Kelly's Directory of Barnstaple and Neighbourhood (1941)


Transcribed, with the publisher's permission, by

Jonathan Frayne

[Suffixes to names, e.g. M.B., Bart., J.P., etc., are ignored; prefix titles are retained, e.g. Maj., Rev. etc. Many women only gave their title, e.g. Miss, Mrs, and not a forename. A few women also gave their husband's forename, e.g. Mrs John Smith. These entries are indexed as though the title was a forename. No abbreviations other than those in Kelly's have been added, some have been expanded.

All data are 'comma separated' in order to facilitate transposition into spreadsheet or database format. The fields are: Surname, Forename(s), House Identifier, Street Name, Area Name]


Abbott, Miss Rosalie, dairy, 3, Bellaire, Pilton,
Abbott, Septimus Wm., plumber, 33, Rolle st.,
Acheson, Hector M., physcn. & surgeon & medical officer &c., 21, Boutport st.,
Ackland, Geo. Hy., Boot repr., 59, Fair view,
Ackland, Hy. Jas., grocer, 51, Boutport st.,
Adams, Frank, confctr., 46, Boutport st.,
Adams, Leonard C., borough surveyor, The Castle, North walk,
Adams, Miss S., matron Barnstaple Occupation Centre School for Backward Children, , Grosvenor st.,
Adams, Wm. Hy., confctr., 54, Boutport st.,
Alford, Mrs. Fredk., Three Tuns P. H., , High st.,
Allaway, Bertie Chas., insur. agt., 29, Hill's view,
Allen, G. W., proprietor dyers & cleaners Abbey Cleaners, 37, Bear st.,
Allen, Herbt. Dyer, aparts., Glen Tor, Braunton rd.,
Allen, Jas. Harding & son, decrtrs., 7 Ebberly ter., Bear st.,
Allen, Mrs. Alice M., shopkpr., 93, Victoria st.,
Allen, Mrs. F. G., boarding ho., 8, Holland st.,
Allen, Regnld. Jn., cabnt. Maker, 93, Victoria st.,
Allen, Sidney Herbt., bldr., 93, Pilton st., Pilton,
Allen, T. H., private hotel, 7, Taw vale,
Always, Egbert Rd., insur. inspctr., 16, Wrey av.,
Anderson, Evan, wireless engnr., 1 Chester ter., Barbican rd.,
Andrew, G. T. & son Ltd., corn seed &c. merchant, Town mills, Boutport st.,
Andrew & Knill Ltd., , coal merchants, Town mills, Boutport st.,
Annear, Miss A., sec. Christian Alliance of Women & Girls, 11, High st.,
Annereau, Mrs. Frances, nurse, Osborne ho., St. George's rd.,
Arnold & Hancock Ltd., , brewers, 24, Boutport st.,
Arthur, Chas. Hy. Ley, farmer, East Sowden farm, , Sowden,
Ash, Miss L. M., home-made cakes teas &c. The Red Petticoat, St. Peter's terrace, Graveyard,
Ashton, Harry, sec. Queen Anne Building Society, , The Strand,
Ashton, Harry., incorporated accntnt. &c., , The Strand
Ashton, Jn. F., grocer, 24, Castle st.,
Ashton, W. L. & son, grocers, 64, High st.,
Atkins, Miss E. M., head mistress Barnstaple Grammar School (girls), , Bishop's Tawton rd.,
Avery, L. E., distirct supt. Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd., 102 & 103, High st.,
Avery, W. & T. Ltd., scale mkrs., , Green la.,
Ayers, Raymond Jn., highway surveyor Barnstaple Rural District Council, 23, Castle st.,
Ayre, Miss B. M., dressmkr., 3, Joy st.,
Ayre, Saml., butcher, 3, Joy st.,
Aze, Fredk. Rd., painter, 23, Granville av., Pilton,
Aze, Harold, furniture dlr., 24, Litchdon st.,
Aze, Wm., antique dlr., , Church la.
Aze, Wm., antique dlr., 87, Boutport st.,
Bacon, Stanley, boot repr., 51, High st.,
Bailey, Regnld., newsagt., 30, Newport rd.,
Baker, A. & sons, tailors, 6, Bear st.,
Baker, Arth. Jas., Albert inn, , Diamond st.,
Baker, Geo., fried fish dlr., 2, Boutport st.,
Baker, Jn. Hy., shoeing smith, , Paige's la.,
Baker, Miss Rachel, fruitr., 71a, Newport rd.,
Baker, Wm. Hy. & sons, grocers, Oakland Stores, , Sticklepath,
Bale, Arth., decrtr., 55, Newport rd.,
Bale, Claude, shopkpr., 1, Rolle st.,
Bale, Geo. & sons, decrtrs., 103, Newport rd.,
Bale, Wm., White Horse hotel, 29, Boutport st.,
Ball, Roland, White Lion P. H., 19, Silver st.,
Balman, Ronald Leslie, butcher, 42, Bear st.,
Balment, C. H. & son, butchers, 16 & 17, Butcher's row,
Balment, Geo., farmer, Zephyr cott., Derby rd.,
Balsdon, Rd. Ernest Cawsey, rating officer Barnstaple Rural District Council Rates Office, 23, Castle st.,
Balsdon, Rd. Ernest Cawsey, solicitor &c., 109, Boutport st.,
Bament, G. E., Chichester Arms P. H., 28, Pilton st., Pilton,
Bament, W. Rt., Carpenters' Arms P. H., 40, Vicarage st.,
Banbury's Ltd., , genl. drapers, 32 & 33, High st.,
Banbury's Ltd., , genl. drapers, 8 & 9, Market st.,
Barham, Miss D., boarding ho., 49, Rolle st.,
Barnes, A. E., printer, 24, Castle st.,
Barnes, E. L., chiropodist, 22, Boutport st.,
Barnes, Edwd., fried fish dlr., 40, Boutport st.,
Barnes, F. H. J., surveyor of customs & excise & old age pensions, , The Strand,
Barnes, G. F., pork butcher, 1, Queen st.,
Barney's, , drapers, 88, High st.,
Barratt, W. & Co. Ltd., boot makrs., 104, High st.,
Barrow, Geo., decrtr., 4, Trinity st.,
Barrow, Hy. Wm., decrtr., 40, Pilton st., Pilton,
Barrow, Mrs. Emma, shopkpr., 3, Priory, Pilton,
Barrow, Rd., cycle agt., 129, Boutport st.,
Barter, Bertie R., Taw Vale tavern, , Taw vale,
Bascombe, V. H. D., dental surgeon, 10, Boutport st.,
Battershill, Franbk Easton, chemist, 75, High st.,
Bawden, Stanley Edgar, fried fish dlr., 16, Joy st.,
Beck, Thos. H., Rolle Quay inn, 1, Rolle's quay,
Bedford, Johns, optician, Bank chmbrs., Cross st.,
Beer, Fredk. Jn., dairy, 38, Trinity st.,
Beer, Mrs. Alice, grocer, 33, Litchdon st.,
Beer, Wm. Hy., fruitr., 2, Joy st.,
Beer, Wm. Rt., dairyman, 39, Newport rd.,
Beer & Greenslade, , cycle agts., 50, Bear st.,
Bennett, Arth., park supt., Rock Park lodge, Rock pk.,
Bennett, Leonard Wm., boot repr., 20, Bear st.,
Bennett, Leonard Wm., boot repr., 29, Gaydon st.,
Bennett, Miss Evelyn E., boarding ho., 12, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Bennett, Mrs. Ellen, aparts., 3 Albert villas, Rock pk.,
Berry, Saml. Geo., grocer, 21, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Berry & sons Ltd., , corn mers., , Tuly st.,
Berry & sons Ltd., , seed mers., , Pilton quay
Bickford, Frank, electrical engineeer, 38, Boutport st.,
Bidgood, Herbt. Chas., grocers & post office, Alexandra Stores, Bear st.,
Billington, Wm. Alfd., plumber, 7, Higher Church st.,
Bird, Wltr., shopkpr., 65, Victoria st.,
Blackmore, Cyril, tobccnst, 6, Boutport st.,
Blackmore, Herbt. Chas., outfitter, 4 & 5, The Strand,
Blake, Rt., tailor, 92, Victoria st.,
Boaden, Miss A. E., chiropodist, 9a, High st.,
Bolam, Harold Fulford, dentist, 111, Boutport st.,
