Vestiges of an Early Guild of St Nicholas at Barnstaple

Trans. Devon Assoc. vol. 11 (1879) pp 191-212.


J.R. Chanter

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Chapel of St. Nicholas in Barnstaple is believed to have dated from the 13th century. It functioned as the hall of the Guild of St. Nicholas which may have originated in Saxon times. It was eventually converted into Quay Hall and used as a warehouse for imported goods. The guild which was in existence during the reign of Edward I was disbanded in 1549. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Abel, Robt207, 209
Ackclane, Walt de211
Ackeland, Adam196
Adrington, Willus de206
Akeland, Thomas de210
Aloard, Robert (also Alvard)204, 206
Alvard, Willus sen206, 211
Alvard, Willus jnr204, 206, 209
Andreu, Thomas203, 206
Antony, Joseph196
Ariet, Thomas200, 202
Ariet, Willus202, 205, 208
Atheryngton, Will208
Attargo, Matthew196
Axebrigge, Ricus de211
Bacoun, John203, 206
Bade, Petrus210
Bade, Ricus210
Bade, Walt208
Bade, Will210
Bakere, Durandus le211
Bakoun, Ricus206
Ballard, Hen211
Barbur, Willus le210
Baret, Thomas211
Barmen, Johnes snr209, 211
Barr, Johe de la207
Barr, Ph de la204, 209
Barr, Symion de la194, 196, 202-4, 211
Barr, Thomas de la203, 205
Barre, Thomas atte200, 208
Bassoc, Robert196
Bassok, Thomas209
Beapel, Ric207
Becone, Thomas204
Bedil, Will le211
Belya, Thomas196
Berryh, Ricus de206, 209
Betone, Waltus205
Bictone, Thomas de206
Bidel, Willus de207, 211
Biricom, Gilbertus de (also Biricube)195, 201-2, 208
Blakewille, Willus210
Blecheheforde, Hugo de209
Blowere, Ricus de210
Bogghe, Robertus de la203, 206, 209
Bogha, Bernardus de la194, 201-2, 205, 208
Bogha, Symon210
Boghedon, Petrus210
Boghdon, Robtus211
Boghiere, Galfridus211
Bollard, Henricus207
Boudouc, Nichols209
Bratone, Henric de203, 209
Bratton, Symon de209
Bray Pellipanus, Johes de211
Britone, Robertus de204
Broc, Ricus210
Broni, Henricus206
Bronnemay, Ricus206, 209
Broun, Johes211
Brtone, Waltus de (also Bretone; B tone)195-6, 202, 206, 212
Brutone, Walt filius204
Budhonc, Nicholas snr200, 204, 206
Budhonc, Wills207, 209
Bumel, Johne207
Burel, Johes204, 209
Burel, Mich207
Burel, Robertus de, snr195, 202, 204-5, 207-8
Burel, Walterus206, 211
Burgeis, Robtus211
Busla, Thomas194, 201, 207
Bussok, Thomas204, 207
Bussuk, Robertus202, 212
Byleghe, Thomas de203
Cade, Hugo203, 206, 209
Canoun, Ricus204, 206
Cans, dts Lucas, Robertus207
Cantok, Ric200, 203
Cardim, Johes210
Cardomi, Waltus (also Cardim)205, 209
Cardua, Walter196, 212
Carpenter, Thomas203
Carsington, Johes de210
Carte, Alanus le (also Carter)203, 206, 209
Cartere, Johe fil Alain206, 209
Cartere, Robtus211
Causy, Hugh197
Caux, Robtus211
Cawey, Hugh197
Cdyn, Thomas200, 207, 209
Chambleyn, Symon211
