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Rent Roll of the Corporation of Barnstaple 1652/3

Transcribed by Jonathan Frayne

  £ s. d.
Mr. Gay for a house over Northgate   5 0
Mr. Gay for a moytie of a tenement in High street, sometime Richard Marier   14 6
Squire for the other moytie of the same tenement   14 6
Richard Ferris for a tenement in Fishambles wherein William Bellew dwells   9 6
Mr. William Wood for the tavern on the Kay   14 0
Wood for the Customs House   4 0
Peard for a tenement in the Kay, sometime mr. Darracotts   10 0
Peard for setting out the said tenement further than it was before   1 0
John Eales for his tenement upon the Strand   10 0
John Eales for his pole before his window     2
John Boller for a little shop under the Guildhall 1 0 0
Richard Harris for the moytie of a tenement in Crock Street   12 0
Thomas Horwood for the other moytie of the said tenement   12 0
Mr. Challinar for a tenement in High street, sometime Roger Beare's   19 0
Margaret Hackett for a tenement in Bowtport   10 0
Joseph Delbridge for his tenement in High Street wherein he dwells   13 4
Joseph Delbridge for a tenement in High Street, Lewes Groves dwells   12 6
Dorothy Hill for a tenement and two gardens at Litchdon, sometime Agnes Quicks   5 0
John Gread for a garden at Litchdon, sometime Nath. Quick's   1 0
Palmer for his marsh called Goose Leaze   6 0
Lawrence Gay for his two tenements and gardens, sometime Rottenburies   13 4
Richard Budd for his tenement in Southgate   13 4
John Gill for two tenements in Boutport, sometime Nicholas Lang's   12 0
Geffery Webber for a tenement next unto the Church stile, sometime William Yeo's   4 0
James Oliver for a tenement in Anchor Lane   5 0
Mr. Nicholas Dennys for Portmarsh   13 4
Mr. John Downe for his little piece of ground in Barbican Lane   2 0
Thomasyn Harris for a piece of ground upon the Kay   1 0
Richard Blackmore for two tenements upon the Kay in the tenure of george Britton     4
Walter Lawnd for his tenement in Crock Street   13 4
Hugh Badcock, of South Molton, for his tenement in South Molton   2 0
Nicholas Cooke for a tenement in Crock Street, sometime Grace Gay's   17 0
William Johnson for Castle Hayes 2 6 8
Richard Stanbury for a courtlage erected by Mr. Norris     4
Richard Oliver for a wellhouse upon the Kay   1 0
Mr. Norris for fixing timber upon Lewes Downe house     1
Mr. John Doddridge for his courtlage upon the Kay     5
Susan Collibear, widow, for fixing timber upon the Kay Hall     4
John Witheridge for his new building and tenement near the Castle Hayes   2 0
The widow Penrose for her tenement in Balhaye   1 4
The Corporation of Barnstaple for a tenement in Balhay now the Bridewell   1 4
Peter Rowe for his tavern upon the Kay 1 0 0
William Collibeare for fixing timber upon the Bridgland in Boutport     4
The Corporation of Barnstaple for a tenement in Balhaye, sometime Mr. George Peard's   1 0
John Hawke for a tenement and garden in Castle Lane   2 0
Mr. Richard Harris for a tenement in Balhaye, sometime Mr. Justinian Westcombe's   1 4
George Plyme for a tenement at Litchdon which was Thomas Salterne's   10 0
Mark Blackmore for a little shop under the Guildhall   2 8
Katheryne Cleland for her tenement and new building in Mayden Street 1 11 0
Arthur Smale for a tenement at Litchdon, sometime Kingdomes 1 0 0
William Lee for his howse and courtilage at the Stoope   1 0
Mary Brand, widow, for a tenement in High Street, sometime Thomas Litchton's   10 0
Mrs. Sara Paige for fixing timbers upon the Guildhall     4
Dr. Henry Downe and Roger Jeffery for a wall in Paternoster Row     2
Mr. Nicholas Delbridge and Doctor Henry Downe for a wall     1
Thomas Mathewe for his howse upon the Strand, which was Mr. Ayre's     4
Thomas Mathewe for a plot of ground taken out of the Strand behind his howse     4
Peter Terry for a tenement adjoining to the churchyard   1 4
Mr. Adam Lugg for a tenement in High Street   4 0
The Receiver of Barnstaple for a high rente   2 0
Mr. William Nottell for the house upon the Strand that was Mr. Crosse's   4 4
Mr. William Nottell for a piece of land taken out of the Strand behind the said house     6
Mr. Hugh Horsham for a house upon the Kay wherein Cliverden sometimes dwelt   4 0
Mile Chalden for a tenement in Bare street   10 0
Lewes Mudd for a tenement and cellar at Southgate   1 0
Joseph Bonifast for a shop under the Guildhall   10 0
Mr. Bassett for the new work upon the Kay   4 0
Mr. Bassett for a stable near the Easter slip   4 0
Alexander Whiller for an Incrochin to a tenement in Boutport, sometime Nicholas Lang's     2
Mrs. Norris for a little shopp upon the Kay which was Quick's, with a gutter or throng adjoining   3 0
Symon Amory for a tenement upopn the Strand next unto the Horsemill   2 0
William Bragg for a tenement upon the Kay, adjoining to Sir John Acland's land     6
Anthony Palmer for a plot of ground taken out of the Strand behind Mr. Collibeare's cellar     6
Mrs. Susan Collibeare for the same howse wherein Mr. Richard Cox did dwell     4
John Paller for his sellars upon the Kay     4
Thomas Cox for erecting the front of his howse upon the town land at Southgate   1 0
Mr. John Horwood for erecting part of his new building upon the town land at Grible's Corner     4
Mr. Arthur Peard   10 0
Mrs. Wood for two tenements, a garden, and courtlage, which was in the tenure of Philip Ferris   6 0
William Bragg for the widow Johnson's tenement near Hugh Punchard's   5 0
Mr. Ricahrd Harris, merchant, for the house upon the Strand which was Mr. Westlake's     4
The same for a piece of ground taken out of the Strand behind the said howse     6
John Mynard for a house, garden and plot of ground taken in from the Strand 1 10 0
Mr. John Palmer for a courtlage for his warrhowses on the Kay     6
Mr. Thomas Coxe for putting of timber on the town land     4
Nathaniel Merrick for     4
The summe is £38 6 1
As the items do not amount to this sum, it is probable that a balance was handed over from the previous year which does not appear in this account.
The rent of the shopps in the fishambles:
  £ s. d.
Richard Plymm for a shop there   5 0
Humphrey Barmes   16 0
William Wood   12 0
William Walters 1 0 0
Robert Jetson   4 0
Richard Sleeper   5 0
The shopp rent is £3 2 0

Indexed by the North Devon Record Office as a Muster Roll, but seemingly more like a 'Armoury Roll'.