Bond, A. W., chief agt. North-West Devon Conservative Association, , The Strand,
Bond, John Henry, family butcher, 7, Joy st.,
Bosson, Wltr. Ernest, solctr. &c., Bridge chmbrs., The Strand,
Bosworth, Neil, district representative County Fire Office Ltd., 3, Castle st.,
Boundy, Jn. & son, tailors, 2, Bear st.,
Bowden, Alfd. Wm., butcher, 49, Vicarage st.,
Bowden, James W. & Co. Ltd., bakers, 28, Queen st.,
Boyles, Herbt., butcher, 1 & 2, Butcher's row,
Bracher, Chas., hairdrssr., 38, Queen st.,
Bracher & Taylor, , plumbers, , Green la.,
Bradford, Wm. Jn., corporate accountant & auditor, Bank chambers, The Square,
Bradford Bros., , who. Grocers, 13, Castle st.,
Bragg, Albert Jsph., butcher, 67, Newport rd.,
Brailey, P. C., proprietor Bushen Edward agr4icultural &c. engineer, 12, Pilton st., Pilton,
Brannam, C. H. Ltd., art pottery manufacturers, 11, Litchdon st.,
Brannam, J. & sons, plumbers, 123, Boutport st.,
Braund, Jn. H., inspector of weights & measures, 2, Castle st.,
Braunton, Alfd. Chas., billiards saloon, 42, Boutport st.,
Bray, Richard, motor cycle & cycle agent &c., 7, Holland st.,
Brayley, Geo., taxi-cab propr., 14 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Brayley, Regnld., boot repairer, 19, Queen st.,
Brayley, William Frederick, taxi-cab propr., 29, Newport rd.,
Brayley, Wm Jn., tobaccnst., 6, Litchdon st.,
Brayley, Wm. F., Rising Sun P. H., 29, Newport rd.,
Brend, Percy R., butcher, 31 & 32, Butcher's row,
Brewer, Jn. Hy. Latham, solctr. &c. & chairman of directors North Devon then¾um, Bridge end, The Square,
Brewer & sons, , solctrs., Bridge end, The Square,
Briggs & Co., , boot mkrs., 109, High st.,
Broad, Fras. Jn., clerk to the Burial Authority, , Goodleigh rd.,
Broad, Fras. Jn., town clerk Barnstaple Corporation Offices, The Castle, North walk,
Brockman, W. D., circulating library &c. Mutual Bookshops, 4, Joy st.,
Bromley's Café's Ltd., , caterers &c., 105, High st.,
Bromley's Café's Ltd., , caterers &c., , The Strand,
Brook, C. & son., coal mers., 2 Summerland ter., Summerland st.,
Brook, Stanley Gordon, physcn. & surgn., 19, Bear st.,
Brough, Ralph, mfng. confctr., 33a, Litchdon st.,
Brown, Ernest Chas., fruitr., 26, Boutport st.,
Brown, Mrs. Gladys, fried fish dlr., 94, Pilton st., Pilton,
Brown, R., sec. Barnstaple & District New Co-operative Society Ltd., 50, High st.,
Browne, C. D., capt. Borough Fire Brigade, 2, Castle st.,
Bryant, Jn. & son., builders &c., , Goodleigh rd.,
Bulled, Jas. Hy., sec. National Deposit (Approved) Friendly Society, Bridge chambrs., The Strand,
Burgess, Fredk. Jn., hairdrssr., 16, Newport rd.,
Burgess, Hy. & son, bldrs., 45, Bear st.,
Burgess, Jn. H., ironfounder & mechanical engineer, Alexandra Foundry, Alexandra rd.,
Burns, Miss E. E., distirct nurse, 6, Barbican ter.,
Burrington, Humphrey Sandford, slctr. &c., Bridge chmbrs., The Strand,
Burton, Montague Ltd., tailors, 102 & 103, High st.,
Burton, Osborne Wm., registrar for Bishop's Tawton sub-distrtict &c., 63, High st.,
Cameron, Leslie Dennis, wireless engnr., 56, Newport rd.,
Canday, Wm., propr. Clarence Hotel, , High st.,
Cann, Chas., printer, , Green la.,
Cann, Chas. Jas., boot & shoe dlr., 93a, Boutport st.,
Carder & Perryman, , corn mers., , Rolle's quay,
Cater, Jn. & sons. Ltd., bldrs., , Victoria st.,
Catford, Edwd., house furnisher, 90 & 91, Boutport st.,
Cavey, Levi C., tailor, 5, Norfolk ter.,
Cawsey, Fredk., station master Barnstaple Junction Railway station & Sticklepath & Town station, , Castle st.,
Cawsey, Rt., butcher, 30, Litchdon st.,
Challacombe, H. C. W., propr. ladies hairdrssr. & perfumer Clay M. L., 47, Boutport st.,
Chamberlain & Co., , gravel merchants, , Taw wharf, Sticklepath,
Champion, Gerald, haulage contrctr., 26, Wrey av.,
Channon, Chas. E., house furnisher, 30, Boutport st.,
Channon, Fredk. Wm., temperance hotel, 30, Boutport st.,
Chanter Burrington & Foster, , solctrs., Bridge chambrs., The Strand,
Chaplins Ltd., , carriers, 23, Boutport st.,
Chapman , Henry Pomroy , jeweller silversmith & optician, 4, High st.,
Chapple, Alfd. & son, tailors, , The Square,
Chapple, Edwin, who. Confctnr., , Green la.,
Chapple, Miss Rhoda, confctr., 26, Litchdon st.,
Cheesley, Geo. A. J., Stag's Head P. H., 28, Bear st.,
Chilcott, Regnld. W., dairyman, 16, Litchdon st.,
Clarke, A. W., hon. sec. Barnstaple Rotary Club, Bromley's café, The Strand,
Clarke, Albt. W., district manager pearl Assurance Co. Ltd., 10, high st.,
Clarke, J. B. & sons, monumental masons, 115, Boutport st.,
Clarke, Mrs. T. J., private hotel, 38, Boutport st.,
Clifford, Mrs. B., aparts., 21, Vicarage lawn,
Cockram, Mrs. Rose E., shopkpkr., 19, Vicarage st.,
Cockram, R. S., boot mkr., 68b, High st.,
Cockram Dobbs & Stagg, , auctioneers, 1, Cross st.,
Codd, F. J. & son., nurserymen, Raleigh nurseries, Raleigh, Pilton,
Cole, Edwd., cycle repr., 87, Boutport st.,
Cole, Harold Wm., motor cycle dlr., 36, Trinity st.,
Cole, Ida, furrier, 9, Charles st.,
Conibear, Wm., baker, 35, Gaydon st.,
Cook, R. H., wholesale & retail tobacconist &c., 67, High st.,
Cooke & sons, , bldrs. & undertakers, 14, Bear st.,
Cooper, Wm., grocer Prideaux's Stores, 26, High st.,
Copp, Jn. Sidney, solctr., Castle chmbrs., Castle st.,
Copp, Sidney Alfd., solctr. &c., Castle chmbrs., Castle st.,
Cornish, Chas. Edwin, sub-post office, , St. George's rd.,
Counebear, Geo. Edwd., fruitr., 84, Newport rd.,
Courtis, Arth. B., officer of customs & excise & old age pensions, , The Strand,
Courtney, Regnld., Rose & Crown P. H., 52, Newport rd.,
Courtney's, , tailors & outfitters, 71, High st.,
Cowling, Miss D., café, 1 Barum arcade, Bear st.,
Crawford, C. W., Bell Hotel, , The Strand,
Crews, J. B., hon sec. Barnstaple Rugby Football Club, ground, Pottington rd.,
Crocker, Miss H., dressmkr., 1a, Bear st.,
Crompton, Ellis, Globe P. H., 20, Queen st.,
Crooks, Thos., local inspector Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Bellevue, , Sticklepath,
Croot, M. & son Ltd., decrtrs., 98, High st.,
Cross, Jn., tailor, 27, Litchdon st.,
Crosse Wyatt Vellacott & Willey, , solctrs., 1, Cross st.,
Crown, Miss Gladys, teacher of music, Restonia, Landkey rd.,
Cruse, Jn. B., chartrd. accntnt. &c. & sec. North Devon Friendly Institution, , The Strand,
Cudmore, Douglas, grocer, 20, Newport rd.,
Cudmore, Geo., dairyman, 42, Vicarage st.,
Cudmore, Norman Geo., farmer, Greendale farm, Bishop's Tawton rd.,
