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Help and advice for Barnstaple - Pigot, pre-1830

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Name Listing from the Barnstaple Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Adams, Josh: Academy (Gentlemen's)                              Quay
Carpenter, W: Academy (Gentlemen's)                             Pilton
Cridg, John: Academy (Gentlemen's)                              Quay
Packer, Arthur: Academy (Gentlemen's)                           Boutport Street
Heddon: Academy (Ladies)                                        Ebberly Place
Henderson: Academy (Ladies)                                     High Street
Pim, Ann: Academy (Ladies)                                      Boutport Street
Gillard, Humphrey: Accountant                                   Cross Street
Noott, David: Accountant                                        Newport
Rennels, Wm: Accountant                                         High Street
Clay, John Sherrard: Attorney                                   High Street
Gribble, Wm: Attorney                                           Square
Harding, Rd: Attorney                                           Cross Street
Leigh, Chas: Attorney                                           Joy Street
Palmer, Cadwallader: Attorney                                   Cross Street
Pugsley, Thos: Attorney                                         High Street
Roberts, Chas: Attorney                                         Square
Tanner, Thos: Attorney                                          Square
Toller, John: Attorney                                          Cross Street
Law, Wm: Attorney & Proctor                                     Square
Drake, Henry: Attorney & Town Clerk                             Quay
Carter, Robt: Auctioneer                                        High Street
Chamberlain, Denham: Auctioneer                                 Boutport Street
Hearson, George: Auctioneer                                     High Street
Hunt, Wm: Auctioneer                                            Boutport Street
Stribling, Wm: Auctioneer                                       High Street
Arnold, Wm: Baker                                               Church Lane
Bates, Elizabeth: Baker                                         High Street
Cole, Samuel: Baker                                             Boutport Street
Flexman, John: Baker                                            Holland Street
Herring, John: Baker                                            Joy Street
Marshall, Thos: Baker                                           Ebberly Street
Drake: Banker (Barnstaple Old Bank)                             High Street
Gribble: Banker (Barnstaple Old Bank)                           High Street
Marshall: Banker (Barnstaple Old Bank)                          High Street
Bury: Banker (North Devon Bank)                                 High Street
Law: Banker (North Devon Bank)                                  High Street
Pyke: Banker (North Devon Bank)                                 High Street
Scott: Banker (North Devon Bank)                                High Street
Hearson, Rd: Block & Pump Maker                                 Quay
Allan, Theophilus: Bookseller                                   High Street
Avery, John: Bookseller                                         Joy Street
Brightwell, Isaac: Bookseller                                   High Street
Purchase, John: Bookseller                                      Joy Street
Searle, Wm: Bookseller                                          Boutport Street
Syle, Wm: Bookseller                                            High Street
Budgeman, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 Ebbery Street
East, Samuel: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 High Street
Edwards, Brian Bakes: Boot & Shoe Maker                         High Street
Elliott, W: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   Bridge
Harris, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 High Street
Hyde, Luke: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   Diamond Street
Petter, George: Boot & Shoe Maker                               High Street
Rock, Henry: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  High Street
Shapcott, Alexander: Boot & Shoe Maker                          Joy Street
Turner, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   High Street
Woolacott, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                Boutport Street
Baeley, John: Brazier                                           Anchor Lane
Baker, John: Brazier                                            High Street
Bale, John: Brazier                                             Pilton
King, Thos: Brazier                                             Anchor Lane
Knill, Rd: Brazier                                              Litchdon
Lancey, J Rd: Brazier                                           High Street
Marsh, Jas: Brazier                                             High Street
Pawle, Wm Chappell: Brazier                                     High Street
Rude, Wm: Brazier                                               High Street
