , North walk,
Sanders, Edwin, butcher, , Queen street,
Sanders, John, boot maker, , Victoria street,
Sanders, John & sons, wool dealers, , North walk,
Sanders, Joseph John Huxtable, surgeon dentist, , The Square,
Sanders, Samuel & son, fellmongers wool dealers & artificial manure dealers, , Pilton bridge,
Sanders, William, jeweller, 52, Boutport street,
Sanders, William, painter, , Diamond street,
Sanders, Williams, builder, , Alexandra road,
Sanders & sons, , auctioneers, 94, High street,
Satterley, Charles H., master of the Blue Coat School, , North walk,
Saunders, Henry, shoe maker, , Litchdon street,
Saunders, William, boatman, , Diamond street,
Scammel, George, photographer, 781/2, High street,
Scott, Henry, house decorator &c., 10, Cross street,
Sedgman, Thomas, butcher, 16, Butcher's row,
Seldon, Alfred Frank, draper, 48, Boutport street,
Seldon, Arthur Frederick, solicitor, Bridge Chambers,
Seldon, Capt. A. F. commandant B coy., Volunteer Battalion, Castle street,
Seldon, John, dairyman, , Castle street,
Seldon, William Henry, leather seller, , Boutport street,
Seldon & son, , wine merchants &c., 108, Boutport street,
Sellick, Henry, watch jobber,, Pages lane,
Serjeant, Henry, grocer, , Newport road,
Seward, Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, , Bear street,
Sexon, John, butcher, 5 & 6, Butcher's row,
Shaddick, John, postmaster, , Newport road,
Shapland, Frank, greengrocer, , Trinity street,
Shapland, John Griffiths, grocer, , Trinity street,
Shapland, Miss Selina, dress maker, 79, High street,
Shapland, Mrs. Jane, provision merchant, , Trinity street,
Shapland & Petter, , wholesale cabinet & moulding manufacturers &c., Raleigh bworks, Bridge wharf,
Shellabear, James, shopkeeper, , Trinity street,
Shellard, William Henry, outfitter & tailor, 19, High street,
Shellard, William Henry, outfitter & tailor, 94, High street,
Shore, John & sons, butchers, 26, Boutport street,
Shute, John, tailor, , , Newport,
Simper, Caleb, professor of music, , Taw Vale parade,
Slee, William, builder &c., , Bicton street,
Sloman, George, bread & biscuit baker, 21, Joy street,
Sly & Co., , watchmakers, 89, High street,
Smale, Miss Mina, fruit dealer & florist, 37, High street,
Smallridge, Samuel, poulterer, 87, Boutport street,
Smith, James, linen draper, 104, High street,
Smith, W. O. & Co., manure & cake merchants, 67, High street,
Smyth & son, , tailors, 81 82 & 83, High street,
Smyth Brothers, , tanners, , Rackfield,
Smyth-Richards, Richard Cobley, surveyor &c., , Castle street,
Songhurst, George, inspector of weights & measures, , Alma terrace,
Songhurst, George, superintendent-Borough Police, Guildhall,
Sparkes, Edwin, insurance agent, , Trinity street,
Sprague, James & sons, boot manufacturers, 84, High street,
Spurway, William, , Ilfracombe inn, High street,
Squire, Albert, blacksmith, , Diamond street,
Squire, Francis, undertaker & carpenter, , Victoria street,
Squire, Michael, implement agent, , Church road,
Squire & Evans, , mantle makers, 43, High street,
Squires, Alfred, butcher, , Butcher's row,
Stansfield & Co., , brewers, , North walk,
Staples, John, ironmonger, 17, High street,
Steele, Joseph, grocer, , Queen street,
Stevens, John, cab proprietor, 81, Boutport street,
Stevens, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, , Holland street,
Stewart Mitchell & Co., , drapers & outfitters, 43, Boutport street,
Stone, Frederick, butcher, 3 & 4, Butcher's row,
Stone, Thomas, , Queen's hotel-60, Boutport street,
Stone, William, , Red Cow P. H., Holland street,
Stoyle, James, , Stafford Arms P. H., Trinity street,
Stribling, Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, , Holland street,
Stribling, Thomas, bootmaker, , Victoria street, Newport,
Summerfield, Joseph, district superintendent-Prudential Insurance Co., 6, Hill's view,
Summers, William, baker, , Queen street,
Sutton, John, common lodging house, , Hardaway head,
Symons, Charles, timber merchant, , Alexandra road,
Symons, George, house painter, , Rock avenue,
Symons, John, baker, , Reform street,
Symons, John Burgess, grocer, , Bear street,
Symons, Robert Spicer, grocer, , Bear street,
Symons, Samuel, rope & twine manufacturer, , Bear street,
Symons & Co., , coach builders, , Summerland street,
Symons & son, , auctioneers & cabinet makers, , Boutport street,
Tanner, John, tailor, , Victoria street, Newport,
Tarr, William, , King's Arms P. H.-28, High street,
Taylor, John, butcher, , Butcher's row,
Taylor, John, glass & china dealer, , Trinity street,
Taylor, Philip, baker, , Bear street,
Taylor, Samuel, tailor, , Higher Maudlin street,
Taylor, William, insurance agent, , Newport road,
Thomas, Charles, grocer, , Victoria street,
