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Help and advice for Barnstaple: An Expedition Against Pirates (1886) - index

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An Expedition Against Pirates

Trans. Devon Assoc. vol. 18 (1886) pp. 184-196.


R.W. Cotton

Prepared by Michael Steer

The paper, read at the Association's July 1886 St Marychurch meeting relates to the equipment of an expedition from the Port of Barnstaple in 1612 against some pirates who were known to be lurking at the mouth of the Bristol Channel, and sheltering under Lundy Island. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Andrew, ___ 196
Arber 191
Bailey 194-5
Ballamdy, Stephen 191
Barrett, John 192
Bath, Earl of 190
Beaple, Richard 196
Beaple, Thomas 185
Berry, William 191
Blackmore, Lewis 192
Breache, William 193
Bremridge, Richard 192
Browne, Roger 192
Browne, Thomas 191
Burges, Mr 194-5
Carew, Sir Peter Knt 187
Chanter, Mr 184, 188, 190
Charles I 191
Clarke, Richard 191, 195
Couch 194
Courtenay family 188
Courtenay, Sir William 190
Crocker, Christopher 191
Cumberland, Duke of 189
Danyell, Richard 191
Darracote, John 192
Davye, George 192
Dayman, John 191
Dowe, Christopher 192
Drake, Sir Francis 189-91
Duval, Claude 189
Dyman, John 192, 194-5
Easton, Captain Peter 189
Eliot, Sir John 185-6, 190
Elizabeth I 187-9
Essex, Earl of 189
Fairchild, Henry 193
Fairchild, William 192
Forde, Richard 192
Forster 185-6, 190
Frenche, Edward 193
Froste, John 192
Fuller 188
Geffery, Edward 192
Geffery, Richard 192
Godolphin, Sir William Knt 196
Hammant, Richard 191
Hatherley, Henry 191
Hatherley, William 191
Hatton, Judge 186
Hawkins, Sir Richard 191, 195
Heard, Nicholas 192
Heard, Phillip 191
Hearder, Thomas 192
Hill, Thomas 192
Hockens, George 192
Hockens, Nicholas 192
Hodge, John 192
Hore, John 196
Hodge, William 192
Hutchens, Anthony 191
Jenninges, Edward 195
Lake, William 192
Lane, Edmond 191
Lange, John 191
Lange, Mathew 192
Lee, William 193, 195
Lewes, John 196
Ley, Walter 192
Maclean, Sir John 187
Mattacott, George 191
Megge, William 191
Merricke, Richard 191
Mules, William 192
Nottingham, Earl of 190
Nutt, Captain John 189
Nycolls, William 192
Parker, Pheneas 192
Pawle, Thomas 191
Pearse, Marke 191, 195
Perryman, Thomas 196
Peter, William 192
Playfair 185-6
Pollard family 188
Predys, Peter 192
Quick, Peter 192
Salkeld, Captain Thomas 189
Scampe, Walter 192
Seath, John alias Finche 196
Shakespeare, William 188
Shapley, William 196
Shepland, Vallentyne 192
Sherman, John 192
Simpson, Mr Richard 188-9
Sloley, Hugh 192
Sloley, William 192
Smith, Captain John 191, 193-4
Smyth, Thomas 196
Southcott, Thomas 192
Sparrowe, Edward 193
St Awbyn, Thomas Esq 196
Stephens, John 192
Stoneman, Mychell 192
Stow 189
Strange, Mr 193, 195
Stukeley family 188
Stukeley, Thomas 188
Symons, Edward 192
Thorne, Danyell 192
Tooker, John 192
Vellacot, John 192-3
Walker, Phillip 192
Wentworth, Lord 189
Whitbourne, Captain Richard 189
Wilkie, John 191
Williams, Arthur 192
Wilsone, Richard 192
Wyot. Philip 190
Yonge, Walter Esq 190