Winter, John: Brazier                                           Pilton
Young, Wm: Brazier                                              Boutport Street
Isaac, John: Brewer                                             Newport
Leworthy, Harry: Brick & Tile Maker                             Boutport Street
Lovering, Wm: Brick & Tile Maker                                Boutport Street
Turner, Wm: Brush Maker                                         High Street
Gilbert, Rd: Builder                                            Boutport Street
Gould: Builder                                                  Ebberly Street
Hearson, Thos: Builder                                          High Street
Hodge, Philip: Builder                                          Ebberly Street
Hooper, John: Builder                                           High Street
Mallett, Henry: Builder                                         Joy Street
Shapland: Builder                                               Ebberly Street
Ackland, Wm: Butcher                                            Anchor Lane
Beer, James: Butcher
Fairchild, Wm: Butcher                                          Newport
Gliddon, John: Butcher                                          Joy Street
How, Richard: Butcher
Martin, Adam: Butcher                                           Silver Street
Martin, John: Butcher                                           Silver Street
May, Rd: Butcher                                                Green Lane
Moule, John: Butcher                                            High Street
Pedler, George: Butcher                                         Anchor Lane
Pugsley, George: Butcher                                        High Street
Snow, Nicholas: Butcher                                         Joy Street
Carter, Robt: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                       High Street
Crook, Rd: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                          Boutport Street
Hancock, John: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                      Boutport Street
Hunt, Wm: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                           Boutport Street
Jerritt, Jas: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                       Well Street
Stribling, Wm: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                      High Street
Brice: Carrier
Brown: Carrier
Chapple: Carrier
Dadd: Carrier
Day: Carrier
Fusdin: Carrier
King: Carrier
Pridham: Carrier
Redfern: Carrier
Reed: Carrier
Ward: Carrier
Watts: Carrier
Harding, John: Carver & Gilder                                  Cross Street
Wilkinson, J: Cheese Monger                                     Joy Street
Clarke, Richd Perry: Clothes Warehouse                          High Street
Pettle, Thos: Coach Maker                                       Square
Woodman, Rd: Coach Maker                                        Cross Street
Arter, Wm: Coal Merchant                                        Quay
Bentley, John: Coal Merchant                                    Quay
Fairchild, John: Coal Merchant                                  Quay
Gibbs, Henry: Coal Merchant                                     Quay
Westacott, Saml: Coal Merchant                                  Litchdon
Bates, Elizabeth: Confectioner                                  High Street
Griffiths, E: Confectioner                                      High Street
Shipcott, Thos: Confectioner                                    Joy Street
Hunt, Joseph Wm: Conveyancer                                    Boutport Street
Scott, Wm: Conveyancer                                          Boutport Street
Tamlyn, John: Conveyancer                                       Square
Hill, Mary: Cooper                                              High Street
Kelly, George: Cooper                                           Joy Street
Peters, James: Cooper
Thorne, John: Cooper                                            Quay
Hellyer, Rd: Cork Cutter                                        High Street
Arter, Wm: Corn Factor                                          Quay
Cotton, Wm: Corn Factor                                         Cross Street
Darke, Chas: Corn Factor                                        Holland Street
Gribble, Wm: Corn Factor                                        Quay
Lovering, Wm: Corn Factor                                       Boutport Street
Folland, John: Corn Miller                                      Pilton
Frost, Henry: Corn Miller                                       North Walk
Phillips, John: Corn Miller                                     Boutport Street
Baker, Francis: Currier & Leather Cutter                        High Street
Baker, Thos: Currier & Leather Cutter                           Litchdon
Bentley, John: Currier & Leather Cutter                         Quay
Dunn, John: Currier & Leather Cutter                            High Street
Rice, Robt: Currier & Leather Cutter                            Cross Street
Roberts, Edw R: Customs (Collector)
Woolacott, John: Customs (Collector's Clerk)
Gless, Nicholas: Customs (Comptroller)
