Sketches of the Literary History of Barnstaple

Being the substance of A Series of Papers read at the Literary Institution, Barnstaple.
To which is added the Diary of Philip Wyot, Town Clerk of Barnstaple, from 1586 to 1608


John Roberts Chanter

Barnstaple, (1866) 129 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Mr. John. Roberts CHANTER, of Barnstaple, devoted much time and attention to the study of Devonshire literature, and contributed several valuable papers thereon to the Transactions of the Devonshire Association. The author was a friend and colleague of Barnstaple poet and philanthropist William Frederick Rock, to whom the book is dedicated, and together in 1845 founded Barnstaple's Literary and Scientific Institute of which Chanter was its first Secretary. The book has an extensive general index (p. 127). This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Bodleian Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Abbot, Mr100
Abbotts, Mr Edward111
Acland, Sir Hugh92-3, 113
Acland, Sir John116-8
Ackland, Mr Hugh99, 104, 106, 114, 116, 118, 122
Addison, Rev E84
Allanson, Edward76
Anderson, Judge, Lord Edward12, 93-4, 96-7
Appley family115
Appley, Mr Robert95, 103
Argala, Don Juan de111
Avery, Mr John70, 82-3
Avery, Mr W70, 83-4
Ayers, Mr Joseph74
Badcock, Rev J125
Badcock, Rev Samuel34, 36
Badcock, Thomas125
Baker, George120
Baller, Rev Joseph19, 44, 83
Baller, Katherine44
Bampfield, Sir Amias117
Barnes, Richard15
Barnstaplensis, Obertus (pseudonym)14
Barrat, John100
Barry, Mr John55, 57, 83
Bassett, J D82
Basset, Lady114
Basset, Mr122
Bassett, Sir Robert (also Mr)105-6, 108
Bassett, Sir Arthur91
Bath, Earl & Countess of89, 91-5, 98, 100-4, 106-7, 109-10, 112-4, 121
Bavaria, William Duke of123
Baxter, Richard31
Beaple, Richard22, 26, 105, 116, 118
Beauclerk, Dryden50
Bedford, Countess of94
Berry, Bartholomew118
Billinger, Tom40
Bisseland, Mr Thomas121
Blackhall, Worshipful Christopher31
Blake, Agness28
Blake, Elizabeth28
Blake family29
Blake, Rev Martin, LLD, BD24, 27-8, 32-3
Blake, Mary28
Blake, Nicholas28
Blake, William28
Blunt, Edward30
Boskit, Mrs65
Botherem, Benjamin, LLD83
Bowchier, Lady Frances113
Bowcher, Rev George32-3
Bowen, Giles121
Bowen, Walter75-6
Bray, Mrs12
Bridgman, Mr113
Brightwell & Sons83
Brooke Keate, Thomas21, 64, 66
Brooke, Mr William56, 72, 83, 114
Browne, Sir Thomas117
Burgoyne, Mr George121
Burgoyne, Mr William111
Burton, Clemente10, 99
Burton, Miss47
Butler, Hon Mr69, 109, 111
Cade, Roger96, 105
Capern, Edward60-1
Carvosso, W B83
Cary, Mr Daniel121
Cary, Mr91, 94, 100
Cary, Mr William117
Cassell, Petter & Co, Messrs81
Cesar, Dr100
Chadwick, Edwin Esq71
Chadwick, Mr71
Chanter, J R84, 90
Charles I7, 9
Chichester, Sir Arthur, Kt13
Chichester, Edward95
Chichester, Miss Elizabeth91
Chichester family21
Chichester, Mr106
Chichester, Mr Henry95
Chichester, Sir John, Kt10, 31, 91, 99-100, 122
Chichester, Mr Phillip91
Chichester, Robert Esq (also Sir)84, 106, 110, 114
Chippinge, Mr98
Clapham, Raleigh27
Clarendon, Lord20
Clarke, Mr44
Clarke, Sir John Clarys95
Clyverdon, William110
Cole, Thomas (Colles)121-2
Collibear, Mr William96-7, 104, 108, 115
Cook, Sir Anthony, Kt110
Cooke, Mr John121
Cooke, Mr Nicholas121
Corbishley, Rev E83
Cornish, Richard7, 15
Cornish, Mr Thomas Hartree67-8, 71, 83
Cotton, R W84
Cotton, Sir W84