Cummings, R. H. & sons, umbrella makers &c., 7, High st.,
Curry, John K. & sons, general smiths Castle ironworks, 25, Holland st.,
Dalling, W., wholesale & retail tobacconist &c., 11 & 12, High st.,
Dalling, Wm. & son, coal mers., , Rolle's quay
Darch, Alfd. E., Curriers Arms P. H., 20, Vicarage st.,
Dark, A. E. & son, opticians & jewellers, 14, High st.,
Darnell, Harold Jn., newsagt., 10, Bear st.,
Dart, E. C. & son Ltd., decorators &c., 4, Joy st.,
Davey, Montague, hairdrssr., 2, Queen st.,
Davey, Mrs. Annie, shopkpr., 17, Lower Maudlin st.,
Davey, Rd., motor engnr. Hollowtree garage, , Newport rd.,
Davies, Mrs. Nora, shopkpr., 32, Fair view,
Davies, Wm. Geo., dairy, 1, Trinity st.,
Davis, Fredk., fried fish shop, 71, Newport rd.,
Daw, Saml. & Co., tailors, 13, High st.,
Daymond, Leslie A., dispensing & photographic chemist, 88, Newport rd.,
Dean, Mrs. W., confctnr., 25, Newport rd.,
Dell, Wilfred, draper, 52, Boutport st.,
Delve, Alfd., carpntr., 10, Fair view,
Delve, Knoghton, motor cycle engnr. Newport motor wrks., , Newport rd.,
Dempster, Ivan Harry, Poltimore Arms P. H., 114, Boutport st.,
Dening, S. & son, wine & spirit merchants, 72, High st.,
Denison, F. R., manager National Provincial Bank Ltd., 86, High st.,
Dent Allcroft & Co., , glove mfrs., 6 & 108, Newport rd.,
Dibble, W. F., sec. Barnstaple Gas Co., 15, Cross st.,
Discombe, Geo. T., proprietor Central Temperance Hotel, 31, High st.,
Dix, Hilda M., florist, 51a, Bear st.,
Dixey Killard-Leavey & Martin, physcns. & surgns., , 21, Litchdon st.,
Dobbs, E., cars for hire Victoria garage, , High st.,
Dockings, Jas. Bendle, tobccnst. & post office, 19, King Edward st.,
Dockings Bros., , taxi proprs., 16, Bear st.,
Dodd, Mrs. Sarah A., shopkpr., 22, Queen st.,
Dominick, M., confctnr., 3, High st.,
Dornat & Co., , mineral waters mfrs., , Tuly st.,
Doughty, Mrs. Elsie M., masseuse, , Victoria rd.,
Douglas, Mrs. Naomi, corsetire, 74, Boutport st.,
Doxford, Jas., principal Municipal Science Art & Technology School, 42, High st.,
Drake, Miss Daphne, librarian, North Devon Athen¾um, The Square,
Dunsfords, , ladies outfitters, 87, High st.,
Dymond, Howard Jn., fishmngr., 58, Boutport st.,
Dymond, T. M., joint hon. sec. Barnstaple Town Amateur Football Club, ground, Pottington rd.,
Dyson, Frank, chemist, 26, Joy st.,
Easterbrook, Edwin Jas., aparts., 5, Union ter.,
Easterling, G. T., genl. sec. British Legion Club Room, , Holland st.,
Easterling, George Thomas, manager Devon & Exeter Savings Bank, 65, Boutport st.,
Eastmans Ltd., , butchers, 85, Boutport st.,
Eastmans Ltd., , butchers, 18, Newport rd.,
Easton, Jn., watch mkr., 23, Joy st.,
Eccott, Fredk., Nag's Head P. H., 5, Market st.,
Edkins, Mrs. A., boarding ho., 16 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Edwardes, J. A., manager Westminster Bank, 62, Boutport st.,
Edwards, Ernest, boot repr., 89, Boutport st.,
Edwards, Frank, hairdrssr., 5a, Joy st.,
Edwards, Miss L., aparts., 10, Taw vale,
Elliott, F. & son, butchers, 74, High st.,
Emmons, Albt. Jn., shopkpr., 70, Newport rd.,
England, Sidney, tobccnst., 32, Boutport st.,
England, Sinclair, tobccnst., 34, High st.,
Evans, Alfd., grocer, 14, joy st.,
Evans, Arth. Geo., librarian Devon County Council (Barnstaple Branch), , The Square,
Evans, Danl. Jones, inspector National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 38, Gloster rd.,
Evans, E., district manager Britannic Assurance Co. Ltd., 11, Taw vale,
Ewens, A. E., district agt. Hearts of Oak Benefit Society, 29, Pottington rd.,
Ewens, Wm., laundry, , Littabourne, Pilton,
Ferguson, J. D., resident inspector (Fire & Accident) Norwich Union Insurance Societies, 72, Boutport st.,
Fern, S. A., commercl. Master principal Municipal Science Art & Technology School, 42, High st.,
Fernley Willcocks, H., clerk North Devon Assessment Committee, 102 & 103, High st.,
Fewings, S. F., tobccnst., 9a, Vicarage st.,
Ffoulkes, Miss A., dressmaker & costumier, 5, Bear st.,
Finlay, Robert, furniture dealer, , Tuly st.,
Firth, E. S., manager ice mfrs. North Devon Ice & Cold Storage Co., , Rolle st.,
Fishlock, Wltr Jn., shopkpr., 30, Corporation st.,
Fleming Reid & Co. Ltd., , hosiery mfrs., 24, High st.,
Ford, Albt., district surveyor Devon County Council (Northern Division), , Mill rd.,
Ford, Mrs. Annie, shopkpr., 38, Vicarage st.,
Ford, Mrs. K., shopkpr., 7, Queen st.,
Ford, Thos. F., decrtr., The Bungalow, , Sticklepath,
Foskett, W. H., steward Barnstaple & North Devon Club, , The Strand,
Foster, Rt. Tonge, solctr., Bridge chambrs., The Strand,
Fowler, C. Basil, agricultural valuer &c., 20, Holland st.,
Fowler, C. Basil, hon. sec. National Farmers' Union, 20, Holland st.,
Frayne, Arth. Percvl., pork butcher, 34, Bear st.,
Frazer, Joan, gowns, 40a, High st.,
Friend, P. F., electrcl. engnr., 17, Fair view,
Friend, Thos. C., archtct., Bridge chambrs., The Strand,
Frisby, Joseph Ltd., boot mkrs., 18, High st.,
Fry, Mrs. Rosa, shopkpr., 31, Vicarage st.,
Fry, W. T. & son, painters, 23, Bear st.,
Furse, Hedley, fried fish dlr., 94, Pilton st., Pilton,
Furse, Ray, electrcl engnr., 23, joy st.,
Furse, Wm., basket mkr., 20, Cross st.,
Fursman, Jarvis, boot repr., 1, Princess st.,
Fursman, Jn., hon. sec. St. John Ambulance Brigade (Barnstaple Division), The Castle, Commercial rd.,
Furze, Mrs. M. L., wool store, 54a, High st.,
Gale, E. & son Ltd., gun mkrs., 20, Joy st.,
Gale, Mrs. Lilian M., boot repr., 88, Boutport st.,
Gale, Wm., board residence, 2, Taw vale,
Galliford, S. A., officer Customs & Excise & Old Age Pensions Offices, , The Strand,
Gammon, Miss Annie, teacher of music, 31, Fort st.,
Gard & Trevorrow, , outfitters, 3, Market st.,
Garland, T. W., propr. Corner House hotel, 108, Boutport st.,
Garman, Miss M. A., Northgate Café, 60, High st.,
Garnish, G., hon. sec. Barnstaple Bowling Croquet & Tennis Club, , Ashleigh rd.,
Garnish & Winkles, , jewellers &c., 99, High st.,
Gaydon, Frank, watch mkr.,6, The Strand,
Gaydon, Wm., fried fish dlr., 20, Silver st.,
Gaydon & Co. Ltd., , wine mers., 2, Cross st.,
Gee, Mrs. C. J., fruitr., 1, Litchdon st.,
Gent, Mrs. Thirza E., statnr. & post office, 5, Summerland st.,
George, Frank, supt. Cottage Homes for Children, , Alexandra rd.,
George, Mrs. G. A., matron Cottage Homes for Children, , Alexandra rd.,
German & sons, , boot mfrs. &c., 29, High st.,
