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17th Century Muster Roll, Barnstaple

Transcribed by Jonathan Frayne

17th Century Muster RollMusketsPykes
Nicholas Gilland John Hobbs in halfs1 
Mr Richard Harris Merchant1 
Edward Keen1 
Mr Jeffery and Mr Joseph ffraine in halfs1 
Will Hamlin and Edward Pyke1 
Mr George Plime1 
Mr John Horwood1 
Mr Hyrlstone1 
John Williams and ffairchilds house 1/3 Peter Buse 1/3 and Joseph Baker 1/31 
John Barnes ¾ and Christopher Putener ¼1 
Robert Greead by his father1 
John Lone ½ Will Tradue ¼ and widdoe Norrishs house ¼1 
[ ] and widdoe Pearde ¼ at halfs1 
Thomas Harris1 
Joseph Juall and Henry Drake1 
Mr Oliver Arsoudau1 
Andrue Winpeny 4/5 Mr Luggs house and garden 1/5 1
Mr John Blake 2/3 Robert ffraine and widdoe Wadland 1/3 at halfs1 
John fferchilde and Mr Greead at halfs1 
Mr Laurence Gay and Mother1 
Mr Hurlstone1 
John Brooke1 
Peter Row1 
Robert Combe ½ Mr Biss ¼ and John Rider1 
Hugh Marshall and Mr [ ]1 
Mr Anthony Will and widdoe Palmer1 
Mr Allin and his Sister1 
Mr Nottle 1/3 Richard Stanbury 1/3 and John Prideaux 1/3 1
Jonas Hankwill and Jane Baller ¾ att half Vigers house ¼ 1
Sqr. Gay1 
Tho. Webber and Henry Mason att halfs1 
the Lady Chamley1 
Mr Will Wescombe1 
Mr Ed Larpinter and Mr Warman att halfs1 
Mr Ackland1 
Mr Nicholas Dennis1 
Mr John Seldon Maior1 
Mr Parmynter1 
Mr Aicliff1 
Mr Tucker1 
Mr Joseph ffraine11
Mr Edward Launey 1
Mr Paige and Mr Tucker att halfs 1
Mr Adam Loog 5/6 and Mr Savils house 1/6 1
Mr Loole 1
Widdoe Brothers and Widdoe Sing att halfs 1
Mr John Rosier Town claurk 1
Mr Richard Harriss 1
Mr Day and son George Pearde 1

Indexed by the North Devon Record Office as a Muster Roll, but seemingly more like a 'Armoury Roll'.