Lock, W: Customs (Landing Surveyor)
Pawle, W Chapple: Customs (Landing Surveyor)
Cotton, G K: Druggist                                           High Street
Flexman, John: Druggist                                         Pilton
Gregory, Robt: Druggist                                         High Street
Linnington, R: Druggist                                         High Street
Mackrell, John: Druggist                                        High Street
Trix, Jas: Druggist                                             High Street
Weeks, Josias: Druggist                                         High Street
Weeks, Wm: Druggist                                             Joy Street
Greenslade, Thos: Earthenware, Glass & China Dealer             High Street
Gribble, Edw: Earthenware, Glass & China Dealer                 High Street
Leigh, John: Earthenware, Glass & China Dealer                  Quay
Lovering, Fanny: Earthenware, Glass & China Dealer              Boutport Street
Shapcott, Grace: Earthenware, Glass & China Dealer              Quay
Rendell, Jas: Earthenware Manufacturer                          Castle Street
Brightwell, Isaac: Fire Office Agent (Atlas)                    High Street
Patridge, R Tanner: Fire Office Agent (Bristol)                 High Street
Cotton, William: Fire Office Agent (Bristol Crown)              Cross Street
Gribble, W: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)                   Square
Allan, Theoph: Fire Office Agent (Pelican)                      High Street
Gribble, Wm: Fire Office Agent (Royal Exchange)                 Quay
Hunt, Joseph W: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)             Boutport Street
Foss, Wm: Furniture Broker                                      North Walk
Harding, Wm: Furniture Broker                                   Cross Street
Baller, Benj: Glover                                            High Street
Harttree, George: Glover                                        High Street
Lake, Wm: Glover                                                High Street
Shapland, Henry: Glover                                         Joy Street
Dennis, James: Grocer                                           High Street
Finch, John: Grocer                                             Pilton
Gillard, Humphrey: Grocer                                       Cross Street
Gregory, Robt: Grocer                                           High Street
Halls, Wm: Grocer                                               High Street
Leworthy, E: Grocer                                             Boutport Street
Linnington, R: Grocer                                           High Street
Lovering, Fanny: Grocer                                         Boutport Street
Lovering, Wm: Grocer                                            Boutport Street
Nott, Michael: Grocer                                           High Street
Patridge, Robt Tanner: Grocer                                   High Street
Scott, Thomas: Grocer                                           High Street
Shapcott, Grace: Grocer                                         Quay
Thomas, Catherine: Grocer                                       High Street
Weeks, Josias: Grocer                                           High Street
Weeks, Wm: Grocer                                               Joy Street
Butler, T: Gun Maker                                            Boutport Street
Bates, Wm: Hat Manufacturer                                     Boutport Street
Blackmore, Rd: Hat Manufacturer                                 High Street
Bowen, John: Hat Manufacturer                                   Joy Street
Martin, Philip: Hat Manufacturer                                Joy Street
Martin, Richd: Hat Manufacturer                                 Back Lane
Gribble, J B: Iron & Brass Founder                              Newport Road
Baeley, Jas: Iron Monger                                        High Street
Copner, Thos: Iron Monger                                       Joy Street
Dennis, John: Iron Monger                                       Boutport Street
Dyer, Wm: Iron Monger                                           High Street
Hearson, Thos: Iron Monger                                      High Street
Hunt, John Dennis: Iron Monger                                  High Street
Mallett, Hy: Iron Monger                                        Joy Street
Moon, James: Iron Monger                                        High Street
Parminster, Joseph B: Iron Monger                               Joy Street
Pawle, Wm Chappell: Iron Monger                                 High Street
Rude, Wm: Iron Monger                                           High Street
Tyte, George: Iron Monger                                       Quay
Williams, John: Iron Monger                                     High Street
Symons, H: Lace Dealer                                          High Street
Boden: Lace Manufacturer                                        Rowleigh Mill
Morley: Lace Manufacturer                                       Rowleigh Mill
Berry, Francis: Land Surveyor                                   Boutport Street