Thomas, Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, , Vicarage street,
Thomas, Paul, draper, 66, High street,
Thomas, William, temperance hotel, 30 & 31, Joy street,
Thompson, Henry, confectioner, , Diamond street,
Thorne, Arnold, architect & surveyor &c., , Cross street,
Thorne, Henry King jun., solicitor &c., , Castle street,
Thorne, John, builder, 23, Bear street,
Thorne, John Henry, carpenter, , Bicton street,
Thorne, Richard, carriage builder, , Tuly street,
Thorne, Richard, coach builder, , Rolle's quay,
Thorne, Thomas, butcher, 20 & 21, Butcher's row,
Thorne, William Henry, printer, 54, Boutport street,
Thorne & James, , solicitors, , Castle street,
Toller, William Henry, agent-Devon & Exeter Savings Bank, , Boutport Street,
Tolley, William, boot maker, , Holland street,
Tremeer, John J., chemist & druggist, 65, Boutport street,
Tresise, Francis, draper, Ebberly terrace, Bear street,
Trick, Thomas, , Golden Lion Tap P. H., The Square,
Tucker, George, , Lamb hotel, Boutport street,
Tucker, James, insurance agent, , Gammons lane,
Turner, Alfred, , Union inn, Vicarage street,
Turner, John, cabinet maker, , Boutport street,
Turner, John, coal merchant, , Newport road,
Turner, Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, , Silver street,
Turner, Robert, bill poster, , Vicarage lawn,
Turner, Robert, scale maker, , Joy street,
Turner, William, boot maker, , Queen street,
Turner, William, tailor, , Gaydon street,
Vicary, Frederick, lodging house, 40, Sunflower street,
Vicary, Mrs. George Henry, fish & game dlr., 69, Boutport street,
Vickery, Mrs. John, grocer, , Alexandra road,
Vickery, Richard, leather seller, , Cross street,
Vickery Brothers, , photographers, Bridge Chambers,
Vigors, Capt. P. U. W., adjutant, Volunteer Battalion, Castle street,
Vosper & Co., , sewing machine agenst, , Market street,
Wadham, Henry, provision dealer, , Litchdon street,
Wadham, Stephen Henry, carpenter, , Litchdon street,
Wadham, Thomas, secretary-Barnstaple Water Co., Bridge Chambers,
Walcot, Col. E. S., commanding, Volunteer Battalion, Castle street,
Walker, John, tailor & outfitter, , High street,
Walkey, William, refreshment rooms, , Gammon lane,
Wall, G. C., agent for Great Western Railway, 24, High street,
Walpole, Alfred, supervisor of inland revenue, , Strand,
Ward, Joseph, chimney sweeper, 6, Newport road,
Ware, John William Langston, surgeon medical officer & public vaccinator, North Devon Dispensary, Boutport,
Weaver, Miss Elizabeth, toy dealer, 44, Boutport street,
Weaver, Mrs. William Eliza, toy dealer, 44, Boutport street,
Webb, Edward, collector of poor rates for Barnstaple parish, , Grosvenor street,
Webber, Arthur, cab proprietor, , , Newport,
Webber, George, coal & forage merchant, , Vicarage lawn,
Webber, John, draper, , Joy street,
Webber, John, poulterer, , Litchdon street,
Webster, Frederick, hair dresser, , Trinity street,
Webster, Thomas, hair dresser, 5A, Joy street,
Welch, William, umbrella maker & chimney sweeper, , Trinity street,
Welch, William jun., cutler, , Aze's lane,
Westacott, George, shopkeeper, , Litchdon street,
Whaley, Charles Henry, manager-National Provincial Bank of England Lim., , High street,
White, George & son., boot & shoe makers, 105, Boutport street,
White, John Lee, boot & shoe maker, 88, High street,
White, John Thomas, musical instrument warehouse, 84, High street,
Whitefield, Miss Eliza, dress maker, , Boutport street,
Williams, Henry Redmore, furnishing/general general ironmongery/sewing machine agent, 10, High street,
Williams, Henry Redmore, furnishing/general general ironmongery/sewing machine agent, 100, High street,
Williams, William Charles, fancy dealer, 11 & 12, High street,
Willmetts, Robert, insurance agent, , Fort street,
Willoughby, Robert, refreshment house, , Queen street,
Wills, Reginald, draper, 109, High street,
Winter, John William, , Mermaid P. H. - 56, High street,
Woods, Francis James, wine & spirit merchant, , Strand,
Woollacott, Mrs. Jane, pawnbroker, , Paige's lane,
Woollen, Francis John, watch maker, , Queen street,
Woolway, John, carriage builder, , The Square,
Worth, Mrs. Elizabeth, pawnbroker, , Green lane,
Wrefford, George, machinist, , Newport road, Newport,
Wright, Arthur John, inspector of weights & measures-Devon County, , Castle street,
Wyllis, Henry, fried fish dealer, , Queen street,
Yeo, Dennis & Co., wholesale grocers &c., , Quay place,
Yeo, John, , Ebberly Arms P. H., Bear street,
Yeo, Samuel, brewer & maltster, , Boutport street,
Yeo, William, butcher, 7, Butcher's row,
Youings, Frank, tobacconist, 57, Boutport atreet,
Youings, William & sons, statuary masons, , Bear street,
Young, John D. & son, iron founders &c., , Silver street,

Brian Randell, 1 Dec 2002