Chapman, Robtus210
Charty, Dominus Johes200, 202, 205
Chepman, Martinus le207
Chymewille, Willus207, 211
Chyvenor, Matthew de (Cheviner)194, 200, 202, 204
Chyvenor, Radus204
Cissor, Roger202
Cissor, William201, 203
Clericus, Galfridus (also Clicus)204, 206
Clomer, Hugo de205
Clotewurthi, David le204
Cloute, Nicholas le200, 205
Cnap, Ricus200, 209
Coci, Willi210
Cocus, Aland204
Cocus, Radus210
Cocus, Reginoldus200, 203
Cocus, Walterus210, 210
Coffin, Edmundus208
Coffyn, Walt211
Colamb, Hugh197
Cole, Russ jnr203
Cole, Russ snr203
Colecomb, Galfridus de203
Colecote, Galfridus de210
Colecote, Johes de, Clicus205, 207-8
Colecote, Willus de204
Coleman, Willm207
Columbers Hugo de201, 204
Colverman, Johes209
Come, Rogerus de la203, 205
Compirg, Robt207
Coms, Willm de203, 206
Corde, Henricus203
Corinser, Alex204, 206
Corinser, Dorandus le (also Corinfer; Corniser)195-6, 200-2, 204
Cornifer, Durand le212
Corniser, Ricardus200, 202, 204
Cornubia, David de201, 208-9
Cornysch, Rog Turpyn alius211
Coterel, Rog204
Cottiler, Walterus203
Countisbury, Henricus de, Clercus207
Crakeweye, Galfrid de204
Cregha, Stephanus210
Crosseman, Robtus210
Crossman, Ricus208-9
Cruda, Stephanus200, 204, 206, 210
Cug, Walt206
Culvmen, Johes207
Decote, Ricus de211
Deyne, Tho210
Dirna, Gencianus204-5, 208
Dirna, Ricus le194, 201-2
Dirna, Robt filius204, 207, 209
Dobyn, Ricus204, 206
Do'ddecote, Ricus de206
Domie, Phil de211
Donne, Nicholas le206, 209
Doune, Ph le204, 206
Drewa, Giordan194
Duelegard, Alex202
Dulverton, Ricus de201, 210
Edward I192, 205
Edward II193, 195, 205
Edward III192, 194, 196, 202, 208
Edward VI193
Eliet, Thomas204
Estephe, Will (also ettaphe)200, 206
Fabri, Thomas filius206, 209
Falewy, Will211
Fardel, Galfrid210
Fardel, Thomas204-5
Fardel, Will210
Ferrour, Will le200, 209
Ferpa, Will201, 206
Fletington, Robtus de210
Fliter, Henri de211
Fliter, Vincenci le211
Flittington, Waltus de203, 205
Flode, Allan le203
Flyte, Will le203
Fok, Johe207
Fok, Johe jnr207
Fonk, Johe209
Fonlone, Willus206
Forde, Johe de204, 206
Franceis, Ricus202
Fria, Edwardus le200-1, 204
Frut, Nicholas204
Fullo, Walterus202
Fullo, Will Hole211
Fullonis, Martini204, 206
Fullonis, Walter204, 206
Furs, John204
Furse, Rad de la203
Gascoigne, Bernardus202
Geffe, Johe203
Gela, Hugo201, 206
Germane, Walter196
Gibbesone, Gilb203
Gilla, Rog201, 207
Gillena, Waltua201-2
Glover, Hugo204
Gobbe, Captain199
Godelegh, Johes210
Godelegh, Symon210
Godeleghe, Robertus de208-9
Godleghe, Radulph de203, 205
Godleigh, Silvester de203, 205
Godman, Thomas203, 206
Gogh, Nicholas206
Gogh, Thomos197, 200
Golde, Simon196
Gondhyne, Will211
Gorley, Rog210
Govir, Robertus203
Grefe, Regidus210
Grenya, Will201, 209
Grey, Johes209
Grima, William201, 203, 206
Grit, Adam le205