Tamlyn, John: Land Surveyor                                     Square
Dennis, John: Lime Merchant                                     Boutport Street
Law, John: Lime Merchant                                        Litchdon
Avery, John: Linen Draper                                       Joy Street
Carpenter, Hester: Linen Draper                                 Pilton
Cooke, John: Linen Draper                                       Cross Street
Evans, Joseph: Linen Draper                                     High Street
Gill, John: Linen Draper                                        High Street
Gribble, Rt: Linen Draper                                       Cross Street
Harris, George: Linen Draper                                    High Street
Loader, Bernard: Linen Draper                                   High Street
Lock, John Thos: Linen Draper                                   Boutport Street
Willis, Timothy Harding: Linen Draper                           High Street
Wills, Joseph: Linen Draper                                     High Street
Wills, Rd: Linen Draper                                         High Street
Andrew, Nicholas: Maltster                                      Litchdon
Arter, Wm: Maltster                                             Quay
Baker, Thos: Maltster                                           Green Lane
Beard, Hugh: Maltster                                           Pilton
Beer, Wm: Maltster                                              Boutport Street
Chamberlin, Denham: Maltster                                    Boutport Street
Cotton, Wm: Maltster                                            Cross Street
Dake, Chas: Maltster                                            Holland
Dallyn, Wm: Maltster                                            Back Lane
Densham, Thos: Maltster                                         Boutport Street
Fewins, Wm: Maltster                                            Quay
Fisher, John: Maltster                                          Boutport Street
Fry, John: Maltster                                             Holland
Harris, Thos: Maltster                                          High Street
Irwin, John: Maltster                                           Boutport Street
Isaac, John: Maltster                                           Newport
Kingson, Geo: Maltster                                          Boutport Street
Lovering, Wm: Maltster                                          Boutport Street
Scott, Thos: Maltster                                           High Street
Seldon, Wm: Maltster                                            Boutport Street
Souch, Henry: Maltster                                          Boutport Street
Squire, E: Maltster                                             Boutport Street
Street, Hugh: Maltster                                          Boutport Street
Stribling, Mary: Maltster                                       Boutport Street
Treble, George: Maltster                                        Pilton
Tucker, Alexander: Maltster                                     Boutport Street
Vicary, Rd: Maltster                                            Quay
Vickary, George: Maltster                                       Bradiford
Vickary, Wm: Maltster                                           High Street
Warmington, Wm: Maltster                                        Pilton
White, George: Maltster                                         Boutport Street
White, Samuel: Maltster                                         Boutport Street
Williams, John: Maltster                                        Pilton
Woolacott, John: Maltster                                       Square
Nolan, Michael: Member Of Parliament
Ommaney, F M: Member Of Parliament
Arter, Wm: Merchant                                             Quay
Gribble, Wm: Merchant                                           Quay
Jerritt, John: Merchant                                         Castle Quay
Thorne, Rd: Merchant                                            Pilton
Westacott, John: Merchant                                       Litchdon
Blackmore, E M: Milliner                                        High Street
Incledon, Ann: Milliner                                         High Street
Quartly, Elizabeth: Milliner                                    High Street
Taylor, C: Milliner                                             High Street
Taylor, E R: Milliner                                           High Street
Moretti, Charles: Optician & Jeweller                           High Street
Allan, Theophilus: Painter & Glazier                            High Street
Britton, Jas: Painter & Glazier                                 High Street
Frase, Joseph: Painter & Glazier                                Diamond Street
Heale, Henry: Painter & Glazier                                 Cross Street
Jewell, Robt: Painter & Glazier                                 Boutport Street
Rennels, Wm: Painter & Glazier                                  High Street
Thomas, Catherine: Painter & Glazier                            High Street
Moon, Fanny: Pawnbroker                                         Joy Street
Moon, Thos: Pawnbroker                                          Joy Street