Gifford, Percy, boarding ho., 29 & 30, Queen st.,
Gifford, T. & sons, plumbers, , The Square,
Gifford, Wm Thos., butcher, 25a, Queen st.,
Gilbert, Arth. Stanley, manager of Lloyds Bank Ltd., , The Square,
Gilbert, Rd. Geo. B., physcn. & surgn., Penulong, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Gillard, F. W. & son, drapers, 25, Castle st.,
Gist, Mrs. Maude, shopkeeper grocer & fruiterer, 11, Pilton st., Pilton,
Godden's, , china glass and pottery dealers, 101, High st.,
Goldstraw, C., ladies hairdrssr., 3 & 4 Eastgate, Joy st.,
Goodwin, Fredk., confctnr., 25, Bear st.,
Goss, Frank Jn., aparts., Sunningdale, Braunton rd.,
Gould, Wm. & son, builders' merchants, Brunswick Wharf, North walk,
Gover, Wltr. Geo., bldr., Bentley, Old Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Gover, Wm. T., outfitter, 7, Market st.,
Grant, Mrs. Ellen, grocer, 1, Summerland st.,
Gratton, William Percy, boarding ho., 18, Alexandra rd.,
Greaves, Wm. Lancaster, chemist, , The Square,
Greenwood, Edwin Jas., sign writer, Homecroft, Summerland st.,
Gregory, Rt., shopkpr., 17, Gaydon st.,
Gregory, Saml., hairdrssr., 22, Vicarage st.,
Gregory, Thos., shopkpr., 37, Vicarage st.,
Guard, Hy., butcher, 12, Butcher's row,
Gubb, Fredk. Jas., saddler, 44, Boutport st.,
Gubb & son, , grocers, 28, Newport rd.,
Guillaume, Harry, antique dlr., 29, Holland st.,
Gullidge, Hy. Lancelot, statnr. & post office, 22, Newport rd.,
Halls, Frank, res. supt. Refuge Assurance Co. Ltd., 65, Boutport st.,
Ham, Leonard Jn., shopkpr., 1 Margrove ter., Yeo Vale rd.,
Ham, P. E., house furnisher, 38 & 39, High st.,
Hambleton, J., district supt. Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Ltd., 46, High st.,
Hammett & Dymond, , builders & undertakers, 4, Charles st.,
Hancock, Stanley Jn., fried fish dlr., 43, Vicarage st.,
Hann, Harold G., hairdrssr., 2, Litchdon st.,
Hannaford Ward & Southcombe Ltd., , auctioneers, 13, Cross st.,
Harding, Conrad Jn. S., hairdrssr., 51, High st.,
Harding, Wm. Hy., tailor, 112, Pilton st., Pilton,
Harding Bros., , builders, , Trinity st.,
Harding Son & Rootham, , solctrs., , The Strand,
Harper, Jn. Robinson, surgn. & medical officer Barnstaple Rural District Council, 23, Castle st.,
Harper, Rd. Michael Joseph, physician, 11, Boutport st.,
Harper Bros., , bakers, , Pottington rd.,
Harpers (Sydney) sons, , booksellers stationers &c., 27, High st.,
Harris, Alfd. Geo., Windsor P. H., 55, Bradiford, Pilton,
Harris, Fredk. Wm., preventative officer Custom House, , The Strand,
Harris, Miss N. J. L., costumier, 14, Cross st.,
Harris, Mrs. Florence, draper, 14, Silver st.,
Harris, Wm., upholsterer town crier & beadle, 5 Ebberly ter., Bear st.,
Harris, Wm. Jn., baker, 33, Queen st.,
Hatton, W. P. & co., accntnts., Bank chambrs., Cross st.,
Hawkins, H. H., sec. Barnstaple Education Committee, The Castle, North walk,
Hawkins, Miss O., proprietress Biddy's Beauty Parlour, 66, High st.,
Hawkins, N. A., dental surgn., , The Square,
Hawkins, Norman Percy, dentist, Normanton ho., The Square,
Hawkins, Wm., grocer, 19, Pilton st., Pilton,
Hawkins, Wm., grocer, 5, Queen st.,
Hayes, R., sec. Barnstaple Independent Labour Party, Forester's Hall-58, High st.,
Hayes, Rt., tobccnst., 5a, Joy st.,
Haynes, Mrs. Janet G., hosier, 45, Boutport st.,
Haywood, Mrs. E.,aparts., Elsmere, Summerland st.,
Heal, H. W., Barley Mow P. H., 25, Boutport st.,
Hearn, Jas., coal dlr., 34, Queen st.,
Heberden, Miss M. E., café, 3, The Strand,
Hedley, Miss Edna B., district midwife, 25, Hill's view,
Henry, L. & Co., furriers, 23a, Joy st.,
Hepworth, J. & son Ltd., clothiers, 9, High st.,
Heywood, Fredk., cab propr., 28, Silver st.,
Hickman, Miss Alice, nurse, 24, Pottington rd.,
Hill, Chas. H., butcher, 109, Pilton st., Pilton,
Hill, Fredk., shopkpr., 1 Western ter., Mill rd.,
Hill, G. E. & sons, decrtrs., 7 Haldene ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Hill, Jn. Hy., Castle hotel, 14, Castle st.,
Hill, Miss Bessie Mabel, costumier, 42, Fort st.,
Hill, Tom, fishmngr., 18, Butcher's row,
Hill, William Ernest, printer bookbinder &c., 95, High st.,
Hill, William Jn., cycle agt., 44, High st.,
Hill & sons, , watch mkrs., 2, Joy st.,
Hinxman, Chas., motor engnr. Pilton Bridge Garage, , Pilton rd., Pilton,
Hoad, W. C., sec. Barnstaple Division Central Association, 9, Cross st.,
Hoare, L. J. E., general drapers &c. Hoare & Sydenham, 6 & 7, Joy st.,
Hoare, W. S., general drapers &c. Hoare & Sydenham, 6 & 7, Joy st.,
Hobbs, Jn. Chas., carpntr., 20, Bradiford, Pilton,
Hobrow, Miss D., school, 19, Wrey av.,
Hodge, Edwd., tobccnst., , Tuly st.,
Hodge, T. H., propr. St. John's Lane Nursery, , Landkey rd.,
Hodgetts, Miss Violet, ladies hairdrssr., 11, Market st.,
Holland, Chas. Herbt., butcher, 5 & 6, Butcher's row,
Holland, Wm. Jn., butcher, 1, Boutport st.,
Holman Ham & Co. Ltd., , chemists, 94, Boutport st.,
Holmes & Co., , fancy repository, 80, Boutport st.,
Holtham, Albt., boot repr., 17, Newport rd.,
Hookway, F. T. & sons, dog food specialists, 36, Richmond st.,
Hopgood, Lewis, motor garage, New rd., Taw vale,
Horsman, W., coal merchant, Southern Railway yard Junction station, , Sticklepath,
Horton, Gordon Wm., Wrey Arms hotel, , , Sticklepath,
How, John & Co. (Bideford) Ltd., coal corn mers. &c., , Rolle's quay,
Howard, Arth., shopkpr., 90 & 91, Pilton st., Pilton,
Howard, Wm. Geo., plumber, 22, Richmond st.,
Howland, Fras. W. S., borough treasurer & rating officer, The Castle, North walk,
Hoyle, Wilfred, confctr., 91, Newport rd.,
Hughes, Miss Annie E., Woodville School, 63, Gloster rd.,
Hughes, Miss Annie E., Woodville School, 4, Trafalgar lawn,
Hunt, B. G., house furnisher, 45, High st.,
Hutchings, F., collector of borough rates, The Castle, North walk.,
Huxtable, Geo., dairyman, 32, Pilton st., Pilton,
Huxtable, Jn., accntnt. & sec. Barnstaple & North Devon Permanent Benefit Building Society, 17, Joy st.,
Huxtable, Jn. & son Ltd., agricultural implement mkrs., Alexandra works, Alexandra rd.,
Huxtable, Jn. & son Ltd., agricultural implement mkrs., 20, Holland st.,
Huxtable, jn. Lerwill, tailor, 70, Rolle st.,
Huxtable, Mrs., boarding ho., Yeo Dale, Pilton rd., Pilton,
Huxtable, Mrs. Edith, shopkpr., 82, Pilton st., Pilton,
Huxtable, Wm. Jas., farmer, Pottington farm, Braunton rd.,
Incleden Murch Wiles & Co., , accntnts., , The Square,