Gurnwey, Adam210
Gyela, Hugo201, 211
Hakeforde, Wills de211
Halleye, Rogs210
Hardecombe, Walter de203
Hardere, Johes le209
Hardy, Henry210
Harward, Sampson203
Hayne, Arnulphus202
Hayne, Osmundus203, 206, 209
Hayne, Roger211
Heanton, Gregorius de204, 206-7
Hertiscote, Robtus de211
Hethene, Roger le207
Hethene, Thomas le200, 202, 205
Hill, Henry atte210
Hill, Thomas uppe211
Holand, ___202
Holand, John de (also Holond)202, 204
Holand, Symeon de202
Hole, Martinus atte210
Holond, Ricus de204, 207-8
Holonde, Adam de205, 209
Holond, Rad de206, 209
Holonde, Willus de205
Hones, Ricus de la206
Honicod, Ricus206, 209
Honicote, Johes de210
Honicote, Rog205, 209
Honitone, Johe de201, 203
Honnacote, Thomas de207, 209
Hope, Ricus de209
Hope, Rogerus le204, 206
Hoper, Gilbertus le203
Hoper, Thomas196
Hunte, John196
Hurdecom, Waltus de205
Hurder, Johes le203, 206
Hurder, Robertus le203, 205
Hurdere, Willemur le211
Hurt, Phil211
Hurt, Robert le203
Incledon, Benjamin193
Isaac, Will209
Jacob, Radus204, 211
Jurden, Johes207
Kenebor, Willm200, 206
Kicnewecote, Robtus de210
Kiebiscome, Robtus de210
Kiemelonde, Willus de210
Kiene, Willus211
King, Mr R J194, 200
Krisse, ¬¬¬___200, 202
Kym, William203
Kyng, Johes le203, 206, 210
Kyng, William196
Kyngistoker, Walt206, 210
Lancetone, Godfrey de201, 203, 206
Lane, Thomas de la204
Lane, Walt de la207
Largo, Laurence207, 209
Laurenz, Johes211
Lebya, Thomas194
Le dred, Robert196
Legarde, Alex du200, 205
Legh, Galfridus de211
Legh, Symon de210
Legh, Tho de210
Leghe, Golphus de206
Lewis, Will209
Lidwichton, Will de209
Licheton, Johe de211
Licheton, Walter de210
Licheton, Will de210-1
Lorymere, Elias le211
Lorymere, Vincentius le200, 210
Love, Willm de200, 202
Loveryng, Ricus209
Loverynge, Thos211
Lovet, Radus207
Lovring, Henricus207, 211
Lucas, dts Cans, Robertus207
Lugenin, Nich209
Lugenin, Waltus201, 204, 207
Lycheton, Johe de204
Lycheton, Will de204, 206
Lydeforde, Johes de201, 207
Lynhend, Rus202
Lynhend, Will203, 205, 209
Lyuaworth, Thomas de211
Lyuaworthy, Ricus de207, 209
Lyuawurthi, Waltus206, 211
Mancel, Johes210
Mancel, Robertus204, 206
Marka, Waltus205, 201
Markaunt, Adam210
Markaunt, Ricus210
Markaunt, Walt211
Markham, Walter203
Marschel, Walt211
Martyn, Alanus204-5, 208
Martyn, Ricus211
Marwode, Johnes de209
Mathei, Bernard, fil (also Mather)204, 206
Matheu, Andreu210
Maundfeld, John197
Maydenstret, Johe de205
Mayomi, Johes207
Meddon, Robertus de206, 208
Meheppa, Ph de195, 201-2
Methhakeppe, Thomas200, 202
Michel, Walt210
Milleward, Richard196
Modeworthi, Hugo de201-2, 205
Modiwurthi, Ricus de206, 210
Mois, Ricus le200, 209
Molendino, Johes de200, 204, 206
Mol, Durand le200, 202
Mollond, Roger de207, 209
Mollande, Will de210
Moltone, Johne de204
Moltone, Galfrid211