Courtenay, Sir William92
Coutts, Miss Burdett61
Coverdale, Bishop8
Cox, Mr Thomas121
Cridge, Mr47
Crompton, Mr William30, 32
Cromwell, Oliver4, 33
Crook, Mr44
Crosse, Henry30
Crosse, Mistress Mary30
Crossing, Richard74
Crown, A L84
D'Alton, Mr Charles (Dalton)35, 84
Darke, John99
Darke, Lewes, gent92, 94
Davey, E82, 102
Davis, E D84
Davy, William97
Dawkyns, William107
De la Rue, Cornish & Rock, Messrs71
Delbridge, Elizabeth27
Delbridge, Mr John7, 15, 103-4, 108, 110, 116, 118
Delfrigs, Mr John101
Dennys, Sir Thomas, Kt98, 121
Denys, Lady94
Devon, Robert of (pseudonym)14
Dillon, Mr Robert (Dyllon)94, 99
Dodderidge, Dorothy114
Dodderidge, John Esq9, 73-4, 94, 96, 112, 114-5
Dodderidge, Judge8
Dodderidge, Pentecost8, 107-8
Donoghue, J21, 82
Down, Foulkes120
Down, Mr John32
Downe, Henry113, 120
Downe, James113, 118
Downe, Mr Nicholas103-4, 114, 118
Drak, Sir Bernard (Drake)91
Drake, Sir Francis95
Drue, Serjeant96
Dunboyne, Lord69
Eaton, Daniel Isaac55, 82
Edward I66
Edward VI8, 119
Egerton, Mrs47
Eglesfield, Francis33
Elizabeth I7-8
Ellenborough, Lord55, 82
Enderbi, Samuel16
Essex, Earl of94
Fairchild, John122
Feltham, Mary15
Feltham, Owen Esq14-5, 124
Ferris, Mr26, 120
Ferris, Richard22,
Fitzwarren, Lady91
Fitzwarren, Lord93
Fflowerdewe, Mr91
Fortescue, Earl42, 59, 78
Fortescue family42
Fortescue, Lord Chancellor7, 68
Fortescue, Mr Hugh94, 101
Fortescue, Mr91, 106
Fortescue, Worshipful Roger24
Fowell, Worshipful John31
Frayne, Mr64, 90
Frost, James115
Frost, John74
Furlong, Nicholas102
Gardiner, Rev H W, AM31-2, 34, 83
Garret, John107
Gay, Anthony19
Gay family19
Gay, John18-21, 32, 44-6, 68, 83
Gay, Nicholas102
Gay, Richard19
Gay, William19
Gaydon, A34
Gente, Mr Baron93-4, 96-7
George III42
Gill, John102
Gill, Robert102
Glandyl, Serjeant96
Glanville, Judge11-2
Glanville, Ulalia11
Godwin, Mr15, 31
Greade, Mr John122
Greynvylle, Sir Richard (Granville)91-4, 98
Gribble, Mr Joseph Besly34, 64-7, 83
Groves, Colonel121
Hakewill, Dr George32
Hales, Mr73
Hall, Townsend W Esq126
Handcocke, Edward Esq110
Hanmer, Rev Jonathan19, 31-4, 83
Hanmer, John32, 34, 83
Harding family81
Harding, Lieutenant Colonel80
Harding, Dr Thomas7-8
Harris, Mr Arthur117
Harris, D H83
Harris, George71
Harris, Gilbert96
Harris, Mr Richard118, 121
Harris, Mr Thomas115-6, 122
Harrop, Mr42
Harrys, Bartholomew (Harris)101, 105, 108, 111, 113, 118
Harrys, Serjeant97
Hawkins, Francis100
Heale, Mr97
Hearson, Mr T58, 73, 83-4
Hearson & Knill, Messrs72
Henly, Rev John83
Henry VI7
Hill, Aaron15
Hill, Rev Charles36, 82
Hinson, Thomas, gent (Hynson)92, 94, 105, 112-3, 117-8
Hogg, T82
Hole, Captain47
Honey, Robert114
Horsham, Mr Hugh10, 121
Horwood, Mrs Elizabeth65
Horwood, Mr John122
Horwood, Thomas23, 26
Hume, George76
Hunt, Mr Christopher121-2
Hunt, Leigh56
Hunter, Archdeacon35-6
Incledon, Benjamin Esq66
Incledon family20-1, 47
Jackson, 'Stonewall'16
James I7, 9, 30
Jewell, Agness7
Jewell, Dr John7-8, 75-6
Jones, Mr John52, 72-3
Jones, Mr J B80
Kean, Charles47
Kean, Edmund47
Kemyns, Ann102
Langford, Mr Henry122
Latey, John Lash58
Latey, Mr58
Lee, Frederick, RA81
Lee, Mr Henry19, 43-4, 46-7, 82-3
Lee, R Newton84
Leigh, Mr Thomas, gent94, 101, 107-8, 125
Leworthy, H84
Ley, Philip114
Leye, Richard (Ley)98, 109, 117-9
Litchdon (Street name?)26
Longman & Co83
Lovering, John74
Loverynge, Thomas118
Luck, Mr Robert, AM17-9, 34, 76
