Being an attempt to supply the want of a history to that ancient town


Joseph Besly Gribble

Barnstaple: North Devon Journal Office (1830) Map, illus. 197 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

More than 1,000 years of history, from the Saxons to the present day, can be found in Barnstaple, or Barum - England's oldest borough and Devon's largest town. The Castle Mound, built by the Normans around 1100 AD is all that remains of the ancient defences of the Borough. Barnstaple played some part in the Civil War in the mid 17th century. This well-written and very well researched early history of one of Devonshire's ancient towns has two chapters, each with an extensive appendix of source materials. The first chapter focuses on the lengthy history of Barnstaple, the second upon the many charities that have accrued to the Town over the centuries. A print copy of the history is held at the Bodleian Library and an electronic copy may be accessed here.
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Ackland, Elizabeth183
Ackland, Sir H. Bt.183
Ackland, William104
Acland, Arthur101, 173
Acland, John174
Acland, Sir John (Gift)129-31, 172-3
Acland, Thomas Palmer Esq31
Alexander, Henry, Esq. MP184
Alexander III, Pope46
Andrew, John127
Andrews, Robert124
Appley, Robert107-8, 121-2, 124-5, 162, 171
Askham, Mrs192
Athelstan6-8, 69
Atwell, Hugh121
Audleigh, James Lord12, 61-2, 73
Audleigh, Joan13
Audleigh, Nicholas, Lord12-3, 61
Audleigh, Margaret13
Audleigh, Roger13
Audley, Sir James32, 68
Ayres, J.121
Babecumbe, Ricus de66
Bacon, Robert33
Baker, Francis191
Baker, George141-2
Baker, John143, 191
Baker, Thomas191
Baller, Benjamin, Junr191
Bampfield, Rev W.183
Barbor, George Acland Esq19
Bardestaple, Willi de72
Barford, Frances184, 193
Barford, Richard, Gent.193
Barnes, Mrs Phillis183, 192
Baron, George134
Barre, Matilda de la59
Barre, Mauricius de la59
Barre, Thomam74
Barret, John102
Barry, Mons. de51
Bartholomew, (Iscanus) Bishop of Exeter46
Bassett, Joseph Davy Esq19
Beamond, William64
Beaple, Richard (Beaple's Gift)88-93, 111, 121, 132
Beaple, J.121
Bear family143
Beare, Alexander131
Beare, Balshazar, Esq173
Beavis, Mr Henry138
Beavis, Colonel138
Becket, Thomas44-6, 48
Bedford, Duke of18
Bennett, Richard34
Bennett, William34
Bentley, John104
Berryman, T.121
Bicknell, Elizabeth144
Bicknell, John144
Bisse, Mr Bartholomew176
Bisse, Humphry176
Blackmore, Charles Esq52
Blake, Johes63
Blakeford, Johe de67
Boroughe, Sir Edward80
Boucher, Captain170
Boyce, Rev John32
Boyce, Rev Thomas192
Braiosa, William de (Brahost)24, 75
Brayley, John174
Bremridge, Philip Esq22, 151-2
Bremridge, Richard191
Bremridge, Mr Samuel124, 146, 157, 170, 191
Brienne, Guy de11
Brienne, Maude de11
Brittany, Alured, Earl of10
Britte, Robert25
Broase, Sir Reginald de11
Broase, William de10-11, 23
Bronescombe, Bishop23
Bryant, Mr162
Budd, Nicholas141-2
Bulteel, James89
Burgh, Edmund183
Burgh, Rev W.184
Bylbe, Thomas65
Caddy, John150
Cade, Henry50
Cambrensis, Giraldus46
Camden37, 46
Campo Arnulph, Willelmus de60, 67
Camville, Jeffery de (Campvyll, Galfridus)12, 60, 65-7, 71-2
Canford, William99, 107
Canvill, Matilda65
Carpenter, Ann150
Cary, John68
Cary, Richard (also Carre)24
Castleman, Richard122, 165
Chageford, Thom de66
Charles Iix, 126
Charles II169, 176
Chelfham, Ralph24
Chepleyn, Sir Walter19