Dalling, John: Perfumer                                         High Street
Hunt, John Dennis: Perfumer                                     High Street
Lock, Ann: Perfumer                                             Boutport Street
Reed, Wm: Perfumer                                              High Street
Wilkinson, John: Perfumer                                       Joy Street
Horwood: Physician
Morgan, Js Gordon: Physician                                    Vicarage House
O'connor, Jas: Physician                                        High Street
Wavel, Wm Barnstaple: Physician
Jones, Richard: Post Master                                     Cross Street
Leworthy: Proprietor, Ship - Commerce
Crocombe: Proprietor, Ship - Fanny
Edwards: Proprietor, Ship - Friends
Martin: Proprietor, Ship - Friends
Hurd: Proprietor, Ship - Penrose
Whimple: Proprietor, Ship - Unity
Hooper: Proprietor, Ship - Venus
Hearson, Chas: Rocking Horse & Fancy Chair Manufacturer         High Street
Hearson, George: Rocking Horse & Fancy Chair Manufacturer       High Street
Herepath, P: Rope Maker                                         Bradiford
Blackwell, Rd: Saddler                                          Boutport Street
Bryant, Philip: Saddler                                         Newport
Gilbert, Jas: Saddler                                           Joy Street
Petter, Wm: Saddler                                             High Street
Priscott, Jas: Saddler                                          Joy Street
Turner, Joshua: Saddler                                         High Street
Browning, John: Sail Maker                                      Quay
Chapple, John: Ship Builder                                     Pilton
Westacott, John: Ship Builder                                   Litchdon
Knill, John: Stone Mason                                        Bradiford
Blackmore, Chas: Surgeon                                        Cross Street
Copner: Surgeon                                                 High Street
Cutcliffe: Surgeon                                              Boutport Street
King: Surgeon                                                   High Street
March, Jas C: Surgeon                                           Boutport Street
Owen: Surgeon                                                   Boutport Street
Northcott, George: Tailor & Draper                              High Street
Whitfield, Jas: Tailor & Draper                                 Joy Street
Elvins, Jas: Tailor & Habit Maker                               Holland Street
Gribble, Edw: Tailor & Habit Maker                              High Street
Harris, David: Tailor & Habit Maker                             Holland Street
Harris, Michael: Tailor & Habit Maker                           Holland Street
Price, James: Tailor & Habit Maker                              Boutport Street
Greek, Joseph: Tallow Chandler                                  High Street
Greenslade, Thos: Tallow Chandler                               High Street
Hunt, Rd: Tallow Chandler                                       Boutport Street
Lovering, Wm: Tallow Chandler                                   Joy Street
Northcott, Roger: Tallow Chandler                               High Street
Williams, John: Tallow Chandler                                 Pilton
Baker, John: Tanner                                             Ebberly Street
Davis, John: Tanner                                             Boutport Street
Dennis, Thos: Tanner                                            Boutport Street
King, John: Tanner                                              Bradiford
Law, Wm: Tanner                                                 Ebberly Street
Hill, W: Tavern/Inn (Admiral Vernon)                            Maiden Street
Vicary, Richd: Tavern/Inn (Angel)                               Quay
Hancock, John: Tavern/Inn (Bear)                                Green Lane
Payne, Mary: Tavern/Inn (Bell)                                  Quay
Thorne, W: Tavern/Inn (Black Horse)                             Boutport Street
Chappell, G: Tavern/Inn (Black's Head)                          Boutport Street
Gabril, Jno: Tavern/Inn (Boar's Head)                           High Street
Parkin, John: Tavern/Inn (Boot)                                 High Street
Langdon: Tavern/Inn (Bricklayer's Arms)                         Back Lane
Seldon, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Bull)                                   Boutport Street
Davis, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Castle)                                  High Street
Reed, Jno: Tavern/Inn (Commercial)                              Boutport Street
Hill, M: Tavern/Inn (Crown & Anchor)                            Litchden
Dowling, J: Tavern/Inn (Ebberly Arms)                           Ebberly Street
Whimple, S: Tavern/Inn (Exeter Inn)                             Litchdon
Gliddon, John: Tavern/Inn (Falcon)                              Joy Street
Aldred, W: Tavern/Inn (Fortescue Arms)                          High Street
Gribble, Jon: Tavern/Inn (Fountain)                             Holland Street