Inder, Mrs. Mabel Frances, dental surgeon, 4, Taw vale,
Inder, Regnld. J., dental surgeon, 4, Taw vale,
Ingerson, Wm. Hy., dairyman, 1, Higher Maudlin st.,
Isaac, Benj. & sons Ltd., butchers, 27, Boutport st.,
Isaac, Jn. Paddon, shopkpr., 7 Carrington ter., Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Isaac, Miss Josephine, principal Rock Park Preparatory School, 101, Newport rd.,
Isaac, Mrs. Annie M., farmer, Pitt farm, Raleigh , Pilton,
Isaac, Mrs. Sarah Ann, boarding ho., 9, Taw vale,
Isaac, R. & sons Ltd., butchers, 23 to 30, Butcher's row,
Isaac, T. H. & sons, butchers, 27, Boutport st.,
Isaac, T. P. & Co., fellmongers, , Princess st.,
Jackson, Mrs. W. A., ladies hairdrssr., 73, High st.,
Jackson, Wm. O., optician, 2 Eastgate, Joy st.,
James & Tucker, , ironmongers, 40, High st.,
Jarvis, H. Pyke, china & glass dealer, 25, Joy st.,
Jarvis, J., hon. sec. Toc H Meeting Room, , Maiden st.,
Jasper, H., wardrobe dlr., 55a, High st.,
Jeffery, Geo., dairyman, 62, Littabourne, Pilton,
Jenkin, Fredk., dairy, 20, Bear st.,
Jennings, Ewart Bruce, plumber, 24, Pilton st., Pilton,
Jewell & sons, , railway contrctrs., Bridge bldgs., The Strand,
Johns, Frank Hy., boot repr., 9, Vicarage st.,
Johnson Bros. (Dyers) Ltd., , dyers & cleaners, 8, High st.,
Johnston, Mrs. E. J., nursing home, 17 Ebberly lawn, Bear st.,
Joint, Misses M. & K., tobccnsts., 103, Boutport st.,
Jones, Archbld. S., motor cycle agt., 70, High st.,
Jones, Emlyn, outfitter, 38a & 61, High st.,
Jones, Mrs. Martha, refreshmnt. rms., 15, Joy st.,
Jones, Wm. Rd., cabnt. Mkr., 59, Gloster rd.,
Joslin, W. H. & son, bldrs., Kennilworth, , Sticklepath,
Joy, Fredk. Wm. & son, hairdrssrs., 39, Trinity st.,
Karslake, Edwin & son., builders, 39, Bear st.,
Kelly, Percy John, house furnisher, 34 & 35, Litchdon st.,
Kennedy, Miss I., dressmaker &c., 23, Vicarage lawn,
Kerslake, Fredk. Jn., insurance agt., 14, Broadfield rd.,
Kestle, Ronald J., radio engnr., 6, West av.,
Kidwell, Geo. Wm., greengro., 34, Vicarage st.,
Killard-Leavey, Maurice Eugene P., physcn. & surgn. &c., 20, Litchdon st.,
King, Fredk. S., lodge keeper & sexton Burial Authority, , Goodleigh rd.,
Knight, Ralph Lethbridge, photographer, 73 & 74, Boutport st.,
Knill, F. & Co., wholesale fruit mers., , The Strand,
Knill, Mrs. A., aparts., 1 Ebberly ter., Bear st.,
Knott, F. H., sec. (St. Mary's branch) National Deposit (Approved) Friendly Society, Bridge chambrs., The Strand,
Knott, Fred G., general woodworker &c., 25, Bear st.,
Knott, H. J. & son, house furnishers &c., 50, Bear st.,
Laity, Fredk., shopkpr., 18 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Lake, Fras. Jn., tobccnst., 53, Boutport st.,
Lake, Thos. & Co., iron founders, 61, newport rd.,
Lake's Cash Drapers Ltd., , , 104 & 105, Boutport st.,
Langdon, Thos., boot repr., 8a, Holland st.,
Larway, Harold V., Ebberly Arms P. H., 40, Bear st.,
Lavercombe, Jn., tailor, 11, Vicarage st.,
Laviers, C. Jn., physcn. & surgn., 21, Boutport st.,
Lawrence, S., assistance officer-Assistance Board, Sunningdale, Pilton rd., Pilton,
Leach, A. J., Rising Sun hotel, 87, Boutport st.,
Leathley, Miss M. A., nurse Maternity & Child Welfare Centre & School Clinic, 113, Boutport st.,
Ledger, Hy. Jas., grocer, 3, Bear st.,
Lee, Chas. Wm., butcher, 2, Pilton st., Pilton,
Lee, Chas. Wm., riding school, , Fair view,
Lemon, Percy, undertaker, 16, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Lennards Ltd., , boot mkrs., 25, High st.,
Leon, J. & Co. Ltd., tobccnsts., 4, Union ter.,
Lewis, Ernest, Horse & Groom P. H., 41, Boutport st.,
Lewis, Leonard Wm., shopkpr., 13, Silver st.,
Lewis, Mrs. Jane M., shopkpr., 20, Trinity st.,
Lewis, Mrs. Lilian C., apartments, Dewsbury, Victoria rd.,
Lewis, Thos., fishmngr., 3, Butcher's row,
Lewis & sons, , furniture removers &c., 8, Silver st.,
Light, Jn., coal mer., 26, Newington st.,
Lile, Mrs. F. A., preparatory school, Crosskeys, Park la.,
Lile, Stanley Jn., outfitter, 18 & 19, Joy st.,
Little, Thos., dairyman, , Landkey rd.,
Lloyd, Christmas, insur. agt., 9, Yeo Vale rd., Pilton,
Loam, Mrs. E. M., wool store, 54a, High st.,
Lock, Charles & Co., grocers &c., 28, Boutport st.,
Lock, G. & son, watch mkrs., 97, Boutport st.,
Lock, Wm., butcher, 22, Butcher's row,
Locke, Dan Christphr., watch mkr., 22, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Lomas, Miss F., district nurse, 119, Pilton st., Pilton,
Long, A. T. & son, car painting works, , Green la.,
Long, A. T. & son, decrtrs., 48, High st.,
Loosemore, G. & son, builders & undertakers, 23, Queen st.,
Lord, Miss Emily, Spirella corsetire, 8, Pill lawn,
Loveridge, Hy., Golden Anchor P. H., 1, Holland st.,
Lowther, J. H., managing director Barnstaple gas Co., 15, Cross st.,
Luckhurst, Leonard C., insur. agt., 33, Pilton st., Pilton,
Luxton, Frank, boot repr., 6, Salem st.,
Luxton, Hy., shopkpr., 38, Bear st.,
Luxton, Rd. Lewis, plumber &c., Kyrtonia, Newport rd.,
Luxton, Wm. Hy., boot repr., 10, Litchdon st.,
Lyddon, Thos., painter, 6, Richmond st.,
Lynch, T. & sons, bldrs., Fair View ho., Braunton rd.,
Macguire, Mrs. Gertrude, draper, 49, High st.,
Maldram & Jones, , seed mers., 26 & 27, Bear st.,
Maldram & Jones, , seed mers., 13, Holland st.,
Maldram & Jones, , seed mers., Southern Railway yard, Junction station, Sticklepath,
Manley, Saml., lodging ho., 20 & 21, Belle meadow,
Mann, Horace, draper &c., 93, High st.,
March, Mrs. Mary, shopkpr., 39, Vicarage st.,
Mark, H., propr. circulating library X Libraries, 69, Boutport st.,
Marrison, J. E., resident manager Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd., Bridge bldgs., The Strand,
Marshall & Nicholls, , wine & spirit mers., 95, Boutport st.,
Martin, Fras. Jn., physcn. & surgn. &c., , The Square,
Martin, Miss Gertrude, nursing home, Beech hill, Ashleigh rd.,
Massey, A. M., pork butcher, 13, Butcher's row,
Massey, Wm. Knill, engrvr., 29, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
May, Herbt., insur. agt., 4, Grosvenor st.,
May, Miss Gladys Mary, tobccnst., 17, Vicarage st.,
May, W. J., butcher, 34, Boutport st.,
Mayfield, Wltr., boot repr., 3, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Mayne & sons, , bakers, 10, Pilton st., Pilton,
McEvansoneya, Miss Bernice, teacher of music, 7, Barbican rd.,
McKay, W. & son, decrtrs., , Holland st.,
McKay, Wallace Montague, painter, 10, Vicarage lawn,