Chevaler, Robert Beauple34
Chichester, Sir Arthur, Bt.19-20, 22, 81, 110, 151
Chichester, Sir John, Bt.14-5, 20-2, 63, 110, 151, 163-4
Chichester, Thomasia63
Chytelesber, Maths de66
Cissor, Richard65
Clarendon, Lord20, 37
Clarke, Thomas141-2
Clinton, Hugh, Lord183
Coffin, John143
Cole, John101, 161
Collender, Humfry176
Colly, James151-2
Collybeare, William108, 123
Columbiers, Elinor de (Alionora)12, 25-6, 61, 73
Columbiers, Phillip de12, 25-6, 61, 73
Combe, Robert174
Cooke, Mr John174-6
Cooke, Mr Nicholas176
Cornish, Richard113
Cotton, William104
Courtenay, Hugh de62-3, 66
Courtenay, Margaret de63
Courtenay, William de63
Crespin, Robtus66
Crew, John Esq35
Creyk, John35
Crosse, Thome74
Curtipalatio, Theobald de24
Cuyt, Benedeus le65
Dart, Charles96
Dart, John143
Davis, John154
Davis, John Leworthy191
Davy, Sir Humphry, Bt19
Delbridge, John117
Delbridge, Nicholas102
Dene, Humphry131
Dene, Miss & Mrs32, 128
Dennis, Mr John150
Dennys, Nicholas (Dennis)127, 135, 151, 173
Docton, William184
Dotton, John119
Dovell, Mr William136
Downe, John91, 135, 176
Downe, Mrs155
Drake, Elizabeth139
Drake, Sir Francisiii
Drake, Mr Henry133, 136-7, 139, 175
Drake, Mrs177
Dugdale25, 81
Duke, G.121
Dyer, Nicholas78
Eastmond, Edward102
Eburn, Mary183
Edward, King (the Confessor)54, 56
Edward Iix, 2, 11, 59, 64, 73-5, 77
Edward II12, 59, 61, 73-4
Edward IIIiii, ix, 2, 12, 26, 33-4, 45, 61, 67, 73-4, 76-7
Edward IV14, 68, 77
Edward VI52, 77
Eldon, Lord Chancellor158
Elizabeth Iiii, 14-5, 17, 29, 37, 42, 69, 77, 141, 145
Espee, Wills le66
Evans, Joseph151
Evans, Rev Richard187
Evingham, Thomas14, 71
Fairchild, Edward112, 184
Fairchild, Rebecca150
Fairchild, William108
Ferris, John135
Ferris, Richard (Gift)124-5, 132, 135-6, 142, 147-8
Ferris, Richard, Senr.128
Fisher, Mary123
Fisher, William123, 159, 172
Fitzpiers, Elinor12
Fitzpiers, Reginald12
Fitzwarren, Lady Elizabetha de63
Fitzwarren, Sir Fulco (filius)64
Fitzwarren, Sir Fulconis de63, 64
Fleetwood, Bishop78
Flemmyng, Simon62, 74
Flemmyng, Thomas62, 74
Folland, John127
Fortescue, Earl17
Fosse, Robert102
Fraine, Joseph134
Fursill, Silvestre de65
Furze, Philip139
Gardiner, Rev Henry William187
Gatepathe, Ricus de66
Gaumachiis, Imbertus de24
Gay, Richard94
Gayer, Ricus66
Gayye, Daniel176
Gemma, John de Sancti24
George II21
George III189
Gibbons, Laurence122, 164
Gibbs, James81
Glass, Nicholas143-4
Glass, Nicholas & Roberts, John, Messrs95
Gorg, Elena de67
Gorewell, Petro de69
Grace, R.W. Esq22
Grandison, Bishop24, 32
Gray, W.121
Greade, John174-6
Greek & Moule, Messrs95
Greenslade, Renatus183
Greenwood, Harry102
Gregory, Lewis78
Gribble, Captain42
Gribble, Robert143
Griffiths, Miss179
Gurneye, Simon24
Halghewal, Andre de66
Hammett, James, Esq137
Hammond, Edward183
Hancock, Nicholas84-5
Hardin, John44
Harper, Alexander184
Harrington, Robert de64
Harris, George144
Harris, Mr179, 181
Harris, Richard (Harris' Gift)94, 127, 165, 176
Harris, Thomas101, 110, 150, 175
Hastings, John Lord12
Hayn, Roger28
Haynes, James96
Henry I10, 23
Henry II10
Henry III11, 15, 19, 59, 64, 73-5
Henry IV14, 33, 62-4, 69, 77
Henry VI23, 48
Henry VII14, 80
Henry VIII2, 9, 25-6, 40, 71, 77, 81
Herbti, Petrus, filius de75
Hiern, James139, 144, 178-9
Hiern, Mr Philip Welsh139, 144
Hiern, William78
Hodgson, Frederick, Esq. MP184
Hody, Rico61
Holland, Elizabeth68