Lugg, Adam24, 120
Lugg, Gertrude24
Lugg, Theophilus24
Luxmoore, Rev H75
Lysons8, 17, 89
Mansfield, Mr111
March, J C84
March, R82
Martin, John74
Martyne, Mr Richard96, 110
Masson, Henry120
Mather, Nathaniel33
Maxwell, Mr60-1
Mohun, Sir William (Mown)94
Monck, Sir Anthony117
Monmouth, Duchess of20
Morcombe, Elizabeth111-2
Morcombe, William99-100
Morgan, Dr50
Mortimer, Mr Thomas57, 77, 83-4
Murray, John55, 69
Musgrave, Dr17
Neale, W R59
Newnam, Rev Mr35
Norrys, John (Norris)95, 100, 102-4, 113, 118
Ogilby, Michael14
Oliver, Dr14-5
Oram, Mr40
Page, Master11-2
Page, Mrs12-3
Page, Ulalya12
Paige, Mr Gilbert121-2
Paine55, 82
Palmer, Mr John122
Palmer, William90
Palmerston, Lord68
Parkhurst, Thomas31
Payer. John O B125
Peard, Charles17, 120
Peard family24
Peard, George, gent24, 105, 112
Peard, John25, 114
Peard, Roger25
Penrose, Mr19
Penruddock, Colonel121
Pepys, Mr10
Pincim, Lord Chief Baron111
Pine, Mr George47, 92
Pollard, Mr Lewes94, 100, 103
Pope, Alexander20, 77
Potter, Rev5
Prince7-8, 32
Prowze, Mr Robert111
Purchase, J83
Pycroft, Rev James84
Pyne, George101
Queensberry, Duke of18
Rainer, Mr (also Rayner)15
Rammell, Mr69
Randall, Mr John37, 40, 47, 82
Rayner, William76
Redding, Cyrus126
Rich7, 19-20
Richard II125
Rise, Richard114
Robsart, Amy (fictional)5
Roch, Mounier90
Rock, Mr William Frederick53-4, 60-1, 78
Rolle, Mr Henry (Sir)99, 114, 117
Rooke, Mrs58
Rosier, Mr John121
Rosier, Mr Lewis121-2
Rowe, Mr A70, 84
Russell, John68
Rysdon, Mr Giles (Risdon)91, 111
Salisbury, John114
Salisbury, Mr Richard121-2
Saunders, Mr113
Scots, Mary Queen of14, 36, 82, 123
Scott, Sir Walter5
Searle, Mr35, 50, 72, 83-4
Seldon, Mr122
Seymour, Lord Edward112
Seymour, Mr Esq (Seamor)98, 112, 117
Shapleigh, William108, 114
Shelley, Percy Bysshe55-6, 82
Skippon, Serjeant Major General Philip9, 15-6
Skynner, Thomas100
Sleigh, Rev W83
Sloane-Evans, Rev W26
Slolly, John65
Smith, M83
Smith, Mr Richard (Smyth)14, 109
Smyth, Jo109-10
Spencer, Alderman112
Stanbury, George (Stanbery)103-4, 110, 115
Stavely, Mr Henry Miles SCL68
St Leger, Sir John99
Strangwidge, George (also Strangwith)11-3
Strode, Sir William117
Syle, Mr W21, 34, 36, 43, 47, 55-6, 71, 82-3
Symons, John106
Symons, Richard, MA76, 105
Takles, Mr115
Tamlyn, John Esq80, 82
Tanfield, Justice114
Taprell, Rev Richard40, 68, 82
Tatham, Hearson & Harris, Messrs73
Taylor, Isaac56
Taylor, Jane56-7
Taylor, Widow115
Thomond, Earl of14
Thompson, G Douglas58, 83
Thomson, Mr Samuel34
Thorne, Nicholas74
Thorne versus Avery83
Thorne, Mr William71-2
Tooker, Amy29
Trender, Mr John104
Trynder, Mr John10-1, 109
Tucker, Anna27
Tucker, Walter26
Turner, J M W126
Turner, Robert123
Tyrone, Earl of111
Vandenhoff family47
Venner, Mr Justice110-1, 113
Walker, Rev T H83
Walker, Sir Hardress33
Wamsley, Mr Justice110
Warberton, Justice113
Warriner, Rev F J83
Watts, Dr33
Wavell, Dr81
Weekes, Henry84
Welrond, Mr (Walrond)91
Welsh, Mr John97, 107-8
Westbrook, Harriett55
Westlake, Mr Thomas23
Wheatly, John23
Wheatly, Susannah23
Wilkey, Ambrose97
Wilkey, June97
Williams, Elizabeth83
Williams, John11, 109
Williams, Mr70
Williams, Mrs44
Wills, Charles69, 84
Wood, Richard64-5, 90, 120-1
Woodrough, James114
Wyot, Mr George (Wyat)89, 93-4, 99
Wyot, Hugh (Wyat)89, 106
Wyot, John89, 106
Wyot, Nicholas (Wyat)89, 102, 113
Wyot, Philip9, 11-2, 64-5, 76, 85, 89-90, 98, 124
Yates, John84