Meadowcraft, Mrs. Amy, private hotel, The Gables, Victoria rd.,
Melhuish, Percy, supt. A Division Devon constabulary Police station, 21, Castle st.,
Messenger, Miss N., dressmkr., 33, Boutport st.,
Michael, Hermann, photographer, 4, Market st.,
Milican, W. G., cooked meats, 30, High st.,
Mills, Jn., genl. stores, 75, Fair view,
Mills, Mrs. Beatrice E., registrar Barnstaple sub-district, Tawe view, Sticklepath hill, Sticklepath,
Mills, Wm. Wallace, aparts., Cranleigh, Pilton rd., Pilton,
Milnes, Chas., propr. Royal & Fortescue hotel, 61, Boutport st.,
Mitchell, Fred, newsagt. & post office, 27, Pilton st., Pilton,
Mock, G. E. & son, bldrs., 10, Granville av., Pilton,
Moore, Maurice V., wool shop, 41, Bear st.,
Moore, Wm., gramaphone dlr., 22, Silver st.,
Morgan, J. R. & sons Ltd., boot mkrs., 78, Boutport st.,
Morgan, Miss E., ladies outfitter, 1a, Bear st.,
Morley, Thos., attendant Weighbridge (Borough), , Castle st.,
Mortimer, Hy., ironmngr., 50, Boutport st.,
Mortimer, Miss Joyce, children's outfitter, 87, Boutport st.,
Moxham, Geo. R. & son, shopkprs., 10, Silver st.,
Mugford, Leonard Chas., Golden Lion Vaults P. H., , The Square,
Mulgrue, Geo. Wm., wardrobe dlr., 17, Holland st.,
Murch, Wm. Jsph., certified accntnt., , The Square
Nicholas, Fredk. S., Great Western P. H., 5, Trinity st.,
Nicholls, Andrew H., tailor, 7, Barbican ter.,
Nicklin, O. & sons, musical instrument dlrs & wireless engnrs., , The Square,
Norman, Frank E., teacher of shorthand & typewriting office, 4, Castle st.,
Norman, Jn., nurseryman, Pilton nurseries, Littabourne, Pilton,
Norman, Jn. Jsph., smith, 7, Bear st.,
Northcote, Fredk. Jn., statnr., 92, High st.,
Nott, Regnld. Jn., shopkpr., 7a, Lower Gaydon st.,
Nugent, Dan, Hearts of Oak P. H., 70, Boutport st.,
Nurton, Mrs. Eve, aparts., 13 Newport ter., Newport rd.,
Nutt, Leonard, hairdrssr., 21, Bear st.,
Oatway, Jas., butcher, 7 & 8, Butcher's row,
Oerton, Gerald Baildon, solctr. &c., 109, Boutport st.,
Oliver, B. W., surveyor Queen Anne Building Society, , The Strand,
Oliver, Miss A., refrshmnt rms., 6, Market st.,
Oliver & son, , archtcts., Queen Anne's chambrs., The Strand,
Openshaw, M., propr. egg mers.Miller A. & son, 20, Holland st.,
Over, Mrs. Winifred G., shopkpr., , , Sticklepath,
Owen, Sidney, science & technical master principal Municipal Science Art & Technology School, 42, High st.,
Padfield & Co., , house furnishers, 126, Boutport st.,
Palmer, Sidney Jn., fruitr., 86, Boutport st.,
Paltridge, Mrs. H., sec. Barnstaple Permanent Mutual Benefit Building Society, Bridge bldgs., The Strand,
Panting, Alfd. Harry, watch repr., 6, Queen st.,
Panting, Alfd. Harry, watch repr., 34, Gloster rd.,
Parkhouse, Bruce, caretaker, Assembly Rooms-13, Boutport st.,
Parkhouse, J., motor engnr. Mill Road Garage, , Mill rd.,
Parkhouse, W. J., proprietor North Devon Valet Service, 6a, The Strand,
Parkin, Miss Olive M., teacher of music, Byeways, Park la.,
Parsley, Hy. Arth., tobccnst., 30, Higher Maudlin st.,
Parsons, Fredk., decrtr., 116, Pilton st., Pilton,
Parsons, Saml., shopkpr., 9, Salem st.,
Partridge, Jas., Barnstaple inn, 12, Trinity st.,
Pasley, R. M. S., head master Barnstaple Grammar School (boys), , Park la.,
Passmore, Jas., fishmngr., 33, Butcher's row,
Passmore, Mrs. L., shopkpr., 11, Trinity st.,
Peake, Fredk., grocer, 35, Coronation st.,
Peake, S., sec. Ancient Order of Foresters & manager Forester's Hall, 58, High st.,
Pearce, Hy. Garfield, surgn. dentist, 39, Boutport st.,
Pearce, Ralph Edwd., restaurant, 97, High st.,
Pearse, E. & Co., marine store dlrs., , Lovering's court,
Pearse, E. & Co., marine store dlrs., , Mill rd.,
Pearson, Albt. Edwd., Rolle Arms P. H., 36, Bear st.,
Perkes, W. H., supt. Weslyan & General Assurance Society, 56, Boutport st.,
Perkins, Mrs. Eliz., New inn, 29, Pilton st., Pilton,
Perrin, Alfd. & son, accountants &c., Bridge bldgs., The Strand,
Perry, Wm., lodging ho., 10 & 11, Queen st.,
Pert, Chas. Jas., decrtr., 25, Silver st.,
Phillips, F. & son, plumbers &c., 22, Bear st.,
Phillips & son, , decrtrs., 1 Grosvenor ter., Bear st.,
Phillipson, Percy, boot mkr., 48, Bear st.,
Pile, Miss Florence Milward, teacher of music, 6, Barbican ter.,
Pincombe, Hy., printer, , Maiden st.,
Pine, Nelson, hairdrssr., 41, Queen st.,
Pitman, Geo. W., boot repr., 46, Bear st.,
Pitney & son, , furriers, 83 & 84, Boutport st.,
Pitts Tucker, Geoffrey Somerville, solctr., Bridge chambrs., The Strand,
Pitts Tucker, Jn. Ernest, sloctr., Bridge chmabrs., The Strand,
Pitts Tucker, Wm. Edwin, solctr., Bridge chambrs., The Strand,
Plaister, G. & son, who. egg mers., Corn market, Boutport st.,
Pocock, A. L., head postmaster, General Post Office, Cross st.,
Pomeroy, Wm. Hy., grocer, 14, Newport rd.,
Pooley, Fredk. Chas. & son, cycle agts., 47, Newport rd.,
Popham, F. J., joint hon. sec. Barnstaple Town Amateur Football Club, ground, Pottington rd.,
Pow, A. R., dairyman, 22, Castle st.,
Pow, V. M., tobccnst., , The Strand,
Powell, Attree, supt. registrar, 63, High st.,
Power, Mrs. Kathln., deputy registrar Barnstaple & Bishop's Tawton, 63, High st.,
Prideaux, J. H., propr. Prideaux's Garage, , The Square,
Prideaux, J. H., propr. Prideaux's Garage, 11 & 12 & 13, Bear st.,
Pugsley, W. H., North Gate P. H., 56, High st.,
Pugsley, Wm. & son, grocers, 35, Bear st.,
Pullar, J. & sons Ltd., dyers & cleaners, 68a, High st.,
Pulling, Mrs. F., shopkpr. & post office, , Bradiford, Pilton,
Quine, Ernest, surgn.-dentist, , The Square,
Radford, W. J. & son, decrtrs., 31, Newport rd.,
Radford & Yeo, , ladies outfitters, 4 & 5 & 6, Cross st.,
Radley, Wm., farmer, Stoneyard farm, Goodleigh rd.,
Rampley, Mrs. Gladys E. M., off licence, 14, Fort ter.,
Rattenbury, Ernest Jn., butcher, 7, Boutport st.,
Raymond, Stanley Frank, outfitter, 66, High st.,
Raymond & son., , bakers, 81, Boutport st.,
Reed, Ernest Stanley, North Country inn, 128, Boutport st.,
Reed, Wm. Harold, Reform inn, 6, Reform st., Pilton,
Rhode-Davies, Miss Rita, teacher of music, Trefusis, Victoria rd.,
Rice, Jas. Sidney, bldr., 85, Pilton st., Pilton,
Richards, Albt., basket mkr., 5b, Joy st.,
Richards, Evan, shopkpr., 42, Trinity st.,
Richards, Jn., baker, 132, Boutport st.,
Richards, Thos. & Co., drapers, 92, Boutport st.,
Richards, W. & Co. Ltd., drapers &c., 27 & 28 & 29, Joy st.,
Richards Brothers, , ladies & gents. tailors, 35, Boutport st.,