Moltone, Robertus de201, 210
Mulle, Johes atte210
Mwrde, Johne de206
Nabyno, Robt200, 210
Niel, John196
Niwatone, Ricus de204
Niwelond, Denial de la204
Niwelond, Rob de204
Niwelond, Waltus de la (also Newelonde)204, 206
Okam, Adam207, 209
Okan, Johes211
Onese, Ricus atte200, 211
Onge, Harrye197
Page, Alan210
Page, Symion203, 206
Pagynton, Johes211
Palme, William le208-9
Palmer, Walter le203
Panytere, Adam200, 208
Paris, Ricus203
Parracom, Andreas de205
Passelewe, Willu207, 211
Patewyne, John203
Paul, Johes, Clicus209
Pdome, Genciani203
P-dome, Johnes204
Pdome, Thomas203
Pedicwille, Ricus de209
Pellipar, Waltus211
Peltton, Galfrus de208
Pem, Robtus206
Pem, Rog207
Pem, Symion207
Peny, Rog209
Pepil, Roger203
Pessil, Roger205
Peticonseil, Will200, 202
Peytevin, Johes206
Peytevin, Symeon207
Peytevin, Thomas200, 204
Pidicquille, Ric de205
Pidickwille, Meth de210
Pillande, Henry de196, 212
Pillande, John de196, 212
Pille, Benedict de la196, 211
Pille, Michael de la204, 206, 208
Pille, Symion de la208-9
Pilton, Galfrid de205
Pilton, Gencianus de207, 209
Pilton, Pellisareus, Rogerus de207
Pilton, Henricus Prior of200, 210
Pilton, Willus de206
Piltone, Radus de204, 206
Piltone, Ricus de203
Piltone, Roger de211
Piltone, Symion de204
Pinke, Walterus203
Pippecoks, Rob de204
Pippecote, Johes de209
Pippecote, Thome de209
Pirksworth, Petrus de210
Pirksworth, Will de211
Piscator, Ricus200, 202
Piscator, William202
Pitte, Elias de la208-9
Pleystouwe, Martinus de203, 206
Pleystowe, Rog de204
Pole, Thomas atte snr202, 211
Pollard, Henricus202
Pollard, Johannes195, 202, 204-5
Pollard, Robert204, 207
Poleyn, Thomas204
Polton, Nich de206, 211
Porter, Reginold le203
Portmor, Thomas de208, 211
Poul, Durandus202, 205
Poul, John203, 208
Poul, Johis jnr208
Poul, Robertus206, 209
Poul, Symion204, 206, 208
Pouncet, Will211
Precombe, Walt de210
Prke, Will atte211
Prodhome, William de203
Prodome, Martin202
Radespy, Radus de200, 203
Raleghe. Petrus de201, 204-5, 208
Raymond, Waltus209
Raysshlegh, John196
Rede, Adam le203, 206, 209
Rede, Alan le204
Redia, Gilbertus de201, 206
Revemsbird, Johe de204
Reveton, Galridus de209
Richard II192, 196
Riche, Ricdus210
Riveton, Galfred de207
Rokbor, Johes de207
Rokebear, Adam de211
Rokebeare, Henri de210
Ropa, Johes le211, 201
Rosse, Will le211
Rothenayshe, Rogerus de207
Rowere, Thomas de la209
Rusle, Thomas209
Russell, Johes207
Sainzfaille, Galfridus (also Sansfailde)200, 203, 205
Scatforde, Isaac de204
Schakespie, Symion194, 206, 209
Schamelis, Rog atte200, 210
Scherpe, Nathl211
Schildisfene, Robtus210
Schus. Johes210, 200
Scilbal, Rog209
Scoster, Robt206
Scosteri, Will200, 206
Scotard, Johes209
Seeler, Martini204, 207
Seeler, Ricus204, 207
Seliman, John203
Selyman, Ricus208
Selyman, Symon209
Silverloc, Ricus204, 206, 210
Skatforde, Will de jnr211
Skinner, R le203
Skebir, Johes200, 210
Skebir, Robtus210
Skebir, Will210
Skostere, Robtus209
Skostere, Will209
Skotard, Robt209
Slade, Ricus atte210
Slade, Will atte210
Sloncom, Johe de203, 206
Smale, Johes210
Smalecom, Radphus207, 209
Smalecom, Ricardus de202, 205
Smeeler, Martin le203
Smythurrewe, Willm200, 203
Somyr, Robtus211
Sop, Waltus le207, 209
Southray, Thom209
Spencer, Walter196
Spice, Mark le208
Spice, William le200-1, 207
Squeker, le200
Stissard, Robtus210
St John, de201
St Johne, Johe de203
Stok, Waltus de208-9
Stoncomb, Johes209
Stone, Arnulphus de la207-8
Storda, Walterus204
Storde, Gilbus (also Sutord)201, 204, 206
Stotard, Johes208
Sugaunt, Lucas210
Sutor, Nich de Pilton211
Sutor, Willus Kiene211
Swyn brigge, Willm de206
Swytta, Gencian Dirna194, 201
Swytta, Pet207
Sycotard, Robertus206
Syme, Gilbert204
Syme, Hugo204
Syneker, Alan le202-3, 206
Syneker, Gilbertus le203
Syneker, Rici le202-3
Synewbrige, Will de203
Tailleur, Stephanus le211
Taillour, Hugo le207, 209
Taulonde, Willm210
Tauton, Guido de207
Thorne, Galfrid de la206, 211
Thorne, Johes210
Tinctor, Galfridus205, 208
Tinctor, Silvestre200, 203, 206, 209
Tinctor, Thomas207, 209
Toky, Johes211
Toukere, Hugo le200, 210
Toukere, Regidus le210
Toukere, Ricus Yolde210
Tracy, Will210
Trendilisho, Ricus de204, 210
Trendilisho, Willus204
Trendlisho, Stephenus206
Tresel, Ricus206
Trompe, Will211
Troump, Henricus le203
Trut, Nicholas206, 209
Turpyn, Rog alius Cornysch211
Tŷpe, Johnes le200, 203
Underwynard, Walts206, 211
Uptown, Thomas207
Vele, Ricus210
Veysi, Willus203
Vigerous, Wills211
Ville, Ricus de la206
Visscher, Johes le203
Visscher, Ph le204, 206
Vosser, Willus de203, 206
Vyell, Roger197
Walecok, Willm204
Wallop, Ricus204, 207, 209
Walscham, Gilberte (also Walschman)202, 209
Walschman, Tho210
Waryn, John197
Waterlete, Robtus210
Waz, Martinus200, 205, 211
Webbere, Waltus209
Wegge, Matthew203
Wegge, Richard196, 202, 212
Weye, Johes atte209
Weye, Phil'pus de la206
Weye, Will atte211
Weyr, Martinus203
Whiri, Henric200, 210
Whita, Hugo le211
Whiteston, Thomas, pistor211
Whitton, Walt de211
Wike, Wills de211
Will, Johes fil208
Wille, Gilbr de la207, 209
Wille, Ricdus atte209
Wode, Johes atte209
Wulf, Willus le207, 209
Wyke, Ricus de (also Wike)206, 209
Wylende, Waltus209
Wyndisshore, Radolph206
Wyndwode, Petrus C le200, 207, 209
Wynem, Radulphus194, 196, 200, 205
Wynemor, Ralph196, 200
Wynem, Ricdi202, 211
Wynwode, Walter de202
Wynysham, Thomas de211
Wyta, Hugo le204, 206
Wyta, John le200-1, 203
Wyta, Thomas le208
Wytechurche, Willus de204
Ya, Henricus de la200, 202
Ya, Matt de la (also Yea)207, 209
Yea, Will de la201, 208
Yhardynge, Walt211
Yolle, Will le203
Yunge, Alex le203