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Pedigree of Dudderigge alias Dodderidge, of Dotheridge, South Molton, and Barnstaple, Co. Devon

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries, vol. 3, Part 5 (1905), pp.163-169.


Sidney E. Dodderidge

Prepared by Michael Steer

It has been perhaps been erroneously believed that the Dodderidge family took their name from a manor in the parish of Sandford, near Crediton. However, the author asserts that the name derives from a place in Alwington. Richard Dodderidge was the son of a wool merchant and was born in South Molton, in which town he married. With his wife and eight children before 1582 he moved to Holland Street, Barnstaple and served as Mayor of Barnstaple in 1589. A certain John Dodderidge, perhaps a relation, is recorded earlier in 1579 as mayor of Barnstaple. In 1585 he bought a house in Cross Street from his fellow burgess Thomas Skinner, that descended in turn to his sons Sir John and to the latter's brother Pentecost Dodderidge (d. circa 1650), MP for Barnstaple in 1621, 1624-25 and mayor of Barnstaple in 1611, 1627 and 1637.The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Badcock, Joan166
Bampfield, Sir Amias167
Bampfield, Lady Elizabeth167
Bampfield, Dorothy167
Bauman, Rev John168
Bedford, William Duke of168
Bincombe, Amey166
Bincombe, John (also Pyncombe)166
Boteler, William163
Bowen, Elizabeth167
Bowen, John167
Brutone, Richard163
Carkalonde, Thomas163
Chandler, George gent168
Chandler, Kinborrow168
Chittalacomtone, Richard a163
Chittalacomtone, Thomas a163
Chokeinstone, Manger a163
Clarke, Dorothy167
Clarke, John167
Cophin arms165
Cophin family165
Cophin, Sir Richard163
Cophin, Sir William164
Crossing, Elizabeth166
Crossing, Richard166
Culme, Richard167
Dancis, William163
Dodderidge, Amey166
Dodderidge, Anne167
Dodderidge, Daniel168
Dodderidge, Dorothy167
Dodderidge, Elizabeth166-8
Dodderidge familythroughout
Dodderidge, Henry166
Dodderidge, Kinborrow168
Dodderidge, Joane167
Dodderidge, John164, 166-7
Dodderidge, John JP168
Dodderidge, John MP164
Dodderidge, Sir John164-7
Dodderidge, Rev John BA168
Dodderidge, Margaret167
Dodderidge, Mary167
Dodderidge, Mercy168
Dodderidge, Pentecost JP164-7
Dodderidge, Peter167
Dodderidge, Philip166, 168
Dodderidge, Dr Philip164, 168
Dodderidge, Richard164, 166-8
Dodderidge, Richard MA167
Dodderidge, Robert167
Dodderigg arms164
Downe, Elizabeth166
Downe, Nicholas166
Dudarigge, Robert de163, 166
Dudderigge, Thomas de163, 166
Edward II163, 166
Ellis, Joan164
Ellis, William164
FitzHugh, William163
FitzJordan, Helyas163
Germin, Miss167
Ghiliscote, Jordan de163
Greinvile, William de163
Handcock, Dorothy167
Handcock, Edward167
Harder, Joan166
Henry III163-4, 166
Karkaland, Peter de164
Lauceles, Goscelin de163
Lauceles, Jordon de163
Loveren, Dorothy167
Loveren, John167
Maris, Mercy168
Martyn, Anne167
Martyn, John167
Monk family164
Newman, Anne167
Newman, Gabriel167
Nettleton, Elizabeth168
Nettleton, John168
Pole, Sir William164-5
Prince, Rev John166
Punchardun, William163
Raustone, Richard a163
Raustone, Robert a163
Risdon, Tristram164-5
Russel, Earl William168
Rustic, Ralph the163
Rustic, Robert the163
Smith, Miss166
Stenorde, Savari a163
Stoddune, Addam de163
Wescombe, Elizabeth167
Westcott arms165
Yo, Elylande ate163
Yo, Ralph ate163