Hearson, Susan: Tavern/Inn (Fuller's Inn)                       High Street
Bear, Mary: Tavern/Inn (George)                                 Boutport Street
Chapple, Rt: Tavern/Inn (Golden Anchor)                         Quay
Ashby, John: Tavern/Inn (Golden Lion)                           High Street
Turner, Dorothy: Tavern/Inn (Green Dragon)                      Boutport Street
Davey, Eliz: Tavern/Inn (Heart Of Oak)                          High Street
Pengilly, Roger: Tavern/Inn (Horse And Groom)                   Boutport Street
Narraway, J: Tavern/Inn (Jolly Butcher)                         High Street
Hunt, Christmas: Tavern/Inn (King's Arms)                       High Street
Heal, Jane: Tavern/Inn (Lamb)                                   Boutport Street
Arscott, Rich: Tavern/Inn (London)                              Litchdon
Kingdon, W: Tavern/Inn (Mermaid)                                Boutport Street
Pidler, G: Tavern/Inn (Nag's Head)                              Anchor Lane
Trapnell, Ann: Tavern/Inn (New Inn)                             Back Lane
Randell, John: Tavern/Inn (North Country Inn)                   Boutport
Burgess, Wm: Tavern/Inn (North Molton Inn)                      Ebberly Street
Blackmore, Robt: Tavern/Inn (Red Lion)                          Quay
Folland, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Ring Of Bells)                         Pilton
Trim, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Ring Of Bells)                            Anchor Lane
Britton, S: Tavern/Inn (Rising Sun)                             Boutport Street
Brooks, Jno: Tavern/Inn (Rooms)                                 Boutport Street
Sage: Tavern/Inn (Rose & Crown)                                 Newport
Snow, N: Tavern/Inn (Royal Exchange)                            Joy Street
Venner, Ts: Tavern/Inn (Royal Oak)                              Holland Street
Watts, James: Tavern/Inn (Salutation)                           Quay
Rudall, W: Tavern/Inn (Seven Stars)                             Anchor Lane
Courtis, John: Tavern/Inn (Sheepmarket Inn)                     Holland Street
Sanders, John: Tavern/Inn (Ship)                                Quay
Hodge, S: Tavern/Inn (Shipwright's Arms)                        Square
Burch, P: Tavern/Inn (Smith's Arms)                             Diamond Street
Tyte, George: Tavern/Inn (Star)                                 Quay
Andrew, N: Tavern/Inn (Theatre Inn)                             High Street
Kingston, J: Tavern/Inn (Three Tuns)                            High Street
King, Jane: Tavern/Inn (Town Arms)                              Anchor Lane
Irwin, Benj: Tavern/Inn (Unicorn)                               Pilton
Bristow, J: Tavern/Inn (Wellington Arms)                        High Street
Reed, Margt: Tavern/Inn (White Hart)                            Joy Street
White, S: Tavern/Inn (White Horse)                              Boutport Street
Shobrook, Jas: Tavern/Inn (White Lion)                          Quay
Petter, G: Tavern/Inn (White Swan)                              Holland Street
M'geach, Robt: Tea Dealer                                       Quay
Muir, Andrew: Tea Dealer                                        Quay
Reid, Thos: Tea Dealer                                          High Street
Shannon, Robt: Tea Dealer                                       High Street
Harris, Emanl: Teacher (Music)                                  High Street
Huxtable, Christopher: Teacher (Music)                          High Street
Rennels, Edw Croscombe: Teacher (Music)                         Hardaway Head
Syle, Alicia: Teacher (Music)                                   High Street
Jerritt, John: Timber Merchant                                  Castle Quay
Thorne, Richard: Timber Merchant                                Pilton
Westacott, John: Timber Merchant                                Litchdon
Drake, John: Watch & Clock Maker                                High Street
Hodge, John: Watch & Clock Maker                                Boutport Street
Mallett, John: Watch & Clock Maker                              High Street
Passmore, Rd: Watch & Clock Maker                               High Street
Snell, Edward: Watch & Clock Maker                              High Street
Down, Richd: Wheelwright                                        North Walk
Symond, Richard: Wheelwright                                    Boutport Street
Ward, John: Wheelwright                                         Ebberly Street
Bremridge: Wine & Spirit Merchant                               High Street
Cotton, Wm: Wine & Spirit Merchant                              Cross Street
Linnington: Wine & Spirit Merchant                              High Street
Marsh, James: Wine & Spirit Merchant                            High Street
Veale, Oliver: Wine & Spirit Merchant                           High Street
Bremridge, Saml: Woolen Manufacturer                            High Street
Lakeman, John: Woolen Manufacturer                              Pilton
Milton, Thomas: Woolen Manufacturer                             Bradiford

Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online
Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999