Holland, John (Duke of Exeter)14, 68
Holman, Thomas44, 49
Holmore, Walter48
Hooper, Rev T.96
Hooper, Sir Nicholas81, 184
Hooper, Richard101
Horbert, Robert65
Horsham, Hugh (Gift)130
Horwood, Mrs Alice101-4, 152, 154
Horwood, Thomas101, 103
Howard family28
Howard, Lord26-8, 45
Howard, Lady Margaret27, 81, 84-5
Howard, Lord William of Effingham27, 81, 84-6
Hugheton, Willus66
Hugheton, Willus de Jnr66
Hunt, Christopher101
Huntingdon, Count John68
Hutton, William104
Ilfracombe, John24
Incledon, Benjamin, Esq184
Incledon, R.A. Esq32
Incledon, Robert184
Irish, Jacob78
James I9, 34, 70-1
James II70
Jeffery, Harry143
Jeffery, John143
Jeffery, Richard141-2
Jeffery, Roger116-7, 165
Jenkins, John184
John, King11, 71, 74
Johnson, Dr2, 38
Johnson, William42
Jones53, 70
Kaunville, Galfrid de66
Kaunville, Matill de66
Kayle, Johes63
Kayle, Thomas63
Keate, Thomas Brooke29, 34
Kemeys, Lodowico de61, 73
Kimpland, James143
Knight, J. Esq4
Langdon, Miss Elizabeth96
Langdon, George174
Langdon, John174
Larkin, George183
Lautrow, Martin184
Law, William191
Leland2, 18-9, 26, 36, 38, 44-5, 49
Leolin, Prince of Wales11
Lercedeken, Ricus69
Leworthy, Mr Harry96, 113
Ley, John175
L'Oiseau, Mons51
Loosemore, John96
Lopes, Sir Masseh N. Bt.184
Loringe, Margaretta34, 63
Loringe, Nigellus34, 63
Louis VII, France48
Loveringe, John174
Lugg, Adam124-8
Lugg, George126
Luscote, Johes de63
Luscote, Willi de63
Luttrell, John Fownes Esq150
Luttrell, Nicholas88
Luxmoore, Rev Henry157
Lyton, Hugh24
Manning, John141
Marriott, Daniel143, 184
Markwell, Mary118
Marrow, Samuel Esq14-5
Marrow, Thomas Esq14
Marschall, Willus de66
Marshall, John112
Marston, Richard193-4
Martin, Mrs (Gift)155
Martyn, Lady Elinor12
Martyn, Joan12-3
Martyn, Margaret12
Martyn, Lady Maud12
Martyn, Nicholas Lord11-12, 61
Martyn, William Lord12, 60, 71, 73
Mary, Queen14, 34, 77
May, Mr John, Junr107, 133, 193-4
May, Mr John Senr105, 133-4, 174, 184, 193-4
May, John Esq192
May, Rev Samuel134
May, Thomas191
Mayne, John120
Matthews, Richard116
Matthews, Thomas127, 167, 176
Matilda, Queen65
Medford, Richard89, 126, 132
Mertone, Ricus de61
Merwin, Rev Richard, DD173
Metherell, Mr Richard Rowe105
Mohun, John Lord12
Morgan, Dr114
Morging, Lord80
Morrison, Rev T.H.98
Mortimer, Joan13
Mortimer, Roger13
Moule, Henry96
Moule, Simon142, 144-5
Mounier, Mons51
Mullins, Mrs162
Naylor, Philip173
Newcommen, Mrs Margaret (Gift)155, 187-8
Newhalle, Hugo de61-2
Nicholls, Rev Henry, AM124, 148, 157
Nicholls, Robert112
Nolan, Michael107
North, Roger107
Northcott, George151
Oliphan, Stephen120
Olivean, Stephen119-20
Oliver, Rev George33, 45, 81
Oliver, Stephen120
Ommaney, Sir Francis107, 184
Orchard, Elizabeth176
Paddon, Catherine143
Page, Gilbert89
Paige, Elizabeth107, 109
Paige, Gilbert126, 175
Paige, Mrs102
Palmer, Anthony93, 176
Palmer, Dorothy121
Palmer, John176
Palmer, William (Palmer's Gift)87-90, 93-4, 126-7, 176
Parminter, Richard175
Parnell, William132
Paulet, Johes63
Paulet, Margaret63
Pawle, William Chapple191
Peard, George Esq126, 132
Penbetty, Jacob169
Penrose, George (Penrose Gift)89-91, 161
Penrose, Mr John87, 91, 100-1, 165
Perrers, Alisiae68
Petter, George191
Petter, William191
Petyt, John65
Peverell, Matilda194
Peytenin, Nicholas65
Philip & Mary (King & Queen)71
Phillips, John137, 149, 184
Piers, Henry48
Pilcher, Edward Paul152
Pille, Benedeus de la65
