Account of Sir Arthur Chichester, Lord Belfast, Lord Deputy of Ireland

by Sir Faithful Fortescue

with notes and a memoir of the author by Lord Clermont

Printed for private circulation, C. Whitingham (1858), 52 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

A reminder of Devon's 'Golden Age', the author, scion of an ancient Devonshire family, was second son of William Fortescue of Buckland Filleigh and the descendant in the fifth generation of Sir John Fortescue, lord chief justice. In 1598 Fortescue's maternal uncle, Sir Arthur Chichester, who was born in Raleigh near Barnstaple in 1563, went to Ireland in command of a regiment of infantry, and took the author with him, where he distinguished himself. Sir Faithful Fortescue (1581?-1666), was afterwards a royalist commander during the Civil War and wrote this brief memoir of his uncle, compiled after Chichester's death. It was printed by Lord Clermont, This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Bodleian Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Antrim, Earl of26
Barkly, Sir John13
Baskerville, Sir Thomas9, 25
Bath, Earl of8, 28
Blaney, Lord41
Blunt, Sir Charles12
Bourchier, Sir George8
Bourchier, Sir John28
Burrows, Lord11
Campbell, Lord33-5
Cary, Sir George (Carry)14
Caulfield, Lord17
Caulfield, Sir Toby17
Cecil, Sir Robert (Cicell)10, 16
Charles I21, 43-4, 48, 51
Charles II50
Charles, Prince49, 51
Chichester, Arthur, Lord(throughout)
Chichester, Sir Edward21, 27, 29, 36
Chichester, Elizabeth28
Chichester family28
Chichester, Gertrude36
Chichester, Sir John7, 10, 26-8, 36
Chichester, Letitia (Lettice)25, 29
Chichester, Captain Paul9
Chichester, Susannah36
Chichester, Viscount29, 36
Clarendon44, 47, 49
Clermont, Earl52
Courtenay, Gertrude25, 27-8, 36
Courtenay, Sir William25, 36
Cromwell, Oliver49
Danby, Earl of12
Danvers, Sir Harry12
Devonshire, Earl of12, 15, 25
Doewry, Sir Harry14
Donegal, Earl of (Dunnagall)(& Marquis)21, 29
Drake, Sir Francis9
Drogheda, Marquis of39
Edward IV35
Elizabeth, Queen8-10, 14, 25, 36
Essex, Earl of9, 11, 25, 44, 47
Ferdinand II27
Fort, Sir Richard le33
Fortescue Anne35, 39
Fortescue, Bartholomew7
Fortescue, Colonel Chichester39, 50-1
Fortescue, Earl35
Fortescue, Elizabeth50
Fortescue family38
Fortescue, Sir Faithful22, 33, 35-6, 39-40, 42, 44-7, 49
Fortescue, John35-6
Fortescue, Sir John33
Fortescue, Susannah36
Fortescue, Sir Thomas51
Fortescue, William35, 52
Gardner, Sir Robert10
Giffard, Anne35
Giffard, Sir Roger35
Godolphin, Sir William14
Graham, Sir Bellingham50
Graham, Elizabeth50
Graham, Sir Richard50
Henry IV9, 25
Henry VI33
James I12, 14-5, 18-9, 28, 37
James II51
Kerry, Lord44
Loftus, Sir Adam10
MacDonnell family26
MacDonnell, James MacSorley26
May, Sir Humphrey17
Moore, Lady Anne39
Moore, Gerald, Viscount39, 42
Mountjoy, Lord12-3
O'Doghertie, Sir Cahier20, 28
O'Neale, Sir Phelim41
Ormonde, Marquis of48=9
Perrott, Sir John Kt25, 29
Perrott, Letitia25, 29
Rupert, Prince46-7
Salisbury, Earl of15, 19
Savage, Sir Arthur25
Sheffield, Lord9
Somerset, Earl of18-9
Symonds, Mrs Eleanor50
Terconnel, Earl of (Tyrconnel)28, 51
Tichburne, Sir Henry42
Tilly, Count27
Tyrone, Earl of28
Waller, Sir William45
Wentworth, Earl of Strafford40
Wharton, Lord44
William I (Conqueror)33
William III52