Richards Brothers, , ladies outfitters, 30, Boutport st.,
Ridd, B., florist, 57, Boutport st.,
Ridd, H. E., sec. R.A.O.B. Hall, , Summerland st.,
Ridd, Harold, dairy farmer, Hume farm, Bradiford, Pilton,
Ridd, Jn. & son, blacksmiths, , Buller rd.,
Ridd, Miss Eliza, nurse, 23, Pulchrass st.,
Ridge, Alfd. C., outfitter, 1, Joy st.,
Ridge, Frederick John, grocer &c., 52, High st.,
Ridge, Harold, dairyman, 63, Rolle st.,
Ridge, Mrs. Grace, shopkpr., 42, Queen st.,
Ridge, Wltr. Jas., temperance hotel, 22, Joy st.,
Roberts, Mrs. C., boarding ho., 8, Alexandra rd.,
Roberts, Mrs. U., shopkpr., , Raleigh, Pilton,
Robins, Arth., baker, 23, Pilton st., Pilton,
Robins, Fras. Wm., baker, 100, Pilton st.,
Robinson, R., borough electrcl. engnr. Barnstaple Corporation Electricity Department, , Castle st.,
Robson & Co., , commssn. agts., 6, Holland st.,
Roff, E. E., coal &c. mers. Carder & Co. & chairman North Devon Coal Merchants Association, , Rolle's quay,
Roff, Hy. G., northern district surveyor Devon County Council Small Holdings Department, 1, Cross st.,
Rootham, Ernest Aug., solctr. &c., , The Strand,
Rottenbury, Arth., dairy, 64, Newport rd.,
Rowe, Fredk., manager Lloyds Bank Ltd., 17, Cross st.,
Rowe, Regnld. Alfd., shopkpr., 4, Queen st.,
Rowe, Wm. Wilfred., gun mkr., 62, High st.,
Rowlands, Arth. Stanley, tailor, 19, Holland st.,
Ruben, Mrs. Sarah, ladies tailor, 1, Bear st.,
Rudall, Albt. Jn., french polisher, 8 Summerland ter., Summerland st.,
Rudall, Thos. Mark, grocer, 35, Victoria st.,
Ruhleman, Frank P., service station, , Braunton rd.,
Rumbelow, Geo., market gardener, 18, Rumsam rd.,
Ryan, D. T., district supt. Royal Liver Friendly Society, 9a, High st.,
Sanders, Orvis, manager Devon & Exeter Gazette, 90, High st.,
Sanders, S. & son, auctioneers &c., 94, High st.,
Sanders, sidney, bldr., 5, Alexandra rd.,
Sanders, Thos. J., french polisher, 46, Victoria st.,
Saunders, Kenneth George Ward, physcn. & surgn., Elmfield, Goodleigh rd.,
Saunders, W. Odam, newsagt., 26, Queen st.,
Scott, H. A. & son, haulage contrctrs., 12, Rolle's quay,
Scott, J. G. & son, general haulage cntrctrs., Wych Elms, Braunton rd.,
Scott, R. W., resident inspector Royal Insurance Co. Ltd., 2, Castle st.,
Scott, Thos. Edwd., ladies hairdrssr., 38, High st.,
Scrafton, Miss D., home-made cakes teas &c. The Red Petticoat, St. Peter's terrace, Graveyard,
Sellick, S. E., inspector of taxes Inland Revenue Offices, 18, Bear st.,
Semmens, Wm., manager-Barclays bank Ltd., 68, Boutport st.,
Sercombe, Percy, who. fruit mer., 8, Boutport st.,
Sexon, Wm., carrier, 44, Newport rd.,
Seyfert, J. & son, who. confctnrs., 9 Ebberly ter., Bear st.,
Shapland, Hubert Raleigh, dental surg., 10, Boutport st.,
Shapland, W. E. J., coal &c. mers. Carder & Co., , Rolle's quay,
Shaw, Simeon Cyril, physcn. & surgn., 7, Trafalgar lawn,
Shellard Ltd., , outfitters, 19, High st.,
Short, Chas. Wltr., boot repr., 26, Portland st.,
Short, H. C., Royal Exchange P. H., 13, Joy st.,
Short, Wltr., boot repr., 3, Queen st.,
Shute, Jn., tailor, 19, Newport rd.,
Shutler, Cecil Edwd., motor garage, , , Sticklepath,
Shutler, Miss D. K., teacher of music, Newholm, , Sticklepath,
Sillifant, & son, butchers, 15, Newport rd.,
Sillifant, Mrs. C., apartments, 15, Newport rd.,
Simmonds, Albt. Geo., carpenter & undertaker, , Trinity st.,
Skent's, , ladies outfitters, 89, High st.,
Skinner, C., electrcl. engnr., 2, Diamond st.,
Skinner, Leonard Thos., fruitr., 1, Boutport st.,
Skinner, Mrs. Emily, shopkpr., 12, Vicarage st.,
Skinner, Regnld. Thos., house furnisher, 6, Trinity st.,
Slatter, Miss J. M. L., café, 3, The Strand,
Slee, A. & E., ironmongers, 101, Boutport st.,
Slee, Ernest J., solctr., 22 & 23, High st.,
Slee, W. T., butcher, 14 & 15, Butcher's row,
Smale, Jn. & Co., auctioneers, 13, Cross st.,
Smale & Phillips, , tailors, 5, Joy st.,
Small (John) & Tidmas Ltd., , bobbin net mnfrs., Derby factory, Derby rd.,
Smallridge, Fredk. Geo., wireless & electrcl. engnr., 74, Newport rd.,
Smallridge & Co., , florists, 73, High st.,
Smith, H. H., district manager Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, 69, Boutport st.,
Smith, Herbt. Danl., furniture dlr., , Market st.,
Smith, Herbt. Danl., furniture dlr., 88, Pilton st., Pilton,
Smith, M. J., furniture dlr., 57, Vicarage st.,
Smith, M. J., furniture dlr., 114a, Boutport st.,
Smith, Mrs. W., shopkpr., 54, Newport rd.,
Smith, S. P., building surveyor &c. Barnstaple Rural District Council, 23, Castle st.,
Smith, Wm., boot repr., 105, Pilton st.,
Smith's Shoe Repair Service, , boot reprs., 68, High st.,
Smoldon, W. & son, ironmongers, 63, Newport rd.,
Smyth, F. G. & sons, drapers, 81 & 82, High st.,
Smyth & sons, , tailors, 83, High st.,
Smyth-Richards, Fredk. Geo., surveyor, 3, Castle st.,
Solly, K. J., genl. sec. Young Men's Christian Association, 46, High st.,
Sparrow, Albt. Wesley, boot repr., 67, Newport rd.,
Spurway, Percy, carrier, Quantock, Hele manor,
Squire, Frank W., motor engineer, Royal mews, Bear st.,
Squire, Frank W., undertaker, 29, Bear st.,
Squire, Leonard, greengro., 62, Newport rd.,
Squire, M. & sons Ltd., agricltrl. implement mkrs., , Tuly st.,
Squire, S. J., blacksmith, 26a, Queen st.,
Squire, Wm. Jn., bldr., Weir Holme, Landkey rd.,
Stacey, Fredk. Wltr., Queen's P. H., 60, Boutport st.,
Stacey, Fredk. Wltr. jun., commssn. agt., 1 Barum flats, Bear st.,
Stafford & Co., , commssn. agts., 17, Cross st.,
Stanbury, Mrs. Amy, farmer, Ivy lodge, Goodleigh rd.,
Stanbury & son Ltd., , millers, Victoria Flour Mills, Rolle's quay,
Stapleden, Ernest A., surveyor, 3, Castle st.,
Stapleton, Arth., King's arms hotel, 30, High st.,
Starkey Knight & Ford Ltd., , brewers, Taw Vale brewery, Taw vale,
Stearn, Harry, shopkpr., 43, Bear st.,
Stephens, E. J., button fashion specialist &c., 59, Boutport st.,
Stevens, Albt., Union inn, 44, Princess st.,
Stevens, Miss Eliza, dairy, 17, Salem st.,
Stewart, Jas., physcn. & surgn., 110, Boutport st.,
Stone, R. M., county surveyor Devon County Council, Bridge chambrs., The Strand,
Stone, Saml., insurance agt., 11, Kingsley av., Pilton,
Stoneman, Mrs. Irene, dairy & grocer, 87, Newport rd.,
Stowell, Edwin Burt, boot mkr. & beadle, The Market, High st.,
Stoyle, A. B., resident inspector London & Lancashire Insurance Co. Ltd., 63, High st.,
Summers, R. E., resident manager General Accident Fire & Life Assurance Corporation Ltd., , The Square,
Surridge Dawson & Co. Ltd., , who. newsagts. &c., 19, Tuly st.,
Sutherland Thompson, J., inspector Ministry of Health Insurance Department, 18, Bear st.,
Sykes, Martin, public assistance officer Barnstaple Guardians Area Committee, 63, High st.,
Symons, Chas. Fredk., grocer, 27, Silver st.,
Symons, Chas. Hy., accountant & auditor, 33, Boutport st.,
Symons, Chas. Wm. sen., chimney sweep, 10 Portland bldgs., Higher Maudlin st.,
Symons, F. L., propr. Hoad & Symons high class bakers, 65, Newport rd.,
Symons, F. L., propr. Hoad & Symons high class bakers, 31, Boutport st.,
Symons, G. Murray, accntnt., 33, Boutport st.,
Symons, Hector, decrtr., 102, Newport rd.,
Symons, J. B., sec. Devon Alliance Building Society, 19, Cross st.,
Symons, Vyvyan Ray, chartrd. accntnt., 33, Boutport st.,
Taylor, C. & E., art needlework, 24, Joy st.,
Taylor, E. J., sec. Barnstaple & District Chamber of Commerce, 19, Cross st.,
Taylor, Ernest J., hon. sec. Barnstaple & District Club, , The Strand,
Taylor, Fred, baker, , Rackfield,
Taylor, Jas., china & glass riveter, 1, Salem st.,
Thomas, Cornelius T., hon. sec. Barnstaple & North Devon Liberal Club, 9, Cross st.,
Thomas, Edwd., draper, 30, Joy st.,
Thomas, Frank Leslie, surgn. & medical officer &c., , The Square,
Thomas, Misses A. & B., proprietresses Trevelyan Hotel, 69, High st.,
Thomas, Wltr. Jn., hosier, 48, Boutport st.,
Thomas, Wm., manager Ministry of Labour & National Service Employment Exchange (men's dept.), 11, Joy st.,
Thomas, Wm., manager Ministry of Labour & National Service Employment Exchange (women's dept.), 61a, High st.,
Thornby & Co., , confctnrs., 66 & 67, Boutport st.,
Thorne, Arth. T., grocer, 21, Queen st.,
Thorne, David Jn., decrtr., Elmhurst, Braunton rd.,
Thorne, Miss M., boarding ho., 1, Rock pk.,
Thorne, Mrs. Alice, tobccnst., 53, High st.,
Thorne, Mrs. Ellen, shopkpr., 16, Signal ter.,
Thornton, Mrs. M. M., grocer, 92, Newport rd.,
Throssel, S., confctnr., 72, Boutport st.,
Tonkin, P. H., who. egg mers., Corn mkt., Boutport st.,
Travis, R. J., sec. Barnstaple & North Devon Master Butchers Association, Castle chmbrs., Castle st.,
Trembath, H., pharmaceutical chemist, 85, High st.,
Trembath, Norman H., tobccnst. confctnr. &c., 1, Cross st.,
Tresise, F. & sons, outfitters, 79, High st.,
Trevisick, Albt. Jn., butcher, 49, Boutport st.,
Trew, Ernest Harry, ladies hairdrssr., 1, Bear st.,
Trump's Ltd., , who. import seedsmen &c., 84, High st.,
Tuck, Herbt. Edwd., boot repr., 19, Newport rd.,
Tucker, Arth. Edwd., chief sanitory inspector &c., The Castle, North walk,
Tucker, Miss Lydia M., shopkpr., Ashford ho., St. George's rd.,
Tucker & son., , boot mkrs., 63 & 64, Boutport st.,
Turner, Jn., coal mer., 20, Princess st.,
Unitt, Miss Edith, midwife, 33, Sticklepath ter., Sticklepath,
Vanstone, Ernest, joiner, 11, Granville av., Pilton,
Vanstone, S. & sons, motor body bldrs., , Bedford st.,
Vicary, Thos., sec. Barnstaple Conservative & Unionist Club, 13, Boutport st.,
Wadge, Miss K., district midwife, 28, Vicarage lawn,
Waldron, Miss H., dairy, 73, Newport rd.,
Walker, Cecil, manager Midland Bank Ltd., 10, High st.,
Wallis, Grenville, newsagt. statnr. tobccnst., Church ho., Butcher's row,
Walsh, Misses M. & A., masseuses, 12, Boutport st.,
Walter, Jn. Hy. sen., farmer, Maidenford farm, Goodleigh rd.,
Walters & Co., , commssn agts., 1, Cross st.,
Ward, Chas., draper, , The Square,
Ware Ward & Co., , chartered accountants Westminster Bank chmbrs., 62, Boutport st.,
Waring, Frank & sons, decrtrs., Lynmouth cott, Victoria rd.,
Watts, Arnold A., baker, 44 & 45, Bear st.,
Watts, Fredk. Wm., daryman, 50, Gloster rd.,
Watts, Leonard Jn. B., chemist, 17, Bear st.,
Watts, Mrs. H. S., dairy, 125, Boutport st.,
Watts, R., sec. Barnstaple & North Devon Liberal Club, 9, Cross st.,
Watts, Regnld. E., aparts., 12, Coronation st.,
Watts & Channon, , newsagts., 55, High st.,
Webb, Capt. Hubert M., veterinary surgeon, 4, Joy st.,
Webber, Geo., grocer, 93, Boutport st.,
Webber, Herbt. Hy., cab propr., 32, Newport rd.,
Webber, John & son, auctioneers &c., 38, Boutport st.,
Webber & Littlejohn, , dentists, 5, Castle st.,
Welch, Hy. H., chimney sweep, 10, Higher Church st.,
Wensley, Mrs. Florence Jane, shopkpr., Hele Post Office, Windy Ridge, Sticklepath,
West, W. H. & son, basket mkrs., 59, High st.,
Westlake, Percy, butcher, Voghera, , Sticklepath,
Whale, Edwin Lyle, electrcl. engnr., 28, High st.,
White, H. C., attendance officer Barnstaple Education Committee, The Castle, North walk,
White, Jn. Thos., musical instrument dlr., 43, Boutport st.,
Whites Timothy & Taylors Ltd., , chemists, 16 & 17, High st.,
Whitton, G. H., butcher, 9 & 10 & 11, Butcher's row,
Widger, G. & sons Ltd., paint mers., 65, High st.,
Wiles, Kenneth Argyle, chartered accountant, , The Square,
Williams, Chas., joiner, 30, Pilton st., Pilton,
Williams, Edgar Ernest, foreman of works for the Borough, The Castle, North walk,
Williams, H. R. & co., ironmngrs., 100, High st.,
Williams Bros., , coal dlrs., , Pilton quay, Pilton,
Willis, Horace S., Golden Fleece P. H., 16, Tuly st.,
Willis, P. P., collector of taxes, 18, Bear st.,
Wood, Chas. N., sec. & mngr. Barnstaple Water Co., Bridge chambrs., The Strand,
Woodhouse, Wm. Jn., head master Blue Coat School, , North walk,
Woolaway, Wm. & sons, bldrs., Aviemore, , Sticklepath,
Worswick, L. A., sec. Amalgamated Engineering Union Forester's hall, 58, High st.,
Worswick, Leopold, insur. agt., 32, King Edward st.,
Worth, Mrs. Mary Annie, Exeter inn, 12, Litchdon st.,
Worth, Wm., boot repr., 6 Margrove ter., Yeo Vale rd.,
Wright, Edwd. harley, watch mkr., 3, Holland st.,
Wright, Mrs., upholstress, 1, Coronation st.,
Wright, Ralph Marshall, dep. supt. registrar Barnstaple registration district &c., 109, Boutport st.,
Yendell, Herbt., saddler, 102, Boutport st.,
Yeo, Arth., scout master North Devon Boy Scouts Headquarters, , Victoria st.,
Yeo, Jas., general smith, 21, Bradiford, Pilton,
yeo, Wm., dairyman, Ebberly dairy, Landkey rd.,
Yeo Ratcliffe & Dawe, , grocers wine spirit mers., 41, High st.,
Youings, Harold F., ladies & gents hairdrssrs., 2, High st.,
Youings, Harold F., who. & retail tobccnst., 1, High st.,
Youings & son, , monumental masons, 29, Bear st.,
Young, Percy, gardener to R. M. Galloway esq., Llangarron lodge, Fort hill,

Brian Randell, 9 Dec 2012