Pilton, Richard de65
Pincombe, Elizabeth34-5
Pincombe, Gertrude34-5
Pincombe, John34
Pincombe, Mary34
Pincombe, Richard34
Pirdoc, Reginaldus24
Pomeroy, Mr138
Portree, Reginald27
Prideaux, Nicholas50
Prideaux, Roger50
Pridyas, Rogus65
Prince2, 6, 12-3, 37
Prost, Thomas96
Punchard, Ffrancis176
Pycot, Johes67
Pylton, Hugh24
Roberts, Mr Edward Richard114, 133
Redmyn, Robert49
Reed, Miss131
Reeder, Miss189
Rennels, William191
Rice, Robert191
Richard I10, 74
Richard II2, 13, 34, 62, 68
Richard III14, 71
Richmond, Countess of14
Ridgate, Philip, Esq184
Risdon2, 7, 25-6
Roberts, E.R. Esq45
Roberts, John Esq146
Robinson, Sir Christopher, Knt.184
Roch & Colley, Messrs95
Roch & Shepherd, Messrs95
Roche, Mons51
Rogers, John139
Rolle, Denys (Rolle's Gift)94, 185
Rolle, Henry28
Rolle, Isabella Charlotte183
Rolle, Lord19, 28, 111
Rolle, Margaret184
Rooke, George127
Rooker, Rev Samuel187-8
Rooker, Rev William187
Rosier, Lewis, Gent.175
Rothwell, Mr79
Rowe, John141-2
Rowe, Peter176
Rowe, Robert32, 76
Rowley, John183
Rue, Mons. De51
Russell, Mr170
Rypan, Robert65
Sanders, Ellice Lee191
Sciance, James152, 184
Sciance, Thomas152
Score, Mary184
Scott, John139
Scott, Thomas150
Scynthy, Peter44
Sele, Simon24
Servante, Mons51
Shapcott, Alexander191
Shepherd, Nicholas184
Sherman, Gabriel102
Skinner, Ephraim112
Slane, Baron25
Slocombe, Mr William140, 184
Smale, Henry176
Smith, John183
Smith, Peter96
Smyth, L.121
Snow, Thomas174
Somers, Rev Mr183
Soyer, John24
Spurway, Rev William136
Squire, John78
Stanbury, Elizabeth151
Stanbury, Joan (Stanbury's Gift)94, 121, 151, 156-7, 184, 189
Stephen, King10
Stevens, Hugh121
Stevens, John127, 183
Stevens, Mr S.192
St Leger, Sir John14
Stone, John174
Stonford, Johes de62
Strange, Isabel13
Strange, Lord13
Suffolk, Henry Duke of34
Sutton, Henry24
Sweet, Nicholas176
Symons, John183
Tamblyn, Richard174
Tanner24, 33
Taylor, John119
Teakle, N.121
Teynturer, Alexr le65
Thomas, Mrs160
Thomas, William170
Thorne, Mary128
Thorne, Richard143
Thorn(e), Robert25, 44, 83
Thorne, Mr William104, 162
Tippetts, Henry Gardner139
Totnes, Judhael de (also Joel)8, 10, 18, 23, 44
Tour, Mons. de la51
Tracy, Eve de11
Tracy family36, 47-8
Tracy, Henry de10-11, 23, 59, 65, 75
Tracy, Oliver de10-11, 75
Tracy, William de11, 45-47
Trench, John44
Trix, Mr Jas.179, 181
Trix, Paul174
Tucker, Arthur131
Tucker, Paul78
Tucker, Rev George140
Tucker, Walter139
Tuckfield, John Esq34
Tuckfield, Mary34
Tuckfield, Roger Esq35
Turner, Joshua191
Vaughan, Elizabeth144
Vere, Robert de (Earl of Oxford)13
Wade, Rev J.M.157
Wakeman, Mr Bartholomew112-3, 183, 185
Wakeman, William112
Walsh, James122, 165
Warman, William91
Wavell, William MD21
Waybard, Agnes184
Velly, Charles78
Walsh, James168
Warmington, Elizabeth Symes140
Watson, Elizabeth150
Watts, James150
Webber, Thomas (Gift)130
Wescombe, T.121
Wes(t)combe, William & Mary101, 127-8
Westacott, John104
Westlade, Denys121
Westlake, Katherine131-4
Westlake, T.121
Whitemore George Esq34
Whitemore, Thomas Esq34
Whitrow, Bernard184
Willemere, Radus de62
William I (Conqueror)8-10, 23, 53, 65, 76
William II (Rufus)10
Willis, Brown44
Woolacott, William191
Worth, Paul141-2
Wrey, Robtus de66
Wrey, Ricus de66
Wright, Charles78
Wright, John, Clerk, AM147
Wyatt, Adam141-2
Wyott, Philip19-20, 39, 42, 49, 52
Wyteweye, Johnes66
Wytloe, Henry65
